Thyroid patients say PHOOEY to new Armour formulation and Forest Pharmaceuticals

armourtabletsugh1 As the “newly” formulated Armour desiccated thyroid pills, made by Forest Pharmaceuticals/Laboratories, have been hitting the market, so are comments coming out from some thyroid patients…and they are not in the least complimentary.

The reason that Armour had been favored by so many thyroid patients among all the desiccated thyroid brands is the ability to take it sublingually. Sure, Armour was never officially made to be taken sublingually, but it worked.

Sublingual refers to the administration of a medication via the millions of tiny capillaries that line your mouth and mucous membrane. The pill was placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve–most of it entering the body directly via your sublingual glands, and only a small amount swallowed.

Some patients who switched from swallowing to sublingual noticed the difference, too.

But the beauty of sublingual has gone even farther than noticing anything different. First, it was always a known “baddy” to swallow any pills that might contain iron, estrogen or calcium at the same time we swallowed Armour or any other desiccated thyroid brand. Why? All three interfere with and bind a certain percentage of the thyroid hormones in our stomachs. We were forced to take any of those hours apart from swallowing our pill. So doing the Armour sublingually allowed us to swallow the above pills, or drink milk, or eat high iron foods, at our own timing and not hours away.

Second, the old formula was usually gone in our mouths within 30 minutes give or take. Now, patients who take their newly formulated pills sublingually (which now has less dextrose and more cellulose) despise the “chalky, pasty, gritty residue” left in one’s mouth. It also results in Armour taking far too long to be properly absorbed.

Third, those with adrenal fatigue can find themselves waking up with nausea due to the morning low cortisol. And being able to take Armour sublingually bypassed the need to swallow a liquid to take a pill and promote more nausea.

Fourth, those with Celiac disease, and even those with standard low thyroid digestive issues, found sublingual administration to help their absorption of what desiccated thyroid offers, which they didn’t get well if they swallowed the pill.

All in all, the buzz around patient groups or on comments here about the newly formulated Armour is not complimentary. It doesn’t work well sublingually. It’s too chalky. It leaves a gritty paste in your mouth. And patients are highly disappointed. Let’s hope that one of the pharmaceuticals takes the ball and runs to create a sublingual desiccated thyroid.

What is your experience with the new formulation? Are you still trying to do it sublingually? Have you found doing Naturethroid sublingually works? Are you switching to Naturethroid or Westhroid out of principal, as many are stating they are doing? Use the comment section and let’s talk.

*Express your opinion to Forest here: 1-800-678-1605, ext. 66297.

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108 Responses to “Thyroid patients say PHOOEY to new Armour formulation and Forest Pharmaceuticals”

  1. Bob Yoder

    I’ve been on Armour Thyroid for 50 years.
    The new formula doesn’t work at all 😩
    Looking for an effective product!
    I am a serious road biker and can no longer
    keep up with the group that I previously led.

  2. D Mansil

    Armour Thyroid: They provide 38 mcg levothyroxine (T4) and 9 mcg liothyronine (T3) per grain of thyroid. The inactive ingredients are calcium stearate, dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate and opadry white.
    Opadry® II white contains polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide, talc, polyethylene glycol 3350, and lecithin (soya).
    Look up symptoms of TALC toxicity and side effects of PVS & PEG 3350… Think about long term effects! I’ve had every listed symptom expect a few (like COMA or DEATH!)
    They are putting toxic poisons in this medicine now!

  3. Dale

    I was on Synthroid for 22 years and lost over 3/4 of my hair and gained over 48 pounds. My energy was so low I had given thought to just checking out…then I was told about Armour. I noticed the difference within an hour of taking the first pill. I never tried the original however I think the Armour I am getting now is great. I started dropping the extra weight right off and all I changed was the medication. After three months I lost 38 pounds and they have not come back in the past year. My hair stopped falling out and is acctually coming back. Plus for the first time in 22 years I have energy!
    The only thing I had to work on was the dose…for me it took three pills per day. I am very happy with my Armour. I just wish we could get it with out going through doctors!

  4. Chantelle

    When this first started I requested a change to Nature Throid. I am so much better again with this one. I will never go back on Armour or Synthroid ever again now.

  5. Pete

    I´ve been trying to get a prescription for Armour for several years. And now when I finally succeeded I found this information. Thank you very much, Forest! Now I´m afraid to even start the medication.

    From Janie: chewing it up makes it work better, say many patients. Or use this:

  6. Adriana


    I got the Thiroyd meds from Greater Pharma and they don’t look trust worthy to me either! Except the fact that they sent it from Thailand, the label is a basic piece of paper – printed not handwritten- but with no info about the manufacturer! Just the name, dose and man/exp day!
    I was never on Armour so I can’t comment the effectiveness of it.. it so far feels as useless as the levothyroxine..can’t drop an ounce whatever I do

  7. vincent

    Maybe, but i think Armour Thyroid Thiroyd ( by greater pharma ) is the Old Armour !
    The plastic taste is normal ?!!
    The taste is bitter too. In the mouth, the pill has gone rapidely. The taste seems to be very chimic.

    Greater pharma has no reply to my question about pills ( with handwriten label ) i have in my house are fake or no.

    Sorry for my english !

  8. vincent

    thx for your answer janie ! 🙂

  9. vincent


    Is it normal if Armour Thyroid Thiroyd’s taste seems like plastic and a little bit sweet ( sugar ) ?

    So, i hate the taste !

    (hmmmm Armour was reformulated and the sweet is little.)

  10. vincent


    I have purchase this product ( Armour Thyroid Thiroyd ) from a particular website and i have recieved aluminium paquet with handwrighting label !

    Is it normal ?

    So, are you aware than mercury could induce low metabolism ?

    (From Janie: yes, some state they get a handwritten label from that website. Yes, that could be true about mercury, tho not all report it)

  11. shahzad ali khan

    hi i have a question from all of you i need help so kindly enlighten me, i was taking synthroid and have switched to greater pharmas thiroyd, can anybody tell me how this product is compared to armour thyroid? and can it be taken sublingually under the tongue coz i tried it but it didnt dissolve?

    (From Janie: If no one answers here, which is more for comments than questions, these groups may help you better: )

  12. Millie

    This change killed my mom. She was already thin. She developed nausea, her legs started swelling, and we could not get her thyroid right. She became emaciated because the nausea ruined her appetite. It was awful. Everyone seems to be talking about inconvenience or weight gain, but we are talking death here. Why was it ok for them to just up and do this??? This should not have been legal. My mom had been on Armour since 1942. (Synthroid never worked for her). I just kept thinking that someone would fix it. I could not believe that this would happen, and yet it did.

  13. Tammy

    I have always had what looks like a rash or sunburn around my neck. It’s been there since I started taking thyroid medication almost 25 yrs ago. Does not matter if I take the synthetic or natural it’s still there. I also hate the new Armour. I just started crushing it to powder in a plastic bag & using a rubber mallet. I put it on a plate & use a razor blade like a druggie snorting drugs. LOL!!! I seperate into 3 doses & dip my finger in maple syrup & then into the powdered Armour thyroid & lick it up. It seems to be working better for me that way instead of swallowing it or tyring to let the chalky mess dissolve in my mouth. I tried to take it all at one time that way but it was too much all at once for me. I’m considering ordering the Greater Pharma Thiroyd or the Thyroid-S but don’t like that the Thyroid-S contains aluminum in the amp;color coating. Not sure what the filler ingredients are in the Greater Pharma.

