More good info on Canada’s “Thyroid” by Erfa

erfathyroidJust had a good conversation with Dr. Henri Knafo, the Director of Medical Affairs at Erfa Canada, Inc.

On my post below from yesterday, you will see hopeful information on getting this excellent Canadian desiccated thyroid. And below is more information you have been asking for as patients who know the efficacy of desiccated thyroid.

Erfa’s “Thyroid” comes in three strengths: 30 mg, 60 mg, and 125 mg. Amounts you can order, and costs, are as follows:

30mg 500 tablets $52.00 US; 100 tablets $18.00 US

60mg 500 tablets $70.00 US; 100 tablets $39.00 US

125mg 500 tablets $100.00 US; 100 tablets $ 50.00 US

Erfa will charge a 10$ handling fee (for first time users) and shipping is around $20 US. Knafo states the prices are equivalent to Armour.

Erfa’s Thyroid has been in production for 30 years and they have 5000 Canadian patients on it.

Erfa’s Thyroid is approved by Health Canada (their equivalent to FDA). Erfa spoke to the FDA, and in order for their desiccated thyroid to cross the US border, you have to fill out and sign the FDA patient study form which is mentioned below.

Erfa’s Thyroid is made in Europe with the raw materials, and they bought an excess of it. So there will be no problem getting it and they expect no shortages the rest of the year.

One canadian pharmacy you can use (and is not associated with Erfa) is the Canada Pharmacy Online.

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  1. waveylines

    sorry typo -‘site’ not sight!!!

  2. Pete

    Now there’s bad info on Erfa Thyroid. It’s gone through a reformulation. Erfa changed the place where it is manufactured and subsequently the pill itself. I realized right away that something was wrong when I opened my latest bottle of Erfa. The new pills are rock-hard. Even harder than the reformulated Armour pills. And yes, just two days after I started taking these new pills I was back to my old hypothyroid self. I hope this is just a bad batch and they will fix it…

    • Pete

      I emailed Dr. Knafo from Erfa. He says the formulation is still the same and that the bottle that is causing me symptoms is actually from a lot that was made in the old factory. But still, these new Erfa Thyroid tablets I have at the moment are really hard and do not work like they used to.

    • waveylines

      Pete -am on Erfa in the uk -so far not noticed the tablet change but strangely have been off it for a number of weeks -feeling tired and suddenly clocked the old hypo symptoms are subtly reappearing. have upped my daily dose -to see if this counteracts it. When Armour reformulated the same thing happened to me as that’s why I switched to Erfa……oh goodness I hope they haven’t changed the fillers -that’s what Armour did hence the issues for me at least…..not sure how to check this out – as the manufacturers sight is not in English -any body know?

  3. Gale

    It is almost unbelievable. The raw material for Erfa Thyroid is made in Europe, and to us patients in Europe Erfa Thyroid cannot be delivered. I have tried it, and it was great.

    • gina

      Hi Gale,
      How do you know the “raw material for Erfa Thyroid is made in Europe” ?

  4. Denise Bryant

    Dear Janie ,
    Have devoured the research in your book STTM : The Book , And I like many thousands of other thyroid sufferers [ Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis ] and resultant Hypothyroidism am treated with T4 only and feel and am worse each day . T3 is seen as quackery by the Endocrinologists in Australia . A medical totalitarian stance . Therefore , how am I able to access T3 medication in Melbourne , Australia? Any advice at all ? Your time permitting .
    Denise Bryant
    Melbourne . Australia

  5. Sue

    I just was prescribed Erfa Thyroid (I’m in Canada) after fighting a long time to be put on dessicated thyroid. Well, I went to the pharmacy today and they told me there was a shortage of Erfa Thyroid. I called Erfa and they confirmed this. I’m concerned about this – what does one do when on the medication but then can’t refill due to shortage? I’m wondering if i should stick with Synthroid at this point. Really dissapointed…

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Sue. Google ThyroGold. Or check out adding T3 to your T4 until you can get NDT.

