Actress Sofia Vergara doing thyroid patients no favor by representing Synthroid!

Sofia Vergara

A new campaign has started called “Follow the Script” and you will see the smiling face of Emmy-nominated actress Sofia Vergara next to the proclamation: ‘YOUR THYROID CAN AFFECT THE WAY YOU LOOK, FEEL & SOUND.

Oh sure…it looks all well and good. We want everyone to be aware of the problems of hypothyroidism! And we’re glad if Sofia Vergara feels she is doing well enough for the moment to let herself be paid to do this ad.

But…the Follow the Script campaign is for promotion of Synthroid — a T4-only medication, which represents only one of five thyroid hormones. The campaign is sponsored by AbbVie, a “new, independent biopharmaceutical company composed of Abbott’s former proprietary pharmaceutical business” i.e the company is the result of a January 2013 division of Abbott Labs, the pharmaceutical company which makes Synthroid.

Says Sofia Vergara: “In 2000, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to have my thyroid removed. As a result, I have a hypothyroid condition and need to take medicine to treat it.” She continues: “In my career, I’m known to ad lib and go off-script but not when it comes to my health. I make sure to ‘Follow the Script’ so I get exactly what my doctor prescribed. This is so important to me, because you can’t enjoy what you have without your health.”

And this is where you hear a booming THUD.

As reported by a huge and growing body of patients in groups all over the internet and across the world, T4-only medications just like Synthroid have done nothing more than keep them sick and sicker in their own degree and kind with their hypothyroidism…sooner or later. In addition, all too many T4-only patients find themselves falling into adrenal fatigue, low iron, low B12, low Vitamin D, immune dysfunction, weight gain, rising blood pressure or cholesterol, reactivated Epstein Barr Virus and more…all due to the inadequate treatment of their hypothyroidism with T4-only meds like Synthroid!

i.e. this is NOT about “whatever works for you”– the watered-down, walk-the-fence message that fails to tell the truth about what T4-only medications has done to millions, besides exposing many more newly-diagnosed thyroid patients to the problems that befall so many while on T4-only. It’s about promoting a product that has left all too many with compromised lives and declining health as compared to the life-changing results from the use of T3-only or even better, natural desiccated thyroid. It’s natural desiccated thyroid which gives you everything your own thyroid would be – T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. And it’s changed lives!

Informed and intelligent thyroid patients worldwide who know the ugly truth about Synthroid are not going to be the least impressed with celebrities who think it’s hunky dory to make money promoting an inadequate medication which has only served to compromise their lives in their own degree and kind…sooner or later…and which will do the same for many others, guaranteed. 

P.S. Read Chapter 1 in the revised STTM book about the history concerning T4-only medications.


A common scenario with hypothyroid patients who have been on T4-only medications is finding themselves with low levels of many nutrients, including Vitamin D. Why? It appears that continued hypothyroidism lowers stomach acid, and that in turn hinders nutrient absorption like Vit. D, iron, B12 and more.

And it turns out that once you get your Vitamin D levels back up, it’s also crucial to have enough magnesium for your body to utilize Vitamin D effectively. Says the Vitamin D Council, magnesium helps your body activate vitamin D into a form your body can use, as well as helps maintain your calcium levels. They state that you may need more magnesium supplementation that is normally recommended, such as between 500 and 700 mg a day. Dr. Mercola feels that 80% of you aren’t optimal in magnesium.

So it may be wise to get your magnesium levels checked and keep them optimal. Foods higher in magnesium include green leafy veggies like spinach, avocados, dried coriander, cocoa powder (hooray!!) pumpkin seeds, almonds, sesame and sunflower seeds.


The makers of Naturethroid, RLC Labs, have reinvented their tried and true Westhroid version of natural desiccated thyroid into “Westhroid-P”, calling it “the purest treatment for hypothyroidism” with only three listed inactive ingredients: Inulin (a natural fiber with natural sweetness), Medium Chain Triglycerides, and Lactose Monohydrate (which is inherent in the NDT). It’s also stated to be gluten free.  Looks promising. We’ll see how it work for patients, because it’s patient experiences, not opinions, which rule! 🙂

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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117 Responses to “Actress Sofia Vergara doing thyroid patients no favor by representing Synthroid!”

  1. Gretchen says:

    I know my iron is fine because it was checked at my yearly physical. I was going to order the 24 hour saliva test for cortisol but it has a disclaimer saying it doesn’t diagnose or tell you what the numbers mean. I’m not going to pay $125.00 for a test with no explanation of the results. My doctor is not going to read the results of an outside lab not approved by my HMO. I have been to a functional Doctor, a GYN, and a famous center in California run by a doctor who wrote a book on Adrenal Farigue and Thyroid problems. None of them tested my cortisol except the DHEA. All of them costed me hundreds of dollars in medical tests and visits. None of them helped. Might as well stick to my HMO. The visits and labs are free and the copay is only $10 for a months supply of thyroid medicine.

  2. Gretchen says:

    I was taking 1.5 grains NT when I went off of it. I had tried a higher dose in the past at 2 grains. I had terrible side effects and had to lower the dose. I sweated profusely, could not tolerate any heat, had heart palpitations and was extremely anxious and agitated even though nothing stressful was going on at the time. I was retired with no money or marriage problems. I did not feel like myself at all. After the dose was lowered back down, I felt normal again. No more heat flashes, heart palpitations or anxiety.

  3. Gretchen says:

    I was on Naturethroid for 8 years. I never felt better or normal on it but took it because I felt it was better than Synthroid. I had horrible hot flashes night and day which affected my sleep. My doctor finally talked me into trying Levothyroxine because my T4 was too low and would not improve on NT. I was so miserable I decided to give it a try. My T4 improved right away and I noticed that the hot flashes started decreasing in intensity and frequency. Now that I have been on Levothyroxine for a few months they only happen occasionally and are not as severe as when I was on NT.

    • Hi Gretchen. Glad you are doing better! One thing though—T4 does go up on NDT, but only if we raise it high enough to find our optimal dose. i.e. when optimal, free T4 is usually around mid-range and free T3 is usually towards the top of the range. It sounds like you were kept underdosed for a long time, thus never feeling better and the issues. This page explains how to use NDT: You will note it’s never about the TSH, about where the free’s fall, about temperature, and about having good cortisol or iron levels. Doctors haven’t caught up with us about all this.

      And…though you don’t have those hot flashes as much (which I’m sure you are so glad about!), T4-only has simply caused people problems in so many other areas, sooner or later. This isn’t opinion but based on the reports of patients for years and years.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Janie, did RCL stop making regular Westhroid altogether? I asked my doctor for it not knowing they had a hypoallergenic version in Westhroid P! Which a million and one food allergies, that would be a great option for me! I need to know so I can call her and ask if we can change it to that.

