Are you switching to Nature-throid? Here’s 10 good things to know!

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In 2009, there were many folks reporting problems with the newly-formulated Armour (and that has been true for 2015, sadly), just as there was a growing body of individuals stating they are switching to Naturethroid by RLC Labs (formerly Western Research), another prescription brand of desiccated thyroid which also makes WP Thyroid.  

Today, there are even more quality brands to consider. And when a brand like Armour disappoints, many are also switching to NP Thyroid by Acella.

But if you are considering Naturethroid, here is info to carry with you if you switch:

  1. Naturethroid has a coating on the outside, and some patients state they bite on the pill to remove the coating, and still try to do it sublingually. No sugar, but some are determined.
  2. One grain of Naturethroid is 65 mg rather than the 60 mg that Armour users have been used to. Two grains are 130 mgs, etc. (One grain is actually 64.8 but it’s easier to round it up). Strengths are 1/4, 1/2, one grain, two grains, three grains.
  3. The makers of Naturethroid started making 1 1/2 grain tablets by 2010.
  4. Ingredients are
    • Porcine Thyroid Powder, U.S. Pharmacopeia
    • Microcrystalline Cellulose
    • Dicalcium Phosphate
    • Sodium Starch Glycolate
    • Magnesium Stearate
    • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
    • Stearic Acid
    • Carnauba Wax
    • Polyethylene Glycol
  5. Naturethroid uses the same USP thyroid powder as any good desiccated thyroid product—it “adheres to full pharmaceutical purity and standardization on the consistency of the hormones along with full pre-and-post testing procedures associated with quality prescription products.”
  6. RLC Labs is a small and friendly pharmaceutical company.
  7. Twitter has a Nature Throid website.
  8. RLC labs also used to distribute Westhroid more than it does today (simlar), but that has largely been replaced by WP Thyroid–an NDT with very few fillers.
  9. When switching, you will have to figure out if you need to be on a similar amount as before, or a different amount, according to symptoms.
  10. And finally, it’s been around since the 1930’s–another tried and true desiccated thyroid product!

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654 Responses to “Are you switching to Nature-throid? Here’s 10 good things to know!”

  1. Vaisha says:

    I’m thinking of changing to nature thyroid, or rathe having to.
    I can no longer get thiroyd. And I don’t really want to go back to thyroid S which is difficult to get.
    Where can I purchase natural thyroid. I see it’s available from Walmart at a very good price.
    But I’m in the UK. And we don’t have a Walmart or this sort of thing on the shelves here.

  2. Jan Bor says:

    I know this thread is old but it’s still relevant. 2020 and millions of people affected by thyroid conditions and it seems like the way Drs treat it hasn’t changed in 60 years. I’m starting my journey from taking generic Levo for 10 years to NDT. Trust me, I never wanted to be one of those people taking porcine hormone but after 7 years of Levo my T3 levels started to decline enough and I started having symptoms like aggravation, stressy, fatigue, sudden crashes, arthritic type pain, pain in fingers, which turns out is due to the water retention.
    I usually bordered in the 1.5 Tsh range or – a little, 1.6-1.8 FT4, before 2017 FT3 was around 3.6-3.8 and after 2017 dropped to 2.6-2.8. I felt normal for the first 6-7 years on Levo. I can’t tell you if a change in dietary or activity levels caused this issue or if it’s a cortisol issue. The only cortisol test I had was a blood test in the morning.

    I complained of fatigue for years in my 20s. I suspect it started in my late teens as I started sleeping a lot. The only time it went away is when I lived in Hawaii for a few years in my mid 20s. I was walking a lot and getting tons of sun. A year after I left my face exploded in cystic acne, 10 lbs of bloat, and a golf size hurthle cell adenoma to go with it. I had a partial thyroidectomy in 2008. Two years later I got on Levo after my TSH came back at 5 but those two years I wasn’t on anything was great. We started at 50mcg, then 75mcg, and finally felt good on 88mcg. I was 30 years old.

    What I’ve learned is not to go to an endocrinologist. You’d think it’s their job to know the endocrine system as it’s complicated but they spend most of their time dealing with diabetes and a reproductive endocrinologist just wants to get your pregnant.

    I have a nice general physician but he kept saying my FT4 was high at 1.7 yet never made mention about my sub optimal T3 and it’s decline. My last batch of Levo left me with terrible neck and trap pain, lower and upper back pain, toe pain, and inability to work. I decided to seek better help. I went to a clinic that prescribed NP Thyroid, however all they said was take 1-2 grains. I started with 1 grain(60mg) and moved up to 2 grains. I wasn’t getting much supervision so I started seeing an obgyn that also treats thyroid, hormones and weight. This was my best decision. We tested at 120mg and 90mg. I was close on the 90mg but it was a tad much for me. When I lose my appetite and my legs feel like jello and the weakness sets in I know it’s too much for me. I switched over to Nature Throid because they have a dose which is 81.25 mg. I’ve only been on Nature Throid for a few days. The one thing I noticed with NDT regardless of if the dosage is right or not is that the aggravation and “fibro” pains went away and I can go back to sleep if I wake up ealry in the morning. My mood is better. I’ve found that you really have to split the NDT throughout the day.

    I really wanted the synthetic T4/T3 combo to work but I tried cytomel on top of Levo and Unithroid for a few days but didn’t feel very good. Maybe you have to come down on T4 and dose up more with T3? Just the thought of coming down from 88mcg to 75mcg is horrific.

    So for now I’m taking 81.25 mg of Nature throid. Taking 2/3 of it in the morning and saving the rest for the afternoon. I switched to Nature Throid because I like their range of dosages and it was only $9.50 at Walmart as opposed to the $31 for NP Thyroid. Overall, I like the way Nature Throid makes me feel in comparison to NP Thyroid. I’ll test after a few weeks and see how it’s going and how I feel.

    I miss taking T4 only therapy for obvious reasons. It’s easy and you get a level feeling. It’s like a marriage. When T4 is working the way it should for you then you feel great but when it fails it’s like a reluctant divorce ha.

  3. M&M says:

    When I was first diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, I was prescribed Synthroid. I was taking it for about 1 year and I didn’t feel any better, still feeling very tired, I just wanted to go home and go to bed. My doctor said I was doing okay according to my lab work, but that I needed to lose weight, eat better and exercise. After a year of feeling the same, I went to see another doctor. I took my lab work to the new doctor and she said my labs weren’t good. This new doctor told me that my ENDO wasn’t checking my thyroid levels. She ordered new lab work for me to include, vitamin intake, adrenal glands, DHEA, and other tests that my previous ENDO and family doctor never checked. She took me off Synthroid and prescribed Nature-Throid along with Iodine pills, she said I could use Kelp instead of Iodine. She did mention that anyone who has thyroid should be on a gluten free diet, AHHH!! I am not one who craves a lot of bread, but as soon as she said diet, I wanted sweet bread, pastries, you name it!! I was a size 12 when I first started seeing her and dropped down to a size 6 after several months. First, she said that I had to do a cleansing diet for 2 weeks. After the two weeks, I need a complete vitamin supplement and slowly incorporate other foods. She also gave me adrenal and DHEA medication. I slowly began to feel better. Unfortunately, she stopped taking insurance and I could not afford to see her anymore. I had a hard time finding a doctor to prescribe Nature-Throid because all doctors either prescribe Synthroid or Levothyroxine, she was able to refer me to a doctor who has been prescribing me Nature-Throid. A few months ago when they were having the shortage of Nature-Throid, I was able to go to a local pharmacy that compounds medications and get my medication from them. Several of my friends and co-workers who suffer from their thyroid, have asked me what I take and their doctors will not prescribe it, they only do Synthroid and/or Levothyroxine. One of my co-workers could not lose weight, was taking Levothyroxine, feeling weak, tired, cold, excessive dry skin and loosing a lot of hair (she was getting small bald spots) so she made an appointment with my doctor. My doctor diagnosed her with Hoshimoto. Her doctor had her on several medication like Lyrica (I can’t recall what others) but all the meds she was on weren’t helping her. My doctor has helped her so much and my co-worker feels and looks a lot better. The first year, my co-worker paid over $3500.00 in labs, office visits, medications, and supplements but she told me it was all worth it. Unfortunately, since my doctor doesn’t take insurance she only sees her once a year to monitor her.

    • Reading your blog about taking adrenal and DHEA medication. What is it you take? I’m on naturethroid 130mg 5 days a wk. and 97.5 2 days a week. I was so good for 2 months then hell broke loose. Dr. Said we could go up some 130 mg a day. For some reason my BP is high and I am keeping headaches daily whole head hurts and get anxious. I cut back. Going to see her today. Thought maybe more info. I think I took Dhea before.

    • Donna says:

      Hi what doctor are you seeing? What city is it in I need help with the hashimoto’s and did your friend take nature thyroid?

  4. Colleen says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. It hasn’t even been a year since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. After finally getting my levels normalized I was taking 112 mcg of Synthroid along with 5mcg of Cytomel consisiently for 5 months. I was experiencing severe hair thinning and it was falling out in clumps. So in November of 2018, I requested to be switched to NP Thyroid. My endo started me on 64mg tablet and ordered blood work to check levels on Feb 1st or after. Since starting the NP Thyroid, I am super exhausted, very moody, brain foggy, and joints/muscles are constantly hurting me. My hair loss has stopped thought. Woohoo! Why am I feeling like this? What can I do to alleviate the pain and all these symptoms? I appreciate any and all suggestions.

    • The 60 mg tablet is simply a starting dose from which we raise and raise again. Study this page:

      • Colleen says:

        Thank you so much for getting back to me. I assumed it was because I was on such a low dose of NP Thryoid. I feel like I have gone backwards since my levels were normalized at one point but with the symptoms I was having even when they were normalized, I wanted something natural. I know there is a pot of gold at the end of the tunnel but getting there is sure challenging. Is it normal that my endo is checking my levels 6-8 weeks after starting me on the 60mg of NP Thyroid? I feel like it is taking forever. I am honestly so tired of being tired and in pain all the time.

        • Your Endo is acting like you are on T4-only with the 6 week testing he’s doing, plus what appears to be ignorance about raising and finding your optimal dose. You may need a much better doctor you can guide with this info–it’s IMPERATIVE to become informed in order to tell a doctor how you plan on doing it. If a doctor balks, you find a more open-minded one: Read, read:

          • Colleen says:

            Thanks for the link. I have read it over twice now. I am not sure if I am able to find an Endo who is more open-minded. It was challenging to find one that would prescribe NP Thyroid instead of the traditional T4 meds. I guess I will need to start looking for another Endo. Should I be looking for a holistic Endo? Do they even exist?Also, I was reading about smoking and Thyroid on one of the links. I have quit smoking and began using the Nicotine patch a few weeks back. I couldn’t find anything on the relation to Nicotine patch and Thyroid. So I will ask, will the Nicotine patch affect the TSH levels as well?

    • Andrea says:

      I not only enjoyed this post but also your comment!! I too am on Np thyroid and can completely relate to the fact that your only improvement has been your hair. When my doctor asks how I am doing, I want to tell her that I feel so sleepy and foggy and am continuing to consistently still sleep around 14-15 hours a night/day, but instead I mention how great my hair looks and how nice it is to have such soft hair. 🤔


  5. Sherry says:

    I was just introduced to your website. In the past, my natural doctor put me on desiccated bovine and I could not tolerate it–it made me more tired than my thyroid issue was making me. After switching to a plant based Adrenal and Thyroid medication I felt much better. Realized although I eat meat all the time, my body does not like this form to treat my thyroid. Odd but true!

    • Actually, it wasn’t that you weren’t tolerating it. It was either that you were held to too low a dose (which will make one’s hypo symptoms worse, thus feeling more tired due to the feedback loop) or it was revealing inadequate iron and/or a cortisol issue (which makes one more hypo). Possibly the first one.

  6. SonshineLady says:

    I went to one of, if not the only, doctors in my area that prescribes Nature-Throid. I first went to him four years ago and was feeling so much better on this med than levothyroxine, but then a lot of “life” happened (had to vacate my apartment for a month due to black mold, father almost died of a gangrene gallbladder, during this time I ran out of the Nature-Throid and Klonopin I take for anxiety and, in short, was a basket case. Ended up in the ER with a TSH level of 89! I was sent back to a Dr. that prescribed levothyroixine, then discovered I had a diseased gallbladder and had surgery for that. After four years of feeling terrible and gaining all the weight back plus my P.A. saying, “But your TSH is in the normal range” I just returned to the original Dr. He performs extensive blood tests, including for antibodies, and was put back on Nature-Throid today.

    He said there was a problem with obtaining it currently and none of the pharmacies in our area carry it. I asked why that was and all he said was “A long, complicated story.” Fortunately, he also has a pharmacy as part of his practice and said he had a small supply of Nature-Throid left so I was able to get my first bottle and, until I see him in 4 weeks, am only to take half of it (65 mg). I pray whatever the issue is with pharmacies not having NT is resolved…SOON!

    • Michal says:

      If you go to the Nature Throid website they provide information on ordering your meds from various pharmacies.

  7. Alex says:

    Hello everyone, two weeks ago I did get my last ordered NP Thyroid and they have another bottles than they used before. I wouldn’t worry about the new bottles but I feel not as well with this NP. Did get someone already NP Thyroid in a new bottle? Or has someone heard that NP Thyroid changed their bottles?
    Thanks for answering in advance.

  8. The other miserable mom says:

    Hi, I had the TT because of nodules but I was feeling really healthy and great. They put me on Synthroid since months before my TT, but felt sick since the day I started taking the Synthroid. It has been 6 years and I feel like dying every day. My Synthroid dose is now 200mcg, My dr. finally prescribed NatureThyroid but he prescribed 195mg. Which according to the conversion guide, it represents 300mcg Synthroid. I think it is too high. what do you think?

  9. Claudia says:

    I was very happy taking Nature-Throid but then had to switch doctors due to insurance issues. This new doctor said Nature-Throid was dangerous and insisted I try Tirosint and Cytomel. After trying it I developed a very uncomfortable feeling in my throat-like a lump was in my throat and my hair was also falling out. I don’t think it was the wrong dose, I think my body just does not like anything synthetic. On my own I switched back to the Nature-Throid tablets I still had and within days the discomfort was gone. I will never switch from N-T again, insurance or not.

  10. Fred says:

    Another good thing to know about NatureThroid is that, for the past month, you probably can’t get it anywhere because RLC relocated and didn’t have the foresight to make extra during the transition. If you write to RLC, they’ll send you a form letter but will do jack squat to actually address the problem that your prescription is still unavailable after weeks. Very unreliable. (Incidentally, if this comment is censored here, then I promise to post it in at least ten other locations online. “Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time.”)

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks Fred for putting it out there. I am beginning to find it irresponsible of STTM to seemingly want to ignore this. I realize that it hurts the business, but you can’t very well educate people on why they will feel so much better on natural dessicated thryroid when they can’t get any. Not the fault of this website by any means, but it is fall out that we are all dealing with. Need to be up front with everyone.

      • Hey Carolyn, might want to consider your own irresponsibility for making wrong assumptions without asking STTM first. For one, you are responding to a post initially written in 2009. Additionally, Fred’s comment is how poorly RLC handled this, not about there being no other NDT’s out there. i.e. Nothing is being ignored nor failing to be upfront from STTM. It’s spoken about here, plus suggestions on another NDT to take: If a pharmacy has none in stock, you tell them to contact Acella.

        • Fred says:

          Nature Throid is STILL unavailable at my pharmacy! I will contact Acella. Thank you for that tip, Janie!

          Is Acella’s NP thyroid less expensive than Armour Thyroid? Nature-Throid was only costing me about $5 a month. For months while Nature-Throid is unavailable, I’ve had to take Armour Thyroid, but it costs over $30 a month, so I don’t take it every day like I should.

  11. Crystal says:

    I was diagnosed with Graves and had radioactive iodine over 20 yrs ago. I tried Synthroid then Synthroid/Cytomel combo and still didn’t feel “right” About 10 yrs ago I finally switched to Armour 120mg and felt like myself again & my levels have been pretty constant ever since. 6 mths ago I could tell my levels weren’t at that magic spot that made me feel like me… and sure enough, my labs showed the same thing. My doctor switched me to Nature Thyroid 130mg since there are more dosing options. Just had a follow up and both my doctor and I were shocked to see my TSH at 10.32. She upp’ed my dose to 146.25mg, but how long will it take for me to fill like my old self again?

    • Hi Crystal. It’s all about finding your optimal dose. It’s common to start feeling better on lower non-optimal doses, but it will backfire. That’s where labs come in to help along the way up. Study the green graphic on this page:

    • Tina Marie says:

      I will be starting Nature Thyroid in a few weeks. My new holistic doctor has prescribed 1/2 + 3/4 grains to equal the 112 mcg Synthroid I am taking now (I have been on Synthroid for 23 years). To start, I will be alternating the Synthroid one day and the Nature Thyroid the next for a week. After that week it will be Nature Thyroid only. I am nervous of course. Does this sound ok? Are the amounts equivalent? Thank you.

      • Tina, Naturethroid became different over a year ago, causing a return of hypothyroid symptoms in those who had done well on it before. So please watch yourself on it. It is not the same NDT it used to be.

  12. Seth Chazin says:

    Hi Janie,
    I was just informed by my mail order pharmacy, and then local CVS pharmacy, that my dose (113.75 mg) of naturethroid is not available and now I am being forced to move to Armour Thyroid. Do you know anything about this unavailability? Also, is the Armour Thyroid advisable, as compared to Naturethroid? Thanks much for your feedback!

  13. Monika says:

    hello all, please, please… Some panic, I need some help… I found my Hashimoto 3 months ago. I was 6 weeks under Levothyrox 32,5 . My analyses last Saturday:
    TSH 2,29 (0,5 – 4,7)
    T4 9,27 (8,90 – 17,60)
    T3 2,76 (2,30 – 4,20)
    I switched on Nature Throid 3 days ago , leaved Levothyrox and took 32,5 of NT… I’m in a sort of “stupor” , accelerated breath , left arm pain, some nausea, palpitation like as I have a lot of adrenaline… … a little tremor and I feel depressed… I feel bites in my soles and in the fingers of my hands. It is something wrong? What shod I do? I decreased today Nature Throid at 16,5 (1/4 grain) What should I do??? Back to Levothirox or continued with NT??? I’m not ok…
    Thank you!…

  14. Dawn says:

    I am curious what to do with the remaining leftovers of NDT, I could easily start in one direction to get bypassed through this loop, obviously I am not more than likely still producing hormone, the brain saw the identical version and then, sent a message to shut down or slack off. I have enough pills to certainly continue or whatever, it is rather sickening for me as I have many local available doctors (the past one included that were recommended) and this still happened. I am knocking on doors and no one answers, feeling hopeless right now. Why am I being picked on (how can that recommended doctor treat others kindly and not me? and so on?) I so want to feel better. I am wondering why not increase by 1/2 grain, and keep trying to find a good doctor to help?

  15. Dawn says:


    I am certain that I have not been able to take my increases of NatureThroid each two to three weeks. Why? the doctor wants to wait one month for a lab, another two weeks for results, and another couple of days to come into the office to get another 1/2 grain increase. This has made is impossible to see results, and I have a new doctor appt. in another two weeks, I want to increase my dose from 2 grains (about 2 weeks now) to 2 1/2 grains, however I am concerned that since I fell on progress already…how should I proceed to increase dose now and what should I expect the next doctor to do or rather how should I try to teach any new doctor to do what? My TSH 2,49 (.45 – 4.5); FT3 2.3 (2.0 to 4.4); T4 5.8 (4.5 to 12)…this is basically what it was in March. starting at 1 grain…slowly creeping up to 2 grains. Should I decrease? then increase quickly? What will an educated doctor suggest if you will or how will I know to look for in my next appt. with a new doctor? I surely appreciate you dedication and have read through various links, comments and etc.

    • Tell you what Dawn, if your situation were mine (and you are severely underdosed), I do whatever it takes to find a MUCH better doc I can guide…or figure out a way to get NDT on my own to bypass these horrible doctors. But that’s me. You have to decide.

  16. Sammy says:

    Hi there Janie, I have switched from levothyroxine to thyro gold and have been taking 1 grain for a few months now due to my low cortisol(did the saliva test) and have recently found out that I have high reverse t3 so I wanted to know what you think…could the reverse t3 be due to the fact that I’m on such a low dose of thyro gold? I feel as if I’m getting worse and don’t know what to do and there are no doctors willing to help me(I’ve been to 9 already including an endocrinologist!)

  17. Judy says:

    I dont understand all of these people relying on doctors who know very little about the workings of the thyroid to control their meds and ultimately their lives. I admit that years ago I was on levothyroxine with no success what so ever. So some years ago I started researching the thyroid and thyroid disorders. I went to a number of seminars by functional medicine doctors. Finally after all my years of studying I decided to take my disorder into my own hands. I researched meds that I could buy without a script. and landed on Thyroid S. I started taking a very low dose…1/2 grain in AM for over a week . Then I increased by 1/2 grain taking it in the afternoon. I kept increasing by 1/2 grain…staying at that dose for a number of weeks…sometimes staying at a dose for several months. If some symptoms started again I would increase . I have a local lab that will run bloodwork without scripts so I do keep track of my thyroid levels. I also did my homework on the vitamins I needed to ramp up. It has taken me 7 months for most of my hypothyroid symptoms to go away. I have lost 12 lbs…joints are so much better…hair is getting thicker…mood is elevated…etc.
    It is a long struggle, but I know my body much better then a doctor does.

  18. Susanelizabeth says:

    I apologize if this has been asked, but need to find out before my appt and when I discuss with my dr switching me(I use a reg fam phy). I am taking 120 armour and doing well in it but the cost is so high and my husband is retiring soon, so need a switch. NP was disastrous for me so thot I’d try Naturethroid. Would I take 130(2grains) of Naturethroid (even tho it would be a little higher dose since amts are not the same(as noted above) or maybe drop it down a little. My dr is not favorable ckg more than every 6wks. I will be having blood work the end of Feb before I see her.

    • Hi Susanelizabeth. Hey, if NP Thyroid was “disastrous” for you, that means it was revealing something, not that it’s a bad NDT. You really need to study this page, because you will have the same problem on Naturethroid:

      • Susanelizabeth says:

        I had read this before and my iron is perfect, so are cortisol levels, BUT, I also have Lyme and never noticed the part about that. That may explain why I did wonderfully on Levothyroxin(synthyroid before that). Inever had an issue with it and was on it from age 12-62yrs of age and then heard about NDT and switched to Armour. If I do okay on Armour tho, why would NP or Naturethroid give me issues? Is it because it’s more of a generic form of Armour? I have had more heart palps with Armour(been on it for 3 or 4 yrs) but none with Levo. I may just switch back to that instead of either of the others as I was only switching since I need to save money. Thx

        • Susane, have you compared your iron and saliva cortisol results to this page? I would. Note I said saliva results. It’s not about blood. I’ve been doing this a long time, and nearly 99.9% of the time, people say they are good, and they really aren’t. It’s not about just falling in the normal range.

          • And the reason someone thinks they are doing okay on Armour, but didnt on another brand, is because the other brand was stronger/better than Armour. Thus it will reveal your iron or cortisol issue, which returning to Synthroid or Levo will only make worse.

      • Susanelizabeth says:

        Janie, I apologize for just not getting back to you. I dig some digging and finally found the bottles I was placed on (after coming off Armour) and discovered it was not NP but WP Thyroid I was prescribed. First dosage was 97.5 MG, two weeks later, 113.75 mg. From what I see on your site WP is basically(just not as many fillers) Naturethroid. I was on 2 gr of Armour and then put on WP: 97.5 to 113.75, which was only 1.5 grains(and felt like death the entire time…day /night…and was frightened…so was the dr…by my symptoms. I didn’t sleep for about 2 wks and could barely walk, eat or do much of anything..switching back to Armour, symptoms left almost immediately)

        However, when I made the switch off Amour Jan of 2016 (which I only did because of money issues)to Levo again I just felt tired alot, no other symptoms, but I was on a very low dose 75 to 100 to 125, tho I had done well on it for many many yrs(felt great, numbers were grea at 175). After a short time trying that out, she put me on the WP(I was only on 125 lev when we made the switch to WP 97.5). Then a few weeks later, back on Armour 120. Again, it’s the finances that I am concerned about as my husband will soon retire and we have to reduce costs.

        I have read that for some, their TPO’s will continue to go up on NDT(no matter what they use) and actually feel best on Levo(tho rare). I don’t know if that’s me so will have more testing the end of the month.

        I have studied your site for over a yr and will continue to explore and learn from it. Thank you so much for your time and info.

        • Hi. No, for the vast majority, NDT does not cause antibodies to keep going up. It’s only at the beginning doses on NDT that it happens. For some, as they raise and find their unique optimal dose, the antibodies fall. That’s been pretty cool and means their optimal dose of NDT improved their crazy immune function. For others, they need the extra help with low dose naltrexone to get them down.

          The problem you may have encountered with WP was that you were underdosed. Most of the NDTs are better/stronger than Armour now, thus will suppress your own feedback more, thus worsening hypo on inadequate doses like you were on. I hope you are studying this page:

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            Yes, I’ve been reading and studying all your pages for some time. It was weird in that within just a short time of taking one dose, I began shaking, weak, heart racing, feeling like I was going to pass out, which never happened with Levo or Armour, at much higher doses. So that’s why I had the saliva/iron tests. Iron was a bit low so worked on that and got it up.

            I know that most are helped by NDT, vastly, but from others I’ve heard that there are rare cases that it triggers the body (as antigens ) and can make them worse, and their TPO climbs at any dose.

            I’m gonna give WP another shot at the higher dose I have and see how I tolerate it, once again. Will study the page one more time tho. Thanks again.

          • Levo don’t cause those symptoms you had because it’s a crappy way to treat hypothyroidism, thus doesn’t usually reveal adrenal issues…and ironically, causes the very adrenal problems because of being a poor treatment! Other than Armour, the reason NDT will, in fact, reveal the adrenal problem is because it’s a much better/stronger treatment with the direct T3 and in turn, will reveal the adrenal problem because of pooling of the T3, or rising RT3. Armour doesn’t reveal it is because it’s now a weaker NDT and not as effective, just as Levo is a weaker treatment.

            As far as your second paragraph, there are always going to be gray areas where a very small body of people don’t fit the norm, yes. But…we also know that a lot of people who think they are in that group actually misunderstand what they are doing.

            i.e. we have found that any of us need to be SURE that our iron is optimal, not just in range, and our cortisol is optimal, not just in range. It’s all-too-common for people to “think” those two areas are fine, and they end up not being so!! So common! We have found it so important to compare RECENT iron labs, and a recent saliva cortisol test (not older than 3 months old), to this page before raising any NDT:

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            By the way, the Dr may have started me out lower since I was coming off the 4 wk trial of going back to Levo after the Armour since your site as well as others say to start lower as the body adjusts to the added T3 as in, “. So starting higher carries a risk of an overreaction if either of the latter two are present and not yet treated, patients have learned the hard way. Not everyone has issues with either, but it seems important to mention it.”
            Don’t know I just know I had a violent reaction to it and not sure if it was from being too high/too low dose.

          • Hi again. Violent reactions are usually from having an iron or cortisol issue!! It’s just very common for people to NOT understand where their iron labs and their saliva cortisol should be. They “think” they are fine, and they aren’t.

            The second reason for a bad reaction (not necessary violent) is being held hostage to the lower starting doses, even 1 1/2 grain, far too long. I had no iron or cortisol issues years ago and was held to a starting dose (actually 3/4 grain way back when) for 9 weeks. My reaction wasn’t “violent”, but what happened to me was my periods got WAY messed up. It will be individual what will transpire if one is held to those low doses for too long.

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            Thank you so much. This is extremely helpful info. I’ll be 65 in April, Type 1 for 40 yrs on an insulin pump as well as treating Lyme so I do have some extra factors tossed in there. But, what you wrote makes sense and I will be sure to discuss them with my Dr in 2 wks. I may just stay on the Armour 120 instead of risking giving the WP another chance until I talk with her, and hopefully, get her to retest some things. Right now all is out of pocket and I will be on medicare at 65 so it’ll be a whole new ballgame financially then as my husband will be retiring(major loss of income). Thanks for your patience and kind (and helpful) responses.

