The Makers of Naturethroid & WP Thyroid have contacted Janie Bowthorpe

An update from Janie after this original 2018 post below

Sadly, since I posted the below, there have been a large and growing body of patients who have found that the “new” Naturethroid (in the same amount that once removed their hypothyroid symptoms) has left them with with major symptoms, plus free T3 and free T4 very low in the range and a high TSH. Those who have tried raising state it has done nothing to return them to their former state. Something pretty bad is going on now with Naturethroid.

There are a very few who report feeling fine…but, we notice that the longer someone is on the new Naturethroid, the more the hypo symptoms creep up.  i.e. it can be the adrenaline being released that fools people into feeling better…until they crash. 

So below, which I wrote before writing what I am now, seems to counter the comment that RLC has a commitment to quality, say many patients in groups.

2nd update from Janie as of August 2020

It turns out that Naturethroid was recalled in 2020 due to sub-potency.

And now the original blog post from 2018, below.


Here is a May 16th, 2018 update directly from RLC Labs to me via email (and perhaps on their site)–the maker of Naturethroid and WP Thyroid, both natural desiccated thyroid brands. Comments from me, Janie Bowthorpe, below that. 

Since we went back into production, there have been a lot of questions–understandably so– around what caused the backorder, why certain strengths have been released ahead of others, and why available strengths are not yet at some pharmacies. We have done our best to communicate updates throughout the delay but deeply apologize if they did not reach you or answer your questions. It is not our intention to keep anyone in the dark or hide anything, and we hope this letter helps clear things up a bit more.

After expanding our operations to better accommodate growing demand and overcoming hurdles in obtaining raw material–the primary factor behind the backorder–we are happy to say that everything needed to ensure ongoing, full-scale production is in place. We are actively shipping and are focused on filling backorders.

We are far from being a “big pharma” company, however, and do not have the scale of one, but we are maximizing our working capacity and mean it when we say every effort is being made to expedite things. We are a small but dedicated team, many of whom take Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid®, that has been and continues to be committed to keeping patients, not profits, the top priority. We also have very strict quality standards. Every batch of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid is rigorously tested to ensure it meets or exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monographs for potency and consistency.

Our commitment to quality has been a huge factor in why no RLC Labs® medication has ever being recalled for inconsistent hormones and we do our due diligence to keep it that way. Working through our existing orders at our size and with our strict quality standards takes time, but progress is being made–including with WP Thyroid, which we will share updates on as soon as they become available.

We remain committed to staying as transparent as possible throughout this process, but just like any other company, some of our information–such as our processes and sources–is strictly internal-only. This has been understandably frustrating in some instances, but please know that we are sharing what information we can when we can. We will continue to do so, just as we have from the start, until all strengths are fully stocked and available again.

In that spirit, here are the real facts of some rumors you may have heard along the way:

● RLC Labs is not going out of business, nor have we been acquired by any other company.
● There are no issues with our licensing and the backorder is completely unrelated to any governmental or FDA-related rumors.
● Neither of our medications, nor any strengths of them, are being discontinued.
● We stay committed to maintaining the affordability of our medications. Pharmacies set their own prices, but ours have not changed.
● Our strict quality standards apply to every part of our operation–from our guaranteed hormone levels to our materials and manufacturing–which is why we carefully source our thyroid from the U.S. and Canada and are only in production in the continental U.S.

It has been difficult not being able to serve our patients at the level you have come to know and expect from us, but we know that what we are dealing with is a far cry from the challenges our patients are facing and for that we are truly sorry. Our teams are working around the clock to get us back on track, but below are some suggestions if your doctor or pharmacy is having trouble obtaining available strengths, or if you are having trouble locating them. Your continued understanding, patience, and support are greatly appreciated as we work to make things right.


Please check the availability statement on our website ( for a list of actively shipping strengths. If your doctor or pharmacy is having trouble obtaining available strengths, they can contact us directly for assistance via the ‘Provider’ tab on our contact page. Any pharmacy of your choice that is not required to order through a wholesaler can also contact us through our website for a direct account–this applies for many healthcare providers as well. Please note that most pharmacies do not order directly from RLC Labs but through third party suppliers, and many large chains are required to order through a wholesaler. Once product is out our doors, we have no control over how it is prioritized or distributed among pharmacies, nor do we have any insight into a specific location’s inventory. If you are having trouble getting an available strength from your local pharmacies, we recommend checking any of the mail-order pharmacies listed on our website. The states shown only indicate where they are located; please check the pharmacy’s website or contact them to see where they ship. When getting your prescription filled through any pharmacy–brick & mortar or mail-order–we also recommend asking for both the cash price and insurance price (pending coverage) as all pharmacies set their own prices.

Comments and summary from Janie Bowthorpe

As long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve always been amazed at the false information patients receive from Pharmacists especially, then from each other, which spreads like wildfire in groups.

For example, note above that RLC has not been bought out by another company, and they have their tablets produced in the continental US, i.e. NOT in Puerto Rico. Both rumors were rampant and widespread. I even approved a few comments on the STTM blog posts that stated the Puerto Rico comment, and had massive doubts. But the rest of their comment was too good to reject the post.

Also note that RLC labs is working on getting WP Thyroid back as well i.e., no, it has not been discontinued–another rumor. The lesson is: don’t believe everything you hear!!

Also note that the reason this all happened, says RLC Labs, is because of increased difficulty in obtaining their Thyroid USP–that means the desiccated porcine powder. Costs were getting higher, as well. So they state they are now sourcing their thyroid powder from both the US and Canada…they wouldn’t state from whom. The latter is also on top of “some infrastructural upgrades (bigger facility, updated technology, refined processes) not too long ago”, stated RLC, to better meet the growing demand for their medications.

Finally, I think it was a good recommendation to ask for both the cash price and insurance price at your pharmacy. There may be a savings there.

In the meantime….

There are other good Natural Desiccated Thyroid products like NP Thyroid made by Acella–many good reports on that one. Even the less popular Armour has been working for some, even if not all. Here is a summary of your choices for a much better treatment of your hypothyroid state.

Also please note: if you switch and don’t feel you aren’t doing well, consider two things:

  1. The amount that did you well on Naturethroid or WP may be a different amount with another brand. REDO YOUR FREE T3 and FREE T4 and see how you stand after being on the different brand a few weeks, because you may need to tweak. Optimal puts the free T3 toward the top along with a free T4 mid-range.
  2. Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing. Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.

Don’t hesitate to comment below! Could RLC Labs have done all this better than they did?  Does the above give you peace of mind? Have YOU been able to acquire the latest Naturethroid? How are you doing??

  • Need a good discussion group with integrity? Go here.
  • STUDY the Natural Thyroid 101 page on how patients have learned to use Natural Desiccated Thyroid–it’s important, as too many patients under dose themselves!
  • STAND UP AGAINST A DOCTOR who tries to dose you by the TSH. Be educated to counter his or lack of education!!
  • READ the STTM books! YOU have to become informed and confident to stand up to bad doctoring. 

Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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617 Responses to “The Makers of Naturethroid & WP Thyroid have contacted Janie Bowthorpe”

  1. Amy says:

    I went back to Nature-throid when the company stabilized and now the recall. Does anyone know how “off” the pills are? Any way to know? I am not returning my pills as what do I do then? I tried to switch to NP Acella several times and it made me unreal sick.
    I am worried about trying Armour but I have no choice. I was on 3.5gr Nature-throid and will give 3.5gr Armour a try soon but I am so nervous after my NP Acella disaster. I am not allergic, sensitivities so the NP Acella effects were a shock.
    If Armour doesn’t work…..what is even left? I am afraid I will be forced to try the synthetic. I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago and I have been in the constant battle to secure NDT….is this how it always is? I did really great early on with Naturethroid……..horrible on NP Acella……is Armour more like NP Acella or Nature-throid? Is there any guidance out there? I just can’t believe this ongoing battle for critical medication. How can RLC labs even survive this recall? Can they ever be trusted? I am just so exasperated.

    • Lisa Vant Wout says:

      Janie, I was on Armour Thyroid for years. I really liked it. It was only when the CEO decided to jump the price 1000% did I ask for substitute. I have been on Nature-throid now for years and I haven’t noticed a change in how I am feeling. So I continue to take it until my blood tests next month. I do suspect that there is some politics involved in this. I received a letter from Medicare a couple of years ago telling me this drug was dangerous. Then recently I received a letter from Humana trying to switch me to a different pharmaceutical drug. I did my own research and also asked my doctor who happens to have a phd in nutrition, and he said this drug is not dangerous at all. I suspect, but don’t know that perhaps nature-throid is cutting into the profits of other drugs. For me, the natural form of porcine powder works the best to achieve the blood test numbers I need.

      • Just be prepared that “not noticing a change in how you feel” can be because of rising cortisol, we have experienced. It can hide what’s going on. And then comes an inevitable crash as the high eventually moves to low.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I too have been frustrated with Naturethroid since around 2018. Before that I could get fairly good results on 2 grains. Some bottles seemed more potent than others but I’d usually get some potency. It had a strong smell and taste. Around 2018 I noticed a big change in taste and smell. My symptoms slowly crept back while I had to keep going up and up on the dose. I’m taking 5 1/2 grains and with the accompanying heart palpitations and poor results have decided after this recall to try Armour. Of course my insurance company only will pay for levoxyl! So unjust

  3. Sheri says:

    My hair started shedding in July…and in the last month has been falling out at a frightening rate, then just today I got a phonecall from my pharmacy that naturethroid is recalled and I’ll need to switch to something else…
    Cannot help but wonder if my med was the cause for hairloss and am worried about what I can switch to that won’t set my system off??? Am a teacher and this is added anxiety I definitely don’t need (but will have to deal with nonetheless).

  4. Doug says:

    Wow! After 2+ years of thousands of people complaining that their product no longer worked for them, RLC recalls all of their product only because the FDA tested it and found it to be sub-potent. This alone tells you what kind of quality control RLC has. In addition, I emailed RLC twice about their product after their reformulation in 2018 only to be ignored. Their generic press releases said that they were “retooling” and then it was “reformulating” due to product unavailability. They have been much less than transparent about their issues while their customers go through hell trying to get their life back. I don’t know why anyone would use any RLC product again and I can’t understand why they are still in business with essentially two complete shutdowns in two years coupled with substandard product for two years. I know I will never use any RLC product again.

    • Lisa says:

      I totally agree! I wonder if there was the possibility of a lawsuit that set a fire under them to “voluntarily” do the recall. This really burns me up!!! Two years I – and many others – have slowly slid into a place of utter confusion, despair, weight-gain, fatigue,… I hope there will be some sort of recourse – and restitution – for us.

  5. Lynn says:

    Is anyone aware of the Naturethroid recall a few days ago? Anyone have any information about it? Trying to figure out if this was going on when I tanked a year ago. Maybe they will fix it and we can use it again?

    • Amy says:

      The voluntary recall for Nature-throid and WP-throid effective August 25th was for subpotency issues (the claim is something around only 90% effective of what it’s supposed to be). The bigger issue however is a change they made in past months to ingredients. If you look at your label, under INACTIVE INGREDIENTS you’ll see “Lactose monohydrate”. Lactose and thyroid medications aren’t a good mix. Lactose monohydrate is also in Synthroid. I assume it’s added to help bodies process the medication easier, but it has the opposite effect. I’m wondering if they perhaps started to add too much lactose to their products. I have faith that they will start making new batches with the original formula, it’s too popular not to.

      Many folks on thyroid meds also take non-prescription supplements such as Progressive Labs Thryo Complex or Standard Process Thytrophin PMG (bovine glandulars, hormones are removed but it still supports the thyroid gland so in many cases less prescription medication is needed). It may help folks that are feeling the effects of Nature-throids formula change.

  6. Lucia Broughton says:

    Nature Throid changed their formulation by adding calcium which nullifies the effect of the natural thyroid powder. The pharmacist we use was aghast when she read the components. Armour is also useless as it was long taken over by big pharma. We are desperate for true natural desiccated thyroid powder WITHOUT the negating component/s added as that’s what works!

    • It may be too small an amount to nulify the effect, but we don’t know.

      And no, Armour is not useless. Most people are doing great on it today if they understand to get their frees optimal, even though we’ve seen three times over the years that it changed and was not good.

      • VEERLE says:

        I tried Armour a few months ago. Within one-week I had lost so much hair, could barely move from extreme inflammation and had z return of many hypo symptoms. I felt horrible, so horrible on it. I will nevef take it again I am so sad that they recalled Naturethroid as I was finally feeling great as nd my levels were good with Naturethroid. How can they just do this to us? How? I am so anxious now….dont know what to take anymore. Naturethroid was the only one left that worked for me. :(😥😢😭

        • Hi Veerle. How much Armour were you on?

          • JennC says:

            Same here 😭 I literally have bald spots… The amount of hair I lose daily is scary and I can no longer pull my hair back in a ponytail. I am currently taking Armour 2 grains. My doctor doesn’t want to raise (although I am self raising- 2 1/2 grains plus 12.5 Cytomel once a day for the past 3 weeks but zero change in hair loss) because my TSH is .01 and my free T4 is 1.4 however my free T3 is 2.8. I have asked repeatedly to get extra T3 to see if that will help but I feel so hopeless. My iron is good but ferritin is 26 and my RT3 is fine. Any suggestions???? 🙏💔

          • We have observed for years that good iron for women is around 110. So if we are close to, or at that, but have a ferritin that low, it means we aren’t breaking that iron down for use. That’s called a methylation problem. Thus, we are actually in a low iron state, and thus hair loss.

            Additionally, if Free T4 is 1.4 (and top of range is 1.7 or 1.8) and free T3 is that low, we’ve seen that it’s pointing to a reverse T3 problem. And that also can cause hair loss.

          • JennC says:

            Thank you, Janie! I took the methylation test/MTHFR and tested negative for that. I checked my recent iron labs and my iron came back at 137. All four panels were done. My RT3 came back at 17 and although this is in range on the lab report, after reading the RT3 article you sent me the link to it appears that is in fact higher than it should be. I’m already taking 12.5 Cytomel along with the Armour. Sounds like I may need to decrease NDT and increase T3. Since my iron is good but my ferritin on the low end of the range, it must be the RT3. Since I know my doctor isn’t going to have a clue, am I needing to decrease the Armour and increase Cytomel? How much Cytomel will I start out with since I’ll be decreasing Armour? Thank you Janie! You are a true blessing 🙏❤️

          • Jenn, did you test both MTHFR mutations locations: 1298 and 677? Because when we see an iron that high for a woman and a low ferritin, it usually points to a methylation problem. There are other mutations which can explain it and they are also shown here ib this informational page:

            We do lower NDT like Armour and raise T3 to make up for the lowering when RT3 is too high. But that’s 50% of the story. We also need to treat the cause of the high RT3, which the RT3 article explains potential causes.

            And you are welcome for the info. 🙂

    • Esther Roberts says:

      If they added calcium that is a huge clue since I have negative reactions to added calcium ingredients. I am also reactive to levo, synthroid, tirosint, & 3 or 4 others. Not sure what to try next.

  7. Kimberly Hart says:

    I’ve been on Naturethroid for about 10 years and done great and levels remained level. The last two years I’ve become sicker and sicker. I was on 162.5 forever..Now I’m on 230 and my tsh has barely got to 26. This medicine is not the same. Now my endocrinologist is trying to figure out what is going on but is suspecting this medicine is not what it used to be. My joints and muscles hurt so bad, I’m constantly exhausted feeling as I could sleep 24/7. I’ve gained 40 lbs. I just want to feel good again. Had labs drawn today. I so hoping for help with getting healthy again from this madness. I have been suffering from nausea and dizziness on this naturethroid that i never felt before. This medicine is making me sicker.

    • Yup, your experience is the same for many, many others. It’s such a tragedy.

    • Carin says:

      Kimberly, I’ve been on Naturethroid for 11 years. I didn’t realize (why would I?) that it wasn’t working. I also gained 40 lbs (very quickly), had swollen hands/feet, joint pain all over. I thought it was a combination of menopause and the stress of opening a new business. It wasn’t until last month I started reading about so many people having issues with Nature Throid. I’m now on Tirosint/Cytomel. Just had a ton of labs drawn as well trying to get it all back into balance b/c now my adrenals are shot, sex hormones a mess, high cortisol etc. It’s so hard!

  8. Rhonda McHaley says:

    I opened a new bottle of thyroid (Nature Throid) and started using it about a week ago. I started getting dizzy and nauseated and felt like I was coming down with something but didn’t connect it with Nature Throid. Then a couple of days ago I pick up my pill in the morning and thought I smelled mice urine but didn’t connect it with my pills. I’ve continued to feel dizzy and nauseated so I have looked carefully at my diet and vitamin supplements. Three days ago I stopped taking any supplements and super careful with my food. I decided yesterday to take a closer look at my bottle of thyroid medication. I opened my bottle and smelled it. It was the source of the urine smell!!! I’m horrified!!! I haven’t taken them since and now not sure what to do!!!


      And probably not a good idea to call it mice urine. Instead it’s more accurate just to state it reminded you of urine in general. And believe it or not, this is not a new observation as to a urine-like smell. That has also gone on after NP thyroid changed. It’s like an ammonia smell. And the big question is why in the world would there be a whiff of an ammonia smell in our desiccated thyroid now, besides the fact that most all patients are going downhill on NDT brands that used to work. Right now, the brand called Armour is the only one that still seems to be working to a degree, as if they are not getting the same source as all the others that are causing problems.

      • Julie says:

        I had to switch to Armour over a year ago because I couldn’t get the dose I needed of Nature Thyroid. It was more expensive but the worst thing started to happen to me in May of 2019 to present. For no reason, I mean no change in diet or exercise level, I have put on 21 pounds, mainly in the upper belly. I wonder if it could be the Armour. I just switched back to Nature as it’s available and the new doctor has upped the dose to 130 something but it doesn’t seem to be available. I am SO FRUSTRATED!

        • It’s very possible you never got your frees optimal on Armour. Thus, the good results going on start to backfire/reverse and hypo comes back, which weight gain represents. So going back to Naturethroid was the wrong move. Check out this page: Read it all. Don’t skim. It’s what was already needed on Armour.

        • Bonnie Turnbull says:

          Yes, it has been reformulated as I have found all natural thyroid replacement medication is being reformulated leaving us having all they hypothyroid symptoms returning. I had been on Armour Thyroid for 30 plus years then all of the sudden I started gaining weight for no reason. I ended up gaining 62 pounds, tired all the time. It ended up being the thyroid medication. It wasn’t even keeping my TSH, T3 and T4 levels in range. I ended up taking 6 grains and still felt terrible. My doctor changed to different NDT thyroid and they all had the same outcome. Why they change the formulas and why didn’t one of the companies let the people trusting their medication bother to let anyone know. It’s all about money and how they can make a good product for much cheaper. They can by using cheap fillers and substandard ingredients.

  9. Monica says:

    Hi everyone. I’m here to give an update. I switched from NatureThroid to compounded thyroid 11 weeks ago and am feeling much better. I gained 30 pounds in 18 months before I figured out NT was messed up. My question is, could this be as simple as it being as if we were taking sugar pills and not getting the thyroid hormones we needed OR could NT have been altered in a way that actually triggered additional Hypo (or hyper for those who are hyper) symptoms? Sure, I’ve gained a little weight in the past when the Armour formula was changed, but never 30 lbs in 18 months! Including edema, and very unnatural anxiety feelings. What was in NT? Something that was making us sicker, or just inactive ingredients?

    • Nobody knows. Pharmaceutical secrecy. All we know is that nearly everyone who got back on Naturethroid saw a return of hypo and a complete inability to get their frees truly optimal.

      • Monica says:

        Thank you for your reply Jane. Something about the new NT really messed up my system and I’m shocked it’s taking so long to get back to normal, although I am most definitely much better and still improving at week 11. I noticed improvement my second day on compounded thyroid and my boyfriend even saw a drastic change in my energy and mood.

        • Glad you changed. It’s hard for some people to accept that Naturethroid really isn’t working, so they linger on it until it blows up in their face…:(

          • Monica says:

            Thank you Jane. I had a “light bulb” moment some months back and totally KNEW it was the NatureThroid. I’ve also noticed the denial in some people. I am still in shock what NT did to my life. I am very grateful for your message board. The validation is so important.

        • Charley says:

          Hi Monica,
          I’m wondering how you got hold of the compounded thyroid? NHS or private gp? Nature-thyroid is starting to send me backwards I think and I don’t know which way to turn to try and get myself right again 🙁

    • Debbie says:

      I would love to get information about the doctor and compounding pharmacy and information so I’m not starting at square one. I’ve been allergic to all the other thyroid medication and keep going off it’s not bad Please contact thank you

  10. Debbie says:

    RLC doesn’t really address the quality of their source and consistency that’s the issue. I’d be willing to pay more for a consistent product that works. I’m concerned with the animals that they’re getting their supply from. Does anybody know in 2020 whether their quality and sources are better. I had heard the big Pharma was making it difficult for them however punishing the loyalty of their customers that need to take a medication for life is criminal if done with intent. I would rather they not cut corners

    By the way WP thread was even worse in terms of affecting the head. And before the product change I had been on nature through aid for 15 years. Concerned about the meds that the current animals they resourced from and conditions.

    Nature through it was a wonderful product I’d like to know if if they refocused on quality that they once had and their loyalty to their consumers because that’s what made the product exceptional otherwise it’s not a matter of price if it doesn’t work and they need to not cut corners and if that means raising the price and keeping customers it’s more important that the product they use comes from sources That are you mainly treated and without medications. That’s the issue that’s really not being addressed

    • I was switched due to only ndt available in Arizona in February. My tsh shot up double. I need to be around 1. It’s 2.6. I had terrible symptoms. My pcp put me on synthroid and I’m trying to get adjusted to that. The edema I experienced was excruciating and my three hormone levels were all high. I’m not on any hrt. I have no idea what’s in naturethroid but I think it’s dangerous. Carole

  11. Bree says:

    I got my thyroid taken out 10 years ago and after reading here about armour being reformulated I asked my dr to put me on naturthroid. I’ve had some struggles but my thyroid labs have always been consistent and good. I noticed the different taste and texture of the new formula of naturthroid and started noticing I didn’t feel good. So I found some of my older naturthroid laying around but am now out of those and had to start taking the new ones. I feel awful. And have been reading about other people not feeling good either. The pharmacy filled my rx with wp this time which I understand is made by the same company as naturthroid but not the same? Are being doing bad on both? I need to ask my dr to change it ASAP but don’t know what to ask for I’ve been taking this for so long

      • Bree says:

        Thank you- I read the link. It looks like armour is really the only option to try. I’ve been taking 3 grains of Naturethroid for the last 10 years or so- would 3 grains of armour be equivalent? I know I need to go by my labs but just looking for a starting point to ask my dr for
        Thank you

        • It’s you’ve been on Naturethroid until recently, you might now have low iron and/or a cortisol problem. So it can be wise to start on a lower amount than you are used to, maybe 2 grains or 2 1/2, while checking iron levels and cortisol.

          • Bree says:

            Ok- good advice thank you. I got blood drawn today and I can’t rely on my thyroid labs to be acuraye as my body has a combo of the new Wp and what I could dig up of old Naturethroid in it but they did iron too. They did cortisol but it’s blood so I’ll have to order a saliva test and check that. I didn’t do well on HC so if my adrenals aren’t good again which I suspect they are fatigued still I’ll have to look into alternatives for adrenal support as my body adjusts to armour

          • Bree says:

            First of all I apologize if there’s a better place to ask these questions-I got my labs back and compared them to your recommendations for optimal ranges. My iron and thyroid is off although not as off as I thought since I have been taking a mix of old and new Naturethroid. My free t4 is .09, free t3 is 3.4 and my iron low- total is 92, saturation is 27 and tibc is 343. Unfrhe didn’t order ferritin. My questions are these- to get my thyroid more optimal does that mean I need more or just need to make my dosage more effective (possibly both)- before I try moving up I need to address my iron and get my body used to the armour I just got prescribed to me I know but is there recommendations are getting the best absorption from my current dose? Empty stomach ect? I usually split my 3 grains into multiple doses and chew it up but don’t worry about if I’ve ate or not.

            Also what is the best way to effectively improve my iron? I know there are many different forms to take and as we find out more advice changes.

            Thank you- I so appreciate the help. So glad to know I’m not crazy and the formula switch isn’t just in my head and there are people to help!!!

          • We raise until optimal but in your case, you’d need the old Naturethroid. But yes, if we raise with an iron of 92, RT3 can start going up as we raise. We take iron supplementation to raise our iron to optimal.

            You’re not crazy. 🙂 🙂 The pharmaceuticals that say they changed nothing are.

        • Just in case, probably wise to take a little less at first, do labs in a few weeks and see if you need to tweak.

  12. Dorothy says:

    RLC has announced more strengths of WP in production. Their website says they are sourcing from US/Canada. I really miss WP Thyroid but after the big reformulation of Armour 10 years ago, and the problems I had with NP Thyroid, I don’t think I can go through another change. Is anyone doing well on WP thyroid currently?

    • Let’s put it this way: many are reporting they aren’t doing well on it. But those who say they are doing good never have a good free T4 or free T3, which means their feel goods are going to backfire.

  13. Monica says:

    Could vision be affected? Since I realized Nature-throid for hypo isn’t working properly, I started wondering exactly what not having optimal thyroid function has been causing. I’m age 48 and my vision has become progressively worse from year to year for at least 7 years. I’m nearsighted. Could this possibly have to do with thyroid? My ophthalmologist is concerned and keeps having my A1-C checked which is always very good. Hopefully my GP will switch me to the compounded med. If so, I will post here how things are progressing.

  14. Monica says:

    I am not clear on when the Nature-Throid formula was changed. Was it sometime in 2018? If so, that would make sense. I posted this on Dr. Westin Childs’ YouTube channel, which I highly recommend: My thyroid medication history is: Started out or Armour around 20 years ago and it was great, then started feeling sick when they changed the formula. Switched to Levothyroxine for less than a week and felt like I was being poisoned, then switched to Nature-Throid which was good, but NOT as good as the original Armour. The last couple years I haven’t been feeling as good and sure enough have found out the formula of Nature-Throid has changed. My doctor was going to switch me back to Armour, but I do not know if they made the formula “good” again. I plan to ask my doctor to call in a prescription for compounded thyroid med so I can stop worrying if the drug companies are going to keep changing formulas. I am afraid to try Armour again after what happened before. If I knew it was as good as it used to be, I’d go for it. It is unsettling how drug companies affect our health and we have no idea the reason we are feeling ill is because they made changes without our knowing! Looking back to 2018, this would make complete sense. Funny how I can’t find any concrete info on when the formula was changed.

    • Yes, it changed in 2018. Here’s the blog post that explained all the changed, including Naturethroid: You imght want to sign up for the blog post in email form, but never reply to it. To comment, you just click on the title of the blog post in the email, which will take you here to comment.

      Armour is still working for most. If not, T3 is added to it. You just work to get optimal:

      • Monica says:

        Thank you so much, Janie. I am going to check this out right now. I’m very grateful for this site. I had a gut feeling for a long time the Nature-throid was not working properly. I am relieved to be informed but also kind of sad looking back at how I’ve suffered, yet again, because of a change in my medication. Things will get better from here. I just need to make the best decision and hope my doctor agrees.

        • Yes, it’s quite sad that what used to be very consistent and life-changing NDT’s are now mostly crap. 🙁 🙁

          • Monica says:

            Janie – When I spoke with the compounding pharmacist, I was told they now use duck since there has been a shortage of porcine. This must be a very new thing because I can’t find any reviews on it. I do want to switch to the compounded thyroid, but of course am concerned about a slightly different source. Have you had any feedback on this?
            Thank you very much for your responses, support, and this “support group” you have established here.

          • Hi. I’ve heard that mentioned but we don’t have any information or patient experiences yet.

  15. Tami says:

    I was stable on nature throid for YEARS.. since the change I have lost ALOT of hair and I mean ALOT.. to the point I wear fake hair and use colored dry shampoo just to leave the house! I’ve gained weight, had muscle weakness, inflammation and ON AND ON.. I didn’t do well on Levo in the past.. armor didn’t work for me.. idk where to go from here .. see doctor on Thursday and I definitely need to stop nature throid.

  16. Liz Ann says:

    I feel incredibly fortunate after reading all these negatives that I’m doing fine on NatureThroid before and after the switch. I combine it with Synthroid in the morning and also take NatureThroid mid afternoon. I did have to spend a lot of time sourcing it (long story). I have increased my dose though about a year ago. I don’t have a thyroid so I’m depending on the medications. I take 88mcg Synthroid plus 120mg NatureThroid an hour before getting up and having coffee and 97.5mg of NatureThroid at 3pm. My endocrinologist says this is way to much, but my primary agrees to dose by symptoms and free T3 and free T4 and ignore my nonexistant TSH. I just wanted to share something positive even if I’m just one person who hasn’t seen a difference. I cannot tie my dose increase to the batches as I had a mixture of old/new until last 6 months and I’ve needed to change doses up/down about once a year depending on my adrenal status over the past 5 years.

    • Hi. Two things: keep an eye on your free T4, as adding T4 to what is already 80% T4 raises the risk of RT3 going up.

      But then again, Naturethroid went so badly south that who knows what you are actually getting. So again,keep track of those frees. Because if you feel good and aren’t optimal, your feel goods can be from excess adrenaline and rising cortisol, which isn’t good. Read this:

  17. Dana says:

    I have been taking nature throid gradually increasing my dose over the last 6 months. But about a month ago I received a new prescription for the 65 mg size. Yet every single time I take it, even with a huge glass of water, I’m getting a really uneasy stomach, slightly acidic feeling stomach, sometimes even some gurgling and I usually have to vacate my bowels until my colon is empty.
    Has anyone else noticed any changes with the way it affects your stomach?
    Would really like to hear some feedback on this if possible as I’m thinking of contacting the manufacturer.
    Thank you and best wishes for a great day,

  18. Jen says:

    Janie, I am not sure you are still looking at comments on this post, but I was hoping you could answer a question. I have been on Tirosint/Cytomel for 3 years after my TT for THYCA. I have never felt well no matter how much cytomel I add or take away. FT4 always on low end, FT3 can get up to a decent range with higher amounts of Cytomel but even then I don’t feel good. I finally decided to tell my integrative medicine Dr that I’m ready to try NDT. He prefers Naturethroid over Armour, but would prescribe Armour if I wanted. I was ecstatic to hear he wanted to prescribe me NT because I thought that was the best one….until I read this. Now I am beyond confused. Should I not even TRY any NDT at this point? Any help would be appreciated.

  19. Dave says:

    My whole life has been ruined by Nature Throid’s makers being so incompetent. It’s the only Thyroid med I can tolerate and they just decided one day, ” let’s just stop making this life sustaining medicine for a few years without warning anyone then, we’ll come back out at a snail’s pace and mess up the dosing? I’m beginning to think their manufacturing consists of two guys in bath robes smoking pot all day.

