How to make reformulated Armour and Naturethroid work!

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 8.05.11 PMThis was written in 2010, but can apply when a pharmaceutical changes a tablet, such as has happened again to Armour in 2015.


In case you are missing comments on my previous posts, there is a potential solution to the problems encountered with both the reformulated Armour by Forest Labs, and the reformulated Naturethroid by RLC.

Namely, by either crushing your tablet with a mortar and pestle, or chewing it up in little pieces, patients are starting to report far better symptom relief!! i.e., this process is probably breaking down the ridiculous coatings and cellulose and allowing your body better access to the desiccated thyroid within.

And if you just can’t stomach the pulverized pill method, add a touch of honey to the powder, and lick it all up.

Let us know how it works for you!

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153 Responses to “How to make reformulated Armour and Naturethroid work!”

  1. Trisha

    May I encourage you NOT to jump the gun! I think you are gun shy with all you’ve been through.
    First and foremost, NDT is not, I repeat NOT the same as the synthetics. That should be more than clear as you read and study. So you are doing YOURSELF a grave injustice in assuming prematurely, and in assuming period (quite frankly), that it’s going to be the same thing this time around.
    As for 15 mg – is that in addition to your synthetic or alone? That is nothing!
    Your biggest challenge will be increasing the dosage until you get what you need. Next to that, ALWAYS and only be with a doctor who has your back – not someone who is rigid and doing things by the book – at your expense!
    Synthetics and NDT are two different worlds. Take hope and responsibility for your own health. If your doctor won’t work with you ALL the way – find another who will!

    • Jeana Montes

      I’ve been taking it since the first. Thankfully I’m not shaking and blood pressure has remained low, but I feel awful! I’m sure I don’t have to comment on all my sxs. I pretty much have all of them. Living like this is so depressing! I’m going to call my Dr tomorrow and ask if she can up my dose. I miss the person I once was. I can no longer fake it to make it in front of company. This is who I am right now and they either have to understand or not because I’m too tired! Thank you for replying and I’ll keep you all updated!

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        Yes, either a more optimal dose is needed to bring your free T3 towards the top part of the range and the free T4 midrange (we always do labs to find the right amount), or a different brand is needed. Since Forest was bought out by Activas in 2014, a lot of patients started to report a return of their symptoms on Armour beginning in early 2015, though others are still doing well on it. Each person has to figure out where they stand with Armour now.

        • Jeana Montes

          Janie, thank you so much for changing so many lives! For many years I thought I was crazy and perhaps everyone around me was right. The words “snap out of it”, yet I tried so hard to but couldn’t. You nailed it in your book when you said how you exercised and paid the price for a couple of days. People on this site don’t know me, but I was always a fighter and my mentality was mind over matter. So I understand my family and how they think I’m simply in a depressed state. I’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, agraphobia, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar, and many more psychological symptoms. For years I try to seek this kind of help and was admitted to a psych ward too many times to count. You see I do have depression on my side of the family bu up until 7 years ago I never was depressed. Sure I had the occasional Blues yet it was usually circumstantial. Everything changed and I didn’t want to give up on my family or my children so I kept seeking help. All those years they said I had hypothyroidism but I never connected that with my psychological problems. After you’ve had enough, you start looking and looking and seeking for answers, and so I just kept Googling every symptom I had and it turned out it was because of my thyroid. I then joined a group on Facebook. I would call off my lab test and would hear other comments they were mixed actually but the one that heard most was that my thyroid was way off and all my symptoms that I had mentioned we’re related to that. I also took the DNA test from 23andMe and have that same gene deficiency that you noted before. It only comes from one side of the family and I guess I should be fortunate seeing as though it doesn’t come from both but as you know it could actually take over the whole body. It just depends on the individual. So I up my dose today to 30 milligrams. I definitely don’t feel any different right now but according to my doctor it takes 6 weeks for it to fully go through your body I guess I get a little impatient because I hear so many stories of how people right away felt great but that’s not the situation with me. I’m going to search for a holistic doctor regarding my thyroid in my area. I don’t have a car or rather I can’t drive right now and I live in a small state the smallest state actually. I’m going to try to keep fighting because I miss who I was and embarrassing as this is I did try to throw away everything a few times and I’m still here. Somebody up there must have a bigger calling on my life to keep me around. So I sincerely thank you for writing your books I know one was written by you or the other one was written or edited by you with a bunch of doctors and it gives a lot of people like me hope. I can only take it one day at a time I’ll be honest with you, everyday I need to be reminded that it’s not me that it’s something that needs to be fixed inside me, and I’m not crazy! This is real! One day I hope that I will scream on this site, I feel great! I’ll even settle for good, but I’m unsure of what that is. Huge reductions of symptoms is what I seek! Thank you again! Also, because I’m new to Armour, I will give you my honest opinion and let you all know if my labs have changed for the better. Mine Ida by Actavis.

  2. Trisha

    Gina, my apologies. My life has been upside down since May finding out I have Celiac disease and dealing with other things, too. That aside, I remain in Armour and got a new batch. However, IT stills bears the name of “Forest” on it and NOT Activas. I inquired with some other local pharmacies and sane thing – none are reporting the Activas name on the bottle. So I don’t know if they want to keep the original Armour & Firest red & white label in the bottle or what.
    Still, I’ve noted no change and am doing well on it. I get it they the VA as a veteran so I don’t have to pay. Personally, I would love to be on the Acella brand having heard great reports of it, however, they seem to be in back order often and I wouldn’t want to risk robbing out of it. Then again, I can’t beat FREE! I paid for my own Aoyr for years and didn’t mind when the cost was reasonable.
    So that’s the scoop. The Armoyr seems to be okay and decent, and I see no other comments here of late so I’m inclined to think people aren’t panicking anymore and the issue had settled.
    I hope you get this.

  3. Jeana Montes

    I bought the book Stop the Thyroid Madness and I’m on chapter 4. I had to Stop and get online because for many years I was put on almost every synthetic thyroid medication, but even on the smallest dose my bp would eventually go so high and having a stroke was a concern. I’ve been asking for Armour throughout the years and finally last week they agreed and put me on only 15 mgs. While I was reading the book I read. that it has to be crushed. Now as I’m reading these comments I’m very concerned that this will be no different because it sounding more like big pharma taking over. This is my last chance on these medications. I know my Dr won’t prescribe me another dessicrated thyroid medication. What can I do?

  4. Trisha

    Having been on Armour since March 1997, I got to know it very well. Admittedly, it took years to fully get it down to both an art and a science on my
    dosing, given varying factors such as seasonal changes in particular, with my
    levels peaking in Aug./Sept. and then plummeting come December. It was also 10X easier to monitor it before it
    spiked or dropped. After the 2009 reformulation – that all changed.
    That being said, I was SO compromised & nonfunctional when I first started on NDT, and since I am RN,
    I was knowledgable of SL absorption. Thus, I was NOT going to take ANY chances whatsoever of not absorbing
    100% of its potential (or passing any of it unabsorbed). Therefore, I crushed it with my teeth for SL (sublingual absorption),
    from the very first day I was ever on NDT.
    Then after staying abreast of the reformulation, the changes in dextrose &
    increase in cellulose, etc., I would add some honey or other to perhaps boost
    What I do now… is, I add a tad of HCL to it under my tongue to enhance
    it’s breakdown first & foremost, to ideally, potentiate its absorption (particularly with any/all binders & fillers).
    I will either chip a tiny piece of HCL (hydrochloric acid) tablet – or, open up a capsule, tilt my head back, and add/sprinkle it under my tongue. With
    aging too, one’s HCL diminishes. One
    could also add a tad of an enzyme (combined or proteolytic), in the same manner. Bottom line, it can only help
    and seems to have for me.
    As for any recent changes via Activas,
    I have another 5 month supply remaining under the Armour name (via Forest) – so I
    will have to see come then. All these changes and downgrades of NDT efficacy (Armour, Nature-Throid, ERFA – having been on them ALL) – is beyond maddening!

    • gina

      Hi Trisha – It’s beyond the 5 month mark now and I am wondering if you are still using Armour and if so, how it’s working out for you now that your into your first Activas batch??? A good friend of mine is a medical nutritionist and does not recommend Armour anymore…

  5. Anna

    Does Armour Thyroid seem to be working better now than right after the unappreciated reformulation? Reviews are really mixed, so it’s difficult to figure out if Armour is indeed working better now, suggesting it has been reformulated again; not back to the original formula, but maybe not as bad as back in 2009…?

    • Cathie

      I would also be interested in finding out, since I have been seeing very mixed reviews lately…Janie, do you think Armour has been reformulated somehow lately (since Actavis bought Forest?) and, if so, how…?

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        Based on so many patients who had been doing well on Armour, only to see their symptoms come back…as well as some saying the tablets don’t have their characteristic NDT smell…who knows. But clearly, something changed for the worse. And tripling the price on top of changing them somehow give Activas the Poop Award.

  6. Susie Park

    I’m currently on 125 mcg of levothyroxine (I had a total thyroidectomy 2 months ago for papillary thyca) and my Dr just agreed to let me try Nature-throid to optimize my FreeT3 (it’s on the low end of normal, T4 in the high end of normal). He prescribed 1.25 grains which is only 47.5 mcg of T4. I’m concerned this is too low a dose and my hypo symptoms will return. What’s your opinion?

    Thank you!

  7. Ivan K.

    Just to say, Naturethroid’s own site lists conversion as 1 grain of NT = 100mcgs of Levothyroxine. That was my prescribed Levo dose, 100mcgs. This is the second time I’ve used NT for its supposed greater benefits & after 5 months this time, even with taking 1 & 1/2 grains on some days, during both periods on NT I’ve become hypo with elevated TSH figures – last recorded as 27. Either the conversion tables are very wrong, or else this product is ineffective for some people. I need to say this as whilst the Levo would be prescribed freely for me, my GPs don’t offer NT, considering it inconsistent. Do they have a point? As I pay for NT, frankly, not too impressed so far as much as I wanted something natural.

  8. Jenny

    My dr prescribed me 97.5MG of Nature-Throi. I was told (not by dr or pharmacist) that I needed to chew it. I just did and the taste was so bad that I started gagging. There has to be a better way.

  9. Marilyn

    I need some advice! I started Armour last January after being on Synthroid for 22 years. What a difference it has made in my life! Started at 90mg. I was slowly increased every 6 weeks or so. 3 weeks ago my MD upped it another 15mg, so now I am on 90 and 60. (split doses) A week or so after starting this new dosage, I developed hypo symptoms. Dark puffy bags under my eyes, extreme fatigue and I am losing my hair. The only time I have EVER had any of those symptoms was when I was hypo. Increasing my Synthroid got rid of those symptoms pretty quickly. Now I am totally baffled. Why would I go hypo with a small dosage increase of Armour? Anybody?? Help!!

