Here’s the skinny about the “new” Naturethroid: the good, the bad, and the curious

(A lot has gone on since this post below was first put up in 2010. So after reading the below, see what happened in 2017 here.)

As the one grain tabs of Naturethroid desiccated thyroid by RLC Labs are hitting pharmacy shelves again all across the nation here and there after the recent shortages and the sad reformulation of Armour,  and patients are starting to use the new Naturethroid, we are gathering some good information, both anecdotal and factual:

  • The typical smell of desiccated porcine is less intense with the new tablets. We have no idea why.
  • The tablets are now stamped with RLC on one side, and N over 1 on the other, whereas before you’d see just NT1 or a reference to the fact that Time Caps Labs (TCL) used to make Naturethroid for RLC Labs
  • The package insert is no longer inside the bottle but stuck on top of the cap
  • Lot number info used to be on the edge of the label running vertically, whereas now, it runs along the bottom of the label  under the ingredients.

One grain is still 65 mg, with the T3 content being at 9 mcg and the T4 content being at 38 mcg.  The T2, T1 and calcitonin still unmeasured.

There are filler/inactive ingredients which have changed:

  • Calcium filler has moved up from 16 mg to 17 mg (calcium binds thyroid, but you just take more. Don’t swallow it with milk, please.)
  • The old contained Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium (each at less than 1 mg), whereas in the new, potassium is now removed
  • And here’s the best part: the old NT had Hydropropyl Methylcellulose–that’s the larger size cellulose structure which we know binds some of the thyroid hormones. Now, the new NT has Microcrystaline Cellulose, the smaller size. (Too bad we can’t see all cellulose removed!)

Below are the new NT fillers, which are identical to the old except for the cellulose change:

Carnaba Wax, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Dicalcium Phosphate, Hypromellose, Lactose Monohydrate, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystaline Cellulose, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)-400, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Stearic Acid.

Most all the above comes courtesy of Stephanie Buist, owner of the Iodine group on Yahoo and thyroid and adrenal patient and advocate.  Thank you, Steph!  You can read about the fillers here by scrolling down.

Oh and by the way, the new tablets are now scored. A helpful addition!

In patient groups, we are seeing a variety of experiences with the new Naturethroid.  Most folks seem happy with it so far, and even some report it seems a tad stronger than the old (the cellulose change may have caused that). Occasionally, someone will report problems, but they appear to be from underdosing or a potential RT3 problem which has arisen and needs treatment with T3-only.  Changing brands can also bring different reactions, so you have to wiggle the dosage around sometimes to find your sweet spot once again.

All in all, it looks good.

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If you missed the last internet radio Thyroid Patient Community Call with Dr. Kent Holtorf, you missed a VERY good one. Thank you Dr. Holtorf for excellent information. But good news! All the shows are recorded.  Just go to the following link, scroll down, and you can click on any past interviews, including two with Dr.  John C. Lowe and a great one with Endocrinologist Dr Pepper–one of a rare breed of open-minded Endos.  (I’ve also stopped doing my long intro’s about me in the last two, figuring if someone wants to know, they can go to the About Me page, or read the Introduction in the book which has even more detail. lol.)

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159 Responses to “Here’s the skinny about the “new” Naturethroid: the good, the bad, and the curious”

  1. Bob says:

    Some People should be happy about the news I got today from Costco. I was just informed that Naturethroid all strengths have been recalled because of stability issues and the Pharmacist told me that is was for 60% less of a main ingredient (T-3) I told him that I do not use Naturethroid anymore but he wanted me to bring my old stuff back so they could send it back for testing. I guess we will see if the new stuff comes out will work like it did before 2017. Just thought everyone should know this.

  2. Valerie Rosenbaum says:

    Hi. My Natruthroid has always been scored. I switched Pharmacies and states, and now I feel messed up. We cut back my dose, but still feels like too much. Any thoughts? Heart palpitations are the number one disturbing difference. Gotta contact my Dr. again. It’s been decades, and this is my first issue of too much symptoms. I may switch back to Armour. (When Armour did this –change … I switched to Naturethroid.

    • Because Naturethroid went south and has been causing a return of hypo, what you are most likely experiencing is the adrenaline release from alarmed and now-stressed adrenals. Moving to a better treatment is what most are doing, and that may be the equivalent T4 and T3.

  3. Sandi says:

    Has anyone ever experienced swelling in their neck from using Naturethroid? I have had subcutaneous soft tissue swelling for two years where lymph nodes are near collar bone but above. All tests have shown to be negative. It happened very coincidentally two weeks after starting Naturethroid. It has now been a little over two years that I’ve had these “fat pads” one dr called them. I thought I saw a blog about this a long time ago when I was trying to find my own answers. Please, if anyone has anything please comment. To note, I stopped taking it and still have them. I also read on that same blog that I can’t find now that it can last for a couple years.
    Desperate to know what is happening in my body.

    • Sandi, ever since Naturethroid came back over a year ago, it’s caused problems as reported by many patients. They stopped using it. The last thing to try is chew it up and see if you can get optimal.

    • housemaid says:

      Sandi, I’ve had those fat pads above the collar bone on each side since my late 30s. That was when I first started gaining weight and I probably did have hypothyroidism back then but doctors kept telling me my TSH was normal. My mother had the same thing and she lived into her 80s. I have lost those fat pads when I’ve lost weight. Last time I lost weight was when I was on the old WP thyroid. They do make it difficult to keep your bra straps from sliding down, but I don’t think they are anything to worry about or caused by Nature-throid. They may be a sign of hypothyroidism or they may just be a place your body stores fat.

  4. Diana says:

    I’m having the same problems. Exactly what you described, Liz: palpitations, dizziness/vertigo, feel faint to stand and do anything and sweating profusely. I switch back to my old pills (still had some), and I’m fine. Take the new pills, and I feel horrible–immediately. Have they added something that wasn’t there before?

  5. Karen Moriarty says:

    Has anyone gotten itchy skin and excema while taking Nature Throid? Or had a doctor declare an association?

    • Karen, it sounds more like you are underdosing yourself. Learn about how to find an optimal dose etc on this page: It’s NOT about the TSH, it’s NOT about just “being anywhere in the normal range”

    • Patricia says:

      Yes, yes, yes. After starting the “new” Nature-Throid I’ve developed chronic hives on abdomen, torso, scalp and back of my neck. The itching is maddening. Dermatologist says it’s not eczema, but an allergic reaction to something I’m taking. I stopped all other meds and supplements, but that did not help. Planning to switch to NP Thyroid and lower my dosage (last labs indicated my T3 was over the top).

  6. Mariah says:

    I just switched from Erfa to Nature-Throid and had severe allergic reaction. I know it is from Nature-Throid, I tested twice. I never had that with Erfa. Confused! Anyone has this?

  7. Liz Herchen says:

    Hi was wondering if anyone is having problems with their Naturethroid or know of any reports of a bad batch or change. The reason being is because I\’m having all sorts of bad side effects all of a sudden with palpitations, dizziness/vertigo, feel faint to stand and do anything and sweating profusely. Thought I was too low maybe even though my tsh was 0.87 and but had lower normal levels of t4 and t3 so dr said to increase been trying over a month to stay with it ..but its getting worse. So refilled with 3 different pharmacies since May and ended up back with the original pharmacy refilling again. Its like I\’m not taking anything or taking something new and horrible that\’s how crappy I\’ve been and been completely bed bound now. I know its my meds because before its time for my next dose I start feeling more normal and the sweating etc goes away with slight dizziness lingering. I have to take something as I had my thyroid removed in Jan 2014 and am allergic to all synthetics and couldn\’t tolerate armour when I tried yrs ago. I\’m really upset because I was doing awesome on this for the last 2 1/2 yrs. Oh and all my test with neurologist and primary as well as cardiology are normal for the most part beside a heart condition I already had. Can someone help please?

    • Liz, you might want to first explore if you now have an adrenal problem from underdosing yourself. Because being on NDT is not about “normal” labs. It’s about where they fall. A TSH of .87 doesn’t mean you were on the right amount, for example. It’s about those free’s. Optimal seems to put the free T3 towards the top part of the range and the free T4 around mid-range.

