The Makers of Naturethroid & WP Thyroid have contacted Janie Bowthorpe

Here is a May 16th, 2018 update directly from RLC Labs to me via email (and perhaps on their site)–the maker of Naturethroid and WP Thyroid, both natural desiccated thyroid brands. Comments from me, Janie Bowthorpe, below that. 

Since we went back into production, there have been a lot of questions–understandably so– around what caused the backorder, why certain strengths have been released ahead of others, and why available strengths are not yet at some pharmacies. We have done our best to communicate updates throughout the delay but deeply apologize if they did not reach you or answer your questions. It is not our intention to keep anyone in the dark or hide anything, and we hope this letter helps clear things up a bit more.

After expanding our operations to better accommodate growing demand and overcoming hurdles in obtaining raw material–the primary factor behind the backorder–we are happy to say that everything needed to ensure ongoing, full-scale production is in place. We are actively shipping and are focused on filling backorders.

We are far from being a “big pharma” company, however, and do not have the scale of one, but we are maximizing our working capacity and mean it when we say every effort is being made to expedite things. We are a small but dedicated team, many of whom take Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid® , that has been and continues to be committed to keeping patients, not profits, the top priority. We also have very strict quality standards. Every batch of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid is rigorously tested to ensure it meets or exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monographs for potency and consistency.

Our commitment to quality has been a huge factor in why no RLC Labs® medication has ever being recalled for inconsistent hormones and we do our due diligence to keep it that way. Working through our existing orders at our size and with our strict quality standards takes time, but progress is being made–including with WP Thyroid, which we will share updates on as soon as they become available.

We remain committed to staying as transparent as possible throughout this process, but just like any other company, some of our information–such as our processes and sources–is strictly internal-only. This has been understandably frustrating in some instances, but please know that we are sharing what information we can when we can. We will continue to do so, just as we have from the start, until all strengths are fully stocked and available again.

In that spirit, here are the real facts of some rumors you may have heard along the way:

● RLC Labs is not going out of business, nor have we been acquired by any other company.
● There are no issues with our licensing and the backorder is completely unrelated to any governmental or FDA-related rumors.
● Neither of our medications, nor any strengths of them, are being discontinued.
● We stay committed to maintaining the affordability of our medications. Pharmacies set their own prices, but ours have not changed.
● Our strict quality standards apply to every part of our operation–from our guaranteed hormone levels to our materials and manufacturing–which is why we carefully source our thyroid from the U.S. and Canada and are only in production in the continental U.S.

It has been difficult not being able to serve our patients at the level you have come to know and expect from us, but we know that what we are dealing with is a far cry from the challenges our patients are facing and for that we are truly sorry. Our teams are working around the clock to get us back on track, but below are some suggestions if your doctor or pharmacy is having trouble obtaining available strengths, or if you are having trouble locating them. Your continued understanding, patience, and support are greatly appreciated as we work to make things right.


Please check the availability statement on our website ( for a list of actively shipping strengths. If your doctor or pharmacy is having trouble obtaining available strengths, they can contact us directly for assistance via the ‘Provider’ tab on our contact page. Any pharmacy of your choice that is not required to order through a wholesaler can also contact us through our website for a direct account–this applies for many healthcare providers as well. Please note that most pharmacies do not order directly from RLC Labs but through third party suppliers, and many large chains are required to order through a wholesaler. Once product is out our doors, we have no control over how it is prioritized or distributed among pharmacies, nor do we have any insight into a specific location’s inventory. If you are having trouble getting an available strength from your local pharmacies, we recommend checking any of the mail-order pharmacies listed on our website. The states shown only indicate where they are located; please check the pharmacy’s website or contact them to see where they ship. When getting your prescription filled through any pharmacy–brick & mortar or mail-order–we also recommend asking for both the cash price and insurance price (pending coverage) as all pharmacies set their own prices.

Comments and summary from Janie Bowthorpe

As long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve always been amazed at the false information patients receive from Pharmacists especially, then from each other, which spreads like wildfire in groups.

For example, note above that RLC has not been bought out by another company, and they have their tablets produced in the continental US, i.e. NOT in Puerto Rico. Both rumors were rampant and widespread. I even approved a few comments on the STTM blog posts that stated the Puerto Rico comment, and had massive doubts. But the rest of their comment was too good to reject the post.

