LYME SUCKS!! In Loving Memory of Paige Adams, FNP, B-C

Paige Adams, FNP, B-C UPDATED(Paige Adams died Sunday night/early Monday morning, due to her Lyme disease. And if you didn’t know her, I want you to.

In honor of Paige Adams, the Lyme Warrior….)

When I was contacting certain medical practitioners in 2014 to be in the STTM II book, one that I knew I wanted in there was Paige Adams.

Paige was a Nurse Practitioner with a fabulous reputation among patients as owner of The Center for Proactive Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee.

And Paige herself was a fighter! She had problems for many years and successfully treated her hormone imbalances like PCOS and infertility, Crohn’s disease, severe adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s disease. Perhaps that is why she specialized in treating difficult cases at her clinic…

And oh was Paige a fun and extremely loving individual, as so many others know! In our many email correspondences, she would start her message with things like “Hey Lovely Lady!” or “Hey Gorgeous!” or “Hi Ladybug!”. Or she would end her emails with “Much Love n Blessings”. She always made me chuckle with her exuberant, sweet and loving personality.

Paige strongly supported this thyroid patient movement for better health care as well as our power in being informed patients and our best advocates. Her chapter happened to be about Reverse T3 in the Stop the Thyroid Madness II book, titled “Moving Forward with Reverse T3: The Causes and Health Implications”. And she wanted me to include all sorts of wonderful and cute graphics in the chapter, which you will see in Chapter 11. You can discern her dynamic personality in the way she wrote that chapter.

She concluded her wonderful chapter with the following words of wisdom:

The best best advice I can give to my patients is this:

– Eat clean (preferable gluten-free)
– Drink plenty of filter spring water
– Exercise to tolerance
– Find time to enjoy life and to laugh. I mean laugh a LOT!
– Get your face in the sun for even a few minutes every single day
– Keep your [internal] gutters and downspouts clean
– Get your caboose in bed for plenty of uninterrupted sleep every night

Paige also knew about the importance of B12, supported the use of Low Dose Naltrexone, understood personally about the MTHFR mutation, was concerned about the connection between certain viruses and cancer, was interested in genomics, supported the use of Natural Desiccated Thyroid in the treatment of hypothyroidism, and had an special interest in autism in children, many of whom she treated.

One of several treatments that Paige loved was the Myer’s Cocktail–an intravenous nutrient mixture that could contain high doses of the B vitamins as well as magnesium, vitamin C and sometimes calcium.

Paige was an “avid and outspoken animal lover”, too, which she never hesitated to talk about in her Facebook posts. Paige also loved the Alabama Crimson Tide.

And Paige had Lyme disease

For those who don’t know, and in simple terms, Lyme is a tick born infection via a bacteria of what is called the Borrelia type. It is estimated to affect 300,000 people a year in the United States and 65,000 people a year in Europe¹, even though many more individuals get bitten by a tick without getting Lyme. The good news about the bite is that if it’s attached for less than 36-48 hours, there is less risk you’ll get Lyme.² But it happens.

If someone does get Lyme, the signs and symptoms of the disease vary and usually appear in stages.³ Many will get a bullseye rash on the skin within the next week or more: some do not. Others will get flu-like symptoms, ranging from achiness to fever to fatigue. Over time, which can take months to years and especially if untreated, individuals can develop viral infections, inflammation, aches and pains, shakiness and/or neurological issues…to name a few. Lyme is nasty.

Paige, unfortunately, had active Neuropsychiatric Lyme Disease, which she explained to me in the Fall of 2015 and was fighting it all with IV antibiotics and a great amount of oral medications. Also known as Lyme neuroborreliosis, it’s the neurologic involvement of either the peripheral or central nervous system.

Bottom line, Paige was one sick lady and fought like a champion. Her dear mother confirmed that she lost her battle with Lyme during the night. There will be no service, but as soon as her mother announces it, there will be a way to make donations, which I will include as a comment to this post.