  14. Deborah

    Was forced to switch to Armour because Kaiser (our HMO) couldn’t get any Nature Throid. Put on 30lbs. Finally, today found a doctor outside the Kaiser system to get me back onto Nature Throid. Not only did Armour drive me back into hypo thyroidism, but it also made my hair grow in really stiff and course. Hate the stuff and will never use it again – thank goodness for Nature Throid. I was on synthroid before taking Nature Throid and never felt good. Nature throid has been a God-send.

  15. Laura

    I have been doing alot of research regarding the new formulation and peoples reactions to it prior to my having to make the switch to a different product. I had stock piled the old formulary but am running out so I will need to switch soon. I’m glad that I found this site as it contains alot of very good information.

    There have been alot of people who have called Forest Lab’s and complained which it a step in the right direction. Some of the reactions though – rash, heart issues etc are serious enough that can’t those be put on Severe Adverse Reaction reports through our physicians? The FDA has visibility to these (I think). Is there someone working in the medical field that can verify this?

  16. Irene

    Anyone getting a rash from reformulated Armour? I thought I was using Old Armour, but maybe not. Had rash in the summer and blamed it on guggal. But now rash is a month old, under armpits, and getting worse.

    Could it be the microcrystalline cellulose?

    It is in some of my other supplements.

  17. Jill

    Can you tell me when the new formula arrived in pharmacies? My T3 has dropped & I’m feeling tired.

  18. carly

    HI, can the new armour be causing probs even if blood work is good please? thanks Carly

    (From Janie: yes)

  19. Joel

    I said PHOOEY to Armour and Forest Labs! I started on Armour when first diagnosed with hypothyroidism due to the favorable (if not preferable) articles about it on this site. I did fine on it for a few years. The “new”, undisclosed formulation made my heart skip and gave me chest pains. I got on here and read about other people having this problem. I switched to Levoxyl and 6 weeks later all is well. Forest should be investigated for this. I’ll be surprised if patients aren’t able to bring a class action lawsuit. I know I was very alarmed at what was going on with me because I didn’t know what it was. One night I almost went to the emergency room, thinking I was having a heart attack.

  20. Cindy

    Now they tell us! So for the last few months, my thyroid has tanked: I eat non-stop and have put on 10 lbs at least. 9 hours of sleep leaves me still tired…. Super dry skin…. Losing a small pony-tail of hair a day….

    The only thing that changed for me was my new refill of Armour. Now I have to pay almost $500 for a doctor visits and labs. I have been squeezing into my clothes at work and look horrible. I’m afraid I’ll lose an important interview because I look so “fat and frumpy”.

    We should sue Forest labs.

  21. Nicole

    For those who suffered or are suffering side effects from the new formulation of Armour – Here is contact information to file a complaint with Forest Labs. I worked my way through Forest Labs departments today and fought to speak with an actual human being to let someone know about the side effects of the new formula. Forest Labs is required to take down reported complaints and or side effects of a drug. You will speak with an actual human who will take down your complaint and file it. If enough complaints are filed, maybe that will do some good.

    Forest Labs
    Safety Department
    800-678-1605 ext. 66296

  22. Heather

    I think I’ve been lucky up until a few weeks ago because my Armour tasted the same and I still felt great. I’m not sure how I was getting old Armour all this time, but I was. I had read about this reformulation here at this site, so I was prepared for the possibility of side effects when I finally got it.
    I got the new Armour, tasted a big difference and man did my hypo symptoms come on with a vengeance. Just like everyone else, it took me years to find a doc to give me Armour, and that medicine was life changing after suffering with Synthroid for 5 years.
    I am SOOO fatigued all day long, yet at night I have trouble sleeping. I feel like I’m in a fog or there is a veil in front of my face and I just can’t lift it. I’m having anxiety, and then because of my symptoms interfering with daily life, depression sets in. I’m forgetting things, and I keep dropping stuff. I’m so clumsy. I have 2 small children and it’s taking everything I have to interact with them and make things normal for them, which then leaves me with NOTHING energy wise for myself later.
    How could they do this to their patients? I called the lab and they had me speak to their medicine safety person. She was wonderful, took lots of info, was apologetic that I feel badly and admitted that they are getting lots of calls. But she isn’t sure that they will go back anytime soon.
    I found one pharmacy with West-throid, so I’m trying that as soon as my RX gets filled. I hope and pray to God that the medicine works, because living like this is unbearable. If it doesn’t, I might have to try Synthroid and Cytomel, but that’s is just awful to me. I also called the company that makes Naturethroid because I can’t get it anywhere. They said that so many people are abandoning Armour and switching to them that they just can’t keep up with production. They might not have it in full swing until January!!!! I just want to curl up and cry. After all these years I finally felt better for 9 short months and now this.

  23. Catherine

    I have been taking Armour Thyroid for about three years. It took a while to get up to 180 mgs. I just really started feeling well then the reformulation. Most of my hypo symptoms are back, but I also have other hyper symptoms, as well. I am shaky, nauseated, sweaty, and nervous. I am also tired, my joints hurt, and I have begun loosing my eye lashes and hair. I am not happy. I called my insurance provider and have gotten them to agree to allow my doctor to prescribe desiccated thyroid from a compounding pharmacy. Hopefully, I will be better soon…

  24. Dave A (UK)

    Started Armour last year and it seemed to improve things; friends commented I was more my old self.

    I noticed the change (chalky, crumbly) in my latest bottle (1/2 grain) in mid-August and since then have problems; mainly mental ‘turmoil’ and tiredness. And this was before I discovered that there had been a change in formulation and that other people were having problems.

    I shall ask my local chemist (‘UK-speak’ for pharmacy !) if they can get Westhroid, and if they can I shall ask my doc if he will prescribe that instead.

  25. Jo

    I take so many meds & supplements it took me a bit to figure out the culprit, but I, too, have had hypo relapse with the new Armour. Like many of you hear, it took me YEARS to convince someone to support my goal to be healthy and to use Armour. So the reformulation by Forrest THOROUGHLY CRANKS ME UP!

    I decided to vote with my wallet, and have tried several times to switch to WesThroid / NatureThroid, but none of the nearby pharmacies (including my compounding) could remain supplied.

    Spoke with RLC today, and was told that they have increased production by about 300%, and expect to begin reshipping in mid-November.

    So now it’s just figuring out how to hang in there until then.

  26. mary

    I noticed the switch immediately but didn’t realize it was a health issue til I came here looking for info on why my script was so hard to fill (most pharmacies have armour on back order) Now it all makes sense since I refilled in June things have been different and I have also developed severe esophagitis from swallowing the new formula .I took the sweet smelly stuff under the tongue and it worked great now I am in digestive Hell. I will try Westhroid as I can’t find Armour anymore anyway and it sounds like it isn’t working with the new formulation. I called Forest but I doubt they will return my call. I am sure big pharma had something to do with the switch. Why would they want us to have a cheap, effective drug with NO side effects? That’s just not good business when your business thrives on keeping people sick!

  27. Jean

    I do not understand why all the American companies making natural thyroid hormone have changed so drastically. These medications were very good the way they use to be.

