Thyroid patients and the Coronavirus aka COVID-19

We need to talk about the coronavirus, aka COVID-19.

Hardly anyone hasn’t heard about the new version of a Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, which is a novel and pretty serious virus that seems to have originated in Wuhan China. As I write this, it’s making a steady jump to various countries and people. (For constant updates past the time I’ve written this, go here.)

The Coronavirus is a unique virus with characteristics of its own. Though it and the flu are respiratory viruses, the COVID-19 can be more severe with its uniqueness.

  • There is no immunity towards it because it’s new.
  • The infectious rate (how easily you catch it) is probably higher than the flu.
  • The death rate of coronavirus is slightly higher than the flu, even if small percentages overall.
  • COVID-19 can be spread through the air via saliva or mucus particles even after an ill person is no longer around you.
  • Infected people can be around you, infecting you, without any symptoms, as it can take up to two weeks before they have symptoms.
  • Some are lucky to have no symptoms, others have a mild version, but others can get quite sick from it.
  • It’s simply far too easy to get infected if you are not careful.
  • Our medical systems may end up stressed by all this if predictions of infection are correct.

Just today, March 3rd, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with some interesting facts, some of which I chose for below.

  • There is now a total of 90,893 reported cases of COVID-19 globally, and 3110 deaths.
  • Outside China, 1848 cases were reported in 48 countries. 80% of those cases are from just three countries: the Republic of Korea, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Italy.
  • 12 new countries have reported their first cases, and there are now 21 countries with one case.
  • It’s spreading.
  • To keep this post up to date, this.

How are some reacting to hearing about the coronavirus?

  • “I’m not worried.”
  • “It’s only a small percentage of people who are dying.”
  • “I’m young and healthy. Who cares.”
  • “It’s no different than the flu.”
  • “Meh, it’s overblown.”

But is it possible that we as thyroid patients may need to take the coronavirus more seriously?

Whether with autoimmune Hashimoto’s or non-autoimmune causes of hypothyroidism, we might have reason to take this a bit more serious. Why? It appears having the coronavirus can be more severe if there are other preexisting illnesses. I see no proof of this yet, but what if thyroid patients are more susceptible to a more serious reaction to the coronavirus if one is underdosed on thyroid meds, on a poor treatment with T4-only, have an adrenal issue, have a stressed liver, are gaining in older age, or have any other issues related to your thyroid problem? Then comes those with Lyme, mold exposure, or any other diseases and conditions which are a stress.

Coronovirus symptoms

There seem to be some key symptoms (after an incubation period up 1 to 14 days) in the early stages:

  • Fever
  • Dry Cough
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Fatigue, then as it progresses….shortness of breath

You might get a runny nose, sore throat, aches and pains. More mild cases are like having a cold.

If it progresses and on the mores serious side, one might see liver stress, kidney stress, and for a few, this can lead to pneumonia and damage to organs from an overreactive immune system. For those with autoimmune diseases, using LDN might be key.

Positive strategies here and now for all thyroid patients possible facing this virus

First and foremost, this is NOT the time to overreact or panic, even with the presentation of facts above or on the internet or social media. Instead, this is the time to implement all sorts of great strategies to give you a sense of power!

elderberry, for those without Hashi’s or autoimmunity
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching anything in a public place. Wash your hands again and again all day.
  • Don’t eagerly reach out to shake someone’s hand right now. Fist bumps rock right now.
  • Get rest now. Support your sleep. Take naps. De-stress. Find times to laugh. Gentle yoga. Etc.
  • Stock up now with healthy foods for your home.
  • Buy some 60-80% alcohol based wipes and keep them in your purse, pocket, vehicle. Use them liberally on door handles, public tables, anywhere you go.
  • See if you can get a THREE MONTH SUPPLY of thyroid hormones and/or any other prescription meds. If you can get it, might be wise to have T3 on hand to counter the fact that this could cause RT3 to go up. If you canNOT get it, taking good liver support like Milk Thistle can help lower RT3. We add some iron to the Milk Thistle.
  • Work on supporting your adrenals now to counter stress. There are good adaptogens out there. If saliva revealed a need for cortisol, get optimal on them. Chapters 5 and 6 in the updated revision STTM book explains it all.
  • Having optimal Vitamin D is stated to be important for a good immune function. Many of us have to take 10,000 IUs to get ours up. Most of us are shooting for 60-80 in certain ranges. Many add K2 to it.
  • Dr. Brownstein mentions vitamins A, C and D, plus iodine, as supportive of immune function.
  • Consider all sorts of good supplements! Elderberry (gummies, capsules, liquid) is known to have a strong anti-viral component! Most recommendations are taking the recommended amount on the bottle or box and taking 4 times a day. Watch antibodies, just in case, if you have Hashi’s. Vitamin C is stated to be highly antiviral. Zinc is stated to be highly antiviral. Astragalus is stated to be immune supportive, but do your research if you have Hashi’s. .
  • There are also interesting immune function supplements out there to consider. Beta Glucan 1,3D is one–it’s expensive. Look up cheaper sources, if need. Do your research on it. But if you have Hashi’s or autoimmune diseases, might want to check your antibodies to make sure it’s not causing a rise. It doesn’t in everyone, like the gal with Hashi’s who has been on it a year with no rise in antibodies. So just keep an eye on your own.
  • Check out this article about using Quercitin.
  • Check out this article about using Melatonin to counter the inflammation.

You can also join the discussion here on Facebook. 🙂


There is NO WAY I could fit everything in this blog post. This is just a summary.

If you have heard of other great supplements to help, tell us about them with a link.

If you find good non-scaremongering info, you are welcome to post it in a comment. Keep it POSITIVE and supportive.

This is NOT, NOT about your strong opinions in a comment or the strong empty opinions in other groups. Keep your comment verified.

IF YOU ARE READING THIS FROM AN EMAIL NOTIFICATION SIGNUP (below), DO NOT respond to the email. No one sees it. Click on the title of the blog post to get directly to the blog, and do your comment there.

Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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132 Responses to “Thyroid patients and the Coronavirus aka COVID-19”

  1. Abigail A

    Are you saying that elderberry can cause TPA and Tgab antibodies to increase for Hashimoto’s patients? Where can I read more about this? Is there a feature that allows me to search your blog posts?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Abigail. Not sure where you are getting that idea. Maybe go back and read the article?

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        Forgot to state for you to note the words “just in case”. That’s not saying anything black and white between elderberry and antibodies. It’s a general comment that a body of Hashi’s patients always have to watch anything they take as to whether it makes “their” antibodies worse…or not.

