The Case of the Missing Thyroid Nodules

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Have you ever had thyroid nodules? Read the real life testimony of thyroid and Hashimoto’s patient Cheryl and how she single-handedly removed her nodules with iodine and selenium…even though she has Hashimoto’s disease!  ~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

Remember: this is just Cheryl’s remarkable experience and information. Each person reading this has to decide for themselves or in working with their doctor.


My first thyroid ultrasound came as I was fighting for proper thyroid care.

The new doctor I had just recently hired had decided that my thyroid looked “spongy.” I knew that an ultrasound was a step up on the ladder that would eventually lead to a diagnosis and therefore treatment.

Within three days after the ultrasound study, my doctor called me and stated she was referring me to an endocrinologist. Multiple nodules covered my thyroid and several were going to need a biopsy. It would be much later before I found out how many nodules I had and exactly what shape my thyroid was in.

To say that those words, nodules and biopsy, scared me would be an understatement.

Never the less, I did what so many of us do when confronted with a health issue. I hit the Internet. First, I looked up the words “Thyroid nodules.” What exactly did that mean? Was it a nice way of saying I had cancer? Thyroid nodules, according to Mayo Clinic, are “solid or fluid-filled lumps that form within your thyroid.” The article went on to state that most are benign (over 95%) and not serious. That was not enough of a definition. I wanted, needed, and felt I deserved more information.

The next site, The American Thyroid Association page (which is good with this info but lousy with other parts), said virtually the same thing, only adding that it was an abnormal growth of thyroid cells on the thyroid gland. I kept perusing the internet, reading anything and everything I could find on thyroid nodules including the size at which a nodule becomes clinically significant (1cm and over) and needs a biopsy. I also found that not all nodules are solid abnormal growths but that some are the result of tissue breakdown. Those are the fluid-filled cysts and can occur due to Hashimoto’s.

Once I was satisfied with the information I gathered on the how and why of nodules- I made it my next mission to find out about biopsies of these “abnormal growths.”

The biopsy, and was I going to die?

What I learned was that Fine Needle Aspiration is the preferred method to biopsy a clinically significant thyroid nodule, and the doctor usually performs it right in the office. The endocrinologist inserts a hollow needle into the “lump” and extracts a sample of cells for analysis. It is a safe and relatively painless procedure.

The biopsy went flawlessly, as they always do, and my results came back: The lumps, numbering 21, (with only two being significant), were classified as being hyperplastic (adnomatoid) nodules. Being benign, they mostly contained follicular cells, Hurthle cells, and some foamy macrophages. When I asked about treating my thyroid, the nodules, and medication, I got the usual answer. “We aren’t doing anything. We are going to watch and wait.” I left that endocrinologist’s office with a sense of defeat. I was for sure I was going to die and no one in the world was going to help me.

The fighter in me did not stay down for long.

I was not going to “watch and wait.” “Not this girl,” I thought. It was obvious to me that my thyroid was floundering and needed help! By the time I got home from the follow up visit, about an hour and half away, I once again hit the World Wide Web to educate myself on the pathology findings. The next phase of my journey for true thyroid care began.

In the days immediately following my biopsy results, my primary care physician finally agreed to test my Free T3, Free T4, and both antibodies tests. When the results of those tests came back, they clearly proved my suspicions. My thyroid was down for the count. It was then that my doctor agreed to medication and natural desiccated thyroid was my choice (T4/T3 can work well, too). She started me off small with one 60 mg pill a day (…which is meant to be raised until we are optimal. How we raise is also in Chapter 2 of the updated revision STTM I book).

But, I did not stop there.

I had nodules that the field of medicine had completely disregarded. I started reading on how to treat an under medicated thyroid. I read about what nutrients and supplements the thyroid had to have for proper functioning. I started digging into benign tumors and how to treat them as well. I, then, packaged that information into a regimen of supplements made easy by online ordering.


My regimen to begin with consisted of a working NDT (From Janie: this can also be T4 and T3) and selenium. I started the selenium first because I understood that it was critical to the thyroid. So vital, in fact, that the body will take selenium from the brain for thyroid use. It was determined from the lab/biopsy results that I had Hashimoto’s and I had heard that people with Hashi’s should not take iodine. Through my research, though, I began to understand that those with Hashi’s could take iodine but do need the selenium to protect the delicate thyroid. So, I started my selenium (400 micrograms a day). I began taking it a full two weeks before my iodine. I did not want to have a Hashi’s flare from taking iodine and knew the selenium would need a while to build up completely in my system.

Iodine supplementation was next

I had visited several sites regarding the use of iodine to cure cancers and tumors. I had joined an iodine group and absorbed Stephanie Buist’s information. I visited Breast Cancer and found a ton of helpful information there as well. I educated myself on the many uses of iodine and the vital role it plays in the human body. I learned that as important as selenium was to the thyroid, iodine was just as important. It is the main ingredient in all thyroid hormones.

I was cautious with the iodine. I worked on building up a tolerance. I started with one drop of J.Crow’s Lugol’s 2% iodine solution a day for one week. I then “upped” the dose to 2 drops (6mg) a day for a week. And so on and so forth until I exhibited “hyper” symptoms at which time I dropped back down to the next lower dose. My body was set at 33 milligrams of iodine a day. I was going to heal my thyroid or die trying.

(From Janie: going low and slow is a good idea with iodine. It starts a detox of what we have too much of in our bodies: bromide, chloride, fluoride, etc. This is true for all but especially true if you have Hashimoto’s.)

What happened next has left many, including my physician, declaring a miracle.

Three months after the initial ultrasound, my doctor ordered a repeat. The results left her scratching her head and claiming divine intervention. In three months, I had lost 14 smaller clinically insignificant nodules. Fourteen nodules on my thyroid just disappeared. When I asked her, “How does that happen?” her response was “I don’t know – God.” I smirked but I knew it was the iodine and selenium I had religiously been taking.

As an experiment, and to confirm to myself what I already knew, I did come off the iodine and selenium, for a while, to see what would transpire. I told no one what I was doing, as I wanted to see it for myself, without influence or interference. For four months, I took no iodine or selenium- only the Armour. The following ultrasound showed a new nodule. That was proof enough for me. I went back on the iodine and selenium and continued to take my Armour, which, my doctor had upped to 2.5 grains a day.

Now, three years later, I am nearly “lump” free.

I no longer have any clinically significant nodules. In fact, I only have three nodules and the ultrasound reports shows that they are shrinking as well.

However, that is not all. For the first time since my fight for thyroid care began, my thyroid itself is no longer swollen and is in “acceptable normal limits,” meaning it is a “normal” size. While I know my thyroid will need consistent life-long care, as I do have Hashimoto’s, I no longer feel like I am a slave to my supplements or that my thyroid is more of a burden than a blessing. The fight for my thyroid, as long and as arduous as it has been, has been worth it. The “the Siamese sisters of the thyroid,” what I now call selenium and iodine, have given me my thyroid, and consequently, my life back. The ultrasounds alone prove it.



Read more about selenium. Here’s good information about iodine.

Keep track of any US-made desiccated thyroid products. There were three that were rightly recalled in 2020, for example.

Do you experience hyper-like symptoms when you try to raise a working desiccated thyroid or T3 in your treatment in order to get optimal? That can point to an adrenal issue. Read here.

Have you raised a working desiccated thyroid or T3 and still feel hypothyroid? Read here.

And this is your patient-to-patient book, below, with Hashimoto’s. Order here.

Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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242 Responses to “The Case of the Missing Thyroid Nodules”

  1. Berry says:

    Question. When you first started taking the iodine, did you notice your thryoid swelling up a bit more…and then gradually get better. In other words, did it get worse initially before it got better? What is your current dose of the lugols? Are you still taking 1 drop every day?

  2. Linda says:

    I had TT IN Aug 2008. Sometime I don’t feel well very low energy. Dr checked me all immune issues everything was normal not even Hashimotos antibodies I have very dry eyes and sensitive to hot and cold weather. Am on 112 Synthroid was on higher but TSH was very low. And my hair was falling out. When my tt done thyroid was pretty beat up from being attacked by my immune system.

  3. Arci says:

    Hi i have a thyroid fluid cyst on my right side of the neck. Im not on any thyroid medication. How can i shrink it naturally? Doctors did not agree for surgery because my hormones level are normal everytime.

  4. Ken Joseph Wahlert says:

    It’s the Fluoride! It’s the fluoride in the water and in your toothpaste that is the root cause of your thyroid nodules. Filter your water and switch to a fluorid free tooth paste and your problems will be solved. I have a big nodule, found out about it 2 years ago and used Selenium to shrink it and I can not thank you enough for the info you you gave on your site. It was a major step in leading to my recovery but as time went on and the irritation in my throat went away I stopped using it. Now to let you know I have other health issues like arthritis and because of that I use a habit tracking app to track my symptoms among other things. One day when going over the data in the app I just stumbled across the fact that the more frequently I brushed my teeth the more irritating the nodule in my throat became. I did some research about fluoride and found there are many study’s that prove fluoride causes thyroid issues. So I switched to a fluoride free toothpaste and filter my water and havent had a problem with my thyroid since. The use of Selenium is still a huge help and I recommend it 100% but from my personal experience the fluoride is the root cause

  5. Roxana Cojo says:

    Hi girls. I have a tyroid nodule and a breast nodule. I am also anemic, my ferritin is 9, my tsh 33. What should I do?

  6. Wendy says:

    Hi, I have a question. I have a large thyroid nodule. A fine needle biopsy found it was benign. It’s very large and visable in the front of my neck. My dr only tested my TSH. I asked for the other tests and she only agreed to T3. I used the medlab via the STTM site to test my levels myself. My Free T4 is 1.1, Free T3 is 3.4 and TSH 1.35. Could this indicate hypo? I read in the interpreting lab values that a higher than mid T3 with a lower than mid T4 could indicate that if I read that correctly. I’m not on any thyroid medication. My hair analysis showed high uranium. My B12 is 517 and folate 12.2. I don’t have the two main MHTFR variances but I do have several other methylation variances.

    • You didn’t give ranges for the free’s….

      • Wendy says:

        Hi Janie, Free T4 1.1, Free T3 3.4, TSH 1.35, Thyroid Antibodies <1, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies <1.

        • Hi Wendy. Each lab will have a range that goes with the result. Once you find those ranges, you can use this page, based on those ranges:

          • Wendy says:

            Hi Janie, thank you I didn’t realize each lab ref range was different. My lab T3 ref range is 2.3-4.2 and mine was 3.4 so slightly above mid range. My lab T4 ref range is 0.8-1.8 and mine was 1.1 so slightly below mid-range. Based on the STTM lab values page it looks like I might be hypo. I’ve already started supplementing Selenium 200 mg for two weeks. Tonight I’m adding one drop of 2% Lugol’s iodine and will increase slowly. I’m also adding the other supplements as suggested. Hoping to shrink my thyroid nodule. It’s 27mm.

          • Yes when free T4 is that low, it seems to be a clue to being hypothyroid. i.e it’s converting like mad to the T3 you do have, but converting like mad means it’s low and gets lower.

          • Chandni says:

            Hi all, I’m Chandni and I came across this group while searching for more info on my newly discovered thyroid nodules. In my last annual check up with the doctor my reports showed Low TSH and normal t3 and t4 diagnosed as sub clinical hyperthyroidism. My endocrinologist sent me for a thyroid ultrasound and thyroid uptake test which revealed the multiple toxic nodules on my thyroid gland. He said they are “toxic” since they are linked to my Subclinical Hyperthyroidism. I also had a miscarriage a couple of months ago and asked the doctor if he thought there was any link between three two. He said it’s not been established but he suggested either full thyroid removal through surgery or taking the Radioiodine treatment. We were trying to get pregnant again and this has put everything on a hold for us. I’m so confused as to what option to take. Could someone pls help me out with what may have helped you? Also, did anyone get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy with the nodules? I feel like since I’m not symptomatic at all, isn’t a wait and watch approach better?
            Thank you so much

          • There seem to be a lot of patients who resent having their thyroid out. There is mention of just using antithyroid medications to treat toxic nodules, as well as the radioiodine treatment.You might want to do a major google search for ideas on how to treat those toxic nodules.

