Part 2 – Lot numbers or expiration dates

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The following four are needed in your comment. Keep your answers short and to the point:

NOTE: IF YOUR NUMBER IS NOT IN THE LIST BELOW, yet it’s VERY clear they are the changed tablets, please say something like JANIE, NEW LOT NUMBER!

  1. How do you know that you are reporting on the CHANGED NP Thyroid tablets?
  2. Comment with the lot number for the bottle of what are clearly CHANGED NP Thyroid tablets, or….
  3. Comment with the expiration date for what are clearly CHANGED NP Thyroid Tablets.
  4. State the city, state, country, and name of store/website where you got the changed tablet

So far, as of Sept. 6, 2019 at 12 noon US Pacific, here are lot numbers provided by patients of changed tablets which are making thyroid patients sick, or miserable, or seeing a return of hypo…and a big thank you to thyroid patient Laura for compiling these. I, Janie, have been adding more as I see them.

  • M327B19-1
  • M327B19-3
  • M327E19-1
  • M327H18-1
  • M328C19-1 (this may be a similar lot # to former good tablets)
  • M328F19-2
  • M328E18-1 (120 mg, no bad smell, but patient says bad results)
  • M328A19-1 (120 mg, no bad smell, but patient says bad results)
  • M328S19-1
  • M328F19-2 (120 mg)
  • M328L18-1 (120mg)
  • M328F19-3
  • M329C19-2
  • M329E19-3
  • M329E19-1
  • M329B19-1
  • M329E19-3
  • M330B19-2
  • M330B19-3 (60 mg)
  • M330G19-3
  • M330E10-1 (exp. date 7/21/20)
  • M330E19
  • M330E19-1
  • M330E19-2
  • M330G19-4
  • M330K17-3
  • M331B19-2 (90 mg)
  • M331E19-1
  • M331E19-2
  • M331E19-3 (90 mg)
  • M331G19-1 (90 mg)

And here are expiration dates given by patients of the changed tablets… One problem is that some expiration dates could fit the former good tablets. These seem to come from the pharmacy, not Acella, but we’re guessing.

  • 2/20/21
  • 4/20
  • 5/9/20
  • 11/20
  • 6/20
  • 6/6/20
  • 6/30/20
  • 7/14/20
  • 7/20/20
  • 7/27/20
  • 8/7/20
  • 8/11/20
  • 8/12/20
  • 8/18/20
  • 8/21/20
  • 8/22/20
  • 8/24/20
  • 8/25/20
  • 8/28/20
  • 12/20
  • 10/20

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135 Responses to “Part 2 – Lot numbers or expiration dates”

  1. LaDonna

    Lot# M-329-C19-2 30mg tablets from Walgreens in Gilbert, AZ. Horrible smell, not sleeping well, waking up with severe dry throat like I’m choking. Have contacted Acella, will post if I hear from them.

  2. Cassie Ogle

    I have been experiencing radiant chest pain (a dire hypo symptom for me) at bedtime. I take my 60mg NP at 5am every day. Started a new (tainted) bottle on Monday morning, chest pain started Tuesday night. So scared. I am nursing a 4.5mo old and have three other children. I have a message in to my doc about labs or sick visit. Waiting to hear back. My labs were so good on this Rx.

    I called my pharmacy and spoke to a very helpful pharmacist to get the Lot/Expiration data. He also submitted a report to the FDA on my behalf. They may call me “within 5-7 days” to request my pills for a sample.

    Lot No is M330G19-4
    Expiration is 12/31/2020.
    Pharmacy is Express Scripts in Whitestown, IN

  3. Trish

    Dry, itchy skin. Cycle messed up. Moody. Not sleeping. Depressed.

  4. Carol

    These tablets look a lot like the normal ones but are lighter in color. I had an allergic reaction to them with itching, hives and swelling throat and, other than sulfa drugs, the only thing I’ve ever had an allergic reaction to is nickel. I am very much non-allergic normally.
    Same batch number as the smelly speckled ones I had but different expiration date.
    Batch: M330E19-1
    Exp: 01/21
    Purchased at Walgreens in Green Bay, WI

  5. Ellen

    Went to pharmacy to pick up my prescription for Acella NP Thyroid, The pharmacist let me look and smell them before purchasing. The tablets were darker and speckled and had a chemical smell. Lot No. M330G19-3. I refused these tablets.
    I brought one of my tablets from home to compare so the pharmacist could see the difference.
    She found another bottle of NP Thyroid and we looked at the tablets and they look the same as what I am taking now and did not have a chemical odor. I took those. The Lot No. M330C19-4; Exp. 9/20. I am hopeful that these are the good ones.

  6. Ellen

    Went to the pharmacy today to pick up my prescription for NP Thyroid 60 mg. After explaining what has been reported here, she let me look at and smell the pills before I purchased them. Sure enough they were darker and speckled with a chemical odor. I brought one of my good tablets to compare so she could see the difference. The tainted Lot No. is M330G19-3. I refused those tablets. I asked her to check if they had any others in stock. She found one bottle, almost enough for 3 month supply and they looked exactly like my good pill and did not smell. I hope they will be the same. This is the Lot No. M330C19-4; Exp. 9/20. She wondered why they have not been notified by the FDA.

    • Alex

      regarding your question about FDA please read Janie’s comment from 13. September.

  7. Sabrina Schön

    Some Lot-Numbers are noted more often than others:

    M328 F 19 -.. (120mg/2 Grain)

    M329 E 19-.. (30mg/0,5 Grain)
    M330 E/G 19-.. (60mg/1 Grain)
    M331 E/G 19-.. (90mg/1,5 Grain)

    .. but still missing many LOT-Numbers in the mails.
    Just EXP., which seem to be often just from the pharmacy, not originally from Acella.

    Every bottle of tablets with a Exp.-Date beginning from 4/20 upwards to 2/21 (and so on?) seems to be affected?

    Does anyone know if there were already any examinations of the tablets and results up to now?

    • jay

      I have an original bottle of 100 for 120mg………..manufacturer stamp is exp 9/20……….the lot number has a “K” in it (rather than the F you have above). These are PERFECT tablets in every sense…….smell, taste, and potency and have been taking these for the last few months. No specks.

      I have an original bottle of 100 for 60mg………manufacturer stamp is exp 2/21. The lot number has a “C” in it. These tablets look tan, smell normal, and I will be starting them soon but have not started them yet. I did do a taste test on one (because of this blog) and it tasted normal but did not ingest yet. No specks.