    I think if they need more money to keep up with it, they should just charge more for the medication. Why change something that was absolutely perfect?

    These changes do not make sense because they are affecting so many people.

    They should not change something so perfect. People will pay the difference in price if they raised their prices and kept the product the same quality.

    Don’t change the quality, only the cost of the medication should be changed. Money is less important than your health. Where are their priorities? I thought they were there for the people just as much as they were there for themselves.

    I really hope these companies will change back to what they use to do. The FDA is only there to protect the people, not cause havoc on pharmaceutical companies.

    I’m sure if these companies want to make a good quality medication, they would. They are letting money run their
    not so perfect anymore companies, run the show.

    I say just charge more and keep it good.

  28. Evelyn

    Thoughts and questions about the reformulation of Armour thyroid.

    When I received the newer formula, I noticed that it does not have that peculiar order that the old formula had. Did the makers even use any desiccated porcine powder in the new formula? Did they perhaps just use a synthetic product as the main ingredient and add the other fillers to make up the pill form and consistency?

    Seems like they took something out because most of us are having hypo symptoms with the new formula.

    Just wondering.

  29. linda trumpfheller

    had overacive thyroid , blacked out may times, and lost a baby, misscarrage, and went into a coma, I was put on synthroid for 14 years, was tried all the time, foggie, dr finally put me on armour, and years of complaining to him, was in small town in high mountains of colorado, within three days of old armour, I was a new person, unbeliveable!!!!! now today after taking new armour, i cant think straight,very tried, cant get out of bed before noon or after, am dizzy, have bad lower back pain on righ side, terrible leg pain, and cramps,light headed, hair is fallinf out, weight gain, even with the lack of appetite that I am also having……like I am going backwards again…….I am going to doctor again..they said i needed an antidepression meds, cause this is in my head, I will insist on a new prescription for nature-throid, or find a new doctor. shame on forest labs……….

  30. NR

    After taking Armour for many years, and no problems whatsoever, I had my prescription refilled at the end of June 2009. Then my hair started falling out, I had heart palpitations, blood pressure changes, and noticeable brain fog and memory problems. I went to a local health food store and asked if they’d heard of anyone having problems with Armour. The saleslady told me she took it herself but 2 months ago her hair started falling out so she switched to another product! I was relieved to find this blog, to say the least. Forest has definitely changed this product–for the worse and it appears that many of us are suffering negative effects from the reformulated Armour. I am switching to Nature Throid beginning today. I only wish I could get back all of my hair that I have lost, not to mention the stress and anxiety from this fiasco. I called Forest and the FDA to report my concerns about Armour.

  31. Bria

    To Marie,
    Yes I am of the opinion that my meds are too low. I have been on dessicated thyroid almost the whole time. I feel that I have to at least pursue a doctor that will work with me before I self medicate. It took 5 years to get diagnosed in the first place. (Antibody test was what did it.) It took a lot of hard work and money back then. Hopefully I won’t be in the poor house soon because of my thyroid issues. I just want to feel normal or at least not be in pain most of the time. Now I am going to give it a go again. Wish me luck.
    BTW (1)at least my doctor was understanding about the lack of Armour on the market. He filled a very large rx when I found a pharm with 120mg (2 grain) and said they would do the same for a pharm near me that had 60mg (1 grain). I think I cleaned them out. One thing not to worry about.
    BTW (2) I started taking the Armour the traditional way (letting my stomach digest it) instead of sublingually and cutting up my dose throughout the day. That may help, we’ll see.

  32. Marie

    Bria, dear, that dose is way too low to support you. Is that what you’ve taken for 7 years? I wouldn’t wait for a doctor to tell me I can feel better. I would slowly ramp up myself. That’s what I did and it saved my life. Couldn’t get a doctor to say I was sick (I was slipping into a coma).

    Judy, interesting about the Cytomel. I plan to try that tomorrow. (It’s in my cabinet).

  33. Judy W.

    I have always been so much better on Armour because of the T3 in it, but it still wasn’t enough even at 4 grains (240). Cytomel (10 mg) added to Armour made life bearable – maybe even enjoyable over the last few years. My pharmicist is with a major university system with many RX individuals and he did not know about the switch until I read it and called to discuss it. My doctor’s appointment is at the end of this month — will go with my folder of back up inormation and will be interested to see if she is up to speed on this and what she recommends in place of Armour as I am not doing as well on the new formula. Think I want to change from Armour – even if it’s just on general principles. Thanks to Mary Shomon’s news site, I at least found a woman doctor who takes it seriously when it comes to treating hypothyroidism like I have.

  34. Bria

    My symptoms have returned after 7 years on Armour. I had lost 60 lbs and was feeling good.
    I am in constant pain and bone tired.
    My head is full of fog.
    My throat hurts.
    I am depressed, constipated and feeling crazy again.
    Now my emotional state is so bad it is putting my marriage in peril. (Thankfully my husband is patient.)
    My husband, who is a personal trainer, is scratching his head because I am gaining weight yet working out and eating right. (Not easy when you are exhausted, as you can attest I am sure.)
    I will definitely be contacting Forest Labs.

    I had almost the exact experience Kathleen above had. I had noticed earlier that my 1 grain was different. I had asked the pharmacist if there was something wrong with it and they told me it was probably just a different batch. I was really busy and just accepted that answer. This was months ago (I guess May). I am on a one day 2-1 grains (120 mg) and one day 1 1/2 grain (90 mg). Only the 1 grains were replaced. (I think this is why I didn’t notice the symptoms immediately.) Last week my pharmacy let me know that Armour was back ordered. I found another pharmacy that only had 1 grain and got that. I was trying to figure out what to do and get more info before going to my doctor (not the best for thyroid but I don’t have anyone else). I have found that I have to be armed with information before going to the doctor.
    I am freaking out and can only think to get on a higher dose (if he will agree, depending on blood work) or switch to Naturethroid. My doctor back in Dallas would work on symptoms. I haven’t found a doctor here in Atlanta that will do that. If you know anyone please let me know.

  35. Kathleen Falcon

    I just went to Walgreen’s and was told that Armor Thyroid was on back-order until September and was quited upset about it. However, if that had not happened, I would have never begun searching the web for an alternative, or have been made aware that Armor had changed their formula back in May.

    I now know why my fatigue, skin problems, and problems sleeping have escalated since then. I thought it was due to stress, which it probably is partly due to, but I have been under more stress than I am currently under, in the past, and did not have these symptoms when I was on the old formula.

    There is something very corrupt about all of this. I’m not sure why Forrest changed the formula, but I’ll bet it has something to do with increasing profitability.

    Hopefully, the company will decide to change to the previous formula. Either way, there is bound to be a class-action law suit, with all of the comments I have been reading on-line. Well, you can certainly count me in!

  36. Connie Hull

    I am disqusted with Forest also. I have called and complained TWICE. Feel like they are ignoring us or just
    don’t care. Well, I just filled out a report to the FDA MEDWATCH and will be mailing it tomorrow. Maybe “that” will make an impression on Forest. I have requested a new prescription for Nature-throid from my doctor. Hopefully, I’ll get my energy and good sleep back.

  37. Tko

    I switched to Amour from the Levoxyl since November 08. At first a couple of month I got the heart palupitation and my skin increased body oil. My joint pain and stiffness went away day by day. I also felt my skin was itchy for about a few weeks.