Also note that RLC labs is working on getting WP Thyroid back as well i.e., no, it has not been discontinued–another rumor. The lesson is: don’t believe everything you hear!!

Also note that the reason this all happened, says RLC Labs, is because of increased difficulty in obtaining their Thyroid USP–that means the desiccated porcine powder. Costs were getting higher, as well. So they state they are now sourcing their thyroid powder from both the US and Canada…they wouldn’t state from whom. The latter is also on top of “some infrastructural upgrades (bigger facility, updated technology, refined processes) not too long ago”, stated RLC, to better meet the growing demand for their medications.

Finally, I think it was a good recommendation to ask for both the cash price and insurance price at your pharmacy. There may be a savings there.

In the meantime….

There are other good Natural Desiccated Thyroid products like NP Thyroid made by Acella–many good reports on that one. Even the less popular Armour has been working for some, even if not all. Here is a summary of your choices for a much better treatment of your hypothyroid state.

Also please note: if you switch and don’t feel you aren’t doing well, consider two things:

  1. The amount that did you well on Naturethroid or WP may be a different amount with another brand. REDO YOUR FREE T3 and FREE T4 and see how you stand after being on the different brand a few weeks, because you may need to tweak. Optimal puts the free T3 toward the top along with a free T4 mid-range.
  2. Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing. Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.

Don’t hesitate to comment below! Could RLC Labs have done all this better than they did?  Does the above give you peace of mind? Have YOU been able to acquire the latest Naturethroid? How are you doing??








  • Need a good discussion group with integrity? Go here.
  • STUDY the Natural Thyroid 101 page on how patients have learned to use Natural Desiccated Thyroid–it’s important, as too many patients under dose themselves!
  • STAND UP AGAINST A DOCTOR who tries to dose you by the TSH. Be educated to counter his or lack of education!!
  • READ the STTM books! YOU have to become informed and confident to stand up to bad doctoring. 
  • HAD A BAD REACTION TO ANY NDT?? It’s correctible!! Study this page

52 Responses to “The Makers of Naturethroid & WP Thyroid have contacted Janie Bowthorpe”

  1. Ann says:

    I have been on Nature-throid for over a year now with much anxiety trying to locate proper strengths . I just went to my doctor who said she would like me to switch to NP Throid as she said she found out that the makers of nature throid are sourcing from China. Has anyone heard anything regarding this issue? And should this be a problem if they are??

  2. Sandy Budzik says:

    I can’t be the only one that has found the new NatureThroid not as strong as previous one. It looks different and it tastes different. Was optimal for several years with NT until I began taking new NT but have had to increase almost 1 grain to feel the same as before. Will be doing labs soon but don’t need labs to tell me I’m not taking enough NT. I’ve sent notes to RLC about this but have never had response. It really makes me furious that a company would do this. Unfortunately, this just feeds the fire for the Synthroid pushers that NDT is unreliable because it’s never the same formula.

  3. Amy says:

    I always liked Nature-throid and having just got a fresh batch of it I feel better already. I cannot entirely blame the company but I was taking long expired meds and clearly they had lost potency.

    I just got a prescription for NP Acella after some struggle with local pharmacies and bugging my doctor…but I was not prepared for the price tag. Ouch.

    Nature throid for a month was $20….NP Acella is $70!!!! Just a tiny bit cheaper than Armour. This is awful, I have to pay out of pocket – this is simply too much.

    If I need an slight increase on Acella as my doc suspects this will put me at $87/month….FROM $20.49.

    I have to pay out of pocket…this isn’t going to work for me 🙁

    This whole situation makes me sick, I want to stay with Nature-throid and I’m in an impossible situation.