  8. Andrea says:

    Hello! I’m in need of some answers. I recently started Nature Throid about 2 months ago. My levels to start were on the borderline low, but I was very symptomatic. I had a blood test about 4-5 weeks later (levels barely changed) and then a dose increase about 3 weeks ago. I’m currently on 48.75 mg. Since I’ve started I’m gained weight pretty rapidly–about 8 lbs. I haven’t changed anything else food or exercise-wise. My doc just tells me to see the nutritionist, but I know that it is related to the medication. Do you know why this is happening? It’s very discouraging 🙁

    • Andrea, your doctor doesn’t understand at all how to use NDT. Thus, you are severely underdosed, which makes your hypothyroid worse, and thus the weight gain. A starting dose is 60/65 mg (Naturethroid is 65, and that’s one grain) from which we start to raise by 1/2 grain every two weeks in search of our optimal dose. I, for example, am optimal at 3 1/2 grains (210 mg). Optimal doses are different between people, but that’s just to show you how badly underdosed you are. Study this page and especially the green graphic as to what optimal means. You’re either going to hope this doctor will listen, or find a MUCH better one to guide:

      • I am taking 32.5 mg of NT 3 tabs in am and I in pm on empty stomach, I have been taking for a long time , I have taken it with tirosint and with synthroid but I wanted to try and get optimal in just NT, I have been having severe body aches so bad I have to sit In Hot bath water s couple of times a day . Really almost unbearable !! My pill is not scored as mentioned above nor does it say the same thing as above ??? Mine says N on one side and 050 on the other side?? I read where I need to chew up , I have not been doing that !! It looks like they would say to do that , not sure if mine is the new formula but I asume it would have to be??? Any suggestions

  9. Mary says:

    I was wondering if the calcitonin in Naturethroid has caused anyone problems with low calcium? I had two calcium levels before starting Naturethroid, and they were 9.9 and 10.0. After being on 1/2 grain Naturethroid for over a year, my calcium was 9.0, and then 8.8. My TSH was 60 with the 9.9 reading, and 140 with the more recent 9.0 reading. Also, very low vitamin D and magnesium levels. I was just curious if anyone else has reported a significant lowering of calcium and a rise in TSH with Naturethroid? My daughter is 9 and has Hashimoto’s (like me,) and her doctor won’t give her Naturethroid, only Levothyroxine, because the clinic she is with refuses to give NT to kids because of unknown levels of calcitonin. (That was her explanation to me.)

  10. Maura says:

    My doctor started me out on 1/4th grain. Now he is having me alternate 1/2 grain and 1 grain every other day. On the days when I take 1/2 grain sometimes I get a hot flash (I’m only 30) and feel weak and faint, but never on the days when I take 1 grain. Why is this?

  11. Carrie Jordan says:

    Has anyone had allergic reactions (itching) from Nature-Throid?

  12. Lisa Smith says:

    For years I have been on Armour at 120 mg but last month my doctor switch me to Nature at 113.75 mg. After being on it a few days I started noticing red itchy bumps on me and honestly I thought I was being bit by mosquitos or chiggers and I ignored it for a couple of weeks until I got back from vacation. Then it got worse and I started getting a itchy throat and cough. I have spoken to my doctor and ask him to put me back on Armour. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had an allergic reaction to Nature like I have?

    • Hi Lisa. Sorry about those reactions! Just to clarify, there’s really no such thing as “being allergic to Naturethroid”. It’s more about either 1) being allergic/reactive to pig products, which may not fit you since you didn’t have this on Armour, or 2) being allergic to the fillers in Naturethroid. Patients who react to fillers can do better with either NP Thyroid or WP thyroid.

      Here’s a page showing fillers:

    • Mia coombs says:

      I just switched and also having bite like skin reaction as well as random swelling og my upper lip! Wondering if its the silicon dioxide. Will ask my dr to test me, as my ins refuses to pay for the armour now.

  13. Donna Czerwinski says:

    I was on armour for a long time but then it didn’t seem to work..found out later than they changed the formula; so I asked my dr to put me on NatureThroid..I was on the 97.xmg dosage of hature throid but I felt like I had palps,s o I was lowered to 81.25mg. Of late, my hair doesn’t look right and for me that’s a clear sign of hypo…other symptoms too. I am so sick of trying to get the right dose of whatever. I had one of my parathyroid glands removed in Feb 16 and I wonder if that has anything to do with this now. Latest bloodtest shows pth and calcium levels normal. Vitamin D great. t4 free direct is .81ng/dL; t3 is 107 and tsh is .75. all ng/dL…thyroblobin antibody is 1.2 and thyroid peroxidase tpo ab is 6. Is there any other thyroid med that would work better; what about that New Zealand thyrogold? Thanks..Donna

    • Hi Donna. Here’s something to explore: when many patients see palps on as low a dose of 97 mg, it could be pointing to two possibilities. One is simply not being on enough. i.e most of us get worse on low doses if we stay on them too long. Some notice it sooner; some notice it later. But the next reason is more common…that it’s revealing low iron or a cortisol problem. Can’t tell you much about those labs—no ranges were given, and you only gave the total T3–we find the free T3 more important since it’s measuring what’s unbound and available for use. Here’s information to study and explore for yourself:

  14. DZ says:

    I had been on Armour for about 6 months, and after increasing to a certain point started getting hyperthyroid symptoms. Reduced dose to 1 grain BID. Then my provider wanted me to try NatureThroid to eliminate some of the fillers in Armour. I started that at the same dose about 2 months ago. The result was a gentle return of all hypothyroid symptoms, even worse than before I started Armour. Severe joint pain, muscle spasms, general restlessness, and extreme fatigue. I increased the dose, and these symptoms persisted but also stated getting cardiac hyper symptoms. Checked TSH yesterday and it is 0.01. Going to go back on Armour today. Anyone else have similar symptoms on Naturethroid?

  15. Jnaice says:

    Your information is a little misleading. Per Naturethroid’s conversion chart, one grain is equivalent to “around” 100 mcg of Synthroid.

    • HI Jnaice. Let me explain a few things (and this is on STTM’s Natural Thyroid 101 page). First, the conversion charts have been found by patients to be lousy. i.e. when switching to those amounts on conversion charts, as if they are “the” amount we should be on from now on, we have gotten quite hypo all over again. It’s comparing apples to oranges. Second, patients found that when they have been on T4-only, their hearts and bodies “might be” sensitive to the stimulative effect of the direct T3 in NDT. So it was concluded over the years that one grain, or 60/65 mgs, is a safer amount to start on for most. I was a good example…I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, which makes my heart sensitive to some things. And even starting on nearly a grain years ago made my heart palp for about 4-5 days. I shudder to think what my heart would have done if I had started on the so-called conversion chart amount for the Synthroid amount I used to be on! lol. So believe it or not, it’s not misleading. STTM is based on the compilation of reported patient experiences and wisdom for years now, and we hope you will share the information with your doctor. 🙂

  16. Jamie Lee says:

    Hi Janie, thank you so much for your response and help!

    I agree that my doctor is clueless. I battled with her for a few month just to get on NDT and then she can’t even read my results right or treat me properly. I am currently looking for another doctor in the Massachusetts area and decided to stay on my old 1 1/2 grain dosage until I can see a new doctor to up it. I have the STTM book and have learned so much thanks your amazing website! Thank you sooooo much for the the information and links, as I will definitely be needing a list of doctors and what to ask for!


  17. Jamie Lee says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently struggling with my doctor about where I should be at (dosage wise). I was on 1 1/2 grain for 5 months and felt awesome, better than I have in years. My blood work came back for this month showing:
    Free T3 2.9
    T4 4.4
    T3 Total 109
    Free T4 0.71
    TSH 0.49

    I am tired all the time, gaining weight/bloated/swollen, all my old hypo symptoms are back basically. My doctor lowered my dose to 1 1/4 grain. I feel even worse than before and feel like I need to higher the dose. Any thoughts, ideas, or insight would be extremely helpful. I feel hopeless, again, after finally feeling great for once. Also, does it really go by your weight the dosage, if so how?

    • Jamie, one big mistake that patients make is thinking that because a dose of NDT makes them feel better, that’s where they stop. And as you discovered, you are now worse. You see, it’s common to start feeling better on those low doses, but that doesn’t mean you were “optimal”. So this was destined to happen.

      Second, it is common for the TSH to go low like yours did on NDT…and you have a typical clueless doctor who freaks out about it, thus lowers the NDT. So not only were you not optimal, your doctor lowered it and made you even worse!!