    • Karen Gardner

      Hi Sue, You can get Armour in Canada. Start out low 1/2 gr in am and 1/2 gr in afternoon and work your way up. Some people like NP Thyroid by Acella but it is not as strong as Armour for me.

      • Debbie

        The only brand of NDT sold in Canada is from ERFA and is called Thyroid. I live in Canada and have checked.

  6. Kavya

    Does erfa stop the hairfall? Has anyone’s hair stopped falling using erfa. Please help.

    • Janie

      Kavya, Erfa will only stop the hairfall if it’s due to a hypothyroid state, which is a common reason for many who have hair loss. Hair loss will occur when one is undiagnosed, undertreated, or on T4-only. Another strong reason for hairfall is inadequate iron.

  7. V

    Sorry, I forgot to say I order Erfa from a canada medicine shop and I just received my order, but it went through some high temp days (90+) and possibly power outages. I called the pharmacy and they told me that the heat shouldn’t affect it and that the company tests it to high heat levels.yet I read how sensitive thyroid meds are to heat) I started taking the new script yesterday and I immediately felt different. No energy, didn’t feel it hit my system like normal, noticing puffy eyes, tired, left arm/shoulder aches. Where before, I noticed when it hit (my heart would race a bit)but I didn’t feel like this! Can anyone help me out?

    (From Janie: go here to see patient groups:

  8. V

    Question: I’ve just been switched back to Erfa 90mg’s/day. I live in the States. I order it from a canadian medicine pharmacy. Are they reputable? The pharmacy they use is Newton Pharmacy in Surrey-BC. Anyone know for sure? I am assuming that the medication IS manufactured and comes from Canada.

  9. Shannon Lailson

    Hello, I just changed to Armour after being on Synthroid for 5 years. My dose was 137mg. and i am now on one grain and a quarter. It has been a very rough transition with my tsh now at 42,my head feels numb. It has only been one month and i would like to change to nature throid. I’m wondering if i will experience all those bad symptoms agian? Would i need to start out low again and build? Thank you for this great site.

    (From Janie: You need feedback from patient groups instead of on this blog. )

  10. Anna

    Janie, I remember reading somewhere that you are currently taking 4 grains of Erfa and are feeling just fine. How much Armour did you use to take? I am still trying to figure out the conversion 🙂


    (From Janie: less, because I went through meno and have less estrogen block it than I did while on Armour. Otherwise, it would have been the same)

  11. Cathy

    (From Janie and To Cathy: take all this to patient groups: You’ll get better response.)


    I am desperate…please help me!!!

    I was put on Armour in November 2011. At that time, I had been on thyroxine for 10 years and since 2009 also on Thyromine (1 capsule a day). My doctor ordered 24 h urine and blood tests. The results:


    TSH 0.03
    Free T3 pg/mL 2.8 (ref 2.1-4.2)
    Free T4 ng/dL 1.2 (ref 0.8-1.8)

    urine (most important according to my doc):

    T3 824 pmol/24h (ref 800-2500; should ideally be 2000-2500 according to doc)
    T4 1100 pmol/24h (550-3160; should ideally be above 3000 according to doc)

    My doc is a Barnes doc. Before seeing her, I was asked to monitor my body tempetaure three mornings in a row; it was never above 36.1 degrees centrigrade (sorry, I don’t know how to convert it into Fahrenheit!)

    How should these test results be interpreted? According to my former doc (a GP), I was optimally treated and my metabolism should have returned to normal. But I just kept gaining weight, no matter how much I dieted and exercised, and I am almost 30 kgs overweight right now.

    New doc prescribed Armour (to raise until I feel fine) and Medrol for adrenal fatigue (my cortisol levels at 8 h were 5 ng/mL (ref 10-30, should be close to 30 according to doc). She chose Medrol rather than hc because I retain a lot of water.

    At the pharmacy, I asked if I could have a bottle of Erfa as well even though the script was for Armour (as I had read so much about the problems with the reformulated Armour and wanted to compare them) and they ended up giving me 50-50.