  2. Mimi

    hi Janie, now that some time has passed i’m wondering if you know of any research relating to the impact of COVID on the thyroids of people with pre-existing thyroid conditions. there seems to be some relationship because the ACE2 receptor is involved but so much of what i see is either about acute thyroid dysfunction caused by COVID or the risk factor for thyroid patients getting sick/having worse outcomes. my main concern in all this is undoing progress i’ve spent YEARS working towards. i guess it’s reasonable to just assume that if it’s messing up some healthy thyroids then it’ll mess up some of ours too, but if someone cared enough to study what it means for those of us with a “head start” then it’d be nice to see what they found.. thanks in advance <3

  3. Debbie Shavitz

    I am still have issues with a rapid heart rate every now and then, so still trying to figure where I should go with it. Here are my current blood test results, which look pretty good. I only stayed off my NDT and iron for 24 hours before the test. Any comments about my numbers?

    Free T3 3.9 (2.3-4.2)
    Free T4 1.2 (.8-1.8)
    Reverse T3 14 (8-25)
    TSH .01 (.40-4.50)
    Thyroglobulin AntiBodies <1 ((<or=1)
    TPO 1 (<9)
    Iron, total 98 (45-160)
    Iron Binding Cap 268 (250-450)
    % Saturation 37 (45-160)
    Ferritin 65 (16-288)
    Iodine 55 (34-523)

    My last Iodine was way too high because I was supplementing too much, so I have been off extra Iodine for 3 months. Would you add some back now? Any comments about the above numbers? I will be taking an adrenal saliva test within the next few days too.

    Debbie Shavitz

  4. Natalie in Montana

    Hi Janie – Where do we put comments about Armour lot numbers not being effective? I switched to Armour, 2 grain (120 mg) tablets, after Acella NP became ineffective in 2019. This last bottle of Armour NDT, quantity 100, which cost $175, is missing complete bio-availability for me. My hair has been falling out in large quantities! Horrifying! The last time my hair grew in well was a “good” bottle of Acella NP in the winter-spring of 2019. Have any other readers experienced bad results with recent prescriptions of Armour? Thanks.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Natalie, hair loss can also be because you are underdosed–we’ve experienced this. This is the goal and we don’t see 2 grains usually achieving this in the majority of us:

      Hair loss can also be because of low iron, which I’ve definitely experienced. This:

      • Natalie in Montana

        Hi Janie – Thanks for your response. I am familiar with your protocols since I discovered you and your books in 2009! In addition to taking 2 grains of Armour, I take 5 mcg T3. Until this most recent bottle of Armour (filled in May 2020), this has been sufficient for my thyroid needs in the past year. My recent ferritin test was fine. I have been taking thyroid medication for nearly 50 years. In recent years, the best I felt was on 3 grains of WP in 2018, which, as you know, is no longer made. Then I had an amazing bottle of Acella NP, mentioned above, and my hair grew in thickly.

        I am wondering how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the manufacturing of NDT around the world? Is Armour’s raw porcine gland material sourced from China? The global supply chain on so many goods and raw materials has been impacted.

  5. Katherine

    Hi. I’ve had Hashimotos for about 32 years now and I am almost 66. I’ve been on Synthroid all the time, and recently this past year a new physician added T3. It was compounded. I was not able to tolerate it as my heart rate shot way up even on 5 µg. So now we’ve added 1 mg of LDN to the 20 µg of Synthroid to see if that helps bring my antibodies down. I feel worse than ever with extreme muscle pain in my legs. Any thoughts? I eat pretty well, but just ordered Terry Wahls book . I would love some input!😊

  6. Connor

    Hi Janie, we spoke on Skype awhile ago .. Hope you are doing ok 🙂 Sorry if this is a repost but my message earlier seems to of disappeared.

    I just wanted to ask you though if what you say on here about thyroid meds being “reformulated” or changed is true ..? Since we spoke, I started off on WP (1 grain) for almost a month. Didn’t feel anything. Bumped it up to two grains over 2 weeks ago and I still don’t feel anything at all. I ordered some NDT from Thailand awhile ago in case WP didnt work, which got to me here in England yesterday. I am considering trying that one instead.

    All this time on WP though, and I can’t say im any better off at all. This was the first thyroid med I’ve ever tried , even tried eating healthier to help the med work better; but nothing.

  7. Connor

    Hi, we spoke over skype awhile ago. Hope you are doing well.

    I wanted to ask you; is it true what you say on here about thyroid meds being reformulated? Since we spoke, I have been on 1 grain of WP for about a month, now 2 grains for over 2 weeks, and I feel pretty much nothing. Very slight improvements, and nothing significant to say I’ve been on two grains for a couple of weeks now. I ordered some NDT from Thailand awhile ago which was delivered to me yesterday. Considering trying that instead.

  8. cindy ouellette

    question T 3 dosing ?
    started taking T 3 5 mcgs am with T4 50 mcgs
    free T3 always in lower range ;
    since T 3 has short half life when should I see an increase of my Free T3 lab value.
    I want higher free T3 for optimal bone health.
    prior T4 dose was 100 mcgs with a low Free T3 :

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      We just keep raising and doing labs to find our optimal dose. This: https;//

      • cindy ouellette

        My goal is to increase my bone density . I feel good.
        how do you know free T3 should be in the higher lab reference range for bone growth.
        do you recommend taking a Tyrosine supplement ?
        I have cold hands and always remember cold hands . Do people report cold hands symptom decreases.?
        My labs we just : free T 3 : 2.2 , Free T4 :1.41 TSH : 1.74
        Meds : T4 :Tirosint levothyroxine sodium 50 mcgs , T3 generic : : liothyronine sodium 5 mcg : on dose for 2 wks. my iodine 24 hour urine secretion value was 1100 , mayo clinic had upper range : 800’s. I do not take iodine supplements.
        Am not eating fish for now. drinking bottled H20 ie my well water had sodium of 72 : DEP guideline <20.0mg/l
        and Algae cal : calcium supplements
        goal is to increase my bone density
        since T3 still low I will ask MD : to increase my T3 med ; ie : T3 to : 10 mcgs ; I was told T3 10 mcgs is equivalent to T4 50 mcgs . is this correct.
        Does it make sense to work toward : increasing T3 med dose and decreasing T 4 dose since my Free T4 is stable ?

        I am researching RLC labs for WP thyroid . Which natural thyriod med has best clinical results for increasing bone density ?
        I will try : cytomel from Pizer . Which T3 med has best clinical outcomes for increase bone growth ?
        I read a Blooger on this blog report after taking Natural thyroid med her bone density increased . Is it possible to have that blog forwarded to me.
        would like to see testimonials of cases where bone density increases on dexa scans and TBS after taking Natural thyroid . thank yo for the great resources . cindy

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          In reply to your first question: nearly 20 years of patient experiences and observations.

          In reply to your second question: yes.

          In reply to your third question: apples and oranges.