  20. Meg says:

    I have been off synthroid and liothyrine for months now and am on nothing but my recent labs (and symptoms!) indicate I really need to get back on something. Never felt much different whether I took synthroid or not. Have remained symptomatic with stubborn weight too for years. I have an integrative doc and she asked if I wanted to try something diff than Synthroid. She prescribed nature throid. However, after reading recent info, I am hesitant to pick up this prescription. Wondering if I might be better off trying NP thyroid instead due to all of the issues I have read about? Am I reading right in seeing that few if none are having good experience lately since it came back out if starting/taking NatureThroid?

  21. Ann says:

    i email regenerative nutrition to ask them about this product ‘ thyro- active’ and they said

    “Our Thyroactive is sourced from healthy male bovine and male porcines, age 2 – 4 years, farmed by a reputable company in China. Each batch is analysed by an independent company. Each capsule contains 2 grains, (130mg) of whole desiccated thyroid gland with 320mg rosehip powder as a filler.”

  22. Ann says:

    I have been taking synthetic thyroxine in the UK and now want to change and try a NDT. I was about to order some WPthyroid but have found this article and now feel totally confused. It is very hard to get NDT in the UK and we need to order from USA at a high expense. It is also very hard to have any bloods tested other than the TSH – very rarely they will do T4 and never T3.
    I am hoping you might be able to advise me which product would be best to start with ?? I was keen on the WP as it looked cleaner with less fillers but it sounds like people are having huge issues.
    Would it be better to try Armour.
    Has anyone come across this ? – it uses NDT from China.

    Thanks for any help i am so confused and was so hoping this might be my answer. I was taking synthetic T3 but now they wont fund it in the UK so they stopped it.

    • Add T3 to it and get optimal. UK patients can tell you where they order T3.

      • Ann says:

        hi, do you mean buy that product and then buy T3 as well to take at the same time ? Is this because it doesnt have enough T3 ?. I was hoping to move to a totally natural product and not have to buy T3 otherwise i might as well stay with synthetic t4 and buy t3 which is what i wanted to avoid.
        Does your response mean there no natural thyroid products that are worth starting or trying anymore ?

        • All American made NDTs have changed. But armour is the only one that seems to work somewhat. Some do fine on it alone but only if they get optimal with their frees. Other seem to do better adding T3 to it and getting optimal.

          • Ann says:

            Hi, ok Thanks for this Janie – how sad about the NDT’s not working anymore. I will wait and hope than someone from the UK can tell me a source to buy T3 in UK. Thanks

          • Armour has been working for some, but with you stating how expensive it is to get it from there, just adding t3 might be a better choice, and getting optimal.

  23. Mills says:

    I just ran across this article. I for the first time in about 10 years have high free T3 (range goes to 4.4 – my level is 4.9). I have taken Naturthroid 3.5 grains for years and have been optimal. something is different. I have heart palpitations and my brain, memory issues seem worse. I have reduced the dose to 3.0. Couldn’t get Naturthroid for a while at pharmacy so I ordered through Womend Int Pharmacy but insurance wouldn’t cover. Now Walgreens has in stock but wonder if they did change something?? Ugh!!!

  24. Katherine Sutton says:

    I went through hell from Sept of 2018 until May of 2019 trying to get my Naturethroid Rx filled. Finally got it and then thought I was in a slow motion horror film. I went totally hypothyroid and gained 7 lbs in less than 6 weeks in spite of the fact that I cut my calorie consumption by 33% and increased my exercise by 100%. I felt awful. Called RLC labs and they insisted nothing had changed but that cannot be true. I had been taking Naturethroid for close to 10 years until then.
    Switched to WP Thyroid ( which I substituted during a previous long drawn out unavailability of Naturethroid. ) They have changed something in this too as I have to take an allergy pill EVERY day in order to take it, but at least I am not hypo anymore. It has, of course, taken me 5 months to lose only 3 of the freaking 7 lbs I gained with the new awful Naturethroid. What is going on?

  25. Missy Townsend says:

    Shame, shame, shame on RLC labs for lying to us. I was on Nature Thyroid and my labs were spot on until March of this year..My TSH steadily decreased until I was in the ER with constant arthymias for 6 solid hours before converting back to sinus rhythm on my own. All my labs were good except my thyroid..It was crazy off. Too much T3..Doc took me off of it immediately and started me on Synthroid. What a shame. It was a good medication at one time…They have all become money hungry.

  26. Susan says:

    Which is best, WP or Armour? Currently dealing with the NP thyroid smell issues. Im currently taking an old batch of np thyroid and 25 cytomel. My endo dropped me with one refill til January when I see a new endo. The NP stench from the last script I picked up in Sept. is disgusting, so Walgreens switched the next refill to Armour but would not replace this gross np script I have. I called acella. I was on NT from 2013-2015?-steady low weight, felt good. I switched doctors and idk what he had me on? Armour or NT? I just found a full script for armour from 2016, is that safe to take? Im not taking my recommended dose of np because I run out before I can fill armour. But I continued to do fine. He wanted me to see a local doctor in 2016? I think this is when I was swicthed back to NT. Ive slowly gained a LOT of weight, like extreme, 63 lbs. Ive worked out decades. Last May? When there was a nt shortage, Endo switched me to np, I didn’t think anything of it, but gained more weight. I thought it was from a psych drug that ive since stopped. Im realising now its been the np thyoid. I have a new gp app thursday. Walgreens has a one month supply of armour, no refills. I dont see a new endo til january. Do I ask for armour or wp? Idk if I did ok on armour or not? They kept wanting me to switch to NT, it seems. I cant even keep track, im hypo i think, my labs are ok, maybe a little low but i have symptoms. Ive located WP near me. But my close walgreens has armour. Should I ask to switch to WP or just tell him, Im on WP already? May be not the best place to ask this? I cant take another couple of months of this zero energy, constipation(have ot take 800 mg magnesium and eat a pile of broccoli). Do these doctors and pharmaceutical companies not understand what their unstablity does to us mere humans? My life has been turned upside down tha past few years. I thought i was because i was mourning my dog but i realize now its the np.

    • Susan says:

      WP concerns me because it is made by the same company as nature thyroid. So what is the difference?

      • WP had less fillers. But it is a concern when RLC also makes Naturethroid which became a much worse product by 2018. Patients who had done well on naturethroid now felt awful on it. Time and patient reports will tell! And remember that many patients will say they feel fine on it, but if one doesn’t have optimal frees, it backfires.

        • Samantha Schleper says:

          Starting in Aug 2018 (last year) my Homeopath upped my thyroid meds as I was feeling slightly hypo (tired, constipated etc). In September I noticed horrible heartburn and went to a GI. By November my anxiety was creeping up. By January my anxiety and GI issues were at an all time high but I had a sick daughter at home and no time to worry about myself. By June I was in the hospital with A-fib and a tsh of 0.001! My anxiety was debilitating and I was spiraling out of control. I finally went back to my doctor and he cut my naturethroid in half and symptoms got slightly better. heartburn was still insane making swallowing difficult but my a-fib was slightly better. I began seeing a therapist thinking my sick daughter broke my brain lol! Until last month I scrolled upon a FB post and learned about the naturthroid issue. I was just in to see my doctor today and he is switching me from Nature throid (1/2 grain) to Cytomel. He is wondering if whatever is in the new nature throid I am reacting to considering I was PERFECT and optimal from 2014 to early 2018. Could this be the case?
          Today my labs were:
          TSH was 2.06
          RT3 was 13.4
          T3 was 2.0
          T4 was 0.91

          My coQ10, B6, TPO,Magnesium, DHEA, Pregnenolone, and candia all looked good. My cortisol was a little off but hard to tell with the blood test and time I took it. I’m so so so tired of being scared all of the time, having chest pain and feeling awful. I have a sick daughter to care for and no time to be feeling this way. I want my old self back again!

    • Armour ‘may’ be best between the two you asked about. But remember that you have to be optimal, not just “on it”. Study:

    • Melody says:

      Stop with the broccoli. It’s can only be eaten in moderation as it has ill effects on the thyroid.

  27. Isabel Lopez MD says:

    I have a quick question. Should patients take their thyroid meds the day of the blood work? If so should the blood work be timed for X amount of hours after taking NDT?

    • No, we don’t get hung up about a certain amount of hours. Some have been stating that and it’s incorrect. We just take our thyroid meds as normal one day, and do the free T3 and free T4 the next morning…taking thyroid meds after testing.

  28. Laura Treadway says:

    Have been on the nature thyroid but didn’t do good on it like I did before. Stayed constipated, lots of hair loss and very tired. So doctor put me on the wp thyroid. Did some better but not like before they started making changes to it. Now I cant even get it, so my doctor put me on NP thyroid after being on it for 2 weeks cant take it started itching real bad and having a steady headache. So I dont know what I’m gonna do. Thank you, Laura T.

  29. Gwen Robertson says:

    Hi Janie! I’ve been on WP Old production and now taking WP since June. It wasn’t working in the beginning and symptoms returned. I started researching what was happening with the new production and ran across a comments about chewing the tablet and swallow. I started chewing it and it has started working well for me. I don’t know if that will help but it was like the coating was different and needed to be broken. I”m feeling good and I will have tests done the first of October.

  30. Kim Vickery says:

    Hi Janie – I had a thyroidectomy (goiter) when I was about 12 years old and had been on Synthroid and then Levoxil for the following 46 My dose was alternating 88mcg/100mcg. My PCP didn’t want to touch it as I was within normal range but I wanted to feel ‘optimal’. Got a NP and went on Nature-Thyroid in March, 2018 and quickly had that changed to a compounded T3 T4 after experiencing heart palpations and tachycardia at rest by December. She also added Gaia HPA Axis Daytime Maintenance, spacing 3 a day, which really helps when I’m feeling a little sluggish for my adrenals. I am currently on T4/T-3 Thyroid 95mcg/22.5mcg, which, I’ve heard is the equivalent of 250mcg of Levo…yikes. I do feel really good though and I have energy. I hope to loose the weight I have gained since changing. When first on this dose, my T3 free and T4 were barely in normal range and my TSH skyrocketed from .01 (when on Nature-Thyroid) to over 13 (on compounded) but I felt good! My NP consulted another NP, unsure if she should increase again or not since I was feeling good and he was certain I was taking an iodine supplement (I wasn’t.) Another 8 weeks later, my T3 free and T4 have barely crept upwards – both still very low normal range, but finally my TSH dropped back down to around 3.25. Thoughts and thanks?!

  31. Doug says:

    Hi Janie,
    I’m new to STTM, and I’m doing some research for my sister who has Hashi’s and is hypothyroid. One question: what is the “range” for FT3, FT4, etc.? I can’t seem to find specific numbers.

  32. Amy says:

    Hi Janie,
    I tried to switch to NP from Nature-throid and felt horrible. It was scary. I went back on Nature-throid and I ran the additional tests you suggested please see below. I feel fine now after getting off of NP. I don’t feel I have adrenal symptoms but I ran the tests you suggested just to be sure. Seems OK?
    My RT3 came down from 18.5 on NP to 13 on Nature-throid. I didn’t make any other changes except I was on 3 gr AP and now 3.5 Naturethroid. My docs says to add some Milk thistle and restest Rt3 in a few months as she doesn’t see an adrenal problem via labs and I don’t have symptoms.

    Thank you for your time!

    Saliva ASI
    6-8am 21 (13-24nM)
    11-1pm 9 (5-10nM)
    4-5pm 4 (nM)
    10-midnight 1 (1-4nM)

    89 Ferritin (10-200) ng/mL
    121 Iron Total 40-190 mcg/ml
    253 Iron binding capacity 250-450 mcg/ml (calc)
    48 Iron %saturation 11-50%

    Thyroid labs taken in morning before meds
    3.7 FT3 2.3-4.2 pg/ml
    1.2 FT4 0.89-1.76 ng/dl
    13* RT3 8-25 ng/dl
    **it was 18.5 on NP Acella

    • Add the range for your afternoon cortisol, please.

    • OK, based on what patients have repeatedly observed over the years…your afternoon is extremely low. We’ve observed that those without a cortisol problem are usually always somewhere around midrange in the later afternoon, not at the bottom. That alone could have caused problems with NDT when raising.

      Your iron of 121 is a bit high for a woman. Women without an iron problem are ‘around’ 110, occasionally 109, 108 and etc, not 121. It does make one wonder if you have the beginning of a methylation problem (means it’s not breaking down for use) or maybe you were on iron supps. Just a guess. By the way, we don’t normally see TIBC that low. I have the same problem, no matter if my iron is great or if I’m anemia. TIBC is an indirect measure of your liver’s ability to produce transferring–a protein with surrounds the iron and carries it around.

      Also, a better NDT like NP will usually reveal problems like iron or cortisol, whereas Naturethroid, which seems off now and not doing the job like it used to, doesn’t always reveal them as much. And both 13 (Naturethroid) and 18.5 (NP Thyroid) for RT3 are still problematic, as another observation is seeing that most without an RT3 problem are falling in the bottom two numbers of a range most of the time, the 3rd from the bottom less of the time, and some lower.

      • Amy says:

        That is very helpful thank you. Ok, I was supplementing iron but my TIBC has been consistently low then since I had this done a few times these last years. Re saliva it is very similar results to this same test from a few years back. No one mentioned my afternoon results as an issue. I tried adrenal supplements a few years back and it gave me crazy jitters. Do you think milk thistle has merit and/or Rhodiola or just try an adrenal support again? Thanks for your hit on this I really appreciate it.

  33. Tim says:

    There is too much of a gap between the “professionals” involved in endocrinology and the actual patients.
    This goes for doctors, manufacturers and even pharmacists.
    It’s sad that after all these decades we still can’t explain why certain brands of NDT and even synthetic thyroid don’t work the same.
    The only solution doctors have is to tell it’s all in our head.
    Must be nice to be able to tell your customers that and call it a day.
    In my profession the customer is always right. What happened to the doctor-patient relationship?
    Look at how many comments just this one blog post has of people crashing on the new Nature-Throid.
    Do they really think this many people just make stuff up? For what? So we can spend more on medical bills?
    Yes, of course, we can’t wait to go in for more blood work, more doctors visits, and to wait for hours in pharmacy lines.

    • Tim, your perspective is brilliant and a bullseye: the gap between so-called professionals and we as patients. That incredulous and harmful gap is exactly why I felt I had to create Stop the Thyroid Madness. Not only my own near 20 years of abject torture while doctors couldn’t see past their noses, but what turns out to be the involvement of millions or patients around the world…never truly getting well on T4, never getting well when held to the asinine TSH lab test. Then being told it’s “us”…that we need to eat less and exercise more…that there’s no such thing as adrenal fatigue, that you are fine and dandy if you fall anywhere in the totally insane “normal” range, that your depression simply means you need therapy….It’s been total and widespread insanity by the medical profession.

  34. Elaine Bullock says:

    Hi, I was on Nature Thyoid for over 20 years. Have had no problems on it. Since the new formula, for one year now , I’m a mess. My doctor has tried every type of thyroid medication. My latest try is NP. And I was just put on a compounded T4 T3. Both the NP and compounded give me the symptoms of HYPERthyroid, but all my lab says hypothyroidism. Raising the dose makes things worse, Im on 1/1/2 grains. On Nature Thyoid I was on 1 3/4 gr. My doctor (a functional medicine doctor) has no Ideal what to do now. My question: have you heard of any one lower the dose of NP and adding a small amount of T4 will good results?
    My symptoms are: Im warm all the time, inner tremors, lightheaded, dizzy, off balance, arms and legs weak, anxiety, heart flip flops, exhausted, emotionally a mess, etc.
    Thank you for your time

  35. Alice says:

    Hi Janie,

    I wanted you to know that STTM is what set me on the path to naturopathic medicine and learning about desiccated thyroid instead of the synthetics. This was years ago when I thought my thyroid was low. I finally found a doctor that tested free T3, T4 and some other areas. I was 2.5 on free T3. TSH was 1.84 and T4 was 5.9. He started me on half a grain of Nature Throid, which I’m beginning today.

    A little nervous about all the reports people are coming out with now. Just curious about your thoughts on the company. I’m going to let the doctor know about all the reports in case he didn’t. Your book has made a huge impact on my life and the type of treatment I receive. Thank you!

    • I can only speak for me based on what I’ve been seeing now since late last year, but I would ask to be switched to either NP Thyroid or Armour because I wouldn’t want to to take any chances. There are still some people saying they are doing fine on Naturethroid, but we end up finding out that they really aren’t, and are probably getting by on the higher release of adrenaline by an alarmed body, which will eventually cause adrenal problems.

      And I’m so glad that STTM has helped you!!

      • Pam Ulery says:

        Saturday, June 8th, 2019, 12:02 MST. Hello. I just now discovered this site. I have never seen it before. I was googling information as to why I’ve had such a difficult time obtaining Nature-throid (65 mg) for the past year or so and when I do find it, why it’s so expensive now. Used to be I could drive thru Walgreen’s and get a 90 day supply for just under $15.00, now, they don’t even have the medication anymore, as well as other Pharmacies. I’ve had to turn to Private Pharmacies for my meds, and they are way more expensive, for me anyway. As I’ve read some of these comments, I see the pill itself has been changed. I had no idea there had been a change. I don’t fully understand the T3 and T4 lingo, but I had no idea the pills now lack T3, if I am understanding these posts correctly. I don’t have a thyroid so I REALLY need this pill. Strange thing is, I just had blood work done and saw my Doctor yesterday, and she informed me my Thyroid levels are just fine, yet, I have felt more horrible this past year, or so, than I did when I was getting 90 day supplies for under $15.00. This T3 and T4 stuff must be why I have felt so bad. I honestly had no idea about this until I saw this web site. WHAT happened and WHY the change???

        • It’s not that it doesn’t have T3. It’s that for some reason, a large percentage of patients have reported their hypothyroid returned. Some had horrible labs even on higher amounts. It’s just too bad. So they are switching to NP Thyroid by Acella or Armour and state they are doing much better.

  36. Russ says:

    I have Hashimoto’s. 3 years ago I started out on Synthroid, was switched to Naturethroid until the reformulation, and am now on 2 1/2 grains NP Thyroid.
    Although I feel better on NP, I’m definitely not optimal. My free T3 is below mid range at 2.92 and Free T4 is at .8
    Besides feeling tired, one of my biggest concerns is my severe loss of muscle mass.
    I’ve always been athletic with plenty of muscle but not any more. It’s gone.
    Is it normal to lose muscle mass with Hashimoto’s, until I find my optimal dosage of meds?

    • For some yes, it’s normal for hypothyroidism, which hashimoto’s can cause due to the attack and destruction of thyroid, to make you feel weak in the muscles. That will go away once you get optimal over time.

  37. Jessica says:

    Westhroid half grain was working for me fine and then they switched me to Naturethroid which isn’t working for me. I’ve had sleep issues for weeks and I suspect adrenal issues which were under control but now have flared. I switched to the new WP thyroid and am having he same issue. Sleep aids are barely helping. I’m so frustrated. I haven’t slept through the night in weeks and I’m super tired. I had a similar experience with Armour 2 years ago. I’m not sure what other options I have.

  38. Aga says:

    I have been on NatureThroid since March last year. I had very good results until September when I became hype (lost lots of weight, couldn’t sleep, shaky, high pulse). I then lowered my dose and it was very tricky at first but I though I was slowly getting somewhere. Then came January and I got more and more tired and sleep issues and noticed I put on a lot of weight. Then later in January very flaky dry skin on my face and scalp. Then over the last 3 months I was gently raising my dosage as I was still hypo and surprise surprise I am now more hypo than I have ever been (even when before on synthetics). My levels since January were dropping from fts 2,89 and ft4 0,84 to 2,30 and 0,72 as of two days ago. This doesn’t make any sense. I raised it three times since January and each time my results were lower and lower. My cycles changed and I was missing my periods. I’m 43 and I figured my bad conversion was because I was becoming menopausal. Now I think back that I started a new batch early January and that’s when my skin, hair, periods, sweats, fatigue got worse and worse. I’m now hardly able to get up in the morning. So even though my experience with Naturethroid is limited to only a year, I would so that something has changed and the pills are not working despite dose increases.
    I panicked and ordered WP thryroid last night to then read that people aren’t sure if it’s any better.
    So I panicked and ordered NP thyroid this morning.
    I’m now broke. I live in Poland and get my pills ordered by interntational pharmacy. I noticed the prices are much higher. In Poland NDT is not available on prescitption.
    I raised by current Naturethroid by 50% having just learned that they don’t work like they used to and hope it does something while I wait a few weeks for the other pills to arrive. What a mess. I’m in tears thinking how our lives are endangered by changing formulas and lack of clear and honest information (I had thyroid cancer in 2015 and I have Hashi)
    Thank you for your website. Much appreciate it.
    Have a good weekend

    • It’s just too bad what has happened to Naturethroid. 🙁 🙁 I don’t blame you for being in tears about it, either. Glad you have NP coming. WP has been working for some. Time will tell.

      • Melanie says:

        Hi Janie, I just started NP thyroid 2 weeks ago and am having a much harder time losing weight on NP than nature throid but was still having a hard time hard time on nature throid as well. I started gaining weight before I made the switch to NP but now having a hard time losing weight and instead I am gaining weight on NP. I am on 2 grains of NP. I don’t have any bad side effects or anything like that. I am still having bad symptoms though as of 2 years ago. I am still weak, shaky, dizzy and off balance. Do you think going up on the dosage of NP thyroid will stop these symptoms? I noticed each grain of NP is 60mg where nature throid was 65mg. Is nature throid still bad at this point? I did notice when I take standard process supplement of rhodioloa and schisandra that the dizzy stops but i am still weak and shaky all over and my injuries are not healing. How many grains of np thyroid does it take to feel better? I don’t want to get hyper but my FT3 numbers on nature throid of 2 grains were in the 4/s but that was after taking the pill in the morning. I read you are not supposed to take your pill in the morning before the blood test. So the next blood test, I did not take my pill in the morning and my free t3 was around 2.6 instead of the 4 range. I asked the doctor about it and he said it will always be low when you don’t take the pill. I said, then how will i know if I am on the right dose? He said we go by how you feel. Is that true? If that is the case, I feel lousy and cannot work / K s hardly at all. Is it possible I am not optimal on NDT? Will I get hyper if I go up? All the medical doctors tell me I am taking way too much of NDT and that they give that much to patients that do not have a thyroid. All the functional doctors are taking more than me and I am on 2 grains. Please let me know your thoughts.

        • Gaining weight is a strong sign that you are underdosed on 2 grains, as the majority are. No, it is NOT by how you feel! We all feel better on the non-optimal, too low doses. And it will eventually backfire i.e. you are suppressing more than replacing. It’s very important to check your free’s and get optimal. There’s a graphic at the top of this page that shows what optimal is–that which doesn’t backfire:

          The only reason we have hyper-like symptoms when raising is inadequate cortisol usually.

          • Anna says:

            I am interested in your comments on cortisol deficiency in hypo patients. Yesterday, I found a post in a UK thyroid forum written by someone with Addison’s disease. S/he claimed that 20 mg of HC (or 5 mg of prednisone) is a full replacement dose for someone with adrenal insufficiency, not fatigue, and will eventually shut the adrenal glands down, possibly even leading to Cushing’s syndrome with long term use.
            Janie, I’d appreciate it if you could comment on this?

          • That is totally wrong. For one, yes, we do see Addison’s patients on 20 mg. But for thyroid patients, it ended up that we have never been optimal on only 20 mg. It made us worse due to the suppression of the feedback loop. i.e. it suppresses more than replaces. We eventually learned to start on 25 mg, then start the process with Daily Average Temp taking (learned from Dr. Rind) to find our right amount. The right amount ends up being from 25 to 30 mg for the vast majority of us who need HC, and have a thyroid problem.

            No, it has NEVER, EVER shut our adrenals down. We stay on the right dose, then correct anything that was stressing our adrenals. The latter ranges from hypothyroidism, low iron, inflammation, Hashi’s antibodies, Lyme disease, mold illness, gum disease and/or any chronic infections, etc. THEN we start a slow wean off the HC. How long does that take to treat everything before we can wean? It varies. It could be 3 months; it could be 6 months; it could be longer, especially in cases of Lyme or other stressors. But once we can wean off because everything has been treated, it has ALWAYS brought the adrenals back on board.

            This is exactly why Stop the Thyroid Madness is about strong and repeated successful experiences. Our years of experiences shut down empty strong opinions.

            P.S. it’s nearly impossible to find the right amount of HC or ACE if aldosterone is low. So it’s important to test that, too, and treat.

  39. nikki says:

    Hello, I have been on thyroid meds for 12 years. I first started on Levoxyl and was doing well until their recall, then my thyroid was out of whack for a couple years trying both synthetic and compounded. When Levoxyl was finally available again it didn’t work the same. So then I was put on NT and T3 years ago and labs were optimal. Last year I started having extreme fatigue and blurred vision (thought it was just declining vision due to being in my early 40s). My TSH and RT3 started to dramatically climb. My integrative dr. didn’t like that my FT3 was higher than range and took me off T3. I was taking 1/2 2-grain NT which was no longer available. I tried 1-grain WP and felt horrible immediately – extremely lightheaded, facial twitching, heart palps, insomnia. After 2 days I switched to 2 1/2-grain NT. I thought I felt better but still have episodes of fatigue, lightheadedness, sweating. These are my latest numbers –
    TSH – 3.53 / RT3 – 22.6 / Free T4 – 1.1 / Free T3 – 5.0 / Urine iodine 146.9 / Zinc 1379 / AST – 14, ALT – 24 / Potassium 4.0 (I take 8EQ) / no antibodies / cortisol 11.2 / DHEA – 193 (was told to but back as this could interfere with results) / pregnenolone – 45 / zinc – 1379 / MTHFR A1298C gene mutation heterozygous

    Unfortunately I did take the NT 2.5 hours before the test as I did not know better 🙁

    I thought you may be interested to know I contacted RLC Lab and received the following response:

    “All of our batches undergo chemistry and microbiological assays. Per current USP (United States Pharmacopeia) monograph (as Thyroid USP and Thyroid USP Tablets), we do verify the hormonal content of both T3 (Liothyronine) and T4 (Levothyroxine). The USP does allow variability of T3 and T4 levels (as no manufacturer can claim absolute 100% of label claim on every single batch). This variability allowance is +/-10% on T3 and +/-10% on T4. Thus, as an example of 65 mg tablet (1 Grain) = 8.1 mcg – 9.9 mcg of T3 per tablet (9 mcg = 100% potency claim) + 34.2 mcg – 41.8 mcg of T4 per tablet (38 mcg = 100% potency claim).
    We believe this +/- 10% variability is too great of a variability gap and thus, we always try to achieve our internal specification of +/-5% as a max. Keep in mind that since we are using a natural source (desiccated thyroid glands from pigs), that the hormonal ratio of T4 to T3 (38 mcg/9 mcg = 4.222) is only achieved with combining numerous small batches of desiccated thyroid to achieve both potency content (of individual hormones) as well as ratio of the hormones (unlike synthetic where we can vary the individual amount of each hormone as a single ingredient in a batch).
    We also do not deviate from our supplier of ingredients (e.g. have different companies supplying the “same” ingredient) to keep the consistency of the product. Thus, again the variability of hormone (within the acceptable specification indicated above) is due to its natural existing variance.
    We cannot, unfortunately, discuss specific medical conditions/side-effects with a patient as this should be discussed with their own physician (obviously all medications are manufactured to its assigned specification and any individual reactions would be due to biochemical individuality) – however, we have had some physicians in the past indicate that due to sensitivity of some of their patients, they would react to hormonal variability as little as 1% or under.”

  40. Kathy says:

    I’m one of the NT users who had problems with the new formulation. It took me 8 months to convince my doctor something was wrong. He finally started me on NP Thyroid the end of January 2019. After more than 2 months, I’m just now starting to feel better. Not as good as this time last year, but better.
    My real question is, what exactly happened with the new NT? I mean, when I was taking it, it felt like there was no T3 in it at all, as if they were substituting synthetic levothyroxine for the desiccated thyroid. Believe me, I initially spent several miserable months on Synthroid before firing my endo and finding my present hormone specialist, so I know what zero T3 feels like (I have Hashimoto’s, so I don’t convert). Has anyone found out the real reason a previously wonderful thyroid med would produce such bad hypo symptoms that it would set me back a couple years?

    • Hi Kathy. There sure are a lot like you who did badly on the new Naturethroid. 🙁 But glad you are on NP. No, we have no idea what went wrong and RLC seems to refuse to address it. 🙁

      • Kathy says:

        I wonder if arranging a comparison lab test of the old and new NT to see what changed would give us some answers. If anyone has the means to do so, it would be interesting to see the results. NT made me feel so good up until May 2018, I just want to know what triggered the reverse effects.

        • Karen says:

          Hi Kathy,

          Getting a lab to do an analysis of the old and the new Naturethroid is an excellent idea. Instead of speculating and basically shooting in the dark, we might actually get some answers. I would be happy to contribute to such an effort if anyone has any old NT left from before the retooling to compare with the latest batches. Like many of us on this site, I felt great on NT for years and then terrible after the change.

    • Melanie says:

      Hello Kathy,
      I just switched from NT to NP for 2 weeks and I am not feeling any better at all. I am weak, shaky, dizzy and off balance. I have been this way for 2 years. I was just wondering did it really take you 2 months before you felt better on NP? Did you feel any better after a few weeks at all? How many grains are you taking? I am taking 2 grains and wondering if I need to go up as i am gaining weight? But I am not so concerned about that as I am all my other horrible symptoms. I too have hashimotos and have been very sick for 2 years. I never went up more on my thyroid meds as I did not want to get hyper but maybe I should. Please let me know your thoughts as I wonder if I need to give it more time? ……….

      • Melanie, what is going on with you is not the fault of NP. It’s what it’s revealing. Study this page thoroughly: Your reactions sound adrenal. Low iron won’t help you, either. But #1 has to be considered too on the latter page, just in case.

        • Melanie says:

          Hello Janie, Could you please advise what about not taking your thyroid meds before your fasting test? If the numbers show in the 2.6 range, does that still mean I am not optimal because the doctor said that is normal since I did not take the pill first. Is that correct? He also said my thyroid numbers would not cause the weak and shakinness, dizzy and off balance issues. Also, what is #1 on the latter page? I am not sure what you are speaking about. Please advise. Thanks in advance for all your help!

          • Hi Melanie. You didn’t say what lab was the 2.6. The TSH? If so, this is never, never, ever about the TSH.

            Second, doctors who go by the ridiculous normal range will keep us SICK. It’s about optimal; it’s about WHERE in those ranges we fall.

            Third, yes, your thyroid numbers CAN cause those symptoms. When we are underdosed, which you definitely are, our body gets alarmed, and causes the adrenals to release excess adrenaline. And if we are underdosed, the adrenals also become stressed leading to cortisol problems, which can also cause your symptoms.

            Sorry, this is the page where you check #1. You can also read #2:

            I would never tell someone not to see their doctor. But I will tell people to stop hanging on every word a doctor says about thyroid labs, about the ridiculous normal range, etc, because in this arena, there are SO VERY BACKWARDS and they are the VERY REASON Stop the Thyroid Madness exists.

  41. Amy says:

    Janie and folks, I have been struggling with my switch from Nature-throid to Acella. I just got my labs back!

    Simply put I ran all labs and everything looks good (even according to STTM) but my thyroid levels dropped dramatically when I switched from Nature-throid to Acella.