  4. Crystal says:

    Personally I think this is a load of garbage! Ask yourselves how a company can afford to relocate, open a new manufacturing plant, stop production of ALL its products (the great majority for a year or more) and then expect to survive? Either their Finance Executive needs to be fired or something is very wrong here. Id love to see a copy of this company’s accounts. How are they paying their employees with NO income or very little from the few doses that have only just started to filter through?
    I suspect that they are reducing their output and waiting for revenue to improve before they can afford to start producing other doses and WP. They have obviously only started to produce the doses that make the most money.
    If this had been a planned operation they would have stock piled all doses of both brands to see them over the disruption of a genuine manufacturing shutdown due to relocation – I mean why would you bite the hand that feeds you????
    Now they are alienating people and losing customers hand over fist, many of which will not come back. If they had no problem with manufacturing their products why cant they just start producing at least limited stock of all doses and WP?
    This has all the hallmarks of a financial crisis with a company either in denial or trying to regroup in the hope they will have something left to salvage.
    Personally, I gave up long ago and accepted that WP was not going to return and certainly not any time soon or in its last form before it was stopped. The sad thing is that this company is either in denial, has no morals or conscience and is prepared to risk the health and lives of so many people by not warning them of what was about to happen to their medication a year ago.
    On principle I would never give them my business now, because id never trust them again.

  5. Margaret says:

    I’m on Naturethroid 2 grains, just got my lab results back and they’ve improved from my labs 2 months ago. The new Naturethroid seems to be working fine for me…very grateful! I hope others who aren’t doing well, see improvements very soon.

  6. Katrina says:

    On NAturethroid, prior to shortage I felt great, numbers were good and symptoms subsiding and weight melting. Then the shortage shoved me to NP and I don’t feel great, joints aching, hair falling out, weight back on. Labs show TSH fine, T3 mid range, T4 number is lower than range so suggesting I’m on too much. Cortisol doubled. Extremely stressful life these past months. Doctor thinks it could be high from stress. Either way things aren’t working like they did o NAturethroid. Wish I could get back to what it was before shortage.

  7. Carol says:

    Thank you for this great information. My daughter took Armour for years and our pharmacy switched one year ago to Naturethroid. Since then and without realizing a possible connection, she has developed both high cortisol and anemia. She has no adrenal or pituitary tumor and has never taken steroids or The Pill – thus finding no cause for her high cortisol so is being diagnosed as “sub – clinical” cushings and they want to start her on a new med called Korlym which leads to other meds (and lots of side effects) and starts a long and vicious cycle. Please explain further about your statement at the bottom of this page where you state: “Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing. Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.” – what is 1 or 2? I did read the link about cortisol problems and/or iron issue.
    Thank you

    • 1 or 2 are these:

      1) The amount that did you well on Naturethroid or WP may be a different amount with another brand. REDO YOUR FREE T3 and FREE T4 and see how you stand after being on the different brand a few weeks, because you may need to tweak. Optimal puts the free T3 toward the top along with a free T4 mid-range.
      2) Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing.

      Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.

  8. V says:

    I would have to say that they are blowing smoke. Honestly, I am disgusted with how they have handled the situation. I was perfect on WP. Now I have to take double the Nature Throid and I can definitely verify they changed something. I used to have anaphylactic allergic reaction to NT. Now, I can take it without a problem other than incredible inconsistency from day to day. I fully expect WP to have MCT (coconut oil) removed as the shortages just *happened* when the AMA demonized coconut oil again. I don’t trust a word they say. I have checked a website for employees to anonymously report the quality of their job. Pre 2017 RLC was considered excellent. Starting in Jan/Feb of 2017 they have bad reviews and angry former or current employees. That speaks volumes. I am being treated for SAI, iron etc. In fact, 65 mg of NT is on back order AGAIN this week with no projected availability. My physician is a great doctor and my pharmacy is a great pharmacy. (Please don’t demonize all pharmacists. As with doctors, there are good ones and bad ones.) In fact, Synthroid is manufactured in Puerto Rico and there has been a shortage of synthetic thyroxine as well. This could be where the confusion comes in. And RLC Labs have done NOTHING to assure it’s clients. I am angry beyond words because I rely on NDT to live. No thyroid means death for so many unless we get our life saving medication. I have tried NP in the past when it was first out with more disastrous results. I haven’t tried it recently and it takes a good 3-6 months just to feel good again. But I am considering trying it because I no longer have any faith in RLC. Don’t ask me to be patient when I could be dead. (Thank you for letting us express our thoughts.)

    • Hi V. If you move over to NP, remember to do your free T3 and free T4 after a few weeks, then tweak if necessary. Though some people end up on the same amount brand-to-brand, others do not and need to tweak. NP is a good product.