          • The other NDTs are cheaper than Armour now. I personally prefer NP Thyroid. And you are welcome. 🙂

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            I know, that was part of my original post, mentioning that that was the only reason I tried switching back in Jan 2016 and failed. And was determined to try again as the cost is ridiculous for us now.

            Why do you prefer NP over WP as NP has more fillers? That’s why I switched to WP as I’m so sensitive to things, then read on the forum on FB(or somewhere) that WP inulin can be troublesome to those of us with ragweed allergies(that would be me). Since i reacted to strongly, I didn’t investigate this further tho. NP has Maltodextrin and I’m sensitive to that . I’vealso heard that Maltodextrin can be troublesome for those of us with gluten sensitivities, corn, etc.

            Did you try the others, like WP, etc and found that NP is better for you?

          • Any fillers are miniscule in the scheme of things, and I don’t react to anything. And NP still has very few. I just like that it’s more similar to the old Armour. And I liked the company. But that’s just me. The others are fine.

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            if it is similar to the old Armour, which I have never reacted to then that might be something to approach my dr with when I see her in 3 wks(blood work 2 wks). I’m currently taking 120 of Armour and she tends to cut my starting out dosage of a new med(well, I’m only on thyroid meds, other than insulin in pump) in half or less and it’s hell lol. So not sure what to ask her to begin with. Any suggestions on this or is it in your info above. Hate to keep bugging you but the appt is coming up soon and with our big changes approaching I’m working hard to get all the info I can before I see her.

          • Study the Natural Thyroid 101 link. Be prepared to teach her.

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            I wish I could but I have read that page over and over but still don’t understand it(I have brain damage from several head traumas) as it confuses me. And, since I was already on a NDT am not sure if starting at just 1 gr would be okay since taking 120 Armour now. I have read it many times over the yrs but still confused. She’s a reg MD and I get concerned she will make me go to an Endo which drives me nuts as they want to “control” my diab and my a1 C is always perfect(I’ve tried them many times and end up leaving). My current dr is supportive of whatever I ask her to do, including dosage as she knows I’m very connected to the FB page and read tons about the subject so I was hoping to at least suggest an amt of NP, if that’s the direction I go(unless I try the WP again). Does that page suggest dropping it to 1 gr and then upping .5 grains every 2 wks? If I am understanding it correctly?

          • Nope. We go over to the same amount. But know that NP or WP may be stronger than Armour.

          • Susanelizabeth says:

            Wow, I was way off. I just ckd and it only comes in 30 60 90 so guess that’d mean I need to do a 30 and a 90 to equal the 120, so I’ll ask her for both strengths. Thx again.

  19. RNG says:

    Als0-I have 113.5 Nature thyroid on hand. Should I self raise the dose from 97.5 to see if t3 pooling really is the problem? I am worried about my high BP and heart rate getting worse obviously. Just want to be safe.

    • If heartrate and BP get worse upon raising, it’s again telling us that we do, in fact, have inadequate iron and/or a cortisol issue.

      • RNG says:

        Ok, so what is the solution to treat low iron and cortisol? How can you ever tell if labs are right if t3 is always too high and you don’t trust Tsh? It’s very confusing since you are saying both would be false readings. How can I treat myself not knowing if free t3 is false high from pooling or the real number?

        • 1) You get the right labs for iron and cortisol
          2) You get an understanding of what those labs mean, because it’s nothing about just falling in the normal range, and we HAVE to become knowledgeable, not lay it all in the hands of others:
          3) If after comparing our saliva result to the latter Lab Values page, we see we definitely have a cortisol problem, we get help from one of various groups found here (BUT we do not go there without having done our saliva test, and comparing the results to the above page, because they are simply going to tell you the same thing)
          4) Read the pooling link.

          • RNG says:

            I have not changed my dose of Nature thyroid and this is happening. My cardiologist says I will have a heart attack if I raise my dose and refuses to let me my resting HR is now 98 and BP is very high. I take adrenal supplements and iron and nothing has helped. At this point I am so sick and fat and felt so so much better on Synthyroid. I am going to go back on it and get a dose of Cytomel to supplement T3 because I can’t take this anymore.

            My last two results were:
            LAB LEVEL EXAMPLES:::

            T3 FREE: RANGE (0.40-4.50) result_January 9th 2017- 3.19-Feb 20th 2017-4.1

            T4 FREE: Range: (0.8-1.8) result- January 9th 2017-1.1-Feb 20th 2017-1.0

            TSH: Range: (0.04-4.0) result: Janueary 9th 2017-0.99 Feb 20 2017-3.19

            T3 REVERSE; RANGE 8-25 Feb 20th 2017 result: 21

          • RNG, what is telling is that your RT3 has gone high, which means one becomes more hypothyroid. See this: So we’ve learned it’s about comparing iron results to the following page and order and doing a saliva test:

  20. RNG says:

    My Dr let me raise grains after a he dropped my Nature Thyroid dose too low and I felt tired nonstop. He raised from 88 to 97.5MG. I started getting really bad palpitations 5 weeks later and my HR was 95 resting with high BP.
    My cardiologist told me to cut my dose or else I could have a heart attack. I want to switch back to Synthyroid because I have gained over 20lbs since going on NDT. I raised doses in the beginning on Armour as you said, and then Armour stopped working and Nature Thyroid is even worse for me. I have had all iron, feritan and adrenal testing and all were high end of normal range. I’m not sure what to do anymore since I can’t risk the heart issues with my fast HR.
    My levels actually went slower when I raised grains which is really odd.
    You talk a lot about adrenal issues but don’t really give a clear answer on what to do for t3 pooling if that is the problem. Should I be taking iron? It’s been a three year nightmare since switching to NDT and I honestly wish I never had.

    • RNG, from years and years of observation and experiences, patients definitely have either an iron and/or a cortisol problem, which will always cause the problems you describe when trying to raise NDT or even T3. You want to compare those iron results to this page: You also need to do saliva cortisol testing, NOT blood…and compare those saliva results to the latter page. You will see your problem.

  21. Jeanine says:

    I switched from 2 grains of Armour to 2 grains WP Thyroid about 3 months ago. Didn’t feel 100% on the Armour, but since the switch I have gained 10 lbs. and my hair has started falling out again. Haven’t retested yet, but was wondering if others have experienced this/anyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

    • Jeanine, we all have to do labs to see if any amount is our optimal amount, and espeically if we change brands. So the weight gain and hair loss is a sure sign that you have been underdosing yourself for about three months now and are thus getting hypothyroid all over again. 🙁 So yes, if we fail to check labs and other signs, and stay on a non-optimal dose, yes, those things can happen. 🙁 Study this page…as it will help:

  22. Ginny says:

    My doctor finally put me on Nature Throid but only started me on 1/2 grain. My Tsh was a little over 5 when he agreed to let me try. He made me wait for 6 weeks before I had labs and because my tsh had come in the normal range (1.) he will not up the dose:(. I’ve been on 1/2 grain now for almost 3 months. I have a 3 month supply of Cytomel ( 5 mcg) from a previous dr so for the last couple of days I’ve taken one of those with my 1/2 grain of Nature Throid. My hair is falling out like crazy and my thyroid even feels inflamed on the left side. Any suggestions?? I just took a copy of STTM to his office. I’m lost, fat, and probably going to be bald:(.

  23. Elaine says:

    I am taking 65mg 2x`s a day of nature throid I am doing very well except 1 day a week on average My nose pours I mean Pours! Itching, coughing, congestion…Does anyone else do this its driving me nuts I am getting a new Dr very soon..Christmas eve and today I spent all day blowing my nose I went through 3 boxes of kleenex xmas eve…Does anyone have any advice??

  24. Amanda says:

    I’m kinda going crazy as I’ve paid crazy money to see so many doctors-NPs, endos, functional medicine doctors. I started NDP in October 2015. When I did It was just 1/4 grain in the morning. I got period cramps for the first time in my life and it felt like birth. Since than I’ve gone up to 1 grain split over the morning and afternoon. My most recent labs showed my t4 is pretty low, t3 average and reverse t3 is low. I’m also sure my progesterone is still low since I had a saliva test inJune and my Np put me on OvexP. It helped some but this cycle came super late and I’m started to get pains again and low back pains especially.. I constantly try to read through all your articles. I know my iron is a bit low and my cortisol isn’t perfect. I’m depressed and my boyfriend who loves me is always by my side- my biggest fear is we won’t be able to have a child. Any suggestions? I’m in Florida visiting family and I heard DrJefferey Dach is close by…

  25. RNG says:

    I’m so frustrated I can hardly fight anymore. I switched to Armour over a year ago then to Nature Thyroid 97.5mg. The fight of getting a Dr who would even prescribe it was long and hard. 3 later, I THOUGHT I had found someone but after 3 appointments he made me drop my dose due to high blood pressure and pulse. He told me he had to get my TSH up. I printed out the materials showing NDT should have a suppressed TSH if it is working. When he dropped my doses I started sleeping 12 hours a day. He blew me off and said go to primary care it’s not your thyroid. I fought to get him to raise me back to 97.5 from 81mg. I have been feeling better, but oddly since my raise, my levels went more toward HYPO and my TSH climbed out of suppression. I’ve gained so much weight since going off Synthyroid I wonder if it was worth it at all or if I should switch back. I can’t seem to find any Dr to help me or who understands in NYC. I don’t feel any better and it’s almost not worth the battle anymore. I just want to be able to wear my clothes. I’ve made Dr’s do every iron and adrenal test and am being told i’m normal. I hate that word. I can’t even believe this last Dr disregarded all of the information on suppressed TSH like i was crazy.

    • Sounds like your doctor was blaming your low TSH for your high BP and high pulse when both can happen from being held to too low doses of NDT. When we are kept too low, our hypo gets even worse, and adrenaline is released! Your situation is why so many patients say they felt forced to self-treat.

      • RNG says:

        It’s so odd-though he raised my does back to 98.5mg my levels are going SLOWER! WTF ugh Why would that happen?

        • When we give ourselves NDT, it means our pituitary will release less and less of the messenger hormone TSH in our feedback loop mechanism. i.e. we’ll at first get more hypothyroid! That’s why we learned years ago we probably need to raise every two weeks (and sometimes less) in search of our optimal dose, and also use labs to do so. So your levels may be going slower because you are still QUITE low, but suppressing your own feedback loop. It’s very very rare that 98.5 would be even close to optimal for most. Study this page:

  26. abby beale says:

    is it possible that naturethroid is suppressing my cortisol? I take it around 5:30 a.m. and then go back to bed. I can literally sleep for hours more. I had my hormones testing -DUTCH (dried urine) and it showed a low cortisol in the morning and normal the rest of the day. what’s your take on this?

    • For what it’s woth, the Dutch teat has been quite inaccurate for many people. But no, the T3 in Naturethroid helps the adrenals push out more cortisol when taken in the early morning hours.

  27. Sharon says:

    I just found your website and am wondering if you can give me your opinion. I was taking levothroxine for several years and not really seeing any difference in my hypothyroidism. I was recently told I have hashimotos. My recent lipid panel came back as T4free 0.88, T3free 4.20, TSH 0.35. I was taking 65mg of WP Thyroid once a day for 4 weeks. My dr told me to start taking 32.5mg of WP Thyroid 2x day because my T3 is too high. Would you agree with this?

    • Sharon, you gave no ranges for the free’s, which makes it difficult to comment. But if one grain (which is a starting dose, not an ending dose) is pushing your free T3 towards the top of the range, that can mean you are pooling, which points to either a cortisol or iron problem from having been on Levo for so long as a inadequate treatment. i.e. it’s not about taking 32.5 twice a day as much as it’s about doing a 24 hour adrenal saliva test (NOT a blood test), and four iron labs, and compare those results to this page to know which you need to treat:

  28. Melissa says:

    I have just recently (5 weeks ago) switched from Synthroid 175mcg to Nature-throid. The Endocronologist reluctantly prescribed it for me. I for about 6 years was on the generic Levothyroxine and I guess I felt what I thought would be as good as I can feel with Hypothyroidism. Then in January of of 2016 my insurance company decided that they would no longer cover the generic and I had to get Synthroid (weird since it is more expensive) anyways, ever since that time i feel like i have been on a roller coaster ride. This Endocronologist I am seeing is not the best, but at this point I am going to stick it out with him until I feel better. When I suggest things to him he kinda chuckles and acts like “you don’t know what you are talking about” kind of attitude. Anyways he prescribed 130 mcg of Nature-throid for me. I started on 1/2 a pill everyday for the first week or so. I felt AWESOME! I then increased to the full pill, 2 grains after about a week and a half. Still felt ok but my feet and hands really were starting to feel achy and fluid filled almost hot and tender. I stuck with that dose for a couple more weeks or a little more. I am currently taking 2.5 grains (increased on my own) I take 1.5 grains in the morning and 1 grain in the afternoon, I was really crashing in the afternoon so decided to try the splitting dose up. This last week has been horrible. My knees are killing me my skin in my legs and my feet ache. And I have been extremely tired the last few days, feel somewhat energetic for a while in the morning, but then crash. Even the afternoon dose of doesn’t seem to help. Also, have a weird full tightness in my neck and chest. I have an appointment on Dec. 7th for a recheck. I don’t know if I need to increase the Nature-throid again? Or if I should back off. And it’s frustrating that i don’t know how to ask if I can have all of that other blood tests done that Janie recommends. How can I bring it to the doctor without him giving me the attitude that HE knows best and i don’t know what I am talking about without condescending him. I am tired of this roller coaster, I want off….

      • Melissa says:

        Hello Janie,

        First I want to say THANK YOU! your website has been extremely informative. I never knew so much about the thyroid. All I have ever been told by any doctor was to just take that 1 little pill every day, and test my TSH once a year. All of these symptoms I have been living with that I didn’t realize was from the Hashimotos, I am forever a changed person, and vowing to take better care of myself, Thank you… I am hoping you could give me some insight. I went into the clinic to do my labs for a recheck after starting the Nature-throid 6 weeks ago, after being on Synthroid 175mcg. I have my appt. with my Endocrinologist next Wednesday Dec. 7th. These are my results.
        T3 2.3 range 2.2 – 4.2
        T4 .7 range .7 – 1.7
        TSH .86 range .40 – 3.99
        The last 3 days have been better as far as the tiredness goes, but still somewhat tired and my eyes still burn, my knees still ache and legs still feel full and fluid filled. I feel like I should try raising it again to 3 grains, I am currently taking 2.5 grains. Do you think these results warrant still trying to raise my dose (with doctors approval) or do they look good. I am scared my TSH number will go too low. I also plan to ask him to test my Iron, Selenium, and further testing for adrenal fatigue. And I think i may start taking Turmeric as well (supposed to help with inflammation which I think may be causing the aching knees. I know you are not a doctor but your advice would be greatly appreciated.
        Thank you 🙂

        • Yes, according to years and years of reported patient experiences (which STTM is about), those labs warrant many raises. When we are optimal, our free T3 is towards the top of the range, and our free T4 is somewhere around the middle of the range. And TSH will naturally go quite low without us being hyper, without bone loss, with heart problems….all the latter which misinformed doctors will scream about. To the contrary, our bones improve (as many have reported a reversal of osteopenia, for example) and our hearts improve (as have been reported by many who did have heart issues). You will have to fight against him freaking out about your TSH going even lower. Study this page: P.S. If you do have any issues while raising, the answer is here:

          • Greg says:

            Not sure about the high T3 and T4. As if you took a blood test straight after the dose the T3 will shoot up high out of range, why the low TSH

            If you check proxy markers like Bone turnover markers you can see if your bone is over turning over which it might eg CTX and P1NP and ALP (isoennzymes)

  29. RNG says:

    So, The frustration continues. I am on my third Endo who I thought was good with NDT. I had been on 113mg and got high BP and resting heart rate of 100 so had to scale down. My free t3 was 5.7 (range going to 4.0) at the time and I was having hyper symptoms. I demanded adrenal testing and iron panels which I was told were all normal. I think they were low but the Dr refused to say so. My ferritin was on a range of 10-154: 34. iron total on a range of 40-190:111.

    So I was dropped to a dose of 81mg for 6 weeks and my levels went through the floor. My free t3 is now 1.3 on a range of 4.0 and I have been sleeping 10 hours, feeling exhausted and fatter. I went to the Dr this week and realized he is a total offing idiot because he started telling me how he was going to get my suppressed TSH back to normal by me having a lower t3. I explained to him that if NDT is working i’m supposed to have a suppressed TSH. He said “that is not true”. I had to fight and fight to get him to raise my dose back to 97MG and am just starting it. He told me I had to sign something saying if I get heart issues or palpitations I am fine with that. Now i’m back to the drawing board and just ready to quit all these Dr’s.

    To try and help myself with the lowish ferritan, what kind of supplement should I try taking to help me absorb t3 to stop false high readings if that is the issue?

    • Here’s some patient info to consider:

      1) Don’t know where you live, but avoiding backwards and close-minded Endos and favoring other specialties is key for most of us:
      2) A free T3 that high is about and yes, it points to either having inadequate iron and/or a cortisol issue. The test for cortisol is not blood; it’s saliva testing. i.e. you won’t be able to stop pooling until you discover correct the causes mentioned here.
      3) Doctors are clueless with lab results and think that a result which falls anywhere in a ridiculous range is dandy, but it’s not (as you appear to get). Always compare your results to this page:
      4) We never just treat ferritin. Big mistake. One can have good iron levels (if you are female, 111 is great) and low ferritin due to having high heavy metals. So in trying to “raise a ferritin”, we can end up raising our iron too high. So we have learned to do hair testing to see if and which metals are too high, plus the MTHFR mutations tests as to the cause, which will need treatment.

  30. Kayla says:

    I have been on Synthroid for 10 years, starting when I was 11. I have always had trouble with my hypo symptoms like extreme fatigue, always overweight, and the brain fog is the worst. I feel like I can’t even function as an adult. I am just now learning about NDT and am ready to switch. I spoke to a doctor about this and got a script for Armour, I asked if there was something else because I remember reading complaints but the Dr pushed for it. I am not satisfied with being pushed onto a specific med. I am going to see a different Dr and I want to be switched to Nature-Throid. I am hoping to have a clearer mind and be able to be more active. Any suggestions or warnings? Thanks for reading!

    • Hi Kayla. Good for you for being proactive. There are actually three NDT brands which patients are doing quite well on: NT Thyroid, WP Thyroid and Naturethroid. I, for example, am on NT Thyroid and doing great. Doctors don’t seem to be aware of all the reports from patients that the current Armour has been causing problems for many since Forest was bought out by Activas, even if others are still doing well on it. Finally, learn this page well about how patients raise NDT and what they learned to look for to know they were optimal: You will also probably have to teach some of it to your doctor.

  31. Ekaterina says:

    Dear Janie,
    I used to take a few months Armour 1 grain, I felt good, the temperature was stable and hormone levels are optimal. But then I switched to Nature-throid and found out that one grain is not enough, so I increased to 2 grains. How does it possible, since both manufacturers claimed the same amount of hormones in the pill?

    • Hi. It is definitely very possible. A lot of us start to feel great on doses that our less than our optimal amount. But it would have eventually backfired on you, causing problems. Naturethroid is possibly a stronger and better treatment, thus suppressing your own feedback more, thus pushing you closer to your optimal dose.

  32. Hadassah says:

    I’m excited to tell you Janie , that I started with a great Endo who switched me from T3 to Nature-Throid at one grain and Levoxyl at 150 mcg .. I’m on it almost three weeks . I feel like most of my symptoms are gone . I stopped taking my iron supplement so that my ferritin levels can be tested (a week prior). And I noticed that my basal temperature came down to 97.2 from 98.0 is there a connection ? I will take my last dose of NDT seven hours prior to blood work . I highly recommend any one with hypo thyroid issues especially someone who had T.T. to please dose with NDT . You won’t be sorry .

  33. Bernie says:

    I had a TT 15 years ago due to thyroid cancer. I finally started educating myself and have learned about NatureThyroid. I have told my endo repeatedly I am still exhausted, don’t sleep etc. My new integrative doc has said she wants to switch me to NatureThyroid. Is this safe for cancer patients? I know the idea is to keep me suppressed so my body does not produce anymore thyroid on its own, but should I mess with my dose?

  34. Lisa says:

    Hello All –

    I just started taking 81.25 Naturethroid when I wake up (5:30am) and then another 1/2 tab (40.62) about 1pm. I felt some brain fog lifting and more energy but decided to try taking the 1 and 1/2 tabs together in the AM when I wake up. So that is 121.87 at 5:30am. I wait 1 hour before eating and for the last few days I have felt really good. The problem is it is wearing off by about 1pm. My Endo has been great about working with me and I want to get him to allow me to take additional Naturethroid in the afternoon. I am 153lbs / 5′ 5″ and was told on another Thyroid blog that I would need at least 125mcg Naturethroid to begin to see weight loss. Can anyone help me in figuring out what to ask my Dr for so that I can maintain throughout the day that increased energy / lifted brain fog and see some weight loss ? Last labs were done July 21st. Next labs not due until early Sept.

    TSH LabCorp
    0.922 mcIU/mLDate:Jul 21, 2016 12:00 a.m. EDTReference Range:0.450 mcIU/mL – 4.500 mcIU/mL

    T4, Free LabCorp
    0.61 ng/dLDate:Jul 21, 2016 12:00 a.m. EDTReference Range:0.82 ng/dL – 1.77 ng/dL

    T3, Free LabCorp
    2.1 pg/mLDate:Jul 21, 2016 12:00 a.m. EDTReference Range:2.0 pg/mL – 4.4 pg/mL

    • The “wearing off” is exactly why we learned to take NDT twice day, with the second time being in the early afternoon. 🙂 And your frees reveal you are seriously underdosed. Study this page closely on how we know we are optimal, and you will probably need to guide your doc on what patients have learned repeatedly: Hang in there! P.S. no, we have not noticed any set amount that it takes before weight loss occurs. Sometimes there are strong opinions not based on experiences like STTM is.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you for confirming exactly what I was feeling and seeing from my recent labs. I will check out the link you added. So now is where I need advice on how I really diplomatically but firmly push my Endo. Any advice on key
        words or what I should say / write to him to get him to increase the Naturethroid – as in let me continue the 121.87 in the morning and then give me some more for the afternoon. I am afraid he is going to backlash on me. Like I’m some newbie Dr telling him what to do. Also – since I’m waiting 1 hour before eating in the morning, how do we successfully take the afternoon dose since I would have eaten lunch already ?

  35. Jen says:

    First want to say that I bought your book a few months back and it has been a lifesaver! Thanks for all you do to make this less overwhelming to understand and navigate through. After finally finding a great doctor, I’m slowing on the path to recovery. My question is regarding STARTING on Nature Throid for the first time. I’ve determined I have very low cortisol through saliva test, and was instructed to start on 1/4 grain NT along with the HC that my doctor prescribed to treat the adrenals. I still got the same effect as I did trying to start the NT alone before adrenal treatment, which is headache, stiff neck, jaw and shoulders, and unbearable anxiety and mood issues. Should I give it a few weeks/months on just HC alone before trying the NT again? Is it normal to have that reaction from such a small starting dose? Are these symptoms that I can expect to go away after an adjustment period? I also had my ferritin checked, which is at 60 and my Rt3/Ft3 ratio was 21. My doctor had me take a couple week break from the NT then wants me to try again, but I’m nervous…

  36. Cristal says:

    Hello Everyone!
    So I just spent the last 3 hours in the ER with some weird symptoms. My dr started me on 3 grains a day of naturethroud after I complained of hypo symptoms. All was great! I was sleeping better, weight was going down, mood improved…then 4 weeks later I started taking iodine supplement and I experienced insomnia. I thought maybe my naturethroid was too high. So I started cutting it in half. Within the next few days, I developed heart palps and a very severe pain in my throat. I was given a rapid test for strep and that came back negative. Still waiting on the overnight culture. But the pain in the neck was almost like a restricted feeling including shortness of breathe. Any ideas? Did I possibly screw something up by lowering my dose?

  37. Laura says:

    I understand. Would you know if increasing the dose to the minimum suggested on STTM could cause a worse reaction (knocked me out even more)?

  38. Laura says:

    Hi Janie, I just took my first Nature Throid pill this morning, 32.5 mcg, which the doctor prescribed to start. I feel energy drained. I had to lay down in bed for a moment. As I write this message, my arms feel heavy. Is this a normal reaction to the first pill?

  39. RNG says:

    I’ll have to order the 4 point test on my own. My full iron panel was actually high, so I am pretty sure I have enough. I am afraid to drop the dose and be more hypo-I see how pooling can cause fast HR and the other issues i’m having to mimic being Hyper. Hashi’s does seem to be what I have. I used to be Hyper thyroid as a kid and then normalized and spent 8 years tapazole free. Clearly it burn’t itself out. I guess my big question is, how do you treat the low cortisol? Is there a supplement that you recommend to boost this? Or really anything I could buy over the counter to try and help the situation before dropping the dose. Thanks!

    • No, if your iron was high, you could still be in a low iron state. There are two reasons for high iron: 1) hemachromatosis, which is a genetic disorder. That is true high, and all three would be high: Serum iron, % saturation and ferritin 2) the MTHFR mutation. This will drive your serum iron/% saturation high, but ferritin will NOT be high. This means you aren’t breaking it down for use, thus in a low iron state. For #2, you have to do genetic testing and treat it.

      Can’t comment on how to treat until you get those saliva results back. There are different kinds of adrenal issues and thus different treatments. Compare your saliva results to this page when you get them back:

      Then this can help when you do get them back:

      • RNG says:

        Just an update. Saw a new Endo yesterday. He was pretty open to my NDT treatment but my blood pressure is pre hyper tension so I cannot continue with a t3 as high as it is. He ordered me to not even workout until the BP and heart rate calms down or else I could have a stroke. My reverse t3 came in today and was T3 REVERSE 23.4 ng/dL (range) 9.0 – 27.0 ng/dL so i’m not sure what it means. He also did a ACTH test with an injection that made me have a very bad reaction. Waiting on that result.

      • Brittney says:

        Hey there,

        I just started Nature thyroid a day ago which is the reason why I was in his thread. However, this post caught my attention. What would it mean if I have high iron and high ferritin, but I was tested for both things you mentioned and they’re negative? I do have NASH (liver disease) so my gastro brushed it off as “oh it’s just something that happens with liver disease.”

        • Yes, iron disease can cause high iron. Your gastro may be right.

          With those without liver disease, what we\’ve noticed is that if we have three highs i.e. high ferritin, high serum iron and high % saturation, it could point to the inherited condition called hemochromatosis. Testing will be needed to confirm. But if iron is high and ferritin is low, for most that means a MTHFR mutation is active, meaning methylation isn\’t working right. BUT….for a smaller percentage, both iron and ferritin can be high with mthfr, too. So again, testing for MTHFR would be needed.

  40. RNG says:

    I’m having so many problems regulating my Nature Thyroid. My Dr tests Free t3, free t4, TSH,(useless I know) and reverse T3. My t3 levels were through the roof on the last tests, should be in the range of 1.5 to 3.5 and was 5.9!), my HR was 170 while walking and I was sweating nonstop. Sometimes raising to quickly isn’t always a good thing! Now she has me alternating doses of 81.5mg and 97.5 every other day. I honestly don’t see any difference in the way I feel after switching from Synthyroid over a year ago as I was hoping. And my iron levels have been checked and are normal. Hoping we find that sweet spot soon.

