Thyroid Tidbits that just might tickle your fancy, give you hope, or make you laugh in derision


A gal recently used the Contact Me form on STTM to ask if I’d ever compiled patient experiences on ThyroGold–a nonprescription, over the counter, desiccated thyroid formulated by Dr. John C. Lowe and made from the thyroids of New Zealand cows who are pasture-fed. I said no–haven’t heard yet from anyone on it long enough.

But just thirty minutes later, here comes an email from a gal who has been on it four months, feels very good with many noted improvements. She is so thankful, and stated STTM gave her the confidence to feel she could work with ThyroGold. And lo and behold, her TSH-worshipping, Synthroid-prescribing doctor is watching her progress, and pleased.


Many a thyroid patient have heard of the benefits of coconut oil, especially as a food product which can stimulate your metabolism.

But a Dr. Mary Newport discovered in 2008 that just 4 teaspoons a day of virgin coconut oil just might have the right ingredients–medium-chain triglycerides which produces ketones by the live–to stop the onset or even reverse some of the damage caused by Alzheimer’s. She witnessed this in her own husband. You should read her story here, and more on the Coconut Ketones website here. Since my mother, and her father, both got Alzheimers by the time they were eighty, this especially interests me!

In fact, coconut oil just night have the same successful results with Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease), drug-resistant epilepsy, brittle type I diabetes, and type II (insulin-resistant) diabetes. WHOA!!

Says Dr. Newport:

Our cells can use ketone bodies as an alternative fuel when glucose is not available. Brain cells, specifically neurons, are very limited, more limited than other cells, in what kinds of fuel they can use to function and to stay alive. Normally, they require glucose (sugar), but they can also use ketone bodies. Humans do not normally have ketone bodies circulating and available to the brain unless they have been starving for a couple of days or longer, or are consuming a ketogenic (very low carbohydrate) diet, such as Atkins. In Alzheimer’s disease, the neurons in certain areas of the brain are unable to take in glucose due to insulin resistance and slowly die off, a process that appears to happen one or more decades before the symptoms become apparent. If these cells had access to ketone bodies, they could potentially stay alive and continue to function.

P.S. Did you see the “one or more decades before symptoms become apparent”? That means we need to be on coconut oil daily NOW,


A patient on STTM’s Facebook page recently reported that since her HMO would only allow her to see an Endocrinologist, off she went to the appointment.

And what does her new Endo tell her? Ready? That her TSH was fine, low T3 & T4 meant nothing, and there is NO evidence that Adrenal Fatigue is real (in spite of the fact that when she tries to raise her Armour, her heart goes wacky–a sure sign of low cortisol). She concluded that there is “nothing like being lectured on things when you know more than they do.” She felt forced to keep her mouth shut by his reactions if she did try to teach him something, and just resigned to “agreeing with everything he said and left”.

And her summary of that Endo escapade? “My dose of Armour is right, makes no difference I’m fatigued, had to quit my job, leg swelling so bad I can hardly get around. None of that mattered. ONLY the TSH test.”

And unfortunately, her comment about knowing more than the doctor is very, very common now thanks to STTM and patient groups. All we can hope for are those doctors who are humble and open-minded to what we now KNOW to be true!


Chapters 3 and 11


Well, he got followed into the Barber Shop this time by a male nurse! So now, he wants something to hand out to these folks who keep approaching him. haha. So she has made copies of the STTM FLYERS and he’ll have them in the car from now on. This is reaching people…one by one!

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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60 Responses to “Thyroid Tidbits that just might tickle your fancy, give you hope, or make you laugh in derision”

  1. Kate


    I have been on Thyrogold for 2 months now….after being on Levothyroxine for a year. I feel better and my hair stopped falling out.
    I was on 150mg am and 150mg pm….but went hyper.
    Ive reduced it to 150mg am and a little bit in the pm.

    However…..ive just taken a 300mg by accident.
    I feel warm in the face and anxious.
    Will i be ok?


    • Janie Bowthorpe

      I think a lot of us have accidentally done that. I sure have, though with prescription version of desiccated thyroid. Luckily, it does go away as the day goes on and the thyroid hormones drop.

      • Kate

        Ahhhh thank you Janie, im panicking a bit…..

