1. No matter what research, statistics, your medical school, the Pharmaceutical Rep, or your peers say…T4-only medications like Synthroid, Levoxyl, levothyroxine, Eltroxin, etc, have never done the job, any more than an elevator which only rises to the 5th floor in a 50 story building “does the job.”
  2. When a patient who is on T4-only meds complains of other symptoms (depression, aches and pains, rising cholesterol, rising blood pressure, hair loss, etc), those symptoms CAN be from an inferior treatment, and from continuing hypothyroid, no matter how “normal” the TSH lab result is.
  3. There always has been, and still is, a treatment that does do the job: a working, non-recalled natural desiccated thyroid. Or just adding T3 to T4 gives success. But with either, we have to have optimal labs.
  4. The TSH and its range is a flawed and lousy tool when used solely to determine an effective dose. It can leave a patient undiagnosed for years, or undertreated. The TSH range does not equate to how a patient feels or clinical presentation.
  5. When any working desiccated thyroid or T3 in our treatment appears to cause problems, it is most often due to weak adrenal function, low iron, or failing to give the patient an adequate replacement dose because of an obsession with the TSH range. All of these issues can be corrected.
  6. Medical school training does NOT mean doctors are omniscient “gods”. A patient can have self-wisdom and self-knowledge via their own intuition, living in their own bodies, and doing their own research, and doctors can learn from their patients! In fact, doctors are wise to see patients as active participants in their healthcare decisions.
  7. To continue to treat a patient with inadequate medications and a unreliable TSH simply because “long term studies are lacking in the exact answer”, or because information is not “peer reviewed”, or because desiccated thyroid and other methods of dosing are “not accepted as a medical standard of practice” only serves to fail the patient and to fail the oath to “do no harm”.


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