    • Ah, if your free T3 was that high, it’s not about regulating the Naturethroid nor about returning to the lousy treatment of T4-only. It’s about that you are pooling i.e T3 going high in the blood and not making it to your cells well enough. And that is usually always due to having adequate iron (which has nothing to do with iron levels being “normal” by the way) or a cortisol problem. Study this page:

      • RNG says:

        I have mentioned this to my primary care dr but she refuses to test cortisol. She said talk to an new Endo, who i’m sure will be less helpful than she is. They are the worst. My last labs came in today and she is making me drop to 81.5mg a day. My levels were the following: T3FREE 5.7 -(range 2.4 – 4.2) T4FREE 1.7 (range 0.7-2.2)
        TSH .<0.015 (range 0.4-4.0) THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES-1093.9 (range 0.0-5.5) THYROGLOBULIN AB 15.3 (range 0-5) (yikes! the last two are crazy high)

        Based on these results what would you recommend or what language would I present this to my Dr in a way she might understand? Even though my iron is fine, should I begin an iron supplement? I know to much iron can be dangerous as well. So frustrated.
        My current symptoms are still a resting HR of 90, extreme sweating all the time and a elevated BP. These are all hyper symptoms but I am not losing weight. So beyond frustrated.

  41. Sapna says:

    I began Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Dec. 2015 to help with my Hashi’s and RA. Now after a little over 6 months on LDN, my usual (for decades) dose of Synthroid, .125 mcg needs to be lowered to .112 mcg. I suggested to my endo to try NatureThroid. She has rx’d 1 grain daily and 1.5 grains on the weekend. Its week 2 now, and I think I will follow the recommendation to increase by half a grain. I know the typical conversion charts going from Synthroid to NDT are inaccurate, but is there a suggested dosage conversion by “our standards” for .112 Synthroid to NDT? While I do feel better on NDT, and I am in touch with my body, I am concerned I won’t know when I’ve hit my “optimal dose” on the NDT. I don’t want to screw this up.

    Also, please look into LDN for your Hashi’s! It lowered my TPOs tremendously! Also .125 mcg has always been my Synthroid dose, and for the first time I need to have it lowered. It also keeps me RA under control.

    Thank you everyone and best to all in your journey to wellness.

  42. Laura says:

    Hi Janie, my doctor gave me a prescription for Nature Throid but cautioned me that she has seen an increase in antibodies in patients on it. My antibody count is already at 50.

    This is the only reason holding me back from trying Nature Throid. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Laura!! Your doctor doesn’t get it! Yes…at the beginning use of NDT, the antibodies go up. But patients found that as they continued to raise to find their optimal dose, that stopped. And for some, that optimal dose LOWERED the antibodies. We think the latter happened because NDT is such a better treatment that it improves the immune system.

      • Laura says:

        Thank you, that gives me hope. I tried generic Levothyroxine for 3 weeks and now I just started taking a prescription from a compound pharmacy. Today is the second day and already feel more tired than before 2 days of this medication. My arms feel heavy, ongoing hair loss and depression. It is really Thyroid Madness! I must have visited 5 different doctors. Nobody knows how to treat this condition. It’s been 3 years of frustration. I will read more on hashimotos on STTM. Thanks again for your prompt reply.

  43. Andrea says:

    I have finally convinced my endo to prescribe Naturethroid, but is 65 enough to start with after being on Synthroid 112 for many years? He has done no research and won’t let me finish a sentence. He didn’t mention increasing it in two weeks, as he only prescribed 30 pills and did not have me move up my next appt., which isn’t until the end of September 2016. Thank you for all of your wisdom and compassion!

  44. Lynn Geosits says:

    I have been on 90 mg of Armour Thyroid and 97 or Nature-throid for the last 12 years and feel great. My insurance changed and I have a new doctor and he said because my TSH is suppressed at .140 I am overtreated and I do not need any medication, even though my Free T-4 is .81 and Free T-3 is 2.5, both within range. I am very freaked out and cannot find another doctor in town who does NDT and is covered by my insurance. My Dr, a Dr Berger In Boulder CO, said that of course I feel better on Thyroid medication, but people feel better on cocaine, too. He said I will get osteoporosis if I continue with the NDT. I mentioned your website and he said there are websites that advocate Donald Trump, too. He has agreed to let me take 65 mg for now, but I feel sluggish and am gaining weight around my stomach and feel cold even when it is hot out. He said lots of people feel cold and that there are no symptoms of too much NDT when I told him that at 97 mgs I have no hyper symptoms. I am feeling a lot of anxiety from his comments. I wish I could have my old doctor back as I felt great with his treatment, but cannot afford him without insurance. HELP! What research can I show this new doctor to prove myself?

  45. DEBORAH says:

    I am on 137mcg synthroid..levothyrozine….
    the Dr just switched me over to 130mg Nature-throid
    I have no was taken out in the 90’s surgically.
    Question/I’m nervous about this. Is this a good move to go toward?

    • No, we have found that to be a very unwise move. Why? We have noticed that if our bodies are not used to direct T3, it can be too stimulative to start that high. Also, some people have a cortisol issue or inadequate iron, and NDT will reveal that with hyper as we raise. So starting that high can be a disaster. We found that one grain is a safe starting dose for most from which we raise as explained here: Teach it to your doctor.

  46. Tiffany says:

    I see a lot of comments about people adjusting their own doses and even purchasing their own thyroid meds without a prescription. How does one do that? I am currently on Armour and am still on the same dose as when the doctor started me on it 4 months ago. I have been gaining weight and although “in the normal range” my TSH is high for me, my Free T4 is low for me, and my Free T3 is low for me. Despite that, and the fact that I am gaining weight just by breathing these days- my doctor doesn’t want to adjust my dose. I do take Selenium daily. The other option the doc gave me was to switch to Nature-Throid. I have already been on Synthroid and Cytomel. I would love any comments or recommendations. I hate this hashimotos train!

  47. Anshul G says:

    My story is a little different. I had a back injury and for some reason my ortho physician ordered a hell lot of blood work. Thyroid panel was also part of it. My reading came out TSH=3.61, FT3=2.8, FT4=1.1 – I had no symptoms at all. Dr said I should start Armour, but I did not. Then a year later, I got it tested again TSH=4.85, FT3=2.9, FT4=1.1 -No symptoms still. I started Naturethroid for 3 months, but stopped as a chiropractor suggested if I don’t have symptoms don’t do the medication. Then a year later(last month) I did my labs again TSH=28, FT4=0.8, TPO Antibodies=1161- No symptoms still. What do you think I should do given I don’t have any symptoms?

    • Having antibodies that high is a symptom though. And you probably have others that you aren’t putting two and two about… If your situation were mine, I’d start treating that Hashi’s. But you will have to decide.

      • Anshul G says:

        Thanks Janie for the response. I feel like I’m getting more info from here than anywhere else. My doctor prescribed me 1/4 grain to slowly increase to 1 grain till follow-up in 6 weeks. The thing that I’m not sure about is that he also asked me to take two Adrenal supplements by ‘Design for Health’ named –
        ‘Adrenal Support’
        My blood cortisol level was 7.65 around 11.30 AM. This is the only reading he had for cortisol. Again like I told you, I told him that I’m not sure about any symptoms. The supplements has Whole Adrenal Extract, Cortex and a bunch of other things. My fasting glucose was slightly elevate (=99)
        Do you think supplementing for Adrenal with the amount of info he had and a slightly elevated sugar level makes sense? Is he picking the right supplements?
        I’ll really appreciate your help here.

        • Here’s the deal: We have learned the hard way to ALWAYS do adrenal saliva testing to see exactly what’s going on at four key times. Treating a cortisol issue is not willy-nilly. There is a method, we’ve found out, not just “Here, take this”. And it’s important to see if we have high cortisol vs low cortisol via saliva. Blood doesn’t cut it–it’s measuring bound vs unbound cortisol, where 80% or more is bound. Saliva not only tests four key times during the day, which is crucial, but tells you what is available to your cells i.e. unbound. It’s not that the supplement you are on is going to hurt you, but it’s not the way to do it according to our vast amount of wise experiences.

  48. Birdie says:

    Thank you for so much valuable information on your site – we consult it regularly!

    Question about conversions: Switching from 88mcg synthetic T4 1x per day to 32.5mg (1/2 grain) WP Thyroid NDT 2x per day for total of 65mg (1 grain) per day.

    An online Thyroid Conversion Chart shows that 1 grain (65mg) of NDT = 100mcg of synthetic, which is a higher dose than the 88mcg of current synthetic.

    Could higher NDT dosage cause ‘hyper’ symptoms? Should starting dose be less than 1 grain to match 88mcg of synthetic? Endo wants to recheck in 8 weeks.

    • Birdie, an important thing for you to know is that those conversion charts are lousy. For example, I used to be on .125 Synthroid, and it stated my conversion was 1 1/4 grains. Yet my optimal dose ended up being 3 3/4 grains then (I’m now optimal at 3 1/2 grains). Of course, each person is going to have their own unique “optimal” dose, but one grain is hardly EVER optimal. It’s a starting dose from which we raise. You really need to study this page: and then strongly teach this to your Endo is he or she is teachable.

      • Birdie says:

        Thanks so much for your reply Janie! We’ve read over the 101 but still wondered about the starting dose of NDT and how (or if) it might correspond to the previous synthetic dose. Is there no comparison at all? Is starting NDT after synthetic sort of like starting from scratch?

        Don’t think Endo will go for writing a scrip and raising every two weeks – wants to retest in 8 weeks. But we are concerned about the feedback loop… and continuing hypo symptoms.

        • Correct, it has nothing to do with a corresponding dose at all. It has to do with what is safe to start on for most. i.e. how much direct T3 can someone tolerate when starting on ndt (when they haven’t been used to it because of being on only T4-only). And we concluded years ago that one grain fit the bill ‘for most’. And yes, you do need to be concerned about waiting 8 weeks. Hypo does get much, much worse because of the feedback loop issue, and as with the starting dose, we saw that most of shouldn’t go much longer than two weeks without raising. Occasionally, some notice the problem after one week!

          • Birdie says:

            Thanks for clearing our confusion about NDT vs synthetic equivalencies. That helps a lot! Will see how the NDT works out… hopefully endo will be responsive if we notice feedback loop happening.

          • Good luck! It’s never going to be easy working with doctors on this. They are used to the lousy Synthroid etc, which you can in fact go several weeks. You can’t with NDT. T4 is simply a storage hormone and takes a lot of time to see it’s effect to conversion of T3. Direct T3 is pretty fast, just as it’s effect on dampening the feedback loop will be. You will also have to fight your Endo’s tendency to dose by the TSH–that can’t be done either.

            P.S. This is all why STTM was created, Birdie. Doctors have been awful in their understanding of how to properly treat hypothyroidism, awful in their understanding of how to really read labwork (it’s NOT about just falling in the normal range), awful in connecting the dots about symptoms to meds and/or med amounts…on and on. We HAD to figure things out on our own, and STTM is the compilation of what patients have figured out to get well over the years. It’s solid. This is also why the revised STTM book will help patients get that knowledge, as well. KNOWLEDGE, and the willingness to push our doctors for the right care, is important. Otherwise, we’ll fire them and find much more open-minded doctors who will listen to years of patient experiences and wisdom.

  49. I started Nature throid 6 months ago after 38 years on synthroid. I am experiencing joint problems on my left shoulder blade and lower back, thought it was sciatica but been to the Chiropractor 7 times for adjustments and even though it hurts I continue to do light weight exercises but this pain will not go away. Do you think eventually my body will adjust to this medication and get better?

  50. Catalina Moreno says:

    I’m thinking of asking my doctor to switch me from 45 mg of Armour to Naturethroid – I’m looking at still needing two pills?

  51. Sonya says:

    Hello, I’ve been on Armour for many years but have had a lot of other health issues–including celiac disease. I know it an oft discussed thing, about the fillers, but I’ll just comment quickly on that–my naturopath asked several people about the armour containing gluten and they said no. We contacted the manufacturer, and they said no gluten. We contacted a compounding pharmacist who contacted a pharmacist at the manufacturer and they said that there is often traces of gluten in armour, they source from several different starches depending on what they have at the time, and as long as it is less than 20PPM the company line is “gluten free” which is what they are told to say and is what they can legally say. Anyhow…long way around saying that I’ve just switched to Naturthyroid and the last few days have been a little “off” for lack of a better word. I’ll give it a good go, but wondered if many people have an adjustment period when switching between NDT thyroid meds. I take 1 1/2 grains 2x/day, and we did an even switch (which I understand that I’m probably getting more than I was before). I also did not know to do it sublingually, my last Dr insisted that it did not make an ounce of difference.

    • I think the adjustment revolves around one NDT being a better, stronger product than the one left behind. i.e. it can reveal an iron or cortisol problem that the previous NDT wasn’t. Otherwise, many have no issue after changing a brand.

  52. Bud in Key West says:

    Now 69, I have been on thyroid since 8 years. My mother took ‘Synthyroid” I could not take without bad reactions. At 8 my doctor put me on Armour, which I took until several years ago when the FDA made them stop. While Armour did rebalance my metabolism ( and help me to grow to normal height) I never felt ‘normal’, something just never felt 100%. When I could not get an Armour refill, like many I panicked, and scrambled to find a replacement. For the few days following my Doc had me on Synthyroid and I thought I was going to die. I found Naturethroid, got my doc to fax a prescription and 3 days later I was on it. That was almost 4 years ago.

    In all these 60 years of taking a thyroid supplement, it is the FIRST time I have felt like what I think ‘normal’ feels like. I can only say how this product has worked for me, but as I pointed out the others did not work or I never felt right. Nature-throid is a Godsend for me. I have zero activity, so I take 4 grains per day, and to save money I buy 1,000 tablets each refill with my own money, that is how important this pill is to me ( see note below about Medicare and United Health Care).

    As a MALE, it seems that not to many men have this deficiency, but it made both the Army and Navy refuse my enlistment in the 1960’s…yes indeed, they tested for this. Now my question is why has Medicare and my insurance ( United Health Care) refused to cover ANY thyroid supplements when the Department of Defense knows that without thyroid supplement I could go into a coma and die? What about you?

    • Hi Bud. It’s Armour that Medicare refuses to cover on the ridiculous grounds that it’s unsafe for seniors. That could also include all other NDTs, by default. But they do cover the lousy synthetics, ironically. Fortunately, though, NDT (other than Armour) is quite cheap. Another irony…in the United Healthcare Tiers, NP Thyroid is Tier 1 and is a great NDT!

      Armour Thyroid 3
      Levothyroxine Sodium 1
      Liothyronine Sodium 2
      NP Thyroid Tablet 1
      Synthroid 2
      Tirosint 3 E

      • Bud in Key West says:

        I am looking in my 2016 United Health Care Drug coverage ( AARP/Medicare Complete) and Levothyroxine Sodium 1
        Liothyronine Sodium 2, and Synthroid as 3 tier are listed. There is no NP Thyroid Tablet listed. I hate to spend out of pocket funds when I am paying a monthly “PILL” premium to them and getting zip benefit…… looks like I have no choice.

        Do you know of an insurance company that will cover Nature-throid, so when November rolls around I can change?

        By The way…just got a pharmacy notice that Armor is now $78 for 30 pills ( without coverage), so I will stick with Nature-throid.

      • Diane De Baun says:

        I just got on to Medicare and I though the group I am in doesnt cover it I am going to request it. I was on Medi-cal before and did this and they approved it when I said how bad I did on the Levo. We shall see. If you tell them you are going to switch to a new group (Advantage group is the way I am going) maybe they will also approve?

    • Mary Aho says:

      Bud, where do you buy your 1000 tablets? Thanks.

  53. Jan Erik says:

    Fascinating reading! That was just what was happening this season. On the same dose of Armour, with the labworks showing constant levels of Ft3 and Ft4. But TSH was elevated suggested that I needed to raise my NDT dose. Which of course got me hyper AND hypo at the same time! Cortisol ref. Values is <21.6 Nmol/l in the morning and <6.0 or 50% of morning levels

  54. Jan Erik says:

    I lowered my NT dose 3 weeks ago since lab an body tells me I overdosed. I went down from 135 to 120. I feel Im not stabilized on the new dose but got symptoms of fatigue, dizziness,and hangover one day and feel better the next. When can I expect to feel steady better? I have a small rest production after RAI in 2012. My Iron ,B12 and Cortisol are top notch

  55. Miralys says:

    Hello, someone at the thyca website recomended NDT from RLC labs, I was checking and look like is glutten free, I will definitely ask my doctor for that one whenever I’m ready to switch. Also another person who is a thyroid cancer survivor recomended to stop my Levo for at least a week before I started with the NDT, I can’t wait., with the levothyroxine 75 I feel bloated and I have gain 40 pounds since my TT, hoping NDT help.

  56. karen says:

    not sure how to say this because it is embarrassing but I just started on Nature Throid last month. I take it in the morning while still in bed…within 15 minutes I have very runny diarrhea…has anyone experienced this? it’s just one time each morning and then done.

    • Deja says:

      Hi karen, I often experienced “unexplained” diarrhea while I was taking ndt a decade ago. I’m not certain why it happened. At the time I wasn’t aware of how to read lab reports properly but my suspicion is that I may have been taking too high a dose. On the other hand I read on ERFA brand’s website (in red font) that dessicated thyroid can cause diarrhea in some people, full stop! That warning, though, has since disappeared from their site. Anyhow, I quit NDT but after not doing so great on synthroid and only somewhat better on synthroid plus T3 I’m ready to try ndt again, only this time I’ll be able to read my labs plus be more aware of other symptoms like heart-rate, temperature, blood-pressure, and bowel frequency, etc.

      • karen says:

        Thank you Deja. I appreciate your reply. I actually just went to my doc and being on NatureThroid for the last 6 weeks has resulted in my TSH going from 1.32 to 4.33! In the past, this would have resulted in a lot of other symptoms and plain disaster for me BUT this last month, despite the diarrhea, I have FINALLY been able to lose some weight, not much but at least something after a year of continual weight gain despite trying everything. I am also not in the fog I was in on Armour. My doc increased my 97.5 dose to 113.5 dose to combat the high TSH. I told her about the diarrhea, she didn’t seem concerned. I’m not sure she is the best endocrinologist for me but I am liking the NatureThroid. After a horrible year following thyroidectomy (2nd procedure, now have no thyroid), I am willing to accept the diarrhea if it means no brain fog and weight loss.

  57. Tim says:

    I was switched from Levothyroxine to Tirosint last July and then I had my thyroid removed on 2/16/2016. I had been on Levo for 9 years. This morning I started on Nature-Throid 65MCG which I hope will help me join humanity again. I am also about to fire my second endocrinologist after she told me NDTs are made from leftover parts from both cows and pigs. What the what? I know what it is made from so I just brushed it off because she was finally going to prescribe it to me. She also once told me that testing for free T3 was voodoo but she still included in the blood test. I am going back to my PCP for my thyroid monitoring because he listens and will work with me. Thank you for the information on this site. It has helped me quite a bit when it comes to trying to locate the right med and searching out doctors that truly know what I am going through.

  58. Gina says:

    HI. I live in Spain and have been on synthetic thyroid 100mg for about 40 years after being diagnosed for an overactive thyroid and being given radioactive iodine. A little over a month ago I just stopped taking it, one thing I noticed is that my hair stopped falling out and my face is not getting bloated. I have been looking for a doctor who will prescribe NDT but according to people I’ve spoken to, it is highly unlikely I find a doctor here who will do so. I’ve come across a site in US where I can buy Nature Throid on-line but I will have to wait until at least late June to get it. So now I’m thinking of going back on synthroid until then. What do you think? I feel fine but worried that I’m not taking anything, I never felt bad but losing my hair really stressed me out.

    • You know, we can never know. But is it possible that “some” of your thyroid still exists and is working for you? I would personally do labs i.e. free T3 and free T4 and see what’s up first…but it’s up to you.

  59. Nicole says:

    Hey all! I’ve been on naturethroid for years, and have had good results with it. Even still, I’m still raising and am up to SIX grains as of January 2016. Bloodwork is showing that I still have antibodies in the high 80s, thyroid hormones are in the low normal ranges, but dr wants to see them closer to high normal. Bloodwork also showing high inflammation via crp and sed rate tests. I went gluten free in Janiary to hopefully address the inflammation, but recent bloodwork shows it’s actually increased. I’m seeing my dr tomorrow, but am feeling stumped and wondering why I have to keep increasing. I’ve not met anyone who was on such a high dose, and while I’m okay with raising based on symptoms, it just seems really high to me! Does anyone have any insight as to what might be going on? My primary thyroid symptoms like sleepiness, dry skin, etc are long gone, though I still have other unexplained symptoms that may or may not be linked to my hashis.

    • Nicole, that usually happens when someone has Thyroid Hormone Resistance, i.e a mutation in the R383H gene. I see it more in Europeans especially, but it can happen anywhere. It just means that a person with this mutation has to go quite high to get their levels where they are optimal. I’ve seen some as high as 8 grains, 10 grains, even 12 grains!! Or some start adding in T3-only to those high doses of NDT, too. As far as the inflammation, it may go down as you go much higher with the Naturethroid to get your levels up, especially since you removed all gluten.

      • Nicole says:

        Thank you for your quick and personalized response, Janie! I was wondering if you have any links that might explain this mutation/thyroid hormone resistance in laymens terms? The information I was able to find said that those with thyroid hormone resistance should show numbers in the normal range even before medication. Wondering if it’s a different thing altogether?

        • Remember that “being in the normal range” means nothing, we’ve discovered repeatedly. It’s more about where a result falls that has meaning, based on years of observations of each other’s labwork. Yes, it could be something else. Always a possibility> But when we see someone like you being that high yet having results lower in the range, it does always seem to point in the direction of that mutation. You could do genetic testing and find out one way or the other….:)

    • Lori says:

      Try maybe a liver detox.

  60. Erin says:

    I have tried most all the thyroid meds over the last 5 years including armour and none have ever stabilized my numbers. I stopped taking all thyroid meds on February 22(2 1/2 months ago) so the doctor could do a clean set of labs with all meds out of my system. I had hoped so much that my labs would come back perfect and my hypothyroidism had magically disappeared. Of course that didn’t happen and my lab work showed I still have hypothyroidism and also my ferritin level is low. I asked my doctor about nature throid and he said let’s give it a try. I just took it for the first time and am feeling a little nervous. I have no idea what to expect from it. He prescribed me 195mg a day and I am hoping it works! Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired:(!

  61. Julia Gurr says:

    Hello, I was on 100mcg of Levo for hashimotos for 21 years. Never felt well and put on loads of different meds for symptoms
    Changed to 50mcg Levo and 10mcg T3 six or so months back
    Initially better bit then not so good again. Endo said up Levo to 75 but each time I try that I feel hyper. Don’t seem to get on with Levo
    I started nature-throid about 2 weeks ago (self bought). Stopped Levo and started 1/2 grain nt + 10mcg T3 early morning, then half grain of nt in late afternoon. Raised to one grain nt + 10mcg early morning then 1/4 grain of nt late afternoon. Sincestarting fatigue been better but have severe back of neck and shoulder pain. V short tempered too??

  62. N L says:

    I started on Armour lowest dose, and I have some good results, feeling much better and sleeping longer, and if I wake up after the old 4-5 l/2 hours, I can go back to sleep.

    But my physical energy is gone in 3-5 hours, although I feel ok & have mental energy until around 5 to 7pm, when I feel totally drained, and not good.

    My question is this: I have been swallowing my Armour Thyroid pills & waiting l/2 hour to eat/drink anything but water. But on this page it was mentioned that someone taking NatureThroid takes it sublingually. Was I supposed to take it sublingually? My doc did not tell me, if so. Could that be why I lose the good effect for the afternoon/evening?

    Also, I have switched to NatureThroid but just got the prescription, same dose as Armour, and need to know if I am supposed to take it sublingually.


    • Hi. We all have to raise to find our optimal dose, and whether sublingually or swallowed, it really doesn’t matter, we have found. Check out this page to see how patients have successfully used NDT: 🙂

    • Kathy T. says:

      I cut my NT (84.25 mg) in two so that it will dissolve. In my system successfully. I also can take half in the morning and half in afternoon.

      I personally am at the point that I believe I have to be raise up and increase the mg’s of my current prescription because of a list of side effects that has increased for 6 months, with the change to NT from Armour last December (doctor’s suggestion). My hair loss & thinning is getting worse, which is really depressing. I have also had the acne on my face and chest, early on, at the time that my stress level was extremely high. The loss of my eye brows has always been a problem. The depression, anxiety, irritability and NOW weight gain is a true bummer. I’m “chilly” off and on and have learned to deal with it. I now take longer to recover when I am physically active in my sport. My vision seems to be less sharp. I thought this NT was going to be a better choice, All this creates a huge cloud over my happiness.

      Also looking for another knowledgeable Doctor who will work with me without a huge $$$ office visit each time I have to increase or check back in with her. The “upside” of all this is that I am taking the time to dive in and read all I can find about this condition of Hypothyroidism and I have found this wonderful website: STTM and book. Thank you

      • You get an A+, Kathy. Because the way to get put of this mess is learn from the wisdom of patients before you who have gotten out of it….which the STTM book and website are about! And yes, you are probably seriously underdosing yourself if your total daily amount is only 84.25 mg. Our optimal amounts are different, but just for comparison only, my optimal amount is 210 mg or 3 1/2 grains (a different brand than Naturethroid). Some are slightly less when optimal; some are more.

  63. Sharon says:

    Hello. I have hashimotos. T3 and T4 numbers are optimal. My antibodies number was over 860. Tried synthroid and levothyroxine but felt horrible; headache, nausea, fatigue. I think the fillers did not agree with me. Will Nature Throid help people with high antibodies?

  64. Sherri says:

    Does anyone “break out” from naturethroid? I’m on 130 MG and I break out on my face, neck and arms “I guess adult acne”. I never had acne very bad until now and I’m 46

  65. Susan says:

    After 25vyears on Synthroid and never feeling great, I found a doctor that switched me to Naturethroid 4 weeks ago. I was on
    .125 Synthroid and he started me on 3/4 Grain (48.75) two tomes a day. After 3 weeks I was still fatigued, so he doubled my dose. The first two days I was ok, but the third day I ended up in the ER with severe palpitations and HBP. I don’t want to give up on the Naturethroid, I think he was just too aggressive with the increase? What is the average dose increase for Naturethroid?

  66. M.J. says:

    This is such a wonderful website– thank you for providing all the information and for answering questions. I am going to order the book! I have a question about switching from Armour to Nature Throid. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s in 2010 with a TSH of 4.61 and TPO antibodies of 187. I have been on Armour since then. Started at 30 mg, then 60, and have been on 75 mg for the past 2 years. My T4 and T3 have stayed on the low end of “normal” range over the past 6 years but my TSH bounces around — each time the Armour was increased it dropped below 1.0 but then would “rebound” back up to high 2’s. At my last blood test in March it was 3.85 and my doctor agreed to switch to Nature-Throid and raise it to 113 to see if that will help my symptoms — weight gain, fatigue, increased LDL out of the blue, etc. Plus my TPO antibodies have been over 2500 for past 3 years.
    Is it OK to increase the dose from by a 1/2 grain, or should I ask for a 1/4 grain increase right now. Many thanks-

  67. Marsha says:

    Can you please expound onthjs a bit more so I understand better. I feel perhaps I am at this point. Thank you. But patients who want to start lower learned to keep going up, bit by bit, to counter the feedback loop suppression. i.e. those lower doses have made some patients feel even worse if they stay on them too long.

    • There is a system in your body called the hypothalamic-pituitary axis…or the feedback loop. It’s a messaging system from the hypothalamus (tiny gland in your brain area), to the pituitary (another tiny gland in your brain area), to the thyroid…and back again. It’s all why your thyroid releases thyroid hormones in the first place. It’s “told to do so” by this feedback loop.

      When we start on thyroid meds, the little gland in the brain called the hypothalamus senses it, though it doesn’t realize it’s coming from YOU giving it to yourself. Instead, the hypothalamus thinks it’s your own thyroid doing it! So, the hypothalamus stops telling the pituitary to stop messaging your thyroid to produce! So now, your own body makes even LESS thyroid hormone release on top of a very low starting dose of thyroid meds…and we can feel worse. Thus the importance of raising of thyroid meds pretty systematically and not too slowly.

  68. I am on Armour, 3 grains, and am optimal. I feel really good! I do have a little itching with it. I want to switch to another ndt, because my last refill went up in price again. I am gluten and lactose intolerant. I have read the information on what is in Naturethroid, but it says it is a traceable amount as part of desiccated thyroid powder, which makes me think all ndt’s contain it? Are you aware of anyone else who is lactose intolerant who reacts to this ingredient? I did read that it is gluten free. I am feeling so good, I don’t want to switch and start having belly problems. Is there a particular ndt that you would recommend for someone like me? Thanks!