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          You could block some of it (if you took it recently) with milk (because of the calcium) and fiber (to help pull it out).

          • Kate

            It was approx 2 hours ago….maybe 3.
            Im actually sat drinking a cold milky cappuccino 😆

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            HA. Good for you. Hopefully it catches up with the excess thyroid hormones.

          • Kate

            Thank you so so much for that information….and for making me feel relaxed and less panicky. Priceless ♡
            Will keep this thread posted on my progress xxxx

  2. Darlene Lester

    ThyroGold now comes in “half doses”. Each capsule is 150 mgs of bovine thyroid powder. (It used to be only available in caps of 300 mgs which apparently was way too much for some people.) I switched to this brand because I was no longer able to get the Thiroyd from Thailand. Amazon stopped carrying it, and I couldn’t reach the company by email. Does anyone know what happened to them?

    (From Janie: they were forced off, stating that it “mimics” levothyroxine. I think there’s more to the story…)

    • Ann Sanders

      Just started on one grain of armour and would like to know if it is possible for me to take thyro gold instead. I was on 25mg/50mg of Levothyroxine originally. Thanks for any help

  3. Joselyn

    I took Thyrogold when I realized I was hypo, and had hyper symptoms (fast pulse, wound up, but still not much energy) on 2-3 caps. On 1, I get no results at all. I took 1 cap/day for several months with no results.

    Last week I started NatureThyroid at 1 tablet/day. Within 4 days, I’m feeling wound up again, but I just noticed that although my doc Rx’d NT-1, he gave me NT-2, so I need to back down to 1.

    Anyway, my conclusion seems to be that Thyrogold, as much as I want it to work, doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Or maybe it’s all about my high ferritin with low serum iron/TIBC/%sat. I consume LOTS of meat, liver, seafood, leafy greens, & always use cast iron, so HCl must be next on the roster for me.

    Just wanted to share my TG experience so far. I don’t find it to be very strong at all.

    (From Janie: feeling wound up on ANY NDT and on the lower doses, including ThyroGold, is due to either an iron or cortisol problem that needs discovery and treatment, revealed by years of patient experiences. It’s not the fault of ThyroGold or Naturethyroid. See Chapter 5 in the revised STTM book, and the iron section in the Odds and Ends Chapter)

  4. Deb

    Also, I stopped drinking fluoridated water, soy, most wheat products, no hormone meat or dairy products, GMO, teflon, changed bath soap, shower filter, cleaning products, and used Idoral for a few months. The pain in my thyroid is gone. It felt hard?

  5. Deb

    Thank you Janie for responding to my post. I haven’t been back here in a while. After all these months of being jittery, I believe I found my correct dosage. 1/2 a Thyro Gold a day. No more shaky body. Maybe it’s the herbs for weight loss. I lost a few lbs but already have high metabolism. I need to gain weight but my hypo mom is thin, also. I still haven’t been to the DR. I used to adjust my “synthyroid” myself. Last time I had a test (4 years ago) I told the DR that I needed my meds increased. After the results came back the nurse called and said my TSH was off the chart! I’m sticking with Thyo Gold! I will check and see where I can get my cortisal and ferritin checked without using a physician. Thanks again.You have a great site! I need to order your book!

  6. Royce Ann Wiggins

    For those of you taking Thyro-gold and finding it to be too strong, you can empty the capsule and divide the powder into smaller doses. I know of another product called Endocrine Mender. It is made by Bio-Anue Laboratories. The capsules are small and there is a protocol for finding your individual dose. My body has responded well to it. I take 17 per day to feel optimistic and energized. I have been hypothrroid for about 25 years and had no luck with drs. I found STTM this summer. I am self medicating and understand the despair. No dr would help me and always tried to put me on antidepressants. Best to all of you.
    Royce Ann

  7. Shirley Waldo

    Where do I purchase Thyro-Gold now?

  8. Deb

    Hi, I started on Thyro Gold about 5 months ago. I was up to 3 caps a day and my body was jittery, heart pounded in my ear. I think I went into hyperthyroidism. I stopped taking all meds for 2 weeks. I got very tired and started with 2 caps of Thyro gold again. In the 3 weeks I have been taking them again,I am starting to feel jittery again. I am going to start splitting the dosage. One in the AM and One at night. I don’t go to the Dr anymore. Haven’t been to one for 2 or 3 years. Twelve years of Synthroid really didn’t work. I’m not overweight, just tired and feel depressed all the time.