    With Armour, I don’t feel a thing. It’s like before I was diagnosed (Hashimoto’s) back in 2001. I feel like I’m sleepwalking. I took as much as 240 mg a day and it did nothing for me. Following my doc’s instructions (she’s on Armour herself and loves it), I chew the pills, then swallow them with water. I find the pills to dissolve very quickly and easily, though, so I don’t think I have the same Armour that others describe (the one turning into “chewing gum” in your mouth). But it has no characteristic odor, even though that is stated on the bottle. When I put it in my mouth, it feels like cotton candy and it just turns to dust within seconds. It has no taste whatsoever. I read about someone needing to go as high as 5 grains a day to get results; should I go down that road?

    With Erfa, it’s the other way around. I take it sublingually following the advice in this forum. With Erfa, there’s no way I can take more than 90 mg at a time. If I take 125 mg at a time, I end up seriously hyper (sweating, feeling dizzy, almost “disconnected” from my own body).

    My questions are:

    1. what dose should I aim for? I was on 200 mcg of thyroxine + 1 capsule of Thyromine daily and my T4 and T3 levels were sub-optimal in spite of a suppressed TSH. Does this mean that I need more than 120 mg of desiccated thyroid (120mg=+/- 200 mcg of T4)? How is it possible that 240 mg of Armour do nothing for me,even if I take it in one single dose, whereas 180 mg of Erfa split in two doses make me hyper?

    2. how many times a day should I take NTH (I think I’ll try to convince my doc to let me stay on Erfa). I have often read twice a day? Should I instead aim for three or four times a day? My doc told me that she takes Armour only once a day (in the morning) and feels just fine.

    3. are there any other options for NTH (I live in Europe and Erfa and Armour are the only available prescription drugs; however, I’ve understood there there are other brands (Thyroid-S/Thiroyd)available without prescription? I would like to know which brands you have tried and found to work best?

    I feel I cannot afford to lose any more time…for many years, I was sick and overweight before being diagnosed with Hashi’s. Then, I was sick and overweight on thyroxine. Now, it’s time I lost weight and regained my health! But how? NTH? Synthetics + Thyromine, or should I try Thyro Gold instead?

    Any input or advice would be most welcome!


  12. Anna

    I read in a European forum that Armour was reformulated a second time in 2011 and that apparently some patients are reporting better symptom relief as a result of this. Does anyone know anything about this? I was just prescribed Armour and it just turns into dust in my mouth; no chalky paste or residue that so many others have described. I even tried putting it under my tongue and it dissolved quickly, within a couple of minutes, although I am not sure about sublingual absorption. My doc told me to chew it and then swallow it. I would appreciate any info you may have on this; the Armour sold in Europe must be the same as in the US, right? When I read many of the accounts here, my conclusion is that I don’t have the same Armour.

  13. Cathy

    For those who you who live in Europe: Henri Knafo sent me the name and address of two pharmacies in Belgium that carry Erfa and might be able to send it to you:

    Pharmacie Ste Croix
    Rue Lesbroussart 12
    1050 Bruxelles
    tel: 02 – 648 63 72
    fax: 02 – 646 80 95

    Pharmacie du Prince d’Orange
    Chaussée de Waterloo 1499
    1180 Bruxelles ( Uccle )
    tel: 02 – 374 32 57
    fax: 02 – 374 02 42

  14. Anastasia

    Erfa Thyroid is the first med I have tried after finding out I have hypothyroidism… I feel like I have my life back after so many years of feeling horrible. But like anything, the dose has to be properly adjusted for each individual. I get it from a compound pharmacy in Canada, and it’s very inexpensive.

  15. Anonymous

    I was switched from 50mg of Synthroid to Erfa’s Thyroid (60mg) the other week, and I’m already feeling SO much better. I’m absolutely thrilled with it! I’m very thankful that I live in Canada and can get this medicine so inexpensively.