  10. Andrea

    I have low t3/t4 (.7) and low tsh(.2), and have been on 30mg of armour for a year. I have been having progressive muscle loss and fat gain. Some doctors tell me to increase my dose and others tell me to eliminate. I’ve had every other test run to see why my muscles are disapearing, but nothing… I feel it has to do with my thyroid. But it seems muscle loss is a symptom of hyper not hypo. Does anyone else have this? Not sure if it’s caused by the armour either since it seemed to start about a year ago as well. Any thoughts? Thank u

  11. Lisa marker

    Have been on armour about three years thought it was a miracle drug after being on synthroid, all of a sudden all my symptoms back joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, shortness of breath. Just knew my numbers would be off but blood tests came back fine. Doctor took me off of meds for a week to rule out them causing the issue said maybe need to change. Scared of not only how bad I will feel this week but also of changing meds again. Also I have developed carpul tunnel within last few weeks to add to everything else going on. Any suggestions?

  12. Vicky

    I have been on levoxyl for 10 years and was decent until it was pulled and had to switch to synthroid and back to levoxyl was it was available again. I also take Cortef due to Addison’s. I have been in a down hill spiral the last year with extreme fatigue and shortness of breathe. I found this site a couple months ago. I found a Dr. who had me do a saliva test which results are t back yet and added 15 mg armour to my 100 mg levoxyl and wanted to increase another 15 mg after several days. However with the armour added my pulse is 90 plus and I can feel my heart beating rapidly. Afraid to increase more armour. Any suggestions.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Vicky, we have discovered that there are two reasons to see your pulse go up on NDT: low cortisol (i.e. are you enough HC for your needs based on comparing Daily Average Temps?) or low iron. You have a high chance of having low iron due to the inadequacy of Levoxyl or Synthroid. will help.

  13. Linse

    So is the consensus that nature-throid may not be better than armour? I am trying to decide on a switch since I am still not losing weight.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Linse. Some people like Armour. Some people like Naturethroid. Some people like other brands. They all work for some. But no matter which you use, you need to learn from patients on how to use NDT and share this with your doctor, too: As far as weight loss, NDT is not a weight loss pill. But when optimal, many do see they might lose easier than before as long as they are watching their calories, carb intake, and are exercising.

  14. Christine

    It’s been almost five years since Armour was reformulated, along with Nature-Throid, so I guess the new, impopular formula is here to stay?! Otherwise, you’d expect Forest to have gone back to the old formula by now.

    Janie, do you know the reason Armour was reformulated in the first place? I have read all sorts of rumors: that the FDA was involved and forced all US manufacturers to reformulate their NDT to render it more or less ineffective (in an attempt to force patients to switch to synthetic thyroxine), that it was reformulated to make it more digestible in the GI tract, and that dextrose was all but removed in order to make it a more acceptable option for diabetics. I even read somewhere that the reformulation was intended to lower production costs, and once Forest had invested in new equipment, there was no turning back, and they could not go back to the original AT even if they wanted to, for the simple reason that they invested in new machinery in order to produce the new formula pills.

    It’s all very confusing indeed. Why would a drug company interested in making profits stick with an unsuccessful product? Why hasn’t Forest listened to all unhappy customers in the past four and a half years?

    Janie, I always read your posts and really appreciate your commitment and efforts to help thyroid patients all around the world. If anyone would know what was behind Armour’s reformulation, it would be you.

    • Janie

      Christine, believe it or not, I have never understood the real reason why Forest did that. But their lack of communication with patients is VERY unimpressive, considering that the “stop the thyroid madness” movement is made up of some of the most informed, intelligent and proactive group of patients in the world. But I have also been told firsthand by another pharmaceutical company that lawyers representing them tend to want the companies to say little due to liability. So who knows where the truth is found.

      But what I can tell you is that it’s a bunch of hooey that there’s some kind of FDA plot to force us back to thyroxine. Those are the kind of rumors meant to incite or shine the light of attention on someone pushing it, not to inform. Do consider that there was suddenly a new version of NDT out from Acella in late 2010. That does not strike me as an action by an FDA trying to push us back to thyroxine. Now granted, even Acella’s NDT is on backorder. But let’s wait and see what happens later this Fall with that.

      Additionally, in a way, it does appear that Forest listened, as their 60 mg tablets and lower were reintroduced as softer. Their large ones, though, are still chalky or hard.

  15. Monica

    Many patients seem to love Thyroid-S from Thailand, I don’t think I have seen one single negative report on it, but I looked the ingredients up and Thyroid-S also contains cellulose (plus sixteen other inactive ingredients). So my question is: how can Thyroid-S contain cellulose and still be very effective, whereas Armour and Nature-Throid apparently work less well after cellulose was increased?

  16. gail

    I buy Armour thyroid from a pharmacy in Canada since I’m unable to get it in the US. They are a reputable company. My insurance wont pay for armour thyroid but will pay for the synthetic. So i have been buying from them for a couple of years. still need a dr’s perscription’

  17. Pete

    Janie, thanks for your answer. Your link is very informative. But then again, I already have your book. 🙂

    I know we’re all individuals and that the proper (final) dose propably can’t be foreseen. As for myself, I’ve only been on Armour for a few weeks now, so I know I’m not a professional on this subject. But I do know that people (both patients and doctors) are using these charts while changing from Synthroid to Armour and are feeling horrible. I know I started my switch with a way too low Armour dose (compared to the amount of thyroxine I was dropping at the same time) and thought I was about to die. Then I changed my “switch chart” and started feeling much better. I mean, why should you suffer while you’re switching? 🙂

  18. Pete

    Anna, most of the conversion tables you find on the internet just aren’t correct. What I’ve heard from most present Armour users is that 1/2 grain of “new” Armour equals approximately to 25 mcg of thyroxine. This seems to be right for you too. This “rate” seems to be working also for me, so far. 🙂

    (From Janie: I was once on .125 Synthroid, and the conversion charts said 1 1/4 grain. NOT. I ended up optimal on 3 3/4 grains after I had risen up a little at a time!! Ignore the charts. Go by this:

  19. Anna

    I just read that Armour was reformulated a second time in 2011 and that that solved some of the worst problems. Anyone knows if this is true?

    I was put on Armour in Dec 11. I had read a lot about how it’s impossible to let the pills melt under your tongue and how they just turn into a disgusting, almost chewing gum like mass in your mouth. I decided to try it just once, expecting the same thing to happen to me, and was surprised when the pill dissolved very quickly in my mouth, in less than a minute. The pills are very soft and it feels like they will turn into dust if I hold them in the palm of my hand for more than ten seconds. As for the smell, they don’t stink, but they definitely have a distinct smell (the first thing that came to mind was manure…).

    As far as dosage is concerned, I used a conversion table and concluded that I needed about 180 mg of Armour since I used to be on 200 mcg of thyroxine. But 180 mg wasn’t enough and I started feeling hypo again with two weeks. I need 240 mg of Armour to feel fine, but that seems to be working just fine for me (at least for the time being). Maybe it’s weaker than it used to be, but still effective for some people?

    Does anyone know anything about a second reformulation?

  20. Catherine

    Is there any chance at all that Forest will go back to its original formula? After all, if they keep losing customers, won’t they have to react?

    I sincerely hope that there will be no shortage of Erfa! I just found out about the shortage of Acella and wonder if Erfa could be next?

    (From Janie: Catherine, many patients have expressed the opinion in different forums that Forest appears to care less about patients, or even care less if they lose customers with their reformulated Armour. It’s sad.)

  21. Catherine

    My doctor has been on Armour herself for years, and she told me that she never noticed any difference after it was reformulated. She has hundreds of patients on Armour (the thyroid drug she prefers), and told me that no one has complained about it. She also told me that some of her patients, having read about the reformulation and other patients’ problems, asked to be switched to Erfa, but then asked to be put back on Armour because Erfa did not work for them at all, but instead caused all kinds of problems. I have been on Armour for about a week (after ten years on L-Thyroxine) and I am still only taking 30 mg/day so it’s difficult to say what will happen. But I do feel more energetic than I have in years. My doctor told me to decrease the L-Thyroxine slowly (by 25 mg a week) and, at the same time, add 15 mg of Armour until I have weaned myself completely off the L-Thyroxine and reached the dose of Armour which allows me to feel well and rid myself of all hypo symptoms. I am hoping for the best but, in case of any problems, at least I know that my doctor would be willing to switch me to Erfa if I insisted on it.

    (From Janie: FYI: MANY people had problems on the newly reformulated Armour, but new users do okay and as long as they chew it up to break up the excess cellulose, which was a change that infuriated patients. Also, Erfa has worked very well. You always have to find the right dose for you after changing brands, or make sure your cortisol and iron levels are up to par. Here are all your choices: )

  22. Karen

    Just can thyroid removed 6 weeks ago. Had Hashios. Cancer in one side of thyroid and decided to have the remaining side removed to eliminate any further cancer. Been on 90 mcg of Armour for 4 weeks now. Feel good except for 9 lb weight gain in one month. Also naps in PM, which is really no big deal, but I’m conderned with the weight gain. Do you think I’m on too little of a dose? Adrenals seem okay thru urine test recently. T3 level is 4.1. I’m at a loss.

    (From Janie: use patient groups for feedback: )

  23. Sandra

    I have a question. I was diagnosed with a multi nodular goiter several months ago. The doctor put me on 1/4 grain of Armour thyroid at my request (he was going to give me Synthroid). I immediately felt better for a few days. Since then I have switched doctors. My new doctor bases dose adjustments on TSH only. From reading many articles, I know this is not correct so I am searching for a new doctor that understands thyroid issues. In the mean time I ordered Thyroid-s and am increasing my doses slowly. I am on 1 1/4 grain (I slit it and take it 3 times daily). The Thyroid-S does not seem to disolve sublingually very well. I read about adding sugar to help disolve it but this does not seem to help. Does anyone know how to take Thyroid-S sublingually. I prefer the sublingual because I also take other supplements. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    (From Janie: some try chewing it up in little pieces, and pushing it under the tongue with some sugar)

  24. Jilliam

    Hi there, I’ve been reading all the comments on here and I haven own question. I was diagnosed hypo back in summer 08 was placed on levothyroxine for a year and change then switch to Synthroid for another year. Both of those medications did nothing for me but make my hair thin out. Finally I was placed on Armour this past May. For two or three days I felt a change. I felt normal. By the end of the week I felt the same as I did on levo & Synthroid. I will attest that I do feel very slightly better on Armour than on the other two. This morning instead of swallowing the armour I crushed it into a fine powder, slipped it under my tongue but it just clumped up there. I put a Dan of honey in my mouth, swished it around w/the clumped it armour and my saliva and swallowed. Thought about washing it down with a drink of water but thought I might ruin it. Is anyone noticing results on this method? I’m currently at a grain and a half of armour. I have brain fog and at time get stuck trying to finish a full cohesive thought when I’m talking to ppl. I feel no zest for activities like I used to. Also my weight has been almost the same for the longest time althought I went to the gym m-f doing one hour of elliptical and eating somewhat rightist of the time. All I lost was 10lbs. Sometimes when I’m in class(just recently went back to college) I want to concentrate and understand the lectures or what I’ve just read and I just can’t seem to get it.

