Pintrest T3 HappyThese are actual stories from real patients whose depression went away using natural desiccated thyroid (and even adding T3 to your T4 treatment can help!)


  • I saw 3 docs in the year before finally starting desiccated thyroid who tried to prescribe antidepressants for me. Once I was on 3 grains of desiccated thyroid, I no longer felt depressed and no longer had this feeling of always being anxious internally, and I also became much less obsessive compulsive about several things. Written by C.
  • I was severely depressed for thirteen years before discovering my thyroid problem, and was on a variety of anti-depressants for at least 5 years. When I was on Synthroid, my depression became significantly worse. Most days I could not get out of bed. I couldn’t do anything and resorted to drinking heavily to cope. I’m now on desiccated thyroid, and I noticed an improvement with my depression at 4 grains. I have not felt this good in many many years. I don’t cry nearly as much and I have new goals, interests and a very active life. ~ N.
  • I was told I was depressed, and after trying a lot of antidepressants that didn’t work, I was told I must be bi-polar. For 2 years, I took 4 different anti-convulsants that also didn’t work. Then I started to blow up like a balloon, and I got the doc to do some blood work. I got a phone call the next morning saying that I was hypo, to stop the meds and there was a new script for me at the drug store. I started on t4 only and felt great for about 3 weeks then all the symptoms came back. For 3 months I sat around miserable. Then I got a computer, got on line and started to learn about thyroid. I’ve been on desiccated thyroid for about 6 weeks and feel great. No more mental issues, and things just keep getting better. ~ D.
  • My greatest issue was mental. Severe, paranoid delusional PMS and fear-based hopelessness (the rest of the month) and horrifying Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter that I was told was “just hormones”. Uh…yeah. The kicker was when the internist gave me the 1-800-Lifenet Hotline number and let me walk away with a TSH of 7. Desiccated thyroid was my real lifeline. I like people again, I have new ideas, I get things done again. I no longer NEED gallons of Pro-Gest creme to feel stable. I don’t cry every day. ~ M
  • I had depression for 20 years, and a real bad bout for 4 yrs. I was on Levoxyl & had even been in a mental hospital for awhile because of the depression. When I got my computer, I started doing research & found that it helps some people with depression. WOW!!!! does it ever!!!! I swear the first day I took it, I started to feel better. I now have been on 2 grains for over a year & no depression, it is wonderful!! I just wish I had known about it 20 yrs. ago, because doctors don’t seem to know about it. ~ S
  • My depression is what I termed low grade depression. The slightest things, memories, etc. would make me break down in tears. I was melancholy about alot of things. I think when I got to 1 1/2 grains of desiccated thyroid (90mg), it “magically” disappeared. Thank you God! ~ K
  • I had severe depression and when I started taking my pills, I was still depressed. I was on anti depressants but stopped them. Now I have been on thyroid for about maybe two months and speaking for me only, I still get depressed some, but I can pull myself out and it’s not as bad as it used to be! (and this patient is still climbing with her desiccated thyroid). ~ P
  • I was on anti-depressants for years, changed every now and again when they seemed to stop working . I was also on thyroxine for years. 4 months ago I switched to desiccated thyroid and took myself off the AD’s when I was on 3 grains. A couple of weeks ago I was going through a particularly stressful life experience time. I decided to go back on them for a bit as I wasn’t handling things terribly well. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake!! I couldn’t wake up in the mornings, dragged myself through the days, too tired to do anything after finally getting some life back and I was more depressed than ever!! By then I was up to 5 grains. I stopped the AD’s again and have just increased again to 5 1/2 grains. I’ll never never take them again……still got the same stress issues but handling them a lot better. ~ M
  • Wow, I was depressed enough for YEARS to have been on antidepressants. But I never wanted to take them, being pretty against drugs. So I never complained to the doctor..and in fact wouldn’t have been able to say exactly what was wrong. I had no reason really to be depressed. While hypo, I didn’t care to do things with my kids..or my husband. I didn’t care whether or not the house got cleaned, unless company came. I felt like I would rather die than live for probably 15 years at least. It got worse and worse and the brain fog was so bad that I felt like I had gone into my own little cave of fog where nobody could get in with me. I would have loved to live away from people all the time and never see anyone. There were so many days where all I could do was to lay on the couch. That was a deep dark endless depression.Just a couple of weeks before I was finally diagnosed, I remember sitting by the side of the pool in the backyard and looking at the cement, thinking If I never feel better than this, I would just rather die, Lord. Please take me to heaven if this is as good as it gets, because I can’t take feeling like this anymore. I had no idea there was anything truly wrong and I had always somehow felt that if I were to work hard at it, I would snap out of it. Of course that never happened until desiccated thyroid. But I am free of that now almost completely. I am taking 4.25 grains of desiccated thyroid. I took HC for 7 months, getting as high as 25 mg for 3 months before I had total relief of that afternoon depression and brain fog. I began to wean off the HC when my des. thyroid was optimal, and I felt well again. I am now down to 5 mg HC, 2 months later and doing amazingly well. The depression is GONE. Colors are brighter, I can enjoy life again. And I look forward to continued improvements with Armour. ~ M
  • When I was in my teens and early 20’s I was suicidal. Had several attempts and even went for counseling. Nothing worked. I spent about 5 years on Elavil which left me like a zombie unable to feel anything. With desiccated thyroid I am now the happiest person I know. I no longer have the want-to-be-left-alone feelings I used to have and I enjoy my life and have a vision of helping others get to this point. ~ V
  • I was on anti-depressants for three years and once I got on desiccated thyroid and started eating healthy, my depression went away. It has been since 2000 and I have been depression proof. Didn’t even experience post-partum depression during my pregnancy. I remember on one occasion, I was told I would have to be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life. ~ L
  • I was never diagnosed with depression, but I know that I would have occasional bouts of it. I am now up to 3.5 grains and had not realized that the pervasive “bleak” feeling was gone UNTIL I got that bottle of “expired” desiccated thyroid. While taking that (no choice, it was all I had) it came back and I also realized that I was going through the “quick to anger” feelings again too, for no obvious reasons. Now that I have full strength piggy power again, it has begun to clear up. I also take HC, but needed the full combo of piggy and HC to clear up both feelings. ~ A
  • I was TOLD I must be depressed when I recounted by symptoms and my TSH showed ‘normal’. I have never met a person who is or was less depressed than me. However, I did accept a Rx for Paxil when told it would help with my hot flashes. I am weaning off that, now, thanks to desiccated thyroid.  ~ M
  • I had a flat mood that I wouldn’t classify as depression. I had a hypo friend tell me once that there’s a difference between wanting to kill yourself and just not caring because you’re too tired. But, of course, any doc will run down their “checklist” because they aren’t smart enough to look at you clinically:
    Trouble sleeping? Yes
    Weight gain or loss? Yes
    Interest in sex gone? Yes
    Don’t enjoy what you used to? Yes
    Thinking of harming self or others? No