  16. Nigel

    I just bought 500 tabs and they just arrived had to pay an extra £20 at the post office but all good. I bought them from value pharmacy they asked for a self disclaimer which i filled in then was sent with no real pescritption.

  17. Ruth

    Bought a 500 tab bottle August 2009, Erfa Thyroid worked great for me, cleared issues that have dogged me a lifetime. T4 only compounds are ineffective for me. I found the FDA disruption of my thyroid supplies extremely disruptive, ill-timed, damaging and dangerous.

    Checking Efra again in spring 2010, Efra told us that only 100 tab bottles would now be mailed out of Canada. Hope that is not still the case. Daughter-in-law has since gotten year over year Thyroid-S supplies direct in Bangkok, 1000 tabs per bottle.

  18. kelly

    This efra is crap. I have gined almost 10 punds in one month and feel like I could sleep for a year. Please where can I find ARMOUR!!!

  19. shari

    I was told by the compounding pharmacy in my town,that as long as the brand Armour was available, they couldn’t sell the compounded one.

  20. Nancy

    Why isn’t anybody talking about compounded pharmacies. I have one that is going to use rice flour filler instead of the cellulose. I still have some old Armour to use up before I try it. Have people have any luck using compounded, it seems less hassle than getting from Canada? What about Nutri-meds they 2 different glandular desiccated thyroids?

  21. Samantha

    I’ve heard great things about Indian meds but haven’t found one (reputable or otherwise) that sells dessicated thyroid. Disregarding the fact that I’m apparently blind, does anyone have a favorite Indian site?
    Thank you so much! S.

  22. Paula

    Hope this helps anyone who is worried where their meds are being manufactured.
    When I ordered my Thyroid meds from crossborderpharmacy they let me select which countries I would accept my medication to be made in and shipped from. I only put a check mark in the boxes for Canada and the US as those were the only countries I was comfortable with

  23. Alexi

    Has anyone ordered Erfa Thyroid in 2010? I ordered one bottle of half grain which cost $18 and they charged me $31 to ship to the US!! I could not believe it…is this the norm?

    (From Janie: Alexi, it’s too bad you didn’t define who they” is or was. Shipping rates and even the price of Erfa is different from place to place. )

  24. Ruth

    Bought a 500 bottle of 60 mg Erfa thyroid tabs Sept ’09, $100 total delivered cost to US, worked great. Having trouble re-ordering 500 bottle outside of Canada (Erfa deleted ordering). Erfa said perhaps could do 500s Special Order from inside Canada. Is FDA/Customs/US gov meddling somewhere in there, or Canadian hoarding?

  25. Pinky

    I’d like to offer another way of treating whilst this current fiasco is insitu. A few years ago i tried the original Somatomed by Vespro and was impressed but at the time did not know it was a nine month treatment then it’s a managemenmt dose after. It assists your own glandular system to release it’s own hormones,it supports liver function too,it was trialled in the nineties for chronic fatigue syndrome with favourable results. I tried with no ill effects and felt it worked,and it was suggested by a doctor! in 2002 and now aim to try it out for good properly,it also has the building blocks of amino acids,it is considered homeopathic/herbal,it has Mumiyo a Russian herb in it too. ALSO Gluten actually stops the Pituitary Gland from producing Growth hormone.

  26. Mel D


    Just reading your posts on ERFA Thyroid meds …. I’m in Australia and can’t get any more of the Armour or Nature thyroid I had been taking – I’m wondering is ERFA a porcine based pill too ? Where exactly can I order some ?

    many thanks in advance

    Mel xxx

  27. lisa

    I started taking efra thyroid after not being able to get Armour, which I’ve been on for 15 years. I did not have a good reaction! It made my heart race, kept me awake and made me feel like I was jumping out of my skin! It almost felt like a panic attack! Not good!
    I think the ratio must be off for me, or else the dose just doesn’t translate. I am considering taking a half (60 mg tablet) but am actually too nervous to try it since the feeling was just too awful. Any thoughts?