      • Wendy says:

        I also did the urine iodine test and it showed my iodine level at 112 and creatine level at 0.47.

        • Wendy says:

          Hi Janie, I wanted to report back that after one month of supplementing iodine, selenium and the other companion nutrients my obvious and large thyroid nodule has shrunk down a lot. I have taken several before and after pics. My family, friends and co-workers are amazed at the difference. If you would like to see the pics let me know how I could send them to you. It isn’t completely gone yet but I truly believe it will completely shrink very soon. Once I don’t notice it in my throat anymore I’m going to have a follow up ultrasound.

          • I am SO impressed and others reading this will be, too. You will give people hope!! Use this to contact me, then I will respond, and to that, you can attach the photos and send to me:

            BY THE WAY, how much iodine have you been using?? How much selenium?? etc

          • Wendy says:

            I’m taking 200 mcg of Selenium a day and I worked up to 100 mgs of iodine daily which I take half in the morning and half in the afternoon. I’m also taking 200-400 mgs of Magnesium, 500 mg of Niacin, 100 mg of B-2, 1,000 mgs of Bioflavonoids. I’ll send you the pictures. I’m very happy with how much it has shrank and how much better I feel. Lots of energy and zero brain fog. I am able to focus and feel my thinking is faster and more sharp.

  7. Charlene says:

    The left side of my thyroid was sore. A sonogram showed the left side of my thyroid had a nodule 1.5 cm along with scattered tiny nodules. I was diagnosed with subacute thyroiditis. Due to the 1.5 cm nodule I had to go for another sonogram three weeks later so that they could do a biopsy. The sonogram showed ALL of the nodules disappeared! No biopsy was needed! My TSH was very low when I had the nodules. 0.015. I am still waiting for the blood test results that I had 3 weeks after that. I made no changes to my diet besides cut back on gluten and sugar.

  8. Roselyn says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    I found out after a recent ultrasound that I have a total of 3 nodules and several small ones in the making. Reading about your experience gives me so much hope! I have started selenium and iodine and the co nutrients like it mentions on this site. All my levels are normal: TSH, free T3, free T4 and antibodies. Do I need NDT to resolve my nodules? Or can it be achieved just by using selenium and iodine? Any help would greatly be appreciated!

  9. Isabella Rosinsky says:

    Hi Cheryl. Thanks for posting this story. Do you know if your treatment would work on a hot nodule (overactive)? I have other nodules too but this is the concerning one. I’m told I’m hyper but i don’t feel hyper.

  10. Rhonda says:

    I was allergic once to iodine, I think, used when I gave platelets. If that is true, can I still safely take Lugol’s 2% Iodine?

  11. Christine says:

    I have a multinodular goiter. I unfortunately did this the other way around and started with iodine. Now everytime I take iodine of any sort I freeze(cold). Did you get cold at all when you took the iodine? I’m afraid I may have made matters worse. I’m self remedying and not sure I’m doing this right. Now I’m salt loading and staying off the iodine for a lil while meanwhile supping the right way with selenium and mag and sorts. Any pointers?

  12. debbie mcmanus says:

    Hi. Thank you for your research. 10 years ago I had multinodular Thyroid and the Doctor literally Picked a dose Of 75mcg where I proceeded to gain 40 pounds in seven months. No one but me was alarmed about this! I am on A diet every day of my life. This weight gain affected my career , got me laid off and I also felt like crap. Show up at the same MD because I feel the pressure in my neck, had a scan and it was hyper vascular,. She was very alarmed wanted me to see an Endo and wanted it to calm down so she could remove it immediately. I actually went to two doctors did not know what hypervascular meant. So, Im left in limbo land for several years taking synthroid through it and praying that I find a miracle. I go back in for another scan and all of the nodules are gone. However, the tech did not look for any and did a quick measurements it took her less than 60 seconds . She was on her cell phone and seemed to have something going on that was very disturbing to her. So with this miracle that I know could possibly happen, I told my doctor I was not satisfied with the quality of the scan that I have gotten. Come to find out the tech works for him. So what does he do. He wants me to stop taking my Synthroid because I no longer need it . I convince him to taper me off because of the severe hair loss and dry skin that I have and he literally went down to .5.25 and now Im supposed to be off but Im not. I have prescriptions to hold me over and Im tapering myself much slower. Massive hair loss and dry skin worse than a crocodile. Cannot Lose weight if I wired my mouth shut. Did Paleo for three weeks, loved it, and gained 1 pound so Im thinking that diet does not agree with me. Help!

  13. Donna says:

    Good work girl! I too has nodules and a large goiter which is how my Hashimotos’ Thyroditis and adrenal fatigue was discovered. I was referred to an endocrinologist who wanted to do an immediate biposy. When this endocrpnologist used”‘scare tatics” on me by saying “One in four nodules are cancerous,” I left that office determined to never return. I swung into research mode as well. I made the decision to start Nature Thyroid, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and my Functional Medicine Physician prescribed supplements. My goal was to see if the nodules would shrink first without a biposy. I was not saying “never”, I just said “Not right now.” The nodules shrunk and the goiter went away. I also made the decision to do a scan and repeat that scan in 6 months and at a year to keep track of their size. I have been on the Autoimmune Protocol now for two years and I have lost 17 pounds of inflammation (my pants size has not changed) just the numbers on the scale. I am anxious to see the results of the next scan. I made the decision to not live or act based on fear. I am 100% happy with my decision. My Hashimoto’s has stabilized and I have healed my adrenal fatigue.

  14. Jane says:

    Hi how do you use Selenium and Iodine? Do you use selenium and iodine directly?

  15. Anne-Lise says:

    Hi Cheryl, thank you so much so good to hear how it went for you and seems like you know so much 🙂 I have many nodules and one big one 3 cm. My TSH, TPO and T3 and T4 are all fine. Do you have any idea if I can have hashi`s or have had hashi`s only by the symptoms of nervous, depression, kold, hairloss ect. and the nodules?
    Love Anne-Lise

  16. J Brown says:

    Painless? I found the biopsy painful,long, tedious and nerve wracking.

  17. Alex says:

    Hi I’ve just had some test results back saying my anti thyroid antibodies are really high (I have bipolar disorder and was going to take part in a lithium placebo trial so they ran some tests to make sure my thyroid is in good shape – turns out it it isn’t) I’m going in for more tests soon but I think I may have some nodules. Anyway I’ve been looking around the net for more information as finding this out has been pretty scary for me, and there seem to be lots of sites and “web doctors” offering all sorts of miracle cures and remedies that seem a bit too good to be true to me… I was intrigued by your story and you say that these supplements seemed to have cured or shrunk your nodules, and that the ultrasounds you have had prove it… but you haven’t shown any pictures of these scans on your page… would it possible to have a look at these results? I’m just trying to find as much concrete information as I can as a lot of the people I’ve contacted have just ended up trying to get me to buy their book or subscribe to their diet program. I’m sorry if I come across as cynical but I can’t afford to buy every product on the market, I’m just looking for something that works! Many thanks

  18. Cathy says:

    Can this iodine/selenium combination improve fatigue associated with hashimotos?

  19. Norma says:

    I was so glad to read this story. I have had thyroid nodules since the late 1990s. My thyroid had been enlarged to the point of starting to be uncomfortable. I am not sure how or why, but the uncomfortable feeling stopped. I had an ultrasound done about a month ago and was told that not only was my thyroid normal size, but there were no nodules. I was actually worried that the ultrasound tech had mixed up my images with someone else or didn’t do a good job of scanning. Now that I see that it is possible then I don’t feel so worried. I will be seeing a new endo next month though. My insurance changed and my old endo is no longer on my plan. So I will double check with the new one just to be on the safe side.

  20. Kristin says:

    I just ordered the sttm & sttm II books and waiting for them. I am hypothyroid with nodules. I am hoping to be switched to Armour because I’m on Synthroid now and have fatigue, weight gain, always cold, etc. My endo also told me to eliminate iodine from my diet because of my nodules. I said ok but didn’t question why (sometimes that happens when I’m at the doctors. Arg) It seems to have help you. Any idea as to why she recommended that? Can’t wait for my book. Also, I read to get the t3 checked before starting Armour (assuming she will willingly switch me) Is that right? Thanks

  21. Sol says:

    Please, can you tell which iodine protocol should I use for multiple nodules with normal TSH,T4,T3 no antibodies.

  22. Sol says:

    Delighted to read your story. Don’t know if you still answering the questions here but what was your exact protocol with armours,selenium and iodine? How long you took them first time? Should be they taken life long? Thanks.

  23. amie walker says:

    I had four ultrasounds all showing 8mm solid nodule. had biopsy came back malignant papillary cancer. went for another ultrasound to check lymphnodes for any spreading and they stated the previously seen nodule is no longer there? I have requested appt on Thursday to see Dr to have him confirm that this could have just disappeared after i was diagnosed with Cancer and scheduled for surgery Nov 7th. I’m pretty confused right now. What have i been doing? one thing: using Turmeric every day in everything i eat. I can’t believe this not until i get confirmation from my Dr. Everything i’ve read says a solid nodule doesn’t just disappear like that.

    • Teresa says:

      Please let me know what you learn about your nodule. Mine is larger and starting to bother me when I turn my head to the left or right. How long and how much have you used tumeric? Anything else? I hope you the best and thank you for your help.

  24. Jane says:

    @Jennifer July 10, 2015–your gyn is wrong. Estrogen dominance absolutely can cause nodules and make them grow. Progesterone is usually also almost always needed.

  25. JK says:

    I’ve been reading this article with interest. I’ve had thyroid problems over the last 12 years – first diagnosed with both Graves and Hashimotos (still not clear how that is possible). Was initially noticeably hyperactive. Had the left thyroid removed a decade ago due to some suspicious nodules, and my thyroid hormone levels (at least the TSH) have remained pretty stable and normal during that time (it hovers around 1). However, in the last 6 years or so, the right lobe has increased in size (it’s noticeable when you look at me, and the measurements from ultrasounds confirm this) and I have a very large benign nodule on it. It was biopsied two years ago and found to be benign, and it is continuing to grow a bit.

    So here’s the thing. I don’t really want surgery to remove it, however, it is getting to the point where I can feel it occasionally when I swallow (I am convinced the thyroid grows and shrinks at will on a monthly basis). The doctors don’t want to put me on any medication because my levels are fine (and honestly, I feel fine – if anything, I think I still feel a little more hyper than hypo – I definitely do not want to be MORE hyper). So I have been taking selenium for the past two weeks since seeing this article. I wonder if it will work (will try to remember to post back if/when I have another ultrasound).

    I feel like it’s kind of annoying that there appears to be so little understanding in the medical profession of why these things grow and ways to stop it! I would be totally fine having a benign thyroid nodule as long as my thyroid wasn’t also growing and causing occasional discomfort!

    • Teresa says:

      Please let me know if you notice improvement with selenium. Mine is larger and starting to bother me when I turn my head to the left or right. I hope to find something to decrease the size. My endo has declined biopsie 2 years noe, and recommends not to have surgery. I hope you the best and thank you for your information.

      • JK says:

        Will let you know. It’s hard to say (it’s been about two months and I won’t have another ultrasound until next August). It’s not bothering me as much as it was, so maybe the selenium is working, but I hate to say without a formal measurement. I did also start taking a small dose of synthroid, but went off it after two months because I swear it was making me gain weight, and did not seem to be having a great effect on my health. So for now it’s just the selenium. We will see.

        • Anna says:

          Hi – would love to hear your follow up after using the selenium. Did your nodules shrink? Thank you!

  26. Teresa says:

    Is Kelp a good source? I have several nodules I want to see if they will shrink.
    The Kelp gelatin capsules contain:
    Iodine 360 mcg,
    Sodium 35mg,
    Kelp (whole thallus) 600 mg.