    From Janie: use patient groups for great feedback:

  25. Hilary

    I switched from Erfa to Acella since I last posted in August and love it. It’s very inexpensive at Walgreens even without insurance ($15 for 3 months with ins./$17 for 3 mos. without). I very much hope it stays on the market untouched for all of us. I did get another bottle of Erfa after the “bad” one and it seemed back to normal again (no weird coatings). I emailed Erfa in August about my concern and they said nothing changed (shocker) but that last batch of Erfa did stop working for me. Keeping the new bottle around just in case but I do really like Acella. Like Janie said, you can easily do it sublingual (I swallow in the a.m. and sub in the p.m.)

    Ron: Erfa was slow to work for me when I switched from NT, as I think it has slightly less hormone per dose. I had to up it by about a half a grain per day and after a few weeks it finally seemed to kick in. After 6 months, I went down a half grain and that was good for about 6 months until that “bad” batch. I love NP by Acella now.

    Thanks, Janie, for all your great information and activism. You da bomb.

  26. joe

    Thanks again Janie. I did join just waiting for them to review my membership Thanks

  27. joe

    Janie,thanks so much for the much needed advice. I also heard that taking the reformulated Armour thyroid crushed or taking it with honey worked wonders for so many people.What do you think should I give that a try or go with the Acella thyroid.Thanks

    (From Janie: I would personally go with Acella, because you can do it sublingually, which avoids problems of when to take iron, calcium or estrogen, and simply makes it all more bio-available. Remember to join patient groups for more feedback, too.)

  28. joe

    Has anyone had success with acella thyroid.

    From Janie: join patients groups. LOTS of folks have, and love it.

  29. joe

    I agree I just received the new Erfa from Canada and something is not right. I feel horrible once again. the first time I ordered Erfa it worked fine.Once again Im left to scramble.Any suggestions

    (from Janie: Use Acella, the US generic version)

  30. ken

    I started taking Thiroyd from Thailand seriously about two years ago. It dissolves in the mouth quite well and has eliminated my symptoms nicely. Of course I self dosed and take quite a bit. Good luck. ken

  31. Collette

    Im so confused and don’t know WHAT to try now! I DO know that the NEW armour IS NOT working for me or my daughter. What about compounded armour? Is that working for anyone?

    (From Janie: All your options are here: )

  32. Ron

    Hillary, my experience has been similar to what you report. I was taking 3 grains (1 1/2 grains, 2 times a day) of Nature-Thyroid and doing fine with it. The new coated does not work as well, but with crushing it up, it seemed to give me the same good feeling. Now I just received an order I placed for Erfa (which came from Vanatu…even though per the bottle it is manufactued in Montreal, Quebec, Canada). I switched to Erfa one week ago. And wow, I am really crashing…I ache all over, and tired all the time and I have no energy. I have not tried “adjusting the dosage up”, but tomorrow morning I will “very slowly adjust it upward, maybe by maximum of 1/4 grain each of the 2 daily dosages. I am always afraid to adjust too fast. But this Erfa just isn’t working for me (not yet anyway). It is not hard, it is very much like the “old” Armour or the “old” Nature-Throid. If I can’t get this adjusted, I don’t know what to do. I can get more Nature-Throid, although it could take 2 to 3 weeks. **Does anyone have any ‘advice’ on switching over from N-T to Erfa? What is funny is that all I have read everywhere is that Erfa is a very good, consistent medication that works as good as the “old” Armour that we all loved.

  33. Hilary

    Trisha: I went through the same thing. I too was doing great on the old Armour but only started it a month or two before the dreaded reformulation. Switched to Nature-Throid and was doing great on that before they reformulated too and I went straight downhill, despite chewing and grinding and adding sugar to try and break down the cellulose. I did switch to ERFA and LOVED it. I got it through Universal Drugstore in Canada and it always came from Vanuatu (South Pacific Island) and it worked great for me –just like old Armour– for almost a year now. At first I needed to raise my ERFA – about one and a half to two times more than the NT. Then after six months, I actually had to reduce it back to my original NT dose of one grain and was perfect on that for six months. Just had labs and they were the best they’ve ever been. THEN I opened my last bottle a few weeks ago. The ERFA came from Canada in a few days instead of Vanuatu, which made me suspicious. The pills looked and felt different. Harder and darker. And they stopped working for me. So I’ve just started NP by Acella yesterday. I feel pretty good so far other than the switching brands headache I always get. Good mood, good energy so far. Plan B: I also bought a bottle of Candex from the health food store. I’ve read that it has the highest amount of celluLASE which breaks down the bad celluLOSE in the reformulated Armour and NT. I have tried it yet because NP by Acella has no cellulose in it, but if after giving NP a good try doesn’t work, I’ll take the Candex along with the new Armour and NT I have sitting around in the cupboard and see if it works. I’ve read about someone who does that and has very good results (in addition to chewing it up or taking it sublingually). Anyone else do Candex and Armour or NT?

  34. Tanya

    Hi All,
    I’d love any feedback you’re willing to give me…
    I was on levoxyl for 24 years (diagnosed with hypothyroid when I was 13) and never considered going the natural route. Last year a naturopath dr. put me on 65mg of nature-throid daily and told me to chew it. I immediately saw my weight start to come down but I have had a roller coaster of emotional instability since starting them. I have two small children so I’m not sure if they are my energy zappers or if its my hypothyroid. Other than my hair falling out, I have few other symptoms luckily. My labs were just done and are way off. TSH is 11.43 and my T4 is 4.0. I no longer see the naturpath dr but my md suggested I double my current dose. Strange thing is after doubling for about 1 week, I am dramatically losing weight, nearly 1 lb a day. I work out daily and eat sensibly so I’m wondering if my body is just adjusting to where it SHOULD be or if something is wrong. For those of you with more dosing experience, do my lab results warrant a double dose of NT (65 mg each). Also, from reading on here, it’s suggested to break up the dose. Should I take 1 in morning and 1 in evening? Any other advice?

  35. Trisha

    Re: Canada’s ERFA “Thyroid” – versus Nature-Throid

    Hi all. I am switching from Nature-Throid to Canada’s ERFA “Thyroid.” Can anyone tell me their results of the same – particularly whether your doses are about the same, or whether you seemed to require less, or more, of the ERFA?

    I’d also love to hear IF you feel better: More Energy? Focus? Warmth? Focus? Productivity, etc.?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

    * I switched to Nature-Throid after 14 years on the GOOD, old Armour, and 1.5 years of hell on the new, trashed out Armour. I’m ambivalent about the Nature Throid. It was certainly an improvement over the new Armour, but after two months on IT, it’s been a total guessing game with fatigue and never knowing where I’m at dosage wise (too low, or too high). I had to slash it down to a fraction of my usual dosage, and just could never nail it! I am hoping that the ERFA will be the closest thing to the old, good Armour for a few varied reasons after much research!

    Thank you ALL, Trisha

  36. Trisha

    (from Janie: Acella is another US brand. Search it on STTM.)


    In short, you can NOT get IT! It is NOT available – period, and it won’t be again, NOT from
    Armour! Armour was the gold standard without a doubt, and you are not the only one gravely suffering! I haven’t been the same in two years now as of this month! It’s been hell, and I am STILL not feeling right!

    I can suggest Nature-Throid, but THAT is what I am on now, and I am having my challenges. Nature-Throid too, was reformulated. It IS better than the new Armour, but not without its challenges.

    In short Pam (and others), Armour & Nature-Throid are the ONLY two desiccated thyroid made in this country. I believe the fillers and binders are impairing absorption and causing major problems. In fact, I’ve no doubt that as my dosage tends high-er, that IT exacerbates my back pain.

    There ARE other desiccated thyroid products, and I am beginning to consider ERFA out of Canada. There are only 5 ingredients as opposed to many more in Armour & NT. Plus, they’ve been making ERFA for 30 years untouched, and they don’t have the d _ _ _
    FDA to deal with!

    THAT or else I am going to have to get on some added Cytomel. HERE’S WHAT I BELIEVE,
    PAY ATTENTION FOLKS: these new formulations have TOO LITTLE T3, and too much T4
    (for the mix). Thus, one tries to increase their dosage to get MORE needed T3, but one
    cannot, because then… the T4 is way too much and whacks you out! THAT is what is happening with me! Plus, I’m finding on NT that that window to work in is VERY small!
    Just 2-3 days ago, it was getting too low. I took just a tad more, felt better for two days, and now on the 4th day – I’m getting TIRED AGAIN!

    The FDA and Big PHARM has screwed us all!

    I would LOVE TO GET SOME FEEDBACK from anyone else out there who is having challenges too, on Nature-Throid after getting off both the old and the new Armour!

    Also, ANY INPUT FROM OTHERS would be hugely appreciated IF:
    1. You were on the OLD Armour – and of course HAD to get off of it went it went sour!
    2. You then (or now) are on Nature-Throid… and how you are, or are NOT doing?
    Are you having challenges with IT too, as I am?
    3. Anyone who has experienced both 1 & 2 above, who consequently has tried ERFA, and whether IT is an improvement over Nature-Throid.

    PLEASE HELP! Thank you, Trisha, R.N.

  37. Pam Jennings

    I was on old Armour when nothing else wouldn’t work for me. My biggest problem has always been hairloss. Well, when I started having problems again, I soon learned they had changed the formula. SInce then I tried compounded, Synthroid, Synthroid plus cytomel, and nothing helps. So now I am back on Armour as prescribed by Cleveland Clinic endo. When I went to see a derm there yesterday I told her I wasn’t getting any better on it and she said you need to find the old version. I said, and where do you do that?She said it is doable even if you have to get it from Europe. I am so sick I would get it from anywhere if I could. Does anyone know about this?

  38. Trisha


    Thank you VERY much for your response here. I have read the links you have provided
    and need to go back and take some specific notes. There is a ton of information therein
    and I am a registered nurse!