    (From Janie: patients have certainly learned the wisdom in splitting doses! Also see if your ferritin and cortisol levels are optimal i.e. not normal, but optimal)

  9. Christine

    Has anyone combined Erfa and Thyro Gold? I might seem strange to ask about TG when on Erfa, but I’ve read that TG suppresses appetite (probably the coleus forskolii). Someone wrote in a review that she almost lost appetite when on TG. It would be great as I really need to lose weight.

  10. C

    I had been taking Nutri-Meds, but I was up to 9 caps/day, and it was too expensive! I tried the Thyro-Gold and found it to be too strong for me. Even just one cap in the morning gave me a racing pulse. I read on the RealThyroidHelp boards that some people have had success with Nutri-pak from Nourishing Foods, so I tried that. I’ve been using it since April and it works great for me! I take 3 tabs/day (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). Just so people know there’s another option available…

  11. Maya

    Thank you, everyone, for your feedback on Thyro-Gold. I just ordered a bottle to try. I take a combo of synthetic T4/T3, and do OK, but still fuzzy-brained. Supplementing with 2 Nutri-meds porcine caps a day seemed to help, and did that for 6 months, but then I ran out of money and didn’t re-order. A week or so later I can hardly get out of bed! So, there’s definitely something in the natural thyroid that I need! Hoping I can sub 1 Thyro-Gold for 2 Nutri-meds and it will be cheaper in the long run. Will check back in a couple of weeks and let you know how I feel.

  12. Sherry

    Is anyone super sensitive to meds who’s doing alright on Thyro-Gold? I’m at my wits end with meds. I can’t seem to tolerate any of it, including HC, which I need. Just asked my doc to script me Armour from Canada and was turned down. She will only script US Armour which Im refusing due to bad experiences on it. I definitely need the meds but the phamacological ones aren’t doing it for me. I was hoping to find something like Thyro-Gold to help. Sounds like the dosing of it can be tricky when you’re already taking meds. Like someone said above, going back and forth on meds isn’t a great idea. I’m just trying to recover from trying to go off of them because Im miserable. Now Im having trouble trying to tolerate what I was on before. I want to try something else but I also have to do it slowly. I was just curious if anyone else was just as sensitive to all meds?

  13. sandy

    I’m the new kid here but loving all of the support I see! Thryo-gold sounds like it might be good for me too, but it seems that I might need adrenal help firt as I have symptoms of that probem too,but it’s confusing since the symptoms of hypothyroid are so similar to adrenal fatigue. Any thoughts?

    From Janie: do the discovery steps on the adrenal page.

  14. Becky

    I wanted everyone to know that I am currently taking Thyro Gold and it is working for me. I am losing weight and feeling better. I have two complaints about the product. First,it is hard to fine tune the dose because there is so much of it in one capsule, but this also makes it less expensive than others.

    The other problem is the herb coleus forskolii that they put in it. It works almost too well as an appetite suppressant. I was getting sick from lack of food when I took my doses throughout the day. I am now taking it all first thing the morning like he recommends on his website and I am able to eat. I have been taking this for about two months now and am hopeful.

  15. S andie Crum

    I was almost ready to give up on all the problems…I know that something is wrong. My doctor has a reason for everything I tell him…he just won’t listen to me. Then I found this site ….thank God! Everything on here sound just like me,,,I wanna feel better too…please let me feel better too…even if it’s for just a little while!! But now after searching the internet for hours at a time for days on end, I cannot find a specialist in my area anywhere!!! There isn’t even a pharmacy that carries this stuff(armour)!Soooooo, I’m back to square one! Thing is, this was my last ray of hope to get healthy again, and now I just give up!!