    I felt so great and finally getting recovered from the over ten years of horror.

    But since about a few weeks ago, I started feeling dizzy once in a while, leg crumps at night, and broating. I was thinking if I ate something wrong.

    I am wondering the new formula of the Armour is not working.

    My doctor prescribed me the Naturethroid yesterday because he was told by my Pharmacy that Armour is not available…

  38. LMSMiami

    I am very frustrated. I was able to get ahold of the reformulated 120 mg armour yesterday and took the first pill after using 60’s for the last year due to unavailability of the 2 and 3 grain. Within 12 hours I developed edema in both feet,ankles up into my knees. It did gradually go away after elevating my feet over night in bed. Has anyone heard of this reaction the the new formulation. I have never had any problems and have been on armour for almost 10 years.

  39. Chels

    I started taking Armour in April. I am assuming it was the new Armour. I switched from Levothyroxine. I used to have horrible, frequent migraines, alot of aches and trouble sleeping. I get far fewer headaches now and can sleep without any sleep meds. That said, I always crash by about 3pm every day. I am exhausted and often need to take long naps. I’m only 26 years old and have to force myself to get basic chores done around the house some days. Is this normal? Should I look into switching to Naturethroid or having my Armour compounded into an extended release pill? (from Janie: read and I would personally consider switching to Naturethroid)

  40. k

    I am having dizziness too. I went to urgent care it got so bad. I’m trying naturethroid now and am hoping the dizziness will get better. The new armour wasn’t working for me-fatigue, dizziness severe and scary. I’m gonna do labs again in a about 4 weeks. If i don’t get better i’m gonna have to do levoxyl and cytomel. Has anyone else had dizziness that went away with switch? (from Janie: the adrenals appear to be taking a hit from the new Armour in mnay, and that’s why you have dizziness. Naturethroid should change that. If not, time to do a 24 adrenal saliva test, not switch to synthetics.)

  41. Nell

    It only took me 24 hours to start crashing with the new armour. Luckily I’d bought some thyroid-s about 8 months earlier, didn’t feel it was as good as armour at that point so shoved it to the back of the cupboard.

    Frankly I felt I had nothing to lose in trying thyroid-s again and I was amazed to find that although there is something in the fillers that I’m having to adjust to I’m still better off than with the new formulation of armour.
    I’ve been on TS for about 1 week now and I’m beginning to get back to normal. I can use it sublingually, it tastes stronger than the old armour did and is a bit more difficult to split.

    I really do miss the old armour but I figure I can survive pretty well on TS. Hope this helps.

  42. lois

    I have just ordered an expensive batch of the new Armour – which I agree is gritty and sludgy and no longer has the armour taste. Having read all the comments I have decided to ditch it and have ordered some Westhyroid as it has taken me 2 years to get my health back and I don’t want to lose it… It is so depressing – having found Armour through the web I cannot understand why they have changed it. Where they paid off by the Levo pharmaceuticals??? There seems to be such a conspiracy around natural hormones…

  43. Arlene

    I was on Synthroid for 5 years before switching to Armour. First 2 years on Synthroid I felt great, then started going downhill, feeling tired & gaining weight. Finally found a doc who would let me try Armour (just about 2 months ago). Started at 30 mg, now up to 45 mg. Can’t say I feel as good as I did in the first years of Synthroid but I don’t have many of the symptoms that I’ve read about on this site. Weight seems to have plateaued & I have starting doing Bikram (hot) yoga, which in combination with walking will, I hope, help me trim down. One big problem I do have is hair loss. It has really ramped up in the past few months & I can only attribute it to Armour (or maybe a really bad seasonal shed). Does anyone else have issues with hair loss? When I asked my doc if getting the right balance of medication would help, he didn’t offer much hope. This is really distressing — as are the posts here about the re-formulation of Armour. I never took the old Armour so I only have the new to rely on. My doc did mention putting me back on Synthroid with the addition of Cytomel if the Armour doesn’t help me. I would be interested in hearing the stories of folks who are currently using this combo. By the way, I am a professional freelance writer & if anyone thinks a well-written letter would help, I can pop one out with info/testimonials gathered here.

    (fr0m Janie: y0u are underd0sing y0urself. G0 t0 the Mistakes Patients Make page.)

  44. Erica

    I got diagnosed almost 2 years ago. I spent the better part of a year on Synthroid. Never helped… so I self treated with Armour until I could find a doctor to give me a prescription. Started to feel somewhat human again. Then they changed Armour and it didn’t take long for my symptoms to return.

    I deceided to go with Synthroid (brand name) and Cytomel because this is what my insurance will cover. I just want to tell you, I noticed a difference almost right away. I actually fell better on this combination than I ever have since being diagnosed.

    One of the benefits of Cytomel is it helps with depression and irritability and it keeps a balance of t3 in your system at all times which keeps you from crashing.

    I am loving the feeling of having my life back. I know that Synthroid alone is a nightmare but please don’t overlook the possible positive effects when added with Cytomel.

  45. heidi

    I have been taking the new Armour since around the beginning of May. I did call the company to ask if they had changed the formula and they DENIED IT. I told them in that case they better recall the stuff becasue there was something wrong with it, then the guy admitted to a new manufacturing procedure. So I took my 2 grains a day and forgot about it.
    I have been feeling worse and worse every day and the last ten days I have felt sick 24 hours a day. I went to the nurse 3 weeks ago and my blood pressure was 84/50. They gave me more HC, which made me feel horrible. I feel very spacey, not in touch with reality, tired, weak and dizzy. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what was wrong.The Armour never even occurred to me. Fortunately I stumbled on this topic here today and I am so relieved! I took an old compounded T4/T3 and feel better already. I plan to call Forest again and complain. Thank you so much to Janie and everyone who contributes here. Thank goodness for the internet.

  46. Jeanne

    I have been using Armour Thyroid for about 10 years with no problem. When I got my prescription filled last, I was noticing that the pills were not dissolving the way they used to. About 2 weeks later all my old symptoms began returning with a vengeance but I did not know what was causing them.Thank goodness I found these sites and realized what was going on. After three Dr visits I am now switching over to Naturethroid. I hope that it will work for me. I don’t know how Armour could have made these changes to a drug that so many peoples health depends on….and without even notifying us so that we could look for a return of symptoms and know the cause. I think it was criminal!

  47. Laurie

    It’s taken me four weeks but I’ve done it! I finally have my hands on a prescription for Nature-Throid ( 1gr & 1/4 gr tablets). After trying my best to take the reformulated Armour sublingually and feeling like death warmed over, I convinced my CRNP to make the change to Nature-Throid. I called every pharmacy in town and over half of the pharmacists had never heard of Nature-Throid OR tried to sell me the Armour they had in stock OR tried to convince me I should try Synthroid because “it’s blah…blah….blah…better for me AND approved by the FDA!” It’s all rhetoric! Down here…behind the dark side of the moon…otherwise known as Southeast Alabama…thyroid patients are becoming (thankfully!) aware through this site & Mary Shomon’s. Call your local Winn-Dixie pharmacy or Walgreens…ask them for availability…..they WILL order it for you. Might take 1 to 3 days to get it. I’m happy. Armour & Forest Pharmaceuticals should be boycotted & investigated for dispensing CRAP!! This thryoid patient’s medicine emergency has been averted! It’s exhausting I know…but we must stay aware of what Big Pharma is trying to push us into taking for our condition. Stay well.