  5. Hadassah says:

    Janie , I noticed you always talk about Iron and Cortisol for feeling good and for conversion. How much Iron does a post menopausal thyroid less person need ? And what is Cortisol ? And what does one do or supplement with ? Your knowledge on “THYROID” is amazing and it’s great for all of us out there to have you educate us . G-D knows Drs . won’t . And we and up suffering at our expense . Thank you for all you do for us the pained silent voices . Hopefully not for to long . So we can stand up for ourselves and fight for our health and well being . And change the “THYROID World” thinking and medicating . We must take charge on our own behalf . If not us then WHO?

  6. Alex Thomas says:

    I’m eighteen years old, and am currently taking Synthroid. When I take it, i start, to have back pain through out the day. People keep telling me i’m to old to have back pain. Is there any one around my age group who is having this discomforts? If so please reply to my comment.

    • Alex, hopefully someone in your age range will see this and respond. If you are still financially dependent on your parents, maybe you can convince them to get your doctor to try natural desiccated thyroid and see if the back pain goes away. This page explains what patients have learned about it and how they start on and raise it: It’s important to learn it as a patient in case doctors need the information, too.

  7. Angie Bowling says:

    How do we know she’s even REALLY taking it ?!?

  8. Chris says:

    I have been on levothyroxine for 10 years for low functioning thyroid. I also had very low levels of Vitamin D (northern US), so I was Rx’d high dose of D2 – 50,000 IUs per week. And every six months my doctor tells me my Thyroid levels are just a tad too low. I’m now on100mcg of Levo. I never realized how all my symptoms following these diagnosis were related: migraines, depression, weight gain, low energy I feel great when I take the VitaminD. But I wonder if I can reduce the Levo or take a different brand? I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and excersize 3 times a week but I just keep gaining weight and given higher doses of Levo. What should I ask my doctor?

  9. Kate says:

    Janie, just wondering —when you talk about doctors and pharm companies pushing synthroid, don[‘t you think that pharms also want to sell you Armour and Cytomel and such? The doctors who propound synthroid only (meaning t-4 only) can’t have an ulterior motive as far as profits, because there is also profit to be made from armour etc! So many people do well on Synthroid alone. I respect that you and many others do better with t-3 also, but it is very hard to make an “allness” statement about everyone’s needs—when it comes to hormones there IS individual variation–especially because low thyroid has different causes!

    • Actually, docs push Synthroid because it’s all they are trained about. i.e. that push is not about profit but limited training. And yes, some patients definitely do better than others while on T4. But remember, we’ve been doing this for many years now. And what we’ve noted repeatedly from patients are two-fold: 1) those who feel they are doing well on T4-only will often admit that to the contrary, they are treating depression, or have to nap….or more 2) those who do better than others report more and more symptoms creep up the longer they stay on only one of five hormones. And common sense tells you that if a healthy thyroid makes five hormones, there’s good reason by that alone to want to treat one’s hypothyroidism with all five, when possible.

    • Erin Thurman says:

      Doctors absolutely do have a vested interest in pushing synthroid. Big Pharma funds the American Thyroid Association. None of the companies that make NDT fund the ATA.

  10. Janet says:

    Janie, I was taking Synthroid and Cytomel. For a while it was ok. When I started to feel worse my Endocrinologist just increased my dose of Synthroid. I finally went back to my PC and told him how I was feeling. he said he had put a couple of patients on Armour and they had good results. We tried it and it made a huge difference. I felt much better. That was in 2007. I felt really good for a couple of years then started to back slide. I am reading here that there was a reformulation of Armour in 2009 and I am thinking that may be the problem. I am new to the site and would like to know how I would determine if I am properly dosing. I am currently taking 120 mg a day. I have always swallowed my meds. Is sublingual a better option? I have started to have fatigue and weight gain again and some foggy headedness. Should I have my iron tested? Thank-you for the site. I am learning a lot and I have just ordered the book. Unfortunately my PC left the state and I have not found a Dr. who is willing to listen like he did.

    • Janet, people definitely do a LOT better on T4 with T3 than on the straight T4. But…patients have consistently reported that NDT gave them even better results (along with good iron and cortisol, which is key) than even the combination of T4 with T3. That impressed us. Proper dosing of NDT is based on achieving several factors: a mid-afternoon temp of 98.6F, a good BP and heartrate, a free T3 towards the top of the range (this is important), and the complete elimination of symptoms.

  11. Kat says:

    I don’t have any problems on Synthroid. Neither does my mother, who has been taking it since 1975. My 2 sisters and one of my brothers also take it and have no other health issues. It works for us.

  12. Kat says:

    I’ve been on Synthroid for 25 years, and only had to get off it when I was pregnant with my 3rd child and my thyroid worked perfectly. I’ve never had a problem with Synthroid.

  13. Jenn says:

    I do so much better on a combo of Synthyroid and Cytomel, the Armour. On Armour I gain weight, am depressed,cystic acne, lethargic. When I swap to the synthetic combo my body responds face clears, weight drops, fog, and lethargy rises, I can work more. I’ve tried this time and time again, Armour just ain’t for me, I keep a stock of it incase SHTF scenario, cause its so cheap. Best of luck to you all.A tip: Google all estrogenic and goitrogenic foods, implement and fight. You can take thyroid meds and feel sick due to estrogen dominance and iodine deficiency over running your meds and thyroid. Makes you feel crazy, and look like a hypochondriac lol! On Amazon buy Iodoral 12.5mg 1X a day stuff is amazing, and Emerita progesterone cream, can’t live without it! Estrogen dominance suck for thyroid suffers. Get your T3/T4 combo how ever makes you feel your best and dont forget we are a iodine deficient group. Xoxo

  14. julia says:

    I honestly don’t think it’s fair to judge Sofia Vergara when we just don’t know what it’s like to walk in her shoes. We really don’t know her perspective on all of this. We are all just trying to make sense of our own unique circumstances when it comes to health, and I find it disappointing when we judge each other.

  15. Jennifer says:

    you guys are all great. reading your stories is so achingly similar to my life. maybe all of you can help me. after taking synthroid for seventeen years I have decided to stop and try to reboot my system. I was falling apart. my iron was extremely low, fatigue, low blood pressure where I had to take breaks just to get around. I decided it was the synthroid. I never felt good on it and was prescribed originally to try and shrink a goiter. it didn’t work it grew quite large. after surfing this site I decided to abandon synthroid. I have been taking iodine supplements but after a month I am going crazy. I am so tired and I have gained weight. which by the way was happening on the synthroid towards the end anyway. should I continue the iodine and wait another month to get tested or go to the endo and get tested now? I will never use synthroid again. I don’t think I got the reboot I was seeking but I do feel different, just a bit more normal. still tired, but I can at least make it through a day without passing out. thank you for listening.