      So here’s what you need to do: study the following page and see what optimal means. It’s also about raising high enough to achieve certain lab results and a certain temperature, which you didn’t achieve:

      Second, it’s not about the TSH! You cannot let a doctor dose you by it once on NDT.

      Also, it’s a waste of your blood and money to do the total T3 and total T4. All you need is the free T3 and Free T4.

      Finally, just for comparisons sake, I achieved optimal at 3 1/2 grains. I used to be optimal at 4 grains but that was when I had higher estrogen than I do now. Many of us aren’t optimal until we are in the 3-5 grain area. Some start being optimal in the mid to upper 2 grain area. It’s very individual.

      And Jamie, this is all why STTM exists…to educate you. Because if you put all your apples in your doctor’s basket, this is what happens. We are light years ahead of them. Thus, learn, learn…and expect to TELL your doctor what you want…and if he refuses to listen, find one you can guide:

  18. Morgan Porter says:

    I was born with major heart defects, had 2 open heart surgeries and a stroke. I am only 24 and was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Everything says to not take Thyroid medication because of my heart, but I don’t know what my options are. Has anyone had success with alternative medicines or eastern approaches?

    • Hi Morgan. The irony is thyroid medications have repeatedly helped people’s heart function, not hurt them. I wonder if your Hashi’s isn’t far along and you could stop the attack and thus, still maintain a fairly good working thyroid without being on thyroid meds? I would look into low dose naltrexone and see what you think…patients have had success with it lowering the attack. Also getting totally off gluten. Selenium helps lower anti-TPO. I list the best LDN group here: None compare.

  19. Nick says:

    I do not have a thyroid. I recently went from synthroid / nature-throid combo to a 100% nature-throid 146.25 MG and my TSH is shooting through the roof from 2.486 mIU/L to 16.258 mIU/L!!! Needless to say I feel horrid and my inflammation is now unbarable.
    synthroid / nature-throid combo: thyroglobulin 13.5 ng, F T4 1.08 ng, F T3 3.37 pg, TSH, 2.486, R T3 20 ng
    100% nature-throid: F T4 0.59 ng, F T3 3.43 pg, TSH 16.258, R T3 10 ng

    I will add that I am also seeing recommend MD from STTM. I’m starting to think this MD does not know what to do with me so any education that I can provide to him and my self would be great.The MD doubled my dosage to 292.5 MG but he really looked dumbfounded about why my TSH would rise like that.

    Ill also add that my adrenals are functioning perfectly and cortisol was in range. I did the suggested STTM labs.

    “For a few rare individuals, they may have inherited a faulty deodinase enzyme (meaning you cant convert T4 ever)” Does any one know what this SNP is? ???

    • Nick, you didn’t give ranges for your free’s or the RT3, so it’s hard to comment. But when on the Naturethroid/Synthroid combo, it appears your free T4 was way too high if the top of the range was 1.7. That’s why it’s a mistake to combine them, patients have learned repeatedly. It drives the RT3 too high, as I think yours was.

      But on Naturethroid alone, it appears you are underdosing with a FT4 that low (tho not sure without a range). If it is low in the range, that means your free T3 is pooling. And if so, the latter means you have an iron or cortisol problem (even tho you think you don’t).

      Understand that patients discovered that lab results have nothing to do with “normal” or being “in range” as you stated. Compare your saliva results to this page: Do the same with all four iron labs.

  20. Pam Rigsby says:

    thanks, I wonder why they just don’t list is a milligrams. It would be easier.

  21. Pam Rigsby says:

    Thanks Janie Bowthorpe, you are right, we have to teach and guide our doctors. This Nature Throid is also new to them and I myself do not understand the grains. I was taking 150 mg of synthroid and then talking bout a grain or 1 or 2 grains confuses me.

    • One grain equals 60 mg, but in Naturethroid’s case, it’s 65 mg.

    • Sherry Gillis says:

      I went in to my Endo 2 days ago and told him something has to give, because when I was originally on Armour Thyroid 8 years ago it worked fabulously. I lost 24 lbs in 6 weeks and felt like a million bucks. Then they reformulated it, I’ve gained and gained and my endo keeps upping the dose, I lose weight, then he lowers the dose, I gain weight. This week he switched me over to Naturethroid and will see me in 4 weeks, so I get tests 3 wks from now.

      By the way, thanks Janie Bowthorpe for your comments – it really helps!

  22. Pam Rigsby says:

    I do have an appointment June 28th with the specialist and I’m sure she will do blood work so that will be about 4 weeks. Thanks

  23. Pam Rigsby says:

    I sure hope the hunger goes away and I agree about the dose. I think mine is still too low. I was on 150 synthroid and she has me on 90 and just added 15 to the Naturethroid. I will get blood work on July 13trh. I think she should have went ahead and had me take the 90 and added 30 but I guess time will tell. thanks for the reply. That makes me feel better.

    • Though our optimal dosed are all very unique to us, I was once on .125 Synthroid and my optimal dose is 3 1/2 grains. I personally would study the Natural Thyroid 101 page on STTM and get in way sooner than July.

      • Charlene says:

        Hi I was on 0.125 synthroid I’m a 14 yr thyroid cancer survivor no thyroid switched to naturethroid 81.25 one month ago blood test at 3wks tsh 0.025 ft4 0.9 ft3 3.1 but my doc said tsh is too low I’m afraid if she lowers I’ll b hypo at this point I’m thinking of going back to synthroid my numbers on synthroid 0.125 are tsh 0.122 t4 1.1 t3 2.4 even on synthroid she won’t raise me so when on synthroid I always feel bad

  24. Arlene says:

    I took Armout 4 a 5 years and also switched to Nature thyroid due to price increase about 4 months ago. Since then other medication dosage have changed. I take DEHA, progesterone, testosterone and low dose estrogen. During this time I started feeling awful. Knees ache, left shoulder, left foot, and hips all achy. I had blood work due so decided to wait it out. I was in hospital due to ruptured appendix so thought it might be from that trauma. Well, today I got my blood work over phone. I was speaking with the PA and explained all and she immediately said its the Nature thyroid, that some people react to the fillers. She changed me back to Armour so will see if that fixes it. Have you ever heard of anyone with these symptoms?

    • There are other great brands you can move to rather than the now-expensive Armour: NP Thyroid and WP Thyroid are two.

    • Pam Rigsby says:

      Someone bought out Armour and really messed it up. I felt great on Armour and all my symptoms came back and found out they sold out and only putting fillers in it. I was tested and had no medicine in my system. I’m still upset over that. I was doing great on it. I started Nature Throid and been taking it about 8 weeks but my T3 and T4 are still low so she raised it. I was taking 90 and she added 15. It’s making me want to eat constantly. I know it has to be the medicine because I wasn’t like that before and I sure hope it quits. I need to lose weight and not gain. My hair seems to be coming out also. I sure wish they had not messed Armour up and also Synthroid was bought out and they are using fillers which caused me severe joint pain. I had taken it for 16 years without any problems. My dr. said it’s a shame what the FDA is allowing to pass.

      • There are some who report feeling hungrier, but as your body adjusts to the NDT, it goes away. If your hair is falling out, that can be because your dose is still quite low and thus, hypo worsens.

    • Kate says:

      I had the same symptoms! Severely achy neck and shoulders along with lower back and hips, as well as anywhere I have ever had an injury! I even developed an extreme muscle spasm on the right side that I am still trying to work out. After about 4 weeks of this and feeling miserable I did some research and this was listed as a side effect for the natural thyroid I am taking. My numbers were too high so my Dr raised the amount from 60 MG Acella to 90 over a few weeks. I also developed lots of sinus drainage and GERD symptoms from that, and I never have problems with that this time of the year. Anyway, I stopped taking the med and within 2 days sinus drainage gone, no neck pain, no shoulder pain, no severe aches anywhere else except for the spasm knot which will take a while to work out, but it is getting so much better. I was off for about 10 days and feeling better all the time and then tried taking the old dose of 60 MG for three days…sinus can back along with general achiness and GERD symptoms. So today I haven’t taken it at all…and I feel great! Even the knot from the muscle spasms is almost gone!

