Welcome to the INFORMATIONAL MOTHERSHIP WEBSITE OF REPORTED "PATIENT EXPERIENCES AND WISDOM"! There’s nothing more powerful than the successful experiences and wisdom of thyroid patients worldwide who’ve walked the path before you. I hope you find this informational site to be a great resource for your journey back to optimal health and being your own best advocate while working with your doctor! Seize the wisdom!

-- Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed.

STTM Unity
TSH Lab Test

Did you know that the TSH lab test can look “normal”, yet you could be very hypothyroid?

T4 thyroid pill

That once-a day T4 thyroid pill has wreaked havoc, many patients report.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid

Natural Desiccated Thyroid changes lives and has a long history of success.

Adrenal problems

Adrenal problems are rampant thanks to being undiagnosed, dosed by the TSH, or being on T4-only, say patients.

Lab work

Lab work: Thyroid patients have learned what is really useful vs what is not.

Talk to Others

Want to talk to others who understand? Need feedback about your issues?

Listen to Janie

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Are you suffering from hypothyroidism? Do you use T4-only meds? You’re at the right website to learn what patients are reporting in their journey to being well again. Remember: this does not replace your relationship or guidance with your doctor.