    • Esme says:

      What was your diet like? You have to take extreme care of what you eat and your physical activity after going cold turkey. Also make sure to take your dietary supplements that you are probably low on

  16. Diane says:

    I was put on Synthroid during my third pregnancy, the first of two extremely uncomfortable pregnancies. I thought that it was just my body getting older and having a hard time with what once was easy. (Afterall, many women find pregnancy difficult.) I continued feeling miserable after he was born, and thought it was just the lack of sleep and pregnancy recovery. Then I got pregnant with #4 and the misery continued. I have packed on the weight recently and feel worse than ever, but #4 is now 2 1/2 years old. I noticed that I felt significantly BETTER when life got really hectic and I FORGOT TO TAKE my Synthroid. I’ve always been quite forgetful, so this happens about twice a month and the result is the same every time! So, today I decided to Google “exhausted on synthroid” and that’s how I found you here. Now, I’m realizing that it is likely far more than the extreme exhaustion alone, but all/most the symptoms I have developed (hair loss, weight gain, bloating, bone aches, muscle aches, dry patchy skin, acne, gastro-intestinal issues, depression… and more) that have had their start with improperly treating me with Synthroid. My doctor has run so many tests of all sorts and I’ve stopped bringing new symptoms to her because I was afraid I just looked like a crazy person, but thanks to you I now have the information to fuel my next conversation… and hopefully get me what I need, so I can be the wife and mother I want to be!

  17. amy says:

    why is it ok for any of you to talk about how T4 and synthroid doesn’t work for you but for those it works for it’s a “disservice”?

    • Amy, you are missing a a key reality. Yes, there are some who do better than others on T4 and Synthroid. But what patient experiences have revealed over and over and over is that even those who feel they are doing well will see symptoms creep up on them the longer they stay on. It’s simply not a pretty picture to be on only one of five known thyroid hormones, as experiences reveal repeatedly. Learn from patients before you, Amy.

      • Crystal Osborne says:

        Hi Amy;
        I’ve been on Synthroid since 1990 and it was great for many years compared to nothing at all. I got older, have bad arthritis, been in hospital 3 times with chest pain and last ER doc said I truly need a good endocrinologist if I expect to live is his opinion. Being retired and on Medicare, what I need and get usually differ. My Sis sent this page to me. I requested Armour from my new PCP and she wrote it. My insurance will not pay for it, so costs me $25 for first month I’m in, but I do want to live. I did research. I live in a world of constant pain and thought all from my arthritis and other disabilities, but am very hopeful this change will restore some quality to my lone life. Our body chemicals differ and change over time. Ie: I had cancer requiring complete hysterectomy in 1997 but could never take hormone replacements. Returned to work, was in a car wreck in 2000, back to work, physical labor until 2004 until Rheumotologist said end of the line. No more heavy lifting. Retired disabled. 5’2″ petite. Still young workaholic so depression set in. I’m a loner, so life changes often require medical changes. Losing good iwncome/ good insurance left me with minimal healthcare and high copayments from low income, where I am now, leading to malnourishment as well due to OCD about bills must be paid before buying food. So I never have had a cardiologist. When on Medicareless, one doesn’t get a home CNA as those on Medicaid get. I worked and am a tax payer. Own my home and good car, so no help from gov. So you see, situations vary. Am buying Armour hoping to get strength to survive against the will of current system. I’m not ant government just accepted reality after the fact of becoming disabled and having to fight 3 years to claim my SSD. My pain is severe and has side affects similar to prescribed meds, so I take them less then prescribed, half, to prevent becoming what I call walking dead. (Vision is awful, seeing eye specialist using inflammation drops now) Divorced an addict young in life so am familiar. Is why single Mom, but son raised and has his own home and family he works and provides for, as he was taught.
        Amy, I hope this sheds a big light for you upon the difference, varying needs, and is helpful to you. Take care of yourself and be watchful of changes if you stay with Synthroid. I am now struggling just washing my hair, and I’m no stranger to pain. But this is my first month on Armour, close to bottom of bottle, praying it is the answer to keep me independent. If so, I’ll pay for it. Humana does not, but did Synthroid. Pharmacist said just a few months ago Armour cost only $7. I’m supposing supply and demand, hoping it doesn’t go up more. It’s coming from my grocery money, which I hope it will return my appetite, energy, then muscle. God bless you.

  18. Rose Gondek says:

    I had a thyroidectomy years ago. Since removal i have been taking Levothyroxine. 2 months ago my old doctor raised ne to 100mcg. 9 days ago I was due to have ny levels checked. I went to a hew doctor. I asked him if after labs cone back would he put me on Armour. After intense arguing he agreed but said that if I don’t feel any better in 2 months he will put ke back on levothyoxine and an antidepressant. Yeah what ever dude!
    He asks what strength I was taking in Levothyroxine. 1 tell himm 100mgs. He then sent a RX to ny pharmacy for 1 1/2 grains. Then he sends me to the lab to see how levothyroxine 100mgs was working for me. 3 days later the nurse calls. Said they only drew my TSH. It was .33 and my vitamin D is low. So I was told to get D3 1000 units.
    I asked if 1 1/2 grains of Armour was equivalent to 100mcg of levothyroxine. She said it was close enough. So I took them. 7 days later I am light sensitive, Achilles tendons hurt and always on the edge of anxiety attack. 2 days ago the doctor lowered me to 1 grain. Armour is so new for me. In the 9 days my My brain fog is a little better, depression is better, but I hurt.
    Quedyion 1… Am I dosing correctly?

    I asked him about my adrenal glands and he said he doesn’t believe in them.

    Question 2….Also I have never had a weight issue. Only the last few months prior to surgery 3 years ago. My mom and sister are both always on a diet.(both take levothyroxine 100mgs.) I remain skinny. Could it be because I’m a smoker?

  19. Mary Mills says:

    I was put on Synthroid about 9 years ago. Never did I feel great. They continued to push the dosage up until the “numbers” were in range and then basically ignored all of my symptoms (weight gain, chronic fatigue, nausea, general ill feeling, depression, hair loss, insomnia, etc). Finally last year I threw my hands up and stopped altogether. Felt great for about two months then crashed with complete fatigue. I decided to enlist the help of a new Endocrine Doctor hoping for a better outcome. She immediately put me back on Synthroid 125mg without even checking my thyroid (this was my previous dosage) and then we started the waiting game. Within 3 months my “numbers” were in range but my symptoms had returned. She basically said do not stop taking the medicine even if I feel terrible because my body needs it. Finally I researched about natural thyroid and 6 months into seeing the new doctor asked if she would consider letting me switch to Armour. She agreed and switched me and thus started the waiting game again. On my return visit my thyroid was not in range and she upped the dosage. I did lose some of the horrible symptoms at first but now that she has upped the dosage I feel terrible again. I can hardly manage because of the nausea and swelling and general ill feeling. I take my kids to school then come home and crawl in bed. Again, I have had enough. So, today for the first time in almost a year I just did not take the medication and I feel much better. I am at a complete loss to understand. The new Doctor told me the “numbers” do not lie.. but what about how awful you feel.. Sometimes I feel like I am being poisoned.. and I think that maybe the Doctors are just wrong… Is it possible that there is something else wrong and that the thyroid medicine only makes it worse?

