1-2015-01-01 11.41.29Wondering what your best thyroid treatment options are to choose from?

Here is a list with summaries of all your options (which T4-only is not, say the experiences of too many patients over the years).

These are in no particular order. All have thyroid patients who love their brands. Ingredients of NDT as well as T3 listed on this page. REMEMBER: these are about finding your “optimal” amount, not just being “normal” or just “on it”.

NOTE: Please help your doctor learn about all these. Sometimes all they hear about is one brand, and are not always aware of other good brands or options. 


In late 2010, there suddenly appeared a “generic” version of desiccated thyroid–a real shock to patients since the FDA, in all their wisdom (cough), shut down all generics in 2009. And so far, it appears the Acella version is very workable, say patients, plus there’s the bonus that it can be done sublingally. It appears to be made very similar to what Armour used to be made before it was reformulated in 2009, then changed in 2015. Patients report being very happy with this product as well as liking the Acella company. It’s NOT called a generic anymore. It’s a legit brand!


(A shortage started in late 2017, continued into 2018–and as it slowly came out, many patients are reporting it’s FAR weaker than before and very problematic even if they raise it. )

Naturethroid is a tried-and-true desiccated thyroid which has been around since the 1930’s, and is made by RLC labs. It appeared to have been reformulated in 2009, but many patients still swear by it. Some chew it up before swallowing for better absorption; others do well just by swallowing it. Hard to do sublingually.


(Shortage starting as of late 2017, continues into 2018)

Westhroid has been around almost as long as Naturethroid, but 2013 saw a new version called Westhroid-P with only two named “fillers”: Inulin (from chicory root) and medium chain triglycerides (from coconuts). So far, so good! Note: WP Thyroid also has lactose, even though it’s not stated. Westhroid is still around, but this seems to replace it for many.


After Forest Labs was bought out by a new pharmaceutical, it has now become the most expensive brand. This blog post tells what happened. Today, some say it works fine; others move to other brands. 

Armour has been around the longest and until 2009, Armour by Forest Labs was the darling of all desiccated thyroid products. We could do it sublingually, and even if swallowed, it worked well. But by early 2009, it had been reformulated (an increase in cellulose, which binds thyroid hormones, and a decrease of sucrose). Because patients saw a return of their symptoms, they finally learned to chew it up to release the thyroid from the excess hardness and fiber. Then in 2012, some of the tablets became soft again and patients were happier. Then came the acquisition of Forest Labs by Activas, and patients reported a return of symptoms, besides a TRIPLING of price.


This new NDT brand came out in late 2017 and is made by the pharmaceutical of the same name in Florida, USA, though connected somehow to east Indian owners.  It’s considered a generic NDT and as of mid-2018, reports are good about it.

6. ERFA aka “Thyroid”

Made by the company called “Erfa Canada, Inc”.  It is often similar to the old Armour (before Armour was reformulated in 2009 and ruined, say patients, though some still do well on it), thus you can do it sublingually.   NOTE: many patients worldwide reported that suddenly, their latest batch of Erfa was resulting in a return of awful symptoms beginning in 2014, even though they had done great for years. There were enough reports of this problem that we concluded that there were, in fact, some bad batches out there. By 2015, we are possibly seeing those bad batches disappear hopefully, but not for all. 


Nutri-Meds is an OTC desiccated thyroid “supplement” in both bovine and porcine. It’s far weaker so you’ll have to take a lot more, but patients have always been thankful for its presence. Tell your doctor you are using it to maintain the relationship. http://www.nutri-meds.com/

Thyrogold is sold by Tammy Lowe, widow of Dr. John C. Lowe, and many are very happy with it. Capsules are 150 mg and 300 mg from New Zealand pasture-fed cows and 25 mg of Coleus forskohlii, which is said to promote thyroid function. www.naturalthyroidsolutions.com The website will say it’s a dietary supplement, but patients find it to work as well as prescription. Says a patient on Thyrogold: I lost 23 lbs. I can fit into my clothes again! My digestion improved. My memory improved 100%. Joint pains went away. I sleep all night through and  my weight remains stable, and I can enjoy food. I am 64.

There appear to be other OTC products on the net and some with bovine thyroid from new zealand cows which look promising. We just have to be careful with those which have a lot of “other” ingredients, because those go up as we raise, too.


These are three different brands of desiccated thyroid made in Thailand that many patients swear by and are ordered over the internet. Google “thyroid-s Sriprasit” or “thiroyd greater pharma” to find sources, or privately ask other patients.  Information on ingredients here. Keep your doctor informed of your use. A third brand has been mentioned in 2013, called TR and by T. Man Pharma in Thailand. All three with known ingredients are listed on the Armour vs. Other Brands page.


…will supposedly send the medication abroad, prescription required and credit cards accepted. They source the thyroid from Europe and have no shortages. They will also compound any strength and combination you require. “THYREOGLAND” from Munchen (Munich), Kloesterl Apoteke, Waltherstrasse, 80337 Muenchen. Phone: 089 54343211 (Let me know if my information is incorrect, please)


Shown here.  Use the Contact form at the bottom of any page on STTM to let me know if I need to list others or make corrections, please.


This is a method of having a compounding pharmacist make your desiccated thyroid via a compounding pharmacy and it by prescription. It works, but is far more expensive than any of the above. And beware of two important problems: 1) some compounding pharmacies just use synthetic T4 and synthetic T3 and still call it “compounded Armour or NDT”. ASK for proof of what you are getting. 2) many of these pharmacies still try to use cellulose as a filler, which binds the thyroid hormones, even if they deny it.  Instead, ask that the filler be something like powdered Acidophilus or oil of your choice.

12. SYNTHETIC T4 with SYNTHETIC T3, or T3 alone:

By prescription, and it’s not a bad thing to be on the two synthetics—far better than just being on T4-only. The goals are just the same–finding an optimal dose that puts the free T3 towards the top of the range and free T4 around mid-range, say patients over the years. You can even choose to be just on synthetic T3, but remember that you’ll have no T4, the storage hormone, to covert to T3 for you, so you’ll have to dose it more, such as 3 times a day. Five times a day hasn’t been as effective as three, probably because it takes away the punch that three times gives you. Also, many patients report disliking the slow release version of T3–it’s an inexact man-made release and often runs out…and you feel it. But we leave it up to you. Read more here.

IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU FEEL YOU DON’T DO WELL ON NDT: if you aren’t doing well on most anything you try, don’t necessarily blame the product (especially if STTM hasn’t reported on problems patients are having on it!) You are probably here: www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ndt-doesnt-work-for-me

You could also have an underlying illness like reactivated EBV, Lyme, mold illness or others. Sometimes with those, it’s better to be on T3-only until it’s better treated, or T3 with a smaller dose of NDT. 

Finally and not as common, some react to the fillers in a particular brand and find that they don’t with another brand .


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***Order the Revised STTM book for even more details: http://book.stopthethyroidmadness.com and //www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/stop-thyroid-madness-ii-book



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