          In reply to your fourth question: also nearly two decades of patient reports showing that T3 improves one’s bone density. 🙂

          • cindy

            What thyroid med do you take?
            Why does it seem people take a higher dose / grains in comparison to synthetic T4 of mcgs
            Which natural thyriod med has best clinical results for increasing bone density ?
            I thought I read in your blog that Amour from Allergan has not been as good as it was earlier.
            I am researching RLC labs for WP thyroid .
            Thank you for your help. Cindy

          • Cynthia

            1 a. What thyroid do you take ?
            # 1.B to increase bone growth : is it better to first try and take T3 / cytomel or pizer genric until in upper range of labs .
            Then :
            # 2 . begin natural thyroid med for T1 through T4 and calcitonin
            # 3.what is the best natural thyroid med available now.
            # 4. do we even need to take T4 /
            # 4 . if I only take T3 will I have a have a TSH lab result in therapeutic range ideally @ 2.00 ish for me.
            # 5 ; it seems that people who take Natural thyroid meds take a higher dose ie if 1 grain equivalent to : 65 mcg’s of a synthetic med . what is the theory of this.
            Sometimes I post and the post does not seem to go through. so sorry if similar ? were already posted. Thank you fort the info.

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            I’ll answer this one.

            I’m still on the former NP that used to work.

            We have seen NDT improve bones repeatedly over the years based on scans. T4 and T3 can do the same. But getting optimal is key.

            Anyone can choose not to be on T4 and just T3. But it’s a little rougher, since we would have nothing in the background converting to T3 for us.

            Being on T3 never results in the TSH being in range. If the TSH is in range, we are always underdosed with the free T3. Years of worldwide experiences with that.

            NDT compared to T4-only is apples and oranges. Can’t compare.

  9. Lynn

    Janie, I’m not on facebook so I didn’t know how to get in touch so I’ll leave this here. Today, 6/4/20 I was with a friend (we are in CA) when she got a recorded call stating that NP Thyroid by Acella has been recalled. The reason was that “the tablets may be a higher dose than you require”. I think they figured out that the ingredients aren’t working but we’ll never find that out. Especially if the ingredients are coming from China. You may already be aware but thought I’d send this in case you haven’t heard of this yet.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      The recall is about what was going on in 2018, and remarkably very few reports of having a problem. It’s not about the crap going on in 2019 that caused nearly everyone to see a return of hypo, plus burning down the throat, plus burning and/or nausea in the stomach.

  10. Artie

    This is what I knew was happening but couldn’t prove.

    • Artie

      So, I think this recall eliminates “inconsistency” “dangerous” or “unreliable” from the definition of “thyroid madness.” This situation with the NP recall is the very definition of inconsistency, and that inconsistency was precisely what caused the crazy making hyper symptoms I suffered when I was forced to change from Armour to NP. It was not because I was not “optimal” which seems to Janes answer to almost all queries about the failures of NDT. Being optimal is always important, regardless of what medicines you take. And I suspect that all the ups and downs with Armour were due to similar inconsistencies in harvesting and manufacturing of bovine thyroid glands. Given the prevalence of Coronavirus cases in meat processing plants, and the lax regulatory environment around animal antibiotics, hormones and sanitary conditions, I think continuing to take NDT for thyroid conditions is akin to taking bathtub meth for ADD.

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        It actually can be from not being optimal, as well. When we hang onto a too-low dose (or when an NDT like NP simply goes south for who knows why), adrenaline can kick in because the body is alarmed. And the adrenaline release resembles hyper-like symptoms.

  11. Sindy Fellanto

    I am not able to order thyroid s or thiroyds, is there anything available out there?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Look up NutriMeds (many reporting good results if optimal frees are sought in labwork), Thyrovanz, and/or Thyrogold (though Thyrogold has had some pretty bad batches lately). There’s also a new Vietnamese NDT out there to look at.

      • Serena Gold

        Janie Bowthorpe, have there been any reports on conversion factor from 1 grain of NDT to Nutrimed product?

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          It’s always a guessing game with conversion to OTCs. But since T3 is fast-acting, you can always retest the free T3 in a week to get a gauge.

  12. sam

    i meant to write as a new comment sorry . will try add it here ,has anyone else noticed that thyrogold doesnt seem to be working a s well as it used to?

    now taking 1 300 adn 1 150 and am gaining weight unable to lose weight again
    . it used to work much better i think unless am imagining it .maybe am exercising a litle bit less, cant use bike for now because knee hurts

    but didnt think that could make such a difference . would great if thats the only reason but think read here a while ago others noticed too. thank you jamie and all

  13. cindy ouellette

    Goal : to wean off thyroid meds .
    can you suggest thyroid supplements : from my research I have asked my MD : regarding : Iron with selenium.

    Dx : hypothroidism : Medication : Tirosint 50 mcgs daily. Tried to wean down to 25 mcgs with TSH going up to 9.00 ish from 2.34 in 3 wks.
    Hx : 2/2020 : requested to wean off thyroid med following Dexa results : Osteoprosis @ L1 to L4 in Jan .
    Meds :
    1/2020 : 100 mcgs tirosint : 5 x / wk.
    2 / 20/2020 : no thyroid med x 1 wk : TSH to 4.00 ish
    2/28/2020 : Tirosint 50 mcgs daily.

    for last 2 yrs tracking : Free T 3 which has been consisently low and improved slightly when My TSH went up .
    3/5/2020 : free T3 : 2.0, free T4 :1.17, TSH : 2.34
    3/9/2020 : FT3 by direct dialysis : 1.94 { range : 1.81 -4.06 } mean :

    Goal : to wean off thyroid meds .
    can you suggest thyroid supplements : from my research I have asked my MD : regarding : Iron with selenium. I eat one brazil nut / day.
    what is your : experience with : Lactoferrin ,
    Any suggestions for Caffeine alternative . My coffee is now too hard on my stomach green tea is not enough ,
    currently in Am or mid -afternoon I need a little energy .
    concerned with precautions : decreased bone density. I am 56 and healthy feeling.
    ie Dexa scan results were : Osteoprosis @ L1 to L4 in Jan . Had my bone Mineral apparent density / Dr Susan Ott app computed with L1 to L4 in osteopenic values. , Will have a dexa done with a TBS in august . bone markers done : with normal results. taking supplements only. Frax score : for hip very low for chance of fx. No family hx of fx. No current pain , I am an athlete , and Physical therapist., very lean and muscular from yrs of being active : ie current weight : 94 to 100 #, BMI : 17.6 to 18, H20 : 58 to 60 ish , mus : upper 70’s , bone mass : 4 to 4.2 . I do not try to loose weight . I feel very healthy and lean.

    will request trying : cytomel .