    This just seems to get more and more complicated, and I have been doing research for years! Time consuming to say the least!!! Very frustrating. God help the lay person!

    I’m a bit unclear on HOW to interact of the forum (?).

    Thank you Big time! Trisha

  39. Trisha

    (From Janie: this would get even more responses on the NTH group: P.S. why not raise the Naturethroid until you get relief? If when raising it, you get hyper, you have either a cortisol and/or an iron problem; READ: and )


    Hi, I will try to be really brief!

    I was on the good old Armour for 14 years! After the reformulation, it destroyed my life for 1 1/2 YEARS! HUGE price to pay time wise and $$$ wise!

    Am NOW on Nature-Throid, and on 120 mg versus 150mg- 180mg of the old Armour.

    SUMMARY: I am functional again, however, I do NOT feel great! I’ve lost that real zip and zest for life save for an intermittent occasional great day.

    I have TWO QUESTIONS for anyone out there:

    1. Can anyone report on their response (good, fair, poor) on Nature-Throid versus the old Armour.

    2. Is anyone experiencing back pain, or other inflammatory pain (back, legs, etc.) possibly related to Nature-Throid. I say this because while I do have an underlying back condition, i swear it just really seems like it gets much worse when my dosage starts to get high.

    Please ANYONE with some feedback on Nature-Throid versus the old, original Armour – please inform me!

    * Again, I am functional, but NOT great on NT and am considering Erfa from Canada. Can anyone report on IT (Erfa) as compared to Nature-Throid and/or the old Armour!


    • Katherine

      I have had some of those symptoms as well with NT. The amplified back pain and headaches. However, in the past when I have reached my “sweet spot” with dosage, those symptoms resolved.

      I will take those symptoms over how I feel on reformulated Armour = horrible.

  40. Betty Tilley

    I ordered adrenal cortex from a company called age management. The only problem each capsule contains 250 mgs. Which now I am reading is way to high. Is it dangerous to take that much at one time?

    (Betty, patients have learned to always do the 24 hour saliva test before assuming one needs cortisol. Read the adrenals chapter on STTM, then join patient groups. Here’s how to find a good doc: )

  41. gramps

    I am also in the confused group.. Had my thyroid nuked back in 2000, the Endocrin DR tried the synthetics but I never felt good on them.. went to a naturopath and got started on thyrolar, then on to Armour, and then last year switched to Naturethroid.. thought I was feeling ok for a while but then several colds and flu’s later I’m not sure whats up.. ths levels fluctuated last 6 months between .05 to 19.5… currently feeling REALLY fatiqued after mild excertion.. I have the desire and attitude to get up and do things but no energy to follow through.. TSH is currently 13.09 and thinking maybe I should start to increase daily dose.. I take between 1 and 1.5 grains per day (wasn’t chewing them)..


    (From Janie: Gramps, you are underdosing yourself. or Chapter 3 in the STTM book with details. )

  42. Betty

    Thanks so much. I just ordered Adrenal Cortex today and will see if that will make an improvement as well.

  43. Betty

    I switch from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid in late Dec. 2010. I was unware of the change in the formula until I did some research. Since I have not been on the Armour before I did not know what Armour Thyroid was like before the reformulation. I can say my symtoms have not gotten worse nor better since the switch. At first I was getting heart palputations and a mild chest ache but has now subsided. I got my test results from my lab work today(April) I am reading that a lot of folks TSH reading has gone to the hypothyroid side on the new Armour. My tsh results today was 0.466. I have not gained any weight since I went on the Armour but I have not lose any either. I am very much over weight and cannot afford to gain anymore. The only thing that I noticed different now is my appetite had increased. I have been swollowing the tablet whole until two days ago and decided to take the advise and chew it up. I hope this will help with some of the symtoms that I still have.

    (From Janie: Betty, you need to read this from top to bottom: or Chapter 3 in the STTM book with more details. )

  44. Angie

    Hi, well after reading all these comments yesterday I decided to try to crush my Armour and dissolve it under my tongue this morning. The crushing part was no problem but when I put it under my tongue, the med just sits there in a clump. Did I do something wrong? Far as taste it just taste chalky. I also have spoken to someone that takes Erfa and does very well. I wonder if I should try it also. I just don’t want to have to wait for my med to come through the mail and not get it in time.

    I was diagnosed after Hurricane Katrina and have been dealing with this problem ever since. I don’t understand why it takes so long to feel better. When I first started Armour I was on it for 3 days after switching from Synthroid and felt the best I had in 3 years. Then 8 months later they refromulated Armour and I had to keep switching pharmacies depending on who had it at that time. Very very frustrating!

    (From Janie: chew it up and swallow it, then raise it as needed. )

  45. Beth

    I’ve been on Nature throid for about 8 years. I started to get my presc. through a pharmacy in Arizona when the shortage came about. I’m from PA. Up until this last refil I must have been getting the old formula because it was just recently within the last few weeks that I have started to feel hypo.
    I didn’t even know about the reformulation until I started to do this research on line. So you folks are having better luck crushing the tabs?
    What symptoms does this seem to aleviate?
    Thanks for your input

    (From Janie: not everyone does it, but others chew it up before swallowing. It alleviates hypo symptoms.)

  46. Faith

    I am posting a follow up from a post earlier this month. I had recently started on the “NEW” Armour. I have been taking it for about a month. I crush it up and take it with honey. I got this prescription filled the first part of December 2010. I seemed to be doing ok on it. Last week I go and get my prescription refilled, same dose, same pharmacy. I noticed when I started taking the medication from the last refill that I immediately started having “hyper” symptoms and within three days of starting on the last refill my legs are swelling up on me again. Seems strange to me because there is no way that there should be any of the “OLD” Armour available at this point, but there is most certainly a difference in the two prescriptions that I had filled a month apart, and I haven’t changed anything with how or when I take it. I also take cortisol replacement for adrenal fatigue, iron, vitamin D, and all that good stuff:)I am going to have a very hard time getting my GP to write a prescription for the Erfa and I am not going back to my Endo because he is clueless 🙁 ugggggghhhhhh!!!!

  47. Trisha


    1. Has ANYONE out there noticed any BACK PAIN related to the “new” Armour Thyroid?

    2. It’s now over a year since our OLD Armour was RUINED! Can ANYONE report some new feedback on both Nature-Throid and/or Erfa? In other words, Armour is no longer an option, but I would like to get some new feedback, and/or consensus on whether Nature-Throid seems to work best, OR Erfa?

    Please, anyone… with some input and feedback about Nature-Throid versus Erfa, and what seems to WORK BEST?

    Armour has RUINED my life for over a year now, and I am switching pending lab work any day. Thank you. Trisha


    • maria

      Hi I have been taking thyro gold 150 mg but at the fourt day i saw myself been in the hyper side So I am trying to fix my adrenals that could be the cause most of the time when the NTD is not working.Now i went to a doctor she recommend this Xymogen T150 for the thyroid.I felt Thyro-Gold was very strong for me you could try it

  48. Trisha

    Holly, I am going to be real concise here, because quite frankly, I could WRITE A BOOK! I
    have been on Armour Thyroid for 14 YEARS! Trust me, I do not have time now, but the reformulation is beyond, BEYOND TOTAL CRAP! It has turned my life UPSIDE DOWN! Smell or no smell, that’s a mute point. I struggle daily to just function on it! I am only waiting free lab work and will be switching to Nature-Throid.

    It doesn’t matter HOW you take IT, though ALWAYS take it SL. Plus, you MUST BE AWARE that TOO MUCH will induce fatigue as well. 4 Grains is a HUGE DOSAGE! I am an R.N. Anything over 3 grains is on the high side; appropriate IF and WHEN needed, but anything over 3 grains must be monitored closely symptom wise. The new Armour thyroid will RUIN ONE’S LIFE!

    (From Janie: FYI: many of us are over 3 grains of desiccated thyroid, and we found out that at that point, we needed to go up in very small amounts and hold each to make sure we found that optimal amount. 4 grains is my optimal amount on Erfa right now and works well for me. As far as Armour, so report doing well if they are chewing it up. If you aren’t, Naturethroid could be a good choice. But if you have trouble on that, this is not a desiccated thyroid problem….Good luck!)

  49. Faith

    I just recenty started taking the NEW Armour. I am a bit skeptical about it since I have read all of the reviews. I was just curious about the smell. I noticed right away when I opened the bottle that it smelled like a pig farm, not pleasant. I know most people have said since the Armour had been reformulated that the “NEW” Armour doesn’t have a smell too it. Just curious about this

    (From Janie: some folks have said they’ve been getting mixed batches of Armour–soft and hard tablets. So perhaps the pig smell means you are getting some of the softer tablets, which might be a good thing.)

  50. Holly

    I’ve been reading all the posts on this site. I decided to order online the thiroyd. I’ve been on nature-throid for 4 months now and still feel terrible. I’m up to 4 grains a day and have lost weight, but still feel tired all the time. I’m on 2 different vitamins for adrenal fatigue too, but it’s not working either. My doctor told me that Armour was changed, and now it’s not working well for people. He said many people switched to nature-throid. But then I find out the nature-throid was also reformulated, and people are having problems with it too. I know it takes time to kick in, but I would think that 4 grains a day- for over a month now-would have some effect on how I feel. Does anyone know how I should dose myself with the thiroyd? Since I’m on 4 grains of NT already, I don’t want to start out again with 1 a day of thiroyd. Is it safe to start out with maybe 3 a day? Thanks.

  51. Luci

    If I pulverize Naturethroid, mix with honey and try to take under my tongue (it seems to pool rather than absorb)do I need to wait to eat? Do I need to wait to have calcium and iron. Thanks much

  52. Wendy

    I am not, but will absolutely check it out, thank you! I got most of my info from here:

  53. Wendy

    Has anybody heard that the “old” armour is coming back? I’ve read in a couple of places that that is the case. Anybody hear the same? Anybody having better results?

    • Janie

      Wendy, are you signed up to receive notice of my blog posts? lol. Because I just mentioned this in the recent post here: Sign up to receive notifications, called the “Newsletter,” to the left of the links and below them on the blog page. Yes, many have reported better results when chewing them up, and those who don’t usually aren’t taking enough, or have undiscovered or aren’t adequately treating their low ferritin/iron or adrenal issues.

  54. Trisha

    PLEASE… can anyone provide ANY feedback on Nature-Throid and Erfa; and how they compare? NOT by stats, but by actual experience! Has ANY ONE OUT THERE been on both after becoming totally disillusioned with the reformulated Armour? I am trying to decide which one to best get on.

