7 examples of buffoonery from The Endocrine Society of Australia about desiccated thyroid

The Endocrine Society of Australia (ESA) came out with their final position paper on Natural Desiccated Thyroid. Ready to throw up at what many hypothyroid patients will state is overt ignorance and condescending arrogance?? Are we not surprised??

Below are 7 excepts from this position paper.

Please note: the following terms are referring to the same product: desiccated thyroid, thyroid extract, NDT, natural desiccated thyroid. By prescription, it’s usually porcine, but there are over-the-counter bovine versions. Thyroxine refers to T4-only, aka levothyroxine, one of five thyroid hormones and a storage hormone alone. In Australia, common brands are Oroxine, Eutroxsig and/or Eltroxin.


1) “Desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract is not a pure product, not approved by the TGA [Therapeutic Goods Administration], not available on the PBS [Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme], not produced by a pharmaceutical company, not subject to existing TGA regulations, has limited quality control, and is marketed as a “bioidentical hormone”, while “bioidentical” has been determined by the FDA in the USA as a marketing term.”

Now who wouldn’t want their meds to be pure?? But wouldn’t you love to know what their definition of pure is in their swipe of desiccated thyroid? But ultimately, this negatively pudgy paragraph is only a set up for the rest of the paper, which is full of baloney statements.

2)Is the reason some people fail to have complete relief of symptoms when tests show normal levels simply because there are other causes of fatigue, depression, and weight gain that are mistakenly attributed to the thyroid? Could a placebo effect explain the better relief of these symptoms from thyroid extract?”

Condescending ignorance to the max, say patients. For one, we know that “falling in the normal range” has nothing to do with it–it’s about where we fall in those ridiculous normal ranges that does have something to do with it.

And gee, funny that with an optimal amount of desiccated thyroid or T3 (along with good iron and cortisol levels, which is crucial), that “fatigue, depression and weight gain” goes away as reported by patients for YEARS.

And the TSH lab test, which we know is one of the labs being referred to, is useless while on desiccated thyroid–i.e. optimal, life-changing amounts of desiccated thyroid nearly always push the TSH quite low, which has NOT caused bone loss or heart problems (as a low TSH with Graves disease does). To the contrary, the right amount of desiccated thyroid has REPEATEDLY been known to improve bone and heart health in measurable outcomes.

Finally and more egregious, to use “placebo effect” as a way to explain the numerous and common positive effects patients get on desiccated thyroid is the height of condescending arrogance, many patients would exclaim.

3) “Despite claims of proponents that desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract are superior to thyroxine or combinations of T4 and T3 for most people with hypothyroidism, no controlled clinical trials have been published, and most endocrinologists are concerned that superiority is due to a placebo effect or an effect of overtreatment.”

Claims?? Since when are CLEAR and MEASURABLE health changes on desiccated thyroid by Australian thyroid patients (and worldwide) simply “claims”?? They include lowered cholesterol, better blood pressure, improved bone density, less weight gain (and in some, weight loss)…besides the obvious reported improvements in depression, better energy, softer skin and hair, removal of pain and so many more results.

And once again, the condescending conclusion that if one feels better on thyroid extract, PLUS has measurable changes, then SURELY it has to be in their heads and nothing going on physiologically. Let’s see, I’ve been on NDT for 15 years now, and if this logic is maintained, I have somehow continued to simply “delude myself” for a decade and a half that I have felt much better in my thyroid treatment THAT long…andddd somehow manipulated the measurable results in my health.

4) “Thyroxine is “Monitored; accurate and consistent “; Thyroid Extract is “Monitored; may be inaccurate or inconsistent” “

Yawn. The same weak and unfounded conclusions about desiccated thyroid we’ve heard before. Since when is giving us back all five thyroid hormones “inaccurate” or “inconsistent”? If it’s inaccurate or inconsistent, why have so many seen their lives change on NDT as they find their unique optimal amount, and for years?? If thyroxine is so wonderful, why do millions report continuing or worsening symptoms on the “accurate and consistent” thyroxine?

Oh wait, all of you whose lives have changed are just fooling yourself with placebo outcomes….

5) “The controversies surrounding the safety and efficacy of “bioidentical hormones” such as desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract illustrate the need for further scientific and medical scrutiny of these substances. Until such studies are completed, physicians should exercise caution when prescribing “bioidentical hormones” and counsel their patients about the controversy over the use of these preparations.”

Really?? Is it SAFE to be on only one of five thyroid hormones when there are numerous reasons why the conversion to T3 can be blocked, either from the beginning or the longer someone is forced to rely on conversion alone?? See those reasons on this page.

Is it SAFE on thyroxine when so many see rising cholesterol, rising blood pressure, bone thinning, heart problems, and/or a lowered immune function?? The “controversies” are those manufactured by clueless Endocrine Societies, NOT by thyroid patients who worldwide have had lives changed on desiccated thyroid if they are allowed to find their optimal amount (which has to have good iron and cortisol levels).

And by the way, there is ALREADY science about the efficacy of NDT or T3 in one’s treatment…BESIDES that fact that a huge growing body of thyroid patients are reporting lives changed in totally positive ways.