    Endo MD who dx me did not think Armour was as good as cytomel 15 plus yrs ago,

    .Concerned regarding taking thyroid meds and decreasing bone density. I hope to improve my health focus on nutrition , gut heatlh , and decrease stress levels.
    has anyone been able to slowly ween off of thyroid meds .
    looking forward to hearing positive clinical outcomes of free T3 in median range as my TSH , and free t4 were in median range on 3/5/2020.
    All my labs were WNL after dexa scan : Ie 24 hour urine collection, kidneys , parathyroid, vitamin D; 43,. protein slightly elevated. in an attempt to decrease sugar lows I eat more protein { using adrenal diet as a guide}
    currently do not know what my iron was. typically my : hemoglobin and h are at gold standard level from Mayo clinic norm range.
    good daily menu : trying plant based Calcium : almond milk etc as on supplements and dairy gives me too much gas , etc. . trying not to eat bread and decreasing gluten .
    Have had an elevated IG panel in 2017.
    I will hopefully have success and strategies to ween off of thyroid meds.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Cindy, it’s not that Tirosint (or any T4-only med) is causing bone loss. Instead, being on nothing but T4 leaves us hypothyroid, and it’s hypothyroidism (which in your case, being poorly treated) that causes bone loss. We have seen this frequently over the past two decades that I’ve been collecting patient experiences and observations. We’ve also seen each other reverse the bone loss, NOT by getting off thyroid meds, but having T3 in our treatment as well, and getting the frees optimal. Both. This:

      • cindy ouellette

        Bless your heart . lived in NC. I did not think this went through with my original blog. I just bought your books . I researched cortisol etc 15 to 20 yrs ago . do you have a reference guide ie wt and suggestions for weaning to T 3 / cytomel if possible. I was told that my consistent low T 3 could just be my body from an ENDO MD . that comment does not make sense to me .I want median range of free T 3. What is your refernces ie : I went to endo web site yrs ago but seemed too research and political based . My great ENDO MD had to retire ie Cardiac complications.Thought I had best rx , but due to your blog and now my time to research and Dexa scan , and people who live with dx’s and want the origin of dx investigated and to live life to the fullest … I will see if i can wean off of thyroid meds . I am a PT thus I am comfortable looking at research and advocating. I shared your web site with a lab person @ my local hospital who is young ie 30’s today . Thank you for sharing your journey and knowledge. cindy / Better Bones 777

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          No, a low T3 is definitely not “just your body”. All these years, we’ve seen consistently ridiculous remarks from doctors (and pharmacists) when they don’t understand any of this. And just beware that a midrange free T3 always backfires over time. It doesn’t appear to be enough T3 in the body. It’s suppressing (the feedback loop) more than replacing (what one’s body needs).

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          By the way, Cindy, remember that your bone loss is due to still being hypo, which T4 results in because it is not a good treatment for hypothyroidism. We aren’t meant to live on a storage hormone alone and need T3 with it. And weaning will potentially make that bone loss worse. So if you are weaning because you think “T4 causes bone loss”, that’s not so. T4 causes continued hypo because it’s a poor treatment, and it’s the continued hypo that causes bone loss.

          • cindy ouellette

            What is your reference for dosing guidelines of cytomel ? and the

            Gold standard of target : Free T 3 for postmenopausal . I thought from reviewing your literature I should hopefully be in Mid range level .
            But energy wise etc since I am athletic , have a balanced menu ,and take supplements . My energy levels and cold hands feel the same no matter what thyroid med dose I am on.

            does it make sense that my free T3 is always on the low range : 3/9/2020 : FT3 by direct dialysis : 1.94 { range : 1.81 -4.06 } mean . Always : from no meds x 1 wk , TSH @ 9 and TSH @ 2.64 or even lower .
            what is your experience / knowledge of Lactoferrin iron hypothyroidism. I really did not find anything when I googled Lactoferrin iron hypothyroidism

            I have no antibodies , and my only thyroid ultrasound was normal.

            dexa with a TBS is scheduled in august . I am hoping TBS will objectively show I have strong quality bones since I am so Petite.
            Endo has ordered 24 Iron , I asked for a saliva Cortisol as per your recommendation prior to starting T3 med.
            Is there any other Labs results I should be aware .
            I do think with aging etc symptoms of Osteo in R hip
            Do you mind if I ask if you currently take thyroid medication and if so what and dose.
            looking forward to reading your books.
            Thank you

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            Cindy, not sure what you mean in your first sentence/question?

            No, we see too many over the years who if their free T3 is just midrange, the feel goods they may have there eventually backfire with a return of hypo and/or stressed adrenals.

            And if you have low energy levels and cold hands, you are very hypo.

            Labs we found to be important are shown here:

            Yes, I’m on a working NDT at 3 1/2 grains.

          • cindy ouellette

            what is your gold standard free T 3 range ?
            What could a low free T3 with and without meds mean ?

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            Ranges vary between facilities. A range means from “here” to “here”. Do you mean the lab result number? This:

            A low free T3 without meds means hypothyroid. A low free T3 with meds means one is underdosed.

  14. Emi Miller

    Hi, I have been successfully using a compounded synthetic T3/T4 for over one year, having had numerous problems with the desiccated thyroid I had been using for several years, as sources and a pure product dried up. Now, with the Corona Virus my compounding pharmacy is having problems obtaining T3. They are getting the T3 from Germany, but it is a limited supply, and the expiration date is July 1st. The T4 is coming from India. My question: I had developed a rash while on the desiccated thyroid, which had totally disappeared with the synthetic T3/T4. Now the rash has returned. Anyone know how pure the T4 is from India? Do they obtain their powder from China? And the same with the T3 coming from Germany. The pharmacy had been getting their thyroid from a U.S. company, made in the U.S. but their pharmacy has closed during the pandemic. Thank you.

  15. Mary

    Hi Janie/ hope you are surviving & thriving during COVID-19! My hypothyroid numbers were worse after being on np thyroid, & I was recently changed to 137 mcg generic Synthroid & 10 mcg Cytomel. After initially needing to wean onto the Cytomel, it has helped with joint pain & at times energy, but I am still feeling exhausted at times. Not being able to exercise much due to COVID-19 is not helping, but am wondering if an increased dose of Cytomel might help – it has helped some. My lab results were slightly better for ft3 & ft4, but ft3 still below mid range & ft4 about midrange. I have an appointment with the doctor soon, & would value any suggestions you have. Thank you!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      From all we’ve experienced as patients, 10 mcg is squat and won’t get the free T3 optimal. We lower the T4 and raise the T3 until we get our frees optimal. Read this: Don’t skim through it. Read it all.

      • cindy ouellette

        Blog is great . I just wrote a long comment . went to submit and website request popped up . Last time this happened I received a response to my comment , with the comment viewable . I can not see my original comment . I did click submit . can I retrieve what I typed . what should I put in the web site box? I end up typing https://stopthe thyroid madness .com
        I recently bought the 3 books however stop the thyroid madness 2nd edition was not offered? why not ?