  20. Kate says:

    I appreciate that it seems lots of people do better with the addition of T3 or natural thyroid than they do on T4 alone. But just to add another perspective, I improved my hashimotos thyroiditis only when I stopped taking cytomel—and just continued with the Synthroid alone. My iron and vitamin D levels finally went up, my antibody load went down, and my T4 AND T3 got BETTER—with the only change being stopping the longstanding dose of cytomel.

    • Some people do report doing okay on T4 at the beginning, Kate. But those same individuals also end up seeing more and more symptoms of a poor treatment biting them in the behind eventually, in their own degree and kind. A healthy thyroid does not force you to live for T4 alone. Instead, it makes T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.

      • Kate says:

        Thanks for your reply Janie. What is so interesting in my case, is that this is definitely not the beginning for me! I have been taking cytomel and synthroid for nearly 20 years! The only reason I am posting this is because I am so amazed that some people may not need to take extra T3 — I absolutely had thought everyone did. Some doctors say that certain people can convert T4 they get from Synthroid or other T4 drugs into T3 (and T2 etc.). And Cytomel (armour, etc) does not help these people–in fact, their thyroid may do better doing its own converting at its own pace. Guess I am an example of this–to my amazement. No one was more surprised than me to see I got so very much better–just by quitting the cytomel and keeping the synthroid only. I still have Hashimotos, but I am feeling better and better every day–with great blood results. Wonder if any one else has a theory on this?

        • Kate, understand though, that there are a lot of things that doctors (who make those kind of comments) do NOT understand. If you don’t do well on T3, it’s because of either low iron and/or a cortisol issue, not because you don’t need direct T3. Our bodies are designed to have direct T3. So yes, you will “feel better” by removing T3 because you stop pooling–the latter a common problem with low iron and/or a cortisol issue. And yes, some people outright do better on T4 that others…for awhile. But I can’t begin to tell you how many of those folks saw more and more symptoms of a poor treatment creep up on them the longer they stayed on T4-only…in their own degree and kind. By the latter “degree and kind”…some report finally crashing in a major way with adrenal fatigue or other issues, while others may only see more minor symptoms creeping up, but creep up they do. So…I think anyone would say GOOD if you feel better. 🙂 But…you are now taking a much greater risk of seeing problems down the line. By nature, the body is not meant to live for a storage hormone alone, and it ends up biting too many people in the behind.

          • Kate says:

            Janie, Do appreciate you taking the time to share info. when you say the body isn’t meant to have storage hormone alone, does that mean you don’t believe that some people may have no trouble converting T-4 to T-3? If your body is easily converting the T-4 to T-3, why would you have a T-3 shortage? Isn’t T-3 most important for those people who actually cannot convert properly? If one is taking only synthroid and your blood levels of T-3 are high enough, isn’t that proof you are converting–since you have to be getting all that free T-3 in the blood from somewhere! For me personally, I’ve now been a year on only Synthroid and doing better than years on cytomel and synthroid. Also, re-adding cytomel is all I could do—since I am so creeped out about Armour and all the other stuff made from animal glands that I am sick at the thought of taking that. Thanks Janie. best to you!

          • Kate, it’s apparently not just about conversion. We’ve seen how some people on T4-only do seem to convert well (I was one) yet still have issues…sooner ot later. It’s something about what the full complement of all thyroid hormones give you, which you won’t get by taking one hormone alone.

          • Also Kate, if you “feel better” by removing T3 in your treatment, you strongly need to reassess your iron and/or cortisol status.

          • Kate says:

            Janie, but I still cannot logically or scientifically see how you do NOT have t3 if you are making it adequately out of the synthroid. Why would fake T3 from a pig gland or from cytomel be any better than what your body makes from the extra t4 (synthroid) you take–or makes from the t4 it makes itself? People with healthy thyroids make the t3 from their storage hormone t4. Your body is designed to make t3 from t4. It does seem mandatory to take cytomel if your body cannot convert–but if you are converting, that actually is the most natural process–if natural is what we want. Just wondering how you explain the science? I am confused. Along with the mainstream docs, there are some “non mainstream medicine” docs who are opposed to taking t3 unless you need it. Don’t you think there are individual differences? Different bodies have different needs?

          • Hi Kate. No one is saying that you don’t make T3 from T4. Most people do! The problem is that the body is not designed to live for conversion alone. A healthy thyroid doesn’t just make T4. It makes T4, plus direct T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. So it makes complete sense that the better treatment is that which gives you exactly what a healthy thyroid would be giving you…which is NOT just a storage hormone, Kate.

            Second, understand that Stop the Thyroid Madness is about worldwide “patient experiences”. And from those experiences all over the world and for over half a century, we’ve seen repeatedly that T4-only as a treatment has failed thyroid patients, sooner or later, in their own degree and kind. And Kate, even those who convert better than others, and still moved over NDT, reported even better results! The proof is in the pudding of many, many, many patient experiences.

            So when you ask about “individual differences” and “different needs”, consider that there aren’t many “individual differences” as to how nature or God creates healthy thyroid function. Healthy thyroid function is about a good five hormones, not one, Kate. T4-only is simply about pharmaceuticals who want to pull the wool over your eyes and make money off of you while doing it.

          • Kate says:

            Janie, I think you are wonderful for caring about people with thyroid problems, doing this blog and offering info and encouragement. I totally understand that you and millions of others do well adding T-3. And when you say everyone needs to, I’m feeling really compelled to run out and restart my cytome!! But, please explain. What do you mean by “the body is not designed to live for conversion alone?” Isn’t that exactly what a healthy thyroid does? I thought it was medical fact that healthy thyroids have calcitonin, T-1,2, and 3—all from conversion from their t-4?!! If you agree with that, then I do not understand why you would think that IF one IS converting their t-4 to calcitonin, t-1, t-2, and t-3 that that is not good enough? What does it matter if you get the original t-4 from synthroid or from your own thyroid, as long as you are converting it to all those things, and have enough of all those things in your blood? Doesn’t nature in fact design thyroids to live for conversion alone? (meaning conversion from t-4 to calcitonin, t-1, 2, and 3 in sufficient quantities.) So if nature designs normal thyroids to live by conversion, why can’t we supplemented gals live by our conversions?!

          • Kate, a healthy thyroid provides T3 in two ways, not one: from conversion and makes it directly.