  28. Kathy

    Hi Mair,

    I think the Erfa numbers are off.

    Here is what Janie wrote is in the Erfa 60mg
    “In each Erfa 60 mg tablet embossed “ECI 60”, there is 35 mcg. of T4 and 8 mcg. of T3;” vs. Armour 38T4/9T3.

    This is the link:

  29. mair jones

    Hi all,
    My doc just wrote a script for erfa 60mg tabs for me which I faxed direct to erfa (Im in uk);but I am a little confused as to dosage.
    I’m a 100kg woman with Hashi’s and partial thyroidectomy
    (so no thyroid to speak of)
    The old Armour 60mg was 38t4/9t3
    Erfa 60mg is 100t4/25t3
    Has anyone else switched from Armour to Erfa and got their dosage spot on yet?Or has anyone got info that could help me ? Much obligued.

  30. Carla

    I ordered 2 bottles of 500 30mg ERFA Thyroid directly from ERFA Canada in late September. Within a couple of days I got a phone call and letter from the FDA that they had detained my package. After calling the FDA and telling them that I cannot get dessicated thyroid in U.S. they released the package after checking with headquarters. After severe hypothyroid symptoms while on Armour Thyroid for the past few months including memory loss, hair loss, dry skin, low body temperature, low heart rate, and extreme fatigue I was happy to be relieved of many of those symptoms within only a few days of being on ERFA Thyroid. For me, ERFA Thyroid works better than Armour ever worked, my morning temperature went up from 97 to 98 within one day, my energy came back within a couple of days, my extremely rough, dry skin became smoother within a week, I am no longer getting sleepy in the middle of the day, my hands are no longer cold and dry but are warm and moist, my heart rate is normal instead of going into the low 50’s and my menstrual cycle was regular for the first time in over a year. For those of you who became hypothyroid while on the reformulated Armour I highly recommend that you try ERFA Thyroid and see if it works for you. If it does get confiscated by the FDA you just need to call them and explain that you cannot get “dessicated thyroid” in the U.S. and they will agree to release your medication.

  31. Carol P.

    I ordered “Thyroid” online from Canada’s It took about 2 weeks to get my meds in the mail. I have been taking it for only a few days and I am noticing symptoms: muscle aches, sleepiness, headache. I am interested to see how others do on these drugs. I also had a problem with the reformulated Armour; mostly sinus trouble and simply not feeling “well”. I will be very happy to see Nature-throid or Westhroid back on American shelves.

  32. Deb Raterman

    i have been taking the erfa 125 for about two weeks now. i wake up with headaches every day. i know it is not from any food or vitamins i take. today i found out that the erfa has corn in it- that’s a trigger for me. are there any other thyroid meds that don’t have corn or sugar in them?

    (From Janie: )

  33. Carolin

    I’m in Germany too and ordered Erfa thyroid from a pharmacy here. I originally wanted to try out 100 tablets but they only had bottles of 500, so I got 500 instead for 95€ (for 125mg tablets).

    I only got started on them today; I’m not sure if 125mgs equal 2 grains of Armour exactly, as Armour was 120mgs? But I’ll treat it as if it was and see how it goes.

    BTW, I was told there is a new law in Germany that says that you can only import products if Germany doesn’t have an equivalent…but as no German pharmaceutical company makes anything like Armour/Erfa/etc., this wasn’t a problem.

  34. Hugo Chavez

    I got Erfa from my local pharmacy in Germany ordering via an international pharmacy. After half year on Armour I was really devastated to hear the sad news what was going on with Armour. So I had to switch on synthetics t3/t4 what was even more devastating and anxiously awaiting my shipping from Canada. But even with an Armour prescription everything went fine and after two very strange synthetics weeks I had my shipment. I am still not sure whether dosage is Armour equivalent – at least it tastes like good old Armour. I had to pay 100€ for 500 1 grain which is a substantial mark up for shipment etc… However it is still cheaper than Armour and by now I think I will stick to it. It would be nice to know how others compare Erfa to Armour?