    • Angela says:

      If you can get naturethroid, go to CVS and ask them about card to cover cost, I pay $24 for my morning dose 113.75 and $20 for my afternoon dose 97.5

      • Debi says:

        COSTCO has the cheapest I have found. No membership required to use their pharmacy. My 97.5 mg NT was $18 for 90day supply ($6 a month).

        • Tee Sharkey says:

          Costco and Sam’s Club charge the same price. You do not need to be a member of either to get medication from them. I get mine from Sam’s club since the process is quicker than Costco.

      • Tammy says:

        I’m just starting nature throid at my request. Can’t take levothyroxine(severe joint pain) so have been taking synthroid 75mcg for years. My Endo figured me at 44 something for my nature throid does that sound right?, I’m always tired, no energy and I used to work out 36hrs a week! Always fatigued for years now….

    • Janey Cain says:

      Marsha, I was severely lactose intolerant for the past seven + years. I started on Nature-throid and within 6 weeks I was able to eat cheese on a hamburger. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it registered later………….so I bought myself some ice cream. Really shocked to find out that the stomach pains, gas and bloating from lactose products was gone.
      Enjoyed many ice cream cones with the grandchildren on vacation. Thanks to Nature-throid for being (lactose intolerance) symptom free.

  69. Martha Barnhart says:

    The dr increased my levothyroxin from 50mcg to 75mcg back in Dec. I am asking him to put me on Naturethroid. I feel fatigued, really tired, muscle and joint pain in my legs and arms, depressed with no energy. I have been on Synthroid 50mcg for two years until Dec 2015 then switch to generic brand levothyroxin. Not helping. I also was recently diagnosed with high risk for fractures with osteoporosis in my spine -3.5 with some disk degeneration L4-5 and I was deficient in vit D and B12. The labs for those are fine now. Q:what dose should my dr start me on for the Naturethroid? Does anything else stand out to you concerning my condition? I just turned 62. Thank you very much.

  70. Joi says:

    Janie, I do have an Rx for Nature Throid at my pharmacy right now. I have a different ? though. I have a 4-point Cortisol Saliva test from Quest Diagnostics and have heard that that test from them isn’t good. Why? What’s wrong with that lab? I’m supposed to be doing the test this wednesday. I hope to hear from you before then. Thank-you

  71. Jackie says:

    Hi Janie. I made the switch from 112mg Synthroid to 60 mg Naturethroid 3 weeks ago. One week later, I increased my dosage to 90mg, and was planning to increase again to 120mg today (one week later). I had been feeling markedly better, BUT a couple of days ago, noticed the headache and foggy brain symptoms of hypo came back somewhat, and my hypo weight gain (only 5-6 pounds) is still there, despite being gluten free for a month, and eating basically “clean.” Yesterday morning, I decided to whip myself back into shape with an 8:30 zumba class. I had taken my morning 60mg Naturethroid at 6:30, so I knew I’d probably feel the T3 “peak” at some point during class. Wow!!! Half-way through, I felt my heart rate was really elevated moreso than usual, and I felt hyper-like symtoms of neck and shoulder tension. OK, maybe not a good idea to jump back into zumba, since I hadn’t done it or any other heavy-duty cardio in probably a year. This morning, my hip and knee joints are really feeling it, so I decided to just do some lightweight resistance bands for bicep/tricep strength. Same thing all over again. That was 5 hours after taking my morning 60mg, and I’m still feeling hyper shaky. Like I said, I was planning on increasing my dosage from 90mg total to 120mg today, but I’m not so sure what’s going on here. Can you enlighten me please?

  72. Betty Campbell says:

    On Naturethroid 97.5 mg. x6 mon. (was on Armour 90mg) Now FT3 4.69, FT4 0.68, TSH 0.721. This was 3 hours after dosing. Am sleepy, very cold, very hoarse when I talk, feels like a large lump in my throat. My Endo. said ” I dont know”. Is it time to increase dose ?

    • Hi Betty. We learned that we can’t go by labs after taking NDT because T3 naturally goes high. But read the section on the following page so see what we learned in finding our optimal dose and then you decide:

      • Sara says:

        Sorry to hijack this post but couldn’t figure out how to make my own.😊 After reading tons of info on this site I decided to ask my dr to switch me to naturethroid. I’ve been on levo for almost 17 years. She did the switch but started me at 97.5 mg. I asked her about starting low and building and she said no that I have to stay on the same dose for 6 weeks then test my tsh again. I said I wanted to test my t4 and t3 and she said she likes the tsh best. But back to the dosing….. Right now I feel like I have a hummingbird trapped in my chest, I can’t sleep and my brain feels like it’s going a mile a minute. My dr won’t listen. I’m trying to find a new one. I just want to feel normal for a day.

    • Tammy says:

      An Endo that says I don’t know……

  73. Jackie says:

    My endocrist’s PA has agreed, at my request, to switch me from 112mcg Synthroid to Naturethroid. She said to just start on 90mg, saying it was roughly equivalent to the 112mcg Synthroid dosage. I asked if I should “wean” myself off the Synthroid, and she said no, just to start the Naturethroid. When I asked if I should multi-dose to prevent stressing on my adrenals, she didn’t think it was necessary. I suggested (after reading STTM) that I would feel more comfortable starting with 1/2 grain (32.5 mg) of Naturthroid in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon for a 2-week period, then increasing to another 1/2 grain after 2 weeks, for a total of 90mg, if I tolerated it well. She said I could do whatever I want! Can you advise as to the best way to transition? Also, 3 years ago another doctor put me on 112mcg Levothyroxine with 5mg of Cytomel added twice a day. I experienced significant hair loss for 3 months and asked to discontinue, also because I didn’t feel any better. Who needs to feel lousy and go bald at the same time! At this point, I have more faith in the research and facts you have presented in STTM than I do in the medical professionals I have seen thus far. Thank you for any help you can provide!

    • Congratulations on the switch! Yes, most of us just take T4 one last day, then start on NDT alone the next and never look at T4-only again. NDT is 80% T4 anyway! By the way, there’s a very strong possibility that 90 mg (1 1/2 grains) won’t be enough and you’ll need to raise in search of your individual optimal dose. Mine, for example, is 3 1/2 grains, but everyone is different as to what is optimal. All explained here:

  74. Kathy says:

    I’ve been self dosing for years on westhroid because doc had no clue, now on 4gr, finally found a doc who has extended thyroid knowledge. He switched me to nature-throid, stating that others had better results on this compared to being on westhroid. I just picked up my Rx and it looks like the same pill that I was taking, only it’s 1 1/2 grain and my new dose is 1 pill every day. Is there any difference between the two? I read that they are identical. It’s making me question this docs knowledge, but he still doses by symptoms and not TSH, so that makes me hopeful. I’m worried because every time I tried to reduce my dose because of TSH, once I reach 3.5 gr, I get pain in my shoulder and back, 3 gr and I feel like an old person with joint pain and I actually start limping. Do you know of anyone switching between the two for better results? Thank you so much for all the valuable information you provide all of us. You are truely a blessing from God!

    • I have not seen better results with Naturethroid Vs Westhroid. They are, in fact, almost virtually identical and the makers admit that.

      • Pam Newport says:

        I used Westhroid for years with success but had to switch when it couldn’t be obtained any more. It is now WP Thyroid. I never did as well on Armour and just switched to Nature-Throid which I will start on tomorrow. My test results indicate I need .75 grain but it wasn’t available in Armour so I was taking 30gm alternating with 60gm. Tests showed I was slightly overmedicated so doctor dropped me to 30mg to see how I would do. I slept great but could hardly drag myself around. Went back to alternating = 45 = .75 grain, and now my horrible sleep problems are back. I’m hopeful that Nature-Throid will be better for me. I am also taking 25mcg of Synthroid to balance my T4 with T3. I’m wondering if I should be doing that?
        This ended being a hijacked post–maybe it should be moved to it’s own post Sorry.

  75. Susanelizabeth Turner says:

    I have always taken my thyroid medication, Armour when I get up to pee in the night and check my blood sugar. Usually between 3 and 4 a.m. However after reading more on the S TTM site, I decided to split my dose take 60 in the middle of the night and 60 sometime today. And I feel absolutely horrible. Shaky, weak, and have a headache. Is there anything wrong with taking the thyroid Med in the middle of the night? I take so many supplements during the day that always seems the best time for me. And I didn’t have any problems before with it.

    • The T3 in the NDT can raise your cortisol levels too high.

      • Susanelizabeth Turner says:

        I don’t understand. Are you saying it taking it in the middle of the night(like I have done for about 20 yrs) can harm me raise the T3 by doing that? I was on Synth/Levo 45 yrs or so, then, Armour since 2010 and have always taken it in the mid of the night when I get up, but didn’t know that might be harming me. I had also never heard of splitting it. Can you explain more about this? Why it might be harmful to me? Thx so much!

        • No, no, the T3 in NDT causes the adrenals to push out more “cortisol”. Has nothing do with harmful, but wonder if you are pushing cortisol too high, thus the symptoms. Read this page:

          • Susanelizabeth Turner says:

            Thx for your quick response! I was doing great on 90-120 Armour until I switched to Levo, then to NP. NP was the worst, my sugars skyrocked no matter that I tripled my insulin /basal rates in my pump. I didn’t even eat as my sugars were around 200-300 for days on NP. The minute I went back to Armour they were perfect again(as well as all the symptoms, gone). But, I was just wondering if it might harm me doing it in the middle of the night since so many don’t. I’m having a hard time finding a safe time to do it in the daytime since I tk supplements and high amts of c throughout the day(I don’t tk any meds other than Armour and insulin)

  76. Natalie says:

    Hi Janie

    I was diagnosed hypo in 2010 in UK. I was on levothyroxin for 3/4 years around 50-75mcg but never felt quite right. After reading your website and other info I switched to Armour, half a grain, last year (2015.) Although I felt the same at first I then began getting hives (skin rash) whenever I got slightly hot which also caused me to become out of breath and very itchy, I developed a constant tremor especially in my hands which got worse if I was standing or singing. I also become depressed and tired most of the time. I read the comments on here about last years Armour batch and another website which said the hives could be due to the medication. Two weeks ago I stopped taking Armour and after two days I had a blood test in the USA…these were my results T4Free 0.8, T3Free 2.4, TSH 11.09. I asked the Dr for Nature throid as she was about to put me on Synthroid. I have been on it (half a grain) for a week but I feel terrible. I haven’t slept now for 3 nights. I have slight headache and brain fog and sometimes dizziness when I try to work. I feel very hot. I feel totally exhausted and lethargic. But I also feel jittery inside and my hand tremor comes and goes.

    I have tried taking iron and Vitamin D in the past when my levels were low but I became very ill even after spacing the medication through the day…

    Please help..I’m afraid to increase my nature throid as you recommend due to my sleep issues. When my Dr told me to double my levothyroxin once I ended up wide awake for 4 days, very hot, jittery and felt like I wanted to get out of my skin…..

  77. Sarah says:

    Took my first dose of nature Throid today 1/2 grain (32.5mg) Took it on empty stomach at 10:30am then later had yogurt. By 1:30 I was SO anxious. I have never had a panic attack but I guess that may have been what happened. Heart rate was up to 115 (normal is in the 70 range) Is this related to the Nature Throid? It’s Sunday so I couldn’t call Dr.

  78. Donna Zucker says:

    I was just diagnosed with hypothyroid and put on nature-throid 32.5mg for 1 mth now. I also started iodine because mine was non existent. Now, everyday at 3pm I get exhausted and have to lye down for 1 1/2 hrs, just can’t even sit up. Does anybody know why? Also, my Thyroglobulin Antibody level is 13.2 and the range is 0.0-0.9, so mine is very high. This antibody is attacking my thyroid and killing it and the naturopath doesn’t know why. Does anyone have the answers? I have a TON of medication allergies so he wanted to start me off slowly and I just read the list of ingredients in nature-throid and wonder if I’m allergic to one of the fillers! I also get sick to my stomach frequently and spit up water. Anyone else have that?

  79. Tim says:

    I started NDT and I could instantly notice the effects,My mood lifted and I felt awesome.On the third week my body started to get hot flashes /nervous feeling .I’m wondering whats causing this ,is it overdose?I’m currently on 32.5 mg .

  80. LeighJ says:

    Hi. I have Hashimoto’s. I was recently switched from Armour to Nature-Throid by my doctor. My numbers were okay on Armour, but he wanted to try me on this for some reason. Anyway, about 8 or 9 days after starting to take it, I had my period start almost 2 weeks early. Then again 2 weeks later (which would have been when I would normally have been due). I have never really had abnormal periods. Has anyone else had this side effect from Nature-Throid? I am worried it may be something else that I need to go visit an OBGYN about. It just seemed to coincide with when I started this medication.

  81. Kay says:

    Hi, These are my results below. My holistic doctor has prescribed nature-throid. My only thyroid symptoms are inexplicable weight gain. My question is: Are these level low? Thanks
    Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum 2.6 pg/mL

    Tsh+Free T4

    Test Normal Units
    Tsh 0.860 uIU/mL
    T4,Free(Direct) 1.19 ng/dL

  82. Lissa says:

    I am going to give NDT another try, so I am starting on Nature-Throid sometime in the next few days.

    I tried NDT several years ago, and went right into Revere T3 and my adrenals crashed. My iron levels were cr@p, which is why I believe I did not do well. I went on T3 only and started working on the iron. It did not go well. My practitioner did not want to give me more than 75 mcg a day of T3, and even though I was supplementing heavily with iron and Vitamin C, my levels did not come up, although my ferritin did go over range. Even after obtaining T3 from other sources, and dosing up to 100 mcg a day, my Free T3 level decreased after 3 months of that protocol. For that and many other reasons, I tossed all the pills bottles in the trash and gave up.

    Recently, I started seeing another doctor, a DO. She has been monitoring my thyroid levels for the last 6 months, and my TSH finally went over 10 (it was 11.75 last test) and she wants me on thyroid medication. My Free T3 is at the bottom of range, T4 is in the middle. Reverse T3 is OK. I still have no antibody readings. Aside from not being able to lose weight, I have no hypo symptoms.

    I am quite concerned with having a repeat of my prior experience, where I had no energy, lost half my hair, barely was able to get up and go to work each day, came home and went straight to bed, gained 25 pounds, and was a depressed, miserable mess.

    Another concern … I take quite a number of supplements, including iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, methylfolate, D3, K2, C, berberine, an adrenal support complex, and a couple others. I have carefully divided these up into morning and evening doses, to achieve best results. I know there are several of these I should avoid taking the NDT at the same time, or soon before or after, but I can’t figure out a schedule that will work for everything, without constantly swallowing pills all day long. And if it’s not right when I get up, or right when I go to bed, I will likely forget to take whatever. I need help sorting this out.

    • One thing to teach you: the use of NDT doesn’t crash your adrenals. The adrenals were already crashed when many get on NDT, and the NDT reveals that. Same with iron.

      So we order a 24 hour adrenal saliva test asap before raising the Naturethroid or the issues will happen all over again.

      • Lissa says:

        So, should I wait to start NDT then, until I am sure? I worked on iron and adrenals for months last time, and got exactly nowhere. No, actually, I got worse.

        Other than an inability to lose weight, I am asymptomtic. I may just skip the entire thing. A high TSH never killed anyone, right?

        • Most people can tolerate small doses of NDT, even with low cortisol. They just can’t raise. But patients found it wise to get the saliva test done ASAP. A high TSH means one can be quite hypothyroid. Misery eventually, it seems. 🙁

  83. Jan Erik says:

    Hi Janie, I switched to Nature Throid from Armour 15 days ago. On 105 mg Armour I had TSH on 3,4. Ft3 on 5,1 (ref 3,6-6,8) and Ft4 in the middle of the scale.I started to feel hypo and felt that my adrenals was realy firing 2 days after a workout. Therefore I opted to increase to 2 grain (130 mg) of N.T. Now after 14 days Im still uncomfortable. Its like hitting a wall. I expected to get low but t that havent happend. My restpuls is still as 14 days before. My morning temp goes up and down a bit at the moment.I now usually get a little bit tired in the evening but I wake up at 0400 and Im not able to fell back to sleep. I have my adrenals ,iron and B12 chequed ok. Any suggestions? Is my body still adapting to the new dose? Can I expect some improvement the next weeks?2 grains is in my case the most I can tolerate. After that I will run into hyper after 6-8 weeks.

    • Jan Erik says:

      … And by the way. Before starting on 2 grains I started to ache in the goiter. At first it was around dinnertime but now after two weeks its close to constant. For me it seems TSH is whipping the gland to produce more but strangely it didnt help raising the dose yet. I Had RAI in 2012 and started NTD in 2014

      • Jan Erik says:

        Hmmm,still struggling but now back at the low side..Slow pulse/falling asleep in the afternoon. Sees that its recomended to raise the dose after 2-3 weeks but if you dont when can I expect to get more normal? I mean better than on the low dose? I mean, raising abowe this level usually throws me to hyper after 8 weeks. Or could it be that I dont react as I did on same dose Armour??

  84. Sleepy and tired after starting NDT says:

    Janie, thank you so much for your note. I will try to increase my iron supplements a bit – I am taking just 25 mg daily now. I am also taking adoptogens, vitamins E, C and B for adrenals. I know that it is not very representative but I had a blood test for cortisol which came with 11.3 (in 6.4 – 21 range). Would you consider it to be a sign of low cortisol and it is supposed to be at least in the upper range?

    • In the early years, we did both blood and saliva testing. And for too many, we saw that blood wasn’t reflective of the symptoms the way saliva was. Some would have “high blood cortisol”, yet saliva showed low with symptoms to match. Conversely, there would even be some whose blood showed low cortisol, yet saliva revealed high around that time as did symptoms. It was crazy. So we came to the conclusion that saliva is the way to go for the kind of adrenal problems we as thyroid patients have…and thus there’s no way for me to comment on your blood result. Now for those with Addisons, this may not be.

      • Sleepy and tired after starting NDT says:

        Hi Janie, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, really appreciate it. To be honest I don’t know what to do – I feel way worser. My next appointment with endocrinologist is in 2 weeks. I also just moved to the US and don’t know anyone from another state to ask to help me with the saliva test. I guess I just have to continue with NDT and see what happens…

  85. Sleepy and tired after starting NDT says:

    Hi Janie, thank you so much for your reply. My iron is 98 and ferritin is 42. My doctor didn’t want to test anything else regarding iron panel. I am really worried about adrenals but I am living in NY and I can’t do saliva test due to state law. I hope for a miracle case of my adrenals to start recovering based on better thyroid treatment….

    • Though we don’t call 98 “anemic”, we know it’s not optimal. Same with a ferritin in the 40s. Just things to consider. And you can’t get out of hypothyroidism with low cortisol. You know what a few NYers told us? They get a friend or family to order it (in a state that’s legal) and they go pay a visit. 🙂

  86. Sleepy and tired after starting NDT says:

    Hi, I just switched from Synthroid (75mcg) to Nature throid (1 grain) since my T3 was below a minimum range. I am feeling very tired, sleepy and have headaches. Before I always was waking up during the night for a couple of times but since I started NDT I am sleeping for 9 hours without any interruptions and still feel exhausted in the morning. I am wondering if you have any ideas what could cause it? Would really appreciate.

    • Hi. Well, part of the problem is that one grain is simply a starting dose from which we are meant to raise again and again to find our optimal dose. But, it also sounds like you now have low cortisol (from having been on Synthroid). Not feeling refreshed when you get up in the morning is your clue. So you would want to start with the Discovery Steps here: Patients do get some relief from raising to 1 1/2 grains…but if cortisol is low, we can’t get to our optimal dose yet without going hyper due to the T3 going high in the blood due to the low cortisol.

      You will also need to look at your iron levels, because being on Synthroid can also cause that to tank.
      A lot of reading, I know, but we have to become informed to get well.:)

      • Sleepy and tired after starting NDT says:

        Hi Janie, thank you so much for your answer. My iron is fine since I am supplementing with it already for 6 months. So my main suspect is adrenals. I am going to see my doctor in 2 weeks from now. Do you think it will be ok to start raising NDT after 3 weeks on 1 grain or it is already too long?

        • Hi. When you say your iron is fine….females have discovered that fine is when iron is getting close to 110, % sat around 35, TIBC towards the bottom of the 300’s, and when all the latter is good, ferritin can go to 70-90 eventually. As far as raising, what most patients do is raise in two weeks by 1/2 grain…but if iron is low or cortisol is problematic, most can’t get above 1 1/2 grains without having either too high RT3 called pooling or an increase in RT3. That’s why it’s so critical to get those optimal, we’ve learned repeatedly over the years. Just information for you to consider. 🙂

  87. M K says:

    I started taking Naturethroid on Monday – 1gr 65mg. The bloating this week is crazy and I am exhausted. More than before taking this. Is my body possibly just adjusting?

  88. Debra Nagle says:

    I have been at 2 1/2 grains for a couple of weeks and felt very good. Last night when I went to bed, I had heart palpitations. When I spoke to my doctor, he thought I was on too high of a dose because I was on .88 Synthroid. My question is – does what I am experiencing with heart palpitations mean I am too high or too low? Also, since I was in .88 Synthroid, am I too high? Thank you.

  89. Meg says:

    Hi, I am seeing my doctor this Monday….I got diagnosed recently with Hashimotos…but no medication. I am requesting medication and will also learn what my meagre health plan will cover. My doctor is hesitant for me to get on thyroid medication because I experienced a period of intense anxiety, depression and insomnia for a couple of months (I think getting off an anti-depressant, doing another one short term – which seemed to set off anxiety and insomnia)…anyway…I have to have energy, and don’t, major brain fog but do have sleep issues still, not as bad.

    I don’t know if I can get/perform the saliva testing for cortisol…it seems intuitive my cortisol off the charts. I guess my question is, what does one do when one has high cortisol?? I’d like to have a back-up plan in case I react badly to thyroid meds….example extreme insomnia and anxiety. There must be a way to counteract all this (it seems so weird to me to have such low energy issues and at same time have the anxiety) Anyway, thanks for the forum!

  90. Debra Nagle says:

    I have finally made it to 2 1/2 grains and I have had the best day in 6 weeks. Thank you for all the information you have provided. There were times I thought of going back to Synthroid, but you kept providing me with information and encouragement. Now that I am at 2 1/2 grains and if I need to increase, how much do you increase? 1/2 grain? Thank you.

  91. Trish says:

    I’m currently taking compounded thyroid. T3 22.5mcg and T4 95mcg. My new doctor has prescribed Nature-Throid 65MG. That doesn’t seem like nearly the same dose. I’m afraid I’ll be feeling really crummy in a very short time. Does that dose sound correct? Will it be enough?

  92. Anna says:

    Janie, out of curiosity, which brand of NDT are you currently on? I remember reading that you no longer take Erfa…

    Have you (or anyone else here) had an opportunity to determine the effectiveness and safety of Thai NDT compared to US/Canadian brands? I am seriously considering switching to one of the Thai brands (it seems there are now three brands available, the newcomer being called TR Man), as the price of NDT has literally tripled in Europe in recent months…:-(

    • I am currently using NP Thyroid. As far as the Thai brands, there is a plethora of patient reports that the Thai NDTs work great and so far, haven’t seen anything from patients that implies they have been harmed by them at all. I have personally not been happy about all the fillers in Thyroid-S, but again, haven’t seen harm from them.

  93. Sarah says:

    I had started Armour 6 months ago. We raised from 1 grain to 2 over about two months. I haven’t seen a huge difference in the way I feel yet. My last labs showed TSH suppressed as it should be when on NDT, and a high t3 with a middle range t4. My heart has been beating out of it’s chest about 100bpm resting and worse when trying to workout so I asked if we could tapper down a little since i’m feeling somewhat hyper. The Dr wants to put me on 113mg of Nature Thyroid instead of Armour since the dose is only in halves. I’m worried about switching brands-will I feel major changes or side effects? My iron panel was totally normal but I have not had adrenals tested yet. Will ask for it at the next visit.

    • A few pieces of information for you to consider…first, it’s a strong minority that would feel fabulous on only two grains, we’ve noticed. Most seem to need more than that.

      Second, I can’t tell for sure by how you worded it…but do you understand that our lab results aren’t about just “falling in the normal range” but more about where they fall…i.e. optimal. Are your iron labs optimal? See this page:

      Third, when you say your free T3 is that high while you are still not feeling improvement, that implies you are pooling and the T3 is not getting to your cells well. That’s usually due to inadequate iron and/or a cortisol problem. Read this:

      Finally, your doctor will try to test your cortisol via blood. Doesnt work. We learned the hard way that it needs to be saliva. You can order your own saliva test!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks-I do understand about optimal vs in normal range. Trust me I have fought tooth and nail for my Dr to hear me on that one! lol I am concerned however with going to a higher dose when I am sweating severely and have a 175 HR -100bpm resting when working out already. I don’t want to give myself a heart attack it feels like my heart is beating out of my chest already! My iron was on the high end of the range so I don’t think i’m pooling but you never know. What kind of iron supplement do you take if you are pooling? I’ll demand the cortisol. thanks!

        • No, no, we don’t raise when we have problems like that. We look at what is causing them and treat those issues. Severely sweating might be this: and that means you will want to explore having a cortisol problem, too: As far as iron that high, might want to explore MTHFR, which will cause your body to be less effective in breaking down iron for use, thus putting you in a low iron state:

          • Sarah says:

            Thank You Janie! I did email my DR about cortisol and she said “we can talk about it, but I don’t know how accurate a cortisol test would be” ugh. Anyway will just be happy to get my HR down a bit, I hate this feeling of it beating out of my chest when i’m just relaxing. Who knows-my thyroid antibody levels are off the chart and I used to be hyper! Can’t wait for my thyroid to burn itself out so I den level out on a dose. Thyroid disease sucks.

          • Sarah, we sure do understand. Here we have great knowledge based on very successful experiences and great wisdom, and yet so many doctors pooh-pooh it all because they don’t understand it. It’s a predicament, for sure. Saliva testing has always fit our symptoms; blood has all too frequently not since it’s measuring both bound and unbound cortisol. So many patients end up ordering their own testing and using this page:

            By the way, patients are very successful in lowering those antibodies without waiting on the thyroid to burn itself out! Being on Natural desiccated thyroid alone has done it for many, or selenium, or iodine (yes, iodine!) or removing all gluten, or Low Dose Naltrexone!!

  94. Katie says:

    My doctor is at a loss…My TSH has always been good. Pre medication, my labs were: TSH .9 (range of .4-4.5) But free t3 low at 1.99 (range 2.4-4.2) and free t4 .89 (range .8-1.7). After 2 years of finding a doctor that would treat my low t3, I am currently alternating 3/4 grain and 1 grain of naturethroid every other day, as well as 5mcg of liothyronine daily. My current labs put me at TSH L .10 (.3-5), free t3 2.4 (2-4.4) and free t4 .84 (.8-1.8). My doctor is hesitant to raise my medication further based on my low TSH, surprise, surprise 🙂 I am yet agiain on the hunt to find a new doctor, but any idea why pre medication, my TSH would be so low with also having low free t3 and free t4? At this point, an increase in naturethroid would be ideal? liothyronine as well? Thanks for any help!

    • Well, here’s a couple of thoughts: First, when we see a low TSH like that with a low Free T3, it seems to nearly always point to hypopituitary. See this: And when someone has hypopit, treatment is still the same for those without, which is explained on this page:

      Second, we learned (and this would ESPECIALLY be true with hypopit) that we canNOT go by the TSH, but by symptom removal and the free T3 and free T4, plus other things we see as explained in above NDT link.

      I am not a doctor, but can give the above information for you to decide, and can say if your situation were mine, I would raise and raise again to get those free’s up to where other patients have found success. But you decide for you.

      • Katie says:

        Thank you so much! Truly helpful 🙂

        • Katie says:

          I guess this makes sense as a recent MRI discovered a pituitary microadenoma. Not sure if that may be the cause of all this! Hopeful that I will find a doctor that can figure it out one of these days!