      Focusing on lot numbers can tell you if some batches are sub-potent and some are good.

      However, focusing on manufacturers exp dates can tell us WHEN the bigger pills with specks first showed up for each strength. That said………….I am NOT convinced that there is a permanent change to speckled tablets since my GOOD 60mg have a 2/21 exp and I have NOT heard of a newer exp than 2/21 out there……..for instance I have NOT heard anyone talk about 3/21, 4/21, or 5/21 mfg exp dates.

      • Sabrina Schön

        could you please note the WHOLE LOT-Numbers of your GOOD 120mg and 60mg AND the EX. dates WITH these?

  8. Kim V

    I spoke with Joan at FDA in Silver Spring, MD to see what actions can be taken to have this investigated.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Please understand that by reporting this to the FDA, we can be opening a Pandora’s Box of what you wouldn’t want. Not saying it will happen, but it could. Why? NDT is NOT an approved drug. Stupid, but it’s not. Granted, the FDA does seem quite aware of the sales and seems to regulate it somewhat. But all these complaints could backfire and NDT removed totally from the market for idiotic reasons. It’s a ‘risk” and everyone needs to understand that.

      • Kim V

        Hi Janie,
        Well, I did not know that. What a catch 22! So, that means these companies can escape liability knowing exactly what you’re stating? That we fear them being dissolved and leaving us with no choice but to switch to synthetic thyroid? I’m literally dependent on thyroid medicine to keep me alive as I have no thyroid. There has to be some recourse! I’m seeing where people are saying that they are literally having allergic reactions to the medicine. Let’s not forget the Hippocratic Oath here. No-one in this forum has a clue as to exactly what’s in these batches that is making us sick. That within itself is quite scary. Two years ago I underwent a 7&1/2 hour heart surgery for A-Fib…which started after I continued taking the reformulated Erfa Thyroid. Now I’m wondering if the same thing will happen to me again or to someone else with the NP thyroid. All due respect, but there has to be some accountability here!

  9. Kim V

    Myself and my son have taken NP
    Thyroid for the last two years with excellent results. I take a total of 145mg’s daily in divided doses (one 90mg tablet, one 30mg tablet, and one 15mg tablet) and son takes a total of 75mg’s daily (one 60mg tablet, and one 15mg tablet).
    We were on Erfa’s Thyroid for years, and once they reformulated it, we had return of symptoms. Therefore switched to NP. All labs were good and we felt great. Then I went to Refill my 90mgs a couple weeks ago. We take the medication sublingually, so we are familiar with the game-y taste. Well, not this batch of 90 mg’s (lot M331G19-1 Exp12/31/20). To me, it has a petrochemical smell to it and it tastes like rotten onion/garlic. I thought, maybe this is just me…as I had just cooked something for my son that contained onion. But after taking it a couple more times I realized it wasn’t just me…it was indeed the medication. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and had my thyroid removed 10 years ago, I’m also extremely chemically sensitive. I’m dependent upon thyroid medicine for my life and I can tell you that after taking this medicine for a handful of days that I am definitely regressing into hypo mode and that I am having chemical reaction to this medicine. At first I just thought…I’m not feeling right, I may be coming down with the flu. Just having bouts of G.I. issues along with my joints and bones feeling achy, headache and just general lack of energy. Then it hit me, as I was dreading taking this medication again this morning, I wondered if there was an issue, so I looked on my trusted STTM website, and sure enough, here we are with yet another natural desiccated thyroid disaster. We get our NP Thyroid medication from Costco in Newport News, Virginia and have been getting it from them for the last two years, with no issues. Well, today, I had to jump through hoops to get them to give me the lot number to the last batch that they filled for us. To add insult to injury, my husband just started 30 mg for slightly under-active thyroid that he was just diagnosed with in the past month. One of the lot numbers they gave me for the 30 mg (M329E19-1 Exp. 10-20-20) “may or may not” be what they gave to my husband, as they don’t keep track of lot numbers when filling medications. (Hubby reports he’s yet to feel better since he started taking the 30 mg’s for the past month). I am seeing it matches the lot number that people are reporting having negative reactions to. Really not too sure where to go at this point other than to reach out to FDA and few of the 90mg that I have to get them tested. I am in a slight panic, because we are reliant on this medication daily and are all taking varied strengths. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before all we can find is the reformulated tablets.
    One familiarity I will note with both Erfa AND NP, is the telltale “specks” in the reformulated pills. Seems quite alarming that once those “specks” appear in the pills, we all report a change in our health tanking and hypothyroid symptoms swiftly returning! I know Acella is saying that nothing has changed, but, IMO, that’s total BS! Exact same song and dance with Erfa. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…guess what?? It’s a DUCK. Such a shame!

  10. Greta

    New lot # m330c19-3

    Filled in a prescript bottle but I called pharmacy and got the info. My bottle had both pills in it. 1 grain.

  11. Diana Ward

    Just started my new batch. They have a very different, horrible smell and taste and are taller, greyer and more speckled pills than previous bottles of 120 mg NP Thyroid. Exp. 8/2020. Picked up in early August from Walmart Neighborhood Market in Melbourne, Florida.

    All my phone calls to Acella have been going to voice mail.

    • jay

      Where did you obtain your 8/2020 expiration date? Was it:
      1) Typed onto your prescription bottle by your pharmacist? OR
      2) Did you receive the original manufacturer’s 100 count bottle and you saw the manufacturer’s actual stamp on it. By peeling back your pharmacists labels or otherwise. OR
      3) Did you call or ask your pharmacist for the exp date?

      I fall into category 2 above………..and have an actual manf bottle of 100 for the 120mg and the manf stamped it 9/2020. And my 9/2020 bottle is excellent with no specs or smell or other problems.

      My guess is that your pharmacist typed on the label 8/2020 which is one year after you picked it up at the pharmacy in 8/2019. However, I would like to know your opinion on this matter either way.

      • Sabrina Schön

        could you please note the LOT-Numbers of your 120mg-9/20 and 60mg-2/21?

    • Niko

      Email them and tell them about your issues, I did and they called me from the medical department and took a bunch of info. They are sending me an envelope to send them a few of my pills to analyze.