  21. Ana78 says:

    I’m not mad at sofia, there are people who really do good on synthroid. my aunt (60) for example had thyroid cancer too and she has the energy of 7 me (34) on levo. Maybe it doesn’t work for Hashimoto’s.
    Anyways, this is my story, if somebody can help me I would highly appreciate it. I was dx hashi’s 2 years ago and it has been a nightmare!! After the first week on levothyroxine I started to feel like fifteen again, even my sight improved. I had not felt like that in years so i thought it was a miracle. But that only lasted one week and then I started to feel shortness of breath. At night I would lay down on one side and the leg and arm under my body would get swollen and big, followed by a sudden rush of my heart beats. I would wake up very scared and horrified, my shirt didnt fit! After three days like that and horrible depresion and migrains i realized it was the pill. The dr told me none of her patients had complaint about that kind of reaction, but she immidiatelly put me on Armour. Armour was good but to tell you the thuth i didn’t feel even 85%. So I decided to go for synthroid since i read it was the original and that it was better than levo. But after a week i started to have the same symptoms. I still don’t know why that happens to me with those pills. So I went back to armour and was on it for almost a year but i was going from hipo to hyper and it was giving me some side effects, made me very angry at times, i couldn’t loose weight, I always had edema. So I convinced my dr to switch me to nature throid giving the fact that I am allergic to most things on planet earth and this pill was supposed to be better for that. I’ve been on nature throid for 6 months but i have to constantly change the dose or i can’t stand up. Then it gets too high….my life is a health nightmare. I think I might have some strange pituitary problems (mri was negative). When my tsh is 0.4 my t3/t4 are at the (normal) bottom. When my tsh is 0.03 (way under lab range) sometimes my t3/t4 are (normal) in the middle or in the upper side. My dr cannot go by my tsh bc my pituitary i guess is too lazy. The problem is that when I’m healthy it seems to work a little bit better and send the signal. In those days i might need less pills. But when I have a cold, allergies, a parasite, when I’m going to get my period, etc, it just doesn’t work and i feel what hell is. Right now I’m on 3 pills a day of 97 mg each. I don’t know next week how it would be. Sometimes I just want to get rid of my thyroid…

  22. Faye says:

    Have tried many meds over the 10 years since my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Currently on Natur-throid for 4 years and have felt the best yet. Yes, Synthroid is not the only med for this condition, and doctors need to be aware that other meds are out there. They are often better, thus the need to tailor the treatment to the individual. Patients need to self-advocate and doctors need to listen.

  23. Eaamon says:

    Sofia is laughing all the way to the bank.
    she flies home to Brazil gets off the air plane to her stash of NDT.

  24. Susan says:

    Miss Vergara doesn’t know any better, yet. Someone should send her a copy of stop the thyroid madness.

  25. Mary says:

    Has anyone tried the new Westhroid formulation (Westhroid-P)? I just switched from Armour to W-P and I’m hopeful for better results. Fingers crossed!

  26. Jamie says:

    If it works for her thats great, but that follow the script motto is malarky. I’m currently on levothyroxine and desperate to switch but armour seems to be a dirty word around here. I’m very dizzy and my FT3 is not where it should be, but no doc seems to care because my tsh is heading in the right way.

  27. Sue says:

    Diag. over 18 yrs ago. have been on many drugs – now on Levothroxin. Started out at 100MCG, increased to 110 & now 112. I have gained wt & still gaining – I had asked to change to Armour & keeps saying no?? When I complain about my wt. She states it comes with age I am 75. This last dose seems to be hurting me more than helping. I seem to get brain fog & losing all my energy. The only problem I have is a Thyroid otherwise I walk & look pretty good except for wt. Also this increase all the time seems to make me depressed. Any suggestions.

  28. Stacy says:

    Not sure if this is where I should post this or if a new blog should be started, but here it goes.. I have been on NP by Acella for close to a year now, I was taking 2 grains, along with low does hydrocortisone, and many vitamins. Things had really started to improve for me. About six months ago the pharmacy started having trouble getting the NP due to a “shortage” ( Rolling my eyes thinking here we go again with the reformulations and shortages) When I heard that Westhroid was coming out with a new formulation Westhroid-P, which has very few fillers and is gluten free (Less is always more in my opinion) I decided to give it a try. I have been on it for about 3 weeks now and I am up to 3 grains instead of 2 grains that I was taking previously on NP. Here are the pros and cons that I have experienced since the switch. Pros- The Westhorid-P is a big pill, but it is scored, so it can be cut in half. It dissolves better sublingually than NP ever did. I just cut the pills in half and add a little honey and they are dissolved within 15 minutes. Cons- I know it has only been three weeks since the switch but I am not feeling well at all even though I have increased my dose like many people have to do when they switch brands. Another thing I noticed was there was hardly any odor to the Westhroid-P. The NP has a very strong, not so pleasant odor in my opinion, but who cares as long as it works, right? Anyway, that’s an update and my personal experience so for on the newest brand available. I will probably give it another two weeks, have my labs checked and go from there. I would love to hear from anyone else who has started taking this and see how things are going for them 🙂

    • Dee says:

      I am like you, was doing so well on the Acella, after being sick for over 2 years on the NEW Armour. My hair was even starting to come back, and I hadn’t had bronchitis or stomach flu or any other sickness for over a year! (before Acella, I was sick every 2 weeks.) It was almost like the old Armour (but not quite.)
      And then it’s been 2 months of “backorders.”
      I am scared to do the switch (AGAIN–since I went thru so many when Armour did these shenanigans), but I will post back what happens.
      I hope others will let us know too?

      • sooz says:

        Yea, i’m in the same boat just now as it’s slowly dawning that the NP Thyroid ride is probably coming to an end. I even called Acella and spoke to a CSR who said he was told that all the backorders ‘should’ be filled by the end of July — HOWEVER, he said he’s been told the same thing for the last several months….I too wondered about Westhroid-P…until i noticed the RX prescribing info, as well as this website noted that INULIN is one of the fillers. If you google inulin you will find it is an “insoluble fiber”…just like CELLULOSE. So i would be concerned this filler could cause absorption problems as well…. As a result, I am now considering the ERFA Thyroid and will wait to see how many hoops and trouble will be required to obtain it. To add another wrinkle to the situation, in the last week I’ve noticed the ERFA website has dropped advertising the 30mg strength (!!) and i’m wondering “so what’s happened with that already???”
        At any rate, thanks so much for posting your experience and PLEASE keep us updated as to your final decision regarding the efficacy of the Westhroid-P product as a substitute for NP Thyroid.

        • Cathy McLain says:

          I have been on the Westhroid P for about three months now. Really like it better than the NP. The pills are not meant to be split, however, and will discolor if split because of the lack of fillers. Good medicine so far.

          • sooz says:

            Thanks so much for your input…I think the 3 month point would give one a reliable period of time to gauge the product. Having just been informed that Acella is now saying NP Thyroid will be delayed yet again, I will be making other arrangements. Very dubious about any American manufacturer at this point, but will give the Westhroid P a shot. Thanks again for your input!!

        • Sheila says:


          I think perhaps you looked up the wrong thing. After researching INULIN it is a soluble fiber, and seems beneficial. Here is one of many similar descriptions: Dietary fiber falls into two broad categories: soluble and insoluble. Neither are absorbed by the digestive tract, but soluble fiber dissolves in water, whereas insoluble fiber does not. Another feature of soluble fibers is that, although they are not broken down by the human digestive tract, they are partially digested by bacteria which inhabit the colon. Inulin is a soluble fiber.

          • sooz says:

            WOW!! Thanks for clearing that up Sheila. I must have been suffering from the “here we go again – Armour shortage panic,” from all the delays and unavailability of the NP Thyroid product. Your info will definitely give me more confidence in having to switch yet again to another NDT, and I certainly hop RLC Labs has its act together!!! Thanks again!!!