  27. Pearl Anderson says:

    I just discovered this site, I have had a goitre for over 10 years, which presented when I went through menopause. I have consistently refused surgery believing that I would find a natural cure. Here’s hoping. I tried to join the Australian group as this is where I now reside, and have had no reply from the group as yet. I am scheduled for a total thyroidectomy this year against my better judgement. I am starting to research your various sites, and would like to contact others who are working on shrinking their nodules. Much appreciated.

  28. Ethel Lang says:

    Dante posted a question June 8 which I too would love an answer to.
    I also have large, hot, benign nodules. Untreated sub-clinical hyperthyroidism (low TSH, in range Free T4 & Free T3) Strongly advised by two Endo’s to have TT due to size, pressure and position (one nodule below sternum.) Taking Iodin is not an option due to having hyperthyroidism. Anyone else in the same boat or have a suggestion or answer? Thank you in anticipation.

    • You know, you might want to seek feedback from others who may have been through the same thing in this group. Anyone who has might be able to give you good things to consider, I’m thinking.

    • Alice says:

      Just today, I saw a site in which a lady shrunk her nodules using modified citrus pectin, zeolite, and Reishi mushroom supplements on a site. titled “Woman shrinks thyroid nodules with pure nutrition not meds.” I haven’t researched this association as to whether the protocol was actually the cause of the shrinkage and what factors might be involved. I noted a few years ago that MCP altered the ability of cancer cells to adhere to sites in the process of metastasizing and Reishi had a similiar effect. I think zeolite is a clay.

  29. Karly says:

    I love your description of the biopsy process. Knowing exactly what to expect can help ease your nerves! If anyone would like a more in-depth look at what happens during a thyroid nodule biopsy appointment, please check out this video:
    This animation walks viewers through what to expect during the procedure.

  30. Dante says:

    I have read through this very informative string of post and wish each of you success in your quest for better health.

    One thing I didn’t see in all of these posts, was any mention of a hyper-functioning, or “HOT” nodule. It is my understanding that iodine is not recommended for this, and will cause major issues.

    Has anyone been diagnosed with a “HOT” nodule? And if so, is there a natural way to resolve them?

    Your feedback is much appreciated.


  31. Lucy says:

    My complex thyroid nodule was nearly 40mm long and benign. I ‘decided’ to shrink it through diet and a bit of ‘mind over matter’ thinking. Last year it was 26mm long, and this morning it was 15mm long. 🙂

    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Lucy, I have a large (indeterminate, class III/IV on FNA) nodule that I hope can be managed without surgery…can you share wjat worked for you? Thanks!

  32. Aiga says:

    i started to take selenium and iodine as tablets sea kelp 1% I`m taking 3+1 selenium 200microg. How can you know if you`re taking enough iodine?

  33. Ana says:


    I have multiplie and big thyroid nodules I have been taking lugol and selenium for about 6 months and I went to the doctor today and she said, that just only one have srink (the liquid one the solides are with same size ) ! My thyroid levels ar considered ok! Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks

  34. Aiga says:

    HI! I have noticed a lump in my throat and usg approved that it is thyroid nodule 3cm, I did blood tests and my thyroid serum tsh level is 0.81 which they say is absolutely fine. \now GP suggests to do biopsy and do the surgery just because it`s too big and cannot risk.I`m scared as hell…is there anything else I can do to make it shrink???Already though to start drinking selenium and iodine, but not sure how much I can and must drink.A few drops desolve in water. Hope anyone can suggest me something. Thanks

  35. Amber DeBirk says:

    I was just at my annual physical and my GP felt a lump on my right side thyroid. I was sent in for an ultrasound and I have 4 nodules, 3 on my right and 1 on my left. Two on my right are 1.96 cm and 2.25 cm. They want to do needle biopsies. My thyroid blood work is normal. Is that weird? I am obviously afraid of a cancer diagnosis. I already had selenium and just got some kelp iodine drops. Any words or thoughts on the normal blood work with the nodules? Just super scared. Thank you.

  36. Korin K. says:

    Do you need a doctor to prescribe Armor or something similar? Are there better brands of Selenium?

  37. Korin K. says:

    Looking for a little advice. Was diagnosed in February with bi-lateral thyroid nodules through ultrasound, both measuring under 1 cm, solid and vascular. My primary doctor (internist) told me they will monitor them and repeat the ultrasound in 6 months (August). I don’t really like this whole sit around and wait approach. They tested my TSH levels and told me they were all in the acceptable range. I would like to try natural supplementation, but don’t see a lot of people who have nodules without some other thyroid diagnosis. Would I follow the same approach that you did, Janie? If so, should I pursue it in the same amounts.
    I was told by my doctor that nodules are common and most people never know they have them. I have yet to many anyone who has them, besides finding people online. Are there people who live with nodules for years and years? It seems like most people online end up with some type of thyroid cancer.
    Thank you!

    • Well, I hate to give “advice” as I’m not a doctor. But I can tell that yes, it’s pretty common to have nodules, we notice, and no, it’s not common for them to be cancerous, even if for some, it happens. I just know if your situation were mine, I’d try the iodine protocol since it’s helped some people to shrink nodules. And I’d do the Companion Nutrients ahead of time. So I’ll let you decide. Oh, and I would NOT let a doctor go by the lousy TSH, unless there was suspicion of hypopituitary.It’s the free T3 and free T4 that count, NOT the TSH, when figuring out hypothyroidism and/or dosing.

  38. Anurag Malhotra says:

    Hi, i am having a thyroid cyst on my right thyroid which was almost covered , my T3,T4 and Tsh are normal and don’t have any problem in breathing or swallowing , via FNAc it is cleared that it is benign but still my doctor asking me to have a surgery :(,
    i am doing some yoga and natural treatment from last 4-5 months but with no effect,
    Please guide me how am i able to dissolve it completely as i don’t want to undergo a surgery ,
    Hoping for your valuable resopnse
    thanks in advance 🙂

  39. May says:

    I found a big tyroid nodule 2.3cm in the middle and 2 small one on the right tyroid gland and doctors advise that the ultra sound shows a benign nodule and it is up to my decision to do a biopsy. the next appointment is fixed 6 month later. i am so worry and not sure if i should wait or insist for biopsy. I am confused.

  40. jo anne wooldridge says:

    I had low thyroid but now I have high t3 (5.3) with normal t4 (1.4), tsh 0.1. Endo says I have 2 nodules that appeared within 2 years of last ultrasound. I read read read and I swear I think I have Hashi’s but how do I get a doctor to treat me if the TSI (100) etc are not screaming at them? I live in backwards AZ. I have seen Dr. Alan Christianson who is supposed to be all that and several others but were not all that. My saliva cortisol has tested high at times and low at others…most recently (6.4. 6.9, 2.3, 0.7). I’ve been on everything you ever mention. I’m sure there’s adrenal dysfunction as well. I think the past therapies have not worked because it’s like an orchestra without a conductor, too much stuff going on without an expert leading the way. I’m exhausted (not just tired) and in pain (muscle, joint pain…fibromyalgia they say) and frustrated… 8 years of this is too much. What do you do when what we read in STTM is in line with what we think, feel and our symptoms and tests (oftentimes who according to “they” but not STTM and more insightful thinkers) but doctors poo poo it? HELP 🙁

  41. Gailen says:

    I have goiter and nodules low antibody for Hasi, which was 11.Told it was nothing.Ferritin a 9 and iron labs high.Ths, around 1.75 .I am currently taking a supplement of selenium and iodine and bvitimans.Vitamin is low too.

  42. Teresa says:

    I have had antibodies for 13 years and no medication. I recently had an ultrasound and they found my thyroid was multi-nodular and I had 2 nodules. They biopsied those and they were benign. I am going to try the selenium/iodine to shrink the nodules on my own, because the doctor still won’t put me on any medications because my other levels are within normal range. They also told me the biopsy revealed I didn’t have Hashimotos. How can I have antibodies, but not have Hashimotos? I’m confused….

  43. Saz says:

    Hello, I had an ultrasound can in August 2015 and it showed a 0.5cm nodule on the left and a 3.2cm nodule on the right side of the thyroid. But the one on the right grew bigger during the last stage of pregnancy in January so my Gp referred me to see an endocrilogist and he sent me for a scan and to have FNA. The scan showed the nodule on the right is now 5cm. It’s really big and noticeable. The biggest discomfort is muscular pain, I have so much pain on my right shoulder and arm. And sleeping is a bit uncomfortable when I have cold/ sore throat I can’t even breath it feels like I’m getting strangled. Anyways it has been 3 weeks since I had my biopsy and the result is not back yet and I’m really scared. Any advice would be appreciated

    • Adriana says:

      Hi Saz,

      Three weeks is a long time to wait. Can you call your doctor on Monday and ask about it? I definitely would. With your pain in your shoulder and arm, it sounds like it is causing some nerve impingement. I know that is really painful. Have you seen an acupuncturist? That can help. Once the nerves get irritated it can take them a while to calm down. I can also totally relate to the sore throat and feeling like you are being strangled. I could barely eat food without choking for 3 years and oftentimes woke up gasping for breath before I had my thyroid removed. I found that sleeping on my side was best for me. I wish I could give you magical advice. Just know that I had my thyroid removed 11 years ago and I am doing great. I have had rough patches, but getting my thyroid removed was one of the best things I ever did. Luckily you found STTM and can get the support you need no matter what happens. Hang in there and know that a lot of us have been there and were very frightened as well. Just take one day at a time and reach out when you need to hear some encouragement. We will be here for you! You are not crazy, and it’s normal to be afraid, and everything is going to be OK.

      • Saz says:

        Thank you Adrina and Cathy for your advice and encouragements. It has been 7-8 weeks now I called the hospital about the FNA result they didn’t tell me so I went to my GP and he said its benign that’s why they haven’t contacted you and about the shoulder pain he said holding your baby is the main cause of it you need to rest your arm as much as you can. I asked him to send me for a neck scan he said no there’s no point. I have a 4 months old baby he wants to be held all the time i try not to hold him but he cries so much and he doesn’t stop. I asked him to check my t3 and t4 because I kept thinking I had hypothyroidism he said no way we won’t check it, i got really angry and just left. I came home and found a private Gp, I went and did the blood test for hyperT and hypoT and it came back normal and about the shoulder pain he said it could be an inflammation so he prescribed Diclofenac Sodium but when I took it I had very high temperature and stomachache so I stopped taking it. Since yesterday I have started taking Higher Nature Thyroid Support Supplements, each capsule contains 30mg of iodine and selenium. I have started with one capsule then I will increase it to two capsules a day from next week I just hope it helps shrink the nodule a bit. My endocrologist’s secretary said they will see me in 6 months time they just want to wait and see what happens. I live in UK, LEEDS. My Gp and endo are both useless they don’t do anything, if I could afford I would’ve done the surgery at a private hospital. Now I have no choice but to wait for them 🙁 again thank you both for your responses I really appreciate it

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Saz,
      I’m so sorry you are going through this. You should have gotten your results on the FNA by now. Where are you located? Perhaps you should make an appointment with an endocrine surgeon or an ear, nose and throat surgeon to have your thyroid removed instead of waiting on the FNA results. I had a 2.7cm nodule that was also choking me and had taken on a life of it’s own due to it’s own internal vascular flow. I couldn’t swallow, breathe and could barely speak because of the location. I went to one of the best endocrine surgeons in the US at one of the leading cancer centers even before I knew it was cancer and she recommended removing the side of my thyroid the nodule was on. While in surgery she found a second smaller nodule on my isthmus and removed it as well. Then the pathology came back as cancer and I had to go back to have the other side removed. With the size of your nodules and the issues they are causing I would go ahead and have a complete thyroidectomy. On another note, while I had symptoms of being both hypo and hyper with normal TSH, I did not have shoulder pain and problems until a year after my last surgery. Turns out I developed impingement syndrome as well as frozen shoulder. This could be what is happening to your shoulder and arm. I know it is the worst pain I’ve ever had including worse than childbirth without an epidural. You might want to see an orthopedist about your shoulder just to be sure you aren’t experiencing something similar. There are many thyroid cancer support groups on Facebook which you can join even if you don’t yet know if you have cancer. Good luck and hope you get better soon!