6) “In general, desiccated thyroid hormone or thyroid extract, combinations of thyroid hormones, or triiodothyronine [T3] should not be used as thyroid replacement therapy.”

In other words, as the most damning, cruel and ignorant part of this statement, it’s saying that we, the Australian Endocrine Society, don’t give a damn if you are suffering on thyroxine…don’t give a damn if you have genetics which prevent the conversion of T4 to T3 and thus might need T3-only to reclaim your health and well-being…don’t give a damn if you have high RT3 on thyroxine that being on mostly T3 would lower…don’t give a damn if there are a huge growing body of thyroid patients whose lives have changed on thyroid extract (of which many changes ARE measurable)…and don’t give a damn that a healthy thyroid also gives people direct T3 and does NOT force people to live for conversion alone.

Oh and remember the reasoning above that desiccated thyroid is not pure–implying that thyroxine is…yet now we have a widening of the cruelty by lassoing in triiodothyronine (T3) as a product which IS approved by the TGA, yet now is also not recommended??

7) “A registry of adverse events related to the use of bioidentical hormone preparations, including desiccated thyroid or thyroid extract, should be supported by the TGA and could be managed by an external organization, as the TGA does not regulate or monitor these compounds.”

At face value, registering adverse events to any drug is a good thing.

Yet, we KNOW for a fact that most “adverse events” with desiccated thyroid are due to the FAILURE of doctors or research studies to understand that patients have to have the right amount of iron levels or cortisol when raising NDT to avoid those “adverse” reactions….just as patients should NEVER be dosed by the TSH “normal” range, which leaves patients underdosed and thus, continued or growing symptoms of hypothyroidism which could be termed “adverse events”. Other situations which can cause “adverse events” with NDT include Lyme disease, chronic inflammation, and high heavy metals, of which of course, clueless organizations would simply blame the NDT instead of understanding the results of Lyme, inflammation and/or high heavy metals.

To see this position paper in its entirety: https://www.endocrinesociety.org.au/ESA_Position_Statement_%20Thyroid-Extract.pdf

Rattle, thyroid patients!! Speak loud and clear. Send the URL to this blog post to your private Facebook pages. https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/2017/06/27/7-examples-australian-endocrine-buffoonery/ Make this information even better by your informed comments here. Don’t be silent!!

BEST LIST OF HYPOTHYROID SYMPTOMS on the net (of which many occur while on thyroxine): https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/symptoms

WHY T4-ONLY HAS RUINED MILLIONS OF LIVES over the decades: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work

WHY DESICCATED THYROID or even T3 added to T4 has changed lives and how: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/natural-thyroid-101

TWO MOST WIDELY READ and LIFE CHANGING THYROID BOOKS: https://laughinggrapepublishing.com

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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43 Responses to “7 examples of buffoonery from The Endocrine Society of Australia about desiccated thyroid”

  1. del

    Hi Jane
    I am totally at a loss at how to proceed with the amount of information, the lack of medical support and a family history of thyroid issues.
    My 22 year old son is so unwell originally with low thyroid (possibly Hashimotos) and now has other co-morbidities and is on Xolair injections for chronic Urticaria- this possibly originated by 2 major virus attacks when he was 19.
    My 17 year old is now diagnosed with Hashimotos and yes we are on thyroxine (unfortunately).
    I am in desperate need of finding a functional practitioner in Brisbane, Qld, Australia ASAP/
    Any help is most appreciated.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Dr. Alan Hadley at the Cribb Street Medical Clinic in Milton is very happy to prescribe Natural Desiccated Thyroid. An endo named Dr. Christopher Strakosch in Brisbane would be a second choice.

    • Rachel

      Jane contact Dr Stuart Glastonbury at Cabarita
      I know it’s a small drive but very much worth the visit.
      He put me on T3 after running the correct pathology.

  2. Patricia

    Can anyone recommend a good Doctor or Endo in Melbourne (Australia) who is competent in managing Hashimotos?


  3. monsie pickles ms

    I agree, doctors cannot be trusted. It is the same in every country I lived in. In Spain they also use T4 only…. I am postponing to put an end to all this because it is unbearable. Now my partner and I both suffering from hypothyroidism have decided to take the temps and like that plus the symptoms, we’ll get there without discussing it with any doctor. The only problem is that we need tests for the rt3… and the GP does not want to give them to us. Here in Australia it is difficult for us to get proper iron studies as well.

    • Z.M.

      Hi Monsie, I’m so sorry, I just saw your reply. I hope you are still with us. Definitely order your own tests. It’s worth it. Beg for money from friends and family if you have to. Despite what doctors believe, you are important to this world and have a right to be healthy and whole. I don’t know where you are in the world, but join one of the groups and talk to other thyroid patients. We’re here for you and will help you get through this. Janie, you have my permission to share my email address with Monsie.

      Most doctors don’t care about thyroid patients. I don’t understand why they’re turning their backs on us and on basic scientific facts, but they are. We have to help and support each other.

      • Stephen Connor

        The doctors are just scared. They operate under, and are constricted by the Medicare system.