  29. Nancy says:

    My autoimmune progressed on T4 only to the point that I was given a potential diagnosis of Lupus. I am fighting it now with Armour, Iodine and supplements. I’m taking charge of MY OWN HEALTH at 51 – I’m not letting my doctors dictate my path anymore.

  30. Chris Ruston says:

    So, AbbVie (Abbott Laboratories – or whoever they are) is putting out some big bucks in an effort to try and whitewash the damage that they have done (in collusion with many in the endo profession) with their synthroid. Why is AbbVie so worried about their image? This only indicates to me that they are very worried that they just may be WRONG about T4-only thyroid hormone replacement. This also indicates to me that miss Vergara will say and do just about anything for cash – why should she care about the millions that are stuck on T4 only – she can well afford to doctor-shop all she wants anywhere she wants – and she will be at some point when the the T4-only damage becomes apparent over time. It took approx. 10 to 15 yrs. before I realized what synthroid was doing to me – this stuff is very slow and insidious. Thanks for the knife in the back miss Vergara – I will be sure to turn my back and boycott anything you may say or do in your career from this point on, including any products you may advertise – including synthroid if at all possible when I find some competent open- minded medical professionals.

  31. Jan says:

    I’m a bit skeptical that she really is hypothyroid. As most of us know that means weight gain, weight struggles, and hair loss. I’ve never seen anyone hypoT and on synthroid only look like she does. But since she also sold her soul to diet soda commercials, why not synthroid?

    • Diane says:

      I have a friend who’s on a high dose of Synthroid and is quite thin. And I lost about 20 pounds early on after my hypothyroid diagnoses (but gained 50!! more recently). However, my point is: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some do fine with their weight, even while hypothyroid…at least for a time.

  32. jaime says:

    When I was first prescribed Levothyroxine in August of 2005 I thought I was going to be on the greatest med on the planet. My endo at the time started me at 25 mcg and I recall feeling great after the first week, but after 2 months I felt horrible again and i knew I needed my dose raised. The endo refused,telling me my TSH of 2.59 and freet4 of 0.72 was ” picture perfect”.

    I fired her, and my pcp raised my dose to 50mcg, and once again I felt better but I was soon right back to feeling lousy a few months later. Again the dose was raised to 75mcg. I continued to feel awful so I sought my 2nd endo a month later who switched me to Synthroid at 100mcg. My b12 was very low which didn’t help at all!

    Then, same story, I felt just ok initially but then started feeling worse with hypo symptoms (dizziness, absent-minded,slow movements,brain fog, drowsiness , no stamina, throat pressure) within a few weeks later. Endo upped the dose to 150 mcg and by this time I had to miss work at least once a week and I had an emergency room trip to the hospital from being so sick. A couple months later the Endo switched me back to the generic levothyroxine at the same dose, but it wasn’t working for me as my hypo symptoms were so bad my life was a never-ending daily struggle! I called this Endo and cancelled my next appointment after realizing she did not care how I felt nor was she going to offer me alternatives like armour.

    I went to my pcp on an emergency basis and he gave me a script for armour thyroid. Long story made short, I regained control of my life within 2 days of starting it, my brain fog was GONE, my body aches diminished, my anxiety had disappeared, my energy and stamina had improved to the point it no longer hurt to walk across a room, and my chest pain and shortness of breath was just about gone!

    That happened 7 years ago. It scares me to think where I’d be today had it not been for NDT (armour) but disability was definitely my second choice.

  33. Linda Donaldosn says:

    FWIW, I was one who DID do well for many years. It is hard to know what caused what as I was struggling with hypoparathyroidism at the same time. But I do think I was converting for several years. I had abundant energy, ran for exercise, etc. I would get very tired during the 80s, but as I look back now, it was probably polio raising it’s head… I had asked repeatedly for Armour just because I wanted something natural, and stupid endo would say “Not you” claiming that it was (you insert any one of famous excuses) . I finally found a MD with MS who took Armour and she Rx’d it for me. My journey with STTM began that year, 2007. I was a mess after 42 years on the stuff! After ONE Armour pill I woke up the next day and said, “This must be what ‘normal’ feels like.”

    So, I can see where there are many folks who just don’t know yet the damage that T4 only is doing. They will come to STTM when they get desperate.


  34. gwen says:

    A year ago a doc put me on Synthroid based solely on my TSH (7.0 at the time). I became deathly ill and ended up in the hospital because everything was going into my Rt3. The medication also made me feel extremely achy like I had a bad flu. It wasn’t until I read STTM and started the T3CM protocol with T3 only, addressing my cortisol and iron, that I started getting better. I’m now taking Armour and doing very well,

  35. Christel says:

    I definitely became very ill after my complete thyroidectomy on T4 drugs. I could hardly do anything anymore…gained a heap of weight, bloated, felt like sleeping all day long, could not walk two metres. It might work for some, or it might work for some for a while, but advocating that it is THE miracle drug for thyroid disease it really pulling it by the hair…. It did not work for me, and we all here know of so many that it does not work for either….

  36. Kimberly says:

    I was on synthroid for many years. Stayed sick so they just kept raising my dose. I was put on sooo many bandaid drugs too! I also have adrenal fatigue and low on many vitamins. Am now on NDT and feeling so much better and off ALL the bandaid drugs!!! We need more then T4!!!!

  37. Shirley Houchen Phillips says:

    Synthroid nearly killed me. Not exaggerating! I could not get out of bed and thought I was going crazy. Finally a country Doctor (a friend took me too) changed me to Armour and magic happened!!! Synthroid isn’t right for everyone. Brovo to those who can take it and feel well. But they should not try to convince the world it’s a magic pill….it isn’t!!

  38. Anna says:

    Does this mean that RLC Labs now realizes it was a bad idea to increase cellulose in Nature-Throid and Westhroid?

  39. Liesl says:

    Phytic acid is much higher in foods grown with phosphate fertilizers.

  40. Bitsy says:

    I had thyroid cancer 12 years ago and have bee nfighting synthroid since. I have changed endos 3 times. Even mr pop took care of my thyroid issues for a while. He gave me 200 mils of levothroxin, whet to the hospital with pancreatitis . Could have died FRON this. Lipase and amylase were out of the roof. I am still fighting with my dr now because the dye in 150 burns my throat, mouth and my stomach. I am also diabetic suffering with the insulin injections I take burning mr too. Not to mention when I had my radioactive iodine tratment for the cancer, the hospital burned me up so bad, it was horrible! I am suffering from many illnesses, and can’t seem to find the right dr. Most I have gone too have lost patience with me, one even put on my medical records that I am noncompliance. I am at my witts end here! Cannot take it anymore!

  41. Liesl says:

    Ms. Vergara probably doesn’t even take Synthroid. Stars don’t have to be honest to make money doing a commercial.

