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Dear Thyroid friends, there are no groups out there run by STTM. These below are created by and/or run by patients. Many of these groups, though not all, are mentioned here because they seem to go by patient experiences and wisdom rather than simply strong opinions of the owners. Others may be into opinion, but patients report good information, so I include them for you to decide.  

DISCLAIMER: By using any patient discussion groups listed here, you are agreeing that there are no guarantees from STTM and it’s at your own risk with you taking full responsibility for that fact. STTM takes no responsibility for decisions you make by using them. Work with your doctor’s guidance–groups are NOT supposed to replace that. The list below is not in any order. You just need to find the one that you like the best…for YOU! 

Another option to the free groups below: Janie Bowthorpe does paid, one-on-one coaching calls where she shares information as to what patients have learned over the years as compared to what you share. You can read about those coaching calls here. 


A. Facebook FTPO (For Thyroid Patients only) closed Discussion groups 

READ ME: These are patient-led groups that stay pretty strictly to reported patient experiences and wisdom as seen on STTM. (You will see Janie’s name as an admin–she is not. It’s just there show that these groups like to be connected to STTM info.) THEIR RULES ARE STRICT–please learn them. Disclaimer above applies and you agree to that if you use these patient-led groups.    

The volunteer leadership states that approval only comes if they can see EITHER your friends list or your wall posts–this is their way to avoid spammers in the groups. You can close them up after approval.

  • FTPO THYROID TOPICS international discussion group A friendly and large patient group for good feedback and support about thyroid issues, run by patients just like you. NOTE: If you are in Australia, UK or Canada, see your specific groups below–this is not the group for you for the thyroid topic.
  • FTPO ADRENALS discussion group  for use of HC, adaptogens, ACE, etc.   Discusses issues related to adrenals, aldosterone, symptoms, HC, adaptogens, ACE, glandulars, etc.
  • FTPO 60 YEARS AND OVER THYROID PATIENT group  Specifically for thyroid patients who are 60 years of age and older. We can’t approve you if you are 59, 58, 57…and younger. Please use the other groups.
  • FTPO T3-ONLY For those who have reason to be on T3-only..
  • FTPO GUT issues group  Specifically for those who have gut issues of any kind, or gluten Intolerance or Celiac. Great recipes and links are shared here.
  • FTPO WITHOUT A THYROID group Specifically for those without a thyroid talking about unique issues because of being thyroidless, plus about RAI, thyroid surgery, and better thyroid medications, etc.
  • FTPO THYCA group For those who have thyroid cancer, or are a survivor of thyroid cancer! Discussion on the different types, treatments, challenges and more.
  • FTPO Parents of Hypothyroid Children’s group–for parents of children who are hypo. You can share your concerns about your children.
  • FTPO FEMALE HORMONE BALANCING (as related to your hypothyroid condition)  For those with hypothyroid and female hormonal issues with estrogen, progesterone, etc. This was re-established to be a more open-minded and friendly group. Enjoy!!
  • FTPO CANADA Thyroid group For Canadians only.
  • FTPO UK and EUROPEAN THYROID group  Specifically for those who live in Europe and who want to chat about issues related to their counties and regions.
  • FTPO AUSTRALIA THYROID group For those in Australia who want a friendly and informative nature to their discussions!
  • FTPO SPANISH ONLY THYROID group  Strictly spanish speakers.

B. Internet discussion groups (non-Facebook, run by patients, for patients)

  • Natural Thyroid Hormones International Yahoo group (NTH): This friendly and helpful yahoo group was started by Janie in 2002 before STTM even existed, and today is run by patients who use STTM information. You have to request membership and give information about yourself. For Patients Only.
  • NTH Europe Yahoo group: This NTH group was started in 2010 and specifically for Europeans-only to discuss finding good doctors, good clinics and the use of natural desiccated thyroid or T3, etc in Europe. You will need to prove you are in Europe when you ask to join, otherwise, you will not be approved. For European Patients Only.

C. More Potential Groups run by patients, not STTM, for you to explore (discussion or information): 

D: These pages, not discussion groups, are connected to STTM

  • STOP THE THYROID MADNESS FACEBOOK PAGE Here you will find posts which are pertinent information pertaining to patient experiences and wisdom. Patients can comment on posts. Medical professionals welcome if you are eager to learn from patient experience and wisdom, but advertising your business or products is not welcome. 
  • STOP THE THYROID MADNESS POETRY PAGE  A place to share your creative poetic spirit about your hypothyroid experiences. Humor appreciated! Artistic drawings also welcome if they pertain to hypothyroidism.
  • STTM Blog Here is a place where you can read what’s on Janie’s mind or Guest posts for several years, and can comment! This is not a place for questions, just comments. But you can read what others are saying.  Sign up with the Blog notification at the bottom of this page, which will send you an email when Janie posts.  If you want to comment, click on the title of the blog post.
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