      • Amy Lynn

        Niko lol, we’re just wasting our time doing that! I did the same thing well over a week ago (reported all my info to someone over the phone in Massachusetts.) Was promised new pills/an envelope to send the bad ones in, same as you. Have not received anything! Seems like a dead-end/easy way to gather information about us, nothing more. Good luck, though

  12. Jenny

    I started a new script from Costco in Newark, DE on July 23 and immediately noticed a difference for the worse in how I felt from the Np Thyroid I had been taking the last 15 months. The Lot # is M327H18-1 and the expiration date is July 20, 2020. I did not notice a big difference in smell but the color of the tablets appeared whiter. I take the 15 mg tablets.

  13. Ginger

    1. They smell odd and the color is darker. I took the 30 mgs for a week and had a huge return of symptoms both physical and psychological. I had a few old pills left, went back to them and within days, symptoms began to subside. Noticed the smell, compared the new bottle of 60s with the old bottle. Definitely not the same. Both the new bottle of 30s and the new bottle of 60s smell the same, wrong.
    2 a. Lot # M329E19-2, 30 mg 1/2 grain tablets
    2 b. Lot # M330A19-3, 60 mg 1 grain tablets
    3 a. 30 mg, exp date 08/26/2020
    3 b. 60 mg 1 grain tablets, exp date 07/22/2020
    4. Express Scripts, Burlington NJ. They advised that they had other reports of different smell, shape and color of NP Thyroid pills.

  14. Mandy

    Took new NP thyroid for a week and on 6th day could not function. Started breakthrough bleeding on day 20. Tablet smells and tastes awful. Exp 8/22/20 no lot number.
    Mt Pleasant, SC

  15. Lynn

    Janie, NEW LOT NUMBER!

    M329M18-2 exp 11/20

    Walgreens Alexandria, VA

    Picked these up approximately 14 days ago. They are white, thicker and a tad chalky. There was virtually no smell, but it has developed the regular odor. I contacted Acella and got a phone message from a rep who wanted to assure me that even though they may look different, nothing has changed (huh? By virtue of the fact they are thicker, something has changed). He said the strengths are the same.
    I can tell you my personal strength is not the same. I’m tired, have been dozing in the afternoon and feel like I’m gaining a pound a day. Everything was optimal before this. My next drs appointment is 10/17/19 and I’m not sure I can wait that long. I really hate to go to Armour because my insurance does not cover NDT and the NP was $145.00. NP was so great and their website touts “take a break from reformulations” or similar, shall we say hogwash, that is now false advertising.

  16. marny m

    ok, got the goods!
    Cat urine smell. Came here to look, and lot of people having same thing. Very fatigued, sore throat, headachey, poor sleep.
    If you dont have a lot #, ask the pharmacist.
    M328F19-3 120mg 11/2020
    Sams club Seminole, FL Pinellas county
    My pharmacist suggested calling Acella and making a report. It is recorded and they HAVE to do a write up. 800-541-4802 Acella located in GA
    Also report on your experiences as there is no report she can see on there. She’s a gem!!
    Thank you!!!

    • Dee

      I emailed Acella and have spoken with Steven twice now. There are many reports he has taken and kept on file.
      Who is “she”?

  17. Ginger

    1. My levels were optimal right before I got my new bottles. My iron and adrenals were good also. I am now having hair loss, fatigue so bad I can hardly get out of bed, yet I can’t sleep at night. The texture and taste are different. I am having heart palpitations, which I always get when my thyroid is off. My extremely dry mouth and dry skin is also back and since I started taking these new pills I have been itching all over, so bad that I am covered in bruises from itching.
    2 & 3. LOT #: M330E19 (exp. date 7/30/20) and LOT #:M330E10-1 (exp. date 7/21/20)
    4. Express Scripts Mail Order. The address listed on the bottle is in Tempe, AZ.

    • Kriss

      Around July, my son noticed his hair was thinning out, too…and he has THICK hair. 🙁

  18. Donna Cantone

    90 MG 331 WalMart doesn’t give lot number or expiration.

    I just started the new pills and within 15 minutes had stomach pain. I waited an hour to eat something and I’m still nauseous and have an upset stomach and now a dull headache and diarrhea. I spoke to David at Acella yesterday who was very nice to speak with. He advised there were no changes to the medication. However, due to high demand they had to open new facilities to manufacture them. He asked me to send a few samples and I will when I get his mailer
    . I cannot take these and will be looking around for a pharmacy that has the old supply.

    • Kriss

      I was able to call my WM Neighborhood Market and they gave me the Lot and Exp. numbers.

  19. Thomas Coleman

    Hi Janie,
    I think I have found a 1st. A bottle of Acella 90mg NP Thyroid with no batch number or EXP date. Just opened them and started to consume (they tasted bad and smelt disgusting) after 2 weeks I felt so sick. Decided to read your blog and bingo. Checked the bottles and found a mystery bottle with no info. I have a pic but not sure how to upload onto your blog. Regards Tom

  20. Janie Bowthorpe

    People are only getting them if the pharmacy they use still had quite a large stock of them.

  21. Crystol

    Janie- new lot numbers!
    I have M330B19-3 for 60mg and M331B19-2 for 90mg. These are definitely different and have the fowl cat urine smell. They are speckled and they gag me with the strong taste and smell if I try to chew them.

  22. Rachel Smith

    Janie, New Lot Number
    These pills are thicker, like the photos show, and they have the brown specks. They did Not have a very bad smell. However. These have a gravel or chalky type feel when chewed, instead of smooth and slightly sweet. Unfortunately, they taste like an extremely well used piece of cat litter. Felt like I was having an allergic reaction to something, but it could have just been that I couldn’t get rid of the taste.

    Lot #M331G19-1 the 90 mg tabs

    Expiration date December of 2020

    Kingman, Arizona, United States of America at Walgreens

  23. Jeff

    Walmart Timnath, CO
    The usual complaints about taste and smell, plus it doesn’t dissolve in your mouth like the old ones.

  24. Emily

    1. Smell horrible and look different. I was optimal before taking these. I started losing hair during. After, I started taking Armour with no more hair loss.
    2. Lot #M328L181 (120mg)
    3. Expiration 10/31/2020
    4. Express Scripts mail order – dispensed in Burlington, NJ 08016

  25. Sabrina Schön

    Post this again with may be important supplementary informations in CAPITAL LETTERS:

    1. We are 2 persons always taking the same NP Thyroid Tablets for years,felt very good until May 2019.
    Then taking a new Charge, after 3-4 days we both felt very sick, headache, vomit, extremely tired, like taking poison and not hormones.
    Stopped taking the new Charge, took the rest of the old charge, felt good again.
    Ordered a new charge to the condition, that we don’t get this bad charge again.
    Was a bit the same again, so we took the rest of our 60 mg left and ordered a new charge again, excluding the 2 bad ones.