    I little word about seeds and cocoa: Seeds, nuts, legumes and grains contain phytic acid which depletes magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium in the human body. You can avoid the problem with nuts by consuming them blanched because the phytic acid is in the skins. Soaking and cooking reduces, but does not eliminate, the phytic acid in most foods.

  42. Sarah says:

    Help. I have been treated with only synthroid since 2002. I don’t know how to get any other treatment. I can’t seem to find a doctor, or endo who will do anything other than T4. I can’t stop gaining weight even on a doctor managed diet and am now 270. I am going to die if I can’t get this to stop.

  43. Stephanie says:

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in 2011. I was immediately put on Synthroid and within no time, I developed severe nausea (to the point I couldn’t get out of bed and was dry-heaving), extreme abdominal pain to the right of my belly button, and chronic diarrhea. That’s along with insomnia, hair loss, extreme fatigue, and all the other lovely crap that goes hand in hand with hypothyroidism. I’ve been to 2 GI specialists that put me through every test known to man, even exploratory surgery, and have slapped me with an IBS diagnosis. I begged my PCP during all of this to change my thyroid med to Armour to see if it would provide any improvement. The extreme nausea went away, but unfortunately the other symptoms continued. Over time (nearly a year), they slowly began improving, but my TSH has yet to normalize since my diagnosis. So, I started seeing an endo who put me back on Synthroid. I’ve been back on it now for 3 weeks and I’m MISERABLE. The debilitating nausea is back, the extreme abdominal pain, and the diarrhea. Instead of Synthroid, I was offered a new drug on the market, Tirosint – strictly a T4 drug, but haven’t tried it. Has anyone tried this or know anyone who has? Has anyone else experienced any of these horrible symptoms I’ve mentioned while taking Synthroid? Can anyone help me or offer me any insight? Another issue for me is pregnancy. I’m desperately trying to get my TSH levels within normal range so I can even attempt to conceive and have a successful, viable pregnancy. PLEASE if anyone can offer me any advice, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m so tired of suffering!

    • Janie says:

      Stephanie, T4 is T4 is T4, no matter if it’s liquid or another brand. 🙁 A much better choice is natural desiccated thyroid, whether Armour or another brand. But you have to do it all right this time:

      Also understand that you canNOT dose by the TSH. That will keep you sick. After you have thoroughly read the above, go here: Read those. Learn from those. It’s all about successful patient experience.

      You have to become better informed, so also get the book: Read, read!

    • Amber says:

      I’m on tirosint! If you are having allergic reactions to the fillers in synthroid, it may help. But I needed t3 to get better…so I also take armour which is compounded and time-released. Good luck. I know it is so hard, but you will get through this!

      • Janie says:

        Amber, tirosint is T4, and T4 is T4 is T4. Being totally on NDT like Armour can work even better, as many patients have reported first hand, and which STTM is about: successful patient experiences and wisdom. And by the way, the T4 in Armour is your natural “time-release”. You don’t need “time-released NDT”.

      • Stephanie says:

        I’m assuming your comment was in response to mine, Amber. Thank you for you encouragement and I wish you all the best with your health.

        Janie, thank you for your response as well, and hopefully the information you’ve provided will be beneficial to me and will help me get on the right track.

  44. Amber says:

    I “followed the script” for 8 years. Let me see if I can recall all my symptoms: anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, poor memory, jaw pain, eye pain, severe carpal tunnel syndrome, no energy, insomnia, neck pain, slow movement, slow thinking, inability to focus, shortness of breath, blue knuckles, severe acne on upper arms… I’m sure I’ll remember more later. My doctors said my tsh was normal and tried prescribing psychotropic meds and other pharmaceuticals. It wasn’t until I found a site where patients reviewed their drugs that I discovered others on synthroid had similar symptoms to mine. That started me on a journey of awareness and being an advocate for myself. I found an integrative doc who prescribed tirosint with compounded armour. I am like a new person. The symptoms I listed I no longer struggle with. I am seriously disappointed in this new big pharmacy campaign. I fear more hypo sufferers will simply buy into the rhetoric that the tsh is fine so their problems are psychological. This really is frightening.

  45. Mary says:

    I was on Synthroid for only a few weeks- all my hypothyroid symptoms got WORSE, I hallucinated, developed insomnia, paranoia, depression, and forgetfulness and memory loss was minute to minute – Synthroid SUCKS >:( Am on Armour ATM but hoping to change to something else, Armour stopped working so the doc just ups the Rx but won’t change brands so far 🙁

    • Janie says:

      Mary, Armour works. You may have a problem with inadequate iron levels and/or low cortisol, each which are revealed when on NDT. Read chapter 5 in the revised STTM book about adrenals, and the beginning of the Odds and Ends chapter about iron.

      • Gretta says:

        Janie, you write that Armour works. I was sure that after 2009 Armour doesn’t work as it was reformed. Is it different now? Does work Armour again?

        • Janie says:

          After the 2009 reformulation, yes, Armour was awful. Forest Labs ruined it. Then about two years later, they changed it again, making it softer. Some do report that it works better again. But I’ve been reading more and more comments that some don’t like it. It’s hard to know. I’d personally choose others first.

  46. Ilik says:

    I’m very happy for her if it is working for her. Since being forced on Synthroid after years of Amour, I feel absolutely horrible and weigh about 60 lbs more. Hopefully, all the advocates here and beyond will be able to balance out this one, well-funded voice.

    • Kelly says:

      Why were you forced to switch to Synthroid? I am new to this,,,diagnosed a month ago, put on Synthroid, thought I was on the road to a whole new me….the more I read, the more the depression is setting in. 🙁

      • JD says:

        I just had my radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism and have been told i more than likely will have hypothyroidism and have to be on meds, this is freakin me out. Sounds like i have no hope….

      • Kathy says:

        probably forced to be on Syntroid because doctors like making drug companies happy rather than listening to how their patients feel. I just went to new Endocrinologist & since there is a new levothyroxine on the market even more expensive than Synthroid he kept cutting me off in mid sentence when I tried to tell him what was happening to me on Snythroid. He just said this other brand was better quality & would not listen to me even though I am the one that has suffered countless health problems since being on it since 1980. Apparently they care more about the drug companies than their patients. I did go home & take one of his samples & it actually caused my back muscles, tendons, lymph system or whatever is drawing up to draw up even faster then when I now take the full strength of my Snythroid. It took me 1 1/2 muscle relaxers to stop the drawing up.

        • Kathy, this is why so many of us started talking over a decade ago–comparing our notes about how lousy T4 has been for us, and why we moved over to Natural Desiccated Thyroid, which has been SO much better.

  47. Patricia Dunlop says:

    I tried Synthroid and it did nothing to address my hypothyroid symptoms. It was only when I went on dessicated thyroid hormone (in the form of Armour Thyroid) that I got my life back.