      Now I have got to figure out what to do next. I was on Levoxyl for over 10 years and developed high blood pressure and high heart rate, without any improvements in how I felt, but the Dr was happy because the #s were good. 😡 As soon as I quit taking that all those symptoms went away and I started the natural thyroid med about a year ago. I couldn’t take the brand armour because of the fillers and tried the Acella which worked ok until the increase. However in hindsight, I probably was having a slight reaction to it then, just not as noticeable because of the lower dosage. I feel so much better when I am not on any thyroid meds…

      • Kate, the sites that list “side effects” don’t understand the use of NDT. Those side effects are usually from either not raising high enough to find one’s optimal dose (usually because of doctors who hold you hostage to the TSH, or don’t understand how to raise), or having either inadequate iron or cortisol issues (which is revealed when raising NDT).

        You need to study this page:

    • Betty says:

      What type of aches did you have in your knees? I just switched over to nature throid from armour and after 3 weeks I am having aches in my legs like I have just had a workout. I am find sitting down, but getting up and walking around my legs are so stiff.

      • Maybe you aren’t optimal?

        • Betty says:

          I was on 150 armour and now 146.25 naturethroid. I have never had this ache with armour. I am having a hard time just getting up in the morning to walk around. If I had a walker I would use it. My Doctor knows nothing about these types of drugs so no sense in asking her. I know we are not suppose to go off our meds, but today I am going to stop taking it to see if it is the naturethroid. I would rather go back on the armour with its problems. If it is the naturethroid would it matter to change to west throid or acella?

      • Theresa says:

        I am also having have aches and pains in my knees…. never had before and have never had an injury. I’m going to switch back to my Armour (Out of Canada) and see what happens. Hurts so bad….

  25. Charlene says:

    I had been on Armour successfully for 8 years and then had to switch to NP because of the recent price jump. I was on the same dosage of 30 mg in am and 30mg at 2pm. I started to have hypo symptoms had Labwork done and it show a TSH of 2.87. High for me. I was told to increase to 45 in am and 30 at 2 . I states to have nocturnal itching and hot
    flashes. I have tried Synthroid, and continued to have itching. Tried Naturethroid at 45 mg and decreased to 30in am- still have itching. What is going on?!?!

    • What a frustrating mystery, Charlene! Is it possible the itching is due to something entirely different than the thyroid meds?

    • Susan says:

      I’m having itching after taking NatureThroid, as well.
      I’ve been on 75 mcg of Levothyroxin for at least 8 years. No issues except my energy level does not seem to rebound quickly after aerobic exercise like I’d wish. (I’d be tired the following day!) Reading about the success many people have had who take natural desiccated thyroid made me want to try it. Especially when I read that some individuals feel extra energy by addressing T3, which Levothyroxin does not. In addition, my sister was recently diagnosed as being hypothyroid and is on NatureThroid & doing great. I asked my NP to allow me to try NatureThroid. Together we looked at the on-line conversion chart. I started with 3/4 grain (48.75mg), but after about 10 days I felt like I was taking Nodoz. I talked to a Pharmicist who said taking less might be a good idea. I’d also read that some people have better luck taking 1/2 in the AM and the 1/2 in the PM. I cut my dose in half. I tried 1/4 pill in the AM & another 1/4 pill in the afternoon and I continued for a week. The jittery feeling went away. I increased to 1/2 pill in the AM & another 1/4 pill in the afternoon for a week. I felt extremely tired by afternoon. Last week I started taking a full dose in the AM. For several days I felt better, not quite so tired in the afternoon. But now I am getting hives, mostly around my chest bone and groin area. I’m also experiencing “hot flashes” from time to time and I have already gone through menopause. In addition, I’m hitting a wall, so to speak, in the afternoon. I have to have a cup of coffee to function. I called my NP’s office to see if we can now check to see what my blood work looks like but I’m told it’s too early, especially since I cut back on the dose. I’m wondering if I should try taking 1/2 in the AM and 1/2 in the PM? The hives are itching like crazy and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve made the wrong decision in trying to switch to natural thyroid. In pouring over blogs on-line, I understand people say be patient, it takes awhile to adjust.
      Before I started NatureThroid, my TSH was 3.05,Free T3 2.0, Free T4 1.15, ANTITGAB 5.36 & TPO 439.87. I have not been retested since I started NatureThroid. Does it sound like I’m taking too much, not enough??? Any suggestions? Helpful hints? Thanks so much!

      • Hi Susan. First of all, we can’t go by the conversion charts. They will only serve to keep us hypo in our degree and kind. Second, 3/4 grain is half a starting dose, and it’s common to feel worse the longer we stay on that without raising. We go up and up to find our optimal dose, which for many, seems to start somewhere in the 3 grain area, but others are in the 3-5 grain area. So you see that you are wayyy lower. This page explains what we have learned in the use of NDT:

        But, if you have hives due to Naturethroid, makes one wonder if you are allergic to pig or the fillers in Naturethroid!

  26. alwyn lhoir says:

    i wanted to try a natural thyroid after being on T3 only. i still had some t3 left, and did one grain of nature-throid, and 25 mcg. of t3, to run out the pills. ( i liked them, my manufacturer stopped making them). i’ve had severe muscle cramps lately, fatigued, checked my temp and it dropped to 97 again. i think i’ve gone hypo…i’m going back to T3, i don’t think i can convert, somehow. oh well….

  27. Liz says:

    Been taking naturethroid for about 9months following a TT for cancer and had undiagnosed Hashimotos as well..can’t take synthetics as I had severe allergic reactions and all tried armour and np thyroid as well and naturethroid was the best with a 28lb weight loss as well..all of a sudden over Christmas this year I became hyper and my Dr lowered me by a quarter grain which I previously hadn’t been doing that great on during the summer to September, all over again my symptoms came back but now I have worse symptoms severe vertigo since January 2015,no energy,itchy skin,loss of balance, my hair is getting worse and in the last month gained 10lbs back..I never had the severe vertigo and it always gets worse when I take my next dr said if I go up again I will become to tsh previously was 0.22 on the 1 3/4 grains so I have been on 1 1/2 since Christmas due to chest pains and shortness of breath from hyperthyroidism previously..I don’t know what is going on since when I was lowered previously I might get skin/nail changes or some weight gain and fatigue bute never the other symptoms I have now..and my Dr thinks I’m in the range she wants even when I tell her I can’t function because of vertigo being so bad I can’t stand barely..I called to see if it was reformulated or switched pharmacies and got new bottles twice and can’t seem to figure it out..has this happened to anyone else..oh and I also have horrible tremors thru out my body with them becoming worse since lowering my dr said probably withdrawal from t3 since decreasing and continue the dose.

    • Katie says:

      Liz: Your does is way to low, if you are getting hyper symptoms on less than two grains then your adrenals may need some support.

    • jenn says:

      Could be that you’ve developed iron-deficiency anemia. You might want to get that checked. good luck!!

  28. lauren says:

    I am on 46 MG of nature thyroid. It doesn’t seem to be working. Do I up it?

  29. Afton says:

    Why would you recommend a product that contains magnesium stearate, citric acid and various other questionable ingredients? Magnesium stearate is formed by adding a magnesium ion to stearic acid. Stearic acid suppresses T cells which are key components of our immune system. Those of us who require thyroid supplements are already dealing with enough challenges and we certainly don’t need to weaken our immune system even further.

  30. kristie parker says:

    I was switched to Nature throid after being on Synthroid/cytomel. I am on 196 mg. I have gained 10 pounds and still feel NO better. I am also on A-Drenal supplements for very low functioning adrenal glands. I feel fat and horrible and i hate looking at myself in the mirror. it is so depressing. Yes, I eat right. I have to because my hubby has fatty liver disease. what can I do ????

  31. Romana Cole says:

    Was given a generic form of Nature-Throid. Got sore throat, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, dripping nose, sneezing, hives. Went back to pharmacist to replace generic with brand name. Was sick for two weeks on generic before I realized the switch. Pharmacist apologized and gave me a new Rx free of charge and refunded the Generic Rx. Thank God! I thought I was going to die on the generic. Lesson learned. Ronny

  32. Susie Lee says:

    Anyone have problems with sever itching ? Diagnosed a few yrs ago with Hypo Hashimos. Doc gave me Synthroid (Levoxithyrine ). Got to 75 mg and wasn’t working got off of it. Waited a while and found a holistic gal. Started me on Armour. Felt euphoric and fabulous. But the itching started. Then she did an allergy blood panel. Found our I was allergic to all kinds of stuff. Gluten, casein, eggs, oats, pork, bananas, amaranth (had to look that one up)…. So I began eliminating. My antibodies are still way too high. So I quit the little bit of creamer I was using in my coffee once a day. She has changed me from Armour, to NatureThroid now gone full circle on Synthroid, but this time with Cytomel so I’m getting the T3. Still itching…now with a fine rash night and day. Why?