Lyme disease and you

Do know that each person’s case of Lyme is individual with many variables, both in outcomes and treatment protocols. Many do quite well after treatment. For more information…

– A video to watch about Lyme:

– And another video by Dr. Horowitz about the co-infections that can go with Lyme:

– – Here’s an interesting page where the results of this gal’s survey questions were tabulated about Lyme treatments: The rest of the website is excellent.

More sites:


– This group is for women only and focuses on abx:
– This one is all about various herbal protocols like cowden, buhner, white
– This one follows dr. Klinghardt:
– LDI:
– Another Cowden group:
– Cannabis for Lyme:
– Lyme and mold (mainly follows dr. Shoemaker):

Dear Paige, you will be missed by so many people! Thank you for touching all our lives with your sweet spirit, highly positive outlook, loving attitude, tireless efforts to help others in your practice and passions…and your wonderful contribution to the STTM II book! And we all send our deepest condolences to your mother and the rest of your family and closest friends.



Here is a great article by Paige:

Intravenous Therapies – Miracle Help for All

And remarkably, this is the beautiful graphic she posted on Facebook the day before she died… We should all post it on our pages in her honor.

Paige Adams quote she posted

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52 Responses to “LYME SUCKS!! In Loving Memory of Paige Adams, FNP, B-C”

  1. Pam P

    While I too mourn the passing of a wonderful Lyme Literate Practitioner, I MUST point out that the time frame that was stated for transmission of these diseases is completely false. NO time has ever been established with REAL testing of any sort.

    Please, in memory of this wonderful lady that gave so much to so many, let’s get the information correct!! Believe me, if she was a fighter, she would have insisted that the information shared was correct.

  2. Charles Roberts

    Paige she was so gifted at what she did and so filled with joy.You wood not known she was really so sick like i really knew she had heart and that bite that keep her going all the time. I known her to work 15 hours days but i didn’t know really how sick she really was til it was to late. You know she was Amazing Lady in what she done. I didn’t know what to look out for til she showed me what to look out for and i didn’t know T4 makes T3 from the Thyroid. Your going to be very very Missed Sweet Lady.

  3. Alice

    Does anyone knkow of an integrative practitioner in Northeast Florida?

    • Kim gebhard

      THERE IS NOT! DON’T WASTE TIME OR MONEY! HAVE BEEN THROUGH 2 SO CALLED LLD’S TO JUST MORE EMPTY POCKETS AND same suffering if not worse.. I have been calling and trying to find the best up north but I get sent in one direction after another until I find A TEAM OF TRULY EDUCATED DR.S TO TAKE THE LAST OF MY SAVINGS! meantine, suffer miserably and hope I can remember my name and continue to keep doors open on my thriving 20 year blood,sweat and tears business that I see fast lyme slipping away. GO UP! TRAVEL TO THE NORTH! good luck. Kim gebhard

  4. Joe Patterson

    This is my first message on the STTM website. After reading about this heroic, loving, strong, and dedicated lady I want to offer my condolences to all those who knew her and her family. I have been sick for a very long time and after having so many tests and seeing so many doctors I never got a real answer or an offer to help. I am so grateful to practitioners, or I should say clinicians, such as Ms. Adams who selflessly helped others in need while fighting her own hard battle. God bless her and may she rest in peace with the Lord. I’m a 46 y.o. man diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” while getting multiple TSH tests low or “low normal” as well as low testosterone, having had mononucleosis at age 16, and being exposed to toxic mold for a year at my work. None of my doctors offered treatment. I bought both of Janie’s books and begun reading them. My rheumatologist cared not to hear my symptoms, my environmental exposures, prior illnesses, and especially mycotoxin (mold) exposure. I nearly died from it. I have begun self-medication with Thyroid-S and in one day my body temperature normalized from always being 95 ro 97 degrees to 98.6. My temp hasn’t been 98.6 in more than a decade. The result was immediate! I’ll be going to a bio-identical hormone replacement clinic and they ran almost every test STTM recommends. I’m so tired of being treated to a revolving door at every doctor’s office. So thank you to everyone fighting the battle for symptom based treatment with natural medications! I believe I’m on the path to wellness instead of death as that’s where I thought I was going. I hope I can finish my Ph.D. in engineering; about 1 year left. STTM and people like Paige have given me the strength to keep fighting this battle with hope instead of fear for the future. Thank all of you wonderful ladies!! Health and wellness to you all!!