  9. Susan says:

    I cannot recommend NP Thyroid (Acella) enough. I switched from Armour to NP Thyroid because the price was much better and could not believe what a superior product NP Thyroid is. Sublingual works much better for me even though I have excellent digestion. What insurance covers NDT? I have not found any insurance that does and am okay with paying cash. I’m on Medicare and refused the drug insurance because it is very expensive and does not cover NDT, and the NDT is the only thing I take that has a significant cost.

    • Sandy Budzik says:

      Just FYI I am on Medicare and have prescription drug plan that costs $25.60 a month from SilverScript. I take a lot of pills for chronic diseases so it is worth it.

  10. Dee says:

    I’m in Canada so not on Nature Throid nor WP, but have gone through the new ERFA fiasco, and have not been on any ndt for almost two years now because of intolerance to it. I’m beginning to think after reading the comments here, that the problem might be with the actual thyroid hormone itself that these companies are using for the base hormone in their products. So, could be something in the hormone itself that is circulating through the system? Could it be that cellulose has been added to the actual hormone all of these companies are using now? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

    • Dee, there are actually two topics to comment on in your post. First is about your “intolerance”. That can be more about you having inadequate iron and/or a cortisol problem, which any NDT will reveal. This page explains:

      As far as the actual powdered thyroid, it is odd that whenever any NDT is “changed” in any way, out come legitimate complaints due to clear changes. Doubt it’s cellulose. But who knows what is going on.

      • Dee says:

        Thanks Janie. I’ve been posting on both of your blogs about new ERFA and I’m one of those people who actually has an allergic reaction to new ERFA. I would switch back to my old (and long gone) stock of old ERFA, and would tolerate it great. The new ERFA caused all sorts of almost instantaneous allergic reactions. I go back and forth thinking it could be the hormone, itself, to the change being about different ingredients. Right – who knows? 🙁

  11. Marilyn Y Wallace says:

    I have been able to get Naturethroid all along between a couple pharmacies. About a month ago I became symptomatic. My son, also on it, had elevated numbers at his latest endo apt. We also see an acupuncturist that muscle tests and results are neither of us can tolerate naturethroid now. I have an one pill of the old kind and am going to take it by the acupuncturist to muscle test that one. I know what we will find, it is good. We have been on it for years with no problems. Now we are a mess. Infuriating because it takes so long to level out again. I know they messed with the fillers. Probably need to make a move to NP or armour. NP fillers are not great- mineral oil! and dextrose (probably corn).

  12. ANITA says:

    I have to agree, I believe the formula for nature thyroid has changed in some way. My labs have been unstable sense the meds have been back in production. My dose has changed from 1gr. to now 2 and my T-4 and T-3 are low while my TSH levels are normal. I wish I did not have to take this crap. I believe this is why we are all sick.

  13. Carmen Badeau says:

    I’m doing just as well on the new production of Nture-Throid. However, my dosage is 81.25 mg (or 1 1/4 grain). And I see that they aren’t releasing that dosage just yet. So I have to have two prescriptions, a 1 grain and a 1/2 grain. Then I have to split the 1/2 grain so I can get my proper dosage. It’s a pain, but I have loved Nature-Throid so much that I am will do do whatever I can to get my dosage! My weight stays consistent to my optimal weight, my energy level is good! I hope I never have to change! Maybe soon they’ll release my dosage! I hope!

  14. M says:

    This was so poorly handled I do not think I will ever go back to using their products. To suddenly have your thyroid medication that you depend on to live unavailable with no ETA does not have a word. Frustrating simply does not describe the fallout my health went through after switching to Armour. After surviving thyroid cancer, and now depending entirely on thyroid medication post thyroidectomy, this situation and how it was managed is beyond flawed.

    • JANIS says:

      Naturethroid has always worked for me. I have had doctors try add synthetic T-3 or Armour – nothing agrees with me more than the Naturethroid so when it became unavailable I had to do a lot of work to find it. I needed to be persistent. I contacted RLC Labs and they explained what was going on and gave me the names of pharmacies that still had stock (only 1 gr was available). They didn’t take insurance and I had to pay for shipping, but only one time. It started to be available in Seattle again.

