Scandanavian thyroid patients sickened…and US thyroid patients don’t blame them!

The following was sent to several thyroid leaders and websites yesterday from Scandanavia. And if you don’t understand the full story, read what I have to say about it below…and you’ll see why thyroid patients find this disgusting:

To Whom it may concern in the matter of The H. C. Jacobaeus Lecture Prize 2012 by the Novo Nordisk Foundation

With grief we become aware that The H. C. Jacobaeus Lecture Prize 2012 will be awarded to Anthony Weetman at The International Thyroid Symposium on 29 November this year, in Gardermoen, Norway.

Anthony Weetman is painfully well known by thyroid patients worldwide in a way that is miles afar from the honor and gratitude.

Can it really be true that Novo Nordisk Foundation will honor Anthony Weetman from the UK, despite the fact that this doctor treats the majority of thyroid patients as mentally ill?

Is it a position on thyroid diseases and patients that Novo Nordisk Foundation shares with Anthony Weetman?

It is well documented that Anthony Weetman is practicing a simplistic approach to thyro-endocrinology.

Does this mean that when Novo Nordisk Foundation wants to dignify this doctor with The H. C. Jacobaeus Lecture Prize 2012, the Foundation supports Anthony Weetman’s oversimplification of thyro-endocrinology?

Considering HC Jacobaeus’ honorable contributions to the history of science, the H. C. Jacobaeus Lecture Prize 2012 to Anthony Weetman is to be considered as an affront to HC Jacobaeus and as an Novo Nordisk Foundation’s active contribution to the gap between doctors and thyroid patients that will become even wider and deeper than it is already.

Administrators and users of thyroid forums in Scandinavia

So what’s the story?

First, let’s look at the players: Novo Nordisk “is a global healthcare company with 89 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. The company also has leading positions within haemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy.”

Anthony “Tony” Weetman has been a Professor of Medicine at the University of Sheffield in the UK for many years. Since 1991, he was also a Consultant Endocrinologist at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust. From 2005 – 2008, Weetman was President of the British Thyroid Association and presently is Chair of the Medical Schools Council and a member of Council of the Royal College of Physicians of London.

Why the disgust? Weetman condescendingly believes the majority of thyroid patients have a somatoform disorder, which is just a medical way to say that millions of thyroid patients are no more than hypochondriacs. As a result, you are chronically exaggerating your symptoms and problems due to stress and worry. Thus what you think is wrong with you is actually the result of a MENTAL DISORDER! In 2006, Weetman revealed his true colors in an article titled “Whose Thyroid Hormone is it Anyway” (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology) by stating:

“The majority of patients who demand thyroid hormone treatment for multiple symptoms, despite normal thyroid function tests, have functional somatoform disorders…”

Bottom line, my fellow thyroid patients, Weetman is basically saying that your depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, rising cholesterol, easy weight gain, hair loss, fibromyalgia pain, chronic fatigue, sluggish adrenal function, low iron, high liver enzymes, and a host of other very real hypothyroid-caused symptoms….ARE IN YOUR HEAD…especially if the TSH lab test (which patients know is a failure) says you are normal.

You can read my blog post from 2006 on Weetman here. And US thyroid patients support and understand the disgust of our friends in Denmark, Norway and Sweden!


I have started a page where you can showcase how you looked before the right thyroid treatment, and afterwards, here. Combine a photo of how you looked before treatment, and after treatment, into one JPG, and use the Contact at the bottom of any page on STTM to send me the photo, your first name, age (not required) and treatment. Let’s show the world what thyroid treatment can do for your mental disorder. 😛


Have you been doing your complete thyroid treatment protocol correctly? Because for most all of us, there can be several bases to cover to feel wonderful again. You will find the following information covered on an actual page on STTM, here, as well. Using the revised STTM book can be an important in-your-hand reminder, as well, of the bases you need to cover.