  48. Ally

    Well, I’m glad to know that I’m not going crazy and that there is a reason for my severe irritability, worse PMS in over 2 yrs (since I began treatment for thyroid), my fuzzy hair, and gain of 3 lbs, being nervous/anxious. I have been on the new formula for about 5-6 wks, I kept telling my pharmacist that they were not the same, terrible taste and do not dissolve very well at all. Little did I know, that was the least of my worries. I just started NatureThroid today, but I am so disheartened that I must start over again in the search for relief. I also have adrenal fatigue, and it seems like a balancing act everyday for me to feel good, and someone has just pushed me from the tightrope. Thank you so much for this site and your information.

  49. Jill

    Many of you question why Forrest reformulated Armour, and want them to switch back. Forrest didn’t randomly choose to reformulate. They were responding to their own FDA recalls in 2005 and 2007. Both were due to in-house product stability testing failures. Forrest tests Armour for T3 & T4 potency from date of manufacture through shelf life (expiration dating), and certain 30, 60, & 120mg lots were subpotent in 2005. Then later in 2007, some 180 and 240 mg lots of Armour failed disintegration testing, which is how it dissolves in the stomach as it wasn’t designed for sublingual use. This prompted the reformulation. You can find any recalls for any food and drug product at the website.

    I would suggest that everyone experiencing problems should call Forrest to report their experience. Also, everyone should call the FDA as they track complaints and take action if warranted by several similar complaints. A few of you have already done so. Forrest may or may not respond quickly to direct customer complaints, so the FDA is your best bet for responsible immediate action.

    For me, I didn’t know whether I was taking the old or new, as I last obtained a 3 month refill during the switch in April 2009. I just tested one sublingually for the first time, and found it to be sweet and dissolved quickly with no chalkiness, so it must be the old formulation with more dextrose and less cellulose. With only 10 days supply remaining, I’m going to ask the pharmacy for a 7-day refill to test the new formulation. If I feel any jitters, palpitations, brain fog, or my monitored temps fluctuate, I’m switching to NatureThroid. Honestly, I’m hoping that I’ll be one of the few that reports no problems with the new formulation. I spent the last year on Armour with relative success as compared to 20 years of hypo misery on Levoxyl. I’ll never go back to that again!

  50. Suzanne Lopes

    As a long time, satisfied, Armour user I did not know that the my medication was reformulated. Shame on the manufacturer for not providing that information. I was not able to continue to use the medication sublingually but thought that it was just my taste buds. After 2 months of severe symptoms (muscle & joint pain, fatigue, sweaty moments that I knew were not hot flashes, panic attacks, inability to enjoy socializing, severely brittle toe nails, loss of most of my eyelashes, inability to concentrate and short term memory loss) which coincided with my new Armour prescription, I was about to give in to my doctors recommendation to switch to Synthroid & Cytomel. I had bad results in past to Synthroid but doc almost had me convinced that the Cytomel would balance out.

    Yesterday I was fortunate to discover this site. Knowing that I am not allergic to the ingredients, I decided to double my dosage. Low and behold within 24 hours many of my symptoms have subsided. I will be seeing my doctor this week to change to Nature Throid.

    Again, shame on the manufacturer for not being forthcoming. It was also be enlightening to learn why the formula was changed.

  51. Julie

    I am done with the new Armour too! I feel like I am on Levoxyl all over again. I have hair loss, joint pain, fatigue, heart palpitations, low body temps are back, etc…I just started Naturethroid yesterday and hope to get back on track. I had labs drawn before I switched so I am curious if they reflect how I felt…
    Thank goodness for this site so I know I am not going crazy.

  52. Hilary

    I’ve been taking the new formula for about three weeks now.. I thought perhaps it was counterfeit…. and why was I sleeping so much?? I went to a doc for recent back problems and my vitals were on the floor.. which confirmed to me something was wrong. I also take hydrocortisone for adrenal fatigue…. so it is sometimes hard to know what is affecting what.
    I will call my doctor today to get a new prescription for something else.

  53. Marie

    I have been inexplicably bed ridden for a month and a half, which is around the same time I refilled my armour. How long has this been going on? I checked the inactive ingredients in the natural stuff and it has trace amounts of lactose, which I cannot have. I cannot continue on like this and am very concerned. Everyone needs to call the makers of armour and let them know that you are not happy with the change!

  54. Christina McCarthy

    I’m seeing my doctor again for the 1 millionth time tomorrow. I definately want to switch from the Armour. I started taking the new one and felt dead. I had another script that I had filled prior to the change and I’ve been taking that to see if there is a difference. There definately is. So I want to change. Is Naturethroid the one everyone seems to like the best? And are the dosages similar. I take 60 MG 2/day of Armour? Thanks for any info.

  55. RoxiJune

    I started the new Armour on 06/09/2009 1 grain per day and have been on Armour for over a year. It tastes terrible, not sweet like the other, (I am also type II diabetic, the only drawback I had about the old Armour is that it also raised my blood sugars). I have had to go to the emergency room as my blood pressure is fluctuating too low, and I get dizzy when laying down on my right side, last week it was really bad vertigo room spinning on laying standing and sitting. and loss of energy, sleeping more than usual..I will write them and check into Naturethroid, my old symptoms seem to be returning…anyone else having the dizziness, vertigo? HELP

  56. Debbie

    I took Thyrolar successfully for 30 years and then it was temporarily taken off the market and I’ve been on a rollercoaster since then for maybe 5 years. This resulted in enormous weight gain, adrenal issues, inflammation, loss of strength and it almost cost me my marriage. I went on Armour just over a year ago and was finally feeling like I had regained my health in January. Now, after several months on the new Armour, my hair looks like straw, it’s falling out, I’ve lost some of my eyelashes, it’s risky for me to even take a dish out of the dishwasher (I might drop it due to the finger inflammation). The worst is that the heart palpitations and tachycardia have returned and I’m now putting on more weight. I’m glad that I found all these comments and am considering changing to Naturethroid, too.

  57. Kelly

    Has anyone had headaches with this new armour? I have had constant headaches for a week since getting the new 120mg tablets. I am going to request Nature Throid.

  58. BW

    The new formulation is not working for me either. But the old formulation worked beautifully.

  59. Marty G

    I have been having extreme fatigue and do not know if it is related to the change. I will have bloodwork done this week and see where everything is. I do have hashi’s so sometimes I feel crappy, just due to the fluctuations (I have high antibodies).

    I am currently taking a compounded synthroid and armour. Too much armour (Iguess the T-3 aspect) would sometimes cause rapid and frequent bowels, so I had to incorporate the synthroid and I went with compounded to control the other stuff in it. I had read somewhere that taking in subligually might result in high calcium levels…going to get that checked also. I did have my adrenals checked and they were okay, though DHEA a little low.
    I sometimes feel like a mad scientist with trying to formulate what works best on any given day.

  60. Terry F

    My son warned me about the Armour changes as he started downhill quick when he got the “new” Armour. I experienced new hypo symptoms within a few days of getting the “new” Armour myself. I called Forest and they acted like it was news to them and then transferred me to safety department and then a pharmacist who was totally ignorant, (possibly on purpose). I then filed a complaint with the FDA through their MedWatch program. It says if they get a few complaints it may start an action to look at the drug.