    My FT3 is at 63% of the range and my FT4 is only 23% of the range! (Before I was 92% and 67% respectively!)

    I was happily taking 3 grain (195mg of NT) and now I have been on Acella 3 grain (180mg).

    I am going to try to raise the Acella and see if it works. Is it ok to just add another half grain right away or suggestions on how to raise?

    I am just into menopause and taking Estradiol and surprisingly it is also low. I assume unrelated.

    fyi My doc is great and open to learning, she is a bit concerned that I take a lot of thyroid (I am 5’9″ 140lbs) for someone she considers “slim”. I am not Hashi’s. She is willing to raise me cautiously but also says she finds some folks just do better on different formulations for unknown reasons so she suggested I may need to go back to Nature-throid. But she’s willing to work with me on this.

    Thank you for any thoughts. I am relieved to know my levels have dropped and this explains my symptoms.

    Best, Amy

    • Doctors don’t understand that our optimal dose of NDT has absolutely nothing to do with weight!!

      No, the worst thing you can do is go back to Naturethroid. Yes, I would personally add another 1/2 grain. Don’t get hung up on going higher. There are some who aren’t optimal until 4 grains and higher!!

      1) Can you post your actual result with ranges?
      2) And you need to do your RT3, by the way.
      3) What about your four iron labs? That’s important.
      4) Have you done the Discovery Steps here:

      • Amy says:

        Hi Janie, I wasn’t going to do this to you but you asked! LOL But I very much appreciate your thoughts and time 🙂

        Here are my labs and (ranges);

        T3, free 3.5 pg/ml (2.3-4.2)
        T4, free 1.09 ng/dl (0.89-1.76)

        RT3 21.9 ng/dl (8-25)
        Estradiol 18 pg/ml
        Ferritin 119 ng/mL (100-200)
        Iron Total 121 mcg/ml (40-190)
        Iron binding 253 mcg/ml (250-450)
        Iron %saturation 48 (11-50)
        B12 880 pg/ml (200-1100)
        Vit D, 25-OH 66 ng/ml (30-100)

        fyi Re adrenals I do not relate at all to the symptoms at all and I did the full cortisol with this doc before and I was fine (even by sttm standards).

        • There are all the reasons you are having problems. Take the time to read the links I posted. You have to become more informed to guide your doctor and get well again.

          1) RT3 WAY too high. Should be the bottom two numbers. That points to either an iron problem, inflammation, or high cortisol High RT3 prevents Free T3 from being optimal, as the RT3 blocks the cell receptors from receiving enough T3,

          2) Ferritin WAY too high. That points to inflammation.

          3) You also have an iron problem i.e. iron, % saturation and ferritin too high. When all three are high, that could be hemochromatosis, a genetic disorder of high iron. You’ll need genetic testing to see why. Or, you could have a methylation problem (along with inflammation driving ferritin up). A methylation problem means you aren’t breaking that iron down for use. Thus, you are in a low iron state. BUT your TIBC (Iron binding) would be WAY higher than that if it was a methylation problem. So it leans towards hemochromatosis.

          • Amy says:


            I meant to add I had been supplementing with Iron bisglycinate so doc was not worried and told me to stop.

            I read the RT3 and still don’t get it. What does “it should be the bottom 2 numbers”. What/which numbers?

            I am on the yahoo group and guidance states RT3 should be over 20?

            Thank you!

          • Being on iron bisglycinate doesn’t push iron that high, Amy.

            The bottom two numbers in any range. Sometimes the 3rd from the bottom, but no higher. The latter is where people fall who don’t have an RT3 problem. You have a strong RT3 problem. No, that guidance of 20 is about the ratio. We don’t need the ratio anymore. We found out that it’s just about where it’s falling in those ranges.

          • Amy says:

            Janie! My bad, the RT3 21.9 is my RATIO, does that make a difference?

          • No, there is no ratio needed for RT3. It’s just about the number. You have an RT3 problem and the Reverse T3 page will explain all. 🙂

          • Amy says:

            Janie, I’m just sharing my experience for the collective good and STTM is responsible for getting me diagnosed and properly treated, so I am not trying to cause problems. But –for me— something is really not working with NP Acella. I am having labs redone and my symptoms of Acella are just getting worse. I now understand the RT3 and a plan but it still does not explain why when I go from NP back to Nature-throid (NT) and I feel fine again.

            Primary symptoms are severe leg edema, upset stomach (feel like I have the flu), dry eyes, and now migraines. I haven’t had these problems for years and none since I was treated for my hypo. I do not have obvious hyper either I just feel unreal sick. For me and my history of severe migraines – NP is out. My migraines are too serious to mess with so I stopped meds cold turkey and I feel better in 48 hours. I know this won’t last but it speaks to some issue I am having with NP. Not blaming NP just saying something isn’t working and its not my imagination.
            thank you, Amy

          • Hi Amy. No, I know it’s not about your imagination. The problem is that of those who have problems, the vast majority have an iron or cortisol problem and just don’t get it. And the reason people cease to have those problems on Naturethroid is because Naturethroid is so weak/bad right now that it won’t reveal them, so they falsely think that NP is the problem since only NP is revealing either. But that’s not the case—Naturethroid’s current weakness is why it’s not being revealed, and NP’s quality is why it is revealed. And sadly, being on Naturethroid is apparently making iron and/or cortisol worse over time according to reports.

            Now granted, there may be a teeny tiny percentage of people who are reacting badly to a filler. But it’s such a tiny % that we first have to look at iron and cortisol.

            So just in case, get all four irons and do saliva. Find out!!

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello Janie, my thryoid labs of 2.6 was the free t3 number and it was in the 4 range when i took the pill before the test and 2.6 when i took the blood test without taking the thyroid pill first. The doctor said it would always be low if I did not take the pill before the test. Is that true? How will I know if I am optimal then? I can’t take my pill at 2am in the morning or I will not get back to sleep. Also, I wanted to ask you about iron. My iron is normal at 120 but my ferritin is 30 and it used to be 63 so not sure what happened. Could low ferritin cause weak, shaky, dizzy and off balance as well? If so, when you say treat the iron not the ferritin, would that be correct in my case if my iron is normal? Should I take an iron supplement or ferrous fumarate? I read online that ferrous fumarate can be toxic. Please advise.

        • We never do labs after having taken NDT. It’s about what we are hanging onto the next morning, BEFORE taking it that day. And if your Free t3 was that low, it can mean you are seriously underdosed….based on years and years of what we’ve learned. When we are optimal on NDT, the free T3 is at the top part of the range and the free T4 is midrange. Both. But you have to have the right amount of iron and cortisol to get there with out problems.

          120 for iron is not “normal”– it’s too high for a female!! So along with that low ferritin, it can point to the start of a methylation problem, meaning not breaking the iron down for use. This:

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, The range for the iron is 40-175 and i was 120. So, is that still too high? so does that mean I should not supplement with iron to raise my ferritin? I do have the mthfr mutation with the 677 one but i take methyl b12 and methyl folate along with selenium, zinc, etc. My homocysteine used to be high but now is in normal range. I eat a very healthy organic diet also. So, if my ferritin is 30.8 with a range of 11-306, is that why i am dizzy, off balance and weak and shaky or would that be due to undermedicated with NP? So are you saying even though I did not take the thyroid pill before the test, that my test should show more optimal range? My naturepath said that is not true, that it will always be low if you don’t take the pill first. But of course, I don’t trust these doctors as you well know. If i am already handling the methyl issue, then how do i get the ferritin up? Please advise.

          • It’s not about raising ferritin. The focus is always raising low serum iron. Your serum iron is too high, which will usually mean too low ferritin. You have to treat why it’s too high.

            Being dizzy, off balance, shaky can mean your cortisol is messed up. That’s why we do a saliva cortisol test:–2 Then when the results are back, compare to what it on this page:

            It is accurate to do the thyroid labs before taking thyroid meds for the day. When optimal, the free T3 is at the top part of the range along with a mid-range free T4. Both. Your naturopath may not understand that when taking meds before labs, it’s going to show the normal rise of the T3 before it falls. That doesn’t tell us what is going on at baseline.

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, I did the cortisol saliva test from your site awhile back and here are the results. Cortisol in the morning was 8.1 with a range of 3.7-9.5. At noon, the cortisol was 11.8 H with a range of 1.2-3.0. At evening, cortisol was 6.9 H with a range of .6-1.9. At bedtime, the cortisol was 2.2 H with a range of .4-1.0. My DHEAS was 2.2 with a range of 2-23. What does this mean? Also I recently had my blood cortisol done and it was 16.3 with a range of 5-25.0. Please advise.

          • Hi Melanie. Compare those results to what I show on this page: Looks like you weren’t give the right info on your morning.

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            HI Janie, I cannot find the post I just sent you on here about my cortisol. I also did not see a reply button when you responded to me. Anyways, I did not understand what you meant by it looks like they made a mistake on my morning cortisol. What do you mean? I looked at the comparison on the page you gave me. So it looks like most of my cortisol was high except for the morning. What does this mean? Does this mean I need a cortisol pill?

          • Sorry…the “mistake” I was referring to is that they don’t understand that 8.1 with a range of 3.7-9.5 is actually LOW. But once you get those highs down, it will help raise that morning.

  42. Linda says:

    I took Naturethroid for about 7 years. In the beginning, it was a huge difference from my 20 years on synthetic thyroid medication. Over the past 1 year, I started feeling, & looking, like I did on the synthetics. Then, it became nearly impossible to even get Naturethroid! I am crafty and found a few good sources that did also eventually run out. I panicked. But I did my research online and found on this page, and on Facebook, that I was not alone, both in feeling terrible on Naturethroid, and on not being able to get Naturethroid. My new sources all directed me to NP Thyroid. So, I then discovered that my health insurance actually covers NP Thyroid as a Tier 1 drug, I’m still half waiting for them to renig on this… it’s too unbelievably good! I was shocked and very happy. So, I began taking NP Thyroid in late December 2018. It’s now been about 3 months and I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I have in at least a year. I had gained weight for no reason, not changing my ocd excessive exercise habits, actually eating less because I was never really hungry while still putting on the pounds… all on Naturethroid through 2018. I just figured I was getting old. But when I started NP Thyroid in December, 2018, I immediately felt an almost uncomfortable rush. I could tell right away there was something in NP that I wasn’t getting in Naturethroid. The first month, I felt pretty wonky and a bit speedy. I kicked up my regiment of Vitamin D3 and kept to my high quality multivitamin. Within 1.5 months, my hair became shiny again, and I’d lost so much weight suddenly on NP Thyroid that I realized I needed to actually try to gain weight, what joy!!! So, I am finally now leveled out. My weight is back to a healthy number and the rolls of flesh I was getting on Naturethroid have 100% disappeared. My metabolism has recovered very quickly. I also feel MUCH less depressed and my energy levels are back to normal. I’d really been getting sluggish and very depressed on the Naturethroid in 2018. All this to say, I 100% recommend NP Thyroid over Naturethroid. It even tastes and dissolves better! I used to have to chew the Naturethroid, stick it under my tongue, and then munch an Altoid to get it to dissolve. Now, I just chew my NP Thyroid and stick it under my tongue and it dissolves immediately under my tongue without any sugary Altoids to help.

    • So happy for you!! You are in a large body of former Naturethroid users who report doing so much better on NP.

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello Janie, so are you saying that I should try a cortisol pill to get better? My morning saliva cortisol was in range but you said it was still low. The rest was high. Or will getting more optimal on NDT make the difference?

        • No, you can’t get optimal on NDT without problems if you have a low like that, and highs like that. The low will cause T3 to pool; the highs will cause T4 to convert to RT3. You have to get the highs down, for one:

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, Can you answer my question about a cortisol pill? I think my cortisol high might be lowered by now but will a cortisol pill help me to stop being weak, shaky, dizzy and off balance?

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hi Janie, this is the only reply button I could find close to May as it is May 30. When you say bring the high cortisol down and that will raise the low in the morning, what about a cortisol pill because my doctor mentioned it. What kind of cortisol pills are there? Will it help me?

        • Hi. For those with only moderately low cortisol, they are using ACE in the 50 mg caps. ACE stands for Adrenal Cortex. It’s the part of the gland that houses cortisol, so you will be getting natural cortisol. The amount you take depends on how low you are. Let me see if you posted your saliva result….

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, How are you? Ok, you had said previously even though my cortisol was in range it was still low in the morning but the rest of the day was high. Is adrenal cortex a supplement or script? I am now up to 3.5 grains of NP thyroid and my symptoms are getting better but still not normal as I am not out of the woods yet. The doctor told me to go to 4 grains now which I will start tomorrow. I am wondering if I might need extra t3 as I could have a conversion problem. He took blood again today and he said I could try the Wilson Method with just T3 only if I want to as he thought if he gave me cytomel with NDT it might be too much. I think i might have some sort of thyroid resistance because i thought I would be better by now on 3.5 grains which seems like a lot for me as I used to be on 1.5 grains. How long do you wait in between raising the grains? Also, what do you think of the Wilson method with just T3?
            Do you think it is a cortisol issue or more of a free t3 issue? Let me know your thoughts.

          • Hi Melanie. Adrenal Cortex is the cortex part of the adrenal gland from bovine. It contains the cortisol. It’s over the counter. Amazon usually has it and we use the 50 mg caps. And we don’t do well with cortisol that low when raising NDT. We have to replace the missing cortisol. So in your case, it would approximately 3 of the 50 mg caps first thing in the morning, with some food on the stomach.

    • Sandy says:

      What strength naturethiroid did you take and what strength NP thyroid are you on now?

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m happy to hear a success story! What strength of NT were you on and now what strength of NP? Curious if you had to go up/down or same.

    • Andrea says:

      Did your dosage change when you went to NP thyroid? Did it increase or decrease? Also, do you have a thyroid?

  43. ERIKA says:

    Hi Janie,

    First I want to thank you for always supporting all of us and guiding us to stay healthy and guiding us for what may work. Now I have been on nature thyroid for 2 1/2 years and I can say I was happy I could almost do whatever I wanted. I even had hopes of going back to flying. As my flying career has been put on timeout thanks to Hashimotos. I honestly gave up. All I ever dreamed about as a kid was to become an airline pilot and now it’s like a huge slap in the face. I have tried everything and it works for a bit then it goes haywire. But I could honestly say that Nature-Throid worked wonders for me until my last refill. I went on vacation when I came back I started noticing some changes.
    I wasn’t going to the bathroom as often I wasn’t eating as much. Then I started to notice that my fatigue started to increase. Then on weekends when I was off I would take my meds and started feeling hyper. I started to get pressing sensations on my thyroid then pulling of my neck and I started to wonder what’s going on. My hair was next started to fall out like crazy again I started feeling way to emotional somewhat depressed. And now I’m starting to gain weight. And then there is days where I feel like I swing from hyper then hypo. I saw my doctor yesterday and we ran blood work and we raise from 4 ½ to 5 ½ to see if improve but today took the meds felt as if they did nothing. He said sounds like your hypo again. He wants to put me on Cytomel. I tried it in the past and I didn’t like it felt all the hypo symptoms I felt with Synthroid. And from what I’m seeing from everyone’s response here it seems nature throid is not working well anymore.  any suggestions?

  44. Carina says:

    Hi Janie!
    Thank you so much for all your helpful information. I have a question I hope you might have some insight into. I first started thyroid medication near the end of 2016, when I was put on 1/2 grain Naturethroid. Within a month my labs were optimal, T3 was 3.6 and I felt the best I’ve felt in my entire adult life. I stayed on that dose and felt good for about 6-9 months, and then I started to notice return of symptoms around the end of 2017 and early 2018. The next time I had my levels checked, my T3 was back down to 2.6. So then my Dr. doubled Naturethroid to 1 grain. That barely bumped my T3, to 2.9.

    In September 2018 I started seeing a new doctor. He kept me on 1 grain Naturethroid and added 15 mg of generic cytomel. I was having some heart palpitations, but other than that I started feeling really good again. I felt really good for about 3-4 months. Then I started not feel good again…and next time I did my labs, last months in Feb. 2019, my T3 was back down to 2.6.

    So, my question that I’ve been searching everywhere to get an answer to is this: Why does my T3 keep reverting to the 2.6 range, even with the generic cytomel?

    I’ve been reading the stories about the deterioration of the quality of Naturethroid and return of symptoms here on your site, and so many stories sound like my experience (Thank you! I was so happy to find this!). Especially since I started Naturethroid before the shortage, and then my symptoms returned in late 2018 after the “new” Naturethroid came out. Maybe that explains why it worked for me for a while, then stopped working. So, maybe that is what the problem is. BUT, there is the part about my T3 still reverting to lower levels even with the generic cytomel, so that makes me question if it is just a matter of medication quality or if there is something else going on.

    Any advice, information, or insights are so very much appreciated! Thank you!!

    • Hi. Yes, Naturethroid has proved to be the worst NDT to be on according to quite a lot of experiences. People are moving over to NP Thyroid and doing much better. Second place is Armour.

      But even still, you have been underdosing your self a long time. 3.6 wasn’t optimal.

      Thus, you could have low iron now, which pushes RT3 and the latter pushes FT3 down. And you might now have stressed adrenals from being underdosed.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’ve been on 97.5 mcg of Naturethroid for like 10 years and TSH has always been good. I’ve been feeling really tired, weak, depressed, no motivation the past 3 months or so. I had my blood test done a few days ago and my TSH was 4.77 instead of the usual 2.5 or so (blood test is 25 hours after that last Naturethroid pill). My Free T4 was around 0.83 if I recall.. usually always above 1 previously. Would this explain why I feel so lethargic, and unmotivated and sleeping two times per day instead of once per day? I am seeing my endo this Friday to talk about this. Looks like I am going to have to switch to NP Thyroid, costing me like $100 every 90 days instead of the $27 I paid for Naturethroid. I can’t help but think this is some evil scheme to get people to switch to a drug that costs three times as much. I have considered asking doctor about going back on levothyroxine, but last I recall it didn’t do as well for me as the Naturethroid.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Janie, I have been really sick since June of 2017 with weak and shakiness, off balance, light headed and dizzy. I never thought it might be nature throid until I got on the UK thyroid website and someone asked me if it was my nature throid. You and I had a phone call awhile back but you never mentioned that it might be nature throid, not sure why. I was reading all the posts and I cannot remember when we spoke. I got sick in june of 2017. Was that around the time the nature throid went bad? I am on 2 grains and am still really sick having all the same symptoms. If my thyroid numbers look ok with nature throid, could it still be the nature throid cause before the last blood test the numbers were still not optimal, then i raised to 2 grains and the md told me to take my nature throid before the blood test which was stupid and my numbers showed optimal. This time I did not take the meds before the test so I will know my real numbers. Even if the numbers and if they come out good, I still have all these symptoms and cannot work very well. So, even if your free numbers show good, can it stiil be the nature throid? If so, I am willing to switch to np thyorid or armour asap. If it will make me better, I will be thrilled. Looking forward to your early reply.

      • Melanie says:

        Hello Janie, if my lab numbers from nature throid are optimal, but i am still having symptoms for 2 years of weak and shakiness, dizzy and off balance, could it still be the nature throid? My iron and ferritin seem to be ok. I am 61 years young for reference.

  45. Amy says:

    I made the switch to Acella from Nature-throid and I’m having trouble. My labs all look good/same as when I was on Nature-throid (iron, cortisol etc). I am frustrated, I always did good on Nature-Throid ….. but I have started and stopped Acella 2x now and it is undoubtably the cause of my serious leg edema. I am thin/athletic, healthy overall and not hashimoto’s. My swelling is terrible. My doc doesn’t know why the Acella is doing this and we discuss a small increase in Acella as my numbers were a bit lower but it was not major. My leg swelling phenomena was present pre diagnosis but after I started naturethroid it cleared up amazingly, I have not had this problem in years since I started thyroid meds.
    Any advice or experience with this? Doc will increase me slightly but I am already 3 grains and the other options is to go back to Nature-throid. I would just go back but I really wanted to get away from their constant shortages. That is the only reason I left them, can they be trusted today? 🙁

    • You can’t always expect that the amount that was good on one brand will be exactly the same on a different brand. You may have to tweak. Sounds like you are underdosed. When we underdose ourselves, our hypo can get worse. Edema can be a symptom.

      Remember that it’s always about being optimal. We have observed in each other for years that optimal puts the free T3 at the top part of the range and the free T4 around mid-range. Both. If we hold to a dose under that, our hypo can creep back even worse, which edema is a symptom of.

      So it’s imperative that we do the frees to see where we are.

      Also note that if upon raising, you notice any form of hyper symptoms, or you see your free T3 go way high (which means it’s pooling due to a cortisol problem), your adrenals/cortisol levels aren’t good as you think. Even that could be going on now, thus worsening hypo.

      Or if you see RT3 go up beyond the bottom 2-3 numbers (another lab you need with the frees), your iron isn’t as good as you think. Naturethroid has become so lousy, say patients, that iron and/or cortisol got messed up in some patients.

      Finally, don’t sweat it if you need to move up from 3 grains. I used to be optimal on 4 grains before meno hit; now I’m optimal on 3 1/2. I use Acella. Some people aren’t optimal until the 4 grains area anywhere. It’s all individual. Just remember to get those frees optimal.

      P.S. this page helps with optimal lab results:

      • Amy says:

        Thank you Janie! I’ll get more labs and raise a bit and see how it goes. Thank you for the advice & reassurance about more than 3 grains. I’ll get more labs and try an increase. Gratefully, Amy

        • gumbo says:

          Just as an FYI, I had almost the exact same experience…and I figured out it was not underdosing but the fillers used in NP. Within 2 days after I switched back to Nature-throid, everything went back to normal. I tried Armour and did not have any problems….it was the fillers in NP.

          • Gumbo, there’s another cause, too. NP Thyroid is a better NDT than either Naturethroid or Armour. Thus, if you don’t do labs and tweak as needed, the strength of NP, if one is underdosing it, can backfire i.e. it will suppress your own production of thyroid hormones even more than the other two do. Thus, one will get worse if not “optimal”.

          • gumbo says:

            I felt the effects almost immediately. If it was do to underdosing it would have taken longer. My labs on Nature-throid were fine I just became concerned about finding it so I was trying other options….Armour was fine. NP was definitely not. I was burping it up all day and had a terrible taste in my mouth…not to mention the swelling. After I stopped taking it, that all stopped within days. I do not understand why NP uses the troublesome fillers of mineral oil and maltodextrin….these are some of the worst.

          • The swelling makes more sense that you were reacting to something.

            I mentioned what I did because too many people think their reactions are due to a filler, when in reality, it’s either about not being optimal, or the stronger NP is just revealing they have an adrenal problem. It’s usually the latter. Being on Naturethroid has resulted in an adrenal problem for many due to whatever went wrong with it.

          • Amy says:

            Thanks for sharing your experience. My labs are due back soon and now I’m certain I’m going hypo — the simply put “stomach not working” is starting. Leg edema unpleasant and it is not a reaction to anything, I am known for my ability to eat anything and no sensitivities. I’m very active. I’m going to try and stick with NP so I’ll be back to share how it goes after the adjustment and other labs sorted out. Take care everyone

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello Janie,
        If my labs are optimal on nature throid but i still feel weak, shaky, dizzy and off balance, could it still be the nature throid? my iron and ferritin levels seem to be ok also according to the docs but I will check it again. I am 61 years young for reference.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amy and Gumbo,
      I too have had a negative experience with NP Thyroid. Not terrible, just not great. All of my tests are in the optimal range, Ft3 at high end of normal range, Ft4 a touch over mid-way on range, Vitamin D, Ferritan, Iron, Cortisol/Adrenals, B12 all at optimal levels. I did so much better on Naturethroid, that I am tempted to give it another try. I was on it for five years and did great. I’m wondering if RLC has worked out some of the bugs from right after they changed their production facilities. It would be great to hear from anyone who has returned to Naturethroid and is doing well on it or from people who stayed on it and are doing well. It’s difficult to determine when data is not collected in a scientific manner just how many people of the total number of Naturethroid takers have actually had problems. I know I didn’t feel well on it after it changed, but didn’t stay on it for longer than a week before switching to Acella.

      • It’s not about being in the normal ranges, though. Would love to see your exact results with ranges for iron, the free’s, etc. And did you do saliva cortisol testing? NP Thyroid honestly works great if you know how to use it.

      • I think everyone would LOVE to see Naturethroid work out again. But what we keep seeing and hearing are people who either don’t feel good on it pretty quickly, or those who do report feeling good, only to see themselves get worse over time (and they hate to admit it after raving how good it was. lol). So when someone comes on here and says they feel good, it’s more of a waiting game….

      • gumbo says:

        I have been on Nature-throid and am fine. I was trying other options because of the difficulties I was having getting it – but I was able to find a local pharmacy that had some. WP and NP do not work for me. Armour and Nature-throid seem to be ok. Labs have been fine and I have not had any problems on it. I occasionally have bad days, but then again, doesn’t everybody? I don’t think every bad day I have can be attributed to my thyroid or Nature-throid. I certainly feel better on it than anything else I have tried and am so grateful to have it as an option.

        • Gumbo, just as with Karen, you have to be open to finding out why you feel NP didn’t work for you. Right now, NP is probably the best NDT on the market. So when someone says it doesn’t work, that tells me there were issues you weren’t aware of, and which are very correctable issues. And ironically, and sadly, Naturethroid can make worse over time. We’ve seen the latter a lot. This is your page:

        • And no, when people are optimal on NP Thyroid, there are no “occasional bad days” due to it. I think we’re all glad that you feel better on it!! But just be aware that “feeling better” can mean “I’m not having the bad results that I had on NP”. And the lattert doesn’t mean that Naturethroid is doing you well. It can mean that NP was revealing that you do have an iron and/or cortisol problem…and Naturethroid is weak enough right now to not reveal what is still going on, and will get worse. Not strong opinion, but what we continually see.

          Additionally, many people fail to get truly optimal on certain NDTs, and that will also make a brand appear to not be working.

          • gumbo says:

            I don’t know anyone that feels great every day…it is a part of life, hormones, stress, non-thyroid related issues, etc. I find your continued insistence that anyone that feels poorly on NP is not on optimal dosing or has other issues. NP has some of the worst fillers that many people, including me, may react to. It is not a matter of dosing, it is a reaction to the mineral oil and maltodextrin they feel the need to add into their product. Optimal, to me, is when I feel good….and I know I feel best on Nature-throid.

          • Gumbo, understand that we’ve been observing patients all other world for 16 years now. That is what STTM is about. And even if you don’t like what I’m trying to tell you, it totally fits years of experiences when someone reacts to NDT.

            Now could your problem be the teeny, teeny amount of mineral oil or maltodextrin? Only if you have a reaction to either in other products. Most of the time, what you are describing absolutely applies to what is in this linked page:

            So as stated, we are glad you feel good right now on Naturethroid. But be open-minded that those feel bads you occasionally see can outright due to Naturethroid (as we have seen for soooo many), plus watch out that you “may” end up going south eventually…as so many had who once said they felt great on the new Naturethroid.

  46. Ginny Smithpeter says:

    First I took synthroid and felt like I was dying. I convinced my doctor to switch me to Armour, and while I felt better, it also illuminated a lot of digestive and food sensitivity issues. Whenever I ate anything with gluten, or other food additives that I have not been able to identify specifically, my neck and upper chest would turn bright read and itchy, and my thyroid gland was visibly inflamed. I changed my diet to 100% clean eating. After a few years, I switched to Nature throid, and felt great, except for minor fatique, slight loss of hair, very mild hypo symptoms. And to my amazement, I found I could tolerate gluten in small amounts and my other mysterious food sensitivities disappeared. Two weeks ago, I was switched to NP Thyroid, and that annoying inflammation from food sensitivities has returned and my hair is falling out like crazy.

    Have you heard anyone else having the same issues?

    • Hi Ginny. Are you optimal on NP, or just “on it”?? We have to be optimal, which will put your free T3 towards the very top part and the free T4 midrange. Both.

      • Ginny says:

        I have appointment Tuesday with my doctor and I am going to ask for lab tests. I wonder if it is Maltodextron in NP thyroid causing the inflammation response to the area around my thyroid. It is the weirdest thing. It’s like redness and itching and hives right around thyroid area.

  47. Andrea says:

    So I’ve been on NT for about 3 weeks and felt good at first being on a low dose. I gradually increased my dosage and my eyes got really dry and slightly blurred and was the case on NT. Has anyone experienced this? What could this mean? I’m currently on iron supps. Not sure about cortisol.

  48. Kelly says:

    I’ve been having all the same debilitating and worsening symptoms everyone is complaining about here since I was put on Armour last spring having switched from 20+ years on Levo wirhout a proper diagnosis of Hashimotos til I finally figured it out and demanded all the tests! My doc asked, “how did you know!” God help us from this medical mafia! Anyway, my latest doc just switched me to NT & now I’m learning it’s worse than Armour. What are we supposed to do? I’m thinking od ditching all the meds but my thyroid US just came back “old, burned out” and small. Those words describe how I’ve felt since my mid 40s.😩

  49. Andrea says:

    I have been on the new Nature Throid for about 8 months. At first I felt ok on it and my labs were not horrible but after a few months I noticed unusually dry eyes and slightly blurred vision at times. I also have felt “slow” like it takes longer for me to process information. I know my iron levels have dropped so I am in the process of getting them back up. I have no more NT so my pharmacy gave me NP instead which I’ll start tomorrow. Hope to feel better on it.

  50. Kristina says:

    I have had a thyroidectomy. I also have adrenal insufficiency. I’ve been taking Naturethroid for about 6 years. Since the summer of 2017, I have been having problems with my Naturethroid. My T4 is a .8, the bottom of the range starts at a .9. My TSH is .005 and my T3 is near the top of the bell curve. I am presenting with hypo symptoms. I am 133 pounds, and I am taking 3 1/2 grains of Naturethroid. I was stable for years on 3 grains until the manufacturing issues occurred. The extra 1/2 grain did not move my T4 up at all. My doctor added Tirosent today at 25mcg. There is something incredibly wrong with Naturethroid. There is an incorrect ratio of T3 to T4 in the pills. The problem with the medication causes difficulties managing the low cortisol symptoms and puts me at risk for having a life threatening adrenal crisis. Who do I talk to about Naturethroid? RLC labs needs to fix the ratio problem. Is there a complaint line? I have thyroid labs that I can share with them that track the decline, and since I have no thyroid, I would think they are pretty clear evidence of their poor quality product.

  51. Maureen says:

    Thank you SO much for publishing this! I thought I was going crazy that my Nature-throid wasn’t working any longer. The horrendous body aches, fatigue & absolute HOPELESSNESS I was feeling was making my life miserable! I had made the switch to Nature-throid because I thought the “all natural” would be better than the synthetic Levothyroxine (T4) & Liothyronine (T3) I had been taking. All natural is only better if it works…and Nature-throid is DEFINITELY not working!

    • barbara says:

      NP could no longer be distributed from my compounding pharmacy – they never told me why – but Rite-Aid had it so I’ve been getting my meds from Rite-Aid most of 2018. But I can always tell when its time for a re-fill because my symptoms start to return. In the past few months – the time the meds works keeps getting shorter. Really seems the potency degrades and lately degrading quickly. Is it possible Rite-Aid has had supply sitting on their shelves a long time and it is already losing potency by the time I pick it up? Or is the issue with NatureThroid? Or am I imagining this degradation issue? Maybe I just need to try another product?