  5. Tricia Roberts

    I was heartbroken to find out tonight about Paige’s passing. What a blessing she was to so many. She treated my daughter many years ago…and I learned so much from her. She had the BIGGEST heart and was such a kind, loving and caring person. Paige had such a big heart. Thinking of her mom and family tonight and sending healing thoughts. <3

  6. Dorothy Gaffney-Madsen

    I am so distressed to hear this news about Paige.

    Such a skilled health practitioner and kind human being will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Paige. Your wisdom on health management will be your marvelous legacy.

  7. BettyG, Iowa/USA activist

    to paige’s mom,

    i don’t know your plans, but have you considered donating her brain for BORRELIA/LYME disease research?

    dr. alan macdonald, patholigist in florida, recently did my late husband’s, JACK GORDON. 11.22.15, his brain made WORLDWIDE history!!

    alan and paula pierce from norman, okla., who has a private lab there, did jack’s blood staining of his brain.

    they found both of these diseases NEVER reported together before!

    LEWY BODY DEMENTIA like late actor/comedian, robin williams had, causing very VIOLENT hallucinations!

    since jack is the 1st, we are writing this up for a scientific medical journal! i will be the 1st CO-AUTHOR, A NON-MEDICAL person, since i’ll be describing his symptoms, treatments, behavior examples, etc. i’m in final stages of reading tom’s write-up on jack and will be mailing it back to tom this afternoon.

    the other 3 medical folks involved:
    tom grier, microbiologist/minn. will write this, and paula and alan will each write their portion with many photos of jack’s brain showing each of the diseases.

    if you are interested in doing this and it’s not too late, please contact tom grier here:
    i could give you his phone no. if you email me if you’d like 😉

    i gave a large charity donation to the DR. PAUL DURAY RESEARCH FOUNDATION INC. to be used for more blood staining of the following diseases:

    LYME, MS, ALZHEIMER’S, DEMENTIA, & PARKINSON’S as PD is what my husband had been diagnosed with and dementia…NOT lewy body dementia.

    he was NEVER diagnosed or treated for LBD or LYME; he had lyme for 35 yrs!

    so if you are interested, i have PREPAID for patients like your beloved daughter, paige. (it’s $1,000 for DNA probes for 1 patient; they charge for MATERIALS ONLY used; NOT LABOR…it’s pro bono.)

    it would be cost to have paige’s entire brain sent to paula …there are specific instructions which tom grier has from dr. alan macdonald. those are what des moines university osteopathic medical college used for FEDEXing my jack’s brain to paula.

    again, my heartfelt sympathies to you–her family, to her patients who she fought to restore their quality of life, and to the huge loss to our lyme/co-infection community.

    bettyg, iowa activist
    47 yrs. CLD, 35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs; unacceptable!

  8. Sharon Todd

    RIP beautiful lady. Thank you for being a warrior for so many.

  9. Irene Bean

    Praying for strength for the family. She was a great advocate for her patients and a pioneer for the profession.

  10. Matt Adcock, RPh

    As a pharmacist and previous Lyme sufferer, I hate to hear stories like Paige’s. During my research and path back to good health, I found that if you use the hypothesis that pathogens are the ultimate cause of bad health in adults, you can recover. They are the ultimate cause because they affect the biochemistry at the cellular level. The physiology from the cytokine cascade dictates a loss of many substances that are catalysts and substrates for our functioning on the cellular level. Once these nutrients are replenished and your pathogen load decreases, you can recover. This is of course a simplistic version but there is hope out there for Lyme sufferers. You must change your GI flora and this and the nutrient replenishment can be accomplished by how you eat. I won’t recommend any particular diet because we all have a different microbiome but I can tell you it needs to be a less acidic diet than what most people eat.