  95. Debra Nagle says:

    I apologize for all the questions. I have been on 2 grains for a week. The last two nights I have experienced insomnia and today I feel as though I am anxious and feeling a tightness in my throat and heart palpitations. Does this mean I am on too much and need to cut back or should I increase and if so, by how much. Once you reach 2 grains do you still increase by 1/2 grain? Thank you for your constant support and answers.

  96. Sommer says:

    Hi! I switched from armour at 90 to naturethroid 130 (my t3 was still low) my brain fog is back and horrible!!! Any one else have this problem? I think I should go back on armour…the brain fog is horrible in the afternoons. I am currently nursing my 16 month old so not sure if it is hormone..Thank you!!!

  97. Claire says:

    I know this sounds crazy given some of my symptoms but it feels like a need more WP not less. I was thinking of trying to split my dose, but I am not sure when to try the second dose.

  98. Claire says:

    Janie, do most people take natural thyroid twice a day? Also, do you suggest increasing after 2 weeks?

  99. Wendy says:

    I request to be switched from levo to wp thyroid the beginning of Nov. My dr said she doesn’t prescribe ndt but referred me to another dr who does and wrote the first rx so i could start. I was on 200mcg levo and i was prescribed naturethroid 130mcg. Im not sure if thats a comoarable dose to levo or not but ive steadily gained weight with no change in diet. I feel incredibly well other than that. Im off the anxiety chronic pain and mood drugs. My appt with the new dr isnt until the end of Jan to ask about the dosage comparison…any advice?

  100. Debra Nagle says:

    Can you please tell me how much you increase after you reach 2 grains? Is it still 1/2 grain until you reach 3 grains? After you reach 3 if you still need to increase, how much should you increase? Thank you

  101. Claire says:

    Should I get my salvia cortisol rechecked? Here is blood cortisol from June 2015 my level at 8.15 am was 11.9 mcg/dL and the range was 3.7-19.4 mcg/dL. I need to find my salvia cortisol results. Thanks.

    • Claire, patients found out the hard way that they can’t go by blood. They were seeing high results often, yet saliva proved they were low, and symptoms fit. Or vice versa. Blood is measure both bound and unbound so doesn’t give the idea of what the cells are receiving like saliva does. Also, we found out that we can’t treat by saliva results much older than 3 months. They change.

  102. Claire says:

    Thanks. I will check out the link you sent. I am starting to have bad insomnia again too. I am only taking a quarter of a grain. I halfed it this morning. This morning I feel very light headed. My PCP is now suggesting taking an anti-depressant and work thru the side effects of WP. He does not know what to do.

  103. Claire says:

    You had mentioned a coaching call. I am not sure how much it costs. That is what I was refering to. Thanks.

  104. Claire says:

    How much does that cost? How long? Thanks

  105. Claire says:

    What do you suggest I test for? Also, what should I do in the meantime. Keep going with WP Thyroid? I have had my heart checked out, no structural problems. I get a really bad ache down my left arm and tightness in my chest and back. I am miserable.

  106. Claire says:

    Yes. I have had blood and salvia testing done. My cortisol is on the high side. I do not what more I can do or test for. Thanks.

    • High cortisol can cause the same symptoms you describe, we’ve noticed. I once had high saliva results at all four times and I was miserable. It pushes adrenaline up apparently, and also makes you more hypothyroid due to the rise in RT3. So we have to find the cause of the high cortisol. Mine was taking too much progesterone. Yours may be something else.

      • Lesa says:

        Janie, What kind of progesterone are you taking? I switched to NT from Synthriod and my gynecologist switched me to a progesterone birth control 5 months ago. It’s taking me several months to increase my NT to 3/4 a grain 2 times a day without having heart racing, blood sugar imbalances & insomnia. Cortisol saliva & blood test show very high levels and have lots of hormone issues (breast soreness, bloating etc) wondering if the progesterone could be the cause. Did you doctor tell you it was progesterone?

        • Lesa, it’s going too high in progesterone that has caused some of us to see our cortisol go too high. It also caused breast tenderness. That was several years ago for me.

          • Lesa says:

            Thank you! I believe my problem with high cortisol levels started after taking Cipro antibiotic for several months last year. It took me months of taking cortisol reducing herbs to get my cortisol levels down enough to function, eat & sleep again! I’m doing better, but now wondering if the progesterone could be also causing highs. I mentioned that I wanted to get off of birth control to my functional dr and she said, “let’s get your thyroid levels down and then we’ll start working on other issues…” But I’m wondering if I need to stop the bc to fix my cortisol levels so my thyroid/system can tolerate the NT! What kind of progesterone (cream or pill) were you taking that was causing your cortisol levels to go so high?

          • It was cream at the time, I believe. I just kept going up and up—bad call on my part.

  107. Claire says:

    I have tried many thyroid meds but nothing seems to be working. I have been on WP thyroid for 1.5 weeks. I feel really off balance, fast heart rate, few palps and headache. I had no problems with my thyroid meds until I got my gall bladder removed. I have not been able to get stable since it’s removal. I do not have low cortisol or low iron. I am very sensitive to meds. I take adrenal support supplements. My doctor is very cautious about increasing my meds due to my heart reaction. Thanks.

    • Hi Claire! You know, you are actually describing symptoms of having either a cortisol or iron problem. Have you done a 24 hour adrenal saliva test rather than blood? And patients have noticed that adrenal support supplements aren’t usually enough if saliva proves pretty low cortisol.

      • Evelynne says:

        Janie this applies to me so can you offer advice? An adrenal test (saliva) showed low, and I am being told my members on the FTPO Facebook page that I need HC,but my current integrative doc is using blood and saying cortisol is now high (he tested a.m.), but I know that blood is not accurate. How do I get HC without a doctor? I am so desperate to get help because I am not getting optimal on thyroid meds. I was on Armour all the way until 2 grains until getting hyper-like symptoms, then that was lowered, then I went on Naturethroid and feeling even worse. (1 1/2 grains) I know my adrenals need help and I want to try Thorne Cortex but this won’t do ANYTHING to help adrenals? IN other words you pretty much need HC or adrenals don’t recover? I don’t want to believe that! I also take Vitamin C and use Himalayan salt.

        • Well, understand that I will not say “this is what you need to do” but will give you information, and you have to decide. Some patients report they order it themselves because of a situation like yours, then they follow Chapter 6 in the revised STTM book. Adrenal Cortex might work if you also follow that chapter. Patients dose like this with the 50mg: 3,2,1,1 than DATS on the 6th-10th day.

  108. Julie says:

    Hi – my Dr agreed to switch me from levothyroxine to Nature Thyroid then she left and I got a new Dr. The first one started me out w/ half a grain. I felt bad. She raised it when my THS was 6, but only to 3/4 of a grain. Still feel bad. Now the new Dr isn’t familiar with NT and I know it needs raised badly. I took her lots of info I’d copied off but I don’t think she’s going to raise it. My THS is at 3 now and that seems to be all they look at. I don’t know what to do. I can’t find a Dr in the area who will work with me. What should I do?

  109. Fran Pichly says:

    I had many problems with synthroid and have been on NatureThroid for 1mo, Immediately I felt great, all muscle tensions/pains went away. Three weeks on NT and suddenly I am having
    shoulder muscle pain/spasms and in my legs too. Is anyone familiar with WP Thyroid which
    has only two fillers and is supposed to be the purest option. Anybody familiar with NP Thyroid by Acella which also has fewer fillers? I’m thinking the fillers are causing my pain? Thanks.

  110. Debra Nagle says:

    Recently I increased my dose from 1 grain to 1 1/2 grains. I feel so irritated and my husband says he cannot believe how bad my mood is. Is this common? Energy level is still low. No one wants to be around me! How long must I stay on this amount before I increase? Will an increase help with this? I am so sorry for all the questions. I am about to give up and go back to Synthroid. Thank you for your help!

  111. Judy Usavage says:

    i was switched from Armour 60mg because of heart palps to Nature thyroid approx 6 weeks ago. I’m experiencing increased sweating, very bad mood changes, headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness pain in different parts of body off and on, cold hands. I’m very sensitive to chemicals. Symptoms are worsening. Doctor things it is another condition I have but I felt fine before on Armour except for the once a week heart palps. Help!

  112. Anja says:

    I switched from levothyroxin and cytomel to nature throid 9 days ago. I used to take 75mg levo and 5mg cytomel. My doctor wanted to up my dose and she put me on 3/4 grains twice a day. Now 3 nights in a row I couldn’t fall asleep even though I was tired all day. And this morning I woke up before 5am after not even 5 hours of sleep. I’m guessing my dose is way too high?

  113. Debra Nagle says:

    I have been on 1 grain for 3 days. I am exhausted on this amount. You mentioned staying on 1 grain 2 weeks or less. My question is when can you up the amount – when you indicate 2 weeks or less – how less? A couple of days or longer? I just want to feel better. Thank you for your patience with all my questions.

  114. martha richardson says:

    While on nature thyroid, I also take thyroid Aid helper and 3 drops of iodine. 2hours later I take Vitamin D,
    B12, Primrose oil, and Flaxseed oil with a Plant Base multiple Vitamin. is this ok? please advise.

  115. Jeanne says:

    After 10 years on Armour I was put on 90 mg due to convincing labs. I felt great! No more crumbling nails, no leg pain, and my body could wake up with my mind in the morning. Unfortunately, I had hard palpitations that I noticed upon getting into bed at night. I have to admit, I was thumping hard. The next lab showed almost no TSH (0.1 and then some). Free T3 in the higher but normal range and T4 in the lower but normal range. My ND was very concerned about the heart thumping. (I am 63 but in otherwise excellent health.) We switched to a combo of Nature throid (65mg) and levothyroxine (25 mg). This is the first time I’ve had to deal with dosages this way. I felt so so good, but the palpitations were a reality. I am looking forward to the next labs to see what this combo does.

    • Hi. See if #2 is your issue: i.e. you probably have either non-optimal iron levels or a cortisol issue, which NDT will reveal, thus the palps. Share this with your doctor, too.

      • Jeanne says:

        I am now being take off the 65 mg Nature-throid and about 37 mcg of levothyroxine (what a mistake THAT was). The naturopath now wants to put me on 75mg of Nature-throid. I’m okay with taking Nature-throid instead of Armour which I took for 10 years. She is telling me that 75 mg of Nature-throid is equivalent to 75 mg of Armour. Is this true?

        Also, she’s putting me back on the dosage (75 mg) that originally indicated a need for more meds. I’m realizing she’s goes strictly by TSH values. My last test after the levo debacle indicated a .385 TSH which she insists is still too low. Obviously, I need to find another doctor and I am starting my search. In the meantime, I guess I’m going back to 75mg but Nature-throid not Armour. I am very discouraged. I’ve never had to mess with meds this much in a decade.

        • It may give you a slightly better punch than the Armour…but it’ll still be barely above a starting dose…sadly.

          • Jeanne says:

            Thanks for the quick reply. I will keep trying to find a doctor who will try your suggestions stated in a previous comment. So disappointed in this ND. It seems once I had the pounding heart from the 90mg she got scared and just plunked me back where I was. I sure felt great on that 90 mg of Armour though.

  116. Debra Orena says:

    I am having such a run around. I have been hypothyroid for almost 20 months. I have gained 30lbs and being off sugar and low carbo diets never really lost weight. My TSH 0.013 comes back very low and my T3 288 high Every Dr thinks I’m Hyper …they lower me and I’m falling asleep, cant remember, pains in my leg, dry itchy skin. They dont listen to me, how I feel. Went to a holistic dr for my thyroid and skin rashes. He kept me on Armour and raised me higher, felt great. Put me on liver enzymes, adrenalin support a good probiotic and was treating me for a leaky gut. I couldn’t afford the supplements and him because my healthcare doesn’t pay for much.Found another Dr who’s a friend and cares about me. Hes working with me knowing my numbers don’t make sense, but I feel good. I went on a keto diet, off all breads,gluten, staying under 20 carbs lost an amazing 15 lbs in less the 2 weeks.No more rashes and hives. I am down 22lbs since Aug 2015. He checks my blood and again same as before. He puts me on Nature-thyroid after reading good things about it. I felt fine on it but developed bad stomach , gas and stools with red blood. From being constipated for over 2 years I though it was a hemorrhoid…but no its not. go to a gastro dr only to find out he was more interested in ridiculing me for going to a holistic dr and Leak Gut Syndrome. took my blood which showed a little higher then normal on my liver enzymes. Going to go for a colonoscopy but not with him! I looked up ingredients in Nature-throid and it has Polyethylene glycol which I am highly allergic to . its everywhere!!!! I wondering if this is where my bowel problems and inflammation in my stomach is coming from Will go back on Armour in the morning and probiotics. Any input and help in the supplement dept????

  117. Deb Nagle says:

    I recently changed from taking .88 Synthroid to 81.25 mg of Nature-Throid. I have only been on it a week, but I feel like I am too low on the Nature-Throid. Is it too early to change to a higher dose and if it is not, how high should I go? I am still rather fatigued, little depression, cold feet, etc. Thank you!

  118. Ronnie Hamblin says:

    Janey on 25 October 2015 I switched from 120 mg Armour to 146.5 mg nature Throid. I have been feeling constantly fatigued. I’m going tomorrow to have a new set of blood work done. Almost every other day after I taken my nature throid I get very tired around 9 AM and go to sleep until 11 a M. However, I cannot find any side effects that says Nature throid would cause that. After I get the results of my free T-3, free T4, and TSH, I feel that I’m going to need an increase of my nature throid. What would you recommend that I raise by? 1/2 g each time?

  119. Heather alford says:

    I wasn’t sure if it was a filler. My levels are borderline from getting my right lobe removed in April. I feel great on nature throid other than the headaches and I also get bad back neck and shoulder pain on those days. The dr put me on tirosint for the past couple of weeks and I have had not one issue with headaches or neck/shoulder pain. I don’t understand why this meds causing me pain when I take it but it stops when I don’t. Is 1/2 grain 1/2 of my normal pill since I am on the lowest dose? Are you sure going up won’t make me hyper?

  120. Heather alford says:

    I have been nature throid for 6 weeks and I get aheadache about 2 pm everyday and starve from that point on. I am on the lowest dose and even started taking it every other day. Now I get the headaches/starvation every other day. Suggestions?

  121. Francine says:

    I transitioned from Synthroid/Cytomel combo (50/5mcg) to Naturethroid 10 days ago. First day I took 1 grain but couldn’t sleep so took half ever since. I’ve felt great but today I feel really awful. Should I increase it now or wait until the 2 week mark? I also have low iron/ferritin that I’ve been working on for the past year.

    • Hi Francine. Having trouble with sleep after starting NDT is a sure sign that you also have a cortisol issue that needs discovery with a saliva test and treatment. i.e. we are forced to stay low on NDT until we bring up that iron and treat the adrenals.

  122. Kimberly Schenk says:

    Yes, I am familiar with that. I just thought the number seemed odd. I have since seen a conversion chart.

  123. Kimberly Schenk says:

    I am being switched from Armour 45 mg to NT at 48.75. Does that sound right?

  124. Tina says:

    I started nature thyroid in April major hair loss issues prior, anyone following STTM protocol I started at 1 grain. And upping Splitting it half morning half evening. By August my hair issues intensified I loss half of what I had left. I’m depressed and scared. I stopped the thyroid med and hair loss returned like it was prior to ndt Not growing but not falling like whole on ndT

  125. connie says:

    How do I find out if I am low in Iodine? Is there a test for it? I am aware that if I rub iodine on my wrist and it absorbs quickly, I could be low. Is that a good indication? Whenever I take iodine or iodine containing foods, I break out very bad, my eyes itch and water. How can I have an allergy to iodine containing products AND naturally occurring iodine in foods when it is critical to have. I do have Hashimoto’s. I am on synthroid.

  126. Terry F says:

    I want to switch from Armour, I don’t think it’s working well enough and price. My new GP has agreed to ignore the TSH because on NDT it tends to fall really low. Last results from endo. in July, TSH 0.012, Free t-3 3.4, free T4 1.07. He’s afraid it will make me afib. Since i’m on 1 1/2 gr. I no longer have heart arrhythmia I developed from Lyme disease in 1990. I was dosing at 90 mg every 3 days, 120 mg. one day, back to 90 mg 3 days, was feeling really good but started to get hyper with bloodwork coming back TSH 0.013, FT3 4.6, FT4 1.27. That’s when GP cut dose to 90 mg. every day. That was in May, now i’m starting to feel slightly hypo again. with darkening circles under eyes again. I want to ask GP for saliva cortisol test, 1998 I almost died of Adrenal failure. I know there is testing that still needs to be done thanks to inadequacy of endo. My main question right now is do you think WPthyroid will make me hyper at 1 1/2gr. due to a grain being 65 mg. compared to Armours grain being 60 mg.? I will be seeing my GP 10/28/15. I’m taking my book STTM II along and ask him if he will read it so he can better treat me. But I also want to ask him about switching from armour to WPthyroid. As far as my endo goes, I’m never seeing him again. If it were up to him I would die hypo! When I asked about the cortisol saliva test he said, “oh, no we don’t do that here.” Even though I informed him of my 1998 near death experience, instead he ran bloodwork for Aldosterone and cortisol. Urinary free 24 hr for cortisol and creatine. When all came back showing normal he said I was fine! I don’t think so Doc., I don’t think it’s normal to not be able to fall asleep til 4 am., crash in the afternoon needing a nap, than having an extreme amount of energy at 9 pm and want to clean the whole house!!! Sounds like abnormal cortisol rhythm, although better since i’m on Ashwagandha.

  127. Ambre V says:

    I’ve been on Synthroid for a few months now. I had a tubal pregnancy rupture in November of last year. Lost a lot of blood. It took a few months for my blood level and platelets to get back normal. Then suddenly the doctor said I was hypothyroid. Got on Lev (cant remember name.. generic form of synthroid)… my body wasn’t absorbing that. Probably because I wasn’t aware I needed to take in the morning on an empty stomach. Then when I went back in May she switched me to Synthroid. I have gone to her 3 more times since May. She has cut my dose in half if not more than that. This last time it was cut in half. Anyway, I constantly experience fogginess, depression, weird thoughts, anxiety, dizzy when looking at people talk, feel nervous, paranoid at times, headaches, super irritable at times, etc. Obviously this medicine isn’t working for me. It makes me feel like I am on some type of a bad “drug” that I can’t come down off of (if that makes any sense). The only way for me to start feeling normal again is to quit taking the medicine for about 2 days and let it work itself down and out of my system some. I also don’t feel any more energized than before taking it. Also, my liver enzyme’s are up now and in Feb they were normal. Anyway, I have 2 young kids and I just want to feel somewhat normal again. Was thinking about quitting the medicine all together and trying to let my body repair itself now that I am eating healthy and working out again. Didn’t think tapering off of this synthroid could possible have me feeling any worse. Also thought about trying the Nature-throid… Does anyone have any comments, advice or suggestions that could possibly help me? 🙁 I am so over this.

    • Ambre, I think most informed patients would tell you that yes, moving over to NDT (Naturethroid, WP Thyroid, NP Thyroid, for example) is a wise, wise choice. I didn’t list Armour because it’s now tripled in price and a lot of patients notice it’s been changed, and they are doing worse.

      And you’ll need to be informed about dosing and raising NDT to guide your doctor:

      • Elizabeth Landry says:

        I have been on synthroid and cytomel the past 6 years- I’ve switched to levo but for some reason generic makes me so crazy hungry and I gain, so I went back on brand, then I decided to switch to nature thyroid- BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER, I’ve gained weight. I’m beyond foggy, irritable, forgetful as if I have dementia and I’m only 35, I’m chronically dizzy, now can’t sleep, get words or thoughts out of my mouth, no energy, oh and my legs are restless at night… I’m going back on synthroid ASAP, as in tomorrow

        • Elizabeth, we’re so sorry you had a bad experience to Naturethroid. But you need to know that it wasn’t because of Naturethroid. It was because of what Naturethroid “revealed”!! Study this page, because informed patients will tell you that going back to Synthroid is only going to made things worse, sooner or later…and this page will explain what went wrong, and what you need to do about it: i.e. sounds like you have either a cortisol problem or iron issue.

  128. Vinni Mancino says:


    Where do I begin with this mess of a story…. been on Levothyroxine & Cytomel for 9 years (hypothyroidism ). I had a candida scare back in June and started taking high levels of Iodine and had all 7 of my Mercury fillings removed. During this time, I started having bad reactions to my thyroid medication – brain fog, unclear far vision and just feeling out of it. The same thing started happening when I took any iodine or foods containing it. My TSH went from a 1.5 up to 9. I couldn’t take my meds without feeling this way. I’ve tried changing meds, doseages, etc to no avail. I’m wondering if the excess iodine (I was using Lugol’s – 36 mgs/day) screwed up my receptors. I am on Nature- Throid now- 2.25 grains along with time released T3- 15 mcgs every 12 hours. My cortisol came back a little high in the am, is there anything I can do to get back to “normal “. I have gotten hypo symptoms (tingling toes and fingers, cold toes too) from lower doses of Levothyroxine with the time released T3, before I just switched to Nature -Throid

    • Ambre V says:

      I don’t have any positive comment but I am sorry you are feeling out of it, I am with you and trying to find answers myself. Seems my doctor is only trying to switch my dose around. Let me know if you find any answers and I will do the same.

    • Vinni, I clearly overlooked your post. Just a guess, but is it possible your brain fog, feeling out of it etc is because your fillings removal stressed your adrenals rather than it being the iodine…and thus the return of hypo? If it was me, I’d look more closely at that in patient groups and in discussion with your doc.

    • CinColo says:

      Was your iodine low, and that’s why you started taking it? Do you have Hashimoto’s? Otherwise, it’s not recommended we take iodine. Tingling in fingers/toes (hands/feet) is a common symptom of B12 deficiency. Have you had yours tested? We’re typically low in it. Aim for 800. Are you taking Selenium? 200 mcg a day is the recommended amount. You can try taking it (I take it daily with Hashimoto’s because it helps conversion) to see if it helps with the excess iodine.

      • It’s definitely wise to do the iodine loading test before supplementing with iodine, we’ve seen and reported on STTM. But also know that many Hashi’s patients, whose iodine levels were low, soar on iodine, and some feel it has even lowered their antibodies.

  129. Amanda Long says:

    I recently started Nature-Throid two weeks ago. The initial dose of 1 grain was too high for me (I switched from 100 mg of Levothyroxine) so I split the pill in half and notified my doctor. I noticed shortly after I started Nature-Throid my tongue, mouth and lips started itching; my lips seemed to burn a little bit too. Is this normal? Could it be my body is adjusting to the T3 since I was low normal in T3 on Levothyroxine (and felt completely awful)? I don’t want to give up on the Nature-Throid, but I need to increase my dose since I’ve been on it for almost two weeks and I would hate to have a worse reaction to a bigger amount. By the way, I had thyroid cancer and had a total thyroidectomy followed by radioactive iodine last year. Thank you!

    • Amanda, just a guess, but it doesn’t sound like one grain was too high for you. That’s a common and safe starting dose for most. Instead, it sounds like you were reacting to something in Naturethroid. Do you react to ham or bacon like that? i.e. a pig allergy? Or perhaps a filler on Naturethroid comes to mind. Here’s a page which shows you all the ingredients: You might be someone who needs to try another brand. WP Thyroid and NP Thyroid have less fillers.

      • Amanda Long says:

        Thank you for your reply! This website has been a huge eye opener. When my doctor switched me from Levothyroxine to Nature-Throid my heart raced the whole weekend. My resting pulse was 100-102 and that caused anxiety to flare up. I don’t have a racing heart on half of the 1 grain pill. I’m not allergic to pork (I’m a big fan of bacon, ham sandwiches, etc). I am allergic to hydrocodone, codeine, bee/wasp venom, but that’s all I’m aware of. I have been struggling for almost 4 years now (2 years of which doctors told me everything was fine or I was making things up). I’m only 25 and newly married. I am desperate to feel better. I have prayed and prayed this medicine would work, but if I’m itching I’m guessing I’m allergic to maybe one of the fillers. My doctor wanted me to go back on the Levothyroxine for a week to see if the itching stops. I’ve also recently started bio-dentical hormones (low progesterone).

  130. deb says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyroid and Rheumatoid arthritis. I take 4.5 mg of low-dose naltraxone (ldn) and 1gr (65mg) naturethroid. My fatigue has improved. I was attributing the fatigue to old age and was basically ignoring it until my new doctor diagnosed me with Hashi and RA. (1) he said he knew I had a thryoid problem just by the appearance of my eyebrows. basically I have no eyebrows left. For years other doctors were doing the RA factor, which was always negative, but my new doc did the CCP test which was positive and for some reason now RA and CCP are positive. I must say I feel a lot better taking the meds, my skin not as dry, not as fatigued, but I get this debilitating headaches once in a while starting from my shoulders and my whole head. I am prone to migraines but with diet change I have almost eliminated migraines until I started these meds. The headaches I get now are not my typical migraines. I know rec’s reducing the thyroid when taking LDN. Has anyone else had/have this problem? I plan to stop all drugs for the time-being to take a rest from these headaches.

  131. Mellisa says:

    After taking Synthroid for 14 years (diagnosed with hashimoto’s) I decided I needed a change from a synthetic to a natural thyroid substitution. I switched about 4 months ago to Armour, hoping it was the answer. Unfortunately I have been worse since taking it. I am tired, foggy, often depressed, I have been getting worse PMS symptoms and cramping and headaches, and unable to concentrate well and I have been getting-well almost- hot flashes. I am a stay at home mother of three (a four year old girl and boy/girl 16 mo twins) and I need to feel normal and have energy to keep up with them. I am already tired from the usual life stuff, but I feel different. Like its just not quite right. I also had bloodwork done and the Armour seems to be the right strength. At first I thought it was just me until I recently began to research and found other people with similar symptoms following the Armour reformulation and was bought out. I plan to call my Dr tomorrow and switch to NatureThroid.

  132. Amanda says:

    Hi, I moved to armour from 150mcg of levo three months ago. Was on 3.5 grain, And been feeling better each week. Lost weight better energy etc. Then I discovered armour put their prices up and I bought a batch of nature thyroid instead. Ive been on it a week now.. I’m starting to feel hypo symptoms again, and wondering if there is a difference in the t4 /3 ratio between armour and nature t or the way it is reacting with me. Even though it states it is the same dose as the armour I’m feeling different. .. I’m taking blood pressure , pulse and temps every morning which have gone down the last week.. Which indicate a drop in levels …I ve been working to get my, levels right for a year now… And just started to feel better so REALY don’t want to go backwards !!!!…I’ve read some people need to take a bit more nature thyroid and wondering whether to go up to 4 grains of . Really annoyed with forest for increasing prices…I was very happy on armour!!! … Can any one advise /give an opinion? Many thanks!! Amanda

  133. Angela says:

    I’ve had an elevated TSH (5-6 range) for about 10 years, yet my T3 and T4 are in the normal range (albeit in the lower half of normal). I have been deemed “subclinical hypothyroid” because I didn’t have any symptoms. Now for the last year, I have dry eyes and dry heels which may or may not be thyroid related. I also have had mild weight gain over the last several years that could be related to age (I’m almost 45). But, no other symptoms that I know of. I recently decided to get a full thyroid panel done, including antibodies, and my Thyroid Peroxidase is 267, but the other thyroid antibody is normal. My TSH is 6.6 but the T3 and T4 are still “normal”, albeit in the lower half of normal. I went to a new doctor who is more naturally minded and he wants to start me on 16.25 mg of Naturthroid (1/4 grain) for a week, and then going to 1/2 grain the second week, 3/4 grain the third week, etc., until I have symptoms of being hyperthyroid. My question is this….in the seemingly absence of real hypothyroid symptoms, and with the T3 and T4 still being in the normal range, should I even be starting on any thyroid medication or wait until my numbers are no longer normal, or I have definite symptoms?