      • The issue is Naturethroid.

      • Russ says:

        I hope there isn’t a problem with NP Thyroid.
        My pharmacy doesn’t have the 120mg size this month and told me there is a rumor they are depleting available stock and will be coming out with a re-formulation. I was told this straight from the pharmacist.
        Has anybody else had a problem with filling your NP prescriptions or heard of a re-formulation?
        I hope it isn’t true.

        • Russ, as the person who’s been listening to what people report for years, you wouldn’t believe the wrong info that comes out of the mouth of Pharmacists. It’s like they totally make up things. There is NO rumor of a reformulation, and they are trying the best they can to keep up with the influx of new customers since Naturethroid went south. So they have been allotting certain amounts to pharmacies. So what anyone has to do is call around to as many pharmacies as you can to find a stock of NP right now.

        • Diane says:

          I’m slow, but just realizing my new health issues could very well be linked to the New Naturthroid. I was able to get back stocked Naturethroid till September 2018, but have been on the New since then. Most days I end up with achy muscle inflammation all across my upper back. It is really slowing me down. Days I don’t take it are better I think, since I don’t miss often, but will try to do without more to verify. I would like to switch but to what? I may go back to Thyroid Gold because they can be trusted more than Pharma, although not covered by insurance. Am I understanding NP thyroid is ok?

          • Most are switching to NP Thyroid by Acella and doing fabulous. But note that because you’ve been on Naturethroid, you may now have inadequate iron and/or a cortisol problem that needs discovery and treatment. Many have had those issues happen due to how poor Naturethroid became. And you don’t do an even switch. NP is far stronger than the new Naturethroid. It’s safer to start lower, wait a few weeks, do labs, and tweak to be optimal.

  52. Yvonne says:

    Janie than yous for mentioning people getting adrenal reactions back, that’s what mine are – shaking, awful anxiety, trembling in abdomen, empty-head, dizziness on moving head, nausea etc. I was expecting to get low thyroid symptoms back but I haven’t had those. My blood levels are ok since increasing, so this new Nature-Throid must somehow not be absorbing properly.
    I’ve got some old Thyroid-S which has been in a sealed jar since I started Nature-Throid in Spring 2017. Do you think it’ll be ok to take again or should I start a new pack? I’m so wary now of new batches of anything! Also, I treated my adrenals for years with hydrocortisone then herbs and got back on track. Do those of us who’ve had a return of adrenal symptoms need to treat them again or will they correct themselves once we’re back on a decent NDT? I’m going to ask my endocrinologist if I can try NP, but not sure if there’s any in UK at the moment.

  53. Bill says:

    It’s been a somewhat chaotic year for me since WP Thyroid disappeared. Even old NT was second rate in my case. Manufacturer’s website claims aside, new NT is unavailable to large and small pharmacies in the largest metro area of my Midwestern state. I wasted hours of my time in October and November calling multiple pharmacies begging for odd quantities of old stock NT they had lying around. This month my patience for this foolishness finally broke.

    Thank you for the positive information about NP Thyroid. My new pharmacist suggested it also, stating that many of her patients were thriving on it. I’ve been on NP for three weeks. It strikes me as being equal in quality to old Armour and old WP. I feel great. We’ll see what fine tuning is necessary when my labs are done in three more weeks. The cost is reasonable. Most importantly, I can rely on something that’s actually available instead of carrying a torch for something that just plain isn’t.

    • Bill says:

      Follow up to the above. I’ve been on NP Thyroid for two months. Feeling good. Lab reports came back today. Solid. I’m having a four-month supply refilled and putting this business out of my mind for a while.

  54. Michelle Carson says:

    Janie, did I see a post that some who are switching from Naturethroid to NP thyroid may need a lower dose? Or was it higher? I can’t find the comment. I just switched a week ago, feeling tiny bit better, last week before I started NP my TSH was 27, not good

    • Because the new Naturethroid has been putting so many people (who report about it) into a hypothyroid state, it seems to be wise to start with one grain for NP, and make our way up as explained here: Might want to also quickly check iron and the Discovery Steps here: Those could be effected, too, due to the horrific hypo state so many found themselves with, which can cause problems raising NP.

      • Karin Kaplan says:

        After doing really well on WP, due to the shortage I moved on to NT. First few months were fine (old RX) but then several months later (new RX) I started feeling awful – racing heart, lots of anxiety. (I contacted RLC but they denied any changes). During this time my Dr. left her practice to go into concierge practice an hour away. She was great – really into thyroid issues and completely understood NDT. Difficulty finding a new doc in my area but when I went to see new doc to get an RX for NP (thank you Janie) given how awful I felt, she was somewhat familiar with the med options although didn’t really supporting NDT (mentioned osteoporosis and heart disease) but was ok prescribing my request of NP at same dosage (1g BID). I requested labs and had to insist on VitD and VitB levels (should I do more?) – she initially wouldn’t do any more than Free T4, Free T3, TSH. Results had my FreeT3 and FreeT4 tanking and TSH went a good deal higher. Didn’t wait for labs and immediately started on NP and in less than 2 days was feeling much better, although now feeling bloated. She said I should retest in 3 months. Wondering if I should do that sooner in order to adjust dosing if needed? Any insight much appreciated.

  55. Lisa S. says:

    I had been doing well in fall of 2016 when I switched from Armour Thyroid to NatureThroid. However, it’s now end of 2018 and over the past year or more, my nurse practitioner and I raised my dose from 1.5 grains to 3 grains slowly, along with blood work drawn every 2 months, including FT3, FT4, and TSH. I had a thyroid ultrasound summer 2018 and it came back normal! I still feel very crappy, but slowly, I’m doing better…why you might ask? Ha! I have a new physician, an integrative MD who has me slowly adding tiny bits of Cytomel (T3 but synthetic) with my NatureThroid. She checked me and did more extensive thyroid tests, ruling out Hashimoto’s (my antibodies were pretty non-existent), along with ruling out elevated Reverse T3 (RT3). She thinks perhaps I have a super high metabolism and just go through T3 quickly in my body. We hope to lower my 3 grains of NatureThroid. To be honest, after 20 years of many supply and production issues with NDT, I’m a bit fed up. I’m not even sure I want to continue with NatureThroid and am considering NP Thyroid if I’m going to continue with NDT. I fantasize about taking Synthroid and Cytomel together, hahaha! Consistent, readily available medications without having to continue to compromise my vegan values since I take NDT. By the way, the 3 grains bit with me and NatureThroid…You can’t use body weight as a way to dose. I’m 105 pounds, exactly 5’2.

    • gumbo says:

      That sounds almost exactly like me….I am on 3 gr Nature-throid and 30 T3. …similar weight/height. Adding the T3 made so much difference. I tried NP though and the fillers were a problem for me. I don’t know what the need is to add sugar to medication but all I could taste all day long was the NP….it made me gassy and bloated after just a couple days. I had to stop. with the Nature-throid shortage I am going to be in trouble…I only have a small supply left.

  56. Linda says:

    I had never felt better since I began taking Naturethroid about 7 years ago, after having taken Sythroid for nearly 15 years. This past half year, I noticed feeling cruddier and cruddier. I have become inexplicably tired, moody, anxious, my hair is thinner than usual,, and I’m often feeling really foggy-brained. My libido tanked, and my usual laughably huge appetite has mostly disappeared. I also gained weight, only about 5 to 7 lbs, but that’s a lot for my 5 foot frame, especially considering I bicycle a half hour 4 days a week, jog 3x/week, and do yoga 2x/week, and pilates 1x/wk! What’s especially strange, is that when I ran out of my 97.5 mg tablets of Naturethroid, when I gained weight and felt overwhelmingly bad, I had to start taking the 1/2 grain tablets (multiple tablets in the morning and eve. to equal my 3.5grain daily dose since 1/2 grain tablets were all my pharmacy could get), I started feeling a ‘little’ better than when I was on the combo of 97.5grain tablets. I flat could no longer get Naturethroid last month. This week, I start my new prescription of NP Thyroid. I’m a little nervous about changing brands… but I have my hopes up that I’ll be among the majority who feel much better on NP than on Naturethroid! Note: I recently had to take a pretty high dose of Vitamin D3 and switch to a very high quality daily vitamin (without folic acid.. I am a double MTHFR person), and that is likely why I started feeling better around the same time I started taking the 1/2grain Naturethroids. I also began taking Biosil (5 drops in the morning and 5 before bed), to help my straw-like thinning hair problem when Naturethroid started to poop out on me. =/

  57. Angela F Frye says:

    As of this morning’s check…the Product Availability page at RLC has been removed..

  58. Michelle Carson says:

    OMG no wonder I feel awful, feeling bad since August I think it was? Slowly getting worse each week. Having hot flushes in middle of night and morning. Depressed, no motivation, extreme brain fog. I been taking Naturethroid for 2 yrs no problems. I’m taking 2.5 grains and since I found out these problems I been slowly been reducing until I can get to doctor. With each reduction I feel better and hot flushes are less often and less severe but I having extreme brain fog. I cannot think straight. I didn’t take pills today and felt better and brain fog subsided mostly by midday but now it’s 11:00 pm and I feel it coming in again. I still didn’t take my dosage today. I have apt tmrw with endo.

    • Kelly says:

      I too have been feeling miserable since about January. I have slowly been gaining weight, felt exhausted, severely depressed and anxious. I also found out last month I that I’m anemic. I thought I was dying. I didn’t even consider Naturethroid causing the issues. I’ve been on 3 grains daily. My T3 and T4 are very low and my TSH was higher than normal. I just recently switched to NP, I’m hoping to start feeling better soon. It’s been comforting to know that other’s are having the same issues. I thought I was going crazy!

  59. Dawn says:

    Just wanted to say that before this whole shortage I was on WP and a T3 compound. I can’t honestly remember now exactly how much I was taking, but when I had to switch over to Naturethroid, my hypo symptoms slowly returned until I was pretty miserable. Luckily I have a great dr, and we found that I just had to take a much larger dose of the Naturethroid to get my levels back to where they needed to be. I am now on 162 mg of Natuethroid along with 40 mcg of a T3 compound daily (both meds had to be increased significantly), and feeling great. Also, just for context, I had a complete thyroidectomy three years ago.

  60. THYROID FRIENDS: there is now a blog post SPECIFICALLY about your observations and experiences with the “new” WP thyroid:

    • serin says:

      I have been on Naturethroid since August 2018 and am doing very well . I tested yesterday and my FT3 and FT4 were optimal.. My only problem is insomnia making it very difficult to sleep through the night, I wake up at 2 am with a hot flush and often that is it for the rest of the night. Could it be due to the Naturethroid. it is obvious I have high nightime cortisol problems.

      • Sounds like the Naturethroid is not doing well for you, as you are describing an adrenal problem now.

      • Michelle Carson says:

        I having same problem, hot flashes in the middle of the night and morning too plus extreme brain fog. I was taking 2.5 grains then started reducing when I found out there was problems with the “new” prescriptions. First to 2, the 1.5, then 1. I didn’t taking any today and feeling much better. I have apt with my endocrinologist tmrw! Going to switch to something else I guess???? I had lab work done on Friday, I will find out results tmrw.

  61. Yvonne says:

    What an interesting thread, but I’m getting more confused. Firstly is anyone else taking batch 098038-18J01 Expiry 09/2021 and if so what do you think of it? I’ve taken NDT for years and been ok apart from reformulations. My new doctor prescribed Nature-Throid last year, my blood levels went down slightly, so he switched me to WP which was fine.

    Because of the shortages I went back to Nature-Throid in April this year and since then all batches I’ve had have been the new ones. My FT3 went down so between then and September I went from 2.75 grains/day to 3.5 grains/day. Last bloods at start of November were TSH 0.01, FT3 5.9 (3.1 – 6.8) and FT4 18.5 (12 – 22), which is where they were for years on all the other NDTs, and I was feeling ok – I thought.

    Because my new prescription was a new batch number I decided to test it, so for a week I took 3 grains of the previous batch and 0.5 of the new, the next week 2.5 of the old, 1 of the new, then the next week (last week) 2 of the old and 1.5 of the new. That’s where I am now and I’m feeling slightly dizzy and empty-headed, nauseous, eyes not tracking quite right, very tight neck muscles (which could be the cause of all these symptoms), and also a horrible feeling of nervousness and shakiness.

    If my levels were ok until November, and similar to how they used to be and I felt ok, would it really be possible to go downhill in 2 – 3 weeks of just taking such small doses of the new batch? Surely it would have to be very different from the previous batches this year for it to happen so quickly? Or is a case of what I’m reading here about adrenals taking up the slack for a while, but then why would my blood levels be as they used to be? I’m wondering about an adrenal test now.

    Also do people think that each batch of the new Nature-Throid is different, and some worse than others, or are they all the same and uniformly *different*? I don’t know whether to sit it out and hope it’s a co-incidence, or ask for something else, but meanwhile I have 450+ 1 grains of Nature-Throid, which I’ve paid for – annoying!

    My latest batch number is 098038-18J01 expiry 09/2021, previous one which I thought was ok was 058300-18G04 expiry 05/2021 and before that 028213-18C07 expiry 02/2021, which is when my FT3 started going down. If any else has taken any of these and has thoughts on how good or otherwise they are I’d love to know! Thanks.

  62. DelAnn says:

    3 days ago I got my script filled for the “new” WP that has currently been shipped out. First thing I noticed when opening the bottle is that it did NOT have that , what I call, “piggy, fishy smell”. I have always taken WP under my tongue, sublingual. So here I go, I put the first dose right under my tongue then , I immediately tasted some kind of unidentifiable weird chemical like taste. The longer I held it there the worse it tasted. Eventually the longer it tried to dissolve under my tongue, the taste got so bad, it was all I could do to keep from spitting it out. Since I’ve only been on this “new” WP for 3 days its too soon to know what symptoms may eventually come into play as it builds in my system, that is If I can tolerate the awful taste sublingual, or have to resort to swallowing (if I continue its use), which makes me wonder, if the taste is so bad sublingual, what kind of “possibly changed” ingredients are inside it. I have NO thyroid and believe me when I say I am very well aware of the smell and taste of desiccated thyroid meds, as I’ve been on almost all of them at one point in my life And I’ve always taken them sublingual. I switched to NP during this debacle with WP, and It has that “piggy, fishy” type smell and taste. So, right out of the shoot, this “new” WP is “different” in smell and taste, not only from other desiccated thyroid formulas I’ve taken but also the “old” WP. Obviously, to those of you who swallow the pill you will not experience the taste and smell, but for me, I don’t know what they did to it to result in smell and awful taste for taking it sublingual. My opinion on Formula change in “new WP”? As far as smell and taste, YES! Would like to hear if anyone else has experienced this on the “new WP”.

  63. Angie F. says:

    RLC has, interestingly enough over the past couple of days, removed all of my posts from their Nature-throid and WP Thyroid Facebook page, including those referencing my petition, and blocked me, as they did John, from commenting or replying. Unconscionable, IMHO…I would appreciate support for that petition being publicized via STTM. I do not want nor need personal credit for the info or petition..I would, however, like to see RLC respond to their customers in a meaningful way.

  64. Angie says:

    It appears that RLC has published the following update and is shipping WP Thyroid. However, the information at the link provided still, to me, is indicative of a change. “We ate burgeoning costs for as long as we could” seems to indicate that they were forced to make change. I would still appreciate more complete communication about what went wrong and what they did to return Nature-throid and WP to the same product efficacies that we enjoyed prior to late 2017.

    • MP says:

      I want to go back on WP so bad, but did terrible on Naturethroid! Do we trust the new WP?

    • Karin K says:

      I too was really doing well on WP. Back ordered so switched to Nature-Throid. Did well on that and with the ongoing back orders refilled alot of NT. Last labs about 3 months ago values moved just a bit my doc not concerned. I recently started to have a little hairloss and sleeping difficulties a few lbs weight gain but not enough for me to think it’s the NT. My question is if anyone has NT on their shelf and not feeling well could tell me the expiration date? I have 2 bottles left: one expires 7/19 the other 4/21. I’m thinking what I was taking is probably the old batch and am very reluctant to start the next bottle if it is the new (reformulated?) and should just ask the doc to write for NP. Any insight would be very appreciated! I signed the petition. (FLASH!! WP 1g is being shipped now but reluctant to go back given all the reports on NT).

      • Because hypothyroid symptoms can worsen over time, besides the stress that hypo puts on the adrenals, might be a good idea to move to NP.

        • Karin K says:

          Thanks Janie. I will talk to my doc.
          Interestingly, my pharmacy has WP 1g in stock right now. I contacted RLC (I have done many times with no response) asking if WP had any changes since so many were having difficulty with the new NatureThroid – they actually replied to my question with: “No Changes”. That was it.

        • Russ says:

          I switched from Naturethroid to NP in January 2018.
          Everything has been fine up until this month. Hypothyroid symptoms coming back lately and especially annoying burning feet and hands and body/joint pain.
          Time for more blood tests I guess.
          Does anyone else get the burning hands and feet when hypo?

          • Yes! And it goes away once optimal. Optimal puts the free T3 towards the top of the range, and free T4 midrange. Both. And that WILL tank the TSH which is NOT a problem.

          • Debbie K says:

            I’ve had a lot of symptoms, some returning and others I never experienced as hypothyroid issues before, and was blaming them on things going on in my life. I’m sorry to find this out about Naturethroid yet also glad because I thought I was dying. High blood pressure and tachycardia like I’ve never had before, massive hair loss, serious depression, far too tired, but burning feet !!! Didn’t know that was thyroid and was concerned it was poor circulation. Yes, I have that, too. Also insulin resistance, which I’ve never had before. Also air hunger has returned. I’ve been telling people I’ve never before felt this sick in my life.

          • We’re so sorry what you have experienced. Yes, a return of hypo has happened to what appears an awful lot of people who got back on the “new” Naturethroid. They are moving over to NP Thyroid mostly. Some to the more expensive Armour.

        • Karin K says:

          Janie – As we discussed last week, I decided to switch from NT to NP. I have a new doc that isn’t that much into NDT but has used it a bit and was happy to prescribe NP. Just did labs prior to starting NP and now waiting for results. Didn’t take NT yesterday and felt much better – not as much of the racing, anxious feeling. Picked up new RX and started NP today using same 1gr BID dosing as NT as per doc. Tonight I’m feeling anxious and racing. Lab results could be back in a few days. In August results had me at 3.7 FT3 (range 2.3-4.2) but FT4 at 0.9 (range 0.8-1.8) TSH 0.03. My old doc then didn’t see the FT4 as a problem (was feeling fine then) but I think it was the start of my NT related symptoms. Does it sound like pooling? Is saliva test in order? Doc wouldn’t order anything other than FT3 FT4 TSH. Do you think a lower dose of NP and work up advisable? I hate to stop all together but not feeling great. Thx.

  65. Trisha says:

    Please help! I have called local pharmacies in Southern California a few times and have NEVER been able to find ONE pharmacy (WALGREENS, CVS, Rite Aid) that carries NP by Acella. WHERE the heck do you get it?

  66. Angie says:

    For those of you that have experienced problems with Nature-throid or WP, strongly urge you to sign the petition to RLC Labs’s CEO, Customer Service, and Chief Science Officer requesting that they respond to the many patient questions and complaints regarding same…the petition resides at and can be found via this link:

    • Renee says:

      Signed. Thank you for letting us know. Not that I’m going back to WP, but I would still like to know what the heck is going on. Their “updates” just keep saying there is no new information. That, to me, is hardly an acceptable update. I hope you get thousands of signatures and I hope it shames Rick Cox into finally responding. Maybe we can finally get some truth as to what they are or are NOT doing. Thanks again for including the link for us.

      • Angie says:

        YOu’re very welcome..Please just forward the heck out of the link. Also, it would be nice if patient advocates would sign as well and also help distribute.

    • Bonnie says:

      I signed the petition too!! I took NatureThroid for a year with no issues! Then the last few months I felt awful. I just got labs and my tsh was 74! The doctor keeps increasing my dose and it’s not working!!!

      • Angie says:

        Bonnie..thanks for signing..I’m asking that everyone share the petition link with other thyroid pts. Friends and family of same are encouraged to sign as well!

  67. Amy says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! Nature-throid is out again in Portland OR I have scratched together some and leaving for vacation and I literally do not have enough medication. I feel like a damn hostage to this disease and these crappy manufacturers. I was undiagnosed for years, then finally fought my way back from hypo, my damn hair is finally close to normal and I have to battle for basic medication which I pay for out of pocket of course. Pharmacists blow my mind laughing and telling me “oh flu shots are on back order tooooo”. Really? Its the same?!! What do I do I have to switch manufacturers but when I checked out Acella is was incredibly expensive. I am 3 grains on Naturethroid. i am terrified to switch meds yet again it took me forever to get sorted out and I feel like crying at the thought of having to sort out a new medication, dosage, feeling like garbage losing my hair all over again. please help

    • No, you can get Acella cheaper by using GoodRx or calling around. Everyone has been doing that and getting it at a better price.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you Janie, I am just so frustrated this seems an endless problem. 3gain/180mg of NP Acella priced at Costco, Fred Meyers this morning is approx $120/month. That is 3x as much as my Nature throid. What am I missing here? I have to pay cash I am not working with a copay/insurance.

      • Amy says:

        180mg/day (90mg b.i.d) NP Thyroid at Costco is the cheapest $68.19/month. Nature-throid was $40. I stuck with Naturethroid but I have had enough of their production issues and claims to the contrary. Fingers crossed I will do ok converting to Acella. Looks like it should convert 1:1 from NT to NP?

        Janie, if not for your work and this website I would be in a world of hurt today 🙂 Thank you!

        • Yes it should be close to 1:1 i.e. compared to the former Naturethroid. Retesting and possible tweaking always recommended. Also want to be sure that the new Naturethroid didn’t cause adrenal or iron issues. SO GLAD STTM has helped~! Means at lot to hear that.

          • Amy says:

            I just came back from filling my new NP and the GoodRx coupon….saved me $121.57!!! I was shocked, I didn’t think it would work to be honest.
            I have spent so much $ these last years out of pocket…..I am in the minority where the new health care laws cost me dearly. I was much better off before. I got sick/hypo first time in my life and the system left me high and dry after paying in my whole life. So its a sore spot for me.
            But I literally think this is my second “win” in the health care battle, the first was finding STTM.
            Big hug from a grateful stranger 🙂 Amy

          • So very glad you saved so much!!! Love it. 🙂 🙂 And thank you for your hug. 🙂 🙂

  68. Peggy says:

    I switched to NT during the Armour debacle, and experienced such relief. And when NT wasn’t shipping, I had just enough of the old to see me through. Moved to Europe when the new batch arrived, bringing 2 3 month bottles with me…and after 3 months of swelling and weight gain but bearable, now the newest bottle seems to have my heart racing and panic attacks, and nausea. So will be decreasing dose til I find an alternative. Anyone have suggestions for a good substitute in Europe?

  69. John says:

    My prescription for NP Thyroid needs a refill, but it is no longer covered for me. I had been on WP Thyroid, but then had to switch to Nature-Throid because of this availability issue. I did very poorly on Nature-Throid, so I switched to NP Thyroid. Now, however, since NP is no longer covered for me, I am refilling my current prescription with Armour, which is what I was first on for years. I’d rather try Armour again than go back to NT. However, what I really have been wanting all this time now is to continue taking WP, but not at higher cost of course, because that was not covered for me either.

    I really wish RLC Labs would be more transparent about exactly what ingredient out of the 3 for WP has been a problem. In all honesty it is hard to believe that there could a problem with any of the 3 ingredients.

    • John says:

      P.S. I found on a site that apparently an ingredient in NT may bind up the important thyroid hormone(s), so that may be a main reason or the main reason whey people are doing horribly on Nature-Throid.

      It seems possible that they have also blocked me from being able to comment on their Facebook page relating to WP and NT availability anymore. I tried to comment their the other day and apparently I am blocked from doing that. That’s not a good sign.

      Who believes that any of the only three ingredients can really have a problem in terms of availability? Does anyone believe that?

      • John says:

        Thanks, Janet. I did check that site. My dosage and quantity was going to cost a lot more. I’ve been seeing some comments that maybe Armour is not bad again, so I just figured I would first try Armour again. Like so many I’ve just really been waiting and waiting for WP. I had to pay for WP using a coupon though, so I hope if it comes back it won’t be more expensive and there won’t be any price gouging. I’m really more interested in hearing if people have any idea what is really going on, however, because it’s impossible to believe there could be a shortage of NDT while other meds have it, so that leaves two other ingredients. And it’s hard to believe it for them too:

        Inulin derived from chicory root
        Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from coconut

        • Jodi says:

          John, are you saying that the newly formulated Nature Throid has chicory root in it? I am allergic to that and this would explain my issues. The whole reason I left Armour four years ago to Naturethroid was because it had the least amount of fillers. So frustrating!

  70. Quinn Carey says:

    I have been on NT the last several years with no complaints. I ended up on this website after just receiving my first batch of the new reformulated NT. Since getting the new NT I have had a variety of symptoms and I am not sure what is going one or what may have been changed? I have experienced tightness and pain in my throat, a tense/soar jaw, increase in grey hair, itching/warm skin (similar to a Niacin flush), heart palps, acne, etc. It is important to note that I am a 30 year old male that had my thyroid removed at 18 years old.

    I can tell if I am now hyper, hypo, or I am just plain allergic to this new crap. I think I may try to switch to NP. I hate that there is now no good products to choose from. I feel as if I am picking from which makes me feel the least crappy, and normal is no longer an option.

    • Yes, many people are leaving Naturethroid behind now. But there IS a good product to choose from–NP Thyroid. 🙂 It has brought back the “normal” that you refer to in many. Even Armour is working, say some. Just remember that you need to be optimal on any NDT.

      • John says:

        I found that NP was just not as good as WP was. If it was, I would just get a coupon and pay for it, but instead I’m going back to Armour for now. As I wrote above, NT was awful for me.

        • Renee says:

          Hi John. I used to be a diehard WP fan. I loved it, and I was devastated when RLC abruptly stopped production. Once WP became back ordered, my pharmacy switched me to Nature-throid, and I got sick on it. So, I switched to Acella NP. I will agree with you that NP is not as good as WP was, but NP does work for me. I did have to make some diet and lifestyle changes and I had to add supplements and hormones. It took close to a year after implementing all these changes, along with increasing my dosage of NP several times, but I am healthy again. Using NP took more work on my part, but I’m glad I switched over to it. I will not go back to WP if and when it comes back. I don’t trust RLC that they will stick with their original recipe. I mean, look at what they have done to the new batches of Nature-throid and how many people have gotten ill. I have looked all over the internet trying to find information about RLC and what they are up to, but they seem quite good at keeping things secret. I have contacted RLC a few times, but they have never responded. They have lost me forever as a customer. Any company that would throw all their customers under the bus and leave them to get sick and NOT say anything, is not a good company in my book. I hope Armour works for you! Best of luck to you!

      • Antoinette D says:

        I took Nature-Throid from 2010-2017. When it became unavailable in September 2017, my doctor switched me to Armour which was egregiously priced. I had remarkably positive results on Armour. I lost 10lbs over the year. I took it up until this September. I asked my doctor to put me back on Nature since I heard it was available again. I took 2 grains twice per day. Within two weeks, I started feeling cold, lethargic and constipated again. I thought it was due to change in taking 1/2 grain dosage less but still taking 4 grains per day that seemed unlikely. I started to worry so at four weeks, I looked online (here as well!) and saw many people having the same issues.I had my doctor switch me back to Armour last week. I gained 6 pounds back from this issue of my medicine being ineffective . I am starting all over again. Such is life with Hashi’s!!!!

        • Such is the life of the new Naturethroid, too. It’s extremely messed up when reading all the patient reports. Even those who state they feel fine on the new Naturethroid don’t realize it’s an excess of adrenaline. Thus, they eventually crash.

          • Meredith says:

            So I had all my symptoms return when switching to NT from WP. Got my bloodwork done, and was absolutely astonished when it came back as .18!! My TSH has never been that low. Frees are fine but not “optimal”. Have you heard of people having returned symptoms but a plummeting TSH?!

          • Do you mean NP? WP isn’t made right now. Honestly, free’s are not fine until they are optimal. But yes, it will always plummet the TSH. Symptoms can return if you stay on non-optimal doses too long.

          • MEREDITH A PARRIS says:

            More clarification: I switch from WP to Naturethroid in May. I had a stockpile of WP that got me through May, and then ran out and could not find more. Since May, I have felt like crap. I always felt well on WP and my TSH was around 2 consistently. When I went on Naturethroid, I got hyper symptoms, but my TSH plummeted, which makes no sense to me! Free T4 is 1.17 and Free T3 is 3.3. My Free T3 and Free T4 were higher on WP, as was my TSH (around 2). I just am baffled by my extremely low TSH coupled with hypo symptoms.

          • Yes, there are weird, weird things going on with Naturethroid. It’s why so many are leaving it behind in the dust and going to NP Thyroid or Armour.

    • Crissy says:

      I left NT to try NP because too many fillers in NT! I don’t like the dextrose in NP but I am doing ok on it so far TSH is 1.25 t4 is 0.8. Getting my sugar checked next go around cause dextros is sugar. Over all NP is working kidneys are stable now.

  71. Matt says:

    I ended up with three years ago after Synthroid stopped working for me, even with Cytomel. I had to do a lot of research and try-and-error myself, because my doctors were just looking at my lab results, rather than my symptoms. NatureThroid worked well for me – within two-three days I felt “normal” again.
    Last year in September I experienced difficulty in having my NatureThroid prescription filled. I managed to catch hold of half-year supply of double-than-prescribed dose and took just half a pill daily. Now again, difficulty filling the prescription. The same pharmacy was able to get me a one-year supply of my regular dose, but it felt different: light-headed four days after switching. I had kept a 20 day supply of the previous batch and switched back. Symptoms disappeared. The formula definitely changed, seems somehow 20% less effective!
    RCL did not respond to my inquiry about NatureThroid batch differences.
    Now I am sitting on 350 pills and am not sure what the actual strength is. Probably cannot return them to the pharmacy.
    I wish I had visited this site prior to ordering.

    I am curious if anybody has tried Thyrovanz from New Zealand or Argentina?
    They are available without prescription for a smilar price.

  72. Cookie Hale says:

    I just came across a product from Priority One that says 65mg of dessicate thyroid source from New Zealand. Is that really another substitute for Armour thyroid or NP? What is it? Apparently you can purchase it without a prescription…

    • Renee says:

      These products are usually harvested raw bovine or porcine thyroid gland, but have no regulated amount of T4 or T3 in them.

  73. Janet says:

    I’m just starting my third week of NP Thyroid after hypothyroid symptoms on the new NatureThroid. My PCP didn’t believe that was the cause of my weight gain, hair loss and higher blood sugar so I found an integrative MD and she was glad to write the new script. It’s exactly the same potency. My hair has stopped falling out, edema in hands and face is gone, and I’ve lost three pounds without changing anything in my diet.

    RLC says the potency since the new manufacturing is meeting the required standards, but if that’s really the case, there is something different about how it’s being utilized. I think it must have to do with the change in raw material suppliers and extraction methods. Obviously our thyroid hormone receptors aren’t recognizing it as the same product.