  16. Jessy

    Hi Janie,
    I have started sttm protocol since Jan 2020 after years of unsuccessful treatments with traditional doctors. I am 5’2 ,116 lbs. I was doing awesome on 1.75 grains for 3 months , I truly thought it was my optimum. After the covid scare and shift in lifestyle due to that, I find myself flaring again and raised dosage to 2 grains. I have tried raising my iron in the past unsuccessfully. (had 8 rounds of infusion and was on iron supplements almost 2 years). My ferritin is in 20s and serum iron is 67 with a percentage saturation of 23%. I find it hard to take any form of iron supplements so stopped everything three months back. I feel oral iron reduces my absorption of ndt and I feel hypo after the first dose with constipation. But i felt great on 1.75 despite the low iron. NO iron related issues whatsoever. Please let me know what you think I should do in my situation? If I’m to take even a spatone (2mg of oral iron daily) Ill have to raise my ndt otherwise Ill go straight to hypo. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks for STTM. It truly changed my life.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi. First, it’s not just about how you feel!! You will feel good before your frees are optimal, then it always backfires. This: But, if your iron is that low you probably have a high RT3. This: That will keep you non-optimal

      Iron can repeatedly fall due to a chronic infection. Or some kind of blood loss. Or high heavy metals.

      • Mariana

        Often people with thyroid problems have issues with iron absorption and this may be linked to gluten intolerance. A gluten-free diet may help

      • Jessy

        Hi janie, So I’m sharing my latest lab results with you taken while on 2 grains NDT. TSH – 0.006, ft3- 3.8 (range 2.0- 4.4), ft4 – 1.39 (range 0.82- 1.77). Ferritin- 27 and serum iron -131. My ferritin and serum iron has gone up on rasing NDT despite me not taking any form of iron supplements. I have noticed my cholesterol also went down on raising NDT. I felt good on 2 grain for almost a month and again felt all hypo symptoms coming back and raised to 2.5 grains after taking this lab test. Am I doing the right thing raising NDT? Is more NDT all that I need? I’m sleeping great and I’m on a gluten and dairy free diet since the past two years. I don’t have any issues raising NDT and whenever I feel hypo, I feel anxious, palpitations , constipation and bloating, a general lack of well being and mild depression are my main symptoms. I also get ear infections when I feel hypo. So my question is should I keep raising? After years on failed thyroid treatment and management (Ive been on one grain NDT for almost
        three years resulting in me gaining almost 30 pounds), Ive resorted to STTM 6 months back.Your wisdom and input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jessy

    • housemaid

      Jessy, I suggest taking lactoferrin. Do a search for “lactoferrin iron hypothyroidism” to find out why it helps even if you take no iron. I would also suggest not using google for your search as they have banned a lot of alternative medicine websites. Bing is still OK.

  17. Audrey Moore

    Hello. I didn’t do well at all Armour Thyroid and became sick both times I tried it. Thiroyd (GP) was working great and now not available. I see Thyroid-S (never tried) is also not avail. I tried Thyroid Gold with zero success. Any other suggestions for available NDT?
    Thank you so very much! Audrey

    • sam

      has anyone else noticed that thyrogold doesnt seem to be working a s well as it used to?

      now taking 1 300 adn 1 150 and am gaining weight unable to lose weight again
      . it used to work much better i think unless am imagining it .maybe am exercising a litle bit less, cant use bike for now because knee hurts

      but didnt think that could make such a difference . would great if thats the only reason but think read here a while ago others noticed too. thank you jamie and all

  18. Sharon galloway

    Being all the NTD are trashed, what’s the suggestion we take for thyroid medications? Armour, or t-3 medication alone? ..just finding this out I have recently just purchased nature thyroid, obviously is a joke, so money down the drain. So your suggestions must be the t-3 or Armour thyroid///// it runs in my mind several years ago Armour was on the line for being junk medication, and at that time other NDT medications were not. So Armour must have come up in the world. So what’s the answer…..

  19. Pamela

    test with New meds (armour)
    ,Free T4 0.88 ng/dL 0.76 to 1.46 ng/dL0.76 – 1.46 ng/dL
    TSH 0.75 uIU/mL 0.36 to 3.74 uIU/mL0.36 – 3.74
    T3, Free 5.4 pg/mL NORMAL: 1.9-3.9 pg/mL
    Went hyper on nature thyroid 65 old Dr in Aug of 2019 Dr changed to Levo, then name brand,, thats why new Dr
    I am think this might be low and kind of worried to raise it ?
    What would be a good try?


  20. Joanne

    Is there any connection between being hypothyroid and getting persistent eye styes. On 65mg of WP. Thanks in advance.


  21. Nick G.

    Hello, my wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a couple years ago and had a full Thyroidectomy and she’s currently on 100 mcg levothyroxine. I was wondering if she can take elderberry vitamins? I’m not sure if being hypothyroid is considered an auto immune disease?

  22. Mary

    Hi – thank you for this information. I am taking new thyroid medications & vitamins to try to improve my hypothyroid symptoms & lab results. The doctor recommended daily exercise, which I’ve always needed to have energy & feel alert. Do you have any suggestions as the gyms are closed? I also have a foot injury that limits walking & not certain if mask needs to be worn for walking? It seems as if some amount of aerobic exercise staves off some of the symptoms that can be a part of hypothyroidism, such as low mood & energy, etc. Sadly I’m also being harassed, the stress of which makes symptoms worse. Thank you & please stay safe.

  23. Esther

    Hello, not sure if it has been asked. I had my thyroid removed in 2016 and have been on levothyroxine. I did not do RAI for other health reasons. Do you think people with history of thyroid cancer are more prone to getting the Covid19 virus. My second question is if I had thyroid cancer history can I switch my medication to a natural one like armour?

  24. jeannie

    hi jamie
    just purchased your book and the information is invaluable to me and many others with thyroid problems. A massive thank you. After 30 years of being dosed with levothyroxine which was recently reduced from 100mcg to 75mcg taking me into hypothyroidism I have purchased THYROID S NDT from Thailand.
    In preparation, working toward using NDT I am presently working on getting my damaged adrenals sorted so was about to do cortisol saliva test but I am not sure if I should stop taking ALL supplements before I go ahead with the saliva test.
    Would be most grateful if you could advise me as the whether I need to stop taking supplements prior to saliva test?
    I am in a bit of a panic and feel like time is running out for me as I am 68……I so need to experience feeling normal after 30 years of sheer hell after thyroid was removed in 1992 due to cancer.
    sincere thanks Janie
    Ps I am based in the UK and plan to buy Armour from US in the future but was put off by any postal issues that may arise due to Corona visus

  25. Patricia B McGee

    All ready beginning to hear that the raw ingredients are beginning to be unavailable (Pharmacies-Walmart saying this) for Armour and other similar meds.

