The story of one little bumper sticker about depression and a life potentially changed!

Reading and responding to my daily emails is a huge job that takes a lot of time. My 92 year old mother-in-law thinks I’m obsessed with my computer. ha! If only she knew. But some of those emails stand out in my mind.

As a recent example, one gal wrote to tell me she had suffered from depression for so many years due to her poorly diagnosed and inadequately treated thyroid condition. And because her use of desiccated thyroid had hugely improved her mood, she was inspired by and had purchased the STTM bumper sticker about depression. You can see it here.

And unbeknown to her innocent husband, the bumper sticker went on HIS car.

And just two days later, she explains what happened: My husband was coming from his cardiac rehab exercises to the shopping center locally, and when he got out of his car, another car pulled behind him, blocking the lane.

Turns out that the other driver, a man, jumped out and wanted to know what the bumper sticker means.

She continued: My husband figured the guy meant his Marine Corps stickers but no, he meant the thyroid sticker. So my husband says, bewildered ‘What Thyroid sticker’?

After realizing it was there, the other man explains how his wife has been diagnosed with thyroid disease and her dr. wants her on antidepressants.

She said: “My poor hubby only knew that I feel so much better on Natural hormones and I am not as depressed as I was before. All he could tell him was “she got it off the internet”.

I’ll bet he saw the URL on the sticker, and his wife is going to get some life-changing information from Stop the Thyroid Madness. So we can never underestimate how little things we say, or show, or do are going to make a difference in someone’s life.

I hope each and every one of you are being “thyroid patient advocates” and spreading the word to others. If you like using bumper stickers or t-shirts, go here.


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1) A Register of Counterexamples to levothyroxine-only-therapy, set up by Sheila of TPA-UK. “Counterexamples” means all those symptoms which proved that T4-only meds do NOT work. She will be using this to get the attention of doctors and authorities in order to re-examine the use of T4-only for all forms and degrees of hypothyroidism.

PLEASE NOTE: This questionnaire is only for those prescribed levothyroxine (T4-only) and who failed to get relief for the elimination of their symptoms, and who then started using a T3 containing hormone (either synthetic or natural). It’s also for those who were denied a diagnosis and treatment, and tried a T3 hormone containing product and found your symptoms became less.

2) A site established by Dr Gorder Skinner to gather as many signatures as possible to establish a Worldwide standard treatment for thyroid sufferers.

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