      • Saz says:

        Thank you Adriana and Cathy for your advice and encouragements. It has been 7-8 weeks now I called the hospital about the FNA result they didnt tell me so I went to my GP and he said its benign thats why they havent contacted you and about the shoulder pain he said holding your baby is the main cause of it you need to rest your arm as much as you can. I asked him to send me for a neck scan he said no theres no point. I have a 4 months old baby he wants to be held all the time i try not to hold him but he cries so much and he doesnt stop. I asked him to check my t3 and t4 because I kept thinking I had hypothyroidism he said no way we wont check it, i got really angry and just left. I came home and found a private Gp, I went and did the blood test for hyperT and hypoT and it came back normal and about the shoulder pain he said it could be an inflammation so he prescribed Diclofenac Sodium but when I took it I had very high temperature and stomachache so I stopped taking it. Since yesterday I have started taking Higher Nature Thyroid Support Supplements, each capsule contains 30mg of iodine and selenium. I have started with one capsule then I will increase it to two capsules a day from next week I just hope it helps shrink the nodule a bit. My endocrologists secretary said they will see me in 6 months time they just want to wait and see what happens. I live in UK, LEEDS. My Gp and endo are both useless they dont do anything, if I could afford I wouldve done the surgery at a private hospital. Now I have no choice but to wait for them 🙁 again thank you both for your responses I really appreciate it

  44. Maria says:

    Yeah, the doctor said benign but what is the next janie? I want to take medicine for this? I feel pain on my neck and sometimes hard me to breath and my hair fall…I am scared of this and I am dizze.thank you.

  45. Maria says:

    If benign its is cancer??? My result my GP but my partner he call my specialist said benign I am really confused about this.thank you.

  46. Maria says:

    Hello,I am confuse about this. I have thyroid my biopsy is done and my ultrasound…I am very scared about this and I don’t want the operation I want to take medicine for this thyroid.its impossible for take medicine for this benign thyroid? I hope I got the answer…my partner he ask my specialist doctor he ask what is the result said benign but I want to know what I gonna do I am really scared and I don’t know I am dizze sometimes and my hair problem..thank you

  47. Kath says:

    While having the Carotid artery testing (2011 and 2015) I was told both times that I had a large nodule on my thyroid. First time, I mentioned to my regular Dr. – and it was dismissed as nothing to worry about. Second, time different doctor – he suggested having a scan, then after that did the biopsy – no cancer- good news! However, This doctor said there were two large nodules and it could eventually cause issues in swallowing or breathing….so that is when I got really scared. I asked if he could refer me to a specialist. I just wanted the nodules removed! Little did I know that when he checked me over and suggested surgery – is when I found out that he would have to remove part of the thyroid in the process – and mentioned the risks involved – and I really didn’t like what I was reading on the internet – totally screwing up your metabolism, etc. Now, since my thyroid is fine -it is not overactive or under – just the nodules that the specialist told me would most likely continue to growth…so in my search for other options – is how I found your article. It sounds like I would only need to take the iodine supplements…any suggestions? I really don’t want to have part of my thyroid removed!

    • All we know is that many have reported shrinking their thyroid nodules with either an optimal amount of natural desiccated thyroid or the way the author of this blog post did.

  48. Sara says:

    Hello, received PEI (percutaeous ethanol injection) on my thyroid nodule (over 70% cystic, large 5.7cm) over 6 weeks and have felt the nodule slowly decreasing until today, when I felt it may have increased in size. UGH. I am taking herbs from my acupuncturist, along w/magnesium, selenium, Vit D, fish oil and fermented cod liver. All of my labs are good, 4 benign FNA’s. Has anyone else actually decreased the size of their nodules/cysts? I’ve read a few studies about the effectiveness of different types of ablations (ethanol, RF, Laser), but have yet to read many testimonials. Any advice/thoughts would be so appreciated because I am so committed to saving my thyroid, and so terrified of having it removed (2 doctors have said to have it removed since it is so large – most likely a TT). Thank you!

    • Ady says:

      Hi Sara,

      Same condition and situation for me. What did you opt for in the end? Surgery of one of the non-invasive procedures?

      • Sara says:

        I eventually received radio frequency ablation (rfa) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Nodule a fraction of original size, I am debating going back to have it done again and reduce the size even further. Cost was 15k, reduced to under 3k with my insurance. In S Korea and Italy rfa is an outpatient procedure; in the US I was put under general. Hated the anesthesia, and am hoping the US eventually transitions to outpatient. This may sound irresponsible to some, but I have not gone back to the dr since having my procedure done. I was so sick of the tests, appts, dr offices, I wanted to give my self a year to be well, and not worry about my thyroid. It’s smaller, I notice it less, and I feel great. Things may change in the future, but right now I am happy with my decision.

  49. Lisa says:

    I am newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had an ultrasound revealing 4 complex nodules. One is 2.5 centimeters. I have an appt. with an endocrine surgeon for a biopsy and am scared to death. I have read several accounts of painful biopsies. I am also concerned about the one nodule being so large. I am currently taking compounded thyroid of t3 and t4.

  50. Kim says:

    I was told I have 3 masses on my thyroid. They did a ultrasound and said it looks suspious and now I’m scared. So now they are sending to a Endo so they can run more test and possibly do biopsies on all 3 of them. I hear a lot about Iodine therapy and of course I am highly allergic to Iodine. Does anyone what happens when someone allergic to iodine and they say we need it ? I confused and very scared

    • Hi Kim. I would recommend joining the FTPO THYCA group where you can get great feedback from others who have been in your shoes. Because you will get through this! It’s listed on this page:

    • Laura says:

      Hi Kim,
      I’m a Homeopathic/Herbalist/Nutritionist and I myself thought I was allergic to Iodine. Every time I took it, my breasts were very painful and my throat felt like it “closed up”. It wasn’t until I trained with a Naturopathic Nurse that she said, “Oh honey, you’re not allergic – you’re detoxing from bromine that is in soda, bread, water etc… that has displaced Iodine and taken up receptor sites in those areas.” She started me on teeny teeny tiny amounts of Iodine and it eventually went away. She also put me on Selenium. I think had I have done what Cheryl recommended, the Selenium FIRST, those symptoms would have been minimal. I don’t know if that is what you are experiencing, but I’m so glad I found out I wasn’t “allergic” – just detoxing! Hope it helps someone!

  51. Joi says:

    I did have nodules, however mine ended up growing. Thyroidectomy in 2005 due to thyroid cancer (thyca). It’s good that you are being monitored. I pray that your ENDO doctor will do the correct labs. Continue to be your on best advocate. : )

  52. Regina says:

    I’m brand new to all of this as of 1/21/2016.
    My PC called and gave me results of the sonogram that I have a thyroid nodule and they are referring me to a ENDO doctor. I Must say I am a scared. I have notice in the past 3wks since I first noticed the limo it seems to have gotten smaller or moved lower. Is this something that is common?

  53. yvonne says:

    I have been diagnosed with thyroid nodules and cysts and am newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started on Synthroid. Am interested where can I get the iodine supplement and if the selenium is miligrams and where can I find it also. thank you

  54. yvonne says:

    I have been diagnosed with thyroid nodules and cysts and am newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started on Synthroid. Am interested where can I get the iodine supplement and if the selenium is miligrams and where can I find it also. thank you

  55. Melissa says:

    Thank you! I have a very large benign thyroid nodule that the doctors just wanted to cut out of me I did not feel right or comfortable with this. I have done alot of work finding the spiritual origins of my problem, this helps greatly but I need something else. I trust you are telling the truth and I’m going to try this, I will update my results!

  56. Debbie says:

    My TSH lab shows 0.011. I see two doctors and they both disagree with the other. My female doctor wants me to lower my Armour. I am on 90mg. My thyroid doctor says he doesn’t go by labs but how I feel. Am I in danger with the reading of a low TSH of 0.011? I have always had the symptoms of hypo and have been told I have Hashimotos but from what I’m reading now, my levels point to hyper – so confused at what to do…..My T4 is 1.28. I believe I was/am estrogen dominant. These symptoms all exaggerated after a hysterectomy (my uterus was 6 times it’s normal size). I have my ovaries but they have small cysts. Now I have the growths on my thyroid which are at 3.8 centimeters. I suffered with cystic acne in my early 40ies and was told by a ND that it was a shame someone didn’t treat my hormones much sooner. I am being treated with bio-identical hormones (bi-est cream, 2 mg, testosterone cream 1.5 mg, progesterone capsule 200mg). Not sure why I am on estrogen cream other than being 50 and going into menopause…. I’m also taking Naltroxene to help with inflammation. It has truly helped my joint pain and muscle weakness. I take a liver cleanse in fact I have been on your liver pills. I believe my adrenals are affected also. I do take a herbal adrenal support and many supplements. I’ve honestly tried everything and have seen 8 doctors in 4 years. It can be very depressing. The DR treating me with Armour is truly trying to help and I do feel better with what he has done. Just am starting to think that the dose of Armour might be too high. I plan to talk to my DR about reducing my Armour dose since learning of my TSH level.I do feel better than I did 4 years ago – I also take J Crows iodine… 2 drops a day. But I do have every symptom of hypo or Hashi’s. I live in MT….greatest state but not the greatest doctors…. Sorry MT. Thank you and I appreciate any advice!! I was so inspired by Cheryl’s article and was hoping to know how she is today.

    • Sheila says:

      I understand the struggle with different doctor’s opinions.
      I am hypothyroid when I don’t feel well. I always feel my best when my Tsh levels are under 1.0, like at .01
      That means hyperthyroid as far as a blood test and what doctors would tell me, however, for me it feels normal and balanced.

      I spent many years with an endocrinologist that continued to lower my thyroid meds because of what my blood tests showed. Later, other doctors wanted me on an arbitrary number of mgs. they seemed to think was right. Two years ago, I had almost all of the hypothyroid symptoms in the Stop the Thyroid Madness book. Now I have virtually none of those symptoms.

      Right now I feel the best I have felt in many years, and my blood tests show I am hyperthyroid. I fired my doctors, order my thyroid meds from Thailand and took control of my own health. I take large amounts of thyroid compared to what a doctor might want to prescribe. (I have no thyroid gland; it was removed decades ago due to nodules doing their own thing and from Hashimoto’s). Now that I monitor my own medicine: my cholesterol levels are normal, my HDL and LDL are great, my blood pressure is greatly improved, my blood sugar levels are normal, etc. I am not depressed and have no anxiety. I had all of those problems for years while with the endocrinologist only went by blood tests. At one point I was on 15 other medications to solve the above listed symptoms. Even when he tried me on Armour, he refused to raise it even when I told him that when I took more by accident (I had received the wrong prescription from the pharmacy), and it helped me feel better. He would not listen.

      I also cut out gluten years ago and felt better. I must say, the natural thyroid I am on now is the best I have ever used.

      Finding Stop the Thyroid Madness and About where the best things that ever happened to me. It made me know I had always known what was best for me, but thought doctors knew best.

      I also discovered for myself, that I feel best when I split up my desiccated thyroid into several times per day. I do not take the full amount in the morning. I set timers on my smartphone and have figured out for myself that I feel best taking the medication about every 3 hours during the day. That works best for me.

      It took keeping track of my symptoms in a notebook and trial and error. It was well worth the trouble.

      Trust yourself.

      • Shannon says:

        This is the long journey I have been on too!! So hard when you are swimming against the current . Good for you. I believe more people need to take care of their vessel and take control. Stop going to doctors for every snivel and well listening to your body.. Anyhow, I am hyporthyroid. Got diagnosed when I was about 18. I am 40 now. I went to my doc complaining of my cold hands and asked for a thyroid test. Low and behold came back hypothyroid. He prescribed synthyroid and I went straight to the health food store. Got a product called T-100 from Australia. Did not tell my doctor. Went for my blood test after recommended time and my levels were good ( now I know that blood tests are just not accurate enough when it comes to thyroid testing.). My Doctor was surprised but just wanted the best for my health and did not seem to care that I was wanting to take the natural medicine route. They stopped being able to bring this product in and I ended up on synthroid. Was for years on and off.