  74. Ellen says:

    I have been on same dose of NatureThroid for 16 years and have had perfect TSH all that time, and most importantly I’ve had good energy and felt great!

    This year everything changed, I have been terribly fatigued. I believe its because NatureThroid was “reformulated”. My TSH in June was 32. Doctor raised my dose of NatureThroid from 130mg to 162.5. Got checked 4 weeks later and my TSH was 38! The increased dose had done nothing! I was trembling with exhaustion, couldn’t sleep deeply, woke in the morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, cold intolerant chills. My doctor said she didn’t know how I kept going- I don’t know either, I guess I was running on caffeine.

    So thanks to the information on this website, I switched to NP Thyroid. Doctor had never heard of it and was hesitant to prescribe, plus I had to hunt down a pharmacy who knew what it was and would order it. But I did get some, 120mg and I immediately felt a bit better. Each week after starting NP Thyroid I have felt even better. After 5 weeks on NP Thyroid got my TSH checked and it was back down to .465. YAY!! I LOVE NP Thyroid!! I will never go back to Naturethroid after what I’ve been through this year. Thank you so much STTM for your helpful information- I so appreciate it. Good luck to everyone who is struggling with thyroid issues. Hope you find your answers.

    • housemaid says:

      Ellen, I think everybody that is unhappy with the new Nature-throid or pining for the old WP should just forget about RLC Labs and start taking NP thyroid. Like you, I will never go back to RLC Labs products. For many months this year I was taking Acella NP but not doing well at all. However, I can’t digest the cellulose in other pills, so I had no other choice. I was paying $150 for a 3 month supply to an online pharmacy, so I went on GoodRx and found that I could get NP for about 1/3 that price at the local CVS. I did have to wait a couple of days for them to order it and get it delivered. The second day of taking the new pills, I knew something was different. I wake up with a temperature of 98 (instead of 97) and get up to 98.6 in the afternoon. This never happened on WP. My bathtub drain is no longer clogged with my falling hair. My joint and muscle pains got better. Bags under eyes gone. My BP went up (which is good because it was way too low) I can only assume that the NP pills I was getting from the online pharmacy were old stock or perhaps got too hot in shipment. I am loving the NP thyroid now!

    • Crystal says:

      Ellen, I wonder if this is why the last 3-4months my hair is falling out in gobs… Oh my gosh, I swear my hair has thinned so much recently. I have been taking Nature-throid for almost 7 years and it has always made me feel better, but not these last 4 months. I am going to look into the NP thyroid. I just had my bloodwork done last week so I will see what my numbers are. I only came to this site because my prescription price has jumped to $10 more a month… ugh…

      • Lori says:

        I’m so sorry, but so relieved I’m not loosing my mind. I have had to use NT after WP, and have had many of the same awful symptoms. I’m trying to get my Dr. to switch me to NP I hope it’s better. It is very discouraging, I don’t like being dependent on meds. I’m glad I found these comments. I’ve been on this for about two months and the symptoms are getting worse.

  75. Tara says:

    I just switched in May from Synthroid to Nature Throid and my numbers are really high. I was at a 7, and despite increasing the Nature Throid dose I am still at a 6 and that is on 3 grains! I am losing hair by the clump fulls and my skin is getting really dry. I just called and asked to be awitched to NP Thyroid. I am hoping they will do this for me.

  76. Yvonne Reese says:

    I have Hashimoto’s and started having SEVERE chronic fatigue earlier this year when I started using the NatureThroid after my strength came off back-order. I’ve been to a new family doctor who doesn’t want to deal with my thyroid as it’s not in his field of expertise. (I get that and respect my doctor.) I have an appointment with a new endocrinologist in a few days and will see what his philosophy is on thyroid meds. My new family doc have me get a T3, T4 and TSH blood test and as others on this page have reported, my TSH was very HIGH, T3 and T4 were normal. HMMM quite a pattern emerging here. I guess it’s time to try Armour again or other meds being discussed here. I am very scared to go on synthetic since I had a bad reaction when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 12 years ago. I wonder if NatureThroid is on back order again due to so many adverse reactions that I have been reading on different sites across the web. I’m literally and figuratively feeling Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole…things just keep getting curioser and curioser.

    • Angie says:

      My compounding pharmacy just called to say “we are unable to source NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) for you anymore, we called your doctor to see what he wants to suggest.”

      If pharmaceutical companies are able to make NP Thyroid and Armour etc., from Natural Dessicated, then why would my compounding pharmacy not be able to source it? I’m confused, and now I don’t know what to do. I took Armour before but they kept changing the formula.

      • Compounders have always gotten their raw material from a different source than the prescription meds were from. So in the meantime, NP is very available and they have a source that appears to be reliable and good.

    • Antoinette says:

      I had the same problem! Armour worked well for me this yeat prior to getting back on Nature. Try it

  77. Karen says:

    I am nauseous almost every day since May which seems to coordinate with the new NT formula. Random itching with no rash, zero energy, hair loss…very depressing!

  78. Elle says:

    I’m confused by the possible “reformulation” of Nature Throid. I have been on NT for a little over a year and have done well. Suddenly in the past month or two I am gaining weight (about 7-8 pounds on my normally 114 pound frame), digestion as slowed, cholesterol has gone up, etc. I get my NT directly from my Naturopath, rather than a pharmacy, and haven’t had any issues with supply. I have no idea if I am taking the “old” version or the “new”. How can I tell? And if I am still taking the old version, why am I gaining weight suddenly? Diet is exactly the same as before and I am actually exercising more. Help?

  79. Melissa DeLong says:

    It took me 3 years to find a doctor to give me NDT, then 2 more years to find out I have Hashimotos without a thyroid, then 2 more years getting my ducks in a row and dose raising. Naturethroid was my “cure” – finally. I’ve been on my optimal dose for 2 years now, bought compounded NDT (very expensive) while Naturethroid was backordered, got my dose back in stock in March and have been spiraling down since. I got my labs today. They’re terrible. I might as well be back on Synthroid. I see my doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she has a suggestion. I’m not even in suppression range for my cancer. It’s like Naturethroid doesn’t work at all now. How could they change something from working to simply not working? Thanks so much for the great information as always. This group is a life saver. We will get through this because we’ve all been through worse!

  80. Melissa Morrell says:

    This is so disheartening. I’ve felt amazing on Naturethroid for three years after having the same issue with Armour Thyroid I know have with Naturethroid. The past two months things have gotten progressively worse. Hair falling out, gained 18 pounds, anxiety through the roof, exhausted and lots of brain fog. Has anyone tried synthetic T4 and T3 and had success? I’m scared to try NP thyroid and have the same thing happen in a couple of years. Losing faith in ndt.

  81. Noris says:

    I have been on 2.5 grains of nature throid for over a year. I had reaction to WP. I started taking NP August 25th and stopped Sept. 10 because my blood pressure became very high. I have not call the doctor because he doesn’t know anything about thyroid he was letting me increase as I needed but now he is going by TSH only. I’m in San Antonio and have gone to about 8 doctors and still looking. I have been thyroid hormones for 13 years.

  82. Renee says:

    In case anyone missed it….here is the latest “update” from RLC labs. *sigh*

    “September 10, 2018

    There is no new information at this time. Please check back soon for updates on the availability of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid.”

    At this point, I have lost all faith in them.
    I have had a standing order with my pharmacy that was put in last year from my doctor. It says that I am supposed to take WP only. Well, of course the pharmacy has been unable to comply, but they tell me all the time that they check with their distributor daily to see if WP is back. As of today, I am having that order removed from my file. I will not go back to WP. I am on Acella NP now and feeling well. Bye Bye RLC.

  83. Lori Sweat says:

    I’m an MD in KY on NT myself (no thyroid s/p ablation for Grave’s) and on the new formulation of NT (no change in dose or dosing habits) my TSH has gone from 0.8 to 13.7 in 10 weeks. I’m hugely disappointed and just contacted RLC via their website. I have hundreds of patients on NT, and recently have seen some erratic levels in a few patients that can’t be explained (TSHs of up to >20). Get your levels checked if you are on NT. I’ll be switching to NP myself and hoping for the best. I’m not going to be able to trust RLC labs again I’m afraid. This has been a huge debacle.

    • Hi Dr. Sweat. It’s a good thing for patients that even a medical professional like yourself has found out personally what’s going on with Naturethroid. Also particularly awful is RLC’s complete failure to even acknowledge something is seriously wrong. Of course, one could understand the predicament RLC is in, admitting the problem. But at the same time, ALL that has gone on the past year with RLC labs and the loss of both WP and Naturethroid has been disappointing for patients and RLC has lost a lot of respect from thyroid patients.

  84. Marco says:

    Since several years I am on Nature Throid. I am taking 2 Grains, plus 80 Euthyrox. My lab tests were always the same: TSH 0%, ft4 about 60-80%, ft3 about 90-130%. When I got the new formulated Nature Throid tablets, I was suspicious that something is wrong. I remember Armour doing the same thing a few years back, that’s why I switched to Nature. So I changed only 1 grain to new Nature, and 1 grain old nature. Lately I felt rather strange, tired, and so on. Today I got my lab tests, TSH 3.7 (72%), ft4 50%, ft3 40%…WTH? So whatever they say, whatever they write, the new Nature is definitely not working/less working. It feels different, they look different, they smell different, and the lab tests don’t lie. I am wondering, if they can’t even determine the strength of their tablets, which are obviously different now, something that should be absolutely key for a company like RLC, is this really a reliable company? A company I should trust with regards to my health? Come on, this is so disappointing.

    I still have old Nature, and will order NP now. Did anybody switch to NP, is it more or less 1:1 to old Nature?

    Many thanks

    • Brad says:

      I had been on 2 grains of WP Thyroid for years and stable, luckily I had a stock of WP that got me into 2018. I switched to NT when it became available in February, had LOTS of problems and was up to 3 grains before I gave up on NT. Even though my blood work looked “good” I felt horrible.
      In mid July I had my Doctor switch me to NP Thyroid. I started at 2 grains on NP to match what I had been on with WP and my blood work done end of August is comparable to what I had with 2 grains of WP Thyroid last year. I feel like the ratio of T3/T4 might be slightly different between RLC WP/NT and NP Thyroid, but after a few weeks my body adjusted, it’s certainly MUCH better then it was when I was on NT for 3-4 months.

      • Marco says:

        Hi Brad,
        Thank you for your reply. I have ordered some NP now and will finish my old Nature Throid before switching. Once I do, I will try to take the same dosage as with NT, i.e. 2 Grains. We will see. Hopefully this doesn’t repeat itself in a few months/years with NP. Have seen it with Armour, now with NT….BTW they reformulated synthetic T4 Euthyrox as well, started in France, and after people having lots of problems Merck had to remanufacture the old Euthyrox….I heard that they will roll-out the new Euthyrox in whole Europe.

  85. Janet says:

    I found a small number of Nature-Throid tablets I’d set aside for a trip before the formulation. My doctor won’t let me try NP until we retest my hormones in another few weeks (he doesn’t think it’s the reformulation that’s the problem). My hands have been so swollen I can’t get my wedding ring off, I have puffy bags under my eyes and my fasting blood sugar is up to 20 points higher even though I don’t have diabetes.

    After taking the old formulation for two days all the symptoms disappeared…no swelling, blood sugar normal, etc. I’m a little concerned about the mineral oil in NP since I’m very allergic to any petroleum products, but it’s usually on the surface to release from the mold easier, so maybe I can rinse or scrape it off.

  86. Sandie says:

    Thank you Janie for all this support, news and guidance. After 58 years of untreated thyroid issues I was FINALLY stable and feeling so good! My decade+ untreated Lyme was finally treated in February and March of this year. My body is recovering from years literally of untreated chronic conditions and I was stable for the first time in my life. Then NatureThroid change — in May I started with palpitations that were slight…in June they became persistent…in July the palpitations became really odd and now in August I was done — sitting with a HR of 65 and then for 4 minutes it shot to 166 and stayed there for 4 minutes. :-O I had decreased my NatureThroid thinking I was getting too much. Process of elimination of adjusting every hormone and seeing good blood work in July I checked this website and see the issues. I didn’t take NatureThroid today and for the first time since May I don’t feel my heart. I feel normal. I know in a few days I will become Hypo so my Dr is calling in a new prescription for NP Thyroid (again THANKS to this website). Thank you so much!! I felt like my heart was going to explode and the only thing causing this was the “new” version of NatureThroid. The only other weird symptom I had was some itching. RLC needs to fess up what they changed….bodies don’t lie.

    • Quinn C says:

      Wow! I am so glad I found this site. I too am having the same exact symptoms! I have had a racing heart and my skin itches as if I took niacin! It is strange because people are reporting they are hypo after the reformulation, however, my symptoms seem to bee more hyper. I also have a drastic increase in grey hair (I am a male and I am only 30, my throat aches as if I have an illness, and my jaw is very tight.

    • Gigi says:

      Me too….I’ve had heart palpitations almost constantly for many months. Due to Lyme disease I’m on multiple meds and herbs so I had no idea what was causing heart palps to this degree of severity. It dawned on me that they started about the time I started taking the newer formulation of naturethroid! I’ve been off it a day and I am hoping this is the cause. I too had what I thought were symptoms of too much but perhaps it is adrenaline rushes as I have adrenal insufficiency as well. My heart feels a bit more calm so let’s hooe this is the answer. Scary stuff!

  87. chris says:

    I have been on NatureThroid for the past 9+ years. My TSH has never been above a high 3 but an average of around 2 over this almost a decade.

    In February of this year it was 2.3. Last week (August 24th) it was 9.13. Obviously something is wrong with their reformulation. I will hopefully be switching to Armour.

    • Cindy says:

      Be aware that many of us switched from Armour to Naturethroid because of this exact same issue–Armour also changed their formula and significantly increased the cost of their medication for research. I used to love Armour, and it worked great for me until they changed it. I have noticed the last couple months that my Naturethroid tablets are harder. Just this week I started to chew them up (assuming it was too hard for my body to break down easily). It has helped a little, but I think they definitely changed something and not for the better.

    • Andy says:

      Been on the new Nature Thyroid for about 2 months now (switched back to Armour when they quit producing, which I don’t think works much better) . Was doing great on it for about 2 years, now totally hypo at this stage. Tossed that prescription and started with the Armour again. Still don’t feel good. What no one is saying is WHO these companies are buying their NDT from…..maybe, that’s the issue, as they all say they have not reformulated! See my Doc next week and will discuss, NP or just maybe go back on Erfa. (Universal Drug out of Canada currently has it in stock) Good luck to all….will keep reading to find out if anyone comes up with one that works.

      • To the contrary, who they are buying from has been mentioned and questioned before. Looks like they are going to have to be more selective. Luckily, NP Thyroid is apparently coming from a reliable source.

        • Amy Campbell says:

          Finally found a doc who will prescribe westthroid, he is scared to prescribe the 195/3 gr I was previously taking but 130 is a start. The pharmacist then tells me she can give me Nature throid in one tablet because she only has the westthroid in 32.5 tablets. I said NO, she replied they’re exactly the same?? What?? She said Westthroid is the generic of NT, I am so lost now. Then she offered me Armour but I said no I will stick with Westthroid…. of the 3 which do you feel is the best? I am genuinely confused but I trust the info here. I am NOT happy with NT, at all and never want to take it again. Also, Dr is going to look into the NP and consider prescribing it for me in the future. Advice? This conflicting info is unsettling to say the least.

          • If it’s the Westhroid made before RLC stopped producing NDT, it maybe be fine. Otherwise, NP Thyroid is working great for people. Even Armour is working it appears.

          • Cindy says:

            I’m curious as you’re the first one that has mentioned Westhroid (not to be confused with WP). One pharmacy gave me that as a substitute, and I appeared to do fine on it. However, when I requested it again, they didn’t have it. It’s somewhat difficult to find out much information about it also. On RLC’s site, they said the formulation was exactly the same as Naturethroid. I contacted them to see if it was still in production, since you can’t find much information about it on their website. This was their response, “It is quite possible that pharmacies still have stock in Westhroid and WP Thyrid even though we have not started manufacturing them again yet.
            I have attached a letter stating Nature-Throid and Westhroid are identical. WP Thyroid is a different formula from the other two and is in fact as you stated, the one that we only add two inactive ingredients to. We have not started making that again as of yet either.” Why did they make 2 identical medications??? Regardless, it doesn’t appear that will be available either (if ever again), as I’m sure they changed it also.

  88. Charissa says:

    I’ve been happily on 3 grains of Nature Throid for about 10 years. When the shortage came, I was prescribed NP, but found that I’m very allergic to it- I get awful itchy hives (I had to take NP once a few years ago, I can’t remember why, and the same thing happened). I found half grain Nature Throid, which I’ve been taking, but because of the increase in price of taking 6 half grain pills, I changed back to 1 gr. Nature Throid as soon as it was in stock. I began taking it 3 days ago. I had been getting more weary during the day before switching, but now I’ve become alarmingly tired and I’m swelling up (during a time of month I should be the opposite). Today it finally occurred to me to see if there was a reformulation, like Armour, and found this page. I’m not sure what to do now… I could go back to the half grain- but I believe it may now be new formulation too.

    Are there any other good options? I hate missing out on my family because I’m so tired and foggy. The other day, my three year old wanted me to play mid-day and I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open!

  89. Michael says:

    I know that the new Nature-Throid has already been confirmed weaker/ineffective, but just to provide some numbers for those still searching for a reason to switch or at least increase their dose…

    In 2017, I was on 3 grains of the “old” Nature-Throid, and my Free T3 was consistently in the 4.3-4.5 pg/mL range at every test (borderline high but feeling well). The Free T3 Lab Range is 2.0-4.4 pg/mL. My Free T4 was around 1.2 ng/dL, with a lab range of 0.8-1.7 ng/dL, which is ideal mid-range. My TSH was .007-.020, which is low but expected & normal when dosed properly with NDT.

    In July 2018, I was still on 3 grains, but taking the “new” Nature-Throid, and my Free T3 had fallen to 2.7 pg/mL! My Free T4 had fallen below the lab range to 0.67 ng/dL. My TSH had gone up to 3.470. Hypothyroid symptoms had already returned of course.

    Obviously, something has changed! I found some old NT 3 grain pills that I still had from last year, and started feeling awesome again. But, it was only a months’ worth so I ran out. I have just switched to NP Thyroid, and will see how this goes. So far, so good on NP.

    • Very glad to see you gave those precise differences while on the same amount. We also have someone who went up to 7 1/2 grains of the new Naturethroid in her attempt to regain her previous feel-goods. It didn’t work.

      • Dawn Beebe says:

        I’m so happy to have found this recently…..THANK YOU!!! I thought I was losing my mind. I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s thyroiditis when I was 7 yo, I am now 44 yo, so I’ve been dealing with the symptoms my entire life. I’ve had a lot of stress in my life over the past 6 months and thought that was the problem… gaining weight and incredible fatigue, etc. When I first started on WP thyroid, my Free T3 was 3.8 on 3 grains ( 12/2016), then it dropped to 3.2, 3 months later on the same dosage. Then, down to 2.8, 6 months later. After that, I switched to Nature throid, because WP wasn’t available, and increased to 3.5 grains, with no changes in my free T3 ( still 2.8). For the past 6 months, I’ve been on 4 grains of Nature throid and I just had my levels checked last week… my Free T3 is down to 1.8, and my Free T4 is down to 0.66. My TSH is still suppressed at 0.24, it’s usually much lower. My provider “doesn’t think the medication is the problem”. Is blaming these changes on my liver, gut, and adrenals ( which I know play a role, but…) She did, however, prescribe NP thyroid for me today, so I’m hoping and praying I can feel the difference quickly. It’s so hard when you’re hypo, because you literally feel like you’re losing your mind. The exhaustion is unbearable! I reported the problem to RLC Labs ( which I think will do me no good), but also reported the problem to the FDA med watch. Has anyone else done so?? I think it may be helpful to at least bring the problem to the attention of as many people as possible. There may be many people, like myself, who are suffering and can’t figure out why.

        • P.S. you could be causing problems reporting this to the FDA, as NDT is not an approved drug (which is ridiculous). Instead, people need to send a strong message to RLC only. Some say they are doing by not getting it anymore.

        • housemaid says:

          I agree with Janie. Do not report anything to the FDA about dessicated thyroid. The FDA is not your friend. I think they would like to get rid of everything but Synthroid.

    • Susanne B says:

      Although I don’t take as a high a dosage as you do, I’m having the same issue where my FT4 is tanking. I’ve increased my dosage by 50% (or, should I say, my Dr has increased it) which makes my TSH go down just a tad, but it’s been fine overall, it’s my FT4 that is awful. 25 lb weight gain, puffy and sore. This sucks.

      • Dawn Beebe says:

        Yes… I have pillows under my eyes! My whole face, hands, legs feel tight and swollen. Tons of muscle pain. pound weight gain over past 6 months even though I eat no grains, sugar, dairy, corn, soy, and all organic. Plus, I workout every day. It’s so very frustrating! PLUS…I recently lost my insurance so I’m paying out of pocket for Nature Throid and had a 6 month supply filled in June, to hold me over until I get situated. I’d really like RLC to test the pills and prove that they are indeed what they are labeled.

    • Karen Hetzer says:

      Yes! Good to see actual numbers to prove the point. I’m also going to have my numbers checked because of how I’ve been feeling. Between the back order and finally getting the ‘new’ Nature-throid (two refills ago) I’m feeling awful, no energy, hair falling out again. I’m really hesitant to try another natural product and am considering going back to a synthetic, I just feel there would be less of a consistency issue.

      • Karen, NP Thyroid by Acella continues to be an excellent NDT and without consistency issues, if that helps.

        • Jeanne K says:

          I actually have felt good on NP Thyroid since my dose of Nature-throid is lagging in availability. Maybe even better. The only problem is I need to take a 60 mg and a 15 mg tab. Now get this: My insurance will cover the 60 mg tab but not the 15mg.
          From the horse’s mouth, the FDA has not “approved” the 15 mg dose, although all of the other dosages are approved. Crazy, but true. So I pay a lot for the added 15 mg tab, which seems ridiculous, but there you are.

          • Cyndy says:

            Could you ask your dr to write your prescription for your dose in 30 mg tablets and take 2.5 tablets? Maybe this way your insurance would cover it. Sometimes we have to get creative with the rx to get the dose we need and the insurance to cover it. I am in a similar situation and this solved my problem and only one copay too. Just a thought.

        • Cindy says:

          I want to switch to NP. I’m only hoping they dont stop production and change the formula like Armour and Naturethroid did! I’m starting to think the medical community has it out for us (we already know a lot of them don’t like NDT).

  90. Minerva Daniels says:

    I have been so sick since raw materials were no longer available to compound my WP Thyroid. I can not take Naturethroid or any order ones because my labs go all over the place, headaches,fatigue and brain fog. I’m hoping WP Thyroid comes back soon. Please expedite the process!

  91. Lisa M says:

    I was so (sadly) relieved to see your comments, in red, at the beginning of this article, Janie. l was starting to feel absolutely crazy with the new release. I’d been in complete remission from Hoshi’s when Nature Throid went unavailable last year, I was switched to NP, which I was told by the pharmacist was exactly the same. I knew almost immediately was not the same. By the time I was able to get back on Nature Throid I was completely out of remission. Since being back on it, nothing has changed except for my weight continuing to climb & losing hair by the hands full. I want the Nature Throid I was originally prescribed & taking. I’m feeling so angry and hopeless again, I just want to feel good again. I spent almost 30 years trying to get an answer, with many false diagnoses along the way, when I was finally diagnosed properly. For 2 years I had my life back and know what that feels like, I want it back again.

    • I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this because of what happened with Naturethroid. 🙁 🙁 It’s frustrating, isn’t it. By the way, NP Thyroid is really an excellent product, and they still get their powder from a North American source. Is is possible you just needed to tweak it? i.e. raise it a bit until free’s were back to optimal?

  92. Susan says:

    I was fine with nature thyroid for 4 months, until August. I have been in slow decline fore 3 weeks. I reached a point of not being able to move. I went to the doctor who took blood test. My TSH came back 104. He called me in saying he was surprised that I could even move. He put me on a double dose of synthroid with cytomel. Within 2 days, I started noticing some improvement. I think my August prescription of nature thyroid was not working. Was there a recall during this time for Nature thyroid?

  93. housemaid says:

    Just checked the RLC Labs website today and on Aug. 20 they put out another update saying there is no new information and check back soon. This is getting old. I have just about given up on WP. If they ever do start making it again, I doubt it will be as good as it used to be since the new Nature-throid isn’t working. I will buy WP again when it becomes available, but only if people say it is working for them. I don’t trust RLC Labs any more. Meanwhile I am getting by on NP, though not optimal.

  94. Lori says:

    I too was on Nature Throid for years and felt great and had to switch to something else when it wasn’t available. After RLC started production again I switched back to Nature Throid and my TSH is out of this world. I am still waiting on my Reverse T3 result but my TSH is 85+, my FT3 is 2.08 and my FT4 is .34. Interesting as well is my Total cholesterol has shot up to 271 with an LDL of 191. Have read that hypothyroidism will cause LDL to increase. I am between doctors and will visit a new one next week. This is definitely not the same Nature Throid formula as before.

    • Karen G says:

      I ran across this recall notice today online. Could this be at the bottom of all the confusion about NT lately?? I called my pharmacy and they are checking it out. RLC makes NT, but do they get the raw materials from CHINA through Westminster pharamceuticals mentioned in the recall?? Read the two links for more info.

      • STTM has already posted about this recall here:

        We don’t know the facts right now, but it is curious that since Westminster was using a chinese source of porcine powder, perhaps RLC is too, and got a major dud. But again, we do NOT know the full story. All we know is that Naturethroid is definitely not what it used to be, and RLC is failing to address it to once loyal customers…thus they are losing customers.

      • housemaid says:

        I don’t know for sure where RLC Lab is getting their porcine dessicated thyroid powder, but on their website I found this statement: “Our strict quality standards apply to every part of our operation–from our guaranteed hormone levels to our materials and manufacturing–which is why we carefully source our thyroid from the U.S. and Canada only and are in production solely in the continental U.S. We do not, nor have we ever, sourced thyroid from China or manufactured outside of the continental U.S.” So if they are telling the truth, they didn’t buy powder from China. Or maybe they need to update their website!

  95. Bob says:

    Any amount of any kind of thyroid meds makes me feel terrible, consequently I take les and less. Vitamin D has helped in the past but that makes my thigh muscles burn with the fire of a thousand suns.

    A couple of weeks ago I took a 175mcg Levothyroxine by accident and I was pretty much paralyzed for 80 hours. A few weeks before that I took 3/5ths of my dose of Nature Thyroid ( a 65 mg and a half ) and I went to the emergency room I felt so bad.

    It all seems to be poison to me

    • Bob, it sounds like you now have a cortisol and/or iron problem, which NDT will reveal. See #2 on this page:

      • Bob says:

        I had the 4 point saliva test done
        (mcg/dL) 0.69

        8-10 AM: 0.04-0.56 mcg/dL

        (mcg/dL) 0.19

        noon-2 PM: < OR = 0.21 mcg/dL

        (mcg/dL) 0.13

        4-6 PM: < OR = 0.15 mcg/dL

        (mcg/dL) 0.03

        10 PM-1 AM: < OR = 0.09 mcg/dL

        Iron was 116 (Range 50-180)

        Seriously… I have tried to raise my med intake Lots of times but every time I do I get deathly ill and sleep for 18 hours.

        I am getting myxedemic (if that is a word) and two trips to the emergency room did no good at all. They both… (different e rooms) said "yeah we don't do that stuff"

        The only time I feel better is like two day off meds….

        • Compare your saliva results to this page–you’ll see your problem there: Same with your iron result. BUT….the lab you used has those ridiculous “less than” kind of goals, which is why we use ZRT, like this one:–2 The latter gives the needed ranges. See if you can figure something out based on the info on the first

          • Bob says:

            Thanks for the reply.

            It seems crazy to me that just about every test I have got wasn’t the right one.

            This and other forums told me that the saliva test was the way to go but when I posted the numbers they said “ohhh nooo you need this other test…” Or no… “that is not what you want.”

            I FINALLY got this test from a business that claimed to be a STTM favorite and now you tell me it is ridiculous?



          • Bob, it seems like 50% of what we are forced to do here or on the STTM facebook page is correct info given by other forums. You see, STTM is near totally about years of patient experiences and wisdom gained from now 16 years of those experiences…towards success. Other forums are not. They give opinions that don’t at all fit years of solid experiences and wisdom. Of course, anyone is free to follow those opinions, but we’ve been doing this long enough to know a lot of those opinions or recommendations don’t lead to the same success…at ALL.

            It’s not that recommending a saliva test is wrong. Good for those forums that did. But the problem is the one you chose, which has those ridiculous “less than” goals. A lot of facilities that sell saliva testing are moving to that and they do NOT understand how wrong it is. Instead, the one I posted to you does NOT do that, thankfully, thus a good reason it’s on the STTM Recommended Labwork page via My Med Lab.

            STTM loves Ulta!!!! They are on the Recommended Labwork page. But you will not see a saliva test in the STTM recommended lab area because sadly, they have a saliva test with those less than goals and don’t seem to understand how bad that is. I’ve tried to get them to provide a different saliva for the STTM area, and it has never been done. 🙁 But for the rest of their labs on the STTM recommended area, Ulta has done a great job!

            It looks like you are high, good, high, and slightly high at bedtime. But it’s a guess with those less than goals.

            Also, you did do a right iron test!! But three more are always needed to get a full picture i.e. TIBC, % saturation and Ferritin. Or the % sat it can be obtained by dividing the iron by the TIBC.

            If you want to get the right info plus a one on one, here is info on doing coaching calls:

          • I should have added that I see the Facebook page called Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care giving far better information based on patient experiences. And the owners have great integrity.

  96. Renee says:

    Latest update from RLC labs…..
    “August 14, 2018

    There is no new information at this time. Please check back soon for updates on the availability of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid.”

    The more they make that statement (I think it’s the third time now?), the more it just confirms to me that I have made the right decision to stay with Acella NP and never look back. I’m so over them. Ugh.

    • Dawn says:

      I, too, have come to the same conclusion about RLC/Nature-throid. I am also over them. I spent months calling different pharmacies each month to track down 10 or 20 pills at a time of Nature-throid as I didn’t want to disrupt what was working. Then 1 grain tablets were being produced, and for two 90 day fills I was able to get my script without issue (but I was having to take 2.5 tablets daily). This month, I cannot find any pharmacy that has it in stock. I am done and do not see myself ever returning. I am trying NP Thyroid by Acella as it costs 6x LESS than Armour. I am hoping it works. Thus far, 4 days in, I am having episodes of being very cold. Hoping this rights itself out (or perhaps I need a slight tweak to my RX).

  97. Erica says:

    I have been taking nature thyroid for about 5 years.I just got my recent lab results and my naturopath said they are the worst in 5 years. She said she saw the same thing in 8 other patients. I am switching to Armor. This is 100% not ok.