  33. Diane says:

    Polyethelyne Glycol included! Maybe I won’t take it after all.

  34. Sheila says:

    Need some advice! I switched from Armour (1 grain) to Synthyroid .100mcg in 2008 at the same I went on bio-identical hormones. Within 6 mos. I developed the most debilitating asthma and have been on nebulizer treatments ever since that time. I have found a wonderful DO that I have found who sent me to a cardiologist for chest pains. The cardiologist was adamant that chest pains were from asthma meds and asthma was result of Hashi’s and possible not turning T4 into T3. I have appt. with Dr. this week and will be able to get off of synthroid. My ferritin and D levels are within range, my cortisol is normal but my DHEA is low. I will find out thyroid panels at the appt. this week (I went off of all HRT in Aug). I would love some recommendations of what medicine (taking into consideration all the reformulations) would be best to start on. I also have the option to compound.

    (From Janie: remember that lab results have nothing to do with being “in range”. And here are patient groups which can help with ideas: Finally, get the revised STTM book to help you learn: )

  35. Victoria says:

    A little concerned…2001 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Radiation fried my thyroid. I was placed on Synthroid. Total Thyroidectomy due to a nodule. My endo kept decreasing my meds after TT. I never felt great after hypo in 2003 but after TT I felt like a I had been run over by a mac truck constantly along w/ weight gain, foggy, and extreme hair loss. I began seeing a new GP and he 5 weeks ago placed me on 85/20 compounded thyroid. I felt better & lost 7 lbs. He did my labs @ 4weeks of the compounded meds & said I still didn’t have enough. He rx’d Armour 5 grain. I filled it & started today. However, with all the reformulations etc I’m not sure if Armour is what I want to go with. Any ideas? I am horrified at the thought of going backwards when I just began after 9 years to see a glimpse of the person I was. Efra sounds good, but I understand it to take 4-6 weeks to get it so I’d have to have something in the meantime?? It wouldn’t be covered by insurance whereas the others would. I will do anything at any cost to have a quality of life. I just can’t make sense of all the changes & if the reformulations are ok at higher doses or what.

  36. Nick says:

    I prefer the new NatureThroid that make me feel better

    (All your options:

  37. James says:

    the new Nature-Throid work well than old, i love the new Nature-Throid, Thank you for RLC Labs.

  38. Aerin says:

    I’ve now been on NT for over a month, I as on 3/4 grain and begged my Dr. to up it was super tired all the time very fogy. Now I’m on 1 grain I was taking Iodine and Adrenal dessicated to help and it made me feel cracked out. i’m going to go to an endocrinologist and a herbalist to see if I can solve with both helping. I’m pretty disappointed with NT and I’ve gained 5 pounds so far as well. I don’t want to switch back to Levo so I may try Armour and see if it works. Getting kinda fed-up Levo never made me this drained but I had so much trouble losing weight. Anyone feel better on Synthroid I prefer natural so hopefully Herbalist can help too.

    (From Janie: NT is not the problem. And Synthroid is no better than Levo. You are here:

  39. jojo says:

    Thank you Janie so basically the paltry amount I am taking isn’t enough to do much right? So would I have to taper or can I just stop? Your site here is really cool I am having a little trouble figuring things out on it so thanks for your help and patience with me. I am seeing an endocrine doc at cleveland clinic and she refuses to move me up any higher on the med she says she doesn’t even usually treat hashi just goes on lab tests but since I was having symptoms she agreed on this low dose. What can I do, no doctors will help me, they all go on these lab results.

    (From Janie: read the above links; join patient groups. That will all help. And you need a FAR better doc. Here’s how to find one:

  40. jojo says:

    Just got some naturethroid the other day and on one side is an N and the other side says 025, so are these yet again, a new formulation? I also have been gaining weight steadily once starting naturethroid and am thinking of stopping. I am on 1/2 grain once a day can I just stop or do I need to taper? I have hashi and my levels have always been in their “NORMAL” range.

    (From Janie: 1/2 grain is a paltry amount!! Most start on one grain, then raise by 1/2 grain every few weeks, slowing down in the 2-3 grain area. Read: then join patient groups for feedback:

  41. Noreen says:

    Does anyone know of a yahoo thyroid support grp for hypothyroidism or/and athyroidism (born w/o thyroid). I am scared, I have had constant issues (20+yrs) with synthetics, then Armour & now NT. I do believe there is a conspiracy to keep us sick; everytime we find a good med, it’s reformulated (for the worst) or gone for good. I have tried chewing, sucking on it (under tongue), you name it, to no avail.I’m going to get EFRA if I can get an Rx for it, I’ve only heard good about it.

    (From Janie: Join the original NTH group from here: Also check out the “thyroidless” group from the same page.)

  42. Barb says:

    Janie – So what are you suggesting – adrenal and ferritin testing and going on Cortisol and Iron? If I am in fact hyperthyroid – do I even need any thyroid supplementation? This is all so confusing. Thank you for your help in understanding this nightmare.

    (Go here: )

  43. Barb says:

    Donna and Miriam Hamsa – Lowering your dose of NT – did it relieve the anxiety issues and high Free T3? I’ve been on Armour Thyroid for years most recently at 90mg. I had a hysterectomy in April 2009 and quit HRT last June because of friends dying from Breast Cancer. Since 2009 I’ve been having anxiety, insomnia, heart palpatations and other symptoms which would seem like I’m hyper. Doctor’s say anxiety is due to Insomnia, only testing my TSH which has been from 1’s to 2’s so saying Thyroid is normal. Just put together that the reformulation is probably my problem. I’ve got an appt with an Endocrinologist in 2 weeks what tests should I insist on? Thank you anyone for information. I feel I’m going crazy.

    (From Janie: Barb, a high free T3 with your symptoms points to one or both of these: or And an Endo is most likely going to keep you sick by putting you back on T4. Read the above.)

  44. Donna says:

    Oops, couldn’t go back and edit for some reason. Free T3 is 11, NOT 4.11.

  45. Donna says:

    @ Miriam– Hi Miriam My FreeT3 suddenly tested high for the first time ever– 4.11 !!! My endo’s testing policy is to do it in her office, and I’d taken my meds nearly 5 hours before. She’s tested me this way previously, and NEVER, EVER has it tested this high before. I get my NT from my ND– and she was unaware of the reformulation. I’d been stable on NT and adrenal support for over a year, and I think my adrenals have taken a hit due to the reformulation. The pills definitely changed around January, when I refilled with the ND, and by February, I was having insomnia, hypoglycemia, and other anxiety issues. My ND purchases NT in bulk, so I think she’d gone through the supply of old NT, and was into the new shipment of new NT, and I got the new stuff. Ugh.

  46. Miriam Hamsa says:

    Interestingly, last Sept. my thyroid suddenly tested high after 10 years. I’ve been on naturthroid for probably 3 or 4 years now. We lowered the dose and tested again after 6 months. Still hyper. Go figure. My naturopath didn’t know about the reformulation. He thinks (and maybe there is some sense to it) that the reason my thyroid is suddenly “working” is that I have been mostly off gluten for the last year. Dropping to 1 gr from 1.5 and originally 2. Stay tuned!

  47. Leigh says:

    I take 65mg Nature-throid daily plus very small amount of Unithroid because of T3 issues (because makers of Unithroid were first to go through proper procedure of applying for and receiving FDA approval while Synthroid was still balking—my opinion of Abbott Labs’ ethics is very low. And I’ll always be amazed at Janie’s courage going toe-to-toe with a Synthroid sales rep in that sneaker store, or wherever they ran into each other. But I digress…). CVS pharmacy did not have 65mg Nature-throid when I presented my prescription, so they gave me 130mg tabs to split. Those tabs were scored, with NT above the score and 2 below the score. NOW, CVS gave me 32.5mg tablets (merry-go-round thyroid meds, what can I say?!), which are small and lack a score altogether. I am having an entirely different experience taking two 32.5mg tabs instead of half a 130mg tab, and I do not know if I was taking the new formulation and now the old formulation, or vice versa. WHAT A TOTAL BUMMER THIS MEDS MESS IS!!! I can’t tell if I have too much med in me or too little, I’ve noticed over the past few years that I’ve been taking this stuff that it can be difficult to distinguish too much med from too little. Pill identifier at “” does not recognize Nature-throid, so, Janie, do you know any site that can identify these tablets and reveal whether they are different formulations?