  15. Lisa P says:

    Is there somewhere folks can share their experiences with taking non-prescription brands of Thyroid hormone such as ThyroGold or others? I am considering one called T150 by Xymogen which my Nurse Practitioner helped her feel better than even WP as she is highly sensitive to the fillers. Thank you.

    • Can tell you that patients report doing quite well on the OTC versions of NDT like Thyrogold. But an FYI; the product you are considering contains a lot of other ingredients which you’ll be raising as you raise the product to find your optimal amount. So it’s up to you. We tend to prefer those products which are JUST the desiccated thyroid.

      • Lisa P says:

        Excellent point, Janie. Thank you for pointing that out! FWIW, the T150 has probably the least of other ingredients in it. They make a separate product for mineral support for thyroid. I will consider that. And check out the NP.

  16. Carolyn says:

    The new Nature Throid did not work for me. The silver lining is that I feel better on NP that I ever felt on Nature Throid. I’ll never go back. Also, I did not appreciate feeling like a junkie trying to track down a fix when Nature Throid went off the shelves without notice or a plan by the manufacturer.

  17. Betty White says:

    I was on the 113 and doing fine. All tests was good and tsh was just a little low. I started to take the new pills, 65, 32, and quarter of the 65. Wow what a difference. I felt horrible and my tsh went from just little over to the low to a very very high tsh. I may let the Doctor try me on the 130 that is coming out for 30 days, but if it is not working than going to try the NP

  18. Tammy says:

    When my pharmacist advised me there was no Naturethroid to dispense I switched to Armour. Initially I felt ok but after 6 months all of my symptoms returned and I felt horrible. I was able to get Naturethroid this week and it’s a dramatic and immediate difference! I appreciate the explanations and their care in making a great product. And I am relieved to feel better!

  19. Rachel Johnson says:

    I went from Naturethroid to WP Thyroid then back to Naturethroid when I was unable to obtain WP anymore and my thyroid crashed in Jan on Naturethroid. I do not believe they have not changed or reformulated. What would cause my TSH to raise over 20 and my T4 to drop to .54 on the same dose through out this whole ordeal??? I have sent a sample of the old Naturethroid with the new Naturethroid to a lab for eval. This company is gambling with peoples lives.

    • Sandy Budzik says:

      I am really interested to see what lab says because I have had same problem and am gradually increasing my dosage.

  20. Ellen weir says:

    Thank you. Has the formula of naturethroid changed since they closed their facility? Has there been a before and after test. My adrenals crashed after it became available. On HC but am thinking of compounded. Went through the armour nightmare in 90’s. Ellen

  21. Marilyn says:

    This was very poorly handled. Leaving customers uninformed about a medicine on which their lives depend is beyond inconsiderate. I don’t want to trust them again. I can’t get any of the natural thyroid meds in my town, except Armour. But after their reformulation a few years back, it no longer worked for me (not to mention the obscene price increase!). Wish there were more options.

  22. Dianne Long says:

    I have been on Armour for years and returned to it when I could not obtain WP or NatureThroid.. My doctor understands that I will not use synthetics. I will check in with the manufacturer and see what happens. My pharmacy orders go through the Tricare system. There will be a copay on this (there always is), but that is nothing when I consider my health. Thank you for bringing us up-to-date!

  23. Meg says:

    Thank you so much for the update! I am fortunate to still be using my stockpile of WP. I always kept my script for the highest dose, because WP works for me. I didn’t want to get stuck with a mainstream doc who wanted me on synthroid. I am down to my last bottle, and am thrilled to hear that production is picking up! I just spoke with my pharmacist, and he was going to contact my doc about switching to naturethroid for the time being. This gives me hope that WP will be back in all it’s glory soon!

  24. Dean says:

    Want to thank you again for recommending NP Thyroid. With the passing of every week I am feeling better.