    2. “Very bad” Charge:
    120 mg NP Thyroid, LOT M328E18-1, EXP 04/20 – NO BAD SMELL –
    “Also bad” Charge (but this time we stopped it at once,so that probably why our experience was only half as bad as the last one):
    120 mg NP Thyroid, LOT M328A19-1, EXP 12/20 – NO BAD SMELL –

    3. We are from Germany, Munich, Metropolitan Pharmacy

    The following charges were ok so far, but the good status as before did not come back, we feel different.

  26. Jennifer

    I need to make a correction to the Lot # that I submitted on September 4th for the changed tablets. It is M331E19-1, not M331B19-1. It was very hard to read as Walgreens had stuck their pharmacy label over that information on the Acella stock bottle and it damaged the numbers when I pulled it away to read it. Under a very bright light and with mirror image, I was able to determine the number better.

  27. Iris

    Just wanted to comment that I just got a good batch from my pharmacy. Lot # M330C19-6 exp 02/21. Atlanta, GA. These are the same pills as before. Taste and smell the same. Seems like something went wrong with a specific batch!

  28. Tina Riemer

    1. Smell and taste is now horrible, where it was passable before
    2. Lot M33OE19-2
    3. exp. 10/2020
    4. Duluth, GA, USA, Publix Pharmacy #0726

  29. Alex

    LOT: M330K17-3
    Extremely hypo symptoms like fatigue, runny nose, muscle cramps, loud ringing in ears, a headache, pressure behind the eyes. I can’t think and speak clearly anymore and cannot read with comprehension. Extremely itchy dry skin, eczema, swelling of my bones. Terrible pain in my chest after two hours taking NP Acella. Just extremely ill feeling. I felt like taking poison. Whereby, years before, I felt well and healthy with NP Acella.

  30. Diane

    I started NP by Acella 90mg on 8/14/19 #331AP (bcz Walgreens couldn’t fill my WP rx)and never realized the horrid smell & others issues until i started feeling like *sh** for the first time in 4 yrs. Joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue…i thought it was stress? (My hubby got a heart transplant) but he’s doing great & I’m spiraling down. How do i find the Lot# & how do i get Walgreens to replace? Help. WiFiDi07@gmail. Please email me what i can do. Thanks so much

    • Christianne Pereira Giesbrecht Chaves

      For the lot # you should call to your pharmacy. My pharmacy said they are not aware about any changes on the NP thyroid, but we know something is going on. If you know the lot# at least you will now if you have the bad ones. I hoe it helps.

  31. jay

    It would be interesting to find out what the letters and numbers in the Lot Code mean. Can anyone call someone to find out?

    For instance…………………M330G19-4

    1) All the lots seem to start with M. What does the M stand for?
    2) 330 above is for the 60mg/1grain so we know this number.
    3) What is the G for? Some lots have A, B, C, ect. rather than G.
    4) What does the 19-4 stand for?

    The codes above MIGHT tell us when these were manufactured or when they expire (the letters and numbers may mean a month and year)…………or where they were manufactured (if there more than one manufacturing or packaging site)

    [Note: I am in the camp of NOT giving up on Acella………..and my recent purchase of 60 mg, 2/21 exp look tan, with normal smell and no speckels]

  32. Kriss

    Noticed different smell and taste in tabs.
    Lot #M330E19-1
    Exp. 10/2020
    Noticed hypo symptoms returning around the end of July
    Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, Rogers, ARK/USA

  33. Amy Lynn

    1. They are speckled, gray, & smell like a mix between cat urine/insecticide or chemicals
    2. Lot numbers:
    Np thyroid 120mg #M328F19-2
    Np thyroid 90mg #M331E19-3
    3. Expirations:
    120mgs: 11/2020
    90mgs: 10/2020
    Publix Pharmacy, St. Petersburg, Florida

  34. Val

    I know the pills are changed from the original because they are visibly different, and much harder. They don’t disolve as easily, and won’t work sublingually.
    30mg tabs — I don’t have the lot number or expiration date, as they were dispensed in a pharmacy bottle, not the original packaging.
    I picked up my prescription at Wallgreens in Chicago, IL in June 2019 and have noticed a return of allergic-like symptoms that I had previously experienced on Armour, especially loud ringing in ears after dose.

    • Kelly

      The pharmacy can give you that information. i just called Walmart and they gave me the info for scripts they filled in June.

  35. Dee

    Another lot #: M331G19-1. These are now causing an allergic-like reaction. I had to take loratadine with the
    pill this morning, just to stop the swelling in my throat and ears, and the nausea. By the way, the Acella rep. said
    he would call Walgreens here, but did not.

  36. Karen

    Since we now have lot numbers and expiration dates, couldn’t we have a reputable lab analyze them for potency and any potential red flag ingredients? I would be happy to chip in to get to the bottom of this problem that is impacting so many of us.

  37. Donna Spaulding

    Ok now I went to Walgreens and have spoken to their technician and she sent to look at their bottle and it states the NP Thyroid comes from Georgia manufacturer Acella and Lot number is M330c19-3
    I hope these are not the bad ones!? But having allergic symptoms like runny nose and fatigue, muscle cramps.

    • Janeen

      Those are the same ones I have from Walgreens, including lot number, and mine are fine.

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        Yes, there do appear to be lot numbers shared by the former good tablets and the current symptom-returning tablets.

        • Greta

          I have this lot number. It includes both pills. Been taking since end of July and have felt so awful. Finally asked to change my script and then I came home and read this.

  38. Ellen

    Below is the website that shows pictures of NP thyroid by AvKare and Acella. Color is different.
    My doctor wrote on my prescription “Acella Thyroid” only. So far I haven’t had a problem. I wonder if a prescription
    says “NP Thyroid” and doesn’t name Acella, whether the pharmacy fills with whatever the distributor sends; AvKare or
    Acella. Just a thought.

  39. Jenniewren

    I have the new smelly tablets. 3 x tubs 2 grain.
    Exp 11/20. Lot: M328F19-2
    S/N 293371661004
    GTIN 00342192328013
    And another : S/N 884884443757
    And another: S/N 997312008215
    In the UK and despairing ..😩

  40. Ana

    On August 28, 2019, I got my NP Thyroid prescription partially filled. I asked the pharmacist to look at them with me before taking them home.