  134. Jane says:

    help! I’ve worked up my dose of Naturethroid to 2 grains. I’ve been on 2 grains for 4 weeks. This week I was supposed to increase by another 1/2 grain BUT I’m completely out of pills and am told the order I placed weeks ago needs another week to get to me. This means I’m likely going to be on no medication for a week. I’ve called all the other clinics in my area and no one carries NDT at all. Does this mean when I finally get my meds I’ll have to work my way up from 1/2 grain again? or can I just jump back into 2 grains?

  135. andrea says:

    I have been on naturethroid since ~ feb, previously was on Synthroid and some cytomel. I switched because I couldn’t seem to get any upward movement of FT3 or FT4. I started with 1 grain, then checked labs at 5 wks, then started to go up by 1/2 grain every 2wks. I had my labs done after 2 grains and ft3/4 are still at the VERY bottom of the range. I now upped to 2.5. Will plan to try that for awhile then do labs again. I am a bit concerned as it seems like a really high dose of meds! now, when i was on synthroid before, and the combo, I probably stayed at under 100mcg – so it seems super high to be at 250? do I just keep going til I see those numbers rise or is there anything else I can do to help increase my frees??? so frustrated!

  136. marilyn says:

    I don’t know what’s causing my itchiness. I had TT 2010, I was on ERFA 2 years ago then switched to Naturethroid last year. Itchy skin started when I switched to Naturethroid, then tried WP still itchy. Now, I’m back to ERFA again to but still itching. I’m gluten free. Anyone experiences this?

  137. Lynda says:

    I’ve been on Unithroid for several years. Recent tests indicated FT4 at 90% of range, but FT3 less than 30% so doc suggested adding Naturethroid and decreasing Unithroid. I began the new dosage 3 weeks ago and felt fine until a few days ago when I had sharp pain in my upper back, particularly on the left side. Thought it was exercise related but it’s been persistent and now feel it on the left side of my chest. Took an Advil which was some help but not as effective as it usually is for me. I’ve had no other symptoms, still exercise with no problem. I’ve made no other changes to supplements, diet, etc. so I’m wondering if this pain is related to the Naturethroid?

    • virginia king says:

      Thyroid disease is so hard to tread. I was diagnosed with Hashing disease in my late 30’s and i was warned that as I aged it would be more difficult to treat due to the gradual and sometimes sudden onset of irregularities In a woman’s othet hormones. I was on Natural versions of thyroid hormone for years and was managing until periamenapause and eventually menopause hit. I am suddenly hyper thyroid, my doctor retired and when I most need the dr that knows my history I am seeing a vegan endo who refuses to prescribe natural thyroid medicine because I am killing a cow! What about what is killing me. This disease always takes a back seT because it generally is a woman’s disease and isn’t fatal despite my drama. What it is about is quality of life. I have suffered severe bouts of hair loss twice having to wear scarves, weight gain that happens literally overnight, fatigue that perhaps only a pregnant woman would know and now loosing medication I was stable on. Why not nust lower the dose. Nature T and joint pain….sorry to take this long to address; my experience has been that the term bovine is being used more often which implies it may ot be pork but cow or sheep as well. When i have had months like you are describing I would sware that the porkbing tee didn’t was substituted. The one thing to remember about Natural vs Synthetic is that you will not receive both T3. And T4 if taking the synthetic. Obviously we need the mood enhancing component if we are dealing with effects. Research your disease and find a dr who will listen. At 53 my life is far to complicated to go through this again. When a woman sympathize with traumatic hair loss and depression, muscle pain…why are they treating tHyroid patients. We need to be closely monitored and as evidenced by this blog NO 2 women are the same or man


  138. Heather says:

    Recently hypo with a 2.1 nodule. Fna came back inconclusive, so my ent has scheduled me for surgery to take out right lobe. Was on synthroid, tsh at 3.33. Now 3 months later, doc switched me to armour….I feel terrible! Tsh is 3.47, and I have a swollen, tender feeling in my neck with pain…is it from the nodule??? Or the armour??? Would nature thyroid be better alternative?

  139. Val says:

    Hi Janie! I am on .75 mcg of Levothyroxine and still feel horrible. My hair is thinning/falling out, skin is dry, thirsty, insomnia, fatigued most of the time, weight gain, mood swings, agitation, etc. You know the drill. I believe the side affects of Levothyroxine are causing me to feel the way I do because my thyroid is testing as normal. As such, I want to switch myself to Nature Throid and want to know the recommended dosage based on my current Rx for Levothyroxine. I am going to the pharmacy today to pick up.

  140. SunnyBay says:

    But I was on tyro gold and didn’t have any of it. Why NDT gives me pain?

  141. SunnyBay says:

    I went from Synthroid to Armour then to Tyro Gold and my Dr now prescribed Nature-Throid. Joint pain was gone while on Tyro but now it’s back full force on Nature-throid only 2 days after I started taking it. My fee hurt a lot in the morning or when I sit for long periods. As soon as I get up, it’s stiff and sore. What is wrong with it?

  142. Lisa says:

    Saw my dr and she agreed to switch me to wp thyroid. I will be starting with 1/2 grain in the morning and 1/2 grain in the afternoon. Do I need to wait to eat before or after, mainly concerned with the afternoon, morning pill is not an issue. Looking for suggestions and ideas on how to make the transition. She said I still should take my compouned T3 at bedtime to keep my TSH suppressed since I had thyroid cancer. TIA

    • Just avoid swallowing it with estrogen, calcium, iron or excessive fiber. You will eventually be able to drop that extra T3. Just the Naturethroid will suppress the TSH if you raise high enough. 🙂

  143. Tina says:

    3.5 years post t thyroidectomy Hashimotos for 30 years, Synthroid to levoxul to unithroid taking 50 mcg with 1/2 g naturethroid, question when I did only naturethoid ft4 dropped like a rock so added back, how do you know whats the right dose it seems too low for me on these numbers and why so much confusion on pig hormone activating antibodies if everyone feel better on it what is an average dose is it like synthetic where you go by weight, trust you me ive had every symptom plus some over the years
    Thanks for any replies

  144. Ivan K. says:

    Naturethroids own site lists conversion as 1 grain of NT = 100mcgs of Levothyroxine. That’s my prescribed Levo dose, 100mcgs. This is the second time Ive used NT for its supposed greater benefits & after 5 months this time, even with taking 1 & 1/2 grains on some days, during both periods on NT Ive become hypo with elevated TSH figures last recorded as 27. Either the conversion tables are very wrong, or else this product is ineffective for some people. I need to say this as whilst Levo would be prescribed freely for me, my GPs dont offer NT, considering it inconsistent. Do they have a point? As I pay for NT privately, frankly, not too impressed so far as much as I wanted something natural. Felt similarly hypo on Armour. Anyone have any idea what’s going on here, beyond advising me the obvious of just continuing to up my daily dose of NT to 2 grains or more?

    • Ivan K. says:

      Thanks to Janie Bowthorpe’s helpful response to same question in another thread, I have my answer. Conversion charts for NT & Levothyroxine are inadequate at best. Many people in fact need higher doses of Nature-throid to get the conversion right & feel optimal. Sometimes even much higher.

  145. Marilyn says:

    Has anyone been on Nature-throid for a long time, and had their levels suddenly change?

    I’ve taken it for several years, along with a little synthetic T4 (Unithroid) and I felt very well, and had very good labs (suppressd TSH, upper mid-range FT4 and FT3.

    Suddenly this year my TSH has shot to 7.0, and T4/T3 have dropped to absolute bottom of their ranges. The only change I’ve made is to go gluten-grain-sugar free (paleo/primal).

    Has the med changed?

    • Angela says:

      My doctor told me that when you go gluten free, your absorption of the meds will change and you will need to re-adjust.

  146. Kameron says:

    I was diagnosed as hypothyroid in 2002. I’ve been on Levoxyl, Synthroid didn’t work. Then in 2007 a doc checked my T3 & T4 and put me on Cytomel. When Phizer had their Levoxyl recall last year, and Synthroid was all I could get (and my TSH went through the roof). So they tried Armour, but I got terrible headaches and joint pain, and my TPO climbed. Then I was put on Naturethryoid – 2 grains, but my TPO is still very high and my TSH is higher than on Synthroid. I did not get headaches on 2 grains, but am getting them on 4 grain, with joint pain.
    My question is this…is it normal to have to constantly fight you levels? The TPO being high is new…so perhaps my thyroid is degrading over time? Do people who have their thyroid removed (zapped) do better (stabilize) more than those constantly fighting with an underactive thyroid?

    • Pat P says:

      I have tried every thyroid drug since mine was removed 4 years ago. They work for 6 months and then it all falls apart. My last try of Tirosint left me in full depression with numbers all out of whack, including cholesterols, sugars, tsh,etc. running out of options, I’ve been on Naturethroid about 2 months. So far and slowly, energy, mood, pains, all of it seem to be getting better. The answer is no,removing the thyroid does not stabilize easier. A good Doctor who listens and helps and cares works.

  147. Cathy Scavelli says:

    Just picked up my 30 mg Armour at the pharmacy. Price has almost doubled! Pharmacist told me NatureThroid or Westthroid is cheaper. Going to ask dr. for a new prescription. NatureThyroid vs. WP Thyroid – thoughts?

  148. mx says:

    Had bad experienced with new batches of ERFA. Luckily, I still have from my last year order but will be finished in 2 months time. Planning to switch to any brand that can do subligianlly. Any recommendtions of brand? I’m suffereing from Insulin resistance.

  149. Lori says:

    I’ve been taking NatureThroid for a couple of months now and have only recently experienced itchiness. Severe itchiness of the scalp as well as my legs, arms, neck, and stomach. Has anyone else has similar symptoms? How can I get this to go away?

    • kristen says:

      Yes! Though my itchiness started around when I began the NatureThroid. It’s intermittent – I can go days without it, then sometimes it’s unbearable. It’s only really at night. It feels like my whole body is crawling. I have no idea what to do about it as none of the doctors I have seen have thought it was related to the pills. Any new thoughts on it?

    • Martha says:

      I am experiencing the same problem. Did you ever find out what the cause was?

    • Roma says:

      I too have been dealing with the body itch and hives. To get relief I take Benadryl but it makes me sleepy. What’s causing the itch? It’s one of the fillers and I’m doing research to find out which one it is. Meanwhile, I’ll have to look at switching pills again:(

      • Linda says:

        Roma, would love to know how you are coming along with identifying which filler… which thyroid med were you taking? It never occurred to me that this might be causing my itch… which has plagued me for about the same amount of time as being on desiccated thyroid. This information gives me hope!

        • Suzanne says:

          I have been taking nature-throid for about 6 mos., 65 mg. I didn’t seem to have any reactions for the most part but recently have started having the itching all over, heart palps, tightness in my throat, and heart pounding. Also light headedness to point of feeling like I may pass out!! Think I better stop the med and talk to my Dr. The reactions have really been scary!!

          • Hi. Sorry about what you are experiencing! But there is an explanatory reason! 65 mg, which is one grain, is simply a starting dose from which we are meant to raise from approximately two weeks after we start on it, not a dose any of us are meant to stay on. We start raising in search of our unique optimal dose! When we don’t raise, we get worse over time, as you seem to be going through.

            For example, my optimal dose is 3 1/2 grains. Others might be in the 2 grain area somewhere, such as 2 1/2 or 2 3!4, while others are higher than me when optimal, such as 4 grains or higher. It’s very individual exactly where we each end up when optimal, but it’s never about staying on a starting dose like that…

            There is a section on this page that explains raising after approximately two weeks, and how people know when they reach an optimal dose: Study that, okay? Then take the information into your doctor’s office.

  150. Rebecca says:

    I’m considering changing from Armour because of hair loss, sweating and because I’m gluten-free. I’m on 4 grains right now. Would Naturethryoid be a good move?

  151. Lisa says:

    To make a long story short I was on Synthroid for 3/12 years of hell. Tegretal could have contributed to me becaming hypo. I got off 4 drugs and stopped my Sythroid in Nov of last year. 7 weeks or so later my TSH is 16. got back on Synthroid was worse! I got my GP to try Armour but very sick I have severe MSG sens. I foud your website and strated to read and found the truth. Got a new endo in Jan and got put on WP as per my request. Started in late Feb or early on 16.25 mg pills 3 a day for 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He would not increase my does even thought my FT3 and FT4 were the lowest in 3 years. He is TSH obsessed! I founf out from listening to Dr. Rudy Dragone I found out a hug

  152. Lisa says:

    I was on Synthroid since 2010 when I was doaganosed with hypothyroidism. It took 2 years to regualte but I waqs still hypo for years I was always 100-105 lbs but Sunthroid changed all that and being hypo also. I gained 25 lbs. after fighting being very ill from the smart meters piulsed microwave radiation I weened myself off of 4 drugs. I started Amour Jan 2014 but got very sick in 3 days. I am extremely sensitve to MSG. I suggested WP Throid from reading yout website and my endo put me on 3 – 15.25 mg pills a day. To make a long story short I HAVE NEVER had the proper testing for Thyroid all my GP and now FIRED endo do it TSH, FT3 and FT4. Nothing else. I am purposly b

  153. linda says:

    What should I do? I have been on Synthroid for 15 years. Have just seen a ND and he changed me to Armour …, was shaky and fast heartbeat. I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion 3 years ago and also have Lupus. I see my ND Monday to go over blood and saliva tests and decide what protocol to follow, With all of my issues what do you recommend, I was thinking that maybe Nature thyroid may work but am concerned about the auto immune response and also adrenal issue, Help! !!! !!

  154. Frankie says:

    I have had a severe case of graves disease for 9 years, It all started after a complete hysterectomy,Then my endcron never fully explained what the side effects nuclear med can cause in women. A woman that lives in Baytree explained it all in just a few sentences. Had I know I would have had it removed. I have been called bird eyes and some people have made comments looks like you had a rough night. It is heart breaking to feel so ugly. I am fatigued and worn out and I am loosing my vision. I had one eye decompressed it was a scary surgery for the minimal results. I am a young 52-year-old woman and would like my life back. Please someone tell me how.

    Frankie J. From Florida

  155. Judy says:

    I’ve been on Tirosint for several years now. It was the only form of levothyroxine that my stomach would tolerate. The problem is that the price has become prohibitive -greedy pharmaceutical companies. It went from $78 for 84 days supply to $205 and last month it went up to $246. I have Hashimoto’s and I was concerned about the mention that a natural thyroid supplement might cause a renewed antibody attack. My problem is also that I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve read that the HP Thyroid does have lactose in it. Initially I was drawn to the HP Thyroid because of the small amount of additional ingredients, but the lactose could kill the deal. Anyone out there who is on HP Thyroid and also lactose intolerant?


  156. sally says:

    Thank you Janie. I always feel like I need a greater dose but he is going slow because of my adrenals. I get that and am taking good measures myself with food, lifestyle, stress management etc., but in the same respect I have felt this way for a very long time not knowing it was my thyroid. So are the adrenals maybe stressed too from not receiving treatment for so long? A when do we help them by helping the thyroid instead of the other way around?
    Also, should I be examined by my doctor? He has never palpated my neck or even touched me? I sit across from his desk only. I talk of my ankle cysts, severly scalloped tongue etc and he never seems interested in looking.

  157. sally says:

    On SR-T3 15 mcg once a day. Feeling palps and fatigue etc. Esp heart heavy.. About to add Nature Thyroid 32.5. Will this help palps?
    Great site. Thank you. Learning so much.

  158. Mel says:

    I started taking Nature-thyroid 3 days ago. I was on Levothyroxine for 5 years and after watching the thyroid sessions over the past week I was inspired to see a naturepath and try the natural thyroid. I feel really great and notice an increase in energy. Today I started singing while cleaning and skipped down the street. I can’t remember the last time I felt like skipping. The only thing that isn’t so nice is that I’ve noticed this weird taste in my mouth and t’s been constant for 3 days (since I started the new meds). I didn’t notice anyone else in this forum mention this happening. What’s the deal? Is this associated with the nature-thyroid?

  159. Lynn says:

    Just watched Kelly Austin on Thyroid Sessions video and she said Cytomel has gluten (modified food starch). I thought it was gluten free and have been using it with the CMT3 method. Now I’m wondering if I should try NatureThroid again (I have a supply and my doctor would prefer I use it over the Cytomel but I had RT3 and adrenal issues so that’s why I went T3 only). I don’t like the lactose in the NatureThroid either. I may have to get my blood work done and make an appointment with my doctor to switch to WP Throid (lactose free?) or possibly Tirosint with a compounded T3. I don’t necessarily like that idea because of the cost, maybe lactose is the better of the two evils? (Gluten or Lactose, so hard to decide!) I am working on fixing my congested liver with liver flushes so maybe that will help with the conversion issue, making the dessicated work better, but I only just started this process and it may take up to 8 months. Of course, as my liver gets healthier the dessicated may start to convert as I go along.

  160. Julia D says:

    I use Armour 6 yar’s , I Im very satisfaction

  161. Arlene dullaghan says:

    I was recently switched from armour thyroid to nature-thyroid. I was leery about starting it, but I felt better with the first dose. It’s only been 1 1/2 weeks and I am feeling so good!

  162. Julie H says:

    Just started Nature-Throid this morning (3/4 grain, supposed to take twice a day, or split dose?) after being on Tirosint 75mcg but arthritis getting worse so a ND is having me switch. Within 15 or twenty minutes I became dizzy and lightheaded, which has not dissipated now for 2 hours. Is this a typical side effect? My arthritis has been getting steadily and quickly worse so am trying this, butI have been vegetarian for over 35 years and the thought of taking a dead pig product dismays me greatly, could this be a reaction to the pork?. I was already tested for psoriatic/rhum/osteo arthritis and Lyme and all were negative.

      • Julie H says:

        Thank you for the information. I get weekly iron shots and for cortisol issues I take adaptogen and a product called Calm PRT. Forgot to mention I have hashimoto’s. Went to my ND’s office today they want me to try to stick with it until I can see the Doctor on Tuesday. Vertigo was very pronounced this morning though, too bad to drive my car. Why can’t a vegetarian alternative be made? Who wants to eat pig thyroid?

        • Pigs are your friend, not your enemy. 🙂 And vegetables don’t have thyroid hormones. 🙂 If saliva testing proved you have low cortisol, adaptogens won’t be enough.

          • Julie H says:

            Thank you Janie. I am desperate enough to try it, and yes, pigs are my friends but I don’t want to eat my friends! I will mention having my cortisol retested to my ND. I was not so dizzy this morning, that symptom was slight.
            Drug manufacturers seem to be able to make other synthetic bio-identical hormones, why can’t we develop something similar for thyroid hormones that doesn’t involve ingesting something as nasty as a pig thyroid. I am rationalizing my use of this as the pigs are being slaughtered anyway to feed the nation’s bacon-aholics but… as processed meats are not really healthy (especially for the poor exploited pig) I am wishing for the day that we are not using things that are based on exploiting animals and all the environmental consequences that go with factory faming in particular, and raising animals for food in general. I am sad that I have to choose between losing function in my hands and compromising my vegetarian principals.

          • You can always choose to use synthetic T4 and synthetic T3 together. Not quite as great as what our wonderful pigs give us, but may make you feel better. 🙂

          • Julie H says:

            I have now been on Naturethroid about 2 weeks and while initial dizziness gone, arthritis is much much significantly worse. I had one doctor mention that for hashimotos patients, The desiccated thyroid might provoke a strong auto-immune response as the body perceives this thyroid hormone as the tissue it is trying to destroy. Has anyone else had this experience?
            i am trying to decide if I should go back to tirosint or try to stick with this Naturethroid a full month at least to see if I adjust.
            Also my conventional doctor thinks the 3/4 grains twice a day is much too big a jump up from the 75 mcg tirosint as with Hashimotos your numbers bounce around, he would not have increased the dose as recommended by the ND. I don’t know who to believe or what to do.

          • Julie, believe in the experiences of patients before you. You are surpressing more than replacing because you aren’t raising enough.

    • Hugo says:

      Does anyone know why i get dizzy when I take my pill? I’ve tried Armour (felt dizzy), WP Thyroid (felt dizzy) and now I am on Naturethroid (65mg) and feel dizzy.

  163. Carol Mather says:

    My doctor changed my thyroid tabs from levothyroxine to nature thyroid, this is day three woke up fine then started shaking and feeling panicky, could this be the new meds. I feel so bad today!!!

  164. Dee dee says:

    any one have a suggestion for thyroid doctors in Nashville/Brentwood, TN?
    I have one now but he is leery of switching me to anything else to check and see if it will help me more than Armour.


  165. Mae says:

    I have hashimotos. My doctor finally put me on Naturethroid. The dose seems very tiny.
    It is 16.25 MG. Is it customary to do this?

  166. Linse says:

    Has anyone experienced better results with naturethroid than armour?

    • Rene' says:

      I tried Armour, but did not do well. Switched to Nature-Throid and have used it ever since (4 years) with great results.

  167. lori says:

    @ V: RLC labs now has a new product as of August 2013, I am on naturethroid and have not tried this product but you could check it out- it’s called WP thyroid from RLC labs- it’s their purest formula yet with only 2 fillers -Inulin (from chicory root)
    and -Medium Chain Triglycerides (from coconut)
    was just checking this out today and then saw your post. hope that could be helpful for you. Lori

  168. Nonie says:

    I switched from Armour to WP Throid/Westhyroid about three weeks ago. I’ve experienced severe stomach bloating which is causing pain in my abdominal. Has anyone else experienced this? I stop taking it for one day, the next day, no bloating. When I started back two days later major bloating. I started off at 130mg 65 am and 65 pm for about the first 2 1/2 weeks. I was having body pains so I switched it to 65am 32.5 pm for the last few days.

    • Ellie says:

      Hi – I have just started Westhroid going from Levothyroxine. I am also very bloated and have a sharp pain in lower abdominals (right side). This started the first day of taking it – not sure if it is related / a coincidence / wrong dose or what! Now I don’t know whether to stick with it or stop and go back to Levo 🙁

      • Janie says:

        Sorry to read this. 🙁 It may be a coincidence, or you are here: Hope you figure it out, as NDT is a FAR better way to treat hypo.

      • Jins says:

        I switched from armour to WP thyroid 3 months ago. I had mild bloating and was feeling gassy. But it went away in few days. last week, my Dr increased the dose from 1.25 grain to 1.5 grain and I have been severely bloated and gassy. hoping the symptoms will subside. if not planning to try Nature Throid.

        • Janie says:

          Jins, that can happen because of your low stomach acid–the latter due to your hypothyroidism. Drink down the thyroid with water which has a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon juice in it.

          • Jins says:

            Thank you Janie, I am going to try it now. I take the WP sublingually so usually don’t drink water with it.

          • Carolyn says:

            Also just listened to one of the talks on Digestion Sessions and they said that some with digestive trouble, esp. SIBO patients, have trouble with the inulin. It’s in many probiotic supplements as a “pre-biotic”. Klaire Labs is one such therapeutic grade probiotic that has inulin in it. So as Janie suggested it could be a low stomach acid issue, or it could be that the inulin is feeding some of the not so helpful gut bacteria. (I’ve been on Armour for 6yrs with good success, along w/ GAPS diet. Switched to WP b/c it looked cleaner w/ less ingredients. Thought maybe the bloating and gas was some other cause, b/c there’s such a small amount in the WP. I’ll be switching back to Armour next month!)

      • Kathy says:

        I have been on synthroid since 1980 when they removed my thyroid due to graves disease & I have seen one doctor after another because of problems with muscles, headaches, not being able to even be out in the summer months for very long unless I have water to cool down in. I was about 28 or 29 then & am now almost 62 & each year everything has gotten worse & more doctors & hospital bills from tests & my muscles, tendons, lymph system or something draws up in stomach area, back up into neck & head & the only way to stop it is to back off some of my synthroid. I am trying my best to find something I can take instead of synthroid (levothyroxine)

      • Julie Johns says:

        I was on Westhroid P for a few months and had to stop. I had all the symptoms for some type of colon cancer and was even given a colonoscopy – which was normal. I had severe side pain, bloating, diareah, and my blatter felt like it was sitting on my pelvis – it was awful! I stopped the Westhroid and all of my symptoms stopped. Unfortunately, my Dr. insisted on Synthroid and now I am having all kinds of muscle weakness, spasms, and stiffness. I can’t get my new Dr. to listen to me that these are also hypothyroid issues. Very frustrating. Tired of having to explain all this to Dr.’s.

    • Lenora says:

      The WP thyroid list lactose on the ingredient list. They footnote that the lactose is created by some process. You can see the list at their website. A lactose intolerance could cause bloating.

    • Alison says:

      That sounds like the symptoms I get when I inadvertently eat lactose, which I can’t tolerate. Both Nature-throid and WP thyroid state that they have a small amount of lactose. Check their website here: It tells you how much per grain.

    • Brigitte says:

      In the past I have had severe stomach problems. Was prescribed many medications that did not work, only making things worse. When seeing a D.O. she immediately recognized that I suffered from LOW stomach acid, the reason none of meds worked for me. She had me go to a pharmacy to buy ACTIVATED CHARCOAL available over the counter. I experienced a little aftertaste taking them but indeed it did work. Most Hypo patients have low stomach acid yet receive prescriptions for high stomach acid. I hope this bit of information will help.

  169. jan says:

    I have suffered with adrenal failure due to being taken on/ off prednesone on without titration. It “killed” my adrenal glands and now has no impact at all. I also had thyroid cancer and had both lobes removed 8 years ago. I fought with doctor after doctor to even begin to feel some positive changes and finally found a doctor that understood the t3-t4 conversion and the levels that are needed to feel better. I was on 2 1/2 tabs in the mornings and 2 in the afternoon. Nature throid needs that extra boost in the afternoon to keep me out of bed every afternoon. My current dr thinks I am on too much and has decreased my meds and I justf foresee spending day after day in bed. she isn’t knowledgable about thyroid and adrenal difficulties and with many endo’s they have always focused on diabetes because that’s where the money is. I have talked to several doctors who have admitted that they only spent 1 day at the most on adrenal insuffenciacy

    • Nancy says:

      My husband suffered from adrenal exhaustion after returning from 3 years of combat. Extreme stress caused seizures and complete exhaustion. Hydrocortisone brought his life back, reduced stress, improved depression and clear mind. Started 40 mgs per day is now cut down to 15mg per day, he is 225lbs and body builder so if you don’t exercise you probably won’t consider this dosage.

  170. Dave says:

    I just recently switched from NP Thyroid by Acella to Naturethroid by RLC Labs. Mainly because the NP is on back order. So far I love the Naturethroid. Before taking it I read constantly about Naturethroid and Celluose. I don’t know what the big deal is. NP Thyroid was soft and very sublingual. But I have found the Naturethroid to be equally as sublingual. I find it dissolves without any great effort. I don’t have to chew the pill either. It simply dissolves after a few minutes of mixing it with your saliva. The main reason I chose it was because it is the only NDT to be Hypoallergenic. It may be too soon but I love how it makes me feel. I was food shopping the other day and singing as I pushed my cart around. I felt so good I didn’t care what anybody thought. It just makes me feel really good. Nice and smooth, it’s wonderful. After years of never getting there I am Tickled to death with Naturethroid and how I feel on it.
    Thanks, Dave

    • V says:

      Interesting, I just started Nature-throid 4 days ago and am having an allergic reaction to it. When I dissolve/chew it, it makes my tongue swell and my lower lip go numb and swell. It also causes hives all over and severe hypo symptoms. I switched from Erfa because my FT3 and FT4 levels were low, but I was feeling hyperthyroid with heart palps. Guess I’m allergic to a filler in Nature-throid AND Armour AND Np Acella (tried them all) the best has been the Erfa, but I get severe muscle pain in my legs/hyper/hypo symptoms (No thyroid) I think it’s adrenal issues. We are talking about adding a compounded natural desiccated t4 with acidophilus to the Erfa to see if that helps with some Morning Cortef and a plethora of other prescribed meds/supplements. UGH!!

      • Janie says:

        One way to know if you’re allergic to porcine is see if you have the same reaction to bacon or ham. If not, which may mean a reaction to a filler, patients in your shoes go to compounded natural desiccated thyroid in order to control the fillers (not “natural desiccated T4”, which you wrote and could mean your doc is putting you on nothing but T4–a mistake). Also, one thing patients have learned repeatedly is not guess about adrenals. Symptoms of high cortisol can be similar to low cortisol, and there are different treatments for different variations. Patients learned to always do a 24 hour saliva cortisol test to see what’s going on.