        My first child was tested at birth and was hypothyroid. 1 in 3000 children are born with hypothyroidism ……I have two. we spent several trips to the endocrinologist at the childrens hospital. I attempted to see if there was alternate advice instead of getting them on a synthetic drug from birth. Feel that all I got was scare tactics. Here is the other interesting and unique thing about my children. They are hypothyroid due to they genetics,. The majority of children born with hyperthyroidism is due to coming out of birth canal oddly and damaging the thyroid or a birth defect where a piece of thyroid is missing. Most of the children have low growth rates ,end up being over weight etc. My children have always been above 90 percentile for growth rate, both tall and both in great shape. But I did not want myself or my children on anything synthetic as I don’t believe in it. So began my journey. I am not going to list all of the different places that I have found knowledge and enlightenment on this but there is some excellent info out there. Chris Kesser, David Wolfe, there is a female doctor ( can’t remember her name right now) but also has a great article on thyroid . There are people who have even cured themselves of Hashimoto’s by lifestyle change and diet.For the past year I have been seeing a Naturopath and have been so pleased. Finally someone who right off the bat tested for antibodies . I have been on a naturall thyroid support and nothing else for over a year, This support is composed of iodine, selenium, bromine, L-taurine, zinc. to name a few. My Naturopath did want to get me on a desiccated but I asked him what would we do had I been vegan. So my levels have been good and I have been feeling great. My kids have been on desiccated and keep having their doses lowered , which is awesome. We have also been gluten free for 2.5 years now. Be careful on going GF , anyone out there considering, to buy quality products or even better make your own as there are some bad products out there giving GF a bad name. Anyhow 2 weeks ago I developed( or first time i noticed) a thyroid nodule. My Naturopath wants me to get an ultrasound and I will. Wanted to share what i have been doing to help remedy and it is shrinking. So putting drops of iodine in my large water and drinking sips thru out the day, drinking cut up ginger with boiling water once or twice a day, serrapeptease 6 a day and going to acupuncture twice a week oh and topically putting on apple cider vinegar on my neck. I have read a flax paste can also work. I always believe there is a way naturally. Modern medicine is amazing but to me should be more for emergency or surgeries. Anyway I have so much else to share on this topic, but honestly this is the first time I have on line. Thank you all for sharing your stories and keep up the good fight.

    • Liz says:

      Debbie, you said you’re in MT, which city? I’m new to Billings and looking for a quality dr.

  57. Andree says:

    Gosh! I am so pleased I found your site as I feel totally lost and confused at the moment after years of battling health issues I find myself in the boxing ring again. This time living in a foreign country making it more difficult. So any advised is gratefully received. I have half a thyroid in which are multiple nodules which are not showing problems at the moment.I am showing signs of of hypothyroid TSH of 4.9 and free T4 of 8 ( well I have been for years!) which the Dr is now recognising. I am not showing any TPO issues or Hashimotos. I also have adrenal fatigue with very low DHEA and high cortisol in the afternoon and eve. My iodine levels are very low,and I have mitochondrial malfunction too and osteoporosis. My Dr here in France has prescribed the equivalent to Synthoid. However I am lactose intolerant which is contained in the medication and it says if you have adrenal fatigue and osteo do not take it. I return to the GP and she informed me there was no other thyroid medication available in France to take!!!!! What do I do? I feel rubbish with the double whammy of thyroid and mito fatigue. Interestingly I have had a list of supplements that keep appearing in my head to take and selenium and iodine are there at the top. I am so determine to deal with this naturally after years of drug taking for various issues and having cleared myself of them all I find I am having to start again. But I am so confused whether in my case what’s the best thing to do. I am grain and dairy free,do not drink alcohol and am about to drop my one coffee a day! I eat organically as much as I can.Would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you so much for such a fantastic site x

    • Hi Andree. If you have high cortisol in the afternoon and evening, all we have to do is take certain cortisol-lowering supplements about an hour before those highs appear, and usually in amounts higher than the bottles say. This will usually cause the morning lows to come up naturally. We do this for a few weeks only. See In the meantime, you could order Thyrogold from the US. Google it.

    • Janet Cook says:

      Im in France too, struggling to get seen by medical profession despite nodules discovered by UScan 2015

  58. Ann says:

    Cheryl,thankyou,just what I needed to read as I have nodules high selenium and low iodine,im about to try desiccated thyroid extract and iodine to shrink these guys..great story and very helpful..Ann

  59. Karen says:

    i happened to stumble upon Nacent Iodine last year when a friend suggested it. I had already been on Selenium and many other suplements that Naturopath had me on for 6 months. I had gone Gluten and dairy free also. The effects from the Iodine were the same for me. However, I didn’t realize it until a few months ago when I started using it again. I kept trying to do all that I did last year and I wasn’t feeling better and Nodules were still large. I had also had biopsy in December. Last July I had no noticeable goiter. I could not feel it! Finally I started Iodine again and found that was the missing piece of my recovery last summer. My neck isn’t completely flat now but almost. I had so much pressure in December in my neck that it hurt to laugh. I do need to learn more about why and how so I don’t relapse. It’s so nice to see that someone has had the same experience.

    • Julia says:

      Hi Janie,

      I just ordered your book and can’t wait for Friday for it to be delivered. I am looking forward to what you talk about in the nutrition section because I have seen diets for people with hypo (paleo AIP) but with the goitre I am always afraid of eating the wrong stuff, I have been gluten free for about a year but am not sure if I can eat rice, buckwheat, african yams, plantain, and gluten free bread (which ones in particular), butter, eggs, its so confusing. Is there anywhere on this site where you talk about diet?

      • Hi Julia. It’s a section that explains the benefits of many different foods more than a diet plan, actually. Being gluten free, though, already puts you on the high road! The rest may be fine in moderation. 🙂

        • Julia says:

          Thank you Janie. I received your book and its such an eye opener, I only wish I’d read it last year when I was first diagnosed with goiter, I was so scared and confused, and didn’t really know anything about Thyroid. Now I know what tests to do, and more importantly how to manage my treatment with Armour. Thank you.
          In future, could you please consider doing a whole book on safe foods to eat, or best foods for thyroid health based on what patients have learnt? I am quite curious (and am sure am not the only one) to know what your diet was when you treated the goiter. Thank you for sharing all this invaluable insight/knowledge on your website and in the book and thanks to everyone who contributed to it. I look forward to sharing my before and after story.

  60. satya says:

    I am 25 yrs old, having thyroid nodules at both the lobes with sizes 4.5cmx2.9cmx2cm on left and 7mm on right, when I visited doc their recommendation is to remove my total gland but I would like to go with pure nutrition to cure it.
    Can you pls help me with this condition.


  61. Julia says:

    Hi, hope you’re having a good weekend. I have just read your blog and it has just given me so much hope. I have a goitre which was diagnosed last year, like you, my blood tests all came back normal but I have been struggling with many hypo symptoms. Thanks to this website I went to see a private Doctor who after looking at my blood test results and discussing my sypmtoms decided to put me on Armour Thyroid 30mg which I’ve been taking for a week now and I can feel a huge difference, the constant ache in my neck is gone, most pains in my back have dissapeared, am sleeping better and even my metabolism seems to have improved. The doctor also asked me to take Kelp tablets 3 times a day and an enzyme called Tyrosine 2 times a day. So far, I havent had any bad reactions, I feel so much better, even my mood and memory have improved. I also started taking Selenium, first in the form of Brazil nuts but now want to start Selenium in Supplement form 200mg. I take my Armour grain first thing in the morning before breakfast, my question is, can I then take Selenium and Iodine with my breakfast or do they interfere with my Armour? Also can I take Iodine and Selenium at the same time? Thank you for taking the time to answer my query.

    • Congrats on being on NDT, Julia. And remember that 30 mg is half of a starting dose from which we raise and raise again. Study this page: And no, there should be no interaction between iodine, selenium and NDT.

      • Julia says:

        Thank you Janie. I will look at that page, this site has been so useful, I only wish I had found it last year when I was really confused and had no where to turn for answers. But I’ve learnt so much here so well done to the site creators and admins. I will be seeing my Dr on Friday to discuss increasing my dose. Thanks again.


    Thank you for your quick response! I want to say how AMAZING this site is and tell you how valuable it is! Your dedication to helping others with thyroid issues is beautiful! Having been a thyroid patient riding the hormone replacement roller coaster for 15 years I truly appreciate your work. It is because of the great information on this site that I switched to NDT and am beginning to feel a lot better!

    I have Heterozygous 677 / Normal 1298 – and have been working with a DO on tweaking everything – but the last screaming numbers on my blood work (which I know you have to take with a “BIG grain of salt”) is very high selenium (my levels is 498 and normal is 120-300) and so far my doctor has not come up with an answer which is why I am looking everywhere as I have this underlying fatigue that just won’t quit. NDT has made a huge difference but I feel there is something else still going on.

    If you come across any info about the high selenium due to methyl pathway blockages I would be very interested of course.

    Once again – THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication 🙂


    Cheryl – Thank you for sharing your story.

    I have a question – in your selenium article you wrote at the end: IMPORTANT NOTE: though you can see all the fabulous benefits from selenium, not everyone should be on selenium, as their levels may already be too high due to methyl pathway blockages. If there is any doubt, test your selenium levels ahead of time!

    I am hypothyroid with very high rgb selenium levels. I believe that high selenium might be causing symptoms and can’t find any information on high selenium levels anywhere. I know I have a methyl pathway issue – I have one of the genes – and evidently there are others or combination of others that cause worse symptoms – but I do have one. Can you point me in the direction of where I might find info on high selenium levels. I have scoured the internet 🙂

    Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Stacey. Though Cheryl wrote the selenium article, that may have been me, Janie, who wrote the final “Important Note….”. I don’t know of specific articles on high selenium, but do know that if you know you have the MTHFR mutation, that’s the area you need to learn about and treat to get your body to break down that excess selenium…plus whatever other high levels of metals you may have.

  64. Jennifer says:

    Reading this was so inspiring. Now, approximately 1 year later, are the nodules still gone? I have hashi’s, multi nodular goiter- so far all nodules are benign, and also fibroidanenoma in both breasts- biopsied, benign. Obviously something is causing all of these benign growths to occur within me, I think I will try selenium/iodine combo too and see if that works for me. My gyno and endo say there is no link with having all of these benign types of growths, but there has to be, and it bothers me that they just say, both are very common and as long as there is no change in size, I am good for now. I am thinking….WHY not think outside the box…..can’t hurt at this point and if some of these nodules shrink in the process, then great!!!. The alternative is thyroidectomy …I have “normal” thyroid function…so getting this surgery is not an option for me.

  65. emma says:

    I am wanting to try this but i am not on thyroid meds. My ranges are all normal and i am working on finding a dr that will consider thyroid meds in normal ranges but can i start iodine and selenium first? I have read iodine deficiency can cause nodules? I do not have hashis. Just a large nodule and many small ones and a goiter. Dr wanted to do surgery i want to try to heal mysekf first since biopsy ws benign. I also trying to clean up my diet have gone gluten free and lost 10 pounds. Checking my cortisol and thinking i should get the iodine loading test as well as my next step!

  66. Ann says:

    Hi Cheryl,i have nodules,one big one and lots of little about 30 on last altrasound,but its still normal size,im hyper and have been told not to use iodine,it will make me feel worse,but the selenium sounds like a go.i have had ovarian cancer,im wondering if the two are connected ? Ann

  67. Traci says:

    I am at my wits end. After years and years of being told I had depression and put on different medications that made me gain wait or gave me horrible side effects, I found a doctor who treated my symptoms and not my blood work and I was prescribed Armour. That worked great for years. Back in February I thought I was having a heart attack and wound up in the hospital. My Armour dosage was too high and he took me off Armour and placed me on Thyrostim which is a supplement that contains Iodine Magnesiuim Selenium Copper and Manganese. I feel ok but I cannot drop any weight and over the past year and a half I have been biking and excercising to no avail. My middle area is horrible. I just turned fifty and I know that I should not be feeling this way. I am to see a surgeon tomorrow about having my left thyroid removed due to nodules that have grown over the past five years. Most every website or blog I visit women who have done this have gained over 20 pounds…that is not happening. I am very interested in the iodine information and had wondered if anyone else had success with shrinking the nodule. mine is very noticeable. And i would also like to know what more I can do about my weight. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Traci, have you gotten a second and third opinion about removing that thyroid? If they aren’t cancerous, patients work to shrink them, as the blog post explains so well. As far as weight, we have to get out of our hypothyroid state with the right treatment (which Thyrostim sounds like is not) while watching what we choose to eat. Improving gut health happens as well.

