sttm-contact-form-photoREAD ME BEFORE USING THE FORM!!

This Stop the Thyroid Madness (STTM) Contact page is meant for only the following reasons:

1) To inform if a link on the website is broken, or something needs corrected (and we appreciate you bringing these website issues to our attention)

2) To be on the Hypothyroid Before and After Photos page.  Use this form as to what you will say about your Before and After photos, and Janie will then respond, to which you attach your COMBINED before and after photos, and send. 

3) To tell Janie she’s the bomb for all the work she has done in creating this large website over the years to empower you. 🙂 🙂 She suffered royally for years and she doesn’t want YOU to in your own way. 

4) Other topics, but this is not a page to ask for feedback concerning your thyroid issues, your labs, how to find a doctor, or related. Janie would need an incredible act of God (three of her and 36 hour days) to get into email feedback on top of all she already does. Use groups as listed here. Here’s how to find a good doc. 

MAKE SURE YOU TYPE IN YOUR CORRECT EMAIL BELOW, otherwise it will simply bounce back. Janie always responds to contact emails if they meet the above criteria, though it may take a day or more. If you don’t receive a reply, check your spam…or you didn’t spell your email correctly. If you are not getting a response, also use a different browser–occasionally, that’s needed, though not often. 

As stated in #4, Janie does not answer if you are using this to ask for feedback for your thyroid treatment or related. 🙁 

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