  26. Carrie Morgan

    Just found this and love your blog/comments. However…I am confused. You suggest Astralagus yet in a product search I read this: “Astragalus might make the immune system more active. This could worsen the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. Avoid using astragalus if you have any of these conditions.” Comment or advise? TY

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Carrie. STTM is speaking to all causes of hypothyroidism and the poor treatment we all face with medical professionals, not just about autoimmune Hashi’s patients. But your comment reminds me to add that Hashi’s patients need to do research about astralagus–thank you for reminding me. It’s the “might” that is the crux and confuses us all!! For example, there are opinions that Beta Gluten could stimulate, yet research says it modulates, not stimulates. Ah me. And we actually have a report by one gal with Hashi’s that has been using Beta Glucan for a year with no rise in her antibodies. But with astralagus, I think it’s wiser of me to mention to research.

  27. Jeanne

    This is not related to Coronavirus, but have to share my disgust at the absolute price gouging by Armour (Allergan? ) My doc absolutely doesn’t want me doing the synthetics as I have failed them repeatedly over 32 years. She asked me to try Armour, which my Oscar insurance will not cover, and just picked up 30 day supply. I take 240 mg of NP, so she gave me same dosage of Armour and 30 days with a good Rx coupon was $108 dollars!! 😱😡. That is #*$% criminal! A 90 day supply was $283! Ok, rant over.
    Anyone switch from NP to Armour notice the need to lower your dosage after switching? Just curious.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      It’s probably wise, when changing over to anything, to take slightly less, give it a few weeks and do the free T3 and free T4.

      • Jeanne

        Janie, not sure how to slightly lower the dosage, I take 2-120mg tablets. Even cutting one in half is a big drop… Actually today I have felt no different, no heart palpitations or rapid pulse… I may feel different after a few days, but fingers crossed ! Thanks for your response.

      • Jeanne

        Hi again Janie! Just reporting back that I am still doing great on the same dosage of Armour, as I had been on with NP. Im not sure if it is the enforced extra rest from social isolation allowing my adrenals to heal, or a combination of good medication and rest, but yippee! Feeling great! Now to get my insurance to cover the obscenely expensive Armour….maybe a class action suit for price gouging would get Allergan’s attention.. probably not..

  28. Dr. Jim Pugh

    Coronavirus: older people who contact the virus get gravely I’ll ie. Pneumonia,fever etc WHY?
    Although their bodies are weaker , their immune system is much stronger than Young people due to the years of fighting foreign invaders : when invaded by viruses the immune system goes haywire trying to fight it off . The hydroxychloroquinine suppresses the inflammation which ameliorates some of the symptoms but it Is with the Azithromycin, preventing duplication of the virus and further contagion,They both act synergisticly to much better get the older people back to health.

  29. michelle scott

    i have no thyroid and are on meds for life with the coronovirus does it mean i am immunecompromised

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Not necessarily compromised, but your immune system will be even better if you have T3 in your treatment and get the free T3 optimal.

  30. Dr, Jim Pugh

    Hydroxychloroquinine has had remarkable success with Coronavirus patients in suppressing inflammation caused by a compromised autoimmune system ( Hashimotos) .
    Developed in Germany in 1934 and produced by Bayer and has minimal side effects if any.
    Effective for lupus , ruma

  31. Dr. Jim Pugh

    Hydroxychloroquinine has had remarkable success with Coronavirus patients: suppressing inflammation caused by compromised aautoimmune system.
    My daughter Tiffany,, would benefit hugely from the severe Hashimotos that is causing her witnessing dire mental incongruities also

  32. Christine

    Hi Janie-
    I was set to do my dutch test (just for sex hormones) and my saliva cortisol test this weekend since we will be stuck at home. I have held off because our wedding is coming up and stress with that etc but I am thinking of doing it anyways. My question is I have been off supplements for 2 weeks and no caffeine today or working out but yesterday I completely forgot and took a zicam with eldberry. Does that mean I shouldn’t do the saliva test now? Thank you!

  33. Shauna Holifield

    Saw where Eldeberry is increasing Cytokines which is helpful with the flu but not good with CoVid 19. I will find website and repost it.

  34. sharon calcott

    I am concerned that we have an overactive immune system and that the same thing can course organ failure, so this can put us in a much higher risk?

  35. Hadassah

    Janie , I’m very grateful for all that you do on our behalf . Your Amazing . My concern is now that all the NDT’s are no longer reliable and being that I’m an TT patients . I was on Levoxyl and at first Naturethroid switched to NP . I was looking into Sigma T3 . But it has corn starch as one of the fillers which I don’t do well with. Would you know if the Mayne brand former Paddock T3 is considered a good T3 and work well too ? Cytomel is very prohibitive .
    Thank You so much for all your hard work and being a Great Advocator For All Of Us .

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Do you know that Armour is still working for most? Yes, it’s expensive, but at least it’s working.

      As far as Mayne, it seems to be a crap shoot. Some say they are doing well; others are not doing well with it.

      • Hadassah

        Thank You So Much Janie . We are really being squeezed out of our options with our thyroid meds . It’s very concerning . Our lives depend on them .

  36. Aysel Trummel

    I had my Thyroid tested and the doctor said it is normal. I had all the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism with the exception of heat intolerance. My free T3 is 2.87 free T4 is .88 T3 is 1.5 THS is 1.310. My total cholesterol is 330, Triglycerides 254, HDL 71 and LDL 208. I had my sex hormones tested and my Testosterone is 35, high, they did not test my progesterone. I went to see a speacialist who said it is my age, 66.My issue is that I cannot loose the extra pounds unless I eat 500-800 calories per day, not enough. I feel miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin. PLEASE HELP.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Aysel, lab results have nothing to do with being normal. And nor does this have to do with being 66 years old. Doctors can be as brainless as boards about this. It’s very clear that ranges were developed with volunteers who were ALSO hypothyroid or other thyroid issues.

      You didn’t include ranges. They are always needed. Compare those frees to what’s on this page: You appear to be very hypothyroid. RUN from doctors like that. RUN.

      Cholesterol goes up when we are hypo.

      • Heather Collazo

        I had been symptomatic of being hypothyroid for about 5 years, yet my labs were all within “normal” range. I am a RN, and knew wholeheartedly something was wrong with me, especially once the brain fog and forgetfulness kicked in before 30yo of age. The doctors ran test for everything under the sun, told me everything was normal, yet they wanted to put me on oral birth control and anti-depressants (without a mental health eval). I disagreed and got a second opinion from a colleague who was an internist and listened. She opted to do a thyroid ultrasound, only to discover that I had a multinodular goiter with a dominant nodual. That by the way on the 2nd biopsy turned out to be cancerous. I keep beating their statistics (not in a good way) and failing their textbook knowledge. I had 9 great years in remission after a total thyroidectomy and RAI and then my body started going wacky again. VA endocrinologist didn’t listen. I got a second opinion 9 months later only to find out that my thyroid cancer returned and that I am no longer treatable. TRUST YOUR BODY!!! Find a HCP that will listen!