  68. Renee says:

    Can you please tell me what brand of Selenium you used?

  69. Renee says:

    Can Tokyo please tell me what brand of selenium you used?

  70. Terri Stott says:

    Wow Cheryl! I am glad you made so much progress in your healing.
    I am new to the thyroid subject. I just recently found out a have a hot nodule and of course the endocrinologist wants me to do RAI. I didn’t like that answer. After reading on the facebook groups and I bought the two STTM books(read the first one), I am still not finding as much as I like about the hot nodules.
    The endo did not want to do any more testing beyond TSH, FT4 and FT3. I went back to my MD and she ordered the two antibody tests and the technician who did the scan recommended an ultra sound so I will get that.The endo said it was unnecessary.
    I started taking selenium when I heard I had to do the scan. But I am waiting on the iodine even though I have a big bottle of Lugol’s waiting on my shelf.
    I am starting to see a ND so far I did a heavy metal urine test…waiting for results.
    I feel very hypo, tired, gaining weight, muscle and joint pain.
    I failed the pupil test and salt helps me sleep and with heart palps.
    I am going to get a cortisol test. I am wondering can an aldosterone test be ordered online. My MD did not seem to know anything about it.
    I am in Canada so don’t tell tell to get a new doctor. You get what you get here. It may be free but very limited…like eating at a restaurant with only one thing on the menu.
    Any recommendations on how to proceed would be fantastic.
    I love this website and the books!

  71. Hayley butters says:

    Can I take iodine with Levothyroxine ? Could I try selenium and iodine and then see if I can reduce the amount if Levothyroxine. Very difficult to take natural or T3 in the UK. Endo believes in Levothyroxine. Thank you ….struggling

  72. Sucheta says:

    Thats great to hear. how much iodine and selenium were you taking?

  73. Nancy H says:

    Great personal detective work! Glad you are feeling better.

  74. Marsha Dobbins says:

    Thank you! You have reassured me that my plan will work. I’m frustrated with doctors. Most of my thyroid was removed & what’s left is now covered in nodules. I skipped my last ultrasound because it only depresses me to go. After 10 years I finally stopped listening to the doctors & started a selenium & iodine regiment. I feel better finally. I can’t find a doctor willing to prescribe desicated thyroid, so I’m considering starting it without a doctor’s oversight. The dosing is the only part that worries me.

  75. Mary Ann Nantes says:

    Good day everyone! Mid November, I felt sad/depressed without any reason. Had terrible headaches too. Then by December, there was an incident where I was so mad with someone and I felt like my extremities are getting numb. It also disappear after a rest. A week after that my mom was confined in the hospital for heart problem. The next day I felt that my head was so heavy that I feel like I’m going to collapse, so I went down to the ER and found out my BP was 170/100mmHG. That was the first time it shoot that up. After that they checked on my labs, ECG normal, chest X-ray normal, cholesterol normal, urinalysis normal, blood/hematology normal. But then they prescribed me metoprolol tartrate 50mg for one month. After a month I decided to have a check up with another cardio and told me to stop my medication since I haven’t had any episodes of increase BP since my visit to ER… Here’s the thing, one week before this visit to cardio I felt weird with my throat, it feels like something is stuck in it. This cardio advised me to have my FT3, FT4 and TSH checked, and all was normal. But my ultrasound stated…The thyroid gland is in normal size, contour and echopattern. A small isoechoic nodule measuring 6x4xmm is noted in the middle third of the right lobe. No calcification are seen. The thyroid isthmus is unremarkable… To tell you honestly, I’m so bothered and scared. He advised me to go see an endocrinology or have this nodule check thru biopsy. I really don’t know what to do. I have a lot of fear. What if a doctor misdiagnosed my condition. I was also in YAZ from September until January 1st week. Please help me what to do. I am a mother of two ages 6 and 10 and it kills me every time I think that I maybe seriously sick. Kindly please send your replies to my email too. Thank you all so much. After reading the posts here I was kind of relieve that you guys found a way to cure yourselves. But I don’t know where to start. I would really appreciate your suggestions and replies. Good day everyone!

  76. Tiffany Wallace says:

    I loved this! I just had an U/S Wednesday for my enlarged thyroid. I have been hypo for years. Random question…where did you buy the selenium and iodine supplements. What brand? I feel like I am about to go down this road, and am looking for all info possible. Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

  77. Lise Stewart says:

    I’m feeling defeated. Had a partial thyroidectomy before I learned anything about Hashi’s. Very dumb. I’ve been on Synth. for 5 yrs. and added Cytomel last year, but it would become too much and I’d become hyper-. I finally brought up Armour w/my endo, expecting a fight, but I didn’t get one. He filled out a scrip and I was on my merry way. He said 1 pill a day. After a week I was tired all the time, so I upped it to 2, sublingually. Then I started getting whacked out so I put myself back on Syth/no Cytomel. Now I have a goiter. I’ve been trying so hard for so long to figure this all out and do the right things and now this? No, I’ve never had an iodine test and from everything I’ve read, I feel like it’s too late to start now. The damage is done. Should I even bother with the Iodine? I hate the way this rules my life.

  78. Dawn says:

    Hi, I am keen to try the selenium and iodine after reading here of Cheryl’s story’, but why the armour? I have quite a few nodules on both sides, had them for many years with no change, no treatment recommended. My integrative doctor treated me for adrenal stress, took off 30 kg after racing heart etc. Two years ago, and is it a coincidence we got a smart meter put in and wifi, and 6 months later, massive pains in the head, neck…back of neck, vertigo, ringing in ears, eyes always infected with styes everywhere. Hot flushes and so on. Doc sent me for a scan, nodules had increased in size, sent me to the surgeon, who wanted to take thyroid out. I have put it off a number of times and have cleared a lot of the symptoms with herbs, pressure point therapy…helping circulation but its not curing them. I found you from a local thyroid group I have just joined and keen to try your protocol. Have not been diagnose hyper but have quite a few of the symptoms. I have had bloods done for over a year but Dr always said veering towards hyper but not. Will follow the links you put up but it is all quite confusing. I don’t really want my thyroid out especially as over here we cannot get natural hormones. Thanks,

  79. Janet says:

    Hi Janie,

    I have a question about #8 STAYING ON A STARTING DOSE TOO LONG (same as #1 above) on the page 19 Mistakes Patients Make…

    My current doctor (naturopath) has been extremely helpful with the rest of my treatment but still only wants to base my NDT dose on my TSH.

    We are currently working on my gut health and adrenals. I have read both of your books plus a few others and know that a number of factors can affect how well I use the thyroid replacement hormone or convert from T4 to T3.

    My TSH has been .08 but my frees have not been in range (low). He wants to lower my dose but I still don’t feel great, in fact I’ve started napping again. He lowered my dose when I started seeing him in Oct to 1 grain and I raised it top 2 grains on my own. Before that, I was almost to 3 grains.

    He also talks about the feedback look between the hypothalamus, pituitary and thyroid. He is concerned that my dosage is too high. I’ve read both of your books and every page on your site. Can you please explain or provide sources which would show why my TSH might be low but I am still hypo? I have invested a lot of $$ already with his office and really can’t afford at this time to start all over. I need to persuade him to raise my dose soon.

    I hope that makes sense. Thank you!

  80. Jacqueline says:

    Hi I am from Australia, I just had to Share after 20 years of being put on many antidepressants that did not work, and I had Thyroid Nodule Radioactive Treatment don 14 years ago.
    I found your Stop the Thyroid Madness sight. I bought the two books and have been reading up every day and learning Heaps !!!!!!!!!! After years of telling my doctor I believed my thyroid was out of wak, and him telling me I was Depressed.
    I took your Book up to him with all the Doctor’s information in it, he had a look at it and has agreed to write me prescriptions for the natural Pig thyroid to be made at a compounding Chemist for me in a town near bye. I have been surviving on Thiroyd from Greater pharma I only get to order the 1000 once a year. So the freshness is not great. I was still crying, tired, sore body, shaky, fatigue, I am hoping and praying the NDT will be an improvement for me. I have been on Chemo for past 5 years also. Please do direct me to the correct site to chat with other Thyroid people please.
    Thanks for your hard work Janie you are true inspiration for me, and so encouraging that things can change with some research and being bold with my Bold with my Doctor. The STTM 2 helped me heaps !!!

  81. Joy Neskorik says:

    Where is a good Doctor in Texas, New Mexico. HELP ME I can’t find a doctor that knows anything but the your levels are good. But I feel like crap ! I want my life back.

  82. Alex says:

    So what happened, excess iodine completely shut down the own thyroid, as many see that shutting down thyroid can heal it. But it will not be able to work as before. As sttm book says that tests says nothing, how do you feel yourself? Thyroid can grow after thyroidectomy then start making hard ones life again…

    As reported by Reuters at the beginning of this year1, a recently published study has cast some doubts on high-dose iodine supplementation. The study, published December 28, 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition2, randomly assigned one of 12 different dosages of iodine (ranging from 0 to 2,000 mcg/day) to healthy adults for four weeks.

    When diet was factored in, those taking 400 mcg/day were receiving a total of about 800 mcg of iodine per day.

    At doses at and above 400 mcg of supplemented iodine per day, some of the study participants developed subclinical hypothyroidism, which appeared to be dose dependent. At 400 mcg/day, five percent developed subclinical hypothyroidism; at the highest dose2,000 mcg/day47 percent of participants were thus affected. Subclinical hypothyroidism refers to a reduction in thyroid hormone levels that is not sufficient to produce obvious symptoms of hypothyroidism (such as fatigue, dry skin, depression or weight gain, just to mention a few common tell-tale signs).

    So, these findings suggest it might not be wise to get more than about 800 mcg of iodine per day, and supplementing with as much as 12-13 mg (12,000-13,000 mcg’s) could potentially have some adverse health effects.

    • Kristie C says:

      Alex & Jane,
      I have been on 90 mg of Armour for 20 years after being tested through the Barnes foundation. Recently I was taking a supplement that had 400mcg of iodine in it without realizing it. In addition to coconut oil. I’ve stopped both. I intermittently fast, eat a paleo diet. I’ve been having extreme heart racing that is scary. Dr said my TSH was too low .012
      Went off thyroid for 5 days,
      retested again and my TSH 2.18
      T4 6.7 ug/dl
      T3 uptake 28%
      Free Thyroxine 1.9
      Triiodothyronine T3 101 ng/dl
      The dr has me on a lower dose of Armour 60mg, but the tachycardia events continue weekly, mostly at night when I’m in bed. It also happens after a meal at a restaurant (I thought maybe from idolized salt)
      I am at a loss as to where to go from here…should I try low dose of selenium? I’ve read info on STTM and watched dr Brownsteins video on iodine….. Just confused as to what to do. I’ve always been in control of my health. That’s how I found out I was hypo 20 years ago when blood work was normal, I had a 24 hour urine test done and forced my dr to prescribe Armour & slowly increased to 120mg. I travel and move every 3 years, always having to find another doctor. Then 5 years after being on 120mg, a dr dropped me to 90mg because she felt I was taking too much due to test results. So here I am 20 years later, wondering if this was now iodine induced or what? Would selenium help? I truly appreciate any advice you can can offer,

      • Kristie, either your heart racing issues are from terribly underdosing yourself (the heart NEEDS T3 to function properly–we’ve seen this a LOT) or you now have a cortisol problem because of underdosing yourself for so many years. i.e. 90 mg is just barely above a starting dose. And cortisol issues also cause heart racing because your body will increase your adrenaline in response to the adrenal problem. Also, your doctor doesn’t understand the right thyroid labs. Those are lousy. You need a free T3 and a free T4–the free means you are measuring what is available for use. It appears that all you got were the total T4 and total T3. Finally, the doctor who lowered your dose was probably going by a pituitary hormone, not a thyroid hormone. Read:

        If your situation were mine, I’d order a 24 hour adrenal saliva test and see what’s up. This page shows facilities where folks order their own: Once the results come back, go to the link at the bottom of the former page. It will take you to a page where you can compare your results, because lab results have NOTHING to do with “falling in the normal range”.