    • Michelle says:

      Hmmm. I had the same issue. I’ve been on 3 grains of Naturethroid for about 9.5 years. I’ve been most comfortable when my TSH is below 2.0. I recently went in to have labs again and it was close to 6. No wonder I’ve been depressed, gaining weight, have super dry skin despite all the creams and lotions I’m using, etc. The doctor suggested I increase dose to 4 grains. I guess we’ll see how I feel in about 2-3 weeks.

      Are you feeling ok on the Armour? (My pharmacist offered to fill my script with it when the NatureThroid wasn’t in stock yet….)

    • daniela says:

      i had the same issue! i thought it was only me. Is there a way to submit a complaint to the FDA? they should not be able to sell their product if it’s no longer working…they’re making our lives a living hell 🙁

    • Erica says:

      Sooo…I switched to Armour about 2 weeks ago. My weight is going back to normal (I am already GF, dairy free, sugar free, etc and petite and NT was making me gain weight all of a sudden). My hair has stopped falling out. Feeling decent. I have hashimotos. I am sure that something is not right with NT. If i had the time, I’d contact the FDA.

      • The worse thing any can do is contact the FDA. NDT is an unapproved drug, and we just don’t want to draw attention from the FDA to any NDT for that reason. Glad you are doing better!!

  98. Janet says:

    I had stockpiled some Nature-Throid when the shortage started so I just started my first bottle from after the manufacturing changes.last month. My health declined rapidly – weight gain,higher fasting blood glucose, hair loss, dry skin, heart palpitations, throat swelling, etc . I think because it’s been so hot I didn’t notice my body temperature dropping. After having swollen hands and puffy eyes for several days I asked for testing. Everything was great (vitamin D, iron parameters, etc) except my TSH had gone up 5X and FT4 was very low. FT3 was okay but I had just taken a dose before my blood draw.

    I know there has been a lot of speculation about the difference, but I feel certain it’s their raw supplier changes that is the cause. They have to test for potency and keep that constant, but there may be a difference in how the dessicated thyroid is actually utilized based on how it was processed. I noticed the same ether-type smell and much stronger “piggy” taste with this new bottle just like I did when Armour was reformulated. I asked them if there was any way I could find out which lot numbers were US sourced from their old supplier and which were new, but they said no. I would gladly pay double to be sure I’m getting the old source.

    I guess I’ll be trying NP next…kind of sad because I’ve been so stable on Nature-Throid for over 15 years. I know from past experience that just increasing the dose isn’t the answer.

    • Renee says:

      Hi Janet,
      If you are the same Janet that asked me about raising dosage when going onto Acella NP, I answered you below. I have been on NP for about 9 months now I guess. It took a lot of fiddling around with the dosage and blood work every three months or so (depending on how I was feeling), but I am now doing well on NP with my T3 and T4 where Janie says it should be. I will not be switching back to WP (if it even ever comes back) because of all the horror stories I’ve been reading about Nature-throid. I felt rather victimized by RLC by what they did last September and then again by their virtual lack of communication with the public. A lot of people got ill when they abruptly stopped production, and now people are STILL getting sick with their “new” Nature-throid. I loved WP. Swore by it. Felt great on it. But, now I don’t trust RLC anymore. I will not put my health in their hands again. NP works well. It just took me some time and making some other changes in my life, but I’m good now. I’m gonna stay where I am.

      • Janet says:

        Thanks, Renee. That must have been another Janet, but I appreciate the information. I only take 1 1/2 grains a day…I really feel for people who rely on it completely for thyroid function. It has totally disrupted my life.

        Many years ago I had an incident with RLC where a certain lot number gave me killer headaches every time I took a dose. At first I thought it was something else causing the headaches. Then one day I skipped my dose and had no headache. It was hard to believe it was the thyroid causing it, so my husband who was using Armour instead took a dose and got a severe headache, and my doctor even tried it and the same thing happened. I went back and forth with them about contamination and what it could be. They just said that their raw materials came with a certificate saying it was tested for purity but wouldn’t do a lab test to verify. I switched to ERFA for a while but became hypothyroid on that, so went back to Nature-Throid and fortunately didn’t have any other issues until now.

  99. Davina says:

    Was beginning to finally see results (less hypo symptoms) early 2017 with WP Thyroid, then production halted. Dr. switched me on Nature Thyroid. Since then, I have gone from 1 grain NT to 3 grains, and have been complaining to semi-deaf doctor ears all the while. New lab results came back last week, and Dr. wants to up to 4 grains of NT or asked if I wanted to change meds. Finally!!! The MADNESS MUST STOP!

    My results are all at the bottom of the range for TSH, Ft3, Ft4 & Rt3. Going to ask to be put on NPT by Acella in hopes of finding something that will alleviate my symptoms.

  100. LIsa says:

    I am finding this fascinating. My hair has started shedding again after having stabilized for a long while. Is the new NatureThroid the cause? I googled “was NatureThroid recently reformulated” and found this page. I restarted Nature Throid about 3 months ago after a period of about 6-7 months on NP Throid when Nature Throid went out of stock. Previously I had done well on NatureThroid. However, on NP Throid, my last bottle smelled fishy and I found less than happy comments about it online so I found out that NatureThroid was back and asked for it again, albeit at a higher dose. My dosage went like this: ~22.5 mg Nature Throid originally to 30 mg NP Throid to now 32 mg Nature Throid. Other than my hair and some slight fatigue, I don’t have drastic symptoms but the hair thing will light me up because it’s devastating! I’m currently waiting for lab results and will report back but does anyone else have the hair issues I am experiencing on the new NatureThroid? And any recommendations? THANK YOU ALL.

    • Hi Lisa. NP can smell odd because it doesn’t have the coating to disguise the pig. It’s fine. And the bad reviews are based on people who stay on too low a dose (which can cause hypo to return, so they wrongly blame NP) or those who are raising in the presence of low iron or a cortisol problem, which can cause problems (so they wrongly blame the NP).

      So, recommendations are to keep raising and see if you can find an optimal dose (some have been unable to find it on Naturethroid) or go back to NP, which is actually a fine product. And always be optimal, not just on, any NDT. Optimal puts the free T3 towards the top part of the range and the free T4 midrange. Both.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you, Janie. I may go back to NP Throid then. The hair issue is so devastating. I should get my lab work back end of this week – all the thyroid measures and iron tests. I doubt they tested for cortisol though! Thank you again. I just want my hair to grow back!

  101. IGS says:

    Had a total thyroidectomy in 2004. Tried all the standard meds. and seemed actually allergic with a variety of untenable reactions. Have been on Nature throid since 2005.
    Recently my blood pressure shot up to the VERY HIGH range so was off to my Endo. He ran tests and determined my TSH has gone from .271 (2017)to 4.29. Something has changed.
    and its not me. He upped by thyroid meds and it has helped somewhat but not enough. I do believe that the new batch of Nature throid is definitely diluted and I will need to add more if
    I stay on this med.

    • Terry Sharkey says:

      I noticed issues with Nature Throid as well. In April my TSH was .01 and in July it was 9.94. My ft3 and ft4 were low in April but hit the bottom of the range in July. My dr put me on LDN first but after a couple of weeks of research and finding people posting their problems I asked her to change me to NP Thyroid instead. I’m still working up on the LDN and know that I have to monitor my symptoms and adjust my dosing accordingly.

    • Tina Isaly says:

      My labs were with optimal ranges for over a year and I felt good prior to the changes in manufacturing NatureThroid. My TSH has gone up at last 2 blood draws as well as other ranges no longer optimal. My dosage was increased two weeks ago and I’m feeling worse instead of better….fatigued, horrible brain fog and noe anxiety (for no reason) is creeping back in. I almost feel as bad as I did on Synthroid. My dosage was increased only .25 mg. I think I will be switching to NP. I have another condition that relies heavily of hormone being stable. I can’t keep playing with dosages and hoping to find one high enough.

  102. David Everest says:

    I have a question. Does the new formulation of NatureThroid (that is, since they went back into production) look any different that the old stuff?

    I found what is most likely an old bottle of the NatureThroid, since it is from October of 2017. But I want to be sure. I called RLC labs and they said it probably is the old stuff, but they are not totally sure. So if the new formulation looks different that the old formulation, that would be helpful to know.


    • Yes, it can have small darker specks in the tablet–the new Naturethroid.

      • David Everest says:

        Thank you so much, Janie. That is exactly how I would describe the difference between what I know is the new stuff, and what I was hoping was the old stuff.

        I found an old bottle of ¾ grain NatureThroid (dated October of 2017)… and looking under a magnifying glass, they were all uniform in color. But ½ grain ones that I got recently (and I know are the new formulation) were all “speckled”… that is exactly how I described them too. The difference is very clear.

        But I called RLC labs and they insisted that the speckling was just the natural variation of the product – that some of the old formulation was speckled too. And they tried to pass this difference off as possibly just being a difference between how the ¾ grain tablets and the ½ grain tablets look (and I don’t have any current ¾ grain tablets to compare the old ¾ grain tablets with).

        So I am a little confused by this… but maybe they just said all this so I would believe that there was no difference between the current formulation and stuff from a year ago. They did insist that this was the case.

        I am told that they didn’t start manufacturing the new formulation until October of 2017 – right around the date of the old bottle I found. But my understanding is that not all the strengths were available at that time. Do you happen to know specifically when the ¾ grain strength became available in the new formulation? If this wasn’t until AFTER October, then that would just confirm that I do indeed have the old formulation.

        Thank you!

        • No, I sure don’t know when the 3/4 grain became available. The former Naturethroid had VERY few specks. The new one apparently has more obvious specks.

          • David Everest says:

            OK, thanks for your input; I appreciate it. It sounds like I have found a “cache” of the old NatureThroid formulation from all the information I have on this — enough for 4 more months. So today is a good day for me 🙂

    • Marcus says:

      I have experienced the same…. I got 2 bottles with 100 tabs 1/2 grain and 1 bottle with 1000 tabs also 1/2 grain. And the tabs all look darker and have tiny brown spots. They smell different too than the old ones. The old tabs looked all similar and not dark…
      After reading all your posts here I’m getting anxious about how I’ll feel im a few days :((

  103. I have found these comments very interesting and helpful, and the many complaints cited regarding low efficacy for Naturethroid are confirmation of my recent experiences with my Hypothyroid patients, some of whom have reported a return to symptoms which were initially resolved when given Naturethroid. I have been prescribing Naturethroid for many years with great success, having discontinued my previous support for Armour following dissatisfaction, and am now considering prescribing NP Throid instead of Naturethroid. I will review the responses to NP Throid, and can only hope that RLC labs resolve their apparent shortcomings in the interest of patient wellness. Dr. Neville Wilson, IRELAND.

    • It is refreshing to see a doctor who listens to his patients–we’re glad you posted, Dr. Neville Wilson in Ireland. And reports about NP Thyroid from patients has been excellent. Also still important to have optimal iron and cortisol to raise any NDT without problems.

      • Jen says:

        I’m researching the possible change in formula for nature throid. I was not notified of any change but am experiencing many symptoms of hypothyroidism again which had been under control for years! I’ve been taking nature throid for years with great success but my lab results indicate a HUGE change. My results in February 2018 were normal and my labs in July 2018 indicate I’m not taking any thyroid medicine (which I am). Levels went from 0.3 to 29.3!!!!! What changed??? My hair is breaking, my cholesterol is higher, my energy is low and I’m extremely tired. I need answers fast as this is very concerning to my health? I am contemplating whether or not to switch to a different brand. Please help!

        • Some are trying raises to see if they can achieve their former glory. Others are switching.

        • Christine says:

          Its very frustrating! The recent update on 8/6/18 from RLC is basically no update. So still no news on WP and frankly with the way Naturethroid now is most will proabably feel like WP will have changed too even though they deny it. If it even comes back as its been forever.

        • staci says:

          I’m not doing well on NP Thyroid. My first prescription back in May–I felt some positive results. But my second refill–all my joint pain returned, I am experiencing cold episodes and most recently, I am not sleeping well. All of my other levels and numbers are good–and I’ve read from many others that NP isn’t working for them either. It’s really difficult to know what works because for all the people complaining about Nature-throid here, I can find 5 other forums of people praising it. This is a frustrating journey!

  104. Jolaina Walling says:

    Restarted Naturethroid after the shortage 12 days ago. I have no thyroid..anyway…I have been on straight cytomel only because I refused to go back on synthroid. I was on 100 of cytomel and went to 4 grain naturethroid and supplemented with 30 of cytomel. I have gained almost 10lb in 12 days. I called doc and told him something was different..I’m off it starting tomorrow and going back to 100 cytomel. Very very frustrated!!

    • Judy says:

      I’m at a loss. I had a refill on Naturethroid in May, My 5 year old grandson got out o pre-school at the end of May, so I’ve had him constantly till his daddy gets home at 5. This really did me in with tiredness and stress because of not being able to do the housecleaning I normally would be doing. I just assumed it was my age (73)….but last week I went to the doctor with a complaint about my ear and telling him about the pulsing in my body, and pains that were fairly new. He did lab work and my tsh spiked to 12.9, The T3 (104), T4 (5.4).. (all out of range)…my cholesterol way higher than it’s ever been, as well as triglicerides, and bad cholesterol…my normal BP, was way high ….he increased my Naturethroid dosage and today we find out the pharmacy cannot get it. So I’m on here, and reading there might be something to the new crop of Naturethroid….and it makes me wonder too. I never had this problem till I got a refill after they shut down for awhile….and all the time I was thinking it was my age and all the stressors in my life…..can the wrong thyroid prescrption cause cholesterol and BP as well as stress??? that’s my question….

      • It’s that the new Naturethroid is leaving people very hypothyroid…and hypothyroidism can result in rising cholesterol, rising BP, pulsing, pains….etc. You need to press your doctor to put you on one like NP Thyroid by Acella…and if they pharmacy says they can’t get it, tell the pharmacy to call Acella! It’s readily available.

        Here is info directly from Acella:

        We have a section on our website where patients can download wholesale order information to bring to their pharmacy if they are unable to order NP Thyroid. NP Thyroid is available to pharmacies nationwide and we are not on backorder. ( Some pharmacies make this claim to try and switch patients to another product. We want to help patients be vigilant, insisting that NP is available to order if not already on the shelf.
        If a patient or pharmacy has trouble obtaining NP Thyroid, they can reach out to our customer service line is 1-800-541-4802 or submit a request online and a representative will follow-up with them directly.

        Also note that Westminster is another new generic brand of NDT and it’s working well so far.

        • Alex says:

          Hello dear Janie,
          Could I ask you please how calls the NDT made by Westminster.
          I am taking the NDTs for years… thank God that you are there for us!!!
          I don’t know what happened with me but by now I can’t take NP or Nature Throid longer then 1 Month as with NP I get Eczemas and with „new“ Nature Throid I feel totally awful. Still one year ago I didn’t have these symptoms….

          So I have to switch from NP to Nature Throid every 4-6 weeks.
          Maybe would be the NDT from Westminster an alternative for me….
          Thanks a lot for answering in advance!!
          Bless God Janie!!!

        • Judy says:

          My husband went to the doctor to pick up a prescription for Acella for me, and they were all right with doing this. However with the Naturethroid, he was going to prescribe 146.25 mg for me, yet with the Acella he says the compound is different, so he ordered 90mg of the Acella. I don’t know how to confirm this is accurate…maybe you can help…..will I be getting the same amount of NDT yet smaller dosage….I do trust my doctor, but have had issues before with him underdosing…..

          • A grain of Naturethroid is 65 mg and a grain of Acella is 60 mg. They tend to have similar impact. But 146.25 is approx 2 1/4 grain, I believe, so 90mg seems too little if he’s calling that an equivalent.

        • Michelle says:

          Janie – I’ve been on 3 grains of Naturethroid for about 10 years. It has kept my TSH below 2 (which is where I feel better). Starting in February my skin started getting really dry, eventually fatigue, funny appetite, depression. I only got labs done because the year was coming up on my Naturethroid prescription. My TSH was suddenly near 6 (which the lab says is a “little high”). So, doc prescribed 4 grains. BUT now that I’m reading about why there’s been a shortage and your comments above about people feeling HYPO on the new formulation…I’m wondering if I don’t really need 4 grains, but just need to switch to Armour (which pharmacist offered) or NP from Acella. I’m gluten and casein (dairy) intollerant. Do you think NP is my best bet? Desperate to feel better.

  105. Linda says:

    I was Naturethroid and then switched to WP thyroid. I’m reading here a lot about the drugs made by RLC. Should I be insisting that my next refill be of NP Thyroid? I pay out of pocket, and the diff would be $100. Or should i just stay on WP and go up on the dose? Thanks

  106. Diana says:

    There IS something wrong with the “new” Naturethroid and/or that company, and I stand by that. There are just too many people reporting that they feel like crap on it. The comments on RLC’s facebook page alone are enough to stand your hair on end (that is, if you have any left after it’s all fallen out). I felt just fine on it before it ran out. Having finally gotten it back, 3-4 months on the same dose I was on before should have been plenty of time for it to get back in my system. I was on NP thyroid during the shortage and felt fine, albeit at a slightly higher dose since it is a bit weaker. My labs on the new naturethroid showed a suppressed tsh but frees in the tank. So yeah, it’s the company. I call bs on all their excuses. How do you run out of pigs? Good thing NP works fine, because I won’t ever try RLC again.

  107. Marian Reed says:

    I have just started a new bottle of ERFA thyroid. The tablets have strange brown flecks in them which my last lot didn’t. I am starting to feel hypo. The exp date is 2020. Do you know what is going on?

  108. Carol says:

    I have been taking NatureThroid for three years since a total thyroidectomy, and have done great in it until recently. (There was a brief period of time on Synthroid, and I thought I was going to just fade away and die.). Lately on NatureThroid, I have been having terrible heart arrhythmias that I thought were due to caffeine – which I started downing like crazy to compensate for how exhausted I have been lately. I am halfway through a two week heart monitor and have discovered something amazing.

    Five days into having the monitor on, my new compounded prescription arrived and I started taking that instead of NatureThroid. That very day, the arrhythmia stopped. I have a few more days left on this monitor and am very excited forstbof all about how I feel so much better, and secondly, that I will have data to prove that my thyroid medicine was too weak.

    I have to admit that I have not read every comment, so maybe someone has mentioned this already; however, I am starting to believe that the big money “powers that be” behind Synthroid have manufactured the shortages and provided the weaker thyroid products. Synthroid is a monster and they have a lot of power.

    • Sheri says:

      Hi. I know this a few months old so I hope you will see this. Can I ask you where you had your meds compounded. I tried compounded and didn’t do well on them. Allergic to all available brands except NT Which is not working for me. Wondering if maybe the pharmacy I used was the problem.

  109. Joni says:

    Uh-oh…. is this side effect from the Nature-throid (diarrhea)? I recently started using replacement script for Nature-throid when WP Thyroid was long gone & unavailable. I actually tried extending the WP starting November 2017, by reducing my only supply–hoping WP would get produced sooner than later since Nature-throid was finally becoming available. Bad move as my FT3 dropped to below optimal levels, as well as FT4. Interesting that RT3 looks good….. anyhow, lost a lot of hair, cracked heels again (that’s when I KNOW thyroid is off, BTW).

    I actually have about week worth of WP left, and will use it for the 2X/day dose vs one NT + one WP (that I attempted to migrate to NT)… I’ll find out then if the diarrhea stops or not and if the new NT is the cause.

    I’ll cross that bridge if I find out the cause is NT…. choices are then what? Armour? NP? I see comments here about ThyroGold…. is this good or not?

    I’m in Texas and have no insurance this year, 2018.

  110. Sunnysky says:

    Uh-oh…. finally have a replacement script for WP to NT since WP is still unavailable. is this a side effect from the Nature-throid (diarrhea)?

    I actually have about week worth of WP left, and will use it for the 2X/day dose vs one NT + one WP… I’ll find out then….

    I’ll cross that bridge if I find out the cause is NT…. choices are then what? Armour? Ack! I’m in Texas.

  111. Bonnie Medd says:

    I am actually VERY angry. Mind you, it may be my wildly fluctuating thyroid levels due to Naturthroid, but here is what I just posted on the Naturthroid WP Facebook page:
    On their Facebook:

    “Nature-Throid & WP Thyroid, you may already have blood on your hands, but my daughter (who has NO thyroid) was on your Naturthroid medicine when she basically became SERIOUSLY ill both physically and mentally! She was VERY close to ending her life, even though she had two children! That’s just how bad it got! It was her thyroid levels that wildly fluctuated for no reason on your drug.

    Then, just this July 4th, the SAME symptoms hospitalized me! I’ve never had a problem before like this and I’ve been without a thyroid since age 22. I’m now 55! You are non responsive to ALL these people who are telling you SOMETHING IS DESPERATELY WRONG!!!

    We want answers. We want to trust people who make medicine that have OUR LIVES ON THE LINE!

    I’m not going away quietly and will escalate this until you give us answers! This is CRIMINAL in my opinion.”

    I failed miserably to thrive while on synthroid. I had a new life on Armour, then they changed. Naturthroid was a godsend until last year. Now I’m all sorts of messed up physically. This is the only drug I take. The only drug I need. I am holistic both in my food and life. I try very hard to do the right thing and now I am unable to tryst the very drug that I NEED.

    I’ll be calling the NP lab today to discuss and also a local compounding pharmacy. SO frustrated.

  112. Kathleen says:

    Not being able to get WP has really changed my life in the last 8 months! I’m really not sure what to do and my fmd is kind of at a loss as well. I was on WP for a few years and doing fine. No real symptoms of my hashis (no weight gain but unable to lose was my biggest struggle). Since ending WP I have gained a bunch of weight and have been losing my hair like crazy! I tried Armour first (horrible symptoms!) then got the new nature thyroid (weight gain and horrible hair loss) and lastly tried compounded desiccated thyroid (still weight gain and some hair loss). I am still in the compounded but I’m still having hypo symptoms even though my labs are relatively normal. TSH is suppressed at .03, free t3 is 3.8 (ref 2.3-4.2), and free t4 is 1.1 (ref .8-1.8). I’ve always felt best with very low tsh but since the med change I can’t stop the weight gain and hair loss. My hair stops falling out when I stop the medication but I’ve only done that for two weeks. What do I do?? She just suggested lowering the dose. Not sure that’s true answer. Wish I had tested reverse t3 and maybe trying compounded t3 would help. I do have low body temp. On a side note I have horrible sweating all day long on this medicine!! It’s awful! Symptom of suppressed thyroid or something else? I wish they would just bring it back already! Anyone have any insight? Or know where I could post results and get some insight? Thank you!!!

  113. Lesley Kuck says:

    I have been taking 65 mg of Naturethroid since last year. My free T3 is always low. My hair is so dry thin and brittle-I have bald spots. HELP! I don’t think Naturethroid is working or at least the reformulated version isn’t. It seems different. The old pill was more beige, and I could put it under my tongue and it would slowly dissolve, also, I could break it easily into crumbs with my teeth. The newest pill is light colored and seems to have a hard coating. It is NOT the same. Is it weaker in formula? Does anyone have positive feedback with using Aracella or Armour? I’m over this chronic shortage and I was going to try WP Thyroid but it’s looking like they’ll never have it back in stock! Soooo frustrated!

    • Barb Jean says:

      I have been on Armour for 10 yrs and have never seen any change in how I feel as long as I adhere to taking in the morning at least 1 hr before any food or other meds. The only problem was during traumatic surgery which did put my levels off for awhile. The price is outrageous though since Forest sold out taking all their top staff over to Abbott. This part has been hard, insurance will not cover unless I submit documentation from dr that I have tried all other meds and none work for me. I have Hashimotos disease and I take 120 mg daily. Armour is the only med I will take, it was a lifesaver for me.

  114. Crystal Green says:

    I have developed hives once I started taking the Acella brand Np Thyroid. I never had this problem when I was on the RLC Lab brand. My blood work came back normal but yet my doctor has no solution. The ingredients from each company is different. Please help!

    • Hi Crystal. Lab results have nothing to do with just being normal. Please study this page, ok??

      • Marh says:

        BC/BS as of June will no longer cover dessicated thyroid meds, specifically my NP Thyroid. Only will cover Levothyroxine. A shock to me today at Walgreens. I was not notified of this change. Nightmare out of pocket cost, and insurance company deeming my/our health.

        • ZB says:

          My insurance (Kaiser) does not cover NP Thyroid (AKA Acella). So…since I have been on NP Thyroid since 2016 I get it at Walmart with an RX from my doctor. I also use a coupon and then I only pay $76 for 200 pills instead of $235. (These coupons are free and anyone can use the website!) I never have a problem ordering it. Once you have it filled once, you can do refills via I even receive a text when the walmart pharmacy has had it filled. (It usually takes only 1-2 days to receive the text!). If you don’t have a walmart, goodrx will list other pharmacies & their pricing when you do your search. Just search under NP thyroid. Then put in the MG strength & quantity and it gives you a listing of participating pharmacies & then just print the coupon and go to the store. Easy!

        • AB says:

          Ask BCBS to send an appeal letter to your doctor and see if they will accept it. I am in that process now and hoping for the best. I wasn’t informed by BCBS either.

    • Audra says:

      Hi there! I developed hives and lethargy when I first started NDT years ago. I thought I was allergic to it. Turns out it wasn’t the medicine, but my adrenal glands. They needed support too. I needed to get on supplements for that. The hives went away immediately and never came back. Hope this helps!

    • Charissa says:

      Crystal, I also get hives while on NP. I’ve been on Naturethroid for 10 years (NP when it was out of stock), and have never had hives on it. So it may not be your adrenals- it could just be an allergy.

  115. Angie says:

    I contacted the maker of Nature-throid, RLC Laboratories, for the THIRD time this morning with regard to their apparent loss of potency..Provided my lab results and asked them to please advise…I will notify via this thread if I get a response.

    • Alex says:

      Was on Nature throid, but starting losing hair. In addition, potency changes. Visited an endo who put me on a small dose of Levo and I feel better. Don’t trust the quality of these small labs. In addition, the sources from where these pig glands come from are not regulated.

    • Angela Frye says:

      First response from RLC…
      Hello Angela,

      Thank you for reaching out.

      I understand your concerns however I can assure you we have not changed the formula. If you provide a lot number we are happy to tell you what the T3 and T4 analysis was for that lot. We never release lots outside of the FDA requirements.

      I know we have discussed this before in the past but I will forward your email for further assistance.

      Cheryl Parker

      Customer Care/Sales Support Manager


      877-797-7997 Toll Free

      480-513-8690 Fax



      • Angie says:

        More communications via email from RLC…after a somewhat blistering response to the above, I am assured by Ms. Parker that she has passed my (and our) concerns up the food chain..I have thanked her for doing so and indicated that we all look forward to the RLC response. One note…Ms. Parker says in one email that the batches are never released if they do not meet FDA requirements (subject was potency)…heretofore, it was my understanding that RLC vastly exceeded those requirements and only allowed a 2% variation…In some cases, the FDA allows a fair amount of variability in drug potency…this is what I was able to find on what is allowable for thyroid preparations…

  116. housemaid says:

    I went to the NP thyroid pill website today for the first time and saw they have a Low Price Finder where you can find the lowest price for NP, plus a link to Good Rx which shows prices for drugs at pharmacies near you. Good Rx can really save you money with their free coupons. I can see I have been seriously overpaying for NP. I also looked at the insert for NP and it says that you should start at just 30 mg and raise every 2-3 weeks by only 15 mg. at a time. Then they say 60 to 120 mg should be enough for most people! They also say, “Intracellular resistance to thyroid hormone is quite rare.” Guess they never heard of Reverse T3, etc! At least they aren’t putting microcellulose in their pills.

    • Amy says:

      What is the website? Also, since my wonderful Dr. Steelman has retired (insert weeping here) and a new less natural doctor has taken over his practice would anyone be able to direct me in finding a doctor, a place to find a doctor who prescribes either the NP or WP. My daughter’s PCP will prescribe WP, not sure about NP but he is general practice. I am at the point of desperation, my mind, my focus, my energy, my mood, my body, my hair are all suffering. I do not want to take Synthroid, I haven’t ever had to, my issue is not TSH anyway… thanks in advance. If anyone wants to email me I am fine with that too. I am reading all I can and trying to stay positive as I go up another pant size and my eyesight gets worse. =(

        • Linda says:

          Not sure what that site is supposed to show us? I was hoping it would provide a search for physicians who will prescribe NP thyroid.
          I admit – I’m new to the fight to get a decent doctor who will treat ME, and not the TSH test… I’m on Levothyroxine only – and still fighting the hypo symptoms…..fatigue, weight gain, increasing cholesterol, BP, Pulse, freezing when others are warm or hot, mild stomach upset (I NEVER before had this), and even headaches again (sort of mild , and almost every day, but every once few days, enough to need advil).
          I’m reading your books and this site, and searching…. for info, for doctors, you name it.
          BTW – I’m a strict vegan, no gluten either (8 years now) as I’m severely gluten and dairy intolerant…. and, my TPO despite not ingesting anything that I’m even mildly intolerant to, as I might actually be Celiac…is a 9 as of April of ’17…yet…doctors want to tell me I’m TSH is normal …. yeah, right…

          Based on your pointers in your book, I’m looking into starting with a functional medicine doctor about 45 miles away…
          any other suggestions?

          • Sherry Gillis says:

            What region of the country do you live in? I’m in N. Calif and had a heck of a time finding someone, but after looking for literally years, I have a practitioner in Rocklin, near Sacramento, CA.

          • Kelley says:

            I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis since 17 years old (currently I am 50). I got low-grade to moderate headaches EVERY DAY on Levothyroxine. For me they always occurred 10-12 hours after taking the dose. Something in my body chemisty does NOT agree with synthetic thyroid medicines.

  117. Patricia says:

    NatureThroid seems to be getting more and more scarce CVS told my husband’s doctor that they are no longer making the 1 gr. size. They’re trying to switch him to something else. Maybe it’s just me, but during the past few months on NatureThroid I’ve gone hypo (after being stable for several years). My T3 is under the range (not even in it) and my T4 is at the lowest end of the range. I’m waiting to hear back from my doctor about a possible med change because I’m really tired and cold.

  118. Gina Thorsen says:

    I get my thyroid from one of two compounding pharmacies. One of them cannot currently get the thyroid powder and the other is only giving patients one month of their pills at a time due to the shortage. I hadn’t realized this issue was beyond nature thyroid and WP thyroid, which are used to take before the shortages last year. I feel there is more to the story than we are being told and I am terrified of the prospect of not being able to get NDT.

  119. Kim says:

    ok, im about to have an ugly cry bc d last 6 weeks have been weird. 6 weeks ago that batch was ok, i was getting what i needed and then my tsh/3/4 where good and jumped to free t3&4 started lowering and tsh went 64. then a week later after a small increase to 2 grains and only tsh tested was 55. 3 weeks later, retested tsh 73, t3 free is 2.7, and t4 is .5. idk what to do. im allergic to coconut so i cant do. and my drs are going to freak out when i see them this week. i can see it now, mri, d works. ironically i feel amazing. except no weight loss but i had gained 15 pounds, dry hands, and coarse hair and super cold. is NP thyroid still good?

    • Yes, NP Thyroid is still good. Hang in there. You can switch to it.