    The 30mg tablets were all clearly changed, and I did not buy them. They were grayish-tan with speckles, were thicker and had a strong chemical smell. The lot #: M329C19-2 ; the expiration date on the manufacturer’s bottle is Feb. 2021.

    The 60mg tablets were a mix of the larger, speckled tablets and some that looked like the good older ones. The pharmacist separated the good from the bad, and I went home with only 33 tan 60 mg. tablets. I compared them with my remaining good, older tablets at home and noted that the new batch was whiter and odorless. I took one the next morning and had a bad reaction: a headache, pressure behind my eyes, and an inability to think clearly and read with comprehension. I also had a weird feeling in the back of my throat which I’ve only ever experienced when taking synthetic t3. I called the pharmacist for the lot number today, and he said it was M330L18-1. The expiration date on the manufacturer’s bottle was 10/2020. I think the bottle he had was for the speckled tablets not the white one I took.

    I got them at the Fred Meyer Pharmacy (Hawthorne location), Portland, Oregon

  41. Laura

    I purchased mine at Walgreens in Burbank CA on
    1028 S San Fernando Blvd
    Burbank CA 91502
    They are speckled, smells different, and a foul taste which stays around for a few hours.

  42. H Renee Tanner

    New Lot Number!

    NP Thyroid lot number- 120mg

    M328C19-1 expirations 2/20/21
    Costco In Frisco, TX 75033
    Brownish color
    Strong smell
    Side Effects

  43. Tara

    Are you aware that there are now TWO manufacturers of drug called NP Thyroid? Acella and another company called Avkare out of Tennessee. Google image search Avkare and you can see the product label. This may explain the inconsistencies. Pharmacies may be filling Acella’s NP Thyroid with Avkare’s version. Just a thought…..

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Avkare is the kind of company that will be hired by another pharmaceutical.

    • Ellen Haberlein

      These are the two NP Thyroid prescriptions, one by Avkare and Acella. This might be the answer to why some are receiving the wrong thyroid. The picture online shows both, but they are different colors.

      NP Thyroid Images
      VIEW ALL

      NP Thyroid 60 Tablet

      This medicine is a tan, round tablet imprinted with “AP” and “330”. and is manufactured by AvKARE, Inc.

      NP Thyroid 60 Tablet

      This medicine is a tan, round tablet imprinted with “AP” and “330”. and is manufactured by Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC

      • Lily Bart

        Where did you find this information? I saw where Acella is the supplier and Avkare is the manufacturer on

        NDC Code Labeler / Repackager
        42192-0330 Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
        42291-0643 AvKare, Inc.

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          A pharmaceutical can pay another facility to make and package according to their specifications.

        • Ellen Haberlein

          The website where I saw the two pictures of NP Thyroid (Acella and Avkare) was at:

          So far I have not gotten a bad batch. My doctor’s prescription states “Acella Thyroid and no substitutions”. And when I get the pharmacy’s orange bottle, it always says “Acella”.
          If a prescription says NP Thyroid, the distributor could send it from either company. Just a thought how this mixup might have happened.

        • TamiD

          I have the smelly speckled NP thyroid, lot #M33OE19-2, exp. 9/3/20

        • TamiD

          I have the smelly speckled NP thyroid, lot #M33OE19-2, exp. 9/3/20 … noticed increased fatigue Purchased Walgreens Houston Texas

  44. jay

    Regarding Expiration dates:

    It is my understanding that the Expiration Date is TWO years after the manufacture date.

    The list of expiration dates above is almost all 2020 and that means that these tablets on the list above have been on the market since 2018.

    Thus, there may be a NEW problem but the 2020 expiration’s were manufactured in 2018 so they should NOT be part of a NEW problem.

    What is the expiration date of the speckled tablets? My most recent are 60mg with exp 2/21 with NO speckels and NO smell. Which means they were manufactured in 2/19.

    • housemaid

      In my experience, pharmacists will put a “Use By” date on the pill bottle of one year from the date of the prescription. Maybe some people are thinking that is the expiration date. I have lived in 4 different states and I have never gotten a pill bottle that had the manufacturer’s expiration date on the label. Therefore pills that supposedly “expire” in 2020 were not necessarily made in 2018.

      • jay

        The manufacturer ships either 1,000 or 100 count bottles sealed from the factory to your pharmacy. These manufacturer’s bottles have expiration dates two years from the manufacture date stamped on them. The pharmacist then puts the tablets into their prescription bottle and does NOT usually put the expiration that was on the manufacturer’s bottle.

        For purposes of this blog, it is my understanding we are talking about the expiration date on the manufacturers 1000 or 100 count bottles rather than what is on the prescription bottles.

        It appears to me based on the list of the expiration dates above being mostly in 2020, that some not so great batches were made in 2018. And I have been taking NP for 2 years now and have had some mostly GREAT batches but also a few batches from 1.5 years ago that gave me gastric issues for a while but I finished the bottle and did okay. Overall, this is a GREAT product.

        If you do a google search and look at some “reviews” from the past 5 years…………you will see “some” people saying that they had a “smelly” or “fishy” batch of NP 2 or 3 years ago.

        My CONCERN is how are the batches manufactured over the last few months doing…………..and these would have exp of 2/21, 3/21, 4/21, 5/21, 6/21, 7/21 since they would have been manufactured in Feb to July of 2019. However, this thread is talking about way older batches than this since they have exp in 2020. Do these ALL have speckels (2/21 to 7/21 Exp)? Do these ALL have the bad smell OR do they have ZERO smell (which is a concern also) (2/21 to 7/21 Exp)?

  45. Christina

    LOT # M329E19-2
    Sierra Vista AZ
    Filled 8/28/2019
    30 MG

  46. Regina Power

    Lot #M328F19-3
    Ex. 1112020
    Walmart pharmacy Anderson In
    2 different pills in bottle today. Notice big difference talked to pharmacy and he switched for good one and gave info for bad NP

  47. Ronna

    1. I take both a 90 and a 30mg. In both cases, shape of pill, color (light tan vs. grayer with light speckles), and different odor (like urine) are noticeable. Symptoms started returning soon after taking the refill. Been using NP for two years with no problems until now.
    2 / 3. Lot # 90mg – M331G19-1. Exp 12/20 (NEW LOT #)
    Lot # 30mg – M329E19-1. Exp. 10/20
    4. Rite Aid/Walgreen’s. Flatwoods, KY

  48. Regina Power

    Lot# is M328F19-3
    Expiration 1112020
    Pharmacy Walmart 1728 Anderson Indiana

    Got a mix in my script today of both. Renewed because ones at home that I do not have info on look same as bad ones. They smell terrible. There is really a big difference when you look at them side by side. I have just been feeling worse and worse. Thank you for this page and info. Very grateful.

