Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.08.40 PMYes, you can swallow natural desiccated thyroid and get excellent results. It works. But, doing your desiccated thyroid “sublingually”, i.e. under the tongue, has real biological benefits, too.

First, it’s time to catch up with changes in most NDTs:

Why sublingual?

First, it’s direct and immediate, absorbed into your bloodstream via the millions of tiny capillaries that line your mouth and mucous membrane.

Additionally, sublingual bypasses the acidic, destroying gastric action in your stomach where you can lose some of the thyroid ingredients, besides bypasses the metabolizing action of the liver. In other words, you get more of what you give yourself by doing the desiccated thyroid sublingually rather than swallowing.

How does sublingual work?

There are two glands that work well for sublingual administration of NDT tablets: the Sublingual Gland (for which this method is named after) and the Buccal Gland. The Sublingual Gland is under the tongue, and because there is more saliva, the pill liquifies and results in a faster administration of thyroid hormones to your blood via the tiny capillaries. The Buccal Gland is located in the “mucous membrane” which lines the cheeks, and because there is less saliva, it produces a slightly slower administration of your thyroid meds. The latter can be ideal to spread out the direct T3 over time in your body. But it’s up to you, as both work.

But the pharmaceutical says their NDT is not meant to done sublingually

Yes, that is stated. But patients who’ve tried it report even better results.

Aren’t I swallowing some of it as well?

Probably. But even with some of it making its way to your stomach, it’s being broken down by the enzymes in your saliva, making what reaches your stomach even more absorbable.

What working NDT works best with the sublingual method?

The softer ones without so much fiber have been shown to work best. Or you can chew them up and keep them in your mouth.

Will you feel the difference between swallowing and doing it sublingually?

Some folks who used to swallow it, and then switched to sublingual, stated that yes, they definitely noticed a difference, and some even had to lower their dose! Others may not notice a difference, but it doesn’t matter. The positive biological facts of sublingual still are in effect, whether you notice it or not.

If I still want to swallow my working NDT, how do I do it the best way?

You will get benefits! But if you do swallow it, make sure to avoid swallowing calcium, iron and estrogen at the same time, since all will bind some of the thyroid hormones with they mix in your stomach. Swallowing desiccated thyroid with food also slows the release of the thyroid hormones to your body–a plus since you might want to distribute the direct T3 more slowly throughout the day.

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