      • Kim says:

        ok. just saw my dr and she was opened to switching to NP. i told her about the change which she herself was always afraid it would happen. putting off next blood work & new mri for 6 weeks with heavy symptom monitoring. she cant believe that im feeling overall amazing and only symptoms are weight gain at low speed and some hairloss. im afraid of np being a change since someone earlier said they also changed d formula? i believe it was a Lili on July 4. is NP sublingual? i was on 2 grains for NT and she put me on i guess d equivalent of 1 grain on NP 60 mg and titrate it as im going thru d motions bc ill b cking in every week.

      • Sue says:

        Just found out today that Blue Cross Blue Shield will not cover any desiccated thyroid medication. They will only cover levothyroxine. When I went to pick up my NP thyroid today Walgreens refuse to pay for it, and told me as of June Blue Cross Blue Shield stopped covering desiccated. I am in shock.

        • Chris Motte says:

          Hi Sue, just wanted to reply to your comment on BC/BS, we were just on their website today and they are back to covering WP Thyroid and gave Walgreens as a source.

          • Julie Spears says:

            I was just asking my Walgreen’s pharmacist about Nature Throid, and she told me they are no longer carrying it, and that it has been discontinued.

            It sure makes it harder to work with an endocrinologist who like most, discourages NDT, when pharmacists believe it is no longer manufactured.

            We need as much current information as possible, because endocrinologists depend on standard tests and reliable pharmacies to test apples and apples, not oranges.

          • As someone who has being doing this for 16 years I can tell you that we have heard constant ridiculous things from pharmacists…

      • Sue says:

        Blue Cross Blue Shield will no longer cover NP thyroid. Just Levothyroxine not even Armour Thyroid.

  120. James says:

    Hello – First time commenter wanting to share my recent Nature Throid experience. I have been taking Synthroid 150 mcg since my total thyroidectomy 2 years ago due to a massive goiter. Struggled on Synthroid with 30 lb weight gain, low energy, low libido, etc. I decided to try a desiccated thyroid product and for the past 6 weeks have been on Nature Throid 97.5 mg. Initially felt better but gradually felt much worse with greatly increased fatigue and brain fog. Labs today revealed a TSH of 71.35 (up from 0.35 on the Synthroid). Free T4 was 0.4 ng/dLand Total T3 was 54 ng/dL, both below “range”. Endo won’t test for Free T3 for some reason. Endo is suggesting going back on Synthroid and adding Cytomel OR trying Armour 90mg. I’m wondering if anyone has an idea why my TSH went up so drastically on the Nature Throid? It’s made me nervous about trying another desiccated thyroid product. Thanks very much.

    • Hi James. Well first, 90 mg is probably severely underdosing you. Even your labs reveal that. When you do that, your TSH will go up and you will feel worse. Then when you have the problems people are having with Naturethroid being less effective, you have a double whammy. And Endo’s don’t understand any of this at all. They also tend to be TSH-obsessed as you raise, and you have to stand against that, as well.

      Also, it’s never about the total T3. It always needs to be the Free T3, which measures what is available and unbound, unlike the Total.

      Study this page on how we raise and what we look for to be optimal: Read it carefully, because you have to be informed to make NDT work.

      • P.S. NP Thyroid by Acella has proven to be cheaper than Armour, and a great brand.

        • shell says:

          Thanks Janie,
          Is there a page with ‘Ranges’ for labs? I read the Lab Work page & it says free t3 should be high range and ft4 midrange- but is there a chart that shows what the numbers in those ranges are? Thank you

          • No, some ranges are different based on the facilities, so there’s no “standard range”. But where we are even in different ranges is usually the same. So the Lab Values page still applies.

      • James says:

        Thanks for your thoughts, Janie. Very much appreciated. I am indeed considering a trial of NP Thyroid. I do have some concern about ingesting mineral oil on a daily basis, even a tiny amount. Perhaps I’m being overly cautious. I plan to call Acella and ask them about the source of their mineral oil. In the meantime I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about the safety of mineral oil in NP Thyroid? Thanks again!

  121. Renee says:

    Hey Janie, you don’t have to publish this if you don’t want to, but I just came across a job posting on Craigslist (posted 6 days ago on July 10) for warehouse,packaging and manufacturing workers for RLC labs!!!! I wanted to share it with you because I found it to be Interesting and possibly good news! The link to the entire posting is below.

    “Manufacturing Key Accountabilities include:
    • Responsible for weighing of raw materials following RLC Labs operating procedures
    • Responsible for the operation, general maintenance and cleaning of equipment
    • Match all labels/containers with batch orders prior to start-up
    • Follow/dispense formula(s) as required
    • Completion and reconciliation of batch records, work orders, testing and related manufacturing
    • Team player”

    The reason I am sending this to you is because it appears, from this posting, that RLC labs is actually moving forward!

    Also, RLC labs has a CURRENT manufacturing permit with the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy that expires in October of 2019. Their property address listed with the Board of Pharmacy for RLC labs is stated as 1850 E. Riverview Dr. Phoenix, Arizona. When I googled that address it came up as a company called Midstate Mechanical (they have a facebook page with what looks like interior construction pictures).

    I typed the address into google earth, and the name “Midstate Mechanical” is written on the front of the building. In the parking lot there looks to be lots of construction materials and debris and trucks. Looks like a lot of construction activity.

    RLC labs and Midstate Mechanical share the same physical address, however Midstate also has 1900 E. Riverview for an address as well. It may be possible that RLC labs bought the warehouse (or leased it?) from Midstate.

    In any case….I wanted to share it with you. It sounds like they are in the process of hiring a labor force for the warehouse.

    On a personal note, I’m doing well now on the Acella NP. It took a while to adjust things, but my numbers are good for me and I’m feeling well. I also added in a small dose of compounded testosterone cream (prescribed by my doctor), and I’m feeling quite well. My hair has finally stopped falling out!
    So, if and when RLC starts production again, I will likely not be switching back to WP (even though I loved it). It took almost a year, but I’m finally stabilized again and I don’t feel like messing around with another med change especially after hearing about the issues with the new batches of Nature-throid.

    • Julie Spears says:

      Good sleuthing, Renee. This information is something all of us hypothyroid people need to know, because our doctors, especially endocrinologists, are too overloaded with information, and we are lucky when we find an endocrinologist to work with us! Thank you!

      • Renee says:

        Thanks Julie! Since I posted that info, I have found other sites that are posting for various other positions for RLC labs. It doesn’t appear, or at least that’s my perception, that production of either med has happened yet. I am very curious to know where these “new” batches of nature-throid are actually coming from. I haven’t been able to find anything yet. If I do come across anything, I will let this site know. What I find weird is that we can find info about job postings and such online, but yet RLC labs posts absolutely nothing about this in their updates on their official page. Why wouldn’t they want to let us know that they are indeed moving forward?

    • Janet says:

      Renee, did you find that you needed to adjust your dosage higher with NP by Acella? I was also on WP Thyroid then prescribed Nature-throid as a replacement, but have been experiencing issues. I just started NP at what the naturopath said is an equivalent dose but feel it might be a little low.

      • Renee says:

        Hi Janet….Yes. I did need to go UP with a higher dosage of Acella NP. I was on 1 1/4 grains of WP and had to increase up to 2 grains of Acella NP. On the higher dosage of Acella, my last labs showed my TSH to be WAY low and totally out of range…if my doctor went by just that she would have lowered the dosage. Thankfully I have a great doctor who knows what she is doing. My free T3 is 3.5 pg/mL and my free T4 is 1.0 ng/dL. My doctor said she wants to see my T3 above 3.0, so she’s happy where I am now. Throughout this last year, I have managed to drop my TPO antibodies to 9 which, according to the lab I use, I am now in remission from Hashimoto’s.
        I also did some other things. I have been eating mostly paleo over the last two years, but I will indulge once in a while in some dairy or sugar. I take 200 mcg selenium per day along with 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 (I increase to 20,000 iu in the dark winter months) and 90mcg of Vitamin K2. I also take natural compounded oral progesterone and a low dosage of compounded testosterone cream (as I am premenopausal and having some hormonal imbalances). It took about a year of fiddling around with the meds and gaining weight, extreme body pain and joint pain and losing LOTS of hair, but I am FINALLY stable and feeling well. My hair has FINALLY stopped falling out!!!!!! I no longer cry in the shower as I watched handfuls of hair collect on the drain. I now also use morroconoil on my wet hair when I get out of the shower and it has helped tremendously with dryness. My hair is finally looking healthy again.
        I have decided that I will NOT be switching back to WP if and when RLC gets its act together. They have completely lost my trust in and respect for them. Plus, after all the complaints I’ve read about this “new” batch of nature-throid, I can only assume they will do the same thing to the WP.
        RLC seriously messed up in my opinion. They have lost me forever as a customer and I LOVED WP. I credited them for saving my life. But, NP is just fine for me now that I increased the dosage and made other lifestyle and supplement changes.
        I hope that helps! And thank you Janie for this website. You have been my “companion” in this awful WP shortage debacle. I have learned so much from this website. I am eternally grateful to you.

        • Hi Renee. I am so glad for you. 🙂 🙂 Yes we need that free T3 towards the top part of the range with a free T4 midrange. Both. That’s where people end up when optimal and has been observed for nearly 16 years now.

  122. Gail says:

    I have been feeling worse since receiving the Naturethroid from the new production. Just had my TSH level checked and it has changed dramatically. The test results show that I am not getting enough hormone. Have the fillers been changed? I used to take Armour until they changed the fillers and I was no longer able to absorb the hormone. Did RLC do the same thing?

    • Remember that though the TSH can worsen, it’s more about the free T3 and free T4. We don’t know what has changed…RLC has always been secretive. But something clearly changed. You might try just raising it until your free’s are optimal i.e. free T3 towards the top and free T4 midrange. If problems are still there, time to switch.

    • jean says:

      I also, have been taking naturethroid for about 3 years now and since jan/Feb 2018 it’s been downhill. Finally went in for a blood test in June be because I was so tired and my hair has been falling out. T3 and t4 were perfect in the normal range. But my tsh sky rocketed to a 9. I was absolutely shocked as I haven’t changed any eating, drinking, or exercise habits. 1 month later increased my dose, but I’m still not feeling right. Loved this product before had no problem till this year. Now what to do??? I just want to feel better like I used to and have my hair not fall out:(

  123. housemaid says:

    Just looked at the RLC website and they have a July 6th update saying that there is no new information about WP available and to “check back soon”. So two months since their last update and still no news. This is really cruel. There is no good reason why they couldn’t have made at least the 1 mg dose of WP instead of making all these different doses of Nature-throid first. People on Nature-throid could have cut up pills to come up with the right dose, but people on WP can’t tolerate the fillers and are left with nothing but NP. It is helping me some, but not like WP did. Why must all thyroid pill manufacturers put these fillers in when it is unnecessary? Do they not understand that many thyroid patients can’t digest pills with fillers? Is there any kind of enzyme I could take that would make my left over supply of Nature-throid work again?

  124. MICHELLE GRIMM says:

    Hi! I really need some guidance here – I’m a bit of a mess. I was on Naturethroid for past 6 yrs, dosage was at 2 grains. Shortage happened, could no longer get from my pharmacy. Didn’t think it would be a big deal and I switched to Armour dosage 120 mg. I’m now in overdose mode. gained weight, anxiety, completely exhausted. My T-3 free up to 5.4 My doc just found our local pharmacy can get me NT 1grain (she said to just take 2 pills) I’m seeing all the comments that everyone is having complications with the new product of NT. Not sure if I should get on a lower dose of Armour (?) or try going back to the NT ? Something needs to change fast, I feel like crap and can barely function somedays. Thanks everyone!

  125. Lori says:

    I wish I’d read this thread b/f going to my dr yesterday! Their office actually lists STTM as one of the main websites they refer us to when considering thyroid issues…I thought that was pretty cool. It’s on all the paperwork. 🙂 Anyhow, I am 53 yo, had a total hysterectomy 12/17 and knew my body would change and thought I was prepared for it. In 4/18 when my thyroid/antibody levels were checked, I was “raging hypothyroid” and Hashi’s. My doc was surprised b/c I’d been on NatureThroid for 3 years (since 3/15) and had been doing well. Now suddenly I couldn’t get out of bed, developed joint pain and gained flabby tummy and weight. She increased my NT from 1.5 to 2 grains and we tested again on 5.24.18–labs were better but TSH was still 7.39 so she added 50 mcg Levo–thinking that I need more T4. Within two weeks, I felt as though I’d turned a corner in these long months of depression. I woke up with energy and an actual desire to get out of bed. Seems the T4 made the difference for me. But now after reading about all the NT/WP discrepancies going on, I’m wondering if the problem wasn’t the Naturethroid the whole time! I already take LDN so now we’ve added levo to the mix and it seems to be doing the trick. 6.28.18 labs were TSH .0166, Ft3 4.2 and Ft4 1.05. (they use STTM ranges as well) Yesterday she reduced my levo to 25 mcg and we’ll go from here. Labs again in 6 weeks. So glad I checked out your site again.

    • Christine says:

      I also ran into this. My holistic dr tried adding in extra 25mcgs of synthroid on top of my Naturethroid and its helped some but I am still hypo so I am leaning towards trying compounded since there doesn’t seem to be any WP coming out any time soon. We were more just trying to see how I felt with the added t4 but I am still waiting on my Reverse T3 results to see if it is pooling or not. I think I am affected by fillers as well as dealing with cortisol issues and insulin resistance that was found in my saliva test. Its definitely all overwhelming and then to add to it theres either shortages on medicine or they change the formulas which doesn’t help!

      • The use of NDT is not about adding T4 to it, though. It’s about raising the NDT until optimal. But glad you are looking at the RT3. But high RT3 and pooling are two different things. One is the inactive hormone (RT3) going up, and usually due to inadequate iron first, inflammation second. The other is T3 going high and not getting to the cells. That is usually due to a cortisol issue.

        • Christine says:

          Yeah I definitely still have some issues to sort out and I think I may just try compounded. I only had a 30 day supply of Synthroid since we were just trying it so it wasn’t quite long enough to get a good read on labs but this was with 65mgs of Naturethroid split dosed and then 25mcgs of Synthroid in the morning. I hadn’t had anything since 3pm the day before and had labs drawn at 8am. I know usually its 4-6 weeks before drawing labs so these aren’t probably the most helpful. I also am waiting on the rest of my iron tests so that isn’t helpful yet either. Its definitely overwhelming but I’m trying to sort this out. 🙂
          TSH 1.7 (.3-4.2)
          FT3 3.3 (2.8-4.4)
          FT4 .9 (.9-1.7)
          RT3 15 (10-24)
          Vit D 27 (20-50)
          Iron, S 95 (35-145)
          Ferritin, S
          A1C 5.1 (4.2-5.6) – Ran due to insulin resistance showing up on saliva test

        • Sharon says:

          Hi Janie, I’m on NT 2 1/4 grains (about to switch to NP). I have graves (RAI) and Hashis. My iron is low- in range, but not optimal to STTM (Ferritin is high-out of range) Free t4=1.59 (0.82-1.77); free t3=3.6 (2.0-4.4); Reverse t3=33.3 (9.2-24.1) Super high! Any recommendations for lowering reverse t3? Raising iron? Lowering inflammation? Thank you!!!!!

  126. Lili says:

    Is there anyone feeling worse on NP Thyroid? I have been using NP Thyroid for about 2 years with great results, but have been going downhill with my two recent refills. I don’t know what to do, but I know for sure that I had the same symptoms when I was on the new erfa. The texture of the pills are not so soft anymore and they look shinier just like the new Erfa. The difference is so obvious when I compare the new pills with the older ones I saved from my other refills.

    • Would be a good idea to do your free T3 and free T4, plus RT3. You may need to tweak.

    • housemaid says:

      Lili, I was not on NP before, but I started it about 7 weeks ago. I had been on WP successfully, but I ran out and then started Nature-throid. NT did not work at all due to fillers. So I have been taking 3 grains of the NP and am having some success, but not nearly as much as on WP. I just noticed that I need to up my dose a little because the NP is only 60 mg per 1 grain instead of 65 mg like the WP. My supply of NP is about to run out and I am scared that you think the NP has changed. My pills are the soft and not very shiny ones that you describe as being the original. I hope that I don’t get some “new, improved” (NOT!) version of NP when I order again in a few days. It has been at least 10 months since WP has been available. I check their website every day. It is torture waiting to get my life back the way it was before I ran out of WP.

    • Amy says:

      I am so confused, so much information to absorb and try to discern. I know the NT is junk from personal experience, I’m dying over here….
      -What is the NP?
      -Westthroid worked for me, is it still okay?
      -Has all Armour been reformulated since Forest was bought out?
      -Has anyone ever bought Armour from Canada? It mentions being a synthetic version of the desiccated thyroid. What does that mean? UGH!
      -What about a med named Thyroid from Canada Manufactured by Erfa?
      I am desperate, slowly losing energy, hair and quickly putting on weight despite walking and working out… Wont get to see a new doctor for 2 months, I cant go that much longer without meds and my old new doctor is set on NT and hormone replacement for $3500 a year!!
      Thanks in advance.

      • NP is a brand of NDT by Acella.

        Westhroid is fine if you can find it.

        Armour was reformulated.

        Erfa in Canada is NOT synthetic.


        • Amy says:

          Thank you!! I will attempt to read and focus on the info you shared, my focus and memory are suffering greatly.
          What is your personal opinion of the ERFA product? Better than nothing?
          And we can get Westthroid where we are, just have to get in to a new doctor who will prescribe it, that is couple months off.

        • Kelly says:

          I have been taking Erfa for a number of years. It worked extremely well for me. Then a few months ago I noticed that the taste changed. It no longer had that distinct thyroid taste,but now there was a strong sugary taste. I noticed that my symps slowly began returning so I began taking more. I went from taking 1 grain to 3 grains and my symps wouldn’t go away. So I switched to Nature-Throid and my symps are still bad.(drained feeling,brittle nails,eyebrows stopped growing back are my major ones) Im only 10 lbs overweight.. I have to wonder if these companies are all lowering the amt of dessicated thyroid and not stating on the label causing all of us to question the formulas..I really don’t know what to do at this point.

          • Kelly, moving to Naturethroid was the worst decision. It’s now weaker than it used to be. NP Thyroid by Acella is a better choice.

          • Shell says:

            So Janie, I’m currently on Armour 120 because it’s all i can get for my dosage (was on NT 113) Would you recommend NP Thyroid by Acella? If so, is the dosing the same as either Armour or NT? My doc is CLUELESS about thyroid, but I can’t afford one of the specialist docs. I’ve no insurance.

          • Yes about NP. It’s been a good product. Yes about the dosing, but we always work to be optimal, which puts the free T3 towards the top part of the range and free T4 mid-range—both. And that’s with also having good iron and cortisol levels.

        • Michelle Grimm says:

          Hi Janie, I switched to ARmour about 4 months ago, about 6 weeks ago I crashed (felt like adrenals crashing) have gained 10 lbs, anxiety, overheated. My doc just found Naturethroid is available at our local pharmacy again and has called in script for me to change back. I was on 2 grain NT for 6 yrs, no problems. I started the ARmour 4 mos ago dosage was 120 mg. My T3 free is up to 5.4. I feel like crap, foggy-brain, can’t focus. Wondering if I should start 2 grain of NT right away and will it take awhile for symptoms to shift? Thank you for any insight!

    • Heather says:

      Yes, I’m experiencing the same thing. Was on WP until early winter 2017, then had to switch to NP. Did ok for a few months, but recently have been experiencing aches and pains I haven’t experienced in the past. Also experiencing mood swings. I recently went raw/vegan. I’m hoping this will heal me so that I can stop NDT’s all-together. I no longer trust them and I’ve NEVER trusted the pharmaceutical companies.

    • January says:

      I was also doing great until the Naturethroid reformulation. Now all my hypo symptoms have returned even though nothing in my life has changed except the medicine. I have gained 20 lbs in seven months in spite of healthy eating and plenty of exercise. My labs look normal and my iron levels are normal, too. Brain fog, joint aches, losing hair, dry skin, weak nails, NO energy, and itching skin with no rash. I am at my wit’s end with this issue.

  127. bruce says:

    Takes a LOT for me to believe some of the internet rumors , but I can tell you that I’ve been on 3 grains naturehthroid for 4 years and most recently have had these Horrendous crashes in the afternoon. Went to go get tested and ended up with a TSH of 5.6 , ft4 not in range low, and a Ft3 barely mid range. I keep increasing, but its not helping. This new stuff is GARBAGE! I googled switching to NP thyroid and found this site. I remember you janie from about 8 years ago, when you talked me into getting off of synthroid LOL nice seeing you again. Do you think switching to NP is an okay decision?

  128. Angie says:

    Has anyone here actually tried the Westminster brand of dessicated thyroid? I did some nominal research…small private LLC…short list of inactives…Looking for others’ experiences when taking it and whether or not it was easy to obtain…

    • Sylvia Langlinais says:

      I started taking NDT from Westminster two weeks ago. I get it from Walgreen’s. The 90mg I take is the same T4/T3 ratio as the 113.75 WP Thyroid. I switched from a compounded formula that made me breathless. I feel better already. I am giving it another two weeks before getting blood work.

      • Dana says:

        Hi Sylvia – I called Walgreens and they said they didn’t have Westminster Thyroid. May I ask which Walgreens you filled it through? Thank you!

      • Angie says:

        Hi Sylvia: Thanks for your reply…my CVS Pharmacy here in a VERY rural area has ordered the Westminster for me..I called this morning to check the status of the order and they had had to order it a 2nd time as it still had not arrived…I was due for a refill and was feeling so badly on the remains of my N-T that I switched to Armour until the Westminster arrived..Glad to hear you are doing well on it.. I’m encouraged and hopeful…the list of fillers is short and I’ve never had a problem with magnesium stearate (was also used in ERFA) am hoping that the Westminster will work for me also

      • Dana says:

        Update- I provided the Westminster NDC to my local Walgreens and they ordered it in with no problem and in fact said most other local Walgreens had it in stock. I’ll finish the last of my WP and begin Westminster next week. I’ll provide an update after a month or so.

        • Alexa says:

          Hi Dana, how are you doing on Westminster? Could you write an update how it works for you? I am looking for an NDT alternative as well because the “new” Naturethroid doesnt wirk for me. Thank you very much fir answering in advance

  129. Rebecca says:

    I loved the WP, but have now had to switch to Nature throid , I’m on 2 grains which I split am and afternoon. My last labs were ft4 0.8 and ft3 2.4, suppressed tsh. My naturopath is prescribing 5 mcg t3 to add every morning. I’ve read all the tips here, but still nervous. Should I just go to 1 grain and add the 5mcg t3 at first? Thanks in advance!

  130. Christine says:

    Hi Janie-
    I may end up trying a compounded T4/T3 medicine, my question is it seems you can get a synthetic T4/T3 or also a compounded T4/T3 that uses natural (porcine). I am guessing its still better to do the natural compounded but then there is also an option of immediate release or sustained release for the T3 portion (if I am understanding this correctly). I am working on treating a cortisol issue right now and am still hypo but having trouble raising my Naturethroid dose right now. I also feel crummy with my T4 as low as it is so I may try compounded for a higher T4 to T3 ratio and to see if its fillers I am having an issue with too and just was wondering your thoughts on T3 (sustained or immediate). Thank you!

    • Honestly, we have found that doing compounded NDT with sustained release to be redundant. T4 is basically a stained release thyroid hormone already! i.e. it will convert to T3 as your body needs that conversion. And since we take NDT twice a day, same with T3–no need for slow release, plus we want the bulk of it during the daytime.

  131. Rachel Murphy says:

    I was on armour & had bad side effects found out about WP & it was a life saver for me. I was switched almost a year ago to NP due to the back order & over time am inquiring bad migraines every single day. I had blood work done to see if it was a dosage issue but no blood work is normal. I have made several calls & no luck to get WP. I looked it up & found this. Can I ask if you have any idea when you will get the WP back? Can I have a compound pharmacy make this at all? I am desperate, as I am super sensitive to medications & the ONLY thing that I can tolerate is the WP. Thank you!

  132. Ryan P says:

    “full production” and yet here we are… a month later and no dosage is available again, not even the main 65mg dosage. No one has with a 50 mile radius. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, you name the pharmacy, they all chuckle when you ask about it and say “Yeah, no sorry, they went out of business.” So until I see otherwise, I’m going to assume that’s the case. There’s far too little info being released, they didn’t answer specifically what ingredient was on backorder for us to verify, and the FDA has no reports of them upgrading facilities, or switching addresses. Lie to me some more RLC.

  133. Jess says:

    Wow. I didn’t even know any of this was still going on. I quit this brand about 2 years ago because even back then it was turning into all the Armour reformulations all over again.

  134. Karen Williams says:

    I also am feeling awful on the new nature thyroid, my ft3 is only 2.8 ft4 .7 tsh 2.5. This really is life changing.

    • Leigha Vest says:

      Tried alot of the thyroid meds diagnosed Hashimotos 12 years ago, Armour,Westhroid,compounded t3/t4,tirosint Recently was on Synthroid 88(gained weight fat flabby stomach,dry skin,fatigue) for two years. Then had WP thyroid one grain one month loved it! Can’t get it! Now just switched started on NP thyroid 1grain only been on it one week. Problem is right when I wake up I feel good then I exercise one hour and after I feel dizzy and want to go back to bed then dizziness stays till about 3:00 and finally goes away but I have very heavy feeling limbs at times. Other than that I like the NP. Are the dizziness and heavy limbs just a temporary switch side effect? I have had issues with dizziness on reformulated Armour.

    • Angie says:

      I just got labs back…same for me…on 2 grains of N-T, my frees have been consistently around 1.0 (FT4) and 3.7 (FT3) HCUSA parameters…My Frees were .86 and 2.7 respectively…definitely something off…Reverse T3 about the same…not sure what I’m going to do at this point..

  135. My TSH was 6.21 in March of 2017 but my doctor wanted to “make sure” I had a problem before starting meds. It was 4.63 in April so she started me on .05 Levothyroxine. I switched to Armour 30 mg in February of this year and in March my TSH was 3.77. She had me add 2 pills a week. In April, I switched to Naturethroid (at my request). Before filling my first prescription for Naturethroid, I asked to be bumped up to 3/4 or 1 grain. She refused saying I still had a functioning thyroid and giving me too much would “kill it off”. (Is that true??) I’ve had my Free T4 checked twice. It was 0.9 in both March of 2017 and 2018. She won’t test Free T3 because she said it not accurate depending on stress, etc. I feel lousy! Can anyone tell me where to find the documentation to show where TSH goes low on NDT so that I can show her?

    • You have an incredibly lousy doctor, but here goes: And there is one of her colleagues, a doctor, who wrote the chapter on the TSH, saying basically the same thing, in the STTM II book:

      • Crystal says:

        Janie I am having the SAME problem! I am on 3 grains of Armour.I am trying to get a second opin at a bigger teaching hospital but so far has been rejected. I have your book but they reject anything out of there. I went to AACE website & got symptoms of HypoT of there for the dumba** Doc & it came to me AACE briefly mentions Armour thyroid says it hasn’t been studied very much. I was thinking (for all of us) to do is contact the FDA and ask them whether we are being under-Treated b/c the lab machines are calibrated to T4 only meds & not NDH? B/c All across the board you find that they come in with a lower TSH! Maybe the problem is calibration of the machines. I used to work in a blood bank and we had to calibrate the machines daily to a control &the control comes from the makers of the machines. What IF there is only a control for T4 only? I know TSH shouldn’t be the only thing used but AACE teaches them that!!! What if we all filed complaints with the FDA? They would have to do something like contact all labs & issue a statement that NDH are not calibrated for the machine and a WNL may show as a Low TSH?
        What do you think? Thanks Janie for all you do. I’m so tired of fighting these stupid endos! Oh and did you know Levo causes CA!?

        • It may be the worst thing to do to contact the FDA. They are not on our side…they have always been more on the side of the pharmaceuticals and their profits.

          There are actually no “lab machines”. Instead, the pharms use volunteers to test and thus create their ridiculous ranges…and they have no clue that they are clearly using volunteers with thyroid or other issues…all the latter which make “normal” ranges as normal for people who are sick, not those who are doing well.

  136. P. Susan says:

    Is anyone happy with the generic Cytomel ( liothyronine sodium)? I’ve added Cytomel back in since the “new” Naturethroid left me with horrible overall body joint pain. I’m looking to switch to the generic Cytomel if you all say it’s just as effective. Thanks!

    • Did you not try raising the new Naturethroid? That may have done the trick. Otherwise, yes, people are happy with the generics if they understand what to look for with lab work.

  137. Bob says:

    Here is somthing that i found helps my underactive thryroid. I take MCT oil and it has helped a lot, gives me more energy and i do not have to take as much thyroid meds as i used to. Try it it works. Just do not take the oil on an empt stomach without eating food first.

  138. Julia Howes says:

    I was on Synthroid for yrs.,terrible side affects,then went on Armour & felt great! Formula changed in U.S., not working, got it from Canada,doing great! Formula changed, not working. Then took Naturoid, from Pharmacy in Arizona. Doing good but not as good as oringinal Armour, then started having side affects & feeling yucky. Turns out reformulated. Did not smell like usual. My bottle looked different too. Instead of see through brown generic little bottle, it was bigger solid white, with professional printed labeling on front but the Pharmacy’s plastered label over the complete ingredient portion. I decided to peel away the Pharmacy pasted label back & whoa! What a big surprise! NO dissicated product at ALL! Main ingredient was Lexvothrine, the ARTIFiCIAL or Syntheic thyroid medicine! I call Ed the Pharmacist & he said that it has always been that way! Said if I was having side affects to go back to my doctor & have him give me meds for them! He said their product was NOT different! So, I stopped taking Naturoid & started on Thyrogold & wow! All of my bad side affects went away! I actually lost weight & lost all of my bloated ness! My muscles & bones did not hurt anymore, my hair was falling out on Naturoid too. But now doing good. My skin was horrible on it , so dry & thick or hardened looking but now so soft & subtle. Stopped feeling sluggish & kind of depressed. . I am now working on proper dose I need but feel great again!

    • Judith Auerbach says:

      Hi, Julia,
      I had tried the Thyrogold also and at first it seemed to be working but lately I’ve had reactions What strength have you been taking?


    • Marilyn Borley says:

      I looked into Thyro Gold and wonder why on earth it is made from cows according to this article.

      • Because bovine works, too.

        • Amy Campbell says:

          I have only taken Armour/Westhroid, I’m not sure what NP, WP or Thyro-gold are. However, after almost 12 years on Arm/West I am miserable on Naturethroid. My doc of 11 yrs retired, greedy doctor who took over is changing things for the worsethe Naturethroid, and pushing hormone therapy on everyone… NO!! I have been on 3 gr of West since Oct. 2015 now on the naturethroid, cant stop gaining weight and my hair is thinning again! I have literally worked my rear off to lose weight and keep it off, to have this happen. Working out, eating right, walking and still I am back to gaining ounces daily. The doc who took over is sticking with naturethroid… I have to find a solution fast, I cannot afford to buy a new wardrobe or keep having brain fog and fatigue. Advice would be greatly appreciated. How is everyone getting this thyroid? Do I have to obtain a prescription? I am cash pay, no insurance.
          I am Native American, I have my tribal card but I have never used those benefits. Worried I am not going to get my West or Armour back and I am ready to cry, actually I have cried. My doc is not listening. HELP, please and thank you!!