  49. Kim

    I just received my new refill and unfortunately they r the same as my last refill that gave me all these symptoms back very 😞 don’t know if I should take them120 and 60 they were on backorder so I thought they would be the old ones but I compared with the 2 old ones I had left and I could tell the difference right away my sub was 90 and 30 all to equal 300mg camefrom beaumont pharmacy. Van burden township mich exp7/2020 my news ones same place exp 9/2020 Don’t know lot number

  50. Kim

    I just received my new refill and unfortunately they r the same as my last refill that gave me all these symptoms back very 😞 don’t know if I should take them 120 and 60 they were on backorder so I thought they would be the old ones but I compared with the 2 I had left and I could tell the difference right away

  51. Kim Brumfield

    Lot #M331C19-1 Exp 2/21 90 mg

  52. Christianne Pereira Giesbrecht Chaves

    One more bad batch
    1. The color and the smell are different.
    2. LOT # M327B19-1 NP Thyroid 15mg
    3. Expiration date 08/07/20 but it is standard one year after being filled.
    4. MD, North Bethesda, USA CVS caremark (mail delivery by Aetna insurance)

  53. Sabrina Schön

    1. We are 2 persons always taking the same NP Thyroid Tablets for years,felt very good until May 2019.
    Then taking a new Charge, after 3-4 days we both felt very sick, headache, vomit, extremely tired, like taking poison and not hormones.
    Stopped taking the new Charge, took the rest of the old charge, felt good again.
    Ordered a new charge to the condition, that we don’t get this bad charge again.
    Was a bit the same again, so we took the rest of our 60 mg left and ordered a new charge again, excluding the 2 bad ones.

    2. “Very bad” Charge:
    120 mg NP Thyroid, LOT M328E18-1, EXP 04/20
    “Also bad” Charge (but this time we stopped it at once,so that probably why our experience was only half as bad as the last one):
    120 mg NP Thyroid, LOT M328A19-1, EXP 12/20

    3. We are from Germany, Munich, Metropolitan Pharmacy

    The following charges were ok so far, but the good status as before did not come back, we feel different.

  54. Andrea

    What I noticed first was that I went from optimal in my April labs, and feeling good, to not feeling as well and my numbers going down in my July labs. By end of August my hypo symptoms slowly returning (most especially body aches and fatigue), I refilled my 30mg NP Thyroid prescription and noticed a terrible smell. I feel like the color is off as well, but I have no earlier ones to compare it to. I had my labs done just after that, and I am clearly hypo again. Just talked to pharmacist at Walgreens in Newton MA (Washington St location), and she is getting feedback from corporate Walgreens that there are complaints coming in about NP Thyroid. She gave me the lot number #M329C19-2 with expiration date 02/2021 from my last refill. She says I am her only customer, but asked me to report this to Acella and to please inform her of any other lot numbers I am seeing reported on STTM so that she can watch for them as well.

  55. Karen Whitman

    1. Smell is a little stronger but I have a sinus infection right now so nothing smells right. Also mine came with the two pillow paks in the in the original manufacturers bottle. I have not tried new lot as I have plenty of old ones left.
    2. Lot No. M330G19-4
    3. Expiration 12/2020
    4. Optum RX, Overland Park, KS. This is a maintenance Rx supplier. I live in Knoxville, TN.

  56. Susan Dodd

    My pills are a slightly different color, they have speckles, they’re fatter, and they smell worse.
    120 mg lot # M328F193
    30 mg M329E193
    Neither bottle has an expiration date but they have a use by date of 8/20/20

    I live in Succasunna NJ USA ordered from Express Scripts

  57. CHRISTIANNE Pereira Giesbrecht Chaves

    1. The color is greyish and has speckles. Darker than the old ones
    2. LOT # M329E19-1 – NP Thyroid 30 mg
    3. Expiration 08/30/2019 but it is standard one year after being filled
    4. MD, North Bethesda, USA. CVS Caremark (Mail delivery). Received today

  58. Christianne Pereira Giesbrecht Chaves

    1. I compared to my old ones. I received a new refill today, NP thyroid 30mg, the smell is different but for me it is weaker than the old ones. the new ones don’t smell like pigs, NDT, it is a weird smell. The color of the tablets is clearly different, the new ones are greyish and has speckles as many people has already reported. I put the tablets side by side and the difference between them is clear, old ones are clear (light beige, tan) the new ones are darker, greyish. I didn’t check the size because I didn’t think it was necessary.
    2. LOT Number M329E19-1 I call the pharmacy to get that. Catherine has reported the same lot number.
    3. I don’t have the exact expiration date but it says it is good until 08/30/20, one year after being filled.
    4. MD, North Bethesda, CVS Caremark (mail delivery from my insurance-Aetna)

  59. Gypsy

    I got my new NP pills and they are thicker and taste like rotten eggs and urine mixed. I took my dose and it made me very sick. I got nauseated and my face swelled up and my tongue swelled up and burned really bad. It is a new formula because I was doing great and not having any problems. All the other ndt pills I’m allergic too.
    The lot # is M327B19-3 15mg tablets. Date filled 9-2-2019. At Bartell drugs Snoqualmie, Washington USA

  60. Emily

    In response to your e-mail:
    1. How do you know that you are reporting on the CHANGED NP Thyroid tablets?
    My new tablets are thicker, speckled and smell like ammonia (cat urine). Because of smell, I have not taken any.
    2. Comment with the lot number for the bottle of what are clearly CHANGED NP Thyroid tablets
    Lot #M328S19-1
    3. Comment with the expiration date for what are clearly CHANGED NP Thyroid Tablets.
    Bottle says EXP 07/30/19, but I think that’s a typo as it was filled on 07/30/19
    4. State the city, state, country, and name of store/website where you got the changed tablet
    Kailua-Kona, HI, USA, Walmart