  48. Jacqueline says:

    I was on Synthroid for 2 years. And with each dosage increase (when I came off it I was on 200mcg) my weight increased, my brain fog increased, I was more tired on Synthroid than I was when I was first diagnosed.. and I spent the past year with horrible debilitating joint and muscle pain where walking my children to school brought me to tears. I’ve been on natural desiccated thyroid for 2 weeks and I already feel better.. the brain fog is gone, I have energy and even some stiffness is subsiding. It takes 4-6 weeks to feel the full effect and I’m excited!! I will never touch Synthroid again.

    • Mary says:

      I have been on Eltroxin (T4 only) since I was first diagnosed hypo in October 2012. My experience so far has been just like yours: I am actually doing WORSE on the T4. My last blood test result (a test I demanded as my GP wanted to wait until August) came back with a TSH of 12—and this is me on 75 mcg a day . Her solution (after asking me if I was actually taking the medication–can you believe her nerve!) was of course to give me more of the same thing that is already obviously not working for me. So now I am on 100 mcg and feeling more tired and brain dead than I did when all this insanity first began.
      I have tried to reason with her, begging to be put on NDT of some sort, or at least with T3 added: she refuses. So now I am waiting to see if my order of Thyroid S gets through customs as my first attempt at ordering Cynomel from Mexico was nabbed by the Medicines board. It’s stressful having to wait, and I know I will cry if this one doesn’t get to me either, but no matter what happens, I am grateful to all of you who share your stories and experience. Without your sharing of your terrible journey, I too could have spent years in the dark, getting sicker and sicker all the while, maybe even ending up on all kinds of anti-depressants or whatever in the process. I am so grateful to have been spared that fate and feel so bad for those who have been caught in it 🙁
      Yes the journey to getting access to better options is very difficult here, but I will get there somehow, no matter what. I know now I have to, as my health and happiness depend on it.

      Good luck to all.

  49. Mmdestef says:

    I had my thyroid removed in 2009 and synthroid did nothing for me but make me sicker and sicker-: hair loss, depression, fatigue, weight gain dry itchy skin, on and on and on… luckily I found a dr to prescribe NDT!

  50. Tammy Hopkins says:

    I went to the dr with a myriad of complaints, the doctor did many blood tests, but based only on TSH (5.6) she put me directly on Synthroid, told me to come back in 6 weeks for bloodwork. At the first blood draw I told the nurse that now in addition to my other symptoms, I also had a nerve in my face that was very painful, my tongue was beginning to tingle and my ring finger on my left hand was beginning to go numb at the tip. She said she would mention it to the dr. They called with blood work results a few days later, said TSH had come down, they were going to up the dose of Synthroid…..same thing, went back 6 weeks later, drew blood, came back, upped dose. This began in Oct ’12, went through March ’13, when I went in and told them I was stopping the synthroid and wanted to try NDT. In the month since stopping the synthroid I have had blood work and other tests to prepare to begin NDT. The nerve pain and tingling tongue and numb finger have since stopped. I don’t know how I will feel on NDT, but I do know that Synthroid was definitely NOT a good fit for me and I am happy that my doctor is open minded enough to listen to me and order the blood work and give me the option of NDT.

  51. Connie Bisby says:

    I was on various synthetic thyroid meds for five years and I was a zombie. I was lucky to find a Doctor who listened to me and let me try natural thyroid. I was actually his first patient he ever put on Armour, he learned a lot from letting me try it and now has alot of women on it. I watched The Doctor Oz show excited because I thought she was going to say something inteligent about being without a thyroid. She did us a huge disservice advertising for synthroid.

  52. Claudine says:

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 18 years ago and was put on Synthroid. I thought that this was my saving grace but didn’t realize that all of the additional health problems I developed, was directly related to the Synthroid and not being treated properly. My gallbladder failed and was diseased and I had a numerous infections and still had miserable symptoms of thyroid disease. Doctors said that it was either in my head and gave me powerful antidepressants or told me to meditate, get therapy or just exercise. It was always my fault and I left their office feeling alone and sick! The campaign that has been launched for the benefit of Synthroid is a huge step backwards for all of us who are trying to fight for better treatment using T3 meds or NDT. This is an epic fail for celebrity awareness.

    • Kathy says:

      I was put on Synthroid 34 yrs. ago after having thyroid removed due to Grave’s Disease & have actually gone to neurologists, gastrologists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, rheumatologists, orthopedic doctors, gynecologists, had I don’t know how many CT scans & ultrasounds, been through therapy several times. I cannot even begin to tell you what I have been through until finally I told my psychiatrist & pain management doctor for spinal problems (supposedly) that when I do not take my full strength Synthroid a lot of my pain in my back, shoulders & neck go away, but then sometimes if I don’t take it I will come back. I told my husband the other day that I just realized after 34 yrs that I started taking Synthroid in 1980 & I started having to see all kinds of doctors for mostly muscle problems & headaches back in 1980, also & have not stopped seeing doctors since then because of the muscle problems mainly.

  53. jaime says:

    This is all in the name of M-O-N-E-Y!!!!! I really hope she never regrets her decision and ends up on the chopping block suffering just like we once did, and like many others suffering right now because it will be 100 times worse, I used to like her, now I don’t anymore!!!

    • Morgen says:

      Maybe we should create an on-line petition all of us here could sign onto to let her publicly know that she is doing this disservice. It would be interesting to see how many sign on.

  54. Wendy Kuh says:

    After 5 1/2 years of taking Synthroid, I suffered a metabolic crash in which I thought I was going to die, twice. That was nearly two years ago. That being said, I have other health issues beyond hypothyroidism that I feel were contributed to by Synthroid. Armour Thyroid brought me back from the living dead. Thank goodness we have options outside of T4-only medications!

    • Kathy says:

      I have spent 34 years going to all kinds of doctors since being put on Synthroid & finally come to the conclusion that it has to be the Synthroid because when I back off of it my back & intestines do not draw up like when I take my full amount that gives the doctors the right thyroid test results. I am trying to switch to something else now because I have spent 34 years, to me , wasting precious money on I cannot even begin to count the doctors & tests.

  55. Barb Shultz says:

    I thought Synthroid had been recalled, TWICE now…..

    • Janie says:

      Barb, Synthroid definitely has a strong history of recalls due to potency and stability!

      • Morgen says:

        It’s true that synthroid has a long history of recalls. I followed the recall list for years. During that time, I never once saw a recall for Nature-Throid.

    • felicity moran says:

      I spent two miserable years on T4 and have now got my life back thanks to T3. It’s all very well for people who do well on T4, but for many of us this just isn’t good enough. Patients should be offered NDT and T3 if they are not doing well on T4. The fact that the medical profession blindly pushes T4, despite the misery this drug causes for many thyroid patients, makes me despair.

      • Jennifer says:

        I am so thankful for my doctor! He monitored me for 8 weeks while only taking levo, now I am on WP Thyroid also. I am anxious to get my blood work done on the 11th… Very hopeful that I’ve lost weight and my levels are improving.

    • Kathy says:

      needs to be or studied better or have doctors listen to more patients

    • Tessa says:

      Levo med is a poison drug companies should take it for a while and see what it does to them so there can be a better judgment on this levo

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