  16. Heidi

    I had a terrible experience with thyrogold. I read all of their information, then tried it. I was on American Biologics thyroid at the time (I seem to be allergic to porcine thyroid, and I’m allergic to the lactose in the “drug” T3 and T4’s, so otc bovine thyroid or compounded thyroid seem to be my main hopes). I tried substituting 1 thyrogold (300mg) for 3 AB thyroids (130mg each). Immediately my intestines had a huge problem – everything sped up to … well, I could not go far from the bathroom. I reread all the information. Tried to continue, just using 1/day. By day 4 I was shaky from the horrendous effects, so I quit for 2 weeks and got back to normal. Then I tried one more time. One pill and Zap. Back to ground zero. I contacted the company. They said they’d get back to me. I contacted them again and they said they’d get back to me. I asked for a refund. No answer. So, if you’d like to spend $50 (1 bottle plus shipping) to give it a try, just know you are on your own if it does not work. I’m thrilled that it works for some people, just not for me. I tend to be oversensitive to herbs – this has a large dose of an herb in it. That could be what did it to me. But, for now, I’m back to my AB Thyroid, three times a day, 10-12 per day.

  17. Elize

    Hi Michelle

    Taking 3 or 4 sounds quite a lot and could be why you are losing your hair. I have the same if I use too much thyroid hormone. I switched to Thryo-gold just over a week ago and must say thus far I feel really great. I take one capsule in the morning and the other at night when I go to bed. For the first time in 5 years my basel temp is at 36.9 in the morning. I could never get it beyond 36.2. I also check my blood pressure and pulse rate each morning and thus far it is great. 124 over 77 and my pulse rate at 81. I find when my pulse is at 74 then I do not feel very well. My progesterone and DHEA levels are low and just today started with a cream and supplement for that.
    I will keep you posted on my progress. I switched from 150mcg of Level and 70mcg of Cytomel.

    I have had no hair loss since switching to Thyro-gold but will see what happens over the next week.


  18. Michelle

    I am taking thyrogold and have been for the last 3 weeks. I started on 2 then 3 then 4 capsules per day. On the 3 & 4 capsules per day, I became hyperthyroid. I did this to feel the difference and to jump start my throid so to speak. NOw, I am alternating between 1 and 2 per day. It seems to help but one issue that I can not figure out is.. if I take any dessicated thyroid, my hair falls out and I become achey all over. Before taking the thyroid, I have no hair loss but am definitely tired, etc. I don’t understand. I’ve written to Dr Lowe but no response yet. Any ideas?

  19. Elize

    I am also going to try Thryo-Gold. I currently am on Cynomel T3 and Levothyroxine T4. The Levo is just not working for me. Does it meant I can just drop both the Cynomel.Cytomel and the Levothyroxine T4 and switch to Thyro-Gold or would I need to take something else with it. I am using Isocort also from Dr Lowe for adrenal health? Could I just use the Thyro- Gold and Isocort? Would love some feedback.

    Best wishes to all

  20. Kim K

    In response to Laura’s question as to why there is not more information on the contents of ThyroGold and its T4/T3 amounts, anyone selling over-the-counter must be VERY careful not to make any claim or publish information that makes it sound like they are selling a drug. If they do, the FDA and various medical boards will come down on them. That is why it is so important for the thyroid community to share their own experience and in this way support what Dr. Lowe is doing.

    I too have tried to work with doctors who just don’t get it. I had a great doctor who allowed me to say on 4 grains of Armour a day and I finally have a normal temp and a working brain, but for various reasons I had to find a new doctor. I am very worried that when I go in to get my test result she will lower my dose. If this happens, it’s ThryoGold for me. I already have several bottles in hand just in case.

  21. Karen

    Hi, I was taking Synthroid 300mcg every day for last 15 years, had same symptoms and felt horrible.Endo gave me excuse after excuse for all my symptoms and telling me my numbers were just fine. My other drs and people were totally amazed about my high dosage and still symptoms. After discovering STTM website and learning there were other meds avail such as Armour, I asked my endo to change my med which he refused, went to 2 more endos with same results, numbers looked good. Just in speaking with my family dr.(DO)out of fustration, he prescribed Armour for trial basis, started on 2 grains to 3 grains and just recently doubled me to 6 grains. In 2 months, I have already noticed just a few changes such as hair, nails, grogginess and loose bowel movements several times a day(too many). Is there a better way to taking this meds to increase its effectiveness, I heard something about cutting or crushing it. Whats all this about? Can anyone help me??

    (From Janie: Your answers are here: or Chapter 3 in the STTM book.)