    I KNOW the Erfa breaks down better than NT. I also know it smells more like the old Armour. I hear that Nature-Throid seems to be pretty good, but I know it TOO, was reformulated (this same year back as was the Armour). The FDA is no doubt meddling!!!!

    I know IT does NOT smell as strong as it once did either. But what I REALLY WANT TO KNOW… are the results people are getting, experiencing, and FEELING on Nature-Throid
    versus the new Armour (having been on the old, too); versus the Erfa?

    Is your mood better on Nature-Throid OR Erfa? Do you have MORE ENERGY on Nature-Throid or Erfa? What about overall sense of well-being? Better on Nature-Throid OR Erfa. PLEASE reach out and inform ME and others!!! Thank you.

    (From Janie: I do as well on Erfa as I did on the old Armour. Others state they are very pleased with Naturethroid.)

  55. Trisha


    I’d like to respond to your recommendation of chewing one’s Armour. Let it be known that I WAS CHEWING IT 14 years ago! Ever since I first started taking Armour back in March of 1997, I crushed it in my mouth and took it sublingually! I was too NON-functional to take any chance of sub-optimal absorption and assimilation! My life was on the line!

    I say that as a preface to THIS: Chewing IT or NOT, the newly reformulated Armour STINKS! I KNOW because I took IT SL for 14 years! I am having marked problems just functioning now daily! So chewing IT or not – is NOT the cure all, it is simply a slight improvement perhaps; basically where if one does not chew IT, forget IT!

    Now, I still crush it in my mouth, TAKE it WITH a couple drops of honey. Does it help?
    All I can say in short, is that it is better than NOT chewing it, but the honey (sugar) is necessary to help dissolve IT. STILL, my life is in the tubes as compared to the old Armour which was the gold standard.

    I am absolutely switching to Nature-Throid or Erfa. God help me, and MY LIFE… if I don’t! END OF ARMOUR THYROID! Trisha R.N., B.S.N.

  56. Wendy

    Just curious, I’ve read that the old Armour had a distinct smell to it, and that when people got the new Armour, it didn’t smell as bad (apparently the smelling bad was a good thing). When I got my first couple prescriptions of the new Armour, it really didn’t smell like anything. My last 2 prescriptions have had a strong distinct smell to them. I’m wondering if Forest changed anything? They didn’t notify anybody the first time, if they changed it again, would they bother to notify anybody now? Again, I wasn’t on it originally, so I was just wondering if anybody noticed it.

  57. Wendy

    I did, thank you so much.

  58. Wendy

    Thanks Janie. I actually do chew it as I read all the reviews on the reformulated before I started taking it. I don’t’ know what would happen if i didn’t chew it. And I really don’t suffer from too many symptoms other than weight gain, so I’m not sure if its really working since that’s all i can go by. I’m not losing weight, but maybe because I’m not between .3 and 3 THS?

    (From Janie: read the link I sent. )

  59. Wendy

    Hi Guys. I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism in April. I was started on Armour in August. My THS was 11.64 and is now down to 5.14 on 2 grains of Armour. I do not have all the bad side affects from hypo and my doctor said that was because i caught it so early. (I noticed that i couldn’t lose weight like i once could). So I started researching Armour online and saw all these websites with people complaining about the reformulation. Since I wasn’t taking it before it was reformulated, I’m wondering if I should switch. Obviously my levels are coming down but perhaps something else would work better for me? Anybody have any thoughts?

    (From Janie: chew it up before swallowing. Then watch and see how you feel and whether hypothyroid symptoms are being removed. Do not by a falling lab test like the lousy TSH. Some are doing well on it. Learn from here: or Chapter 3 in the STTM book with more detail)

  60. Trisha

    Dear Von & Janie,

    Janie, per you noted addendum above, I know that Forest alleges that the T4 and T3 content did not change, but as far as I’m concerned, it is NOT as bioavailable as it once
    was! There is simply NOT enough bioavailable T3 getting to the peripheral cellular uptake sites! I know this from 14 years of solid, consistent usage which changed near overnight! undisputabe! That, or the added cellulose and/or other fillers, additives, are binding with, and/or impairing absorption, assimilation and bioavailability.

    Von, I was considering, now I KNOW I will have to switch to either Nature-Throid or Erfa.
    I was leaning towards NT, but now am considering the Erfa. I am a tad concerned that the NT was reformulated as well. Overall, I hear that it IS very effective, however, since
    their reformulation, it does not smell as strong as it once did. I can NOT help to think that the FDA has gotten their grimy tentacles into this whole thing! Don’t you find it interesting that BOTH products (Armour AND Nature-Throid) were both reformulated within the same year’s time! Thus, I am thinking that the Erfa does not have to deal with our FDA messing everything UP! 60 YEARS of Armour thyroid which was the “gold standard” – NOW RUINED! So many of us are now suffering.

    With the onset of October, I have been having cold hands and cold feet like I haven’t HAD IN YEARS! IN YEARS!!! IN YEARS!!! Yes, I said that three times intentionally! IN YEARS – but now I have IT again! Unbelievable!

    I had to cut my dosage down just to function, but I still have virtually NO ZIP, my mood and spirits have been off for months now, and now… I’m having a REAL hard time both
    focusing on things, and I lack the motivation and wherewithal to start things, let alone finish them. This time though, it’s NOT “in my head” as they say… it’s IN MY BLOOD!
    Namely, the Armour thyroid that is in my blood which is not grossly impaired! What the
    H _ _ _ did they DO? Has ANYONE really asked that question – AND WHY! It’s like taking
    a stellar, perfect, fine-tuned race car… and filling the engine with sugar!

    PLEASE, IF ANYONE OUT THERE can comment on the different, actual RESULTS they are
    getting via Nature-Throid versus Erfa, please share with us. I need to decide which to
    choose? I’m getting desperate here! The days are slipping by and I can’t function! Thank you! Trisha

    (from Janie: Yes, it’s most likely a problem with the added cellulose, and the way they put the powdered desiccated thyroid into tablets at the Forest facility. i.e. it’s probably NOT a change in the desiccated thyroid itself, but all the former. Yes, we have asked questions: they are mum. I am on Erfa, doing it sublingually, and love it. Others are on Naturethroid and doing well, especially if you chew it up like you have to do with Armour)

  61. Von

    Trisha, I find it very interesting what you said about the T4 and T3 being different in the new Armour. I had been wondering the same thing since I have this problem with my eyes burning and feeling feverish, yet having cold hands and other signs of hypo. I have experienced the shortness of breath also when I was on too much medication, and I’m starting to get that way again. I think I’ve been on the new Armour only since June of 2010. I have gained weight steadily since then and was wondering what the heck was happening. Fortunately, I had not gained weight when I first developed the thyroid problem, and now I have to deal with that too. I started the gym around the same time I started the new Armour, but now I don’t have the strength to go. I thought my problems were because of other things, after having a bad cold six weeks ago, but now I’m really thinking it’s thyroid-related.

    Has anyone come up with anything new? I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow and see if I can get the Canadian Thyroid. From all the posts I’ve read, it seems to be the best bet. Although, I read in a couple of posts that Canada gets it from New Zealand. Heaven only knows what goes into any of it. It’s all about making money, you know, not making people well.

    (From Janie: Forest did not change the T4 an T3 in Armour. They added more cellulose, which binds the thyroid–thus, you have to chew it up. Erfa has stated they have a pharmacy in New Zealand with a lot of its product–thus so many coming from there.)

  62. Trisha

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m going to number my items here to make it easier to read and follow:
    1. I have been on Armour Thyroid for 14 years since the beginning of 1997. I don’t just
    know this medication – I KNOW IT! After suffering for years undiagnosed and untreated,
    at the hands of the doctors, I took matters into my own hands and diagnosed myself. I
    was able to do this because I am an RN, and I have been studying holistic health for some 37 years. I deferred to the doctors for certain reason, but it cost me years.

    2. Upon my own diagnosis (confirmed by lab values and my new physician), I began Armour after only 2 months on Levoxyl. The commonplace, prevailing complaint of women on Synthroid (no matter HOW you cut it) is: “I still just don’t feel right!” Guess what: they NEVER WILL! Biased, you betcha! I know the facts, after completing extensive research of my own, and the medical background to do so.

    3. Having suffered as long as I did, I insisted he put me on the Armour. Through the
    years I learned more and more how the Armour affected me (seasons, diet, stress, dosage, etc.). Overtime, I got it down to an art and science – really! So once again, I KNOW this drug.

    4. I could tell something was up as soon as the pill started to crumble in a million pieces with my pill slicer, which prior to then, was able to make a nice clean slice. I have
    now been on the “new Armour” at least since January (nine months), if not 12 months since last September.

    5. i had been saying that something has been off ever since January! Aside from the pill’s consistency, it was only a few weeks ago that I went online and found all the complaints with the new Armour. I am not as bad as some of the people citing complaints, however, i have definitely noticed a less potent and effective Armour – to
    say the least! My mood and my spirits are NOT what they use to be, with some slight to
    mild depression. I have less energy, focus, concentration, and I have LOST that sense of
    “well being!” A grave loss!

    6. Also, note: I have noticed DOE (dyspnea upon exertion) which in lay terms would mean (SOB) shortness of breath when exerting oneself – namely, when I run or swim.
    Note: This is typically a sign of hyper-thyroidism, and one which I would incur typically in the past when my dosage started to go too high. What does that tell you?

    7. Personally, I am near convinced that there is likely LESS T3 and/or MORE T4 in the
    new Armour. THAT IS WHY people are complaining of what they’re complaining of. The
    deficient T3 (or absorption thereof – from fillers or what have you), accounts for the
    depression, fatique, etc. The shortness of breath is either because there IS more T4, or
    people are taking a higher dosage – to GET what they need (namely more T3), but then…
    they are getting too much T4! I have NO DOUBT in my mind that this is true! Bottom line, this thyroid (Armour) is altered and grossly impaired.

    8. Now, what am I doing? I will tell you. First, I am taking every dose with a tad of honey sublingually. At least it dissolves – whereas otherwise, as commented, it will just
    sit in your mouth for hours! Note also, that I was so grossly impaired and non-functional when I started on Armour, that I have ALWAYS taken it only sublingually! I was NOT going to take ANY slight chance of malabsorption or even diminished absorption. It wasn’t until years later that I read in the medical literature, that THIS was
    recommended! I can tell you this – I would never, NEVER taken any medication so important as this, whole to be swallowed – NEVER! Nor, would I recommend anyone to do so either!