  61. Nicole Rodriguez

    1. Rotten fish smell and speckled look (which both improved a bit by putting 2 PillowPaks in my Rx bottle) – tastes awful and taste lingers – tinnitus worsened, fatigue is coming back, body temp decreasing, and adrenals seem to be suffering after 10 days of new pills
    2. No lot number available – 30mg and 15mg tabs
    3. None available (Rx bottle says 08/19/20 but that’s just the standard 1 year from Rx fill)
    4. Austin, TX – People’s Pharmacy

  62. Marni Hendrix

    Early summer is when I noticed a change and I’ve been receiving changed pills ever since. The pills are now a bit thicker and slightly speckled. They didn’t have a smell before, but now they do. I would not describe it as urine like others have. It might be a nutty smell or a lard smell, hard to describe. Although I’ve been on my current dose for a long time, I would not say it’s optimal. Hypo symptoms have always fluctuated. I have not detected any major difference in symptoms since the pill change; symptoms still fluctuate.
    Lot # – The only number I can find on the bottle is NDC#42192-0328-01
    Exp. date – 9/2/20
    Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, Harps Pharmacy

  63. Stacey Voss

    Hello I picked up my prescription on August 24th from CVS in White Bear Lake, MN – they suddenly started carrying it again. I had to switch to a differnt pharmacy over the summer, it was a lot more expensive but I had to switch because CVS had stopped carrying NP Thyroid.
    I cannot fnd the lot number on the bottle.
    Expires 8/13/20
    They smell horrible, tast horrible – it is so chemically. They do look speckled

  64. Peg Sherman

    I was feeling great until May 2019. Suddenly in the last three months, I’ve gained all the weight I’ve kept off since 2012 when I started NDT. I’ve been on NP since Jan 2018. Was doing great. Now, sleeping during the day, tons of hair loss, and weight gain!!! My expiration date is 8/30/20. I cannot find the Lot # but my pill is stamped with 330 on it. I got it from CVS pharmacy in Liverpool NY

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Not sure you are on the changed pill. What you describe can happen from being underdosed even on the former good pill. an you describe what the pill looks like.

  65. Bonnie Rasmussen

    1. The new pills spell like cat pee, the tablets are now speckled and the new tablets do not dissolve under my tongue and when I try to get them to dissolve under my tongue they make a dry spot in my mouth. I can not get rid of the taste it lingers forever. I feel like it makes my breath smell that way too. After one week on the new pills I started feeling tired in the afternoon, body freezing and achy, brain fog. Also I have been tracking my body temperature daily. Prior to taking the new pills I was hovering in the 98’s now my body temperature fluctuates from 96 to 97 degrees.

    2. Lot# M330E19, 60 mg tablets, * 3 daily

    3. Cypress Texas HEB pharmacy

  66. Just Me

    1. I picked up the changed tablets of NP Thyroid on Thursday, 8-29-19. I have no thyroid. Been on NP Thyroid for a year. On 8-30-19 I took the new tablets and not only do they have a strong ammonia smell, look different and taste terrible (not like normal NDT). I immediately started going hypothyroid and they burned my mouth and alimentary canal which made me extremely sick and in serious pain.

    2. 60 mg Lot # M330G19-4
    3. Expiration date: 12/2020

    30 mg Lot # M329E19-3
    3. Expiration date: 10/2020

    4. CVS (Target) Sandusky, Ohio, United States

  67. Cheryl Schricker

    Got 60 mg tablets of NP thyroid on July 11th. They smelled terrible, told by pharmacist that could be normal, so took them. All hypo symptoms returned. Got 120 mg replacements on Aug 25th but still tired and weak. Used Costco pharmacy in Reno NV. Have no lot number. Expires 11/20.

  68. Diane Jennings

    Have been on my dose for over 6 months…last Lab numbers were improving as of July 27.
    Script purchased in Nampa Idaho at Vics Family Pharmacy a compounding pharmacy on 08/20/2019
    Symptoms- increased blood pressure, palpitations, headache, diarrhea
    60 mg NP Thyroid expiration date 08/19/2020 no lot number on bottle or paperwork. Odd smell, tastes like cat urine smells.
    90 mg NP Thyroid expiration date 08/19/2020 no lot number on bottle or paperwork. Does not have the same odor as 60 mg. Does not have the same taste as the 60 mg.

  69. Dee

    1. 90 mg. The taste was like something rotten (rotten onion smell, to me) Began to feel
    fatigued after about a week; eyelids swelled up; cold (it is still very hot here in NM); no appetite;
    and very sick to my stomach about 1/2 hour after ingesting. I had a few of the last
    Rx of normal ones left, and took one of those yesterday–and felt good all day long!
    2.No lot # listed.
    3. Expiration is 7/27/20
    4. Silver City, NM United States. Walgreens.

    • Dee

      I forgot to mention, I have been on Acella’s NP thyroid, same
      dose every day, for 8 years. No problems until this new batch!

  70. Suzanne Askey

    1.They smell nasty, I agree with many people that they smell like cat urine. They look different, are grayer than the last bottle I had. The taste is really different, unpleasant. 90 mg
    2.3.There is no lot number or expiration date, though they say the manufacturer is ACELL.
    4. I got it from Hoey Apothecary in Madison, Wisconsin

  71. Grayson Boudreaux

    1. Immediately noticed awful smell and taste. They also look different. Energy level seems different and no other changes have been made in routine. 90mg tablets
    2. Lot number wasn’t listed
    3. Exp 8-18-20
    4. Ruston Wellness compounding, Ruston Louisiana

  72. Dawn

    1. The smell, taste and texture is different than the NP pills I took months ago. I immediately had odd reactions, ringing in ears, taste of aluminum, heart palpitations.
    2. 90 mgs Lot # M331E19-2
    90 mgs Lot # M331E19-3
    15 mgs. Lot # M327E19-1
    3. 90 mg expire 8/18/20
    90 mg expire 8/25/20
    15 mg expire 8/18/20
    4. Ordered through Express Scripts Return address has it coming from Indiana,

    • Hadassah

      Dawn the NP you mentioned 15 mgs. Lot # M327E19-1 is what my pharmacist is sending me from the same lot # M327E19-1. I asked my pharmacist to please open it up to check if it smells or has a different color other than white or if it has grey specs on it . My pharmacist who is also very concerned and cares for his customers checked and said that it has no smell the color is white and has no grey specs . However I was dosing with another lot # that I don’t have the lot # on it and what I noticed of late is that my voice is raspy now and my throat feels a bit tight . I don’t know what to make of it ?

