Thyroid Tidbit: sign the petition for MEDICAL JUSTICE in the UK


Just when we, as thyroid patients, are not only proving the superiority of desiccated thyroid treatment by our changed lives, but are making good tiny steps in educating our doctors, comes a complete nation taking Armour away. Yup, the medical-Brit-authorities-that-be, in all their brilliant ludicrous wisdom, did just that last month, explained here.

And then it was experienced personally by a thyroid patient in the UK on Feb. 20th when her Armour was in fact, taken away.

Below is the heading to the petition, and don’t ya love the final sentence. GOOD FOR TPA-UK!

To: UK Government Office of Fair Trading We the undersigned petition the Government’s Office of Fair Trading and the European Commission for medical justice in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from the symptoms of hypothyroidism, in spite of current medical practices. The petition is supported by the fact that medical science shows that through a proper application of modern medical and scientific knowledge those responsible for our well-being should be capable of restoring us back to optimal health.

Because of substantial confusion in the endocrinology specialty, patients continue to suffer, and the following lament by Doctors Anthony Toft and Geoffrey Beckett must, once and for all, be put to rest.

It is extraordinary that more than 100 years since the first description of the treatment of hypothyroidism and the current availability of refined diagnostic tests, debate is continuing about its diagnosis and management.

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2 Responses to “Thyroid Tidbit: sign the petition for MEDICAL JUSTICE in the UK”

  1. Eric Pritchard

    The confusion can be put to rest. The confusion is a simple matter of language that hides the relevant science. The language of hypothyroidism is stuck in the early 20th Century when medicine believed that there was a direct connection between the thyroid gland and the symptom producing cells. This language has not changed since the advance of medical science has demonstrated two bodily functions that lie between the thyroid gland and the symptom producing cells. These functions are the conversion of the realitively inactive hormone, thyroxine (T4), to the active hormone, triiodothyronine (T3), and the reception by the the symptom producing cells of the T3.

    One definition of “hypothyroidism” implies the inclusion of these functions while the proper definition excludes them. Thus, a patient that fits the broad improper definition but does not fit the narrow, proper definition is not served by medicine because the medical practice guidelines do not address those patients. The guidelines neither disclaim “medical jurisdiction” over them for not serving their interests nor guides their diagnosis and therapy. Consequently, for the lack of proper language, the medical science that would guide the proper treatment of the failures of endocrinology is fogged in a blanket of vagueness and confusion.

    On this point, the debate need not go on and on. It has gone on without resolution for decades, ever since some physicians noted that some patients were resistant to levothyroxine sodium – a T4 replacement. Of course, they were resistant to T4. They were not so short on T4 as they were of other hormones or enzymes. But the treatment with those hormones or enzymes is not recognized for some rationale only those with the human frailties that created this depravity can explain.

    There is absolutely no question that this matter must be resolved and resolved quickly. In fact, if one reads the protocols on writing medical practice guidelines, and one compares those guidelines with the protocols, then one would learn or deduce that this problem would be solved if those protocols were followed.

    Unfortunately, they are not followed. And for the suffering patients, it is quite unfortunate that there is no medical justice for them.

    The petition should be signed by every one who cares for the lest fortunate.

  2. ibeji

    Although I greatly support the idea of a petition against the outrageous decisions taken lately by the UK medical board with respect to the appalling guidelines for diagnosis and therapy of hypothyroidism they have imposed on doctors and patients, I personally think that the above petition is much too vague in what it actually demands.

    The fact that even after more than 100 years since the first description of hypothyroidism debate of its diagnosis and treatment still continues is not an evil thing per se.

    On the contrary, it may be beneficial to patients if methods are discussed and refined in the course of advances in science.

    The petition therefore in my opinion completely misses the point: Not the discussion should be terminated as soon as possible, but the refusal of the UK medical board to acknowledge the advances in medical knowledge as to the best diagnosis and treatment, and the stubbornness with which the board wants to turn back the wheel of time, should be corrected as soon as possible.

    What they are in fact imposing on doctors and patients is WORSE than the diagnosis and treatment of many decades, if not a century, ago!

    THAT is the scandal!

    I’d therefore like to draw the attention to the petitions of the International Hormone Society (a society of doctors and patients which supports the diagnosis and treatment according to the most advanced insights concerning hypothyroidism and other, frequently associated, hormonal imbalances):

    In particular, the Physicians’ Consensus #1 “Thyroid Hormone Therapy of Hypothyroidism”:


    Note that Janie from STTM has also been involved in the compilation of this petition.

    Maybe these petitions can be a source of inspiration for the formulation of a more precise and demanding petition text?


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