  37. Nicole

    I need help please! I was diagnosed w/hypothyroidism for 8 years ago. My recent TSH was .56 and currently taking 88 mg Synthroid. I have struggle for the past 2 years after having my first son. I have a lot of muscle aching, weight gain & joint pain & gone to like 6 different doctors and say my range is normal but I know is not normal. I eat a healthy and workout even with my struggle. What can be done? I wish doctors would understand and listen to us. This disease may lead to so many conflicts.

    • Lisa

      Hi Nicole. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve been living with Hashis and hypo for 10 years. Synthroid never made me feel better. I started feeling better once I convinced my doctor to switch me to Armor Thyroid, which took about two years and trying several other meds. I still couldn’t lose weight and had joint pain and other symptoms you mentioned…until I quit eating gluten and dairy altogether. I eat healthy, mostly quality meats, veggies, fruits and gluten free grains. I eat very little sugar, which means no sodas either, even diet soda is a poor food choice. I exercise, but only moderately. In less than two years of eating gluten and dairy free I’ve lost almost 30 lbs. with no other changes in lifestyle or exercise. One thing I really noticed is that my joints don’t ache and feel swollen like they used to, especially my knees and I have enough energy to do anything I feel like. This is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. People say they can’t stop eating those foods, but I say I can’t live feeling unhealthy. I take all the vitamins that are recommended too and I believe it helps.

  38. Erika Barcenes

    Hi Jamie so I have been on nature throid for about 4 years I take 5 grains I have always felt great and optimal but on this last batch all of my hypo symptoms came back. I spoke to Dr.Melnick about whats going on with the meds and he said what do want to do. I told him inalways following up on recent comments on the blog and he asked me what you recommended lol he said your work is amazing you’ve done a really good job on providing information. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart I would have never learned about you if it wasn’t for a thyroid patient when i use to work as a home attendant that recommend for me to read your book.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Thank the good lord for Dr. Melnick…for being a doctor who respects me, respects STTM. Far and few between.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      May I post your words above as a post on the Stop the Thyroid Madness page to honor Dr. Melnick?? I won’t use your name there.

      • Erika Barcenes

        Oh course Janie, you may post it you can use my name if you want no worries. I wanted to follow up with you on a few things. From the last time I wrote this I started feeling my hypo symptoms return. On one of the blogs I was seeing that nature throid wasn’t working well and that Armour was recommended to be working better. So I asked Dr. Melnick to switch me to Armour we also reduce it from 5 grains to 4 grains. I have been on Armour for 2 months. First month nothing major and now second month I started recently having chest pain and started feeling hypo my hair has gotten really thin and most of it has fallen out. I don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t even know what to recommend to Dr. Melnick any suggestion. I cant figure out why the chest pain started.

  39. Judith Stringer

    New Low T symptoms on Greenstone T3 only. Using that brand since July 2019. Now heart palps, lower temp, more fatigue, brain fog, I was not ever feeling very good. Cannot find that note but I think you suggest SigmaPharm? My rite aide cannot get it, where do you? I dose T3 only 20 mgs 4 x day. Was Best match so far for steady temps, bp. Cortef 45 mgs, still too high but cannot get lower after that terrible lowering of T3 two years ago with heart palps, hi bp, increased cortef. Endo ok with that, but T3/cortef treatment by primary who gets what I need for T3, I swear those other docs almost killed me, terrible feet veins lasting from that experience.
    T3, FREE 3.7 2.3-4.2 pg/mL Normal
    IRON, TOTAL 48 45-160 mcg/dL Normal
    IRON BINDING CAPACITY 370 250-450 mcg/dL (calc) Normal
    % SATURATION 13 16-45 % (calc) Low
    FERRITIN 83 16-288 ng/mL Normal
    Chronic anemia, IV’s don’t hold and last round half dose Venofer made me ill, take ferrous gluconate every other day, bod does not metabolize iron well, weird bruises, genetics. Should I take iodine? Lugols 1 drop in 8 oz water over 24 hrs cured rumbling/gas/must have been bacterial. Continued complex issues with genetics. Have high cobalt from hip implants. Hi homocysteine, B6, low B12 (Japanese studies say should be 800). NAFLD. Do you know what leather feeling bottom of feet skin is from? Always wear shoes, not from dry skin. Thanks Janie.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Your situation may be more about that seriously low iron instead of the Greenstone. Looks like you need to get a doc to dig deeper as to why you don’t hold iron, etc. You don’t have Celiac, do you? It can affect your ability to absorb nutrients. Or anything that could damage the villi in your intestines.

      • Judith Stringer

        gluten free for many years, no longer have antibodies TPO, PPO. Gluten big culprit in autoimmune thyroid. I also have AI Gastritis, don’t absorb properly so tried IV Venofer to no avail. It is my genetics. I cannot afford to pay for someone to coach me that way so I work to figure but so far no good. Grand has the same. Some say don’t push it, your body does not know what to do with it. Must iron I guess. Floradix again. I will search here for Sigma Pharm, their suggestion. Where do you get yours Janie?

  40. Kim

    I have been a hypothyroid diagnosed sufferer for 25+ years. At one point of a 10 year span I was on levoxyl, in which I only grew sicker and more symptomatic as time went on. Completely stopped the med all together. Went on Naturethroid, no help there. Then got off all med just to let the body detox off meds that were clearly hurting more than helping.

    Fast forward to now, would like to start over with a new protocol, and really need guidance. My TSH is through the roof and I’m sure my Rt4 Rt3, etc are all out of whack too. I’m reading the horror stories on the bovine supplements, but also reading the most highly suggested combo is the the synthetic t3 and t4 combo. Could someone please elaborate on the brand or what that is exactly? Thank you for your help!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi there. It wasn’t about detoxing off meds. That’s why your TSH is now so high. It was more about being on meds that work (unlike Naturethroid, WP or NP Thyroid), plus being optimal on those that work (like Armour, T4/T3, a compounded NDT that works). Please learn this, too:

    • Judith Stringer

      have you tracked to see if t4 causes hi Rt3? that is my issue so must take t3 only. I use Greenstone, Janie recs SigmaPharm. Takes time and patience and someone who will test your Ft4, Ft3 and Rt3.