  22. karen

    im so glad to hear you dont liek synthroid too jean . .what is the compound youre taking? alhtough im very wary of pharmacutecals now and id prefer something more natural if possible , the only thing about raw thyoid is thta it also has other tissues. i wish i knew what to do i dont really but is greta to be able to learn more form others and dr loews seems very helpful website.m going to maybe see a naturapth for another idea of what to do.

  23. karen

    hi nancy if it helps i was taking more than you of that horrible synthroid and im now taking 1 a day of the thyrogold . im still very tired but no more so than on the,, as someone said which i loved , the synthcrap,and my pulse rate is higher than the 52 or so before but not very high like when took 2 thryogold plus 1 raw im losing weight whcih is the best part ! i wish i knew more too. i cant figure out the talk to others it s too confusing to me also probaly because im so exhausted and im also wary about registering at places or i cant figure them out. so thank you janie for the blog

    the same with me .my tsh i was always told was normal[ aside form the few times it was below normal and i was told to take less synthroid then .]and fine and wheenver i complained about the weight gain the exhaustion i was just told thtas what alot of patients say[!] not to mention the low body temperature the low pulse rate the cracked skin even in summer

  24. Jean

    Thank you for your experiences, Rose. I will be contacting the information you gave in reference to the Thyrogold. It sounds wonderful!

    Hi Karen

    I never answered your question. Yes, I use to take Synthroid and I didn’t like it. I am now taking compound thyroid medication and I’m feeling alot better now.
    Looking forward to the Thyrogold or Raw Thyroid. Which should I look into? Both?, Just Thyrogold or just Raw Thyroid?

    Thanks Again!

  25. Nancy

    Hi Rose / Karen,
    I have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. I am currently on 50 mcg of Synthroid and though my TSH has been regulated but my health is deteriorating and symptoms are getting worse day by day. Request you to please let me know what would be my equivalent dosage for ThyroGold ?

    (From Janie: Hi Nancy. No one here is an expert on ThyroGold for switching. Read this page: then join patient groups for better feedback: )

  26. karen

    yes thnaks rose so much. how long did you tkae the synthroid for though? i did for 5 years.maybe since you switched ealrier to armour your adrenals werent affected as much?although if it was for 5 years or more then theres hope .

  27. rose merlene


    I do not seem to have a problem with my adenals. I actually switched from taking my Thyrogold 1 hour before breakfast to taking it two hours after my evening meal. I put the medicine holder in a very obvious place in my kitchen and set the timer. Then I make sure that I do not eat any snack for at least one hour after taking the Thyrogold. This seems to work very well for me. It probably does not make a difference but Calcium can bind the thyroid medicine. Hope this helps!

    Rose Merlene

  28. karen

    thansk you rose so much! i am so happy to hear about your success. it gives me and everyone hope. im so glad that you wrote to tell us. i’ve also had a very hard time finding anyone who knows what to do. locally that is. im taking one a day or i will now. i was taking soemtimes one evry other day and some times a raw thyoid instead. what about adrenals. did you need to take anyhting like isocort or something? maybe i should try 2 a day now since am still really exhausted most of the time, although thrilled to finally be losing wieght after about 5 or 8 years of weight gain. but definitely since the synthroid. i used to take calcium so had to take the synthroid 4 hours before breakfast but now i dont take it so im glad to know i can take just one hour before breakfast. mine is hashimotos. i hope it still helps for that . im sure it does since i read that 90% of hypothyroidism is due to hashimotos. tammy at dr lowes was so helpful when i had questions about the thyrogold . i am just so glad to know of your success and finding out about dr lowe and thyrogold.

  29. rose merlene

    I am the person that has been on Thyro-Gold for over four months. I just listened to Dr. Lowe’s recommendation of two per day and also experienced a high pulse rate. Dr. Lowe sent out a notice that this product was much more potent than they expected. I immediately dropped down to one per day on an empty stomach…and wait one hour to eat.

    I originally was on Synthroid and went from slender to pot bellied, sluggish, feeling quite lousey mentally and physically. Finally, a young maverick doctor switched me to Armour. I was enjoying life again.