    (From Janie: no, I don’t, sadly. But I know there are private laboratories that will analyze meds, but they are very expensive. Hope someone with money to spare will use one and report back to me.)

  48. Audrey says:

    So thankful for this website!! My story is, I was diagnosed with low T3 15 yrs ago, put on Synthroid. Then a few years later, after feeling little relief from my meds, was taken off because my new Dr told me that I was in a depression and the only help would be antidepressants. And yes, he tested my thyroid but not for T3. This started a 10 year cycle of therapy and last year I ended up on a 30 day treatment center due to severe depression. It took years to find the right Dr, I’m thankful I finally did!! I got my results back last week and they are the following:

    Low T3 3.0
    Low cortisol
    A food allergy that has made it difficult to process and absorb proteins
    Low testosterone (over prescribed birth control pills, 20 yrs) which has also made it impossible for my body to absorb nutrients and vitamins
    Low Vit D
    And finally low B 12 (300 points under).

    Last week I started on 1/2 grain Naturethriod, 2 tabs isocort, digestive enzymes, omega 3, liquid vit D supplement, daily liquid B-12 drops and weekly B-12 shots. My issue right now is that I feel like crap. My coordination is worse, I’m still pretty chilly, brain fog and fatigue more intense (I’ve been napping every day… I can’t stand daytime naps) and because of this my mood is low. My Dr said it’s called a “healing crisis”. She said my liver is releasing toxins and because of this it’s releasing years of suppressed symptoms. Apparently I should expect a few more days, possibly week of this, then I should feel great. Because she was smart enough to run the right tests I want to have faith in her. I guess I’m trying to figure out if what I’m feeling is Ok, or maybe I need to up my dosage of thyroid or adrenal medications. I know my diagnosis is pretty specific but any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. I’m back in the low thyroid game and a little out of touch from what I should expect. Very thankful the internet is useful for this too. Not so much available 15 yrs ago.
    Thanks in advance!!!

  49. caterina says:

    Just read it – thanks!
    so if you start right at the 3 grains( give or take) its better and less chances of anxiety than when you start with say 1/4 grain?….i was going to start off with 1/4 grain of naturethroid ( i was originally on 0.88mcg of levoxyl and the lowest i got my tsh was 2.2- though i know its not a huge factor)ive heard that starting off with higher amounts and never being on t3 could effect the heart…. NONE of my drs ive been to have any knowledge of any of this , so its been fun researching this all out!

  50. caterina says:

    i just got an email saying i was denied into that yahoo group you mentioned above…was i supposed to write something specific to join?


    • Janie says:

      Not sure which one you are talking about, as I think I sent you to a page on STTM that lists them. Just try again, being detailed about yourself. If it’s NTH Europe, you must prove somehow you live in Europe.

  51. caterina says:

    had adrenals tested and they were ok,( actually SHOCKINGLY they were excellent even after 5 years of the levoxyl hell! i thought for sure i had adrenal fatigue!! i also just had ferritin tested and it was at 16, so i started about 2 weeks ago the liquid floradix natural iron supplement…….

    a dr friend of mine says a good free t3 should be between 3.5-4.5….when i was on levoxyl , it was at 3.0 now being off the meds its 2.7……

    is there somewhere i can read about raising fast enough so i dont waste your time esplaining to me:0 ive been reasearching on this ( thyroid)for many years and been trying to get to the ROOT instead of even having to go on a glandular as i know even though its a natural its replacing insteading of being a precurser to allow our bodies to generate it on its own…BUT im too sick to go on like this and until i have my mercury removed from my mouth( which i believe is MY root)i think i need to go on something to get my life back…it was strange reading your story as it is almost like you live in a secret world of sickness so to speak- we look so normal that people dont understand when i say im fatigued, that i mean it hurts to lift my hands or even to type this….i have 4 children at home and an organic business to run and i feel like im 90 years old when im only in my 30s!!!!( and surprisingly NOT overweight) maybe some of these questions are in your book? its the one thyroid book i havent read yet and recently tried to get it at the library, but they didnt have it:(

    just joined your hormone group…..


    p.s. i truly appreciate your time writing me back, as time is a precious thing the Lord has given us!

  52. caterina says:

    Thanks for the info….I fogort to mention, that mine is hashimotos hypothyroidism with multinodular goiter and ive been told that some people with hashis, get a flare up from the glandulars( naturethroid etc)so ive been petrified to try it!
    i tried HALF of a bovine over the counter glandular( youre supposed to do up to 4 a day) and it kept me up all night with insomnia and severe anxiety….maybe because the t3 isnt calculated in the over the counters?

    ill have to join that list you referred to in the above post…..


    • Janie says:

      You can get a flair up, but that is mostly from not raising fast enough, which we’ve learned has to be done with Hashi’s, or not checking adrenals and ferritin first and treating them. And one or both of the latter sounds like you.

  53. caterina says:

    So, the question at hand is compounded BETTER than the new naturethroid? im off of all meds( was on levoxyl) and havent been on anything in months….my tsh is at 11 and my free t3 was at 2.7….i want ot get it right from the start and not mess with all this different meds- have never tried natural hormone replacements but the brain fog and fatigue is unbearable…..levoxyl helped with brain fog, but thats it… probs with weight….tested for adrenal fatigue, tested for ferritin, b-12, etc…….. am on b12 shots, liquid iron etc……any thoughts>

  54. Erica says:

    So I just got started with NT (my first time on any prescription thyroid med) finally……….! But I don’t feel any better. When you say to chew it, do we leave it under the tongue also, or just swallow??? Also, I’ve only been on it about 3 weeks, is there a lag before the meds ‘kick in’? Thanks so much for any advice!

  55. Suz says:

    The new nature-throid gives me terrible headaches, hot flashes, fever, chills. I really wish they would go back to the old formula. I did great on that one.

  56. Toby Anne says:

    I’m so glad I just now saw this. I was on 3 grains of NT for years and felt great. The past several months, I gained 25 pounds, lost my hair, had low temps and according to blood tests, my free T3 & free T4 were non-existent. What the heck!!! I was wondering if they changed the formulation. For some of us, the change is not good. I’m going to try upping the dosage to see if that works. UGH!!!!!!!!!

  57. CaliCarrie says:

    Thank goodness for this website! Had been doing great on “old” NatureThroid, now sick… AGAIN!!!! Does anyone know, is Westthroid more like old Naturethroid? (& I’ve heard it’s more of a vet med!!!)
    so so so frustrating…:(

    (From Janie: you need to be thoroughly chewing each tablet up before swallowing to release the desiccated thyroid from the excess cellulose. Give that time to show its results, plus make sure you are on enough.)

  58. R. Woods says:

    I’ve been on thyroid meds for about 6 months beginning with Synthroid but still had lots of Hypo symptoms including fatigue, constipation, foggy thinking, dry skin etc. so after hearing so much good stuff online about Armour I made the switch not knowing about the reformulation. After a month I was feeling horrible. Achy joints, weak muscles, brain completely shot, moody and depressed. Disheartened and disappointed, I searched for an alternative and came across Westhroid and Naturethroid. I contacted RLC to confirm it was *not* the same as the new Armour which the assured me it wasn’t, I ended up placing a phone order because I could not locate a local pharm who carried it. My script was for 3 grain of Westhroid and they told me all the had was Naturethroid abut assured me it was identical to Westthroid. Imagine my surprise when I got it and it tasted and seemed identical to the reformulated Armour. Been on it 4 days and so far so good but just about an hour ago, my muscles and joints started to ache. I work out and it feels like I overdid it but I haven’t worked out for 3 days, why start hurting now? I also felt bummed out all day today for no reason and now the pain. God I only hope I don’t have the same reaction as the new Armour.

    I feel like I’m another one who got on the thyroid treatment bandwagon too late. What are they doing to us? Why let SO MANY people suffer?

    Are there *any* options, compounding or otherwise, that works? I was grateful when I found out why I’d been feeling bad all these years only to get duped.