    Greetings from Germany

  35. Maude

    I think Erfa wants you to fill out those forms so they can advertise themselves to drs here in the states so maybe they can get a foothold here. I have seen several people post now who are ordering online from canada without the FDA form and they have no problem, I think they are preying on our fears that “us people who buy drugs from canada will get into problems. total marketing ploy but thats just my opinion.

  36. Larry

    If the thyroid came from Vanautu it is probably not of Canadian origin. Most likely it came from India. I’ve dealt with one Vanuatu pharmacy for the last ten years and have always gotten good product. India makes a quality thyroid powder so it is likely okay. You’ll know by the results.

  37. chris moore
    You can get Canadian meds online without filling out that weird form for the FDA.

  38. G. Beatty

    I have ordered Efra thyroid from the Canadian Pharmacy – it came today shipped from Vanuatu (South Pacific island).
    This seemed risky ordering out of United States with the
    Canadian supplier, but now it comes from a small island.

    How could I ever trust this med – having other physical issues?

  39. Jen Q

    Please try to make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible. This way she see’s you face to face. Since you were already on Armour, tell her you want her to write a script for when it comes back in stock. Have her write on the prescription for “Dessicated Thyroid” not Armour. This way, you can get any brand of dessicated thyroid you want. If she won’t write one, please find another doc. If she does, your next step would be to find an online Canadian pharmacy that you feel comfortable with. Most allow you to scan in your prescription or mail it in. I used the scan in method. Go to for a list of trustworthy pharmacy websites. Be careful because some are bogus. On the site, type in Thyroid and the strength you take. The site will then come up with a list of pharmacies that have your dosage and the price they charge. Then you go to the site, create an account, and scan or mail the script. Most take 1-2 weeks for you to receive your meds. All you need is a doc to write a script for dessicated thyroid. This is not something most docs are willing to do on a phone consult. I feel your frustration, because I went through the same thing. Hope this info helps you get the medicine you need. Feel better 🙂

  40. Makenzie

    Does anyone know of a doctor in the US or Canada who does online (skype) consultations? I’m a patient of a doctor in Brooklyn, but have reduced to the point of tears by his his office staff (or, one person in particular).

    Is it unreasonable of me to expect help from my MD’s ofice when dealing with something like a nationwide shortage? The only response I get when I call is that I called at the wrong time because she is having a really bad day. In the meantime, my symptoms are progressively going back to what they were before. It’s a shame too, because this doctor is a fantastic MD.

    I’m not sure where to turn to get the Erfa meds since my own MD’s office told me to “take a number” and “call back when it’s less crazy”. It seems faxing a script is something they are unwilling to do, and I am at the mercy of this doctor’s staff.

    What can I do? I can only think of getting a MD to do an online consult, but cannot find any natural thyroid MD’s who do so. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. I’ve started back to school full time thanks to Armour giving me back my life, and I may have to withdraw as my symptoms go back to before.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  41. Dianne

    Yes, they have definitely gone up! I ordered on Sept 8th and my doctor faxed the rx the same day. The price at that time was 70 something dollars for 500 60 mg tablets. I just noticed that I was billed $129 on my credit card.

    I wrote down the actual price but I can’t find that paper now. Does anyone remember what the price was before it skyrocketed? I was thinking $72.94 or something like that. Any help would be appreciated because I am going to dispute this higher charge.

  42. Janet B.

    Just FYI – Cross Border Pharmacy has doubled their prices since the above info. was posted.

  43. Darlene King

    Jerry, Did you order it from Canada Pharmacy Online?

  44. Jamie

    Who is using the Erfa or Thyroid-S? What are your experiences so far, and how equivalent is it to your Nature-throid or Armour dosage?

  45. Jerry

    Yes, I have received my Thyroid ERFA from the Canadian pharmacy that “Kiwi” suggested to all of us. She seems to be the only one who knows the correct information. There are no issues with it being sent through the mail system and so far the meds are working famously. I suggest you email her and ask her any questions you may have. She’s extremely helpful.