  61. Kat

    Everyone that is having a problem with the new formula, please, call Forest and complain. I called for the second time today. The nice ladies that I spoke to ask for a lot of detials about my symptoms and recorded everything. They said they have received many complaints on this issue and were tracking the compaints with a spreadsheet. The first time I called (in May) Forest didn’t seem very willing to hear my complaints, but this time were very interested. If you are like me and have digestive issues due to gall bladder removal (or some other cause) be sure to tell them this information. They need to know WHY we take it sublingually. I also informed them that I take chewable vitamins and other chewable supplements whenever possible for the same reason as melting the Armour under my tongue.

    I was told a couple of times that it was not designed to be taken sublingually or to be split in half. I let her know that my doctor suggested splitting them and that it worked great even if it wasn’t designed that way and now that it has been changed, you can’t split it and it certainly doesn’t melt. I also informed them that I would be changing brands if Armour didn’t change back. We have to hit them in their wallets.

    How many great inventions were designed for one purpose only to find out that they work better for something unintended? I believe that there are lots of medications that work well on diseases that they weren’t intended for. That fact doesn’t make them less effective.

  62. Lucy G.

    Thanks Jane C. for doing the leg work on Lactose Monohydrate for Naturethroid. I am also allergic to dairy and I have found that even if products say lactose free, they will still contain casein or some milk derivative. All of which will cause me to have extreme bowel reactions.

  63. Jane C.

    I made the switch from Armour to Naturethroid about 3 weeks ago and I’m very pleased with it. I take it sublingually and find it very effective. For me, I noticed that my body temps are more consistent now than when I was on Armour. Last night my husband actually complained (for the first time ever) that I was generating too much body heat in bed. After many years of having cold feet, cold legs, cold hands, cold everything all day long, all year long, I am starting to feel normal again. I would recommend to anyone who is unhappy with the new Armour to at least try Naturethroid.
    For those who are allergic to dairy, as I am, Naturethroid lists Lactose Monohydrate as an in-active ingredient. I called RLC Labs and spoke to a very helpful woman who told me that she was not aware of anyone ever having a problem with the trace amount that’s in it. So far it has not been a problem for me.

  64. Jeanne

    The fact that you can’t take it sublingually isn’t my biggest concern (even though that’s how I took it. What DOES concern me is that I now get palpitations and am feeling not quite right. I took the new armour one day and then back to the “old” forumla the next. MAJOR difference in how I felt.
    I was forced to try Synthroid 11 years ago and it nearly killed me (my liver can’t convert straight T4 properly) There is something about this new Armour that is giving me a similar feeling. I really don’t think Forest cares…. go to their website and read their latest press release… I doubt if Armour (it’s not even mentioned) is contributing to their profit margin (which in this release is not “UP”.)

    I hope they intentionally don’t want us to complain so they can stop making it!!! (devil’s advocate here..) And, yes, I’ll be investigating other alternatives. It’s scarey and sad.. I HATE the FDA and big pharma!!!

  65. Sharon

    I was on the new formulation for a couple of weeks without knowing that the formuation has changed.I’ve been feeling really bad and didn’t know why.I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been dizzy and really hot at night.I’ve taken armour for about 40 years, and I’m very disappointed that they would change the formula.I did taste my pills this morning and they are definitely the new formula.I’m not sure what to do.I have tried synthroid and that was horrible. I’m not sure switching to another natural brand would help.

  66. Kelly

    At my checkup a few weeks ago I found that my Free T3’s had tanked after being slightly above the top of the range for 4 months- I had to raise 1/4 grain. I was wondering why I’d been so tired and gained 5 more pounds… grr. People who switch to Naturethroid, please let us know if it’s effective. For now I’m still trying the sublingual route and avoiding dairy within a few hours. We’ll see what my labs are like next time…

  67. Shawntay

    I cannot believe how bad I am feeling. I have been using Armour for almost 4 years and now I am feeling like I can hardly move. I just started the new pills recently and feel like I am sick all the time. I am so energy deprived. I couldn’t even lift a 10 pound weight the other day with two hands and I have been working out with a personal trainer lifting heavy weights for a long time. I never thought that I would consider changing to another medication, but I am certainly doing that today. This is no way to live. I don’t even want to get out of bed and that is depressing. I hope that there is a remedy out there. I hate the idea of having to begin the journey of good health again because some yoyo decided to change something that was working. Is there anyone that is having improved health results with the change?

  68. Maeve

    Alas, it was not to be. The 60mg did indeed have that old “Armour” smell but none of the sweetness or ease of dissolving. Just chalky and bulky. Is it even possible to find the old stuff in 15, 20, or 60mg?

  69. Maeve

    I’m PREGNANT!!! How can they do this? Whoever said it is like having a wad of kleenex in your mouth, hit the nail on the head. I find this unethical, clearly they don’t understand their consumer base – once expects this from Synthroid!

    With any luck I’ve just found enough of the old to get me through the second half of my pregnancy. I have to buy it all at once – oh please let it be the old stuff!

    If not, Naturethroid here I come.

  70. Tanya

    Having been a convert to Armour this past year with wonderful results and swearing never to go back to T4 alone, I am really frustrated!

    I thought I was losing my mind when I picked up my refill not having heard of the reformulated pills. I, too, use them sublingually as I have difficulty with absorption and take other supplements that could interfere. The older formula (besides dissolving faster and tasting tolerable) absorbed more quickly into my system and I could practically feel it working. That also made it easier for me to adjust accordingly. I have also noticed increasing fatigue and other hypo symptoms but kept justifying that as something else. What is strange is that I feel that my dose is high enough – I’m having some mixed jittery type hyper feelings. I would liken it to how I felt on Levothroid (T4), which I am NOT happy about!
    Is there any data explaining exactly what Armour changed besides the cellulose to dextrose conversion?

    Has anyone experienced issues with any of the Naturethroid ingredients or had great success on it?

  71. Mila

    Hi Janie,

    I just left you a post on the yahoo group. Holy moly! I thought I was going bonkers. Yes there is a difference, even my labs are a little lower! I’ve gained weight and am cranky as heck. I will try raising a quarter grain. Can we collectively write Forest? It would probably make a dent if they got a petition from 600+ members!

  72. valerie

    took the new AT for one month…became so allergic to the cellulose in it that l was unable to even switch over to NT…my 2 daughters are now on NT without any problems…the new AT is not an option any more..after 8 happy years…will be starting thyrolar…the new armour has been a horrible experience for me…Val

  73. Jennifer Weed

    Just opened the new bottle today and discovered the changed formula. “Ew” is all I can say. I put it under my tongue and suffered through the next 20 minutes of bitter, chalky grit. The taste alone is making me consider switching brands, and it’s only been one day. Surely they know people take it sublingually. Couldn’t SOMEONE at the plant who takes this stuff, give it a little taste test!?… Or was it done on purpose for some reason.

  74. Lori Thompson

    Me too! I have been on the new formulation for 2 weeks now, gaining weight, can’t wake up,dizzy and depressed. After being on a waiting list for months to see the only doctor that I could find who would prescribe Armour- and the months of trial and error to finally get the dosage right, I was starting to feel better than human- I was feeling GREAT.

    Now I don’t know what to do- guess I will just go take another nap.