  11. Debbie Stevens

    So sorry to hear about this. She sounds like a very special person who used her challenges to help others with the same problems. I’m very encouraged to see other nurses on here going into the Integrative or Holistic Nursing field. I’m an RN with a BSN who is thinking about doing this too. I am also challenged with Hashimoto’s, but also celiac and narcolepsy. I just need to get my brain cleared up and my energy level up to normal. She does give me hope!

  12. Lori

    Every time I hear about another death from Lyme Disease, it makes me realize why I am compelled to publish my book Lyme Madnessâ„¢. I was driven to write it because of my son’s illness. Before long, I was driven to continue to fight this disease for people like Paige. I didn’t know her. I wish I had. I am so sad to hear of her passing. Lyme is a terribly debilitating chronic illness. One that presents differently in everyone. And a disease that is being widely ignored by the medical system globally – despite the fact that millions are suffering worldwide. My heart breaks for Paige’s mother. I’m so sorry for her loss.

  13. A friend of Paige

    So Sorry for the loss of a friend. I miss her very much.
    I too have Lyme and am curious how that is an official cause of death hours after she died.
    My Lyme MD (one of the best in the US) just said “You don’t die of Lyme” (not an official cause of death)
    When will the coroner’s report be in. Many of us want to know.
    A friend of Paige

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Not sure. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ve only reported what her dear and sweet mother stated.

    • Curiously innocent

      I’m wondering the same thing also. How can lyme not be a recognized disease but it can be recognized as a cause of death. We need more info. I’m sure Paige would want to have loved ones digging into this to show how much her death was not expected

  14. Kimberly Holcomb Willingham

    I’ve known Paige for what seems like forever. We went to Saks High school together and well 40+ came fast and furious. Even in school Paige had the positive, bubbly and warm personality described here. She was a true gem. I followed her on FB and even the day before she died she was looking up. To her beautiful mother, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how hard it must be saying goodbye to your only child. I’m praying for you Ms. Abbott and just want you to know your daughter was beautiful inside and out from the day I met her. She won’t be forgotten. I will miss you Paige Abbott (Adams). Thank you Ms Janie, Paige would like this.

  15. Jessica

    My sincere condolences to Paige’s family. My heart aches for her mother and family. It’s a terrible disease. My son who is now 36 yrs old contacted Lyme disease at the age of 12 yrs old. It has come back with a vengeance. Same thing Hashimoto’s. Gastrointestinal disease. High white blood count. He is a very sick young man. The doctors don’t know how to treat it. I hope and pray that someday our medical professionals will come to grips with this disease and find a cure. May Paige rest in Peace. So so sorry to hear this.

  16. Robin

    So sorry for your loss
    God has a special purpose for this special lady..

  17. Anne

    I just joined this group and I have recently diagnosed Lyme’s. I am so shocked at her death. Was it not caught soon enough? Sorry if this is an insensitive question at this time.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Anne. We’re not yet sure of the details, but she was clearly sick for a long while. 🙁 Her mother said it was complications from Lyme.

  18. Michele Smith

    My heart breaks for her friends and family This disease has affected so many lives and taken some beautiful souls way too soon.I am so sorry for your loss, sending love and prayers

  19. Katrina Bryant

    To my dear most favorite neice Paige. You set a precedent that no one else can or ever will reach. I know this as a dream because we will be together soon. I miss you in ways that they don’t make words for. Tell mama grandmother and granny I love them……your MFAT (most favorite aunt Trina.

  20. Paula Jenkins

    Thank you so much for sharing. I didn’t know of her but feel incredibly sad that this has happened to such an amazing and lovely lady.