Numbers 1-6 below are key elements to feeling better again, and must be maintained, as well. You will be making a mistake if you underestimate the importance of these.
  1. Thyroid hormones: being on natural desiccated thyroid and finding the right amount, or the amount you can tolerate until you correct #2 and 3 below. (See Chapter 2 and 12 .)
  2. Adrenals: bringing cortisol to right amounts whether through the T3CM or HC ( Chapter 6 of the revised STTM book)
  3. Iron: you need optimal amounts, not just in range. (See Chapter 13)
  4. B12: should be in the upper quarter of any range. Lower and you could have symptoms which resemble hypo. (See Chapter 13)
  5. Vit. D: should be closer to 80 (We go by the Vitamin D Council. Addendum C in book)
  6. Better Absorption: Putting one tablespoon ACV or any acid in the drink you use to swallow your supplements will enhance absorption—key for the low stomach acid too many thyroid patients have.
Once you have made SURE all the above is corrected and then maintained, and if you still have issues….then it’s time to look at these:
  1. Re-activated EBV (Epstein Barr Virus): very common for hypothyroid patients under stress. My Med Lab tests this.
  2. Lyme disease
  3. Other viruses: get your doctor to identify and test any other potential viruses.
  4. MTHFR defect: look this up if you seem to need high doses of T3 for “resistance”, have high iron, hard time getting nutrients up, high B12….
  5. Chronic inflammation: can be discerned by too-high ferritin or a CRP test. You need to get this down. Can affect many things in your body negatively!
  6. Candida: promotes inflammation!
  7. Blood sugar
  8. Sex Hormones: low levels can make you feel bad. Also look into PCOS.
STOP THE THYROID MADNESS book is now in SWEDISH, GERMAN and ENGLISH. Get yours here….or send one to your friend or family member and let it help change their lives!

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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9 Responses to “Scandanavian thyroid patients sickened…and US thyroid patients don’t blame them!”

  1. Barrie Smith

    I am afraid all the problems with Thyroid & Diabetes lie at Sheffield University Hospital in the name of Tony Weetman , he is a modern day Joseph Mengeler (don’t know him , Google it) the only difference he does it for power and money .

  2. andrew nimmo

    I am based in Sheffield. Mostly my treatment is ok. I have had most of the thyroid removed. I find the service good . I was put on T3 in France and did feel better. But can not be prescribed here so we have issues.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi there Jenny,

    Please keep up the good work. If this is happening is because BIG PHARMA is afraid of people like you who spread the truth.

    They want to treat us all as mental patients. I know a lot of hypothyroid people being treated with psychotropic (toxic and dangerous) drugs. It’s a fight we can’t afford to lose…

  4. Anina

    Thank you for this blog post.

    Weetman also wrote that “most of these patients were really suffering from was “somatoform disorder,” meaning that their symptoms were largely psychological. They just thought they were ill; the thyroxine acted as a kind of placebo.”

    Related to our placebo-expert Weetman’s claim about placebo effects of “unnecessary” treatment, will yours truly (me) report that while 28 years of treatment with Eltroxin gave me only a little placebo effect (the shit has not worked) despite super blood tests, – I have now had full placebo effect of self-treatment with desiccated thyroid for almost 7 years!

    Probably a world record for the longest remaining placebo! I must be a medical placebo-sensation! Maybe Weetman should do serious research on the placebo effect of my treatment, and become a better thyro-endocrinologist than he has been so far?

    Best wishes from Denmark

    • Lilian

      Sorry, not the longest – I have been at least 13 years on a placebo that is giving me a really good quality of life.

      • Mailen

        I am in Norway and I don’t know where to get desiccated thyroid or how expensive it is compared to levothyroxine. I am feeling bad. No weight loss since I started the levothyroxine and the doctors don’t care. They just wanna see the lab test. I feel as if I had influenza all the time. Tired…depressed…empty…no motivation (I used to study a lot and now that I have to study Norwegian I can’t study more than 30 minutes without being exhausted) Please help me!

  5. Bee Budd

    I have had a thyroidectomy due to graves disease. Will desiccated thyroid hormones help me? I have been on t-4 meds for 20+ years,and just started desiccated thyroid hormone. I can not do anything ellse for my adrenals except the stimulation test. Doctors in these small towns get offended if you try to tell them anything new. It is very agravating. Unless the it starts to “pool” I can not afford a saliva labs,and if I start to feel worse,I will end up back on t-4 only meds.

    (from Janie: Of course NDT will help you! In fact, you need it even worse! Saliva via My Med Lab is only $109: You don’t need a doctor’s prescription. Join patient groups here for more feedback:

  6. Cindy Wood

    Please add hemochromatosis as a possibility to your list!! Many thanks for all you have done !


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