  75. DeAnna

    Yes, stupid new Armour. I’m completely hypo now. Was doing well on Armour for one year after being on Synthcrap for 28 years. I’m Thyroidless. Symptoms: weight gain, water retention, intense itching to internal ears, constipation, DEPRESSION…crying. Hoping my appt with the doctor on Monday goes well – but not sure since we have to FIGHT so hard just to have the old Armour.

  76. Kim

    I’ve seen my hypo symptoms return. I tossed my old prescription in with the new batch when I got it, not knowing it was different, and noticed that I feel better if I’ve had at least 2 grains of the old batch per day. Wondering whether to self-increase my dose, especially since I have a blood draw this week. Hmmm…

  77. Karen

    I have been feeling soooo tired about a week into my new prescription!! I was shocked at the difference in taste-as I always chew them up and let them disolve in my mouth. Now, I am wondering about the effectiveness. I cannot believe they have messed with something that worked so good for everyone!!! What was the reasoning behind the change?? Can we get them to revert back to the original????
    HELP US!!!!

  78. Cheryl

    I just got the new formulation of the 30mg from my pharmacy and so far i find them BETTER for my body. i find a more even level of energy rather than highs and lows/peaks and valleys. it seems that the t3 doesn’t hit me so intensely. the old formulation was giving me chest pains and heart palps even at very low doses even tho my tsh just came back at 15.4. the chest pain/palps are gone with this new formulation. yippee! yes…the sweetness is gone, and yes, the crumbling does happen when i cut the 30’s… i’m on 45mg a day right now (divided into 2 doses: morning and 3pm). i’m still trying to find my perfect dose. i find the 30’s dissolve just fine…perhaps because it is a smaller pill and i cut it up…crumbs are fine with me as it helps with the dissolving. maybe the manufacturers will keep both formulations so more of us can use their product. may we all find the balance we need…

  79. Michele

    My Dr called me after I posted earlier. She did not call in my Armour prescription yet so we talked about trying Naturethroid. She was all for it, so she is calling that in for me instead. I also did call Western Research Labs(RLC) this morning, and they were very friendly and very helpful. The woman I spoke to has been on Naturethroid for over a year and said she has never felt better. She said if I had any more questions to call back any time.
    I will post again after taking Naturethroid to let you know how it is working for me.
    Thank you for all the great info. RLC also referred me to this site for information. 🙂

  80. Katherine

    I just got my RX refilled and thought there was something wrong with the medication (Armour 60 mg). Can’t split it, it crumbles. Smells funny, sticks in my throat when I try to swallow it, like the bad old days on Levoxyl and I don’t feel right. Called Forest Pharma — they don’t care. Said this is the way it comes now. I’ll be researching Naturethroid and Westhroid. I asked them if they bothered to talk to any Thyroid patients before they changed the formulation and was told no.

  81. Michele

    I have been on Synthroid for 8 years now. I had a total thyroidectomy 2.5 years ago. I am feeling so crummy! I came upon this website last week and called my Dr on Tuesday morning to ask if I could try Armour. She said I could, but warned me it wasn’t as stable as the meds I was on. (from Janie: totally false) I am supposed to go to the pharmacy and pick up my new Armour prescription today, now after reading this I am not sure I should. I just want to start feeling better. I work out and watch my diet and am actually gaining weight. I am exhausted. I just had my blood panels done and of course they all came back “normal”. I think I should change the prescription to Naturethroid.

  82. Joy

    I agree with Kat…we need to start a letter writing campaign, along with having our Armour-prescribing doctors write them as well. Or, at a minimum, start a petition. Is anyone here really great at writing letters? Forest needs to understand that it was US PATIENTS, through telling other patients, that have made them as successful as they are! I wouldn’t have been on Armour had it not been for the wonderful folks on this (and other) thyroid patient support sites.

    As far as my personal experience with the new formulation, I am *gravely* disappointed. I spent YEARS trying to find a doctor who would help me and who would prescribe Armour. I finally find a great doctor, and am making progress, only to have Forest jack around with the medication! I take my Armour 3x a day. I also take several other meds and supplements. Being able to take it sublingually makes the difference for me between a semi-normal life and one where I am constantly watching the clock/setting alarms for when to take what and when to eat. UGH!

    I have also experienced the Armour NOT dissolving at all. In fact, I take a bedtime dose and when I wake up 8-10 hours later, IT’S STILL THERE! Unbelievable. And dont even get me started on the taste.

  83. Kat

    I also noticed a difference and called the pharmacy. I was told that I was taking in wrong and there was nothing differnt about them. I will no longer trust them to answer any of my questions. My latest refill is a mixture of the new formula and the old. I plan to call my doctor tomorrow. He currently has me on Levoxyl and Armour at the same time, which has worked great until last week. I now wake up each morning sweaty and with a racing heart. I am worried that I will gain back all the wieight have lost since starting Armour in January. I also plan to call Forest and complain. It also might be wise for all of us to write letters, as well as, calling.

  84. FatiguedAngel

    I already called them a few weeks ago and lodged my complaint
    due to being already hypoglycemic and it causing the delay
    for me to be allowed to eat and the New formulation that is not easily dissolved is NOT liked at all…
    I already called my pharmacist to check into the

  85. Kathy

    When I got my first batch of what I later discovered was the new formulation, I immediatedly took it back to the pharmacy because I was sure there was something wrong with it! There’s virtually no odor, it disintigrates if you try to split it without popping it in your mouth for a few seconds to moisten it first, and not only is the sweetness gone, it leaves this disgusting wad of chalky horrible gunk in your mouth. I took a dose yesterday morning and went back to sleep—4 hours later, it was still there! It also appears to be ulcerating my gums, that’s a new one. I was afraid I might discover I’d need to up my dose, and I was right. I’ve increased it twice already, and am about to do another one because not only am I not feeling any better, it seems to be getting worse. Now, what makes that notable is that I had quickly and easily settled into my new lower dose (usually not needed until late spring) because I’d been exercising and must’ve raised my metabolism to where I had developed a significantly increased heartrate, which I took to be anxiety about the missing/skipped beats I was experiencing. I have MVP so I went to the doctor, who ran some tests, prescribed a beta blocker (which I never got filled) and sent me to a cardiologist for an echo and Holter monitor, which both came back fine. When I saw the results of the free T3 however, I knew all I had to do was reduce my Armour because the number was so high it was off the chart by more than double. Now my dose is almost back up to what I was taking then. I’ve been on Armour for several years; before, it was easy to adjust the dose as needed, and I was feeling so great until now. Now it’s almost like being back on Levoxyl. I did call Forest Pharmaceuticals with my concerns when I first got the new stuff. I called them again when I found my symptoms returning. To be fair, they were genuinely interested and took notes. But the way I’m feeling now, I’m soooo angry that they messed with my Armour, I want to call them up and scream at them!

  86. Sarah

    YUCK! It doesn’t dissolve AND it tastes horrible AND I’ve gained 2 pounds is less than a week AND I feel dizzy. I’m not happy at all!

  87. Nikki

    Horrible…. I just got my first new bottle. YUK!!

    I even called Forest Pham and got the brush off too.

    So does anyone know if the other ones are better sublingually?