    You MUST be depressed. Take this antidepressant, eat less and exercise more! Of course, the checklist for hypoT is much the same. With the exception of the last question. I even humored one doc and went to a therapist, who told me I wasn’t depressed, I just had bad doctors, then released me from treatment after 6 sessions. The funny thing is, my flat mood went away on desiccated thyroid and was replaced by PISSED OFF MOOD SWINGS and my answer to the last question turned to YES for having lost YEARS OF MY LIFE to doctors who didn’t recognize what was going on. I was at 3 gr at the time. Mood swings went away almost immediately when I started HC. ~ K
  • For the past 5 years (or more) I’ve taken anti depressants off and on, and after about 2-3 weeks of starting desiccated thyroid I was able to stop taking them. I’ve been on des. thyroid for almost 3 months now and seem to be doing ok. I still have “depressed moments” but I get thru them easier. I honestly feel it’s because I’m not stabilized on my dosage yet, hopefully that will be soon! ~ A


  • I have personally seen someone with a chronic case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder that was placed on several psychotropic meds (that did not help) before finding their thyroid problem. But once on the correct dosage of desiccated thyroid they no longer had depression, anxiety attacks, low self esteem, or felt hideous. Actually the last time they missed their morning dosage of desiccated thyroid they say they saw something different in the mirror and “could not go out like that”, which had not happened for a year before that time. ~ C

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