        Of course I’m not a doctor or your doctor. But we see the above all the time.

        • Kristie C says:

          Thank you for your reply. It has been challenging to find a dr here in Florida. I seemed to have been ok for years…. Which made me think Intermittent Fasting caused me to not need as much Armour and sent me hyper? The only outstanding symptom is heart racing & heart pounding, I can even feel my heart pause at times. Also thought maybe using a supplement that had iodine in it without selenium could’ve caused this? The tachycardia has certainly been scary. I will test for low adrenals as well. Do you think selenium would help T3 levels right now?
          Thanks again….

  83. Khali Loinaz says:

    Hi, should i try the iodine and Selenium, i usually take 200 mg of Selenium every day, but i feel always so bad and have low cortisol also, will the iodine help also with the cortisol? I was taking Cortex but had to stop for the moment since it made me feel more hyper than am always are, i order another ASI test since the last one was from june to see if maybe my cortisol was ok and that was the reason. I had an Iodine lab last week (serum) and it was 42.5 ug/L from 40.00-92.0 the results so they look very low, but would like to read in the book STTM to see if i should or not, don’t want to get more hyper than what i am, also i am in a xanax detox and don’t know if that have anything adverse with this.


  84. bo jangles says:

    You probably have cured your hashimotos with the selenium, 6 studies have shown deep reductions with in TPO antibodies. Dessicated thyroid probably helps because it drops your own thyroid production and probably reduces hydrogen peroxide damage. 2.5 grains is alot of dessicated thyroid..3 grains is about 100% replacement. You could probably ease off the the dessicated soon.

  85. Margaret B. says:

    I also went on LDN and my nodules disappeared! I was searching for what may have happened to them when I found this thread 😉 LDN is very good stuff.

  86. Renee Olive says:

    Thanks to LDN, and other MUST do’s like diet and supplements of selenium and such, I sure did loose 3 of my 8 nodules and the other ones are still changing shape!! I hope they will be all gone one say soon My group does great support for low dose naltrexone, (LDN) and helps find a LDN Dr in your area, low dose naltrexone, taken correctly LDN is a great treatment for Thyroid issues, LDN tricks your body into healing itself,

  87. Thalie says:

    My question was for Cheryl.:)

  88. Thalie says:

    Hello! Thank you for sharing. I’m a little (a lot) confused. I am hyperthyroid and have Multinodular Goiter, I don’t know the exact numbers but all of the are benign.. I’ve had this condition for the past 14 years. My ENDO has recommended me RAI, he says my numbers are up and down and I’m hard to regulate. But so far I have past on it. I have also tried alternative help, where diets have been the main focus, but that didn’t help much either. I take approximately 20 micro/grams of thycapzol a day. I have to admit that I’m at the point where I’m disparate, due to my condition. I’ve always been a pretty positive person and i have never really seen my disease as a obstacle but kind of accepted it, since I couldn’t find an alternative. The reality is, I can no longer suppress/ignore my feelings. I from Denmark and the options for alternative treatment are not that great or maybe I don’t know all the options. At this point I have such poor memory and I have gained 50 pounds, not to say, I’m a mother of twins that are 5 years old, I work full time and I’m a wife. For the first time in my life I feel real depressive and I’m doubting whether it’s the right thing not to do the RAI..

    Jeanie, Are you Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid? The reason I’m confused is, you write you take Armour natural desiccated thyroid, when you first started your treatment. That must mean you are Hypo right? If yes, is the treatment that you now are taking “The Siamese Sister combo” also the same combo that i should take since I’m Hyper? I understand that the amount differ from person to person and I will of course also read up on the link you posted. It’s so hard for me to write and read about this in english Even in Danish i get confused 🙂

    While you’ve taken the Siamese sister combo, did you get any supervision from an alternative doctor/treater and did you keep taking your medicine?

    Thank so much for sharing you story, it’s very inspiring!! So glad to hear that you were able to help yourself!!

    Kind Regards Thalie

  89. Titi says:

    Thanks Janie, I stumbled upon a Dr here in the Uk just a few days ago, I am due to call his office for an appointment. However like you state correctly the drb over here don’t seem to be as open minded and still have a God complex and tend to talk to one from their high horse. Wish my luck.

  90. Titi says:

    Hello, I am so glad I stumbled on you site, and would like to congratulate you for such a good job. Over, 6 years ago, I noticed a swell in my neck and I also believe I was peri menopausal then. I choose not to investigate this lump as it was relatively small, like a mosquito bit. As the years passed it did get bigger about the size of a dime. For the past 2 years I noticed I started lossing my hair, being forgetful, aches in my joint, finding it difficult to stand from a seating position or bending down, feeling cold then feeling hot, my eye lash and brow hair thinning. At fist I thought it was me being menopausal. However last year I decided to see an endocrinologist, who order a thyroid function test. My test showed normal thyroid function, I requested for a scan because of the lump in the front of my throat, and it turned out that the lump was a lipoma, however the scan revealed I had about 6 nodules in the right side of my thyroid and 2 in on left. My doctor did a biopsy via neddle aspiration and informed me that my nodules are benign. And sent me off.

    Problem is based on everything I have read online and also on your site, I know my thyroid has issues, I have gone fron 130lbs to 160 lbs, I was never has a sweet tooth, and now I crave sugars and carbs like they are going out of fashion. I went on the hcg diet in the hope of bring down my weight and controlling my carb and sugar in take all to no avail.

    Now I am about to schedule an appointment with the Holtorf medical group in Los Angeles in the hope that I can get some answers. I don’t know if I should first try the twin sisters protocol to see if my nodules disappear or if I should do it in conjunction with treatment . Or if I should just start supplementing with throid Gold by dr Lowe.

    Would appreciate any imput as I would be making a trip from the uk to see thes doctors. I have searched in the uk for a open mined doctor but I just keep getting patronized. If anyone knows of a good doctor in the uk please let new know and save me the trip to the Us.


    • Do know that no doctor is going to be totally caught up with our experiences, including the Holtorf clinic, which some patients like and others do not. So wherever you go, it’s going to be important to be informed so you can guide any doctor. 🙂 As far as those nodules, MANY patients report seeing them shrink if they are on enough thyroid meds, and especially natural desiccated thyroid. If you find out they are due to Hashi’s, same positive story, but it also helps to avoid gluten. As far as doctors in the UK, I would join European groups to see who others are seeing, though we know doctors in the UK are quite challenging due to their extreme lack of knowledge about proper thyroid care. We list a few of those groups here under #2:

  91. lucille ward says:

    Cheryl: I love hearing that you healed your self. Good for you and congrats.
    I am taking a thyrosol a dietary supplement the formula is:
    Riboflavin -3mg
    Niacin – as niacinamide4.5mg
    Iodine -as potassium kidde 76 mcg
    Zinc- as zinc citrate 10 mg
    Selenium- as selenomethionone-150 mcg
    One tablet daily, Do you think this is enough of Selenium and Iodone I have a lot of nodules as well
    Thank you

    • Cheryl says:

      Lucille – I will tell you that 76 micrograms is a very very low dose of iodine. My own iodine intake is 33 milligrams a day. I also take 400 micrograms of L-selenomethionine a day. That is double and then some of what is in your supplement. But again, what your body needs to heal itself may be different than mine. Read the Iodine and Selenium pages here to help you decide what you may need and how to go about fixing those nodules!

      • Louise says:

        Cheryl, I am very uncertain about treatment. Was on 30 mg Armour for 9 months, gaining (more) weight, feeling worse. Just stopped Armour cold turkey this week. Already feel better, but had been experiencing painful area under chin, dizzy, chest pains and anxious, along with huge goiter I’ve had for years, and nodules. 53, obese, 170 pounds heavier than I was 10 years ago. Dr. tested for hashi’s, negative. This gp is not educated about thyroid disease, but claims I’m hypo, even though blood work is borderline/normal. Would like to start selenium and iodine, but not sure how, how much. etc…Please advise! Any good doctors in Dallas? Thank you!

      • Alex says:

        Are you sure about 33mg, how do you measure? RDA is 200-300mcg and you say that you take 33 000mcg? If iodine xcretes with urine like 300mcg per liter, how much time do you need to detoxify?

  92. trudi says:

    My pediatrician told me to put lugol’s iodine on your arm and see how long it takes to absorb. If it is gone before 18 hrs, you are iodine deficient! I seem to get rt3 pooling too. Still trying to figure that one out. But stoppibg armour a couple days seems to help. New doc will hopefully help figure it out with me. It’s hard when appts are expensive and months apart!
    Also… avoid the flu shot and other vaccinations. They are shown to increase autoimmune reactions.

  93. Sharon says:

    I just read the article about iodine. I had a large nodule that was surgically removed along with part of my thyroid. The nodule was benign but the thyroid had cancer in it, so they removed the rest of my thyroid as well. I now take desiccated thyroid (fighting with my doc to raise my dose; 150mg/day) and wonder if iodine would still help someone with no thyroid. Is iodine used by any other part of the body? I will increase the amount of selenium but was curious about the iodine. Also, curious how a large amount of iodine would affect a toddler (about 2-3 yrs old). When I was little my mother covered my thumb in iodine one night thinking it would stop me from sucking my thumb…it didn’t and I sucked it all off! I always wondered what the effect of that may have been.

  94. Kris Fischer says:

    Hi Cherly – Congratulations on the great news!! I am just starting this battle and frankly a bit overwhelmed. I just got diagnosed a few months back with only Hashimotos, but went to my doctor because I was not feel great, and they retested me and now my TSH is 8.4, so I now have Hypothyroidism. Again all this is new to me…. BUT another thing is I am 49 and in perimenopause, so I do not know if my symptoms are perimenopause related or thyroid relate? . Not fun. But I am going to see an endocrinologist today. My regular doctor did put me on Naturethyroid which I just started today, so I am hoping this will help…. In the meantime, I am going to get some Selenium and Iodine today… Wondering if I should take the Selenium alone or with my thyroid medicine? Thanks for any feedback and glad you are feeling better….

    • Cheryl says:

      You can take your selenium with your Thyroid meds as it will not interfere. You can take it by itself or with other nutrients. It is a versatile little nutrient.

      • Vanessa says:

        Hi Cheryl,

        I was told I have a nontoxic multinodular goiter/thyroid nodules. My other doctor said that I have cysts. I am wondering if it is okay to take iodine or what else I can do?

  95. Kachina says:

    Can I take selenium and iodine while breast feeding? If so, how much do I need to take to shrink a 3cm complex thyroid nodule?

    • Cheryl says:

      Kachina – please read the article on selenium posted on this site. It will provide you with helpful information on selenium and iodine. I can’t tell you how much of the Siamese sisters to take to shrink your nodule as the amount a body needs varies from person to person. This is where the careful monitoring comes in.

  96. Maureen says:

    Any ideas if this would be good to try if one’s nodules are cancerous?

  97. Kachina says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing your story. It gives me hope that my thyroid nodules can be healed too! I’ve been hypo for 8 years and on synthroid for 3 years. I’ve never had any symptoms but my TSH has always been a little above 3 so when I got pregnant with my daughter my Endo put me meds in fear of having a miscarriage. A small nodule was also found when I first got pregnant and even though two FNA’s have come back suspicious with Hurthle cells the tumor markers have been negative. However during my last pregnancy the nodule doubled in size and my Endo is now pushing me to get a thyroidectomy since he now thinks its cancer. I’ve followed up with two thyroid surgeons and neither think its cancer since its both solid and fluid filled so now I’m trying to find a way to shrink it so I don’t need surgery in the future. I recently had a full blood panel done on my own out of curiosity (my Endo only checked my TSH and Free T4) and borh my thtroid antibodies are through the roof so I’m pretty sure I’ve been living with Hashimoto’s unknowingly. I plan to change my diet to a more paleo version and add selenium and iodine supplements to see if that helps my situation. So glad to have found this website!!