      • Roma says:

        I was on Synthroid for several years with a host of negative side effects. Finally switched doctors and was put on Armour. After several months on Armour and great lab readings, the hyper side effects diminished, but then I started experiencing increased joint pain and chronic hive outbreaks. Endo recently switched me to Natural Throid. The joint pain is slowly subsiding, still have hive outbreaks, but now also dealing with allergic reactions to natural supplements, to Aleve, Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, etc. Some days I just don’t take the Throid just to get a breather from the hives. Hypo thyroid is my only health issue and I was put on Synthroid 20+ years ago based on symptoms and not on lab results. Clearly, I’m intolerant to fillers in these pills and not sure how I want to proceed.

        • Brigitte says:

          I am also Hypo, currently on Nature Throid. I am allergic to most medications landing me in the E.R. several times. After many years I was told by a Pharmacist that Aleve and many other pain relievers contain NAPROXEN which was the villain causing me all the issues similar if not identical to yours. I learned the hard way by chance. Now have to research every drug to make sure it does NOT contain Naproxen. It could well be your problem. Just trying to help because I have been there. God bless.

  171. undine2006 says:

    Feel wonderfully well since I changed from Levothyroxine, finally got my life back.
    Surprised to see each tablet contains calcium, thought that was something to be avoided with natural thyroid.

  172. Linda says:

    I was put on Nuture Thyroid 4 MG instead of Armour 30MG and it sent me from being HypoThyroid to HyperThyroid. Is the amount the same? My doctor is having me only take 1/2 a pill a day now till he can see me and check my medicine.

    • Doug says:

      I wanted to add my 2 cents on thyroid levels and some info ingeneral which I hope may be of help to someone.

      Thyroid seems to be one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed aspects of the endocrine system. Many doctors, like my GP i used to go to, only measure TSH and T4 levels. TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is produced in the pituitary gland to induce the thyroid gland to produce more hormone. Measuring TSH is largely a worthless measurement as it doesn’t say anything about what is happening at the cellular level. Being in range as so many doctors and endocrinologists look at is often missing the mark. Hypothyroidism is quite often under diagnosed in the general population.

      Better measurements would include T3 Total and Freel, T4 Total and Free, and RT3 (Reverse T3). T4 is mostly converted in the cells to Free T3, which is often forgotten or ignored all together. Optimum T3 Free levels are in the 3.3 to 3.4 range. Don’t forget the thyroid antibodies…make sure to test them as well (there are two). If you have a positive level, it may likely indicate Hashimotos, even if your levels are in and out of the range. And should you have elevated antibody levels, going gluten free is an absolute must if you want to retain the the thyroid functioning at its best level. It is thought that the molecular make up of gliadin (the protein in Gluten) is similar to the molecular makeup of the thyroid, which is why it “attacks” itself (autoimmune response) causing damage to the thyroid. You can also get a simple blood test to see if you are ‘Gluten Intolerant”. Again, you must go gluten free if you are as ignoring this may lead you down the road to Celiac Disease and the tremendous dietary limitations that go with it. Some say that even if you have a positive antibody test result one time, but not the next time, the fact that you were ever in the elevated range is enough of an indication and should not be viewed as a “false positive”. High RT3 levels may indicate adrenal fatigue, as someone else stated here that the body is applying the brakes so to speak to protect it from further exhausting the adrenals. Let how you feel be the guiding light more so than the range.

      I hope this is helpful.

      • Erin says:

        Hi Doug,

        Do you know what a normal lab # or range for RT3 is? I suspect it is not what the lab is saying it is like so may other tests. And, if you have an opinion, I am currently on synthetic T4 and T3 and I have adrenal insufficiency with high cortisol at night. Should I switch to NDT or wait until I see improvement in my adrenals? Thank you.

  173. LeAndra says:

    Dr. Udell is a both a regular doctor and natural doctor who gets it. He is the only one who diagnosed me with Hashi. Fax him all the correct reports and he will see you. He gives free 15 min consults and you can gain a lot of insight from that. Two days ago I had full thyroid removal … nodules were HUGE and he is putting me on naturethroid.

  174. Cris says:

    Hypothyroid patient dealing with symptoms and this medication craziness since September 2007 when had partial thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer. Switched from Levoxyl to Nature-throid about a year ago as T4 only medication was horrible. Was only ever able to take ¾ grain Nature-throid which I did by chewing and swallowing one ¼ grain 3 times a day (6am, 10 & 12) and felt better but not great, still tons of symptoms.
    Being frustrated, in September 2012, switched to USP desiccated compounded thyroid with sustained release (made to take one capsule in the AM) felt a bit better but gave me horrible insomnia every few days. I thought something was wrong with batch and went back to Levoxyl for 5 days until I could get Nature-throid which I am currently back on (one ¼ grain 3x day).
    From what I can gather, the USP compounded thyroid had more T4 & T3 than Nature-throid (estimate: NT T4=28.5 T3=6.75; USP compounded thyroid T4=33.3 T3=7.85 with sustained release). My TSH tests have always been so/so, but best with the USP compounded thyroid but stopped it because of the horrible, constant insomnia.
    I feel like none of this medication is working for me because I still dont feel right and still having all these other crazy symptoms (constant fatigue, numb/cold hands and feet, head to toe tingling sensations, dry eye, constipation, bloating, gas, brain fog, anxiety, palpitations, headaches, emotionally hyper sensitive, elevated cholesterol, dry/brittle skin, nails & hair etc. etc., etc.).
    Just want to feel good. Feel better. Feel normal.
    Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    (Patient groups:

    • Charity says:

      if i were you i would contact a naturopath, it sounds like it could have something to do with your adrenals and the only way to test it properly is through a saliva test to test your cortisol levels , etc. alot of your symptoms sound like adrenal fatigue and your thyroid won’t be optimal until your adrenals are good.

    • Tanja says:

      Adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, and sympathetic dominance -/ you have to treat those before loading your body with thyroid meds. You will never tolerate higher doses because your body has the brakes on to save you…

    • Bobbie says:

      you might want to get some hormone replacement done also hypothyroidism goes hand in hand with your other hormones just saying to help
      I was also hypothyroid and I had hormone replacement done along with this medication and I feel great but I had the same symptoms you did

    • btoothfery says:

      You might want to have your adrenals checked. Great book to read regarding that subject is “Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by James L Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D. I switched to Nature-Throid about 4 months ago after being on Levoxyl T4 only for about 28 years. Had my adrenals checked at same time and my cortisol levels were too low. Had chronic stress for last 4 years which contributed to that. So my Naturopath put me on regimen to build/support my adrenals at same time. Adrenals are better now but still struggling to get right dosage of Nature-Throid. Naturopath kept me on too low of a dose for too long. I had to insist that we bump it up. Symptoms are somewhat better but I sill experience constipation too often, heart palps almost daily ( night mostly), would like to have a little more energy. However I am dealing also with an anxiety disorder. Nothing physiological, mostly situational. Just adds to process. I do know that if your adrenals aren’t up to par you will have difficulty with the thyroid. Saliva tests are the best. Hope this helps. Glad to know I am not the only one dealing with these issues.

      • JS says:

        You may want to try magnesium (such as Natural Calm’s magnesium citrate powder) for constipation, heart palpitations, and even relaxation and improved sleep. I take unflavored magnesium citrate powder a half hour to hour before sleep. Follow directions and start with a lower dose to see how you respond (too much magnesium citrate may lead to loose stools). Obviously, consult your doctor to see if your magnesium deficient and what type of magnesium (citrate, glycinate, other) is appropriate for you.

  175. Andrea says:

    you all need to try acupuncture. this is what has helped my thyroid problems the best.

  176. Bobbie says:

    You can get natural thyroid from canada. Just fax a prescription and they mail it out. Armour is horrible now! Also personally tried synthetic and it is worthless but happy with what I am getting now from Canada even though ai am in the US. They have something like the old armour before it was changed and maybe even nature throid but it works”

  177. amanda says:

    janie ,
    thanks for replying so quickly. I have been referring to your book and stop the thyroid madness website for the past three years & cannot thank you enough for how helpful it has been!I am treating low feritin at the was not falling when at 70 ,1.5 yrs ago.
    Seems ferritin did slip into 40s, and may have been contributing to the problem. Even though ferritin got to 70 in Jan of this year,stopped iron supplements& ferritin dropped again. hair fell regardless, but have read in your book levels must be at least 70 for three months for hair to stop falling and regrow. supplementing again and taking yellow dock as well, as this increased my levels quickly the first time and seems to help with iron supplements. Getting cortisol saliva tested again to check cortisol levels as well. Would love to contact you for phone consult!

  178. amanda says:

    Has anyone had success with the reformulated
    armour ? Have you had to increase your dosage compared to your old dose on old Armour in order to feel well? I have been on Erfa for the last 1.5 yrs and still experience hairloss; have lost more than 1/2 my hair and it was always strong and thick before using these meds even when my tsh was in 80’s and not medicated. Am thinking of switching to Armour to see if there are better results.

    (From Janie: Amanda, Erfa has always had far better patient-reported results than you are describing, i.e. it has worked quite well if things are being done correctly. You are probably here: and note mention of iron, by the way)

  179. BigAl says:

    Was disgnosed hypo(TSH-13.20) 6+ weeks ago and started on 32.5mg Nature-Throid after getting educated on this web site. Waited 6 week and retested. Now TSH is 13.30. What’s up with that. Is there bad Nature-Throid out there or is my thyroid failing faster then I’m taking the med?

    (You are here: You need the book!)

  180. Bonnie Brooks says:

    I have realized Nature-Throid is a hot commodity, and I have fought hard for my life the past couple years. Every day to see the sky, and the moon, and the stars – is happiness enough to write poetry daily. Just this morning I composed:

    You are my life
    Prior to that
    I lived in Strife

    Let us go on
    You and I together
    Improve my health
    Be healthy forever

    I long for you
    Every tablet each day
    Allows me cartwheels because of you

    Everyone… just keep on fighting the good fight. I will care for you forever.

    Zippadeedodah because of Nature-Throid

  181. Carolyn says:

    Any info in regard to Graves disease concerning natural versus synthetic thyroid medication?

  182. Jeane says:

    I was on Armour for 10 yrs and then unknowingly took their new formula for 3mos. and got very ill. I didn’t find out about the new armour until my next dr. visit for a new prescription. Now my holistic dr. is 100% against Armour & has only bad things to say about the co. During the 3mos. of taking it I began having heart palpitations and dizzy spells. My dr. switched me to Naturthroid and I’ve been taking it for over 2 yrs now and it has never worked as well for me as the original Armour did. I have gone from having palpitaions once every 3mos or so to every week and sometimes every other day. I passed out from the dizzy spell last year falling and smashing my face and breaking my nose. Since then I have had to pull off the road while driving and abandon my car and call my husband to rescue me numerous times because of the dizzyness and palpitations. I do not know what to do next and my dr. is no help at all. My diet is squeaky clean, I am a holistic nutritional consultant and I am unable to work because of this. I also eat no gluten products or dairy or meat or sugar. Do you know to avoid millet, spinach, kale, cabbage also as they have a chemical naturally present that damages an already sick thyroid? Also make sure that you are eating all organically grown foods, if you are not then the chemical cocktail you are getting could be causing your joint pain. If you are well enough to do a detoxing (internal cleaning) that could help tremendously.Eating out is very difficult, many better restaurants are willing to work with you and do their best but they are ignorant about what is really healthy and use a lot of questionable additives in their foods and of course you can often taste the chemicals on the salads.

    (From Janie: you need to read this or Chapter 5 in the revised STTM book with more detail. Dizziness is related to low cortisol.)

  183. Dee says:

    I’ve been taking nature-throid for about 1.5 years. Before that I was on synthroid, followed by armour. I’ve been doing ok on it. My chest pains and palpitations went away as did the anxiety attacks I seemed to keep having on synthroid. I’ve been gluten-free for about 2 years and did fine (no joint pain – or not much) until recently I started feeling really cold (in my hands and feet), dry eyes, and I think I ate too much dairy or gluten (accidentally) and took a high dose probiotic (50 billion) and now I have really bad joint pain in my hands and wrists. I am so worried. I had this wrist pain before but it went away. I am juicing everyday, eating no sugar, dairy, gluten, meat, etc. Pain lessened then came back. I have upped my nature-throid by 1/4 and now a 1/2 pill so I’m at 113 grams. I am worried I stayed too low (97 grams) for too long. Now I feel like I’m facing RA (genetic). Any ideas? I’m eating super well, like I said, and trying some enzymes to help heal my possible leaky gut. I’m worried the high dose probiotic gunned up my immune system too much or the gluten/dairy screwed me up. It’s been 22 days, expecting my period soon (sorry if TMI) but my joint pain does increase around that time. Would prefer to treat this naturally if possible. I have the will power. Just scared. Anyone else with a similar story? I have been under A LOT of stress last 5 years (a move, job changes, death, and then my own health crisis + stupid doctors = more stress). Thanks for reading…

  184. Carolina says:

    Hi all 🙂
    Were can i get my hands on RCL labs Nature-throid???? They dont ship to sweden and i really need it. I am really ill and fear i will loose this battle 🙁
    Most greatful for info
    Peace all


  185. Harry, Sr. says:

    Hi All,
    I tried Synthroid, Levothyroxin, & Armour, for about 6 months, they failed to produce results. I quit using Fluoride toothpaste, & started taking Thyroid Energy. Reason, Fluorine, Chlorine, & Bromine, all will replace Iodine in the Thyroid gland, & also affect the Adrenals, & Liver, because these also use Iodine. My thyroid problem was too little Iodine! Fluoride toothpaste, chlorine in water, drinking, bathing, & swimming pool! You’ll find Bromine compounds in Bakery products, as a preservative,
    probably not listed. If you’re on a low salt diet, you need Iodine more than anything else, unless you;re Hyperthyroid.
    I learned about Naturethroid from Bette Dowdell’s last e-mail. Even with Bette’s dissertation, I saw no mention of Iodine. Even our Govt. knows that the populace is low on Iodine, because of a change of their stance on salt!
    I would like to see some comments on the Iodine issue &
    thyroid treatments, as a comprehensive discussion, putting it all together, inclusive of all Organs involved, & their rolls in this thyroid problem. Sodium, Potassium, & Magnesium should be considered, in this discussion, also.
    Harry, Sr.

  186. Julia says:

    I’ve been reading the comments about Armour and Nature Throid and the changing formulations etc. Which is the best brand to use and how must it be taken?

    (Go here: Patients can give you great feedback)

  187. Vicki says:

    I just switched to Nature Throid. I have been consulting with a Compounding Pharmacist who is a nutritionist for 7 years after being treated for stage 1 ovarian cancer. I changed to an organic diet and follow a supplement program designed for my health issues. I use bioidentical hormone replacement which is compounded. I haven’t had a sinus infection in 7 years and the seasonal allergies have disappeared. If you have difficulty getting your doctor to prescribe compounded medications locate a compounding pharmacist and have them refer you to a doctor who is like minded.

  188. Linda says:

    My doctor switched me from 90mg of Armour Thyroid to 2 grains of Nature Throid 2 months ago as I was having a very itchy back with a rash. He kept me on .75mcg of synthroid as he thinks that is my optimal dose. I have been taking both at the same time in the early morning. I have noticed that I have had shortness of breath as if I have just finished my exercise for the morning but have not exercised. I asked my doctor about the shortness of breath when I was in her office for a sinus infection and she said my heart rate sounded fine, so it was contributed to the sinsus infection. The sinus infection is gone and I still have the symtoms of the shortness of breath. I am not gasping for air but I can tell something is differant. I still have the extremely itchy back so I went to the doctor yesterday about it and she said it could be a reaction to the iodine I was taking. I was told to take some benedryl for 5 days and if it continued to stop the iodine and see if it clears up. I am reading through the posts that I am not taking the Nature Throid correctly I believe as I am just swallowing it at the same time as my Synthroid. Should I try taking them at differant times and then splitting the Nature Throid? And is it best to crush it? thank you for any advice that you can give.

    From Janie: if no one answers, here are great patient groups to get feedback with:

  189. Debra Hartmann says:

    Thank you. I will reread these. And slow down. I was increasing my dose because I was having muscle cramps, but maybe I was having muscle cramps from increasing my dose?

    Many thanks for your help, Debra

  190. Debra Hartmann says:

    I’m having a strange symptom with nature throid. I have been on about 7 weeks and had worked up to 4-1/4 grains, 2 at night, rest in morning Experiencing muscle pains. First was in my arms, then I saw a circular bruise around my right elbow, now my arms hurt less. Yesterday more severe leg pains, and today I see a dark bruise-like area around my left knee. But it does not feel tender like a bruise.) I did not take my dose last night or this morning, but will have to take some eventually (I am thyroidless). Will of course check with doc asap but I am traveling out of the country until Monday. Any advice is welcome. Thanks, Debra

    (From Janie: That has nothing to do with Naturethroid directly. You may have gone way too high—check your FT3 to know…or you need to check your adrenals or iron Read those! Promise me you will! For further feedback, )

  191. Alexa says:

    I am very very grateful for your help and advice! Thank you so much, Janie!

  192. Alexa says:

    Hello Everyone, I take the desiccated thyroid since 1 year. My doctor knows nothing about that treatment, but I get from her my prescription for my meds and I am happy with it. As she can say anything about this treatment I would like to ask your community whether I should take my thyroid pills in the morning before the blood test, or not? Could someone help me with a list of the GOOD doctors inside Europe, who understand the treatment with nature thyroid? I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much for answering in advance!

    (From Janie: do not. plus And…here are good patient groups for feedback: And get the revised STTM book. It’s got what you see on the website plus a lot more detail. Link on the bottom of any page on STTM.)

  193. Victoria says:

    Rachel, what pharmacy in the UK for Nature-throid? And do you live there? I’m in Paris and am happy with Nature-throid.

  194. Rachel says:

    If anyone is having problems getting Nature-Throid from their doctor or pharmacy….I order mine from an online UK pharmacy. I ordered a bottle of 100 pills of 2 grain Nature-Throid for $47.00. Free Shipping. I get all my other meds there too. I don’t trust doctors to know their ass from their head when it comes to endo stuff. I suffered for 12 years with cushing’s disease and a non functioning pituitary. Now I have no adrenal glands and none of them understand how to treat me. My last GP was an idiot but kept her around because she would do whatever labs I asked for. She finally conceded that I knew more about it than she did. But when it came to meds she was always too low on the dose and would not go up. After almost a year on 75mcg of Levo I gave up. Did my research on thyroid and decided on nature throid. Day two…we shall see. I started with half a pill…plan on working up based on symptoms. I don’t think self medicating is any more dangerous that idiot doctors who are more worried about covering their ass than actually helping their patients.

  195. Diane says:

    Hi Everyone! Went to the Endocrinologist yesterday. Not only was I told she didn’t have time to talk to me, she wouldn’t consider adrenal treatment unless it was in the Cushing’s range, would NOT do saliva testing, never heard of Nature-throid and threw a blood glucose meter at me when I told her hard and prolonged physical exercise makes me hypoglycemic. Any good doctors in the NY/CT area? I’ll be leaving an evaluation of mine…

    She did just switch me to Nature-throid (after researching it) but has me taking half the mg’s I was taking of Armor. That doesn’t sound quite right after reading the posts here…a little help, someone?

    (From Janie: Join patient groups to get good doctor ideas, cuz this AIN’T it!!!!

  196. Jackie says:

    I am currently on synthroid and my nat path suggested switching to nature throid. We are planning to move to Dubai in the future, is this something I will be able to get there? Is it covered by most insurances? And if not, is it expensive?

    (From Janie: Probably not about getting it there. And if your doc prescribes it, yes about insurance. And NO, it is CHEAP even without insurance.)

  197. Jlr says:

    I dont know if anyone has tried Eutirox thyroid medicine? I get mine from a pharmacy in Costa Rica and I feel ten times better on Eutirox than on Levoythyroxine. I do not know the chemistry behind it but it is a huge and fantastic difference. I still dont feel 100% but does anyone? Probably not. I do feel almost like myself though which is GREAT! I am considering trying Naturethroid today, have an appointment. Will let u know.

  198. BEN says:

    I just started on 1grain of Nature-throid. My Tsh is usually 1.15 but the FT’s are at the bottom 20percentile. Main issue is congnition, my brain was not working. I am 35yrs of age and i have a memory of a 85yr old. Long story short, i was put on Aricept and made great progress in memory and mood. I am now on 1Gr Naturethroid. My goal is to get FT4 and FT3 in the upper 1/3 range. My HPA Axis has been tested via Metryapone test to rule out 2nd AI. I am good in the HPA Axis. I started noticing the awesome mental effects of the thyroid within 4days. When can I retest and up the meds , 10days or full 3weeks for Free levels? and how much do i up them 1/4 or 1/2? No side effects so far when starting at 1Gr

  199. Linda says:

    I just started 1 grain Naturethroid two weeks ago after being on Levoxyl for 1.5 years. I was on 125 mcgs of Levoxyl.

    By the time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s my TSH level was 42. I am 45 years old but felt like I was 90 years old. When I went on the Levoxyl is was like the difference between night and day – being 90 years old and 20 years old again. I almost instantly started feeling better. But in most recent months – some hypothyroid symptoms returned – mostly body aches, sleeplessness and mild hair loss.

    My regular doctor was not interested in changing my dosage of Levoxyl or adding T3 or putting me on natural thyroid hormone. I started cutting my Levoxyl pill in half and began to feel better but not optimum.

    Because I want to do all that I can to optimize my health I went to a Naturopathic doctor. She agreed to put me on Naturethroid and I already feel better. I had no trouble getting CVS Pharmacy in Northern California to order it.

  200. John Fry says:

    sure appreciate the website and all the comments – I’m just coming up to speed on all of this formulation change info and have to think back to my various experiences with Armour and Nature Throid.

    Just wanted to mention that folks might find a good deal of useful information at the Marshall Protocol websites.

    I’m planning to start the MP therapy and will check back in and let y’all know how it goes.

  201. annie says:

    i have read just about all of these entries. thank you everyone for all the info.

    at the present time i am on a compounded nature-throid — made especially for me. all it has in it is the dessicated thyroid and the microcellulose. that is the nice thing about going to a compounding pharmacy — they can make it to order.

    i’ve been on it for 13 days now, and just taking one day at a time.

    for my adrenals – -i take 2 ashwagandha capsules [made by gaia] each day. i also take several b-100’s and siberian ginseng — to keep the anxiety level down.

    good luck everyone. thank you for sharing.

  202. Tandy says:

    I have a 6.47 TSH and normal FT3 and FT4. The doctor said he will work with me in using the Armor Thyroid. (I had not heard of NatureThroid before today.) I guess my question is: with the formulation of either of the natural thyroid medicications, which include T3 & T4, will they increase my normal T3 & T4 levels and cause problems? How will the natural meds work in my case? Can you please notify me via my email?

    (From Janie: here are great patient groups where you can get feedback: )

  203. Nicole says:

    Hi! My new doc wants to switch my med from Armour to NatureThroid so I came across your site during my research of it. Now I’m confused… On thdir website they claim their inactive ingredients are … INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Dicalcium Phosphate, Lactose Monohydrate*, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Opadry II 85F19316 Clear.

    *Present in traceable amount as part of Thyroid USP (diluent)

    But you list a glycol and omit other ingredients they list. NO GLYCOLS are healthful!!! This is scary. Can you clarify? And does the new Amour formula really without the dessecrated thyroid?

    (from Janie: If you are talking about the armour-vs-other-brands page, read it again. Glycol is only mentioned as to what was “previously” in Naturethroid.)


  204. Marcia Johnson says:

    I switched a month ago from Synthroid to Naturethroid and am feeling 100% better. I had been diagnosed with hypo thyroid in 1973 and was on Armour for 18 years and was fine than a doctor switched me to Synthroid and I have had so many complications for last 17 years such as hives, vitiligo, weight gain without being able to lose weight and horrible leg cramps, cirulation problems and joint and muscle pain. Because of this site and other research I went to my doc and he actually listened to me when I said I can no longer live like this on Synthroid.

  205. Sam, From: Azerbaijan, Baku city says:

    I had been on Euthyrox for 3 years and added Cytomel or Tiromel even synthetics combo (Тиреотом) Thyreotom HORRIBLE-air-hunger panic madness,nervous …………. i switched to Desiccated thyroid my symptoms are gone already and I feel great! Nature-Throid immediately agreed with me and made me come alive. 🙂 Thank God!

  206. Lindsay says:

    Thanks Janie! I had my adrenals checked and my morning cortisol (24 hour saliva test) is at 5. I tried iscort and it gave me terrible headaches everyday at 2 pm. What do people take for their adrenals? Do I need to fix that before I can even think about trying thyroid medicine? Currently not taking anything. Thank you again!!! I’m so desperate and don’t know what to do.

    (From Janie: Read the How to Treat link from the Adrenals link above. Then join patient groups for further feedback: This is more for comments than treatment questions. 🙂 And yes, you have to correctly treat your adrenals first.)

  207. Lindsay says:

    My thyroid journey has been awful. Going to make a long story as short as possible. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism/hashimotos from age 13-25. Guidelines were different back then. Finally put on synthroid. Found this website and searched high and low for a doc to prescribe armour. Found an md/integrative doc to prescribe armour. He put me on 4 mcg compounded t3 twice a day. At this time my tsh was 1.79 on synthroid. He wanted it below one. I took the t3 on top of the synthroid for 3 days and had the worst reaction. I was panicky ( beyond functioning), horrible insomnia, woke up at 2 am pacing the living room coffee table, repeating over and over again that I wasn’t going crazy, I felt over-stimulated. I was vomiting a few times a day, couldn’t eat and couldn’t calm down. The only thing that slightly helped was ativan. It took me a year to calm down. Flash forward to today, my doc wants me to take nature-throid and I am so scared!!! My tsh is 7.79. I feel awful! Racing heart, anxiety, short of breath, exhausted beyond beelief. Has anyone experienced this type of reaction? I just don’t know what to do. In considering throwing in the towel and just going back on synthroid. Thanks for your help!!

    (From Janie: you have an adrenal problem. Read: and also get your complete iron panel done. Here’s where to join patient groups for further feedback: )

  208. Cheryl-Anne says:

    Hi all, I’m new here but not new to thyroid medication and the issues…can anybody advise or refer me in Sydney Australia so I can make the switch from Oroxine/Tertroxine to natural??
    So glad to find this site 🙂

    (From Janie: Real Thyroid Help (RTH) has an Australian group: )

  209. Amy says:

    I switched Doctors because mine wasn’t listening (or rather responding with action) to my symptoms. After some pushing with my new doc, he finally gave me a prescription for Nature Throid, and I find it works just as well as Armour did for me. When I could no longer get Armour, I was put back on that synthetic crap, and I regressed, so I was happy to find this alternative. Walgreen’s is my pharmacy, and they willingly ordered it for me, no problems.

  210. Steve says:

    Is there anyone currently feeling well while taking either Armour or Nature Throid?

    (From Janie: there are many who are on Naturethroid and doing well.)

  211. John Goodman says:

    Almost every posting refers to “MY Doctor” It isn’t your doctor. It is a person you pay to help you stay healthy. He or she doesn’t really have a personal relationship with you and is in business to earn as much money as possible as any other business. Do your homework and find a physician that listens intently and advises and leaves you in charge of your own health. Drug companies manufacture treatments, not cures. Most physicians prescribe treatments, not cures. Yuor lifestyle, sleep, foods, habits, cause most of your ills. Clean up your life. Don’t let Government, or the Medical Cartel have control over what you eat or drink. Good life choices keep you well.

  212. Naima says:

    Are there any non-porcine alternatives/kosher (ie, good/natural hypothyroid meds that DON’T come from pigs) out there?

    Any info to help answer this would help a lot. Thank you!

    (From Janie: bovine Nutri-Meds; bovine Thyrogold)

  213. Erica says:

    I just want to say thanks to all for posting and especially to Janie for taking the time to answer our questions!!!