  73. Laurel Tisler

    I use 60mg & 15mg. The 15 was special order and it stinks different & worse than 60. I just thought I was feeling worse because I was told I have Hashimotos. Both expire 6- 2020. Got mine at West 2nd Albertsons in Roswell, NM.

  74. Amy

    1. They smell like insecticide and/or cat pee. Look noticeably different; old ones yellow-ish & smooth with no specks, new ones I got are speckled gray-ish, & much thicker also. I have mixed prescriptions with both new & old tablets in them
    2. I’m on 2 dosages, 120mgs & 90mgs.
    Lot number for 120’s: M328F19-2
    Lot number for 90’s: M331E19-2
    3. Not sure of expiration
    4. Publix supermarket, St. Petersburg, Florida

  75. Suzanne Hartwigsen

    Chew my tablet& very sweet taste, feel nauseous, dizzy, raw tongue. Couldn’t figure out why.
    lot #M331E19-1,
    Exp Oct 2020
    Kroger Southlake, TX

  76. Loretta Bell

    1. Smell is horrible with latest script from July 2019.
    2. Didn’t keep the lot #, but did call Acella with it.
    3. Didn’t keep the expiration date, but if I remember correctly it was in 2020.
    4. Filled at Walmart, Kingston, NY.

  77. Rebecca Frieders

    1). Changes in color, with speckles and larger
    2). Lot # M328F 19-3
    3). Expiration 11/20
    4). Shipped from OptumRx mail order

  78. ANa G

    I don’t see a lot # but use by 5/5/20
    St dea FN5734962 15 mg
    St dea FN5735961 60 mg
    And they smell
    I stopped using them about two weeks ago
    Hope this is helpful.
    I am in new Jersey

  79. Paulette Russin

    90 mg, smell and taste like cat pee, pills are a speckled color
    No lot# listed
    Filled on 8/23/19 expires 8/21/20,
    Filled Rite Aid Henderson, KY

  80. Sarah

    1.) I know it’s altered based upon my symptoms and most recent lab work from last week.
    2.) No lot number (where do we find that on the label?)
    3.) 15 mg dose, Expiration 7/14/20
    4.) Target CVS in Asheville North Carolina USA

  81. Jennifer

    1) My new pills smell like cat urine and are speckled and are a different color than usual. I won’t even taste them.
    2) The best I can read it, the lot number is M331(8 or B)19-1
    3) Expiration date of 10/2020.
    4) Walgreens Pharmacy, Madisonville, KY,

  82. Mary lou Borgese

    Omg I’ve been taking 120 for 3 years Recently have switched to Costco and noticed a difference in pills. Exp 5/9/2020 no lot number. This explains weight gain. I’m getting my labs done ASAP Costco Melville, New York

  83. Carol

    1. Smell and taste like cat urine. Color is more towards gray and tablets have rougher edges and are thicker.
    2, Lot #M330E19-1
    3. Expiration 10/2020
    4. Walmart, De Pere, WI

  84. jeanne domagalski

    i have a 2 gr.[120] and a 60 gr.both smell horrible and taste like cat pee smells.lot # M328F19-2.EXPIRES 11/20 WALMART ,MILWAUKEE WI.

  85. Pat Boatman

    No lot# number on my bottle. Expires 6/2020
    Smells unbearable.
    My tongue has ridges from swelling. Been this way for 2 good months. Weight gain for no apparent reason.full of anxiety.
    All of this is new in the past 3 to 4 months. I haven’t figured why but now it’s clear. Calling for appointment tomorrow and discuss med change
    I use Kroger pharmacy in Starkville, MS. United States

  86. Jim

    1. Darker color, different size, different smell (like a cat litter box)
    2. No lot #
    3. Expiration: 8/28/2020
    4. Seal Beach, CA, USA / Rite Aid

  87. Christine

    1) It smells and tastes like a used litter box. Pill now has brown specs
    2 Don’t have a lot number
    3) Expires 6/30/2020
    4) Welltopia Pharmacy mail ordered. Located in Thiensville, WI

  88. Thy Roid

    I have 15mcg (1/4 grain AP/327) and 30mcg (1/2 grain AP/329)

    1. They smell foul, not just like pig but like dead animal. Both are lighter colored (which is different from most of you) and are speckled. I foolishly mixed the new in with a few leftover old ones and I can’t tell them apart visually. Felt terrible after taking them for about 7-10 days.
    2. No lot numbers
    3. Both expire 8/1/20
    4. ExpressScripts #56, Whitestown IN USA

  89. Catherine

    Expires 10/2020
    30 mg
    Walgreens in Brooklyn, NY

    I received a sealed bottle of one hundred 30 mg pills of NP thyroid today. They were greyish tan and slightly thicker on inspection and visual comparison to old pills. I have decided not to risk even taking them.

    I have and lot of 90 mg pills that I got very sick from. I will try to find information on them and post.

  90. Ann Rankin

    Lot # M328F19-3 Exp date 11/2020 Walmart Seabrook NH USA Tablets larger different color and have brown specs Smell is chemical like

  91. Hadassah

    WOW !!!! This is a GREAT SERVICE for us all . My new refill has a Lot # M327E19-1. Is this Lot # good . I would Please love to know if anyone can Please let me know . I’m holding off till I hear back from you guys . I need to refill my NP scripts I’m low on them.
    Thank You So Much In Advance .

  92. Stacy

    1. They STINK and symptoms like fatigue, foggy thinking, and weight gain are back. They also look different.
    2. No lot # on my rx bottle
    3. Expires 6/6/20
    4. CVS in Cambridge, MN

  93. Mary Seay

    #1 Taste and smell awful . Color darker with specks. #2 Lot # M330E19-2
    #3 No expiration date was put on my bottle. #4The city is Falcon, Colorado 80831 El Paso County ,Walmart Pharmacy.

  94. Judy

    They smell like dry urine
    Lot# M329B19-1
    Expiration 8/24/20
    Cvs Atlanta Georgia USA

  95. Lynn

    1. They smell terrible, have a terrible lingering taste, they are thicker and have speckles.
    2. Lot # M328F19-2
    3. Walgreens DeMotte, Indiana

  96. Carol Tedeschi

    1. They smell like pesticide they are larger and they have brown specs.
    2. Do not have lot number
    3. Expiration 8/13/20


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