Welcome to this updated page in time for 2024 with a continuation of my FAVORITE products below. Literally, I use these things, or recommend others based on patient experiences. This page is divided into three parts–SEE BELOW. You can click on the linked product to see each one AND YES, I’m ALWAYS ADDING NEW PRODUCTS I discover and use. So check back occasionally.  ~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

These are not meant to go against your doctor’s recommendations or what you feel is right or wrong for you! 🙂 You accept full responsibility for your decisions.  As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases–helps pay for my supplements, foods, etc. No, what Amazon gives to me is not added to what you purchase.

Kind regards,  ~Janie A. Bowthorpe 

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PART ONE: Actual food-related items I use & love.
PART TWO: Health-related items I actually use.
PART THREE: Just for fun or useful stuff I LOVE–could also be gifts for others:


  1. NEW! Yerba Prima Psyllium Whole Husks Fiber is one I’m commited to, since fiber is SO important for our gut, and even for insulin resistance. ORGANIC LEMON JUICE POWDER: I hate it when I run out of real lemons. So I found this Lemon Juice Powder!! I fill a drinking glass with cold water, pour in a small glob of the lemon powder, and with a long iced tea spoon, stir and stir. It really does taste like I added real lemon juice for lemonade. I also add either stevia or Monk Fruit powder (those without sugar alcohol), plus a little vanilla and a dash of salt.
  2. I sip this CAFFEINE-FREE GREEN TEA in the evenings, but also every single morning before I even get out of bed.
  3. MONK FRUIT POWDER–clean: Finally I found a great sweetener where the manufacturer did NOT add the crappy sugar alcohol. It’s good.
  4. FROM FRANCE: (No gluten reactions) ORGANIC ALL PURPOSE WHEAT FLOUR. Hashi’s patients have reported that they get NO REACTION to this flour from France!! Neither do I. I can make no promises, but so far, reports are good.
  5. ORGANIC CHICKPEA SHELLS Gluten Free from Whole Foods Market. One of the better-rated gluten free pasta which I put in soups, for one.
  6. FISHER’S WALNUTS: I like the BIG bag that I can take out a smaller amount, put in a smaller bag, and freeze the rest. Walnuts are high in OMEGA 3, which is good for brain health, too!!
  7. CHOC ZERO CHOCOLATE CARAMEL FILLED SQUARES are what I get to cut down on sugar. And this company makes candies which are FREE from the crappy sugar alcohol, and low in carbs when you subtract the fiber, plus gluten free. I really appreciate this company.
  8. CHOC ZERO CHOCOLATE ORANGE FILLED SQUARES I also get to cut down on sugar. AND BY THE WAY, I pound these while still in package, and poor the broken pieces into a bowl of chopped walnuts, adding a small amount of the dried cranberries below. A little salt and stevia, and stir.
  9. And THIS is my favorite: CHOC ZERO SEA SALT CARAMELS, individually wrapped (no sugar, low carb, taste great, same as above.) These are to DIE for. I take a biet of 1/3rd of one, and put some pecans in my mouth with sugar free chocolate chips–turtles!!
  10. My favorite Avocado oil, and the price is for two: CHOSENFOODS 100% PURE AVOCADO OIL (and you don’t need organic as the avocado skin keeps pesticides out! Just wash before cutting it open if you are concerned!
  11. My favorite moist DRIED CRANBERRIES from Oregon, USA, sweetened with UNSWEETENED APPLE JUICE!! I mix these with walnuts and broken up Choc Zero squares, above. I lightly salt the mixture and STIR. YUM.
  12. KING ARTHUR, MEASURE by MEASURE GLUTEN-FREE FLOUR I love this wonderful company so keep this on hand for certain baking.
  13. And this is a FAVORITE COCONUT WATER, ORGANIC that I always keep on hand for the potassium, especially!


  1. NEW!! To rebuild your stomach lining, my husband’s granddaughter has had great success in using Terra Health Acid Relief. You know you need to use this when any kind of acid (lemon juice, vinegar, etc) royally burns when it hits your stomach. You then move to giving yourself stomach acid, which helps breakdown food and supplements for use. My personal favorite is Doctor’s Best Betaine HCI Pepsin & Gentian Bitters, Digestive Enzymes
  2. Garden of Life High Potency Raw Zinc (and Vitamin C) I got this becuz Zinc is such an important supplement for your immune function to work well, plus researchers have found it so important if you have insulin resistance. So I found excellent ratings for this one.
  3. Garden of Life B Complex!!–did you know that chronic stress can tank some of your B’s? That’s why I started using this. And still good reviews.
  4. Dr. Whitaker Berberine Supplement | 1,500mg Per Daily Serving | 30 Day Supply. This was highly rated from people and website’s I respect. I have insulin resistance from years of eating too much sugar (dang it) and thus, this is important for me.
  5. GABA (NOT gabapentin) is a supplement known to be calming. I keep it by my bed and take at bedtime. I have a strong mutation that lowers my GABA, and I don’t want that. I also use this GABA tablet that dissolves in my mouth.
  6. Glutathione is important to me!! And the reduced version neutralizes free radicals. It fights cognitive decline, detoxes, can help with insulin resistance, can contribute to reducing inflammation, and is good as you age. But it might lower zinc, so I take zinc, too
  7. G*U*M SOFT-PICKS were brought to my attention by a friend for between my teeth. I use them in the morning, and/or bedtime.
  8. I use MODUCARE in place of LDN (if I run out of LDN and it hasn’t yet been sent to me) when I need to to keep thyroid antibodies under control. I’m also gluten free.


  1. NEW! I LOVE this book reading light. I also use it to lighten up the pages that I read while walking fast on my treadmill (and holding tight to the front railings)
  2. UNIBALL PENS, which prevent check washing and rewriting by scammers. Occasionally, I pay someone with a check. But it can be a problem. Thieves can WASH your check, then rewrite on it and get cash for what they wrote. How to get around that? THESE PENS. They don’t wash off.
  3. This RETRO INSPIRED, STUDEBAKER RADIO, AM/FM sits in my bathroom and I LOVE it. The sound is good and the look is perfect for that room. AND THIS ONE IN A WOOD LOOK is in another part of my house–the kitchen on top of the microwave.
  4. This jadite green SHABBY CHIC SMALL CLOCK is in a smaller bathroom in my house and I LOVE It. Uses batteries.
  5. Here is a VERY HEALTHY DRY CATFOOD that I give my beloved cats, next to some wet cat food. My cats are Jamie and Claire (from Outlander).
  6. I got this EPSON PRINTER ECOTANK in 2023, and it’s the best printer I have ever used. No printer is perfect, but this one is the best I’ve ever used.
  7. I got this gorgeous GLASS PURSE VASE for those times I bring home real flowers from the grocery store. I love the handle!!
  8. If electricity goes off: these Energizer LED Rechargeable Plug-in Flashlights (3-Pack) have been great to have. Because they are plugged in all the time, their light goes on if electricity goes off.
  9. JADITE COLOR WHEAT STRAW BOWLS–I got these to have on hand for company or parties. The wheat straw is BPA free, non-toxic, food-safe certified, and FDA approved. And the color? They match my Fireking Jadite dishes.

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