    Then came the Armour shortage and I absolutely could not get any. Switched to Nutri-Meds (over the counter) but found that to be a weak product and my Lab work was not good. Then Dr. John Lowe at announced the new product “ThyroGold”. I have followed his website for a long time and feel he is more knowledgeable than most concerning metabolic disorders.

    My current doctor follows the TSH and was really messing me up. Everytime I would go to her she would insist on putting me back on Synthroid. I told her never would I go back on something that kept me severely depressed! I was happy on Armour until they changed it and put cellulose in it. I no longer felt human and had the courage to go on ThyroGold and remove myself from her control. I feel wonderful, sleep like a baby, have lost weight, have my old energy back, etc. My skin is good for age 67, my hair is thick, my nails are hard, and I feel absolutely normal.

    My last lab work was almost perfect and I think my doctor is quite stunned because ThyroGold has performed better than anything she offered me. This is over the counter and does not require a prescription.

    Go to and scroll down for lots of information and trust him to help you get better.

  30. karen

    i have no idea either would like to know if anyone out there knows . im waiting to find out if have the adrenal fatigue beofre trying more than one a day. i think youre supposed to take from 2 to10 i forget ., jean, what about you and synhtorid? i know ill never take that stuff again.

  31. Andy

    So, does anyone out there know how to convert your dosage for the Thyrogold without landing in the emergency room? 300mg sounds like an awful lot to me if comparable to the old Armour, even half that sounds high…

  32. karen

    it ahd no effect except to lower tsh. i still felt exhausted had low pulse rate low temperatrue . i now know it caused my weight gain.

    why didnt you liek synthroid jean or do you like synthroid? are you taking synthroid now?what are your feelings about synthroid?

  33. Jean

    Why didn’t you like synthroid, Karen?

  34. karen

    hi laura and jean too and others. i’m glad you want to try thyro gold and maybe then raw thyorid too. and ill be more careful . i was treating them like candy, I guess. and me too the doomsday idea . i ordered a large supply too just in case. i did have very high pulse rate, but it went back to previous pulse rate after about 2 weeks of taking nothing. i’m having a hard time finding a doctor that knows all about this. i was horrified to read on a link that 100 years ago, all doctors knew to test for adrenal fatigue first before even prescribing any thyroid medicine. no one told me about that! not one of the docotrs in 8 years or so of hypo..they just prescribed synthroid, which is worthless. one did say i could take armour thyroid but said it wasn’t stable compared to synthroid, and at the time i was trying to be vegetarian. i only learned of the importance of fixing the adrenal fatigue first from janies blog and links from it. would love to hear more about anyone else trying the thyrogold raw thyroid isocort etc. the person who has tried for 4months and is better? or anyone else.

  35. Laura Merton

    I would really like to try Thyro-Gold (currently on 25mcg Levoxyl plus 1.5 grains Erfa Thyroid, which I like), not the least because I hate being beholden to doctors for my very life and like to have a stash of the good stuff in my freezer in case the world as we know it comes to an end. (Anyone else have these doomsday fears?! The Armour debacle didn’t help!) However, I don’t think their website does their product the justice it deserves. What is most necessary is a breakdown of how much T4 and T3 are contained in each capsule. That way we who are on drug company productions could make the switch evenly.
    Speaking of which, I could not find any information claiming consistency of active ingredients either. It makes me shudder to read of those of you who try taking any thyroid hormone here and there, going off it, taking it up again, changing doses willy-nilly etc. I got seriously messed up by this casual approach to dosing, encouraged by one doctor in particular. Thyroid hormones are so important, part of our incredibly intricate and very delicately balanced endocrine system. Please, everyone, respect that and go slow! The only reason for going cold turkey is if you’re showing clear signs of overdose, and even then anyone dependent on thyroid hormones, should resume at a lower dose as soon as tolerated. Don’t jerk around your adrenals or your hormone balance! Don’t take this powerful stuff ‘now and then’!