  46. Enrique

    Vicky and Darlene: Yes I got my order of Thyroid from Canada and it only took 1 week. They made it across the border somehow I guess. 😉

  47. Darlene King

    I would like to know if anyone has received their Canadian thyroid meds? I have heard that they are not being allowed across the border. If that is the case then we would be wasting our money.

  48. Vicki Jones

    Has anybody been able to get this Canadian product into Australia successfully?

    If so, can you please advise me the process to follow.

    many thanks


  49. Sheila Turner

    I am in correspondence with Dr Henri Knafo who has told me that he is in discussion with Idis World medicines (the organisation who source unlicensed drugs for use in the UK). He told me the few talks he has had with them so far about how they could acquire ‘Thyroid’ were not completed, but he says they will have a meeting to discuss what strategies he will put in place to help UK patients.
    He promises to keep me updated and he is positive that he can find both a short and long term solution for all in the UK.

  50. christina

    thank you KIWI for the information!!! i was able to order my new Rx through Crosstheborder

  51. Jerry

    I’d like to personally thank “Kiwi,” for giving us all the information on, where I was able to get my Thyroid meds. Without this post and her immediate concern in this matter, none of us would have our thyroid meds.

    It’s rare when someone will help in this world, but this person was remarkable…

    Many thanks !!!

  52. Heidi


    This drug is marketed under the name THYROID in Canada
    500 TABLET(S) $64.59 Canada shipping Fee $9.95
    All prices are listed in U.S. dollars

    This was how I ordered it, so I don’t know how come the prices above are so expensive unless you are going through another pharmacy. Yes, you need your doctor to call or fax a prescription to them but that was it. It’s on it’s way! 🙂 Try these people it’s the same thing, Thyroid, made by ERFA. Just go to the website and you’ll type in thyroid in the search box and it brings up the different strengths, the 125 mg being the best buy by far. It cost me total for a bottle of 500 $74.54 and that includes shipping and handling. Hope this helps!!!! Heidi

  53. Enrique

    I ordered some Thyroid last Tuesday and received it today. My doctor just faxed the prescription to the toll free number. Simple.

  54. Dawn

    Also Ms Shomon thinks there is something ‘going down’ that Medco knew about earlier and she either knows or feels that this may be the end of Natural Thyroid Hormones, what do you think Janie?

    (From Janie: I think it’s negative speculation, Dawn, about the end of Natural Thyroid Hormones in the US.

    On the other hand, I think each and very individual needs to shout to the world in their own way how desiccated thyroid has changed your life. Write the media; write to your political leaders; write to anyone influential. Send me your story for the Stories of Others page. IF, and I say IF her quite-negative speculation comes to pass, our first power lies in millions of voices about the efficacy of natural thyroid.)

  55. Henry

    I ordered 500 tablets last week. That should last a little while!

  56. Joy

    I have looked over the Erfa site and have read the FDA document that they require be filled out by your physician. The problem is that the FDA form requires that the doctor say he is doing a clinical study, and that he/she will share the results, etc. What doctor is going to sign that form?! I know mine wont! I wouldn’t even dare to ask, to be honest. I would be asking him to lie. I *desperately* want to try Erfa’s Thyroid, but wish there was another way to get it by prescription.

  57. Dawn

    I feel that we who are stuck self medicating under the NHS rules of not giving us NTH probably won’t be able to get hold of this? Even though it is produced in Europe (ironic eh?) we probably won’t be able to get it back in unless they market the drug to a decent pharmacy that supplies us without a script.
    take care

  58. carri

    Hi There, everyone is so excited about what Efra has, but I’m a little concerned about the Magnesium Stearate, corn, and talc in it. I’ve heard some not so good things about those ingredients. Hope someone can check them out a little more before we all hop on the band wagon. I did write them about it, will let you know what they say to me. Thanks Carri


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