    We need 😉


  214. Marsha says:

    See I was wrong it is “natu­ral desic­ca­ted thy­roid” oops!

  215. Marsha says:

    I was on the natural dessicated (or compounded) formula and felt so much better. When Armour returned I went back on it and my symptoms are returning as well. Yes you can get your prescription compounded (or made on site) if you can find a compounding pharmacy. Search for a compounding pharmacy in your area.

    When your doc writes the perscription it needs to read: natural dessicated thyroid. Check the spelling! I may be wrong! lol! I was on 60mg. A 90-day supply of the compounded version costed me $50 because it was not covered by my insurance. But armour is costing me nearly the same so I feel it is worth the extra $5 every 3 months to feel so much better.

    The compounding pharmacies use the same active ingredients in armour and naturethroid. These will usually come in capsule form rather than tablet form.

  216. Denise Breslin says:

    OMG — thank you. Did not know new Nature Throid not good. Any recommendations other than falling back on the not so great Armour?

    What a world. Thank you so much for all this up to date info. Never heard a word of this elsewhere.


    (From Janie: the new Naturethroid is good if you chew it up before swallowing, or pulverize it with a mortar and pestle. You can even add sugar or honey to it. )

  217. Sharon says:

    I learned from your site that they changed the formula of Nature Throid in early 2010. That explained to me why my hair has been falling out since June, I have heart palpitations and am so exhausted. I am so glad that I found that information here. Thank you! I wasn’t even satisfied with the Nature Throid to begin with. The old Armour was tops!
    I am now trying a compound made with lactose. I have been on it for 4 days and am having a couple of hours everyday where I feel really good and then it goes away. I hope it just needs to build up in my body and then I will be good to go.
    I had it made with lactose because maybe it is the methylcellulose in the new Armour that I couldn’t digest and the microcellulose in the new Nature Throid that I can’t digest.
    I was told by a compounder that lactose may not be a good filler because it is a food and the porcine will bind to it instead of properly getting into my system. We will see. If it doesn’t work, I will try it with acidophilus.

  218. B.Anna says:

    Hallo, I had to lower my dose on a !/4 GRain with the old Nature Thyroid, when I switched from Armour.
    but now RLCLabs has also changed the Formula!!
    the New Nature is not very good, I get headache and diarrhoe from it.
    I’m very sad , now I must search to another Company oder Generika again.
    The “Old” Nature was the best product I ever had?
    can anyone tell me, WHY this Companies always change their products?
    could anyone of You write a mail to RLC-labs, to ask them, if they not could go back to the old formula of Nature?
    a lot of thanks!

  219. hope says:

    Has anyone had to lower their dose when sitching from new Armour to Nature-throid?

    I just started N-T a couple of weeks ago (at the same dose as I was on Armour) but my heart feels like it’s beating out of my chest and am having other hyper symptoms.

  220. amanda says:

    was on synthroid due to Hashi’s for 8 years, and stopped taking it 2 years ago due to the severe joint pain, muscle aches so painful could’nt sleep or roll over in bed, no libido, hair falling out etc. TSH rose to 55 at first, then tapered down to 15 eventually. At first, I crashed but then I felt better NOT being on thyroid meds than with synthroid. I wanted to switch to armour, but was now too afraid to try anything! My endo wrote me a script for 30mg of armour last year, I filled the script but was still too frightened to try it. Flash forward to december when the sheer exhaustion forced me to take something. The Armour script is from 2/11/2008. started with the 30 mg for a month then upped it to 60mg for the past 2 weeks. At first slept amazingly well, but it seems that I have NO energy, am out of breath doing the smallest activity, still have no libido and seem to have new joint pain. Could it be that the dosage it too low? Are the meds too old? I do believe that this is the old formula . Does my body need to adjust to any thyroid med after not being on them for 2 years? Has anyone else had a big adjustment period or not felt well immediately?

    Any help or input would be appreciated,

    (From Janie: Hi Amanda. If you get no answers here, which is really more for comments than questions, it might be better to take this to patient groups for great feedback: )

  221. Shelly R. says:

    I too,had the same problems as most of you with weight gain, hair loss, exhaustion, insomnia, hot flashes, etc, all started after the Armour Thyroid changed its formulation

    We should be compensated for our sufferings, because we PAID for our medicine to get better, not to get so much worse

    Please let me know if there is any lawsuit.

  222. Regina G. says:

    I would like to know if there is any class action against the Labs for Armour Thyroid… Please let me know.

    I had the same problems as most of you with weight gain, hair loss, exhaustion, insomnia, hot flashes, etc…, all started after the Armour Thyroid changed it’s formulation…

    We should be compensated for our sufferings, because we PAID for our medicine to get better, not to get so much worse…

    Please let me know if there is any lawsuit.

    Thank you,


  223. jackie hales says:

    I changed from Armour thyroid to Nature-throid and feel so much better. I have two weeks left and cant get it any where any suggestions

  224. Catherine says:

    Dorie..from personal experience…Dr. Marcie Wolinsky-Friedland in Ridgefield, CT. She is brilliant.

  225. Brenda says:

    HI, I am on Levoxyl. I am having huge issues. Have no idea if it is the medicine. I feel better than I use to when I was on no meds. But am now seeing a neuro for problems with my nerves. They are saying it is neuropathy. But my hubby researched and found you guys. I am wondering if I switch to Nature will it help. Will my thyroid problems come back? And if I am on .050 Levoxyl daily. How much Nature do I take? Any ideas will help.

    (From Janie: Brenda, here is a page of patient groups you can join and get good feedback: Because yes, Naturethroid will be much better)

  226. Traci says:

    I switched from levothyroxine to Naturethroid at the end of August. My muscle pains improved significantly, but I have become increasingly fatigued, to the point of complete and utter exhaustion all the time. I just had my labs done and my TSH had gone from 1.67 in mid August to 25.6 last week. It is no wonder I was exhausted. It appears the Naturethroid did not work AT ALL!

  227. Trini says:

    Has anyone had a thryoidectomy? If so what dosage of Naturthroid did you start with? I’m 5 months post-op and was switched from levothyroxine to Naturthroid 6 weeks ago at 2 grains and I decided to increase my dosage to 3 1/4 grains over a six week span but lab results recently came back really high on my t3. My doctor is now backing me down to 1.5 grains. Anybody??

  228. Dorie says:

    If any one knows of a excellent endo doctor in the Tri-state NY area who can connect weak muscles and painful legs to this hypo condition please put a post on this website for me. Thank you

  229. Dorie says:

    I had a total thyroid collapse about 5 weeks ago. Has any one else had their legs affected by their hypo symptoms? 8 years ago when I became hypo I was not getting enough thyroid hormone in my legs and they actually buckled under me and I was bedridden for about 3 or 4 months till I got onto armour. The reformulation is a joke, Forest Labs should be sued for all our suffering.I would have rather not been on any armour than on a poorly regulated drug in the disguise as armour. My osteopath doctor was not very helpful so I thought I would give synthroid a try since (plus it is so much easier to be medicated on this drug regarding the doctors in this country) it was 8 years since I last went onto synthroid with no luck, well after about 4 weeks of immense suffering on synthroid. Again I have become housebound and have very weak painful calves, so I went off the synthroid and now am on Naturethroid. 2 days and I think I am doing better. You never know right away, but I did not have to take my pain killers the minute I woke up so that is a very good sign. I have to go back to the osteopath doctor because she prescribed the Naturethroid, although I did see a link on this site to buy some kind of natural thyroid without a script. If I did not have the internet to see what other thryoid patients were experiencing I truly would have thought that I lost my mind. I had an entire years worth of Armour because I heard of the upcoming shortage, but who would have thought Forest would have changed the formula without contacting all the pharmacies and informing them of this change, which seems like they forgot to include any active thyroid hormone in their new tablets. I knew the tablets looked, smelled and felt very unlike the old armour tablets. I just wish we, all the thyroid patients who did suffer could get some restitution.

  230. Amy says:

    (From Janie: here is what you can do during this shortage time: Patients routinely report desiccated thyroid to give far better results than synthetic T4 and synthetic T3)

    I am currently taking levothyroxine and cytomel–have been on t4 meds for 5 yrs. with no improvements–did some research on my own–found this site and finally started taking control of my hypothyroidism!–started cytomel about 6 weeks ago–feel alot better but still having symptoms–the more I read about the Naturethroid the more I want to change over to it–but with all of the info about how hard it is to get from the doc and the pharm. and such I am surely confused now about what to do–have doc. appt today–I have read so many success stories about the natural thyroid meds that I was convinced to change but seems the more I read the more I find reasons NOT to change over– just stay on my levoxyl and cytomel? just dont know what to do now–how unfortunate–

  231. Sarah says:

    Help someone! I made a switch last week from Armour to Nature throid and am having such a tough time! I have gained 5lbs although my appetite is totally gone. I also feel a bit jittery although I am on the same dose as when on Armour. I thought I should perhaps go down in dose because I was feeling so jittery with the switch but my weight gain and low body temperature (96.6) made me think it wouldn’t be a good idea. Has anyone have a hard time with the switch? Anyone have to change their dose from their set armour dose? Thanks for your help!!

  232. LauriefromPhili says:

    I was on Armour for 2 years until around April 2009 when I started to lose my hair (I lost 1/2 of my head of hair!!). I also noticed that my depression came back and I gained about 15 pounds (I was always hungry!). I was tired… It was after some research that I realized that they altered the Armour formulation and that is why I’m having all these problems….

    So I now order Armour out of Canada… only in Canada its called “Thyroid.” Its been around for 30 years and they havent changed the formulation. Since I’ve been on it, my hair stopped falling out and the depression is almost gone. I’m feeling much much better. I ordered it from

  233. Any one that lives in Indiana is… you know what out of luck.
    Wally World, CVS and I do not know about Walgreens,or Target for sure. If their warehouse does not carry it. They can not order it for you or do a drop shipment.
    We are, I believe the only state that has a law that does not allow drop shipments. This came from RLC labs
    I think this may be a restriction that involved shipping of wine
    We still this law.
    RLC labs saved me a lot of money and stress learning not to search in Indiana.
    My self and husband purchased in different states desiccated thyroid tablets. We have a years supply each.
    I read it is wise and reccomended to have a years supply on hand.
    We both became sick on the New Armour.
    Took me four months before I learned of the Armour change.
    I will never buy their Armour product again.
    You can not tell me they did not know what they were doing to us. And to think I used and trusted this company I used and advised others to do so.
    It really ticks me off. What one will do for money or power.

  234. Laura says:

    Was told today all the natural thyroids meds will be discontinued EXCEPT Armour…it will be shipping again ..last of Sept first of Oct.

    I hate the idea of ONE supplier of our natural thyroid med…

    I have been on Armour for two years..BUT I am wondering if the new formula is why I got better…but not as good as I think I should have gotten..

  235. catherine says:

    i really wld like to know if anyone tried the 6 mg iodine/7.5 mg iodide formula from the women’s health institute of texas. thank you. cathy

  236. catherine says:

    has anyone tried the iodine 6 mg/iodide 7.5mg formula of dr andrew jones of the women’s health institute of texas? my endo. says the natural thyroid meds are not going to be made anymore..i refuse to go on synthroid or other drugs. i had a throidectomy in ’67 (i/2 removed) been on 30mg armour for yrs w/no problem, now hair loss, no energy, scalp itches etc..endo took blood test says everything is fine..boloney!..those blood tests are never accurate as far as t-4 is concerned..i want to try the iodine formula..would appreciate any feedback. cathy

  237. Margaret says:

    Our pharmacies in VA are saying the same things to us. I have no clue what will happen to us if the FDA shuts down our natural thyroid replacements. I’m confused as to how we all got scripts from our doctors for a non-approved FDA drug? Why is it suddenly a problem? I’m all for better natural hormone replacement-and if there are problems solve them, don’t remove them. I have severe itching on ALL thyroid meds-Synthroid, Levothyroxine, Reformulated Armour, Nature Throid. Playing around with Adrenal complex, Isocort, short term Prednisone, but thinking it’s a protein, or amino acid, deficiency. Oh, I also have Lyme, so I’m sure the FDA and WHO will ban any natural Lyme remedies, as well. That will make us buy from private dealers. Oh, the insanity of it all, and thank God for STTM, and you wonderful people.
    Thyroidless in VA…

  238. Candice says:

    Jennifer, I also called my pharmacist today and they can no longer get Nature Throid/Westhroid – it is on back order for at least 3-4 months. My doc and the pharmacist “believe” nature-throid and Westhroid will be discontinued all together because this drug is NOT FDA approved. They did say they can compound it – but most insurance companies will not cover “compounding” and it’s pretty expensive.

    I called Nature Throid and they confirmed they are on back order – but did not speculate they will be discontinuing the drug.

    My doctor said Armour Throid, Westhroid and Nature-throid are the ONLY alternatives to Synthroid and Levohyroxin (sp?). THIS STINKS!!!

  239. Jennifer says:

    I contacted a compounding pharmacy near where I live and they advised that Naturethroid is on backorder. But they said that while it is on back order this allows them to mix up their own replacement there in-house. has anyone ever heard of or tried this?

  240. shelly says:

    Can you tell me if there are any differences between westrhroid and nature throid? I went from one to the other and have red itchy bumps randomly but daily now. I also changed from generic syntrhoid to brand at the same time sooo… I am trying to determine which is to blame??

    From Janie:

  241. April says:

    I started Armour in April for Hashmotos at a 3.5 TSH, the real reason I did it was to get pregnant as lowering your TSH helps with this during IVF.

    My hair started to fall out right way on the med (did nto have this before or ever in my life) and then got increasingly worse in June until I had to off of it. Thinking, well hoping it was the new and bad formulation of Armour I switched to Nature throid. Within two week my hair was falling out again> My hair never fell out before these drugs. In between the meds my TSH rebounded and shot up to 6. So I had to cancel IVF and now can’t do it at all because my TSH is WAY out of range.

    Next I tried Levothyroine with MAJOR hair loss within two weeks again- and went off it two weeks ago> Now my hair is massively falling out on its own> great.

    I am in hell now, crying as my hair is falling out beyond description. I can’t even try IVF which is devastating. I am freezing in my hands and feet and have no doubt that my TSH has shot way up now. I think now my hair is falling out from my thyroid.

    I am thinking about giving the Nature-throid another chance because I read there can be an interaction with it and birth control pills (who knows what just an “interaction” I read) I was on birth control for 2 weeks right when I was on the Nature-throid.

    Do people think I should give it another shot maybe at even a lower does like 1/4 instead of 1/2? I feel horrible right now in so many ways, despair to put it lightly.

    Any support or advise would help. Most people have their hair loss STOP on armour or Naturethroid… I had it begin because of them and now is falling out on its own.

    (From Janie: you need to read these pages, because one or more of them can explain your experience: and and

  242. Jane says:

    In response to Janie, I think I understand the adrenal part but how would ferritin affect that? Iron causes low energy I know, anything else I need to know? My TSH is above the normal range. At TSH 3.8 I could hardly function with varying degrees in between. At 1.5 I feel good. My T4 and T3 levels are on the low end too. Since this already shows a thyroid issue, I’m not one of those with normal thyroid tests with symptoms. All I know is that without thyroid meds, I feel so drained and dragging. I considered adrenal fatigue and had tests done and went that route before trying any thyroid meds and did do the things suggested to recover from that for several months but my problem seems to be my thyroid affecting my adrenal health making them work overtime. I also have a family history of thyroid problems but I’m catching mine early. My aunt ignored her symptoms and had her thyroid removed at 50 due to a tumor. I am 37 and currently have the symptoms she had.

    (From Janie: read these two pages: and

  243. Jane says:

    I’m trying to post again. My first post was not accepted for some reason but I believe the public should know. Be wary of anyone who is all against or all for any type of med. They all work differently for people. I switched from generic levothyroxine to naturethroid because I believed it was a better product and I prefer natural over synthetic. Naturethroid seemed to work fine until 3 months into it, I was getting heart palpitations/fluctuations that really bothered me. I was actually even reduced to 1/4 grain the smallest dose possible and still it was not right for me. Perhaps too much T3 and maybe my body can convert T4 to T3 just fine. I do believe naturethroid is a good med for some people and can entirely change how well one feels. You just have to listen to patients who will tell you that. It is a lifesaver for some, just not for me. I talked to my doctor who is a naturopath and he said he’s only run into 4 cases like mine where synthetic works better. My son is on 1.5 grains of naturethroid with no real side effects so far (5 months into it) and can tolerate it quite well. I, on the other hand could not. People need to be careful to completely rule out one med over another and try them out to see what works best for an individual. I am back on synthetic levothroxine but a name brand this time and so far feel good.

    (From Janie: Jane, this is the first time a post like this from you has come through. Probably something went wrong in it’s transmission. As far as your experience, it would be wise to do a 24 hour adrenal saliva test as well as check your ferritin. One or the other may have been causing your experience with naturethroid, not that it wasn’t right for you. 🙂

  244. Michelle says:

    I am on the phone with Cigna and according to their pharmacist, Naturethroid has been discontinued in all strengths but one, with no other natural thyroid alternatives. I’m lost right now in figuring out how to get dosed properly with just synthroid and cytomel.

    (From Janie: see my latest blog post for August 25th. Erfa.)

  245. Justine says:

    Help! I was on 88 mg Synthroid but had the side effect of losing hair. So my nutritionist looked at my numbers, noticed I needed both T3 and T4, and we worked on getting Nature Throid. I had dropped to 44 mg of Synthroid over the past 2 weeks while trying to find Nature Throid as the hairloss was too drastic.

    They gave me 1/2 gr. (32.5 m) of Nature-Throid which I started yesterday. And immediately got hot flushes, anxiety, etc. I see these are side effects–does this go away? Is this too strong for me and maybe I’ll have to work my way up? And can I cut these in half in the meantime.

    One more comment–yes, I have had exhausted adrenals and have been on Isocort for a year.

    Thanks for this great site.

    (from Janie: Bingo. You aren’t on enough cortisol. Use the NTH Adrenals group here for feedback which will help with your doctor:

  246. Lauren says:

    I have been on 100 mcg of synthroid for a few months and started my first dose of Nature Throid (63mg) today. I so far have noticed that my heart beat is very slow again as it was before I was increased to 100 mcg of synthroid. I have tried to look for websites or any info about what to expect if any side effects after switching over to Nature throid but can’t find any info….any personal experiences or websites would be extremely helpful:)

    (This page is always helpful for those starting on desiccated thyroid: followed by this page: )

  247. Karl says:

    Can you switch from synthroid to Naturthyroid straight across without any type of adjustment?


  248. April says:

    Hey everyone. I’ve been on Armour for over a year and just picked up my RX’s and realized the RX was switched to Naturthroid (it said Armour was unavailable). I started looking around online and realized that many people have been experiencing prob’s w/Armour. I immediately came to this site b/c I know the info here is very accurate.

    So anyway I’ve realized that I’ve been having prob’s w/the Armour as well. The last time I went to my doc (a few months ago) I told him I was still feeling fatigue and lack of motivation. He did a blood test and said that my thyroid was actually elevated – which surprised me. He put me on iodine (25mg) and decreased my Armour dose. I went from 1 1/2 grains down to 1 grain. This helped w/the little bit of palpitations I was having, but I’ve still been really tired.

    Sooo…now I realize that I’ve been taking a different version of Armour all this time and I’m wondering if that’s been my problem?

    The bottle of Naturethroid says for me to take 3 tablets (1/2 grain each). But should I start out with 2 tablets since that’s the dosage of Armour that I was taking?

    Sorry this is so long! Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance…

  249. kendra says:

    Hello all!
    have been On Naturethroid now for a month, and am feeling better! yay! more energy for sure, still have a ways to go but hang in there it will work! I am taking 4 NT compared to the 3 Armour I was taking. Also taking it sublingually with a bit of sugar.

  250. Ingrid says:

    Once again I feel compelled to thank this site for answering my questions. When I first came across STTM three years ago it was the beginning of a health revolution for me. Now, after weeks of bewildering hair loss, EXHAUSTION, joint aches, etc., I immediately realized I was on the new Armour (actually considered that I’d gotten a ‘bad batch’) after I read this. Started Naturethroid three days ago and having some symptoms that are probably related to needing a slightly higher dose. I often refer people to this site with the warning that everything they read here is true–no matter how far-fetched it may seem. THANK YOU again.

  251. lynn says:


    Yes you can import some Nature thyroid or Westhroid from here You do not need a prescription for shipping to South Africa.

  252. Michele says:

    I did talk my Dr. into prescribing Naturethroid for me, switching from synthroid that was making me feel so horrible, dry hair & skin, migrains, lack of energy and concentration, forgetfulness. I went to my Costco pharmacy and they had filled a generic thyroid for me. I decided to try it and the first two months were so great, this 3rd month I am feeling so horrible again, the exhaustion is overwhelming. I called Costco and asked if they could please just fill my original prescription and they said they could not get Naturethroid or Armour; They were both on backorder. So I called RLS, who were so nice to me before and they told me that Naturethroid was on backorder but to try Westhroid which is the same as Naturethroid.
    So I called my Dr. and she said she would write me another prescription that would say no substitutions. Costco said if they couldn’t fill it they would help me find another pharmacy that could. So I wish us all luck on our journey to find the correct medication…

  253. Kemi says:

    Hi Tanya,
    I’m currently looking into finding Nature Throid in SA. Leave me an email and if I have any luck I will contact you to let you know.

  254. Tanya says:

    Hi, I am from South africa, however do not know where to get Naturehthroid. I have phoned some pharmacies, however with no luck.

    Does anyone know where i can:
    1. Find a South African doctor that will consider this as an alternative med
    2. Where I can purchase it in South Africa?
    3. If not, what alternative can be considered.

    One thing I know is that I cannot continue like this anylonger.


  255. m. says:

    i want to try nature-throid but not sure how to convince a doc, it seems from this site and my past experiences it can be quite difficult to get your doc to believe you when you know what you want/need. i have an appt next friday with an endo

    i have found a few places online to get naturethroid, but how do i know its the real deal? if my doc wont Rx for me, i’m getting it myself. so i want to be sure i get the best stuff. my doctors have frustrated me to no end but i am hopeful for a new one. again. sigh. but in the event i am told its synthroid for a few months, or whatever else everyone on here has had to put up with, i am running for the hills and getting my own natural meds.

  256. Stephanie says:

    The CVS here refuses to even discuss the possibility of ordering Naturethroid or Westhroid. They are one of the most difficult to deal with. And the other pharmacies that can order it, the distributors have 1 gr but not 1/2 gr which is the dose that I need to get, because I take it either three times a day or two in am and 1 in afternoon. That is why it was necessary to find a store that would get the 1/2 grain. I think based on my symptoms, even the (old, good) Armour might have needed to be raised by another 1/2 gr, which would make it possible to use the 1 gr Naturethroid/Westhroid. But when my Rx was filled with the new Armour, I started getting so much worse again that it was like taking nothing at all and this had the dr very confused. But she also knows that the blood tests are very inaccurate for me so she didn’t order them, because she explained that if her records are audited it would be questioned why she had me on thyroid Rx EVEN though my symptoms show I still have my lifelong hypothyroidism. At least she understands that, unlike most drs I’ve used in the last 30 yrs.
    So rather than hunt all over town for the useless Armour that is backordered most places, I asked the Dr to switch me to Westhroid and she agreed. To be sure that wouldn’t be a problem obtaining it, I’d already checked with the mfg, RLC, to set up so my pharmacy could get it. But when lots of people started switching (probably because of the excellent info on this website!), RLC had difficulty keeping up with suddenly shipping out so many orders. But mine finally arrived at my local pharmacy today.

    From Janie: I warned RLC last month, but I figured warning them is quite different from the actual reality of so many switching. lol. I’m sure they are sweating with a smile.

    • Read about people having trouble finding Armour brand. Some years back there was (a fire?) at Forrest Labs which produced the main ingredient which was then used by Armour. I found a supply at my Costco but it was 250 and I use the one grain. Did a lot of splitting. My doc wrote a script for 90, then 120 basing the dosage on what the synthetic dosages are—again I split the tabs to get the 65 grains(one gram). I printed out a dosing chart and mailed it to him, then changed doctors–when they won’t take the time to learn dosing, it’s a red flag. Now going to try the Nature brand–it’s less costly. Great site–very helpful–thanks

      • Hi Gretchen. Make sure you study this page, as those equivalency charts suck. The green graphic especially.

        • gina says:

          I had hashis, total thyroidectomy. Took synthroid for the first 2 yrs then still had severe fatigue and wanted to try DHT. Doc put me on Naturethroid which was doing pretty good, but upped dose and when I went back to get new RX Naturethroid manufactures ALL SOLD OUT! Now I am on Armour 120mg and dont feel good at all Knees and feet hurt, very exhausted, legs very heavy.Yet resting HR 100. Last labs on 1st month of Nature were WNL but could use a little tweeking a little on hyps side, so thats why the adjustment in dose. I am awaiting Naturethroid to be restocked. ps Naturethroid $4 and Armour$54.

  257. robbielyn says:

    CVS pharmacies uses a distributer that can get nature-throid. Just got the doc to prescribe. Must be a good doc told him i wanted a 1/2 gr bid and he said fine but you should know I have never heard of it, its a prescription? I said yeah its same as armour only different fillers. Ok but I think bid is wierd but so be it. I didn’t tell him about taking it sublingually he was concerned that taken by mouth means less absorption cause of food in the stomach. but he went ahead and prescribed for me.

  258. k says:

    Stephanie I know you can order your westhroid from womens international pharmacy they have the one grain available you can get the number from rlc labs.
    or google it it should be there but i have definately found the number on the naturethroid website.

  259. julie Hayes says:

    I have Hashimoto thyroiditis and have been on a low dose 1gr for nearly 2 years. Armour kept me sane but it never eliminated all the symptoms.

    Recently I have changed to Nature-throid and felt the difference straight away. Although it took the depression down within a few days I still feel very tired but feel even worse when I try to raise the dose. My body temperature (pm) is now reaching 37.0 which is something that didnt happen with Armour.
    Recently the temperature went up to 37.4 bit high I think, pulse rate up too.

    I have used Cortef for a while. Is it still my adrenals or do I need to drop the Nature-throid down to maybe .45mc as I think that it actually is working and maybe overdosing a little. Feel quite anxious not. (from Janie: you are definitely here: and here: And use a patient group for feedback:

  260. Stephanie says:

    How do you order it without Rx? I would’ve done much better for many years if I could self medicate as you do.
    The drs nearly killed me too… long story…
    I’ve had thyroid problems and other hormone problems since age 11- I’m 49. Natural thyroid is the only one that works. The synthetics make me worse. After being quite ill for many years leading to several life-threatening things in the past two years, similar experiences to Nora H above, I finally convinced a dr that those problems started when I was taken off thyroid a long time ago, and that I got better ONLY whenever I’ve been on thyroid (briefly because I’d have a bad reaction because no one understood the difference in levo and natural thyroid, and my adrenal problem needed to be treated too).
    After 4 months and several drs reluctantly giving me only tiny amounts, finally the last one got the dose up to 30mg 3 times a day, and that was working for two months, then the Armour formula change and I started getting worse. My dr refused to believe that, and said the insurance co will not allow her to raise it any higher without tests (that she wouldn’t do because they might show normal despite my bad symptoms), that only an endo can raise it- but I already know the few endos here are terrible.
    So I explained about the Armour backorders and shortages as my reason I asked to be switched to Westhroid. She agreed if I would find where to get it, (I was afraid Naturethroid sounds too “natural”). Westhroid is on WalMart’s distributor’s special order list, but in the wrong dose, so WalMart is trying to get what I need when no other pharmacy here would try. While waiting to get that, I had to call all over to find Armour, finally found a month supply, and when I got it, it is the OLD formula and I felt better with the first pill and it has been a couple weeks and I’m still feeling better! Definitely problems with the new Armour! Now several weeks later Walmart’s distributor is still haggling with Walmart and with RLC labs who contacted Walmart for me (RLC offered to help me), to set up the order. RLC and Walmart have both been very helpful… so far… but still no Westhroid because of the distributor problem… I’m afraid the dr might change her mind before Walmart can get it.
    So I wish I could order it myself…