  25. Cortney says:

    They did a poor job with how this was all handled. Makes me nervous to use the company again… I am a wp thyroid gal as fillers just bother me bad and even have heart races. Palos, yukky anxiety list goes on… I tried nature thyroid n nope didn’t work… sadly do Iis what I need n o no now many of us r unhappy with the company y but have to use it..
    MY WORRY IS ONCE WP BECOMES AVAIL PPL WILL STOCK PILE IT.. I WISH for me i could use other kinds but I cant…
    This has been a extremely scary n hard time since the shortage and pray for everyone dealing with serious issued like I’m dealing with.
    I just pray nightly they get wp back on the shelves asap… seems like this has been a super loong time, and I’m afraid by time it is avail will be a year as Oct will be here before we knownit and that will be a year for me….
    Hugs to u all… let’s keep praying they get this on the market …
    Hugs n prayers to all the wp thyroid users like me who HAVE NO CHOICE, BC OF FILLERS…
    Ps. I think so jus

    • Judith Auerbach says:

      I agree with you, Cortney , that it has been handled badly and this message by them is hardly an “update”. It’s exactly the same thing they have been saying all along which gives no indication as to when WP Thyroid will become available and, like you, I have no choice because of the fillers in other products. I have been using ThyroGold in the interim, which seems to be working OK.

  26. Kathy says:

    This letter to me is too little too late. I’ve already switched to NP and it has made a big improvement in my health. I feel that they could’ve done a better job keeping us informed and for that I think they will continue to lose customers. I really can’t trust them.

    • Amy says:

      I, too, had to switch to NP Thyroid and am feeling fine. I didn’t really notice much difference in the two (except that I was unable to obtain Nature Throid).

      • Niki says:

        Nature throid is available through dca pharmacy. I have to get them mailed to me but at least they are available

  27. Nadia says:

    I also heard that the ingredients are not the same. Hence everyone not feeling the same.
    Please advise.

    • Natalie says:

      Since the Nature Throid is back in stock and I started taking it… They have had to up my dose. I feel like the formula has to be different. I never went off nature throid because I had enough stockpiled at home that I didn’t have to switch to anything. But as soon as getting the nature throid back in March when it became available again in the pharmacies, I have felt like crap. Went and got labs and my TSH was 30!!!! WTH. Have done nothing else different. I feel that something has to be different with the product since returning to the market. Anyone else have this issue?

      • Betty White says:

        Same here. I was horrible on the new meds. I don’t care what they say. They may have changed the fillers.

        • Christine says:

          I unfortunately don’t know what the old formula was like because I have only more recently started taking it. My first NDT was NP Thyroid but I ended up switching as I didn’t feel very good on that either and Naturethroid had more dosing options so thats what I have been trying. Naturethroid is also half the cost for me versus NP. I am waiting for my saliva results as I still don’t feel well and having awful symptoms with my stomach being upset/bloated etc. I was really hoping to try WP when it comes back but if everyone is thinking they changed the formula on Naturethroid, I wonder if the same will happen with WP. Very frustrating when you don’t feel well all the time!

      • Rachelle says:

        Same here I’ve felt terrible for months and went directly from the old supply to the new version in Dec/Jan 2017. I’ve tried raising and lowering and neither seem to help as much as they should. My TPO antibodies had consistently been in the low 100’s for several years and suddenly jumped to the upper 200’s.

        I tried NP but it was causing stomach issues and nausea. I know many people love it!

        I am going to talk to my doctor about adrenal and iron labs as well as hormones next week to make sure those are optimal. I am trying to be consistent with gluten free and dairy free (except some cheese) even though I rank very low on the food sensitivity scale and negative for celiac and Ana screen always negative.

        I was so miserable we reduced my dose and I’m trying to stabilize but still loosing weight about 10 lbs overall in 5 months. Is this common when you are trying to stabilize levels? I am not trying to loose weight and was a healthy weight so it is concerning me a little bit.

        My doctor has suggested adding several vitamins and increasing my Vitamin D from 1000 to 5000. My hydroxy Vit D was 52 in March (range of 30 – 100). What kind of supplement is best and has anyone had success with it lowering antibodies?

        Overall I just can’t help but think something has changed (not sure if the change is me or the Naturethroid). I want to try WP when they start making it again. For right now I’m thinking of adding compounded t4 and T3 to try to balance things out! I just want to feel better….so tired of feeling bad all the time!

      • Sandy Budzik says:

        I have experienced the same problem since new one came out. I have been slowly raising my dosage 1/4 of 48.75 at a time. Have raised twice now and things are getting a lot better–will probably raise another 1/4 and then go for labs.

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