  36. Theresa

    Re: Are Endocrinologists from another planet? above, the patient’s story sounds eerily familiar. I was also told by an endo that adrenal fatigue doesn’t exist, that FT3 and FT4 don’t matter, and that the TSH is ALL he needs to monitor progress. When he asked where I’d found out about adrenal fatigue, I told him I’d read of it in books, and he commented that he, too, had read books! The arrogance was unbelievable! I don’t ask my doctors anything without first running it by my two-time national award winning pharmacist daughter (who was not on board with hormonal issues or desiccated thyroid before starting to work at a compounding pharmacy), and I found this doctor’s attitude disgusting. I have dedicated my life (what little energy I have to spare, anyway) to educating others on the importance of doing your homework when dealing with a chronic condition, and not believing that doctors are infallible. My GP, once skeptical, now totally disregards the TSH test results (always near 0), and now looks only at FT3 and FT4 numbers. This has taken a few years to accomplish, but was well worth the trouble.

  37. Elenor

    I made up and carry with me some business cards that have
    the following links on them. When I’m talking to someone about thyroid, I can give them these links. (I’ve got to add Jimmie Moore’s interview podcasts — which are superb — and our Janie was on just the other week!)
    Front of the card:
    – Stop the Thyroid Madness
    – Dr. Mike Eades blog
    – Dr. Kurt Harris blog
    – Tom Naughton Fat Head blog

    Elenor: (my email address)

    Back of the card
    – Richard Nikoley blog
    – Mark Sisson’s blog

    Thyroid Yahoo groups:
    – Coalition For Desiccated Thyroid
    – Natural Thyroid Hormones
    – RT3_T3 (about reverse T3)

  38. Carmen

    Stuck on the Llevoxyl train with Hashimoto’s and TSH of now 5, just found your site and I have known for a long while that I need T3 added. I don’t have health insurance and my Doc is sticking with this T4 only treatment and with a sudden jump in my TSH to the above 5, from 3, his solution was to bump me up to 112 mgs! I want to scream! Is there a T3 in the natural form I can add to this? I would so love to have a discussion with You because we have some very identical parrellels before you got your numbers correct. It’s been probably 8 years of living way over weight, dry skin and feeling like without caffeine I have the energy of a dead fly, and I “used to be” so Fly! Pun intended.. SOS…

    (From Janie: Carmen, glad you found STTM. Check out the Talk To Others page where you can find many patient groups to seek feedback from. I also do consultations as one patient to another–link on this page as well:

  39. Jean

    Yes. Do you know if the Thyrogold has natural dessicated thyroid hormone? What is it exactly? I appreciate your openness. Maybe this thyrogold will help others. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    (From Janie: Jean, read the underlined Thyrogold from the blog post. It tells what it’s made of and more. )

  40. karen

    was told have hashimotos. its the autoimmune hypothryoid,is that what you have?

  41. Jean

    Karen, are you hypothyroid?

  42. karen

    thank you janie .ill be carefula nd try to figure it out.maybe should take thryogld evryohter day or evryday

  43. karen

    i cant remeber where i found out. somewhere in the land of the net . a good chance was here. ill do some esarch.yes was taking without any other thyroid medications .. the horibble synthroid i was taking for 5 years. will not go back to it. now am taking practically nothing just one thyrogold every 3 days. might change, not sure. am too tired and busy to do all those tests right now . and because a friend or 2 never took any thryoid medications and got better, although i dont know if thiers was the hashimotos or not .

    (From Janie: be very careful trying to get off thyroid meds. Yes, there are some who never needed them. My sister-in-law is one. She got right off the Synthroid she was on, and has been fine. But “she never needed them in the first place” because she was misdiagnosed. Most of us DO need thyroid meds. And when you keep trying to get off, and get hypo again and again, you are simply stressing your adrenals, and pushing yourself towards adrenal fatigue. )

  44. Kiki

    I had a nice discussion with a product rep in a local pet store yesterday. We were talking about hypoT in dogs, and she revealed that she is a fellow AITD sufferer.

    Of course, I referred her to this site, and hope that she will find it and get the help she needs to make herself well again.

    Live long and prosper, Janie!

    (I love you, Kiki. 🙂 Janie)

  45. Jean

    Where did you learn about thyrogold and raw thyroid?
    This is very new to me. Are you taking this without taking other thyroid medications?