    • housemaid says:

      Julia, you say some pharmacy in Arizona was giving you Naturoid and it was not dessicated thyroid but synthetic. Are you misspelling Nature-throid or is this Naturoid something that a compounding pharmacy has come up with? As far as I know there is no commercial thyroid called Naturoid. The ingredient in Synthroid is levothyroxine (T4). The same ingredient is listed on my old bottle of Nature-throid. However, the Nature-throid also lists T3 (liothyronine). Unmentioned on the Nature-throid label but still present are T1 and T2. So I guess the T4 in both the synthetic and the dessicated is called the same on the label, although one is man-made and one is from pigs. If the label of the drug you got did not list T3, then maybe a compounding pharmacy was making up something which had a similar sounding name to Nature-throid, but was really just cheap synthetic T4 and trying to pass it off as dessicated thyroid to fool people.

  139. joyce martino says:

    I am getting a new 100 tabs of 2 grains NT.. Santa Monica Homeopathic in Santa Monica has been able to fill scripts as they had a good supply when they knew about the RLC issue.

    Has the formula been changed and has the price increased. thanks.

  140. housemaid says:

    What does “a few more months” mean in regard to making WP again? Two months, five, seven, what?! I had already gained 30 lb. in a couple of months on my old bottle of Nature-throid that I found after running out of WP. I needed a cane to walk and was looking into wigs, so I quit thyroid altogether for a couple of weeks. Although my joint/tendon pains got better off Nature-throid, I gained 5 lb in one week. My legs felt like dough. I fell for a phishing scam even though I am normally the most skeptical of people.

    In desperation I decided to try NP because it doesn’t have the cellulose, but local pharmacies only had ten 60 mg tablets here and 20 tablets there. I had been on 3 grains of WP, so that wasn’t much help. They told me there was a shortage of NP, too, and they couldn’t order me more. I got the NP from a mail order pharmacy, but had to pay $150 for 2 months worth. They said the 180 60 mg pills I ordered was half their supply. Only been on NP a couple of days. Surprised it is so small and sweet. Dissolves under tongue, not chalky at all. It did get my temp up to 98.6, so far so good. Anybody know a mail order pharmacy with good prices and supply of NP? I live in a small town with no Costco, no Target.

    • Starr D. says:

      Can you possibly try Sam’s Club? (you don’t have to be a member to get medicine from there.)
      I’m in Southern California, and they’ve always been able to get NP for me, since I was forced to
      switch due to the WP shortage. Maybe wherever you are, they could get it for you, too. Not sure
      if you can order prescriptions by mail from them, but you might look into this, as an option.

    • Carolyn Yost says:

      I tried taking NP under the tongue and found I did not absorb as much as if I took it and swallowed it.

  141. Jim Martin says:

    NO WP to be had anywhere I’ve checked in Southern Oregon…Very frustrating, so similar to the Armour baloney of years ago when a company says everything is fine when it is FAR from it.

  142. Amy says:

    My experience – Naturethroid potency feels the same. I was feeling hypo but my meds were expired, I feel so much better & back to normal on “fresh” meds. Nature-throid is 2.8x less expensive than NP & Armour in my area. I hope they get their act together as I do not want to switch meds.

  143. Red says:

    I was pretty stable on Nature-Throid for 2 years, and my hormones (FT3/TF4) look good on 3,5 grain. In the beginning of March I received the new batch of Nature-Throid. It was expensive to buy the only available strenght, 1 grain, and have it shipped here but I thought on 3,5 grain I would have enough for at least 10 months. It cost me $400.- I just started taking it like I always do, like I have done for years and thought nothing of it. After 2 weeks I felt completely woozy, miserable and constipated, it was awful. Because my mind wasn’t at home thanks to the new Nature-Throid formula, it took me a while to realise that my meds were the cause of my sudden illness. I still had 2 bottles with an expiration date in 2019 (new batch is 2021). I started taking the 2019 pills in 3,5 grain again and I rapidly felt like myself again. For the last month and a half I’ve been fine. Obviously my 2019 stock won’t last much longer. I don’t know what to do. Nobody seems to know by how much you should adapt your dosage with these new pills. I agree that this is proving every NDT critic right. It’s a very stressful period in my life right now, my partner who was always healthy as a horse was hospitalized 2 weeks ago, I have a job, we need to move and I can’t just check out of my life again and spend a couple of months in bed or in la-la-land again because some lab decided that my trusted pills should be changed, just like that. My body sucks enough as it is without me having to search for another optimal dose for god knows how long. I hate this and I really, really blame RLC labs for changing the formula. This new stuff is unstable and does NOT contain the same potency. Money is tight right now, and I thought I was covered for this year, but thanks to RLC Labs, I will have to invest in new labs, and new trips to a doctor to get a subscription for a European brand, which I then will have to pay for because only Synthroid is covered, of course. And then 400 dollars of meds will just lie around in my drawer. It’s laughable that RLC labs writes about how affordable they want to be. Well guess what, if you water down the potency that much everyone might as well switch to Armour because down the line it will probably cost the same.

    Does anyone know how much 3,5 grains in 2019 Nature-Throid is in pills with the 2021 experation date? 4 grain? 5? Experiences here seem to differ a lot, with some even claiming the new batch isn’t weaker but stronger. How come?

    I do chronically have problems with anemia (I’m 29 y/o, have been hypo since I was 25), low cortisol, low vitamin D, high RT3 and never-ending colds, so I might consider switching to Cytomel right away. I don’t have Hashi’s, I just checked anti-TPO again. My new doc thinks that my original TSH of 11,5 on a scale of 0,4-4 was not actually caused by the thyroid itself and almost fell of his chair when I told him I was taking 3,5 grains daily, claiming that was an insane amount of thyroid hormones. So here we go again. I can’t properly express how sick and tired I am of the whole freaking circus that follows when Synthroid does not fix. I’m supposed to start making babies in a year or so and it’s my duty to fix this body before I get pregnant so I don’t mess up the future kids before they are even born. Now that Nature-Throid changed the formula, I don’t even know where to start. I hope the guy in charge of changing the formula and lying about it steps on a little sharp LEGO block in a dark room in the middle of the night.

    • Renee says:

      “I hope the guy in charge of changing the formula and lying about it steps on a little sharp LEGO block in a dark room in the middle of the night”. Oh Red….your comment made me laugh out loud! I couldn’t have said it better. That was hilarious!

      What is not hilarious is your story. I am so sorry to hear about what you’ve had to go through, and that you partner has been so ill. This has been a nightmare for so many people. I just wonder what the CEO and executives at RLC labs are thinking. Are they happy with themselves for what they have allowed to happen to so many people who depended on their products for their health? Do they even care at all about the people or has profit become the bottom line like it has with so many other companies?

      I had been on Synthroid for many years and was extremely ill on it. I finally found WP and was doing great for the first time in 20 years of being constantly sick. Then when WP went on back order I got switched to Nature-throid. I got sick on Nature-throid, so I switched to Acella NP. Although NP is okay, I have had to increase my dosage and my T3 and T4 are way too low and my TSH is out of range and indicates that I am actually taking too MUCH medication when in reality I am not taking enough. ARGH!!!! Thank goodness I have a doctor who doesn’t just rely on TSH testing or I would be in a world of trouble. In any case, I have felt like my life has been on hold since last fall when RLC stopped production on WP (the only med that truly worked for me). Since then my life has become focused on my disease again, and I have struggled to find a medication and the right dosage for me. The people at the place where I get blood drawn know me by name now because I’m there practically every month or so (not something I’m proud of!). I, like so many others I’m sure, agree with you that we cannot properly express how sick and tired we are of this mess that RLC has created.

      I cannot help but think (i certainly have NO proof) that this whole scenario was meticulously planned out and executed by them. They knew exactly what they were doing and they knew exactly what the effects would be. I think they planned to create an artificial shortage knowing full well that it would cause chaos and wreak havoc in people’s lives. Then when they finally start up production again when people are truly desperate, their pills will be less effective so you need more and they will eventually raise the price to make more profit. And on top of that, I’m sure big pharma is going to have a field day with this and push synthroid even more on us. We will probably see more synthetic thyroid meds being produced in the future as “reliable solutions” to the unreliable NDTs. I can imagine that we may even see that insurance companies will decide to no longer cover any NDTs in the future and we will have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket for our medication that may or may not work or be forced to take big pharma synthetic drugs. WP thyroid was great for me and a lot of people loved the old Nature-throid. After 20 years of being sick, I finally found something that worked and made me well again, and then BOOM….it was abruptly taken away with no notice, and who knows IF or when it will return. And IF and when it does return, who knows IF the recipe will be different. My guess is that it will not be the same as it was before the shortage.

      I hope that you are able to find a dosage of the new med that works for you. Thyroid disease is awful. It interferes with your entire life and impacts everything from work to personal relationships. I am sending you and everyone out there who is struggling, my best thoughts and wishes.

      And…….May your LEGO curse come to fruition!

    • Belinda says:

      My naturopath told me to double my dose of the crappy stuff, and I started feeling the beginnings of normal after about 5 days. I chew it up and hold it under my tongue for several minutes before swallowing. Also, I was able to find some 2 grain NatureThroid with the 2019 expiration at WalMart. You can call around to various pharmacies to see what strengths they might have with the 2019 expiration.

  144. Ann says:

    I have been on Nature-throid for over a year now with much anxiety trying to locate proper strengths . I just went to my doctor who said she would like me to switch to NP Throid as she said she found out that the makers of nature throid are sourcing from China. Has anyone heard anything regarding this issue? And should this be a problem if they are??

    • Amy says:

      No, you’re not the only one. I asked my doctor why I have progressively started felt worse the last 6 months. I have felt great since I started Armour/Westhroid in May 2006. Started on the naturethroid right before the shortage. I am back to feeling stressed, sluggish, hair thinning, moody, dry skin and I have slowly put back on 30 lbs., this is despite eating healthy (low carb) as I have for 11 years keeping the weight off, exercising and walking. My doctor dismissed my suspicions that the thyroid may be off. I take so much they prefer I take it in 2 separate doses 3-4 hours apart. This is because when I take the full 3 at one time I can get heart palpitations. I started 3 weeks ago taking the full 3 all at once, not one sign of any palpitations. I became curious when I realized a few months ago I can no longer smell the distinct meaty smell of the thyroid in the middle of the night when I take my first dose. That is how I always knew I had the right pill bottle, the smell when I opened it. Now it smells like glue to me. What is going on? I am desperate to find an answer, that is how I found this blog. searching for answers. No matter what I do the scale goes up, its making me miserable and I cant afford to buy a whole new wardrobe…. at this rate, I am about to give up on this doctor. I cant pay over $100 a month to see them while not feeling any better and constantly gaining weight. =(
      Best of luck to you.

  145. Sandy Budzik says:

    I can’t be the only one that has found the new NatureThroid not as strong as previous one. It looks different and it tastes different. Was optimal for several years with NT until I began taking new NT but have had to increase almost 1 grain to feel the same as before. Will be doing labs soon but don’t need labs to tell me I’m not taking enough NT. I’ve sent notes to RLC about this but have never had response. It really makes me furious that a company would do this. Unfortunately, this just feeds the fire for the Synthroid pushers that NDT is unreliable because it’s never the same formula.

  146. Amy says:

    I always liked Nature-throid and having just got a fresh batch of it I feel better already. I cannot entirely blame the company but I was taking long expired meds and clearly they had lost potency.

    I just got a prescription for NP Acella after some struggle with local pharmacies and bugging my doctor…but I was not prepared for the price tag. Ouch.

    Nature throid for a month was $20….NP Acella is $70!!!! Just a tiny bit cheaper than Armour. This is awful, I have to pay out of pocket – this is simply too much.

    If I need an slight increase on Acella as my doc suspects this will put me at $87/month….FROM $20.49.

    I have to pay out of pocket…this isn’t going to work for me 🙁

    This whole situation makes me sick, I want to stay with Nature-throid and I’m in an impossible situation.

  147. Crystal says:

    Personally I think this is a load of garbage! Ask yourselves how a company can afford to relocate, open a new manufacturing plant, stop production of ALL its products (the great majority for a year or more) and then expect to survive? Either their Finance Executive needs to be fired or something is very wrong here. Id love to see a copy of this company’s accounts. How are they paying their employees with NO income or very little from the few doses that have only just started to filter through?
    I suspect that they are reducing their output and waiting for revenue to improve before they can afford to start producing other doses and WP. They have obviously only started to produce the doses that make the most money.
    If this had been a planned operation they would have stock piled all doses of both brands to see them over the disruption of a genuine manufacturing shutdown due to relocation – I mean why would you bite the hand that feeds you????
    Now they are alienating people and losing customers hand over fist, many of which will not come back. If they had no problem with manufacturing their products why cant they just start producing at least limited stock of all doses and WP?
    This has all the hallmarks of a financial crisis with a company either in denial or trying to regroup in the hope they will have something left to salvage.
    Personally, I gave up long ago and accepted that WP was not going to return and certainly not any time soon or in its last form before it was stopped. The sad thing is that this company is either in denial, has no morals or conscience and is prepared to risk the health and lives of so many people by not warning them of what was about to happen to their medication a year ago.
    On principle I would never give them my business now, because id never trust them again.

  148. Margaret says:

    I’m on Naturethroid 2 grains, just got my lab results back and they’ve improved from my labs 2 months ago. The new Naturethroid seems to be working fine for me…very grateful! I hope others who aren’t doing well, see improvements very soon.

  149. Katrina says:

    On NAturethroid, prior to shortage I felt great, numbers were good and symptoms subsiding and weight melting. Then the shortage shoved me to NP and I don’t feel great, joints aching, hair falling out, weight back on. Labs show TSH fine, T3 mid range, T4 number is lower than range so suggesting I’m on too much. Cortisol doubled. Extremely stressful life these past months. Doctor thinks it could be high from stress. Either way things aren’t working like they did o NAturethroid. Wish I could get back to what it was before shortage.

  150. Carol says:

    Thank you for this great information. My daughter took Armour for years and our pharmacy switched one year ago to Naturethroid. Since then and without realizing a possible connection, she has developed both high cortisol and anemia. She has no adrenal or pituitary tumor and has never taken steroids or The Pill – thus finding no cause for her high cortisol so is being diagnosed as “sub – clinical” cushings and they want to start her on a new med called Korlym which leads to other meds (and lots of side effects) and starts a long and vicious cycle. Please explain further about your statement at the bottom of this page where you state: “Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing. Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.” – what is 1 or 2? I did read the link about cortisol problems and/or iron issue.
    Thank you

    • 1 or 2 are these:

      1) The amount that did you well on Naturethroid or WP may be a different amount with another brand. REDO YOUR FREE T3 and FREE T4 and see how you stand after being on the different brand a few weeks, because you may need to tweak. Optimal puts the free T3 toward the top along with a free T4 mid-range.
      2) Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing.

      Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.

      • Marg says:

        Been on NP since it first hit the market. I sang its praises, fought to stay on it when doctors told me I was hyper–uh, no, they prefer you stay hypo. So now my daughter is on NP. Also loved it. Until recently when we noticed we felt it wasn’t as potent, didn’t smell as good, and now we are both itchy. Body itching. When they first came out, I don’t recall seeing maltodextrin as an ingredient. It causes itching, and stomach pain and we avoid it. So what is going on? Is NP failing us? If we can’t take this, we are doomed.

        • Carrie says:

          I just started taking NP and called the factory to make sure that maltodextrin was no longer in it, as I am allergic to it. I was told it has been taken out and that there should no longer be any containing it available. The pharmacist also assured me that it was not listed on the box as an ingredient. I have not had the maltodextrin reaction so I feel confident that it is no longer in NP.

  151. V says:

    I would have to say that they are blowing smoke. Honestly, I am disgusted with how they have handled the situation. I was perfect on WP. Now I have to take double the Nature Throid and I can definitely verify they changed something. I used to have anaphylactic allergic reaction to NT. Now, I can take it without a problem other than incredible inconsistency from day to day. I fully expect WP to have MCT (coconut oil) removed as the shortages just *happened* when the AMA demonized coconut oil again. I don’t trust a word they say. I have checked a website for employees to anonymously report the quality of their job. Pre 2017 RLC was considered excellent. Starting in Jan/Feb of 2017 they have bad reviews and angry former or current employees. That speaks volumes. I am being treated for SAI, iron etc. In fact, 65 mg of NT is on back order AGAIN this week with no projected availability. My physician is a great doctor and my pharmacy is a great pharmacy. (Please don’t demonize all pharmacists. As with doctors, there are good ones and bad ones.) In fact, Synthroid is manufactured in Puerto Rico and there has been a shortage of synthetic thyroxine as well. This could be where the confusion comes in. And RLC Labs have done NOTHING to assure it’s clients. I am angry beyond words because I rely on NDT to live. No thyroid means death for so many unless we get our life saving medication. I have tried NP in the past when it was first out with more disastrous results. I haven’t tried it recently and it takes a good 3-6 months just to feel good again. But I am considering trying it because I no longer have any faith in RLC. Don’t ask me to be patient when I could be dead. (Thank you for letting us express our thoughts.)

    • Hi V. If you move over to NP, remember to do your free T3 and free T4 after a few weeks, then tweak if necessary. Though some people end up on the same amount brand-to-brand, others do not and need to tweak. NP is a good product.

      • V says:

        It is now almost July 31st, 2018. All strengths of Nature Throid have disappeared again. I stayed on NT and I am feeling worse and worse. My doctor is giving me samples of Acella NP this week. I am reading that people are now having trouble with NP?! No thyroid, can’t take synthetics, I don’t believe RLC anymore. I am scared to try NP again. No insurance means I cannot afford testing and my doctor only does testing when absolutely necessary. I have been bleeding heavily off and on all month on NT. Severe left hip pain and severe muscle stiffness. On Cortef 7.5 mgs for cortisol and iron every other day unless bleeding, then every day for 2 weeks. I am doing all the right things and so is my doctor. Can anyone help me with now having to switch to Acella NP? Good experiences from those without a thyroid? Feeling better switching to NP from NT? Janie? Anyone?

        Also, as an aside AVOID THESE SO-CALLED DOCTORS. Omg.

        • No, people are not having trouble with NP as if it’s problematic. People who report that fail to understand the iron and cortisol factor, or stay on too low a dose and have problems…then blame NP. NP has been working wonderful.

          • V says:

            Thank you, Janie! I am to start with 4 grains (2 g am/ 2 g pm) of Acella NP tomorrow. A bit nervous about how high, but that’s approximately what I was on with NT. We shall see. Thank you so very much for your hard work!

          • You might want to start a little lower, such as 3 grains, just in case. Then tweak if needed from info from labs.

  152. Susan says:

    I cannot recommend NP Thyroid (Acella) enough. I switched from Armour to NP Thyroid because the price was much better and could not believe what a superior product NP Thyroid is. Sublingual works much better for me even though I have excellent digestion. What insurance covers NDT? I have not found any insurance that does and am okay with paying cash. I’m on Medicare and refused the drug insurance because it is very expensive and does not cover NDT, and the NDT is the only thing I take that has a significant cost.

    • Sandy Budzik says:

      Just FYI I am on Medicare and have prescription drug plan that costs $25.60 a month from SilverScript. I take a lot of pills for chronic diseases so it is worth it.

      • Carlo says:

        I’ve had my best results on NP Thyroid. I’ve found the best pricing and consistent supply at WalMart. And even though I have drug coverage through work, I’ve saved more money using the the free app, GoodRX, that will not only show you the best pricing in your area for your meds but also any applicable GoodRX discount. Using GoodRX, I pay half the price versus what my work coverage charges.

  153. Dee says:

    I’m in Canada so not on Nature Throid nor WP, but have gone through the new ERFA fiasco, and have not been on any ndt for almost two years now because of intolerance to it. I’m beginning to think after reading the comments here, that the problem might be with the actual thyroid hormone itself that these companies are using for the base hormone in their products. So, could be something in the hormone itself that is circulating through the system? Could it be that cellulose has been added to the actual hormone all of these companies are using now? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

    • Dee, there are actually two topics to comment on in your post. First is about your “intolerance”. That can be more about you having inadequate iron and/or a cortisol problem, which any NDT will reveal. This page explains:

      As far as the actual powdered thyroid, it is odd that whenever any NDT is “changed” in any way, out come legitimate complaints due to clear changes. Doubt it’s cellulose. But who knows what is going on.

      • Dee says:

        Thanks Janie. I’ve been posting on both of your blogs about new ERFA and I’m one of those people who actually has an allergic reaction to new ERFA. I would switch back to my old (and long gone) stock of old ERFA, and would tolerate it great. The new ERFA caused all sorts of almost instantaneous allergic reactions. I go back and forth thinking it could be the hormone, itself, to the change being about different ingredients. Right – who knows? 🙁

  154. Marilyn Y Wallace says:

    I have been able to get Naturethroid all along between a couple pharmacies. About a month ago I became symptomatic. My son, also on it, had elevated numbers at his latest endo apt. We also see an acupuncturist that muscle tests and results are neither of us can tolerate naturethroid now. I have an one pill of the old kind and am going to take it by the acupuncturist to muscle test that one. I know what we will find, it is good. We have been on it for years with no problems. Now we are a mess. Infuriating because it takes so long to level out again. I know they messed with the fillers. Probably need to make a move to NP or armour. NP fillers are not great- mineral oil! and dextrose (probably corn).

  155. ANITA says:

    I have to agree, I believe the formula for nature thyroid has changed in some way. My labs have been unstable sense the meds have been back in production. My dose has changed from 1gr. to now 2 and my T-4 and T-3 are low while my TSH levels are normal. I wish I did not have to take this crap. I believe this is why we are all sick.

  156. Carmen Badeau says:

    I’m doing just as well on the new production of Nture-Throid. However, my dosage is 81.25 mg (or 1 1/4 grain). And I see that they aren’t releasing that dosage just yet. So I have to have two prescriptions, a 1 grain and a 1/2 grain. Then I have to split the 1/2 grain so I can get my proper dosage. It’s a pain, but I have loved Nature-Throid so much that I am will do do whatever I can to get my dosage! My weight stays consistent to my optimal weight, my energy level is good! I hope I never have to change! Maybe soon they’ll release my dosage! I hope!

  157. M says:

    This was so poorly handled I do not think I will ever go back to using their products. To suddenly have your thyroid medication that you depend on to live unavailable with no ETA does not have a word. Frustrating simply does not describe the fallout my health went through after switching to Armour. After surviving thyroid cancer, and now depending entirely on thyroid medication post thyroidectomy, this situation and how it was managed is beyond flawed.

    • JANIS says:

      Naturethroid has always worked for me. I have had doctors try add synthetic T-3 or Armour – nothing agrees with me more than the Naturethroid so when it became unavailable I had to do a lot of work to find it. I needed to be persistent. I contacted RLC Labs and they explained what was going on and gave me the names of pharmacies that still had stock (only 1 gr was available). They didn’t take insurance and I had to pay for shipping, but only one time. It started to be available in Seattle again.

  158. Lisa P says:

    Is there somewhere folks can share their experiences with taking non-prescription brands of Thyroid hormone such as ThyroGold or others? I am considering one called T150 by Xymogen which my Nurse Practitioner helped her feel better than even WP as she is highly sensitive to the fillers. Thank you.

    • Can tell you that patients report doing quite well on the OTC versions of NDT like Thyrogold. But an FYI; the product you are considering contains a lot of other ingredients which you’ll be raising as you raise the product to find your optimal amount. So it’s up to you. We tend to prefer those products which are JUST the desiccated thyroid.

      • Lisa P says:

        Excellent point, Janie. Thank you for pointing that out! FWIW, the T150 has probably the least of other ingredients in it. They make a separate product for mineral support for thyroid. I will consider that. And check out the NP.

  159. Carolyn says:

    The new Nature Throid did not work for me. The silver lining is that I feel better on NP that I ever felt on Nature Throid. I’ll never go back. Also, I did not appreciate feeling like a junkie trying to track down a fix when Nature Throid went off the shelves without notice or a plan by the manufacturer.

  160. Betty White says:

    I was on the 113 and doing fine. All tests was good and tsh was just a little low. I started to take the new pills, 65, 32, and quarter of the 65. Wow what a difference. I felt horrible and my tsh went from just little over to the low to a very very high tsh. I may let the Doctor try me on the 130 that is coming out for 30 days, but if it is not working than going to try the NP

  161. Tammy says:

    When my pharmacist advised me there was no Naturethroid to dispense I switched to Armour. Initially I felt ok but after 6 months all of my symptoms returned and I felt horrible. I was able to get Naturethroid this week and it’s a dramatic and immediate difference! I appreciate the explanations and their care in making a great product. And I am relieved to feel better!

  162. Rachel Johnson says:

    I went from Naturethroid to WP Thyroid then back to Naturethroid when I was unable to obtain WP anymore and my thyroid crashed in Jan on Naturethroid. I do not believe they have not changed or reformulated. What would cause my TSH to raise over 20 and my T4 to drop to .54 on the same dose through out this whole ordeal??? I have sent a sample of the old Naturethroid with the new Naturethroid to a lab for eval. This company is gambling with peoples lives.

    • Sandy Budzik says:

      I am really interested to see what lab says because I have had same problem and am gradually increasing my dosage.

  163. Ellen weir says:

    Thank you. Has the formula of naturethroid changed since they closed their facility? Has there been a before and after test. My adrenals crashed after it became available. On HC but am thinking of compounded. Went through the armour nightmare in 90’s. Ellen

  164. Marilyn says:

    This was very poorly handled. Leaving customers uninformed about a medicine on which their lives depend is beyond inconsiderate. I don’t want to trust them again. I can’t get any of the natural thyroid meds in my town, except Armour. But after their reformulation a few years back, it no longer worked for me (not to mention the obscene price increase!). Wish there were more options.

  165. Dianne Long says:

    I have been on Armour for years and returned to it when I could not obtain WP or NatureThroid.. My doctor understands that I will not use synthetics. I will check in with the manufacturer and see what happens. My pharmacy orders go through the Tricare system. There will be a copay on this (there always is), but that is nothing when I consider my health. Thank you for bringing us up-to-date!

  166. Meg says:

    Thank you so much for the update! I am fortunate to still be using my stockpile of WP. I always kept my script for the highest dose, because WP works for me. I didn’t want to get stuck with a mainstream doc who wanted me on synthroid. I am down to my last bottle, and am thrilled to hear that production is picking up! I just spoke with my pharmacist, and he was going to contact my doc about switching to naturethroid for the time being. This gives me hope that WP will be back in all it’s glory soon!

  167. Dean says:

    Want to thank you again for recommending NP Thyroid. With the passing of every week I am feeling better.

  168. Cortney says:

    They did a poor job with how this was all handled. Makes me nervous to use the company again… I am a wp thyroid gal as fillers just bother me bad and even have heart races. Palos, yukky anxiety list goes on… I tried nature thyroid n nope didn’t work… sadly do Iis what I need n o no now many of us r unhappy with the company y but have to use it..
    MY WORRY IS ONCE WP BECOMES AVAIL PPL WILL STOCK PILE IT.. I WISH for me i could use other kinds but I cant…
    This has been a extremely scary n hard time since the shortage and pray for everyone dealing with serious issued like I’m dealing with.
    I just pray nightly they get wp back on the shelves asap… seems like this has been a super loong time, and I’m afraid by time it is avail will be a year as Oct will be here before we knownit and that will be a year for me….
    Hugs to u all… let’s keep praying they get this on the market …
    Hugs n prayers to all the wp thyroid users like me who HAVE NO CHOICE, BC OF FILLERS…
    Ps. I think so jus

    • Judith Auerbach says:

      I agree with you, Cortney , that it has been handled badly and this message by them is hardly an “update”. It’s exactly the same thing they have been saying all along which gives no indication as to when WP Thyroid will become available and, like you, I have no choice because of the fillers in other products. I have been using ThyroGold in the interim, which seems to be working OK.

    • Lori says:

      How do people stockpile a prescription??? I totally agree with you on the comments about the company. I took Naturethroid for a few years. The last year I was on it I noticed a difference in the pill. I always thought it tasted peanutty and then that went away and I felt worse. Since January, I’ve been on Thyrovanz.

  169. Kathy says:

    This letter to me is too little too late. I’ve already switched to NP and it has made a big improvement in my health. I feel that they could’ve done a better job keeping us informed and for that I think they will continue to lose customers. I really can’t trust them.

    • Amy says:

      I, too, had to switch to NP Thyroid and am feeling fine. I didn’t really notice much difference in the two (except that I was unable to obtain Nature Throid).

      • Niki says:

        Nature throid is available through dca pharmacy. I have to get them mailed to me but at least they are available

  170. Nadia says:

    I also heard that the ingredients are not the same. Hence everyone not feeling the same.
    Please advise.

    • Natalie says:

      Since the Nature Throid is back in stock and I started taking it… They have had to up my dose. I feel like the formula has to be different. I never went off nature throid because I had enough stockpiled at home that I didn’t have to switch to anything. But as soon as getting the nature throid back in March when it became available again in the pharmacies, I have felt like crap. Went and got labs and my TSH was 30!!!! WTH. Have done nothing else different. I feel that something has to be different with the product since returning to the market. Anyone else have this issue?

      • Betty White says:

        Same here. I was horrible on the new meds. I don’t care what they say. They may have changed the fillers.

        • Christine says:

          I unfortunately don’t know what the old formula was like because I have only more recently started taking it. My first NDT was NP Thyroid but I ended up switching as I didn’t feel very good on that either and Naturethroid had more dosing options so thats what I have been trying. Naturethroid is also half the cost for me versus NP. I am waiting for my saliva results as I still don’t feel well and having awful symptoms with my stomach being upset/bloated etc. I was really hoping to try WP when it comes back but if everyone is thinking they changed the formula on Naturethroid, I wonder if the same will happen with WP. Very frustrating when you don’t feel well all the time!

      • Rachelle says:

        Same here I’ve felt terrible for months and went directly from the old supply to the new version in Dec/Jan 2017. I’ve tried raising and lowering and neither seem to help as much as they should. My TPO antibodies had consistently been in the low 100’s for several years and suddenly jumped to the upper 200’s.

        I tried NP but it was causing stomach issues and nausea. I know many people love it!

        I am going to talk to my doctor about adrenal and iron labs as well as hormones next week to make sure those are optimal. I am trying to be consistent with gluten free and dairy free (except some cheese) even though I rank very low on the food sensitivity scale and negative for celiac and Ana screen always negative.

        I was so miserable we reduced my dose and I’m trying to stabilize but still loosing weight about 10 lbs overall in 5 months. Is this common when you are trying to stabilize levels? I am not trying to loose weight and was a healthy weight so it is concerning me a little bit.

        My doctor has suggested adding several vitamins and increasing my Vitamin D from 1000 to 5000. My hydroxy Vit D was 52 in March (range of 30 – 100). What kind of supplement is best and has anyone had success with it lowering antibodies?

        Overall I just can’t help but think something has changed (not sure if the change is me or the Naturethroid). I want to try WP when they start making it again. For right now I’m thinking of adding compounded t4 and T3 to try to balance things out! I just want to feel better….so tired of feeling bad all the time!