  88. Connie

    about 1-2 weeks after refilling my prescription, i started gaining weight even though I was watching my diet,many symptoms were returning, edema, lower temp, mental fogginess,and bingo, here it is on the site about the change, my doctor increased my dose after researching,she says if its not absorbing sublingually its probably not absorbing internally, she gave me the option of switching to another brand or upping the dose,i guess I will call forrest and complain also

  89. Wynnell Nowell

    I have just become very “educated” regarding this new twist in the Armour meds. I have been on 90 grains for around 5 years now and honestly had not noticed any difference(I had never done them sublingually, though). I am on Medicare and was just denied the use of Armour–not on the FDA approved list. So I am so glad to find this website and all of these postings. I will definitely keep this on my daily “to read” list. Maybe I have found out why I am so tired and unable to get anything done. I think I need more grains daily but doc says no because it causes bone density loss. I think I would do much better on at least 120. Any suggestions?

  90. Macy

    And Me! I was just beginning to feel well on Armour, now all my hypo symptoms are returning – especially fatigue and dizziness. this is just too cruel. Is it too much to ask to have a life??
    Has anyone tried other brands? Maybe Armour makers will listen if we vote with our dollar.

  91. nutralady2001

    Add me to the complaints about hypo symptoms returning including weight gain….ugh !! I’d lost all my hypo weight on Armour .I first mentioned it to Janie weeks ago privately in case it was just me but…….nup! I can’t for the life of me figure out what they’ve done.Why is it affecting only some of us? That’s what I don’t get

  92. Susan

    I started Armour over a month ago and noticed this last week with my new refill that the pills don’t dissolve as quickly sublingually. Today it’s been two hours since I put the pill under my tongue and for the most part it’s still all there. I’ll still take Armour over the synthetics though as they cause hypertension, sweating, shaking and other horrid side affects.

  93. Bill

    I too have had problems with the new Armour. I didn’t even realize they changed anything until I checked your site. I received my new prescription about 5 weeks ago and I noticed something was not right. Instead of disolving under my tongue, it just turned to mush. I have gained 4 pounds in 5 weeks and I’m tired and fatigued again. Needless to say, I’m disgusted with the fact that they would change a perfectly good product. I don’t care what they say, it’s not the same. Something is not right with the new batch.

  94. Ginny

    To say I am disappointed in the “new” armour is an understatement. I am progressively feeling worse since my latest refill a month ago. Funny thing – when I take some of my old batch I’m hoarding – I actually feel better quickly. I don’t understand why Forrest had to change such a good product. And Nick – I called in APRIL and spoke with Pam and complained, she gave me the same line…. “nobody else has complained”. What can we do???

  95. Ute

    Damn, just another curve ball I did not need. Chalky taste – does this mean it potentially contains calcium which would mean it would interfere with absorption that way too???? !!

  96. carla

    U just may have helped to solve a mystery. On Synthoid for over six years-miserable. This past June started Armor-total turn around. Felt stable enough to start a formal diet program. Three weeks in-felt headache, moody, irritable, rapid pulse…. labs show high calcium and very low TSH- over past two weeks dr trying to figure out my lab results- Just had MRI yesterday …but THIS change just might be the thing causing my imbalance-I suspect the change in Armor type could be the problem-especially if they now use a particular dye. I will ask the pharmacy when they switched over–if is right about time that my imbalance occured-will take it to dr. Yikes. what IS it wth these docs. ps- could care less about chalky flavor-i just want to feel like living and functioning propely.

  97. Nick


    Problems on the “new formulation” are what had brought me to your web site in the first place. I went hypo and yep felt I couldn’t tolerate any more.

    I spoke to Pam in the QA department at Forest (took me 3 days to get through) and she hadn’t had any other reports at that time.

    I’ve stopped using it and am sending it back to the pharmacy for a refund, I have bought some “Greater Pharma” thyroid and do well on that.

    Keep up the good work with your site, it would have made my life much easier 10 years ago when I started down this route.


  98. Dwayne

    Wow I am really surprised that so many people are having problems with the new formulation. My hypo symptoms have actually gotten a lot better on this new formula. I wonder why it’s so different for everyone.

  99. stephanie

    I have the old in 1 grain and the new in 2 grain. I do not like the new, it is impossible to cut, so will cost me more, as I will have to buy it in a smaller size. The new will not dissolve well in the mouth and tastes very salty.
    I had had to increase my dose by 1/4 of a grain as after a week on the new, some of my symptoms were coming back.

  100. Pat

    I came upon this link looking for confirmation that the new formulation isn’t quite the same…and I’ve found it. Many people are complaining. I noticed that my symptoms were coming back and checked the pills to make sure that they were indeed Armour and not a generic. The new formulation does not work as effectively, even though the amount of thyroid hormone is supposed to be the same. I think absorption, no matter how one takes it, has been compromised.

  101. Kaia

    @Terry: As far as I know, Naturethroid and Westhroid don’t dissolve easily either. That is why so many people found the old version of Armour to be superior. But for the time being, I’m going to switch to either Naturethroid or Westhroid. I’m hoping that if enough people do, Forest pharmaceuticals will change back to their old formulation. My doctor won’t even prescribe Armour anymore, as he doesn’t think the new formulation is as effective. Many people on message boards are having problems with the new Armour.

  102. Terry A

    Don’t lke the new pills. Was wondering if it was Me when the new pills didn’t dissolve.

    Wondering if Naturethroid or Westhroid dissolve like the old Armour used to? I would change to those because the need to dissolve the thryoid hormone into my capillaries has made all the difference in the way I feel on Armour.

  103. Dwayne

    I was taking mine sublingually for a long time and decided to start swallowing them again due to the time it took to dissolve and I have to say I have noticed a huge difference for the better with the new armour tablets- I am not crashing in the evenings even though I am taking the second dose at 1130 in the morning like i was before and I have been feeling fantastic!! So I can’t really complain right now. 🙂

  104. BC

    I have a lot of trouble splitting mine now also. Quite a lot of the pill disintegrates. I don’t know how anybody can stand this new formulation. I end up swallowing a lot of it once it gets disgusting and the gritty residue is all over the back of my teeth. Blech. But since I’m swallowing quite a lot of it, that means that I’m likely not absorbing as much of it, and I have to try and time everything with meals and other supplements. I’m having quite a difficult time with it.

  105. atypical

    I just got a bottle today of the new formulation, and…. I rather prefer it.

    I have always taken the pills sublingually, and had no problems with it today with the new pills. It was just as quick as the old formulation, and more complete: There were times when I’d get stuck with a chewy centre that wouldn’t dissolve with the earlier version. I also am happy that the sweetness is gone. I found that sweetness made the already disgusting smelling/tasting pills really almost impossible to bear. Now, they seem a lot more neutral to me.

    My main complaint is that it’s more crumbly now. This has made the already difficult task of splitting (convex surfaces=bad for splitting!) pretty nigh on impossible now.

  106. Kaia

    Kris – if it dissolves quickly and leaves no aftertaste, I would guess that your pharmacy still had the old formulation of Armour.

    I definitely won’t be taking Armour anymore. I’m hoping that they realize that they are doing their customers a great disservice with this new formulation. Most people on the message boards are incredibly disappointed. I hope that Forest pharmaceuticals does the right thing and changes back to the old formulation.

  107. Kris Peterson

    I started taking Armour a couple of months ago and I don’t have a problem with the taste. In fact, it is tasteless and dissolves quickly. I swallow any residue and I have no aftertaste. I take other supplements that taste far worse, so I give it a thumbs up.


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