  46. karen

    i was taking synthroid for 5 years from .25 ot 125 varying and felt exhausted for 5 years plus kept gaining weigth about 95 96 rarely 97 degree temp etc … was very frustrating because i ate less and exercised evryday.and i d hear comments to jsut eat less. i started taking raw thyoid i think one a day and then whne i got the thyogold a few days later i took 2 thyogolds beofre breakfast and 1 raw thyoid after breakfast and an ashawanga. the first day i mihgt have also taken the syhntorid but then i stopped the syhnthroid. i started losing a few pounds and was so ahppy plus maybe was a little less tired cant remem ber. after maybe 2 or 3 weeks though i noticed my pulse rate was very high. was worried .nice new dr said to stop the thyogold for awhile . now is ok to take again jsut less of it. so it realy works.however im also trying not tkaing anyhting and jsut eating mostly organic local foods form farmers markets . at least until i find out if adrenals are ok form reading sttm book. alhtogh because it sounds so complicated im not realy sure what to do next or how exactly to get adrenals better. it s so time consuming and im already so tired .would really like to hear what ohters are doing and how to know if ok to tkae the rawthyroid and thyogold if have andrenal fatigue and how to know what to do .i know its in the book but im so tired

  47. Bev

    Would love to hear _more details_ from the people who have tried ThyroGold and are now using it.

    What thyroid hormone were you taking before, how much ThyroGold are you now taking and how did you make the transition?….

    It would be very helpful to know this information as a guideline, although everyone is unique, so we each would have to find what worked the best for us individually.

    Please share your experiences with Thyro-Gold!

  48. Gennifer Johnson

    how would I know how much to take of Thyro-gold if I am on desiccated which works as grain measurement and not capsule formulation? And would I still be able to maintain my low intake of HCs (10) or would I need to be off of that altogether? I tried to email but it came back undeliverable. Oh by the way ever think of having little pamplets printed up for STTM and we buy them from you and we distribute them to people we talk to? Living in Minnesota I meet tons of people who blindly follow their docs and take T4 meds ONLY. I want to give everyone a copy of the book but what little money I have I use for meds and such. A pamplet would be good at getting the word out. You know how many times I could stand outside and endo office and just hand out information? People need to know to make a more informed choice. Thanks.

    (From Janie: )

  49. karen

    i meant i don’t feel any MORE tired – not any less tired, now that have stopped the horrible synthroid.

  50. Jean

    Where do you get thyrogold and raw thyroid? I will try anything at this point that might improve how I feel.

    (From Janie: Click on the ThyroGold link in the blog post. Also make sure your ferritin is optimal, your adrenals, B12, and more. Make sure you don’t have reactivated Epstein Barr Virus).

  51. Jean

    What is Thyrogold and Raw Thyroid? I never heard of this.
    Does it help people with thyroid conditions or is it for other types of conditions?

    (From Janie: Jean, click on the ThyroGold in the post. When it’s underlined like that, it means it’s a link. Then you’ll understand about it.)

  52. karen

    i think it works too, both Thyrogold and also raw thyroid. It worked so well i almost had to go to the emergency room because my pulse rate went up so high! And that was from only about 2 thyrogold and 1 raw thyroid a day. Everything is fine now and pulse rate is back to what it was very low 50s etc . Plus the best part is i finally lost 6 or 7 pounds without changing my diet and exercise habits! When i was taking the horrible synthroid, i had been steadily gaining wieght no matter how little i ate or how much i exercised . i still eat cookies etc now too . Have been trying gluten free off and on but the weight loss was even without totally gluten free diet. plus i dont feel any less tired than the 5 years i was taking that awful synthroid. im pretty sure i feel less tired off of the synthroid even now taking nothing most of the time jsut a little bit of thyroid gold. am still very tired but no more so than the last 5 years. plus i feel a lot happier now too. now i know its the synthroid that made me gain weight. im so much happier being off of synthroid. worthless except of course to the industry. for now i might try taking nothing at all although i started taking jsut a little bit of the thyroid gold off and on. it really works. plus the best part to me is that it s from pasture raised cows not from factory farmed animals fed gmo feed and antibiotics and pesticides and living in such cruel conditions .
    thank you janie and dr lowe and tammy and raw thryoid too.. im not sure excatly how to go about it though, like the raw thyroid had additonal glands and im not relaly sure if i have andrenal fatigue and what to do for it if i should stop the thryoid gold white letting adrenals recover somehow.. for now im trying stress reduction. and stopping the synthroid makes me feel a lot less stress


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