  41. micaela restano

    I am following the blog post. Thank you Janie to keep us posted on this.
    I am wondering for us patents who are on HC ( Hydrocortisone) if we feel flu symptons, we should stress dose, starting with 2,5mg with a max of 20mg per day if the symptons are bad right? is there any other thing we should do when stress dosing? Id like to be informed and understand how to proceed in case we feel we could have CoronaVirus. Is our immune system lower than the normal if we are on HC?? Thank you so much for your time.:)

  42. Connie Pressman

    So I understand the issues surrounding iodine, but my question is how does RAI affect those of us with Hashimoto’s. I had my thyroid removed in July due to cancer and they recommend RAI, but I don’t know if it’s worth it?? My endo dr says now that I’ve had the thryoidectomy, I no longer have hashimoto’s.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      It’s a hard call with RAI. Some people wish they had never done it. Probably go to a thyroid group and ask for opinions.

      You may still have autoimmune tendencies. And some still see antibodies.

  43. Jeri Marks

    So I don’t know how we know if Elderberry is ok for us or not if we have Hashimotos. I used to use it before I read not to use it.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Like so many times, it’s not totally black and white as opinions can make it. There are a variety of Hashi’s patients who have reported they did fine on it.

  44. Mary

    Would colloidal silver be helpful with combatting viruses?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Yes, but might need to be careful if you have an active MTHFR mutation or active methylation issue–either which “may” cause the silver to go too high in your body.

  45. Victoria N.

    I’ve already had the flu, thanks to someone at work who came into work sick and shared with everyone she came near. I even had the flu shot, but this was a different strain that I wasn’t protected against. At any rate, I’d recover from the COVID virus if I got it. I’m more concerned about my elderly mom. Anything more than a cold could easily kill her.

  46. Debbie

    The best overall advice I ever heard was from a Harvard MD who was speaking about Inflammation and the Gut.
    As I remember, the advice was “this is not an exact science…use your body as a living laboratory. If you feel better with symtpom improvement, then it’s right for you”. Keeping in mind the possibility of herx or detox symptoms which have sometimes made me feel worse short term, implementing this practice has worked for me for years.

  47. Linda Welker

    My family uses fresh, raw garlic to keep ourselves immune from severe colds and flu. I don’t know where I got the info from, but we have used it for years. I peel one clove, finely chop it and let it sit for at least 10 minutes to develop stickiness. Then scoop it on to a spoon and swallow the pieces with water without chewing it. I take garlic early in the day so it doesn’t keep me awake at night.

  48. Mark

    Glutathione is by far the the body’s most potent master antioxidant which doubles as an antiviral and may be effective against lipid envelope viruses like Coronavirus:
    IV glutathione pushes and IVC (IV vitamin C) drips (IV clinics across the country are more popular now than ever and are likely to see a spike in demand for nutrient IVs) are the gold standard in terms of bioavailability and are superior (in my experience) over oral administration. IV also avoids any interaction with with the gut.

    Liposomal delivery of glutathione and ascorbic acid is next best if IV administration is not possible (some claim liposomal delivery is superior to IV):

    Alternatively, and if one cannot tolerate the possible detox reactions from IV glutathione, one can boost endogenous GSH with precursors (i.e. supplementation with NAC, selenium, cysteine, glycine, ALA, etc.).

  49. John Dunlap

    I tried to put this whole thing in perspective on my own blog. I’ll summarize here. COVID-19, like other coronaviruses, has an incubation period of 7-14 days. That means an absolute minimum of seven days went by before Chinese health professionals figured out there was a new virus going around (why they thought to look for something that causes the exact same symptoms as the flu and over 200 other coronaviruses is up for debate). Given their top heavy, bureaucratic government and cultural factors, we can assume that several days or weeks were wasted in argument over the need to tell the rest of the world. Modern air travel moves millions of people and distributes millions of tons of goods all over the world every single day. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that the virus had circumnavigated the globe several times before it was identified in China, let alone announced to the world.

    Most people (in the Western world, anyway) don’t go the doctor with a cold unless it gets really bad. When they do, physicians seldom order any tests to identify the specific virus. Bottom line, that bad cold you had last week could easily have been COVID-19, and you have absolutely no way of ever knowing. Because comprehensive testing is not being done in most nations, the ‘experts’ cannot know how far the virus has spread, how infectious it is, or what the mortality rate actually is, though it must be very low or there’d be bodies all over the place here already. What they are giving us is an educated guess. What little is known points to it being a threat mostly to malnourished, impoverished or otherwise immune compromised populations.

    So why all the media hysterics? My personal opinion is that fear porn has become big business. The “infotainment” media uses it to keep you watching. Since the bird flu scare, it has become Big Pharma’s cash cow. And politicians have always used it to herd the public (think mandatory vaccinations in this case).

    With modern transportation systems, there is no such thing as an early warning when it comes to pandemics. We should stop letting the fear mongers scare us, eat an organic diet, get enough rest, make sure we have clean water, and do whatever else we can to strengthen our immune systems, all the time. It’s the only real defense we have.

    John Dunlap

    • Jeanne

      John, you have read my mind! A couple months ago everyone around here plus my sister in another state we’re all getting upper respiratory virus , that seemed incredibly contagious. We just laid low for a few days feeling crappy, nothing bad, and got over it.
      Hindsight, and being an RN for 25 years, told me this very well could have been Coronavirus and we just never knew it!

  50. Mary Renken

    Well, a doctor I work for (she’s an oncologist), said if you can’t get wipes and whatever, to use cheap vodka.
    I laughed and motioned drinking it; she said to wash hands and wipe surfaces with it. I imagine she’s right.
    Though drinking it might help with the anxiety…
    (Sorry, but I’m needing a little levity these days.)

  51. Melanie Schrand

    Hi there, whenever I get a feeling of a cold or flu coming on, I take the Pure Synergy Rapid Rescue and I do the loading doses. It has a lot more in it than just echinacea and elderberry. As soon as I take the loading dose for 2 days, any sign of the flu completey went away. I would suggest everyone keep this on hand as it is the only thing that worked for me. My husband did not take it and his flu symptoms lasted for over 2 months. I never got.

  52. Caroline Nowak

    Thank you for the suggestions. Elderberry and other supplements like echinacea are not recommended for people with autoimmune conditions because it stimulates the immune system therefore stimulating autoimmunity.Also, iodine is very controversial for hashimoto’s patients and I would not recommend supplementing unless under the care of a doctor. Vitamin C and zinc are good though!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Caroline. The interesting fact is that not all Hashi’s or autoimmune folks have reacted badly to Elderberry. So it’s a matter of each individual deciding if they want to try or not.

      Second, iodine is only controversial from those who don’t understand it. There a quite a lot of Hashi’s patients who have soared on iodine, seeing it alone help lower their antibodies. That’s always been impressive. Others have had problems due to the detox that iodine causes, which can cause a rise of antibodies.

      SO it’s definitely not black and white.

      And guess what? Vitamin C will convert to oxalates–the worst thing for someone (like me) who already has high oxalates. So there’s another factor against saying it’s good. Kinda crazy, huh??

      And zinc will cause a miserable detox of high copper is one has the latter.


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