    9. So, now at least the Armour is dissolving in my mouth! Whether it is absorbing better peripherally into my bloodstream and cells, I can not say for certain. However, I
    also started taking a high quality form of Kelp to give myself an extra edge… to help give my body what it needs, since clearly Forest Pharmaceuticals have messed things UP royally (and that’s NOT the word I want to use)! So where I’m at now is that I’m functional, but tired still at times, still with the symptoms I cited above. Thus…

    10. I think in all likelihood, that I will be switching to Nature-Throid. however, i do NOT want to deal with ANY difficulty whatsoever with obtaining IT! For God’s sake, if one really needs a medication, one needs IT! To have to fight for it, wait for it, have problems getting IT – is just plain out NOT ACCEPTABLE! Therefore, I’d rather not, at least for now, even have to deal with customs, or any further hoops, by switching to Erfa.

    In closing here, it seems at large, that people are getting better benefit from Nature-Throid, clearly, they are NOT doing well on Armour – myself included! However, I would
    like to see more testimonials, especially more positive ones, substantiating THIS, ideally,
    before I make the switch!

    So, if anyone out there has switched from the Old Armour > to the New Armour (thus,
    they know the difference and impairment), to… > Nature-Throid… LET ME HEAR FROM YOU PLEASE!

    Meanwhile, ALWAYS take matters into your own hands, and NEVER, EVER ignore your own intuition. YOU know your body better than ANY doctor or pharmacist out there!
    The medical industry does NOT have our best interests in mind, and trust me, Forest P.
    could care less! Don’t even waste your time! Years ago, I use to personally and professionally consult with a wonderful man and pharmacist AT Forest Pharmaceuticals.
    It was through his help in part, that I learned as much as I did about Armour, and got
    some inside information, and how the lots DID in fact, varying in contact batch to batch.
    He was a godsend to me for a number of years (no longer with the company). But how
    Forest handled this entire affair was absolutely disgraceful. I don’t know if the FDA has
    them in a strait jacket or what- but don’t waste your time! Sincerely, Trisha, R.N., B.S.N.

    • Cathy

      I don’t know why but when I take nature throid I have shortness of breath. My t4 was 6 on my blood work, my doctor looks confused as I’am.

    • Val319

      I have been on it for years. I’ve been ill ever since the reformulation. My dosage has been upped and upped and now it’s like my body doesn’t convert the FT4 to FT3. My Dr. added Cytomel, which so helped but is causing an unexisting TSH which makes my Dr drop my meds.

      I wanted to stay on Armour because of the health benefits. I CANNOT take Synthroid or anything like it without getting horridly ill. Now on Armour I am ill and adding T3.

      I am looking into the other possible brands besides just pure compounded natural thyroid. This is unfortunately very expensive.

      When I first took this medication it was stinky and tasted porky LOL. Now it’s like baby powder with no smell or taste. Complete chalk. I am so ill too.

      So here is a thought on the problem with it dissolving. I do a lot of research into natural items and such. I do not know if the issue is no dissolving or the actual chemical change but if it’s dissolving possible using a few drops of the stuff MIO. The reason I say this is because it contains Propelene Glycol, a solvent used in cosmetics. I’m not a fan of adding a “supposedly safe” drink concentrate that contains a solvent but maybe a couple of drops and letting it sit for 5 minutes would break down whatever is keeping it from working but things feel drastic for me.

      Now on the other end it may just make it not work, well it’s not working for me now so if I can’t get another brand I’ll see about trying this. I do not get the wake up from taking it on an empty stomach. I don’t get the long term decent feeling and I am so sick. I have gained weight consistently since the change and honestly things have to change with this. Cytomel drops my tsh even though I feel no hyper symptoms. Blood tests show so my T4 is dropping out of range and almost gone and T3, despite being suppossedly over medicated, is almost ready to drop out of range. My body feels on empty.

      I’m almost at a loss as to what to do next. It was hard enough to get this medication. T3 so helped but that’s looking like it will be pulled from me since it falsely lowers my TSH. I just need some solution so I’m checking on changes in brand.

      I’m reading through the post to see what others say but things have to change. I have lost so much.

      • Val319

        So ingredient wise here is what I found out from Mercola and the internet.

        The first Armour reformulation I will list is 1996.

        OLD FORMULATION (pre-1996)

        Thyroid Powder USP
        Anhydrous Dextrose
        Mineral Oil NF
        Calcium Stearate, NF
        NEW FORMULATION (post-1996)

        Thyroid Powder USP
        Anhydrous Dextrose
        Microcrystalline Cellulose
        Sodium Starch Glycolate NF
        Calcium Stearate NF
        Opadry White (titanium dioxide)

        Now in 2007, they decreased dextrose and increased cellulose. I just found out Another Pharmacy has NP Thyroid. They just agreed to transfer over my script and I will keep everyone up to date on how things go. I start new tomorrow.

        Here are the ingredients of NP Thyroid by Acella: T4, T3, Calcium sterate, Malto dextroxin,Mineral Oil

        It says it is meant to be used subliminally. My hopes are up at least.I still think something happened with the T4 and T3 in the Armour. It just stopped working.

        • Val319

          I know it’s early but in one day I do feel so much better on the NP Thyroid by Acella. The price is pretty much matched. I feel like I did on my first batch of Armour before the change. I know it’s early. I know feeling this dissolves and might be the answer is hope but I need hope. I am hungry. It’s been so long since that has happened. It’s a good sign.

          I hope I can mention this. The NP Thyroid is at Walgreens. I did see there might be a 2-3 week delay on any not in stock because it looks like many people are switching. I feel the wake up with this. Hope has entered the building again.

          As far as the smell between the two: Acello smells lightly porky and Armour has this pork with an intense perfumish smell behind it. I’m highly sensitive to smells so there’s something off about the perfume smell behind the armour (just my opinion). I admit the NP is a light pork smell that’s not overpowering. I’m just wondering if there is a difference in the processing because the smell is a powder (could be titanium dioxide) pork perfume smell. Just a thought but will post a status in about a week.

          • AllieB

            Too bad NP Thyroid is on backorder by the manufacturer. My Walgreens just called Acella and they said it’d be back late July. Which SUX because I felt like I was doing well. I’m SERIOUSLY considering going back to Synthroid and Cytomel and being DONE with the dessicated drama.

          • Janie

            Allie, no need to go backwards. Even tho the two synthetics are WAY better than T4 alone, patients who once were on the two synthetics, then switched to NDT, reported even better results. You have other NDT options:

      • Valentine

        I saw the Dr and was given the choice of the combo (that is not working right). T3 only or the NP thyroid only. Things were foggy and I was confused.

        I chose NP Thyroid. I’m on 1 1/2 grains for 4 weeks. My Dr doesn’t let me dose according to how I feel. So question is the following if anyone can answer. I do feel better on it but nothing like T3.

        I felt great on T3 but my TSH tanked close to disappearing. No matter how I mentioned articles it was still assumed if it was suppressed it was too high. I’m very odd as in I didn’t have high blood pressure or palpitations on it. It actually lowered. Things are higher right now on the change over to NTD.

        I know the T3 in NP Thyroid by Acella is different and I don’t feel that push. Can someone give me some indications on suggestions. I get your not doctors. I get this is personal suggestions. I’ve had adrenal issues. I had T3 added to Armour earlier because I was not converting T4. I’m just confused and I don’t know what to do. I’m not near any specialists. Money is tight. Dr’s seem to hate T3 only more than NTH. I’ve been on steroid in the last 4 to 6 months so please let me know what your thoughts are.

        I would love to know if this feeling is my adrenals (perhaps RT3) clearing out and starting up again. Can you let me know what can be the issue with T3 only?

        • Janie

          Valentine, most thyroid patients need to raise from 1 1/2 grains. My optimal dose is 3 1/2 grains, for example. Individuality comes in how much will be optimal, but 1 1/2 grains usually is not. You also have to ignore the TSH:

          • Valentine

            Thank you Janie. I know I am not close to being up to par yet. My dr switched me from the T3 and small amount of Armour to the NP Thyroid. I still have more to add to my dose. I was just raised to 2 grains and know I probably need 3. She’s usually great with adjusting till I feel right unless it’s outside the TSH range. I have to go with the best I can get right now.

            How do I feel on it? I honestly never realized how bad fillers could mess with a thyroid medication but I also have to question the way it’s processed to put into the medication. I just don’t understand all the little things that change from this medication. All of it is good and yes, I would go compounded if I ran out and it was backordered.

            I stuck with Armour all these years thinking it was the best. Scouring pharmacies to find it during the reformulation. All to feel like I’ve been ripped off.

            Life just feels better. Anything that makes life easier is a huge deal. I’m starting to sleep again. Until you have had insomnia to the point a good night if 4 hours you have no idea how horrid life can be. It’s an amazing difference. I’m starting to lose some weight. I am watching what I eat but I feel like I can actually do it now. I guess feeling like I see light at the end of the tunnel is such a huge thing.

            I wish my dr would ignore TSH but she doesn’t but is good enough to let me be within it. At this point I go with what I can get. I am going by how I feel. I need more meds and and bloodwork is again next week. I’m sure I’ll be raised again. I see the dr after that and we’ll go over things.

            The latest thing I have seen is that NP Thyroid 30 & 60 should go out at the end of August. I know they are overloaded due to individuals changing.

        • Valentine

          Well I finally paid to have a specialist who handles thyroid and adrenal. I needed someone who didn’t just go by TSH. I’m on T3 with a small amount of T4. My body is acting as if the NP is my real thyroid and throwing antibodies at it. Just lovely. My new doctor is actually treating my adrenals and we are working through things. I’m finally optimistic. I’ll be having more bloodwork done so we can finally see my iron and everything else.

    • Sherry Helton

      years ago I was on armour & had a good experience. over time doctors took me off. 3 months ago my gynecologist put me on armour & I did not feel good. I take 12.5 mg IODORAL (iodine & iodide) weekly plus Xymogen T-150 (thyroid support supplement) daily on an empty stomach early am. I feel so much better. I think the FDA is who has messed with armour to eventually make it non-useable in order for Synthroid etc to be pushed more.

    • Audrey

      I have been on synthroid, and the new armour, and nature throid. I can tell you that there was a huge difference between the three. The very first one I was put on was nature throid, and it was great! I felt such a difference. Night and day. There wasn’t such difficulty in getting it. I could go to target pharmacy, walgreens or cvs and about half the time they had it there, the other half of the time they would have to over night ship it out to them and I had it the next day. Do some research in your area and find a compounding pharmacy as a backup that usually has the capability to get medications other pharmacies won’t or don’t.

      I ended up being refered to a thyroid specialist who took me off the nature throid and put me on synthroid. That threw my whole world spiraling downward. I put myself on the new armour two months later to try and fix it but never quite got back to my normal self. I am now back on nature throid and enjoying life again.