  21. Watchmom3

    Well, you did exactly what you said that you would…I did not know her, but here I sit with tears in my eyes, feeling the loss of this woman. Thank you for sharing her…and God bless you and her loved ones…Evelyn

  22. Betty Dunning

    OMG…I loved Paige! There will never be another one like her. She treated my son with Autism, his PANDAS and Lyme. As I watched her go through so much turmoil in her life over the years….she was remarkable, such a survivor and always bounced back. Rest in peace Paige…you touched so many and will not be forgotten. The world has lost someone very special. Sending her family our deepest sympathy.

    • Daniela Espinosa

      Hi Betty, im so sad this amazing Dr. has passed away! Im deeply sorry for her loss. I never get to meet her. My son has just been diagnosed woth autism and i wanted Dr. Paige to treat him.
      Are there any other Doctors like Dr. Paige around Nashville? I will appreciate any response. Thank you

      • Betty Dunning

        I am so sorry that Paige is no longer here with us, such a loss to so many. My son is not seeing anyone in Nashville at this time. My suggestion is to call the Center for Proactive Medicine (615-331-1973), Sarah Cole FNP, worked with Paige, and still has the clinic (although it has moved a block away, this was the info on their website). I do not know Sarah, but I did know Paige well, and if she had her as a partner in her practice, then that tells me enough. If nothing else she may have someone she would recommend. I wish you and your son the very best. Betty

  23. JoAnne Coopland

    Thank you for sharing. I’m sure she will be deeply missed.

  24. Rebecca Hatch Wortham

    I have loved Paige since we met in 7th grade, and she has treated me and my sons for many years. One thing she was VERY passionate about was Autism, and 3 of my 7 sons have it. She also helped my Caleb through his HSP Renal and subsequent chemo and helped me through my MSPIKE and recent diagnosis. Today I learned I am cancer free, and I had to tell Paige on her FB wall. My little boys are sad, and I am too. Her heart was so huge, so I know she will come to us to practice healing in Heaven. It’s what she knew and what she did. My heart is broken, and I’m one of thousands. Thank you for this.

  25. Rebecca Hatch Wortham

    I have loved Paige since we met in 7th grade, and she has treated me and my sons for many years. One thing she was VERY passionate about was Autism, and 3 of my 7 sons have it. She also helped my Caleb through his HSP Renal and subsequent chemo and helped me through my MSPIKE and recent diagnosis. Today I learned I am cancer free, and I had to tell Paige on her FB wall. My little boys are sad, and I am too. Her heart was so huge, so I know she will come to us to practice healing in Heaven. It’s what she knew and what she did. My heart is broken, and I’m one of thousands. Thank you for this.

  26. Penny

    Rip to this most courageous woman

  27. Janie Bowthorpe

    To everyone: Paige’s mom has asked that in lieu of flowers, we ask that you donate to either the Autism or Lyme Foundations.
    Links were not provided, so I did find these. There are more:



    • BettyG, Iowa/USA activist is Phil Baker. this link explains more who he is and his CONNECTION TO IDSA, infectious disease society of america drs.
      sorry, but i don’t feel you meant to put this one in there.

      RIP PAIGE; i didn’t know you; i did however send out your name for llmd/nds for tenn. to those living in your area needing to be treated by ILADS drs.

      what a beautiful tribute and photo; thank you for posting this which i received from a close friend.

      bettyg, iowa
      47 yrs. chronic lyme, 35 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs;

  28. Tanya Saramandif

    Such sad news! RIP beautiful lady!

  29. Mark F Binkley, Pharmacist

    Paige and I became good friends years ago as we always seemed to end up at the same seminars. Functional medicine was starting and she was one practitioner that would always stand in the patient’s corner. Her health issues seemed to make her a better practitioner, and was she ever a very intelligent person! She will be missed terribly, and she would tell other like-minded practitioners to stay healthy and take good care of their body and their mind. It is so sad to know she is gone, but the Great Physician has called her home.

  30. Annette Ripp Bowman

    I’m so sorry for your loss, our loss. What a great fighter in our lyme, hashimotos community. RIP PAIGE.