    Please… someone tell me you’re reacting well to the new Naturethroid. I could use some encouragement.

    (From Janie: both Armour and Naturethroid need to be thoroughly chewed up before swallowing for either to work well for many.)

  59. Liz says:

    I was doing great on NatureThroid until June when I got a new 3 month prescription refill. I have gone downhill all Summer: hair, temperature, mood. I am seeing my doctor on Friday and hopefully he can increase the dose. Until then I will be chewing my pills.

    Thanks for the information Janie.

  60. Ren says:

    I was doing great on Naturethroid before the shortage now I am barely OK. I have been having a lot of joint pain, head aches, fatigue, and brain fog. I was trying to figure out why I am not doing well I had’nt thought of the reformulation until recently. I am so upset that they have tinkered with a great product. Any suggestions? What about ERFA?

    (From Janie: as mentioned many many times on my blog (hint), chew it up thoroughly before swallowing)

  61. Pollie says:

    RE: Suzanne, I have been on Nature-throid for a little over a month now. It worked great for the first couple of weeks. But , too, started having major foot, ankle, and joint cramps on it (so bad my doc had to prescribe me prednisone to reduce swelling). This has NEVER happened before. He thinks it’s the Nature-throid causing it: makes sense. I am really disheartened because I have tried almost EVERY thyroid med and this one is good, except for this debilitating side effect. Anyone know how to combat this? I want to stay on it because it makes my hair, skin, and overall mood great! Thanks.

    (From Janie: you need to be chewing the Naturethroid up before swallowing to release the thyroid from the cellulose filler. And you may not be on enough. )

  62. Suzanne says:

    For about a week I tried crushing it up and mixed w/honey under my tongue but felt kind of sick to my stomach after about 1/2 hr. Didn’t notice any real difference in energy and still had all the other symptoms.
    I wrote in because I was curious if any one else felt good after switching and then a downturn after a few weeks. I am going to the dr on Wed but she is not into saliva testing or Naturethroid for that matter. She gives it to me because I request it. I have been to several drs in the area but have not found a dr that is knowledgeable about desiccated thyroid meds. I read this website and try to help myself from the other suggestions.

    (From Janie: you order the saliva test yourself. I would. Also use this page: and get further feedback from other patients: )

  63. Suzanne says:

    Have been on Naturethroid for about 4 mos. after having compounded meds. Went off compounded meds because I seemed to be all over the place from one mo. to the next. The Naturethroid seemed to be working and then for the past 2 weeks I have been really fatigued, bad foot & ankle cramps, light-headed when standing up and headaches on a pretty regular basis. I go back to my dr. on Wed. but wanted to know it anyone else is having problems on Naturethorid.

    (from Janie: you need to be chewing it up to release the desiccated thyroid from the cellulose filler. But you may need to be doing a 24 hour adrenal saliva test, as well.)

  64. Barbara says:

    Went on Armour thyroid meds after another doc put my on Synthroid and I had horrible symptoms appear. My new DO took me off the Synthroid and put me on Armour. (6 months or so) Started to feel fine but after a couple of months I went down hill again. One of the new things I noticed was a bout with swollen ankles, fatigue and a change in my urine color. Now I drink plenty of water so that isn’t it. She then took me off Armour and compounded my meds. Started to feel better but for the second time I had a bout of swollen ankles and fatigue. I just started the compounded meds a week ago so I do need to give them a chance. Has anyone had this, should I be getting my kidneys checked, heart?? I am so disheartened at this time……

    (from Janie: you needed to be chewing up the Armour to release the desiccated thyroid from the excess cellulose–the latter which binds the thyroid. Doesn’t work well unless you do. Now that you are on compounded, you need to tell them NOT to use cellulose as a filler, but powdered acidolpholus. Also see if you are here: )

  65. Denice says:

    I went from synthroid to Naturthroid in Aug 2009, it took 3 months to get though it but seemed worth it – until I ran out of naturethroid and went on a compound – that caused all kinds of reactions, finally got the new naturethoid and my heart has been having all kinds of problems from racing to palptations. Working with doc to change dose, but the only thing that seems to help is to continue to add levo. I am about to give up on the naturethroid.
    Anyone else having heart issues on the new naturethroid? Will crushing it stop the heart issues?

    (From Janie: Yes, crushing it and adding a bit of honey or sugar definitely helps. See my other blog posts below this earlier this year. If you continue to have palps after a week of doing that, you either have low cortisol and/or low ferritin that needs discovery and treatment. Patient groups can help you: Adding Levo is simply masking the problem and will make you worse down the line )

  66. ellen says:

    hi. i’m on the new armour, pulverizing etc, but what a pain! i like the zip in the am, and didn’t get that on Naturethroid, but my temps still low and tired in pm. Can we tell the compounding pharmacies what we want in the compound. If so, what would be the closest thing to the original armour? ellen

    (From Janie: Erfa is the closest to the old Armour. Yes, you can tell compounders, via a doctors prescription, what you want. Just understand whether you are getting des. thyroid or synthetic T4 and T3. Ellen, are you sure you are on enough thyroid meds?)

  67. Hilary says:

    Update: I ordered the Erfa from ($20 for 100 60mg…I’m psyched!) AND compounded desiccated thyroid with acidophilus from Hook’s in Indiana. One of those HAS to work, right? Thank goodness I have a good doctor who let call in both RXs today! She’s also on natural thyroid (Armour) so she understands. New Armour was just OK for me but after the shortage when I started Naturethroid, it was a huge improvement…until last week when I got the reformulation. I take it orally in the a.m. then sublingual in the afternoon and although it dissolved just fine with a bit of sugar or sublingual B12, it wasn’t working at all for me. In the 4 months I was on Naturethroid (plus low carb, exercise, blah blah) I finally was able to lose 12 of the 25 pounds I gained when going hypo and I don’t want it back. So until I get my new RXs, I’m mortar and pestling my brains out to pulverize that evil cellulose and rotten little fillers. No offensive to those of you that are doing good on the new NT! Cheers to you! I wish I was too!

  68. Hilary says:

    Wake Up and Smell the Reformulation! Holy Hypo. Temps plunging, hair falling out, brain fog, mood in the tank. What’s up? Oh, here’s a week old refill of my awesome Naturethroid. Hmmm…let’s Google reformulation. Bam, here I am. What, there’s no obligation for them to tell you the formula is changing? Just the old switcheroo, again! Boy, did I get into this natural thyroid game at the wrong time. After my DX, tried levo for one year until I switched to Armour. I had one month of feeling great on the Old Armour until my first refill of New Armour. Now this! I KNOW it’s the reformulated Naturethroid that’s not working for me. I had a small stash of Westhroid, and after taking them for one day, my recent stomach and IBS troubles went away along with all my other hypo symptoms. Too bad I only have a few more. Now it’s on to Erfa. I’m pissed, but hopeful. Thanks Janie and everyone for the scoop, which you can only find here.

    • Nada says:

      DITTO!! Took the words outta my mouth!

    • ellen weir says:

      hi. i took armor for about 20 years, then they switched the formula, and I got very sick. Have been on Naturethroid for about 8 years, and have gotten sick again. I guess its the same situation with the filler. Now they say Naturethroid is backordered until they don’t know. Have you heard of NP by Acella? I’m afraid to take any more naturethroid. my stomach is really messed up.

  69. Mila says:

    I love this site and all of you. I am an NTH yahoo group veteran and have been googling my eyes out all morning trying to decide whether or not to leave ERFA for skin eruptions and go to Nature-throid – and ended up right here back at Janie’s LOL.
    After not being able to reach Nature-throid (at all) yet was able to speak to someone at Erfa (AND a staff doctor is calling me back) – and reading all your posts, I have made the decision to stay put on the erfa and find some other skin remedies.
    Have a wonderful week!

  70. Priscilla says:

    The new NT is not working as well as the old. I guess I will have to use non-US meds from now on. I’m not looking forward to it.

  71. Libby says:

    After about 16 years of T4-only, switched to T3-only at the end of December 2009 due to an RT3 problem (take it sublingually). Just started to switch to dessicated thyroid and took my first Naturethroid (new formula) sublingually and it was “very” chalky, took a long time to dissolve (little over an hour), and didn’t completely dissolve. Not thrilled with it, but anything is better than the thought of going back to T4-only! Is the new Naturethroid supposed to be better than the old formula?