    • Cheryl says:

      I hope it does! Just remember Selenium first! It forms a protective barrier around the thyroid to help prevent the antibody attack!

  98. KAREN says:

    All my thyroid function tests, t3/t4 and antibody tests are ALWAYS “normal”. However I have a “fluid filled cyst” on my thyroid. I have times of depression and lethargy and then times of hyperactivity and sleeplessness. I have inability to focus and short term memory issues. My moods are erratic. Dry skin, no eyebrows, thinning hair, rashes. I have had panic attacks and hospitalized for heart racing/palpitations. The only thing they can find physically wrong with me is this cyst on my thyroid! How can it NOT be thyroid related? I’m not quite ready to accept a dx of bi-polar or mental illness. What should I do now? Any ideas or info?

    • Karen, one thing patients have learned repeatedly is that lab results have NOTHING to do with falling in the idiot “normal” range. They have to do with “where” they fall. And too many doctors are clueless about this, which is why this patient movement exists. We were FORCED to figure these things out. So no, you are NOT normal and you have to either teach your doctor what we’ve learned and see if he will listen and treat you, or find a much better one who will listen to your SYMPTOMS.

    • Sharon says:

      Karen, those symptoms are NOT normal. I battled for proper diagnosis for years and was always in the “normal” range…if they would test me at all. One doc wouldn’t test me because I wasn’t “fat” enough! One Endo told me I was hypoglycemic and to have more willpower against chocolate, and a second one told my doc I needed psychiatric help for Bulimia!! And my doc? She told me I had to come to terms with my genetic history and prescribed Prozac! Sheesh, after all that I found a lump on my neck and when it was removed it was shown as benign but my thyroid had 2.5cm cancer. So….fight for proper diagnosis because I had cancer while still in the “normal” range…my doc never saw that one coming…and now I have a different doctor but still have to fight for enough medication.

  99. DP says:

    Mmmmm, I can say without a doubt that I would not be here today had I not self medicated. I have no thyroid due to thyroid removal surgery in 2012. My endocrinologist kept me on 137mcg of synthroid and tested only my TSH level for over 6 months after my surgery. Problem with that is I kept going into heart failure repeatedly because I am a person who cannot convert T4 to T3 well, instead I make too much Reverse T3 which then blocks the hormones from working properly. Turns out, my levels of T3 were so low, they were incompatible with life. Had I not taken matters into my own hands and started on NDT on my own, I would have died of heart failure- all because my doctor never checked my levels and kept my dose too low based on TSH testing. My good thyroid doctor who I met 6 months later confirmed it too, said it was great I did take matters into my own hands because I saved my own life- Thanks to finding and following the knowledge of STTM! I owe them my life!

  100. Mmmmmmm says:

    This experimental could harm your thyroid….self medicating and not informing the doctor.

    • Rakealia says:

      What’s more dangerous? To self medicate carefully with meticulous observation of your symptoms (something doctors should be doing, but do NOT), preventing yourself from further harm and issues associated with being under medicated, or being under medicated for years from health professionals, developing bigger nodules, getting things removed, developing heart issues, bone issues, diabetes, total adrenal fatigue, etc. Thyroid patients don’t always have the luxury of a doctor who understands this disease and the damage it can cause. So they do what’s necessary to relieve as many of these issues as they can themselves, no one’s saying they wouldn’t love a good doctor, but if you can’t find one, then you do what you must until you can.

    • Cheryl says:

      If it weren’t for self-medicating and careful monitoring, my thyroid would have failed already. I lived with Hashimoto’s disease for 37 years of my life. I spent more time in the doctor’s office begging for my failing health only to be swept aside as a depressive hypochondriac. We, more than doctors, know our bodies and know when something is wrong. Sure, I could have harmed myself. But, I wasn’t going to do any more damage than doctor’s already had by ignoring my symptoms and telling me I was just “getting older!” I was 35 when I heard that one.

      Also, what many people fail to realize is that the information is out there and many of us know how to read and utilize that information. I know how to read research papers and the findings there in. This is MY body; MY health; MY life. I don’t need the doctor’s permission or consent to put nutrients and minerals into my system. They were unwilling/ too ignorant to help me so I did what any educated person fighting for their health, not to mention their life, would do. I helped myself. I am a shining example of what happens when you take back control of your health.

      • Donna Drake says:

        I too had Nodules . I had 2 larger than golf balls and 4 additional . I had a biopsy that came back clear. They told me to wait 6 months and come back for another check. I was not happy with that. I ask for a referall to a Dr. I had heard great things about an hour away.. I went for my appointment and they scheduled me surjery within 2 weeks. It came back with a very small trace of Cancer. My Question is …I cant seem to get my general Dr. to understand I am at the point I do NOT want to do anything. I truly believe I could stay in bed 23 hours a day. I have ask for Cortisol test Adrenal test. all the T1-T5 test and all they will test for is T3 and this last appointment T4…I am Exaullsted ALL the time. I have gained 22 pounds since surjey in Sept 2014..On the verge of losing my job..What can I do.?

      • Denise says:

        Very well put…… Thank you so much for this information, it was just what I was looking for. I have been fighting with doctors for approx 20 years because of a goiter and now nodules…..thank you

      • Linda says:

        Excellent response.

      • Excel says:

        Hi Cheryl,I have multiple thyroid nodules as well,blood tests came back normal.what selenium and iodine did you use?and also the amount you take daily?so desperate!

      • Carol says:

        I couldn’t agree more with your comment! My experience has been the same. I sought and wanted the help of doctors, they offered to cut my thyroid out or watch and wait. Neither of those options felt right to me. So I continued to be sick and search for answers on my own. I corrected an iron deficiency which helped some but was still very fatigued and not well.
        After many hours, days, weeks, of researching, I have now began an iodine protocol for sub clinical hypothyroidism and a multi nodule goiter.
        I am also taking selenium and companion supplements.
        Within days I noticed improvement in my energy level and am hopeful for the first time in a very long time. I am taking it slow building up my dose as I’ve already experienced some detox. I would much rather do this under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor, but after not working for years because of my poor health, I can’t afford it. So thankful for this encouraging testimonial to iodine treatment for nodules, and the information on this site.

    • Nancy H says:

      When physicians refuse to do their jobs, patients will self medicate. I say… physician heal thyself.

  101. Kelly says:

    I have a nodule as well, (plus 4 cysts) had sonograms, blood tests and actually have gone through a nuclear thyroid test. All have come back normal, I am so frustrated and tired! I have all but 1 one symptom for hyperthyroidism, and on ciprolex for anxiety. I dont know what to do!!!! Has anyone else gone through all these tests and still show normal?

    • Margaret B. says:

      Kelly, you should test your cortisol, IGF1, and join a cushings group on facebook or at forums. I spent a long time chasing a thyroid issue that ended up being a pituitary issue ..cushing’s disease. It feels a lot like hyperthyroid and hypothyroid rolled in to one big ball of awful.

  102. Bridget says:

    Did you adopt any dietary changes to reduce the hashi antibodies attack on the thyroid? Have you gone gluten free? dairy? Also, toxins?? Have you reduced your exposure to halides like fluoride, chlorine and bromide since they interfere with iodine absorption?? Thank you for sharing.

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi Bridget!

      To answer your question – Yes I did change my diet. For a while I was completely paleo. I have since added some dairy back into my diet- mainly good pro-biotic yogurt. I have reduced my exposure to halides and no longer use fluoridated/ chlorinated water or toothpaste. I no longer eat anything containing bromides. I do still drink some sweet tea but that is my only vice. However, I think it is important to note that I did not change my diet before the first 14 nodules disappeared. It was only after the follow up that I changed my diet and that was mostly in response to my weight.

  103. Lynne Eichler says:

    I am now off synthroid taking Cytomel. Do you think that Cytomel is as good as desiccated T3.
    Thank you for posting about nodules and adverse effects of synthroid.
    I am going to be 65 in December. I am on antidepressants and Lamictal. I gained 50 lbs. do you think there is much of a chance of reversing the synthroid symptoms?

    • Lynne, being on T3 is much, much better than being on Synthroid. No, it’s not quite like being on NDT because you have to take it 3 times a day, and a little at bedtime, so it’s a rougher treatment. But it works. And you could eventually wean off the antidepressant. 🙂

    • Linda says:

      I am 63 years old and I’ve been a thyroid patient for over 20 years. At first, Synthroid only helped but not a lot. Then the doctor added Cytomel and it made a world of difference. For the first time ever I broke a sweat when I exercised. Synthroid is T4 and Cytomel is T3. Do some research. I think most thyroid patients need both T3 and T4. After 10 years of taking both Synthroid and Cytomel I was put on the synthetic version, Levothyroid and Liothyroxine. They worked for about another 10 years then didn’t work anymore. Last Dec. I moved and my new endo put me on Armour Thyroid. It made a world of difference but I’m still not up to par. A friend of mine takes Nature Thyroid and she tells me it works better. I just ordered the J.Crows Lugols 2% iodine solution and am going to try it, too. Please try to get on Armour or Nature Thyroid. I promise it will help!

  104. Lael says:

    Wonderful to read another success story. My sister-in-law completely shrunk her questionable thyroid nodules the same exact way.

  105. Deb Schwarz says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I also had thyroid nodules – had one big one removed – and the surgeon said that it looked like Hashis – (hurtle cells, etc.) but I didn’t have the antibodies for Hashis. I was on Armour until they ran out of it one year (yes, the manufacturer ran out), and now I’m on both Synthroid and Cytomel and so far so good – except I’ve had two bouts of breast cancer in 3 years. Not fun. Wondering about the connection…. I’m going to try your selenium/iodine approach and see what happens.

    • Rebecca says:

      Deb- Please read the book, “Breast Cancer and Iodine” by Dr David Derry. You can get it for your Kindle on Amazon. Interesting about the connection between breast cancer and the need for iodine.

  106. Amy says:

    Did she have selenium tested in blood? My selenium test levels are always at or above the lab reference range, but I don’t take it.

    I assume this is caused by something else (another nutrient) out of whack but haven’t been able to find it.

    I really think this story is AWESOME – thanks so much for sharing!!! Never get this good information from the doctors!

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi Amy! I am happy to answer your question! I have never had my blood levels for Selenium tested. This is because the type of Selenium I use (L-selenomethionine) has a 95% bioavailability, meaning, the body will use 95% of the selenium almost immediately not giving it a chance to build up in the blood stream. This is why there is a very little chance of toxicity with L-selenomethionine. Although, I would agree it would be interesting to see those results.

      • Honey says:

        Hi Cheryl! Just wanted to know if selenium will also work for nodules & goiter with normal functions? Or is
        This only for people w/ hashi’s?

      • Sandy says:

        Hi there
        Can I ask a dumb question. Does herthle cell mean cancer or not? I had FNA done
        It said some Herthle cells present with macrophages.

        • Not dumb. 🙂 A herthle cell can be associated with cancer, particularly follicular thyroid cancer, but could also be related to a benign adenoma tumor. And it can also be associated with just having Hashimoto’s disease! 🙂 Macrophages are part of your immune system. I’ll bet your doctor can give further insight in his interpretation.

      • Jacqueline says:

        Do you have a brand you recommend? Trying to figure all this out and breastfeeding so I’m having trouble knowing how many mcg, but finding this information about l-selenomethionine is super helpful! Originally ordered the wrong thing.

      • cheryl says:

        I commend you for talking control of your body. I have been living with thyroid problems for over 20 years and it’s been a nightmare. Won’t bore you with the details. I will try the selenium addition and see if that helps. Thank you for stepping out of the box so we may gleam from the information you shared with us.

    • patti says:

      Did you have your Iodine level checked in your blood tests? I have nodules hashimotos I am on armor only 45mg I take selenium and iodine. Went to integrative dr she says,my iodine high.

  107. Susan in Charlotte says:

    Bravo! Well done! Love the “Siamese Sisters,” too.

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