  31. Gloria Luther

    I send my deepest condolences to her mother, family, friends and patients. Her memory will live on through those who read her book and are helped and through her many friends and family. We will cherish her memory. Rest now sweet angel.

  32. olivia wallace

    My sympathy to her wonderful family, Rest in Peace beautiful lady.

  33. Steven Waserman, RN, DC

    I never met her in person unfortunately, only on FB, … It is amazing how we all become so close, working indirectly with each other, helping each with others cases, and the mental bonds that we do form… She was always there for so many, I did not know she was that ill, …I am devastated as many, may God bless her and her family…. Thank you for the tribute…

  34. Lucinda

    Janie, a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman! Your words touched me deeply and made me realize, once again. how precarious life is, especially with so many autoimmune diseases. The struggle is so very real for so many of us. Sounds like she died peacefully.

    Rest well, dear Paige. You will be remembered!

  35. Marcy Kerr

    This is a beautiful tribute to Paige , she was a true warrior and a angel on earth . She helped so many Autistic children. I miss Paige, praying for her sweet Mom at this difficult time.

  36. Alison Haston

    All we can do is fight and try our best to kick Lyme & co-infections to the curb. I remember being in bed, fever so high and couldn’t lift my hand up from the pillow. I honestly wondered if I was going to die that night, at age 46. I didn’t want my son to have to find me and go through all that. They will treat Malaria, and now Zika, but they won’t do anything for Lyme. Maybe if it was given a different name that would help. There is a real fear with the name “Lyme.” It’s unfair that this lady died from a disease the US refuses to acknowledge. We are the health leader to the world. It’s going to take a lot of government officials’ families getting sick to do anything about it. Keep on truckin’ Lymies!

    • Jessica

      I feel the same way as you do. Why aren’t they doing more about this disease? Makes me mad as hell!

    • Alison Haston

      I propose re-naming this thing we have. The disease formerly known as Lyme. Seriously, it may just get attention if it can walk away from the crazy stigma attached to the name. I don’t think it is the insect bite that’s scary to doctors so much as the treatment. They can get sued for malpractice for all the antibiotics and such BECAUSE there’s not even a reliable TEST!

      • Valerie

        Right! The only mostly reliable test is done via culture, in a lab that watches it for weeks because it takes that long for encysted ones to come out. AND, the kicker is, that test has been made illegal in several states, and if you travel to a distant state where it can be done, you have to pay for the travel, lodging, meals, doctor appointment, and the $1000 test–all because health insurance gets to deny any/all Lyme related treatments and labs. This would be unthinkable if I wasn’t living this nightmare. There’s a reason that my health suffered since contracting Lyme and more back in 1985…and was only just diagnosed when I became disabled in 2010. In 6th year of heavy treatment now, with little improvement. It would be sad if it was only me, but millions of us suffer to my degree and many worse off. Blessed is the Lyme fighter, for they hang on to their state of grace while a big ugly world is out to silence them. ;(

  37. Wendy Van Dyke

    My sincere condolences go out to this mighty warrior and NP colleague in her battle with Lyme and other autoimmune diseases. I can relate with her as I am a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner myself struggling with many of what Paige struggled with except the Lyme and a few others. Like her, I’ve dedicated the last 5 plus years studying Hashitmotos and other autoimmune diseases even becoming one of the first 100 Certified Hashimoto’s Practitioners through the Hasimotos Institute. I am also working on IFM certification and. Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. WHY ? So others like Paige and her patients and many of my own patients can get Functional and Integrative medical treatments for these insidious diseases that seem to baffle conventional medical practitioners. In honor of Paige, I will continue the fight and someday will be writing a book as well. We need to Stop The Autoimmune Madness sooner rather than later and I thank everyone on these forums for every contribution made towards this effort. Let’s keep the fight going for this lovely young lady who left us way too soon but was obviously needed elsewhere to fight other battles. Will miss you Paige !

  38. Emily B

    So sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was such a great woman and champion for the cause, leaving behind a meaningful legacy. Thanks for sharing about her.


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