  72. p lindsay says:

    i am almost out of my old naturethroid pills which do work and will have to start taking my new batch again so we will see.
    i emailed RLC labs with my concerns and i havent gotten a reply. it has been almost 2 weeks.

  73. valerie says:

    gosh l hate to say this…ITS NOT WORKING…how do l know..cold…low temps…blah blah blah blah blah…we all know the drill…so here is another product that doesnt work…AND l do not believe the FDA is not behind it…thats 2 companies now and the only 2 we have..that have changed their product for the worse…what sane business person would ever do that on purpose…dont care what the FDA says…l live in California where the federal govt has turned the water off on thousands of farmers for over a year now…and are now extorting votes for the healthcare bill with a promise of turning it back on….we are being blackmailed by our federal govt…so l do not believe the FDA…what is the first letter in their name…FEDERAL as in FEDERAL GOVT

    (From Janie: it’s a toss up, as many other folks are reporting the new Naturethroid to work well once they get past the initial introduction in the use of Naturethroid and adjust their adrenal treatment, if needed, so hopefully it will take just a raise for you or cortisol if needed.)

  74. p lindsay says:

    i have been on nature throid for over a year. switching for the better from armour. i recently got a new prescription sent to me for the new nature throid. it definitely is not working as good as the old nature throid and i am now experiencing symptoms of fatigue and cold. i tried taking a higher dose and it didnt make a bit of difference. not sure what to do now and it is very frustrating. i did email rlc labs and told them what i am experiencing. i think everyone should let them know if they are finding it isnt working as well for them.

  75. Marie says:

    What is your thoughts of using Natures Source Natural Thyroid when I was on Armour Natural Thyroid for many years 2 gr. Now the Natural has the addition of Kelp and Adrenal Gland and Pituitary Gland…I am lactose intollerant and allergic to Milk and Penicylin and Erythromycin (if that means anything – not sure). I found that I could not get any thyroid medication at all from any pharmacy and was told to go to a compounding shop, but without insurance, it would cost me 4 X as much, so had no choice but to switch to Natural Thyroid. I mean, we are told never go without our thyroid and the pharmacy’s left us out in the cold. What kinds of problems are everyone experiencing…I have been achy and just plain awful…and distant and no sex drive. I had an accident that caused me to have near adreanal failure, so thought the adrenal support would be a good thing. Thoughts?

  76. Marion says:

    I am on the new NT since two weeks and not feeling so great.Could it be that the FDA forces these companies to ad fillers that make Armour and NT not work well anymore so they will have a good reason to discontinue all of the natural Thyroid meds and force us to take the chemical ones which will cause so many other problems that we will end up having to take other meds to deal with all the new problems? Since Juli 09 I have been so sick and switched to 5 different meds, all natural thyroid from pigs or compoundet and nothing worked as well as the old Armour.
    I have wanted to not live anymore if this is going to be how I feel for the rest of my life.Why can’t we get the old Armour back so we can feel great again?

    • Beth says:

      Smartest comment said so far! My compounded thyroid (using only vitamin c) is on backorder, and I’m trying Nature -Throid for the first time. I might as well take nothing at all! I’ve even upped my dose and feel nothing. The same thing happened two years ago when I tried a new compounding pharmacy that used cellulose. I’m telling you, it’s the fillers! Perhaps they are making more money because people now need a higher dose. I’m considering taking 4 grains tomorrow instead of my usual two. Mind you, my Hypothyroidism was caused by toxic mold, so perhaps my body’s having a harder time dealing with this than your average patient.

    • Carol says:

      I having been having trouble getting my Nature Throid none of my pharmacies have it. I did well on it and I have been on this since 2013 or so. I originally switched from Synthroid which had caused joint issues. I am now having issues with the Nature Throid that I just finally picked up. I just knew something wasn’t working because I felt different and then came online and saw these blogs.

  77. i was sent my nature thyroid from the states over 2 weeks ago,and for some strange reason it has not yet arrived,in desperation,ilooked up a site selling generic armour-can anyone advise me on either of thes points or both?

  78. valerie says:

    the new NT is working better for me…first time ive seen my basal temp increase in over 9 months…l think the new stuff is an improvement!…Val

  79. Nickie says:

    I was only on Nature-throid for a short time but I didn’t see too much of a difference but have talked to someone who had really bad side effects and actually felt worse than she did before she started on Armour – said all her symptoms came back. She is now on the compounded dessicated thyroid and had a problem adjusting to that for the first week and now doing great. Maybe it’s just that the body has to get adjusted to the new thyroid supplement. I am doing much better on the natural dessicated thyroid from the compounding pharmacy than I did on the Nature-throid and I’m also allergic to cow milk so I’m glad I have the option to use the compounded product.

  80. Meg says:

    As compounded has recently become an option in Norway (alliance apotek), I’m interested in fillers.
    Do you know what it is, the bioflavinoid your farmacy is using?
    🙂 meg

  81. Jenny says:

    So is lactose added as a filler a problem or not? I just called my compounding pharmacy, and they said they don’t add cellulose but use lactose as the filler. They argued that there was absolutely no problem with lactose as a filler. Does it bind with the thyroid?

  82. Sally says:

    Am just starting on compounded and they switched filler for me to bioflavinoid. Hoping it works well and i will feel well.
    Did not know about the trace Lactose in Thyroid USP powder.
    All very interesting. THank you!

  83. Lethal Lee says:

    (From Janie: Hi Lethal. I think you misread the information. They state they only switched from methyl to micro, not increased it. But it’s too bad that any has to be in there at all. Agreed.)

    Microcrystaline Cellulose is also the SAME type of cellulose that is in in Armour.

    The recent Armour reformulation reduced Dextrose & INCREASED the Microcrystaline Cellulose content and THAT caused all the problems we are all well aware of.

    Why then is the Microcrystaline Cellulose in the NT any different? Why would they increase Cellulose at all when they are aware of the Armour fiasco?
    See blog

    One person has commented that new NT is chalkier & you say it smells less piggy too. Doesnt this sound just like the comments made for new Armour?

    Avicel is a brand of Microcrystaline Cellulose & is often used in the compounded NTH (certainly the case in Australia). That is certainly problematic.

    In fact on RTH we are advising folks to avoid cellulose of any kind. Much better to have Acidophilus for example.

    As far as Lactose goes ALL NTH meds including compounded, contain trace amounts of it. It is in the Thyroid USP powder itself.


    ■Lactose Monohydrate – traceable amount as part of desiccated thyroid powder USP

  84. annie phenix says:

    I haven’t done well on Naturethroid since I switched from the new Armour last summer. I had several hypo symptoms come back

    I am now trying compounded Armour and so far so good. The only filler the pharmacy put in was acidopholis. I am sick to read that the makers of Naturetroid put a milk derivative in it as I can’t have milk/caseins either. Maybe that is why I haven’t done well on Naturethroid? I very much appreciate your pointing that out, Carol G.

  85. Carol G. says:

    I see in the ingredients that there is lactose monohydrate in Naturethroid. From what I could find it appears that is a milk derivative. Being allergic to milk products I always have to wonder why they would put milk derivative in medicine?? I did better on Naturethroid than the new Armour but still not near as good as I did on the old Armour. Now I’m on compounded and aching all over…after reading this I’m thinking I need to find out what they are putting as filler in my compounded. Thanks for the information it’s been very helpful.

  86. Michele says:

    After finding Armore was changed (and due to shortages) I had a month or two on Naturethroid which was great…had to go to new Armore for a month…and felt myself go slowly down hill…and just got Naturethroid again. I have to say I’ve been surprised at it not working as well as before…thought… something is different I think…I seem to need more…will see how that goes…pleeeeassse!

  87. Jan says:

    So basicly what you are sying is that Nature-Throid has also been reformulated?

    (From Janie: perhaps, but not with the negative connotation that we got with Armour)

    • ellen weir says:

      I’m getting the same horrible symptoms with new Naturethroid, that i got when they reformulated Armour. I wonder about NP by Acella. i feel horrible.

      • Emma says:

        I also didnt do well on New nature thyroid. I switch to Acella now , it is different for me then Old NT, I feel like Acella more potent , I have to take it after food to reduce T3 spike . Sadly they reformulated NT, old worked just fine .

      • January says:

        Me, too. Night sweats (long past menopause), weight gain, dizziness, depression.

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