      Highly recommend it

      • Bobbi Coulter

        After synthetic disaster, I got on Armour, then Naturethroid, and back several times. I am on Armour now. I am an LVN, and since doctors had no answers for me feeling rotten, I began treating myself according to Med encyclopedias. Since hyperthyroid blood pressure is high, pulse low, hypo is low BP, high pulse, I started taking full pills or halves by what my BP is. At normal levels, I wait on pills, low normal a half. Like diabetes, I test BP two to three times a day and medicate accordingly. It works. Like diabetes, all kinds of things affect thyroid levels. Stress, exercise, eating or not, weight gain and loss, hot shower on thyroid area even. So why prescribe one or two pills a day to fit all? Diabetics dont. We are the same. I’m doing well enough now after years on a roller-coaster. This works for me. I wish a researcher would try it, and maybe get the word out.

  63. Blondie

    Hi I tried the Naturals unfortunatly with Armour and almost ended up in the hospital!Within a week of taking it I had severe fatigue, pain in my joints and muscles….cryng over anything, just to name a few checked my labs and in 2 weeks I had become HYPER? Yet my symptoms were HYPO. Oh forgot and lots of shotness of breath. 3weeks in bed. Horrible. Stopped taking it and began improving immediatly. When the pains went away i decided to try 1/2 a grain just to to eleminate any doubt that maybe it was something else. That night my muscle pain and fatigue started. NEVER AGAIN. Happy to say that I am now on Nature throid…..and so far so good! I HAVE ENERGY AGAIN after my Armour ordeal. and NO PAIN. Nature throid is working me…..will be checking labs in a few weeks, I feel pretty good. Hope this helps you all out there.

    (From Janie: remember to chew it up to release the desiccated thyroid from the cellulose. )

  64. nicole

    i am losing my vision reading so many sites on hypothyroidism for the past 2 years, i am glad to have finally found a site w/ some knowledge experience.
    synhthroid/cytomel does nothing for me.
    have been on and off w/ armour, always debating and it just does not work, why is this?
    i have the new armour, presently on 90mg. the sour odor back in the pills.
    is the new armour, the old armour again?
    should i be chewing these up and.. is it better to split the dose during the day?
    i am ready to keel over. the doctor had me on syn/cyt because he does not believe in the consistency of natural thyroid… grrrrr.

    (From Janie: yes, you need to be chewing up the Armour and multi-dosing, such as morning and early afternoon. Grrrr about your doctor, too. lol )

  65. Mary

    What is Thyroid S? Just diagnosed. Doc wanted to put me on Synthroid, but I wanted a natural solution, so she put me on 1/2 grain (30 mg.) of Armour. I have just taken it two days so far, so I am happy to get the information about crushing it. My symptoms are many and go back years. My biggest discomfort now is the fullness in the throat or sore-type throat feeling.

  66. Karen

    Thank you for the info on the reformulation of NatureThroid also. I was wondering why I am still not functioning well and now I know. I will start pulverizing tomorrow and I have just started 10 mg cortisol each morning. Sure wish my old Armour was back.

  67. Kristina

    It was helpful to read through all the comments posted here. Sounds like there is a lot of variation out there among thyroid patients. I was happy and stable on the “old” Armour for 6 years before they reformulated. I knew something was different because I always use to chew my thyroid medication in the morning and when I went to do that after picking up my first reformulated Armour last year, it tasted terrible. I started swallowing it not knowing what I was in for. I ended up losing about 50% of my hair, if not more. It was a very devastating experience. I found a pharmacy after much searching that had a large quantity of “old” Armour and I bought everything they had. I have been riding on that ever since but will soon run out. After reading all the posts, I do not know if I want to try Erfa first or a compounded natural dessicated thyroid. The pharmacy I took my rx to just informed me today that there is an estimated wait to get Westhroid, possibly November 2010. Thanks for sharing all your stories and comments. Good luck to everyone who continues to struggle and feel frightened and frustrated now that the “old” Armour seems permanently gone.

  68. mandy


    Thanks for this informtion. I’m so short of money
    From being sick and loosing everything. I did try
    The new Armour and it didn’t work like the old one.

    I’ve just crushed it up and let it dissolve as you’ve
    Said..I’m praying it will work fingers crossed!!

    Got to try and help my mum now aswell!! So, annouyed
    How long this has gone on and to find so many people
    In the same boat!!!

    I admire what you are doing and will support you in any way
    I can.

    Undiagnosed and sick of being sick !!

    Thank you

  69. Tammy

    Has anyone tried the dessicated porcine capsules from Nutri-Meds? How do you figure out how much to take? I have to find something that works. I hate the new Armour. Since I have been taking it I have been so tired & gaining weight. I’m tired of being tired. I’m half asleep right now.
    Also I heard you can only order a 3 month supply at a time of the ERFA from Canada is that right?

  70. naz

    iam on levothyroid for 2.5 years noo help at all i need help plz

    (from Janie: )

  71. Jess

    To Anonymy:

    Only NewArmour is available. It’s been over a year now. You must have the reformulation.

    I had a stash of a few batches of Old Armour which was one of their last batches and it expired earlier this year.

  72. Jess

    After gaining a ton of weight since the switch, I’m afraid of NewArmour.

    I’m currently taking Thyroid-S and it’s worked better than NewArmour but I’m still having issues with it and I’m planning on trying ERFA next. I have trouble with Thyroid-S disolving.. and what I’ve been doing is letting the pills soak in a tiny bit of water so it’s soft and mushy by the time I put it in my mouth to disolve. I only end up swallowing whatever residue is left. Otherwise, the things can sit under my tongue for hours and it’s ridiculous. Maybe this would help those still on Armour.

  73. Kathy L.

    i just ordered my erfa and it will take 2 weeks to get thru customs. i have my fingers crossed. may have to take some of my old synthroid along with the naturethroid to get me thru the 2 weeks. so many hypo symptoms at this point.

  74. LM

    “TCL 023”

    stands for Time Caps Labs, a generic that is no longer available. I used it till Dec ’09, it worked wonders for me. It tastes deifferent than old Armour, but I still took it sublingually with good results. I had 1 grain tabs, they said TCL but not 023.

    Then switched to Nature Thyroid – garbage. Now on ERFA – good stuff, works sublingually. ERFA says EC1 on it.

  75. Lexie

    Does anyone out there take generic dessicated thyroid? I took it for many months when my pharmacy couldn’t get Armour. It is not compouded. The tablets say ” TCL 023″ on them. Does anyone know what binders are used in it? It definately does not have the same consistency as the old Armour. I recently switched to Naturethroid, which doesn’t seem to be working that well, so wondering what to do next.

  76. Kathy L.

    Thank you Janie.I will look into that. Are you still happy with your Erfa Thyroid from Canada?

    From Janie: Yes. 🙂

  77. Kathy L.

    valerie, how do you add the synthetic t4/t3? synthroid and cytomel? does anyone know if thyrolar or some other brand t4/t3 synthetic is currently available? my bloodwork showed a big decrease in my free t3 and an increase in my tsh with no change to my naturethroid dose. chewing it gives me heart palpitations. i spoke to a manufacturer rep yesterday and he said the thin coating assists in creating a sustained release for the t3. i am discouraged and home in bed not feeling well today.i am seriously thinking of going back to synthroid. it made me speedy but i’m ready for a new version of not feeling well.

    (From Janie: Kathy, check your adrenals and ferritin. and, just in case. And the rep is clueless about patient experience. Also use this page: )

  78. valerie

    l think the only way to make nature-throid or the new armour work it to add in synthetic t4 and t3…if l didnt have t4 and t3 to added to my nature-throid l could chew it till the cows came home and it still wouldnt work…how sad that these companies care this little for the people who keep them in business…but lm sure they had no choice in the matter…l think there are bigger powers that forced the issue…..Val

  79. Jessica Iovine

    WOW! I am so happy I found this site! I am posting/writing “my story” my problems with the recent Armour reforumulation-I was on the phone this am with Forest—
    This weekend I will try my compounded medication with a lactose filler-I have to wait till I have people at home b/c I cannot take this during the work week and while I take care of my 2 year old! 🙁 I am also having a cortisol test and did read that “Missy?’s” story on this site ! Found it very helpful so that is DEF important to read and follow up on –I was told by the compoundng pharm. that 70% of the patients on thyroid replacement are on some sort of hormone replacement—
    THIS HAS BEEN A TOTAL NIGHTMARE FOR ME— I just want my old Armour back–I believe Armour was being reformulated well before Forest claiming to me Jan of 2009—I know this b/c I was prob one of the first people to call when I noticed the medication did not “smell”-uponn taking the smell-less meds is when the hypo symptoms returned –called the company *THIS was in 2007 or 2008 btw* and they told me they had changed or added something to the bottling/packaging to reduce the “smell”
    HELLOOO if it aint broke—–
    In total truth I had what I call my spazz attack just this morning-couldn’t breath anxiety-heart racing dizzyness wanted to throw up-AWFUL so i said THAT IS IT! I called Forest-told them the “ENTIRE” roller coaster of hell that occured before Jan 2009 and my mother –who in fact was on the way from another town for a visit-also an armour thyroid patient…traveling just 3 hrs- at 1145 in the afternoon told me she had to pull over to Nap-she couldn’t keep her eyes open—–
    I told her welcome to your medication failing you! Pull over Im on the other line with Forest-TOLD the lady/nurse what happened, told her my account almost 3 years ago–she tried to tell me kind of rudely they didn’t change it-I said “that’s HOGWASh *get it* check your notes she asked me if I ever had another number b/c she saw nothing-gave her my number from three years ago-she read NOTES …and ….silence…..” Yes I see what you are saying…I say “GOOD, while I have you on the phone, would like to note my mother is having to pull over for a “nap” in the early afternoon-b/c her eyes just won’t stay open 45 mins to 1 hr into a 3 hr drive!”

    I will keep you posted on the new meds-good luck to all and I know this is frustrating and sucks for all, I am glad I am not alone anymore and tired of being called a hypochondriac!

  80. Susan Elizabeth

    I am going to try crushing my Naturethroid and mixing it with sugar. I have been dissolving/chewing up the tablets, and my symptoms are getting dramatically worse. No energy even when I sleep well. Symptoms have worsened ever since reformulation, and don’t seem to be improving with chewing up the tablets (yuk).

  81. Hilary

    After not doing well on the reformulated Armour or the reformulated Naturethroid, I’ve tried compounded (with acidophilus) and Erfa but didn’t have luck with either, so I’ve been crushing Naturethroid and upped the dose and it’s working very well now. I crush it finely and mix it with 1/2 tsp. sugar and swallow it. I used to take old Armour and old Naturethroid orally in the a.m. and sublingual in the p.m. but found they no longer work for me sublingual. Ditto for Erfa and compounded. They dissolve fine under the tongue but my temps told me it wasn’t doing the trick anymore. Still experimenting with the Erfa. I may have had a bad experience with it since I had to cut it in half. I’m going to try taking the whole tablet and see if it makes a difference. But definitely crushing and the sugar for me made Naturethroid work again (temp is 98.6 at 11 a.m.).

  82. Pam

    @Christie, where did you learn about the corn starch?? I am allergic to corn and just got off Synthroid after a year of trying to figure out what I was getting into that was making feel like I had eaten corn. My antibodies are sky rocketed too. I’ve been taking naturethroid for two weeks and just filled my prescription for Armour. doesn’t list corn starch. neither does:

  83. SheliaO

    I have been using Thyroid S since the shortage last year and I have had no problems with the medication (allergies or anything). I will try the crushed & sublingual way to see if I feel better. I never really got my dosage adjusted correctly while I was on Armour because my doctor was afraid to raise the amount. I was on the starting amount for over 3 months. Now that I get Thyroid S I am able to adjust my intake as I need to.

  84. AA

    Well, I tried it all, reformulated Armour, Westthroid, Naturethroid, compounded, upping the dose, lowering the dose, I always took them all sublingual. No way for me to find the sweet spot as with the old Armour. I get palps, shortness of breath, sweating, and got all the muscle aches back of when I hadn’t found a doctor to rx porcine…
    Should I try Erfa then? Anybody with my same experience?

  85. Christie

    I started taking the reformulated Armour a few months ago and my TSH went from .04 to 10 within a short while. I just read an article on how the big corporations are fattening cows for cheaper. They feed them either soy or corn oil (among other things) and it works. Why? Because it suppresses the cow’s Thyroid. Well, the new Armour thyroid formulation has cornstarch in it…ah, go figure why my TSH jumped up! Those corporations have to know this!!!
    I now switched to Erfa and it’s working. I also started taking Iodine tablets and my temps jumped up to between 98.8 and 99.5. I’m now going to work on lowering my thyroid dose. Oh, I have Hashimotos (last antibodies test, numbers were in the 600’s).

  86. Priscilla

    I’ve tried the NT crushed and it doesn’t go anywhere under my tongue. It just sits there being disgusting and not being absorbed. I’ve also tried breaking the tabs and swallowing them.

    Erfa Thyroid is working so well for me that I won’t go back to NT.

  87. c devlin

    I switched to Armour from Levothroid in November, 2009. I switched to lower my cholesterol I was unaware of the reformulation and the controversy around it. I became fatigued; I was not fatigued on Levothroid. I stopped eating carbs (potatoes, rice, bread, cookies crackers, anything with flour or sugar). I am no longer fatigued and my cholesterol is below 200 for the first time since I started on Levothroid over 10 years ago.

    Actually, this low carb diet may be a low glycemic index diet. It is similar to the diet given by Broda Barnes in his book, ‘Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness’ but without the saturated fat but with the nuts.

  88. JJ

    I’m a thyroid cancer survivor and had a total thyroidectomy six years ago. I originally tried using synthetic thyroid, but detested how it made me feel. I dismissed several doctors who refused to prescribe desiccated thyroid because they considered inferior and the doses inconsistent, which could put me at risk for recurrent cancer. Finally I found a physician supportive of my decision to use Armour. I felt great when using it! During the national shortage of Armour last year and earlier this year, I was on compounded thyroid produced by a local pharmacy. I actually felt quite well, had more energy, and if anything was running a bit hyperthyroid. On April 24th, I switched back to Armour. The day after that, I began experiencing severe heart palpitations with even mild physical exertion. In the following three days, I began retaining a lot of water, my hair started falling out, I didn’t sleep well, very fatigued, and I experienced my first flare-up of Crohn’s disease symptoms all year. The only thing that had changed was switching the type of thyroid. I found this website, followed everyone’s suggestions, and have noticed an improvement. I’m still having issues sleeping and have episodes of ‘brain fog’, but the other symptoms have been remedied. Many thanks to everyone’s input, and I hope my story can help others too.

  89. Lethal Lee

    “Sarah said:
    Does anyone take the powder out of the capsule of compounded dessiccated thyroid and take it sublingually? Does anyone think that would work better than swallowing the capsule?”

    Sarah when I was on compounded that’s exactly what I did.
    It did absorb fine as per my test results. Note it wasn’t slow/time release though (if it was, taking sublingually wouldn’t make any difference).

  90. GW aka Dutch girl

    Hi Janie!

    I tried it with regular synthetic t3 yesterday (crushing it to powder and putting it under my tongue) and it seemed to be better working too! My bodytemperature was much better and I had my first actually refreshing sleep in months. Also, I didn’t have to rub my eyes for about 15 minutes to be able to actually open them. I’m going to continue with this method this week and I’ll let you know the results :-).

    Also shutting down television and the computer three hours before bed and reading has improved my sleep quality also. I’m starting to recognize myself again in the mirror… I underestimated the effect of television and computer on the adrenals.

    Still waiting on dessicated thyroid. I have to wait 4 months for my first doctor’s appointment…

  91. Sarah

    Does anyone take the powder out of the capsule of compounded desiccated thyroid and take it sublingually?Does anyone think that would work better than swallowing the capsule?

  92. Janie

    From Janie:

    For those who didn’t know about the changes to Naturethroid: you need to sign up for my blog posts to keep informed. Just go the links on the left side of the blog posts, look beneath them, and you can sign up for the “Newsletter”, which gets you the blog post on an email each time.

    Here’s my Feb. blog post about it, but you’ll see I was far more optimistic about it than patient experience turned out to be.

  93. Diane

    I’ve been following your facebook page, but not closely enough apparently, as I wasn’t aware of a reformulation of Naturethroid. I’ve been on it for close to a year, I think, but at a pretty low dose, only 1/2 grain a day, which was recently increased to 1 full grain on alternating days. After further reading on your site, I now wonder if this is way too conservative (I’m seeing Dr. Brownstein and supplementing with Lugol’s iodine, as well.) I still have a long list of hypo-T symptoms. I’ve never tried the sublingual method, but will try that starting tomorrow.

  94. Alexia

    I have compounded thyroid and Erfa..The compounded is the best!!! I broke out in a medication rash around my neck with Erfa but have since adjusted it slightly and it is working fine..

  95. Jon

    I know I ahve been busy but how did I miss this info that RLC has reformulated Naturethroid and I assume WestThroid?Can someone send the link to this news?

    But it does make sense b/c I have been starting to feel Hypo symptoms recently ie fatigue, depression, overwehlemed, trouble concentrating, etc. And coincidently I started taking a new batch of Naturethoid last week. I was taking Westhroid for awhile and was ok but I beleive that was from an old stock.

    Please advise on what helps best.

    (From Janie: See my blog post in Feb.about this)

  96. Lisa

    Why on earth did RLC reformulate Naturethroid? They know what happened with Armour!

    I am shocked at this news. When will these companies listen to the patients who suffer when they screw with what is helping them?

    I am currently taking Erfa thyroid and will continue as long as I have access to it.

  97. Kathleen

    My pill splitter has a feature that allows you to crush pills into a fine powder. I’ve been doing this the last few days with my Nature-throid and putting the powder under my tongue with a pinch of sugar. Seems to be working. Still wish I had the original Armour! Thank you, Janie, for all you do and for providing a wonderful source of information for all of us with thyroid issues!

  98. Nick

    I tried crushing it when I first got it 12 months or so ago and it didn’t help.


  99. Tony

    What about taking a digestive enzyme pill when you take your thyroid med? Would that help?

  100. Glynis

    Well, that explains why I never had the problems other people were complaining about — I *always* broke it up with my teeth because I hate swallowing pills.

  101. ellen weir

    yes, i’m on the 5th day of pulverizing it, and i seem to be better, especially in the am. I hear a constant ringing..pulsating in my ears, which i had felt on and off with Naturethroid, but never on the old Armour. this am i crushed one, and swallowed one. still not thinking its like the old armour..but i’ll give it some time. ellen

  102. Karin J.

    Considering how Forrest Labs responded to their desperate patients when Armour was not available, how little concern they showed and how they literally dismissed us when a good number of us tried to get info from them directly….I won’t ever support that product again. My Thyroid S is working just fine! But I am sure if I ever switch to Naturethroid, this information will be of help!

  103. Chanel Brandt

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been doing this for the last couple of days, & thought I noticed a difference in how I felt – especially the first day.

  104. Anonymy

    I’m still not sure if I have the reformulated armour.
    It’s chalky but certainly not hard to dissolve.
    But I use the pill cutter and it breaks into lots of pieces then I pour it into
    my mouth from there. But I still don’t feel it packs the punch like the old sweet pills.
    And I think it just doesn’t work as well. I’ll try making it finer!!!
    I think it gives me nerve pain!

  105. Toni

    What about sublingual?

    (From Janie: it’s harder now with the new Armour, but you’ll read other posts above this where someone does that, but still has to chew what’s left and swallow.)

  106. Julie

    Interesting! I take virgin coconut oil thrice daily.

  107. Di

    I’ll try this! Thanks so much for sharing.

  108. Teresa

    This make sense and explains my experience. I had never been on thyroid medication until I had a partial TT in July ’09. As a result of my surgery I was put on Armour and have had to tweak the dosage a bit, but have not had any major problems. However, I have always taken it first thing in the morning by putting it under my tongue and letting it dissolve, breaking it up with my teeth as necessary until it completely melted away. Then I avoid eating or drinking anything but water for an hour. I guess by taking it this way, I have been able to get full use of the medication and avoid the problems others have had with it!

  109. micheleabelle

    i’m afraid to even try the new armour again. it made me so sick with horrible symptoms. have people who have tried the new armour previously with negative affects tried crushing and dosing this way with better results?

  110. Hilary

    Thanks for that! I’m desperate and will try it tomorrow. I’ll post back with results.

  111. Viki

    I take Armour and what I do is take a drink, then crush it with my teeth pretty good, get as much as possible under my tongue and suck on a cough drop or hard candy. I try not to swollow the powder, but let it dissolve slowly. If you swollow it then it just have to be processed by your gut 1st. The best results seem to be when it gets in directly into your blood stream thru the blood vessels in the mouth. The problem with the new mix is extra cellulose which makes it harder to disolve, but not impossible.

  112. kendra

    Thanks for that input!


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