  4. Z.M.

    This is infuriating and heartbreaking. Doctors are violating their Hippocratic Oath. Thyroid patients are treated so poorly because they’re mainly women. If men were suffering from this disease, doctors everywhere would be up in arms and standing with patients to get them the treatment they need. But because women suffer from this illness, and many of the symptoms are invisible, patients are considered liars. NDT literally saved my life. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t sleep. I lost all my money just trying to survive. A friend ended up taking care of me because I couldn’t function. Doctors found my pain and poverty both amusing and embarrassing – although they were very happy to take my money for all those so-consultations!. They consistently told me there was nothing they could do. This was a complete lie and I knew it, but there was nothing I could do. In 2015, I made the decision to take my own life. If STTM had not helped me find a doctor willing to actually do their job and give real medication that worked, I would be dead by now. This is not a joke or exaggeration, and I’m not the only one to be pushed to the brink by medical community’s refusal to do their jobs. NDT works. T4-only does not. It’s that simple. If men suffered from this disease, doctors would change their tune in an instant. Janie, thank you for all you do, you have literally saved the lives of so many people. Thyroid disease is manageable and patients can live happy lives with the right medication, tests and supplements. If doctors don’t want to acknowledge that, they’re criminals who value money over human lives.

  5. Grace from Australia

    I have several Thyroid Nodules (1 is bigger than 4.5 cm and actually has been growing as I can feel it now). I have day and night a sore throat. My doctor says that my Thyroid is over-sensitive but does not want to do anything about it. Blood test came (of course) back as normal. I do not know what to do. I also have FM. Am not overweight (56 kg) but have very dry skin. Can anyone give me some suggestions please?

  6. the_pan

    So my Canadian Naturopath is telling me that TIBC is the same as % Saturation. If she’s wrong, where could I order a trustworthy test? The requisition form shows only Serum iron & TIBC and Ferritin as options. Maybe it’s different in Canada now?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Well, kinda. The TIBC is an indirect measure of the protein “transferrin” made by our liver which carries iron around. And supposedly, about 25% to 35% of TIBC is “saturated with iron”. So that would mean the higher the saturation of iron by transferriin, the lower the TIBC lab result would be. But there are some of us who have low TIBC even with low iron…when for most folks, a low TIBC would only go with high iron!! So I can’t go by TIBC to know what my saturation is. I have to do a separate saturation test.

      But we do notice that the saturation goes hand in hand with serum iron. i.e. those women who are close to 110 with their serum iron usually have a % saturation at or close to 35%. Or with some Canadian ranges, those with serum iron somewhere “around” 24ish also have a % saturation around .35..or so.

  7. Larry Shephard

    Janie, Thanks for all you work and thoughtfulness. I appreciate the book STTM II. I still find some things confusing, perhaps you could help here. I have been taking T meds in some form for more than 20 years, never really feeling better and often feeling worse. Original Doc found I do not convert T4 to T3 well and presided Armour. It became scarce and the Doc changed to compounded T4 and T3, still did not feel well. Doc tried experiments to see if Wilson’s Temp Syndrome was in play, so I had leftovers of just T3 Extended Release. Compounding was just too expensive so back to NDT, 90mg in AM and 30mg after lunch (my idea from the reading). In transitioning from Compounded to NDT I ran out of T4/T3. First I tried Levoxyl and I felt absolutely terrible. So I decided to try the T3ER (60mcg). First day was okay, but the second day I felt great! I even said “so this is what I was missing!” I had great energy, felt alive and exited, and I did not feel buzzy at all. However I did think if I did this again that it would be too much, and I suspected that the T4 and RT3 were clearing out and making T3 available to me like it hadn’t been before. RT3 is 12 ng/dl (has been for years) and my FT3 is 0.4 ng/dl. So I have been experimenting with NDT and T3ER and I found by taking T3ER 45-60 minutes before 60mg Armour, it gives the T3 a chance to get in before I start making more RT3. I have been doing this for a week now and I still feel good energy, feel motivated and less stressed out. My Doc is going to change my meds, at my request, to WP Thyroid and liothyronine (25mcg and 5mcg) so I can find out what works best. The question I have right now is: If calcium interferes with T in the body, why do manufacturers add calcium sulfate dihydrate to the compound? Should I be concerned?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Congratulations on figuring out to take T3 before Armour and getting success. Sounds like you need to do what other patients have had to do and figure out what was pushing RT3, plus treat. For most of us, it’s usually this: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/iron-and-cortisol As far as calcium sulfate dihydrate or other calcium additives to thyroid meds….it’s a very tiny amount and wouldn’t bind much. But it’s too bad it’s in any of them really.

      • Larry Shephard

        Janie, Thanks so much for your reply. My doc changed my prescription to include 25mcg liothyronine. I was taking left overs of 30mcg T3ER (compounded extended release) and I was getting such an improvement in energy and reduction in pain. With the lithyronine sodium tabs, I am not getting the energy and I am feeling worse each day. Do you know why that would be the case? Don’t really want to go back to compounding because it is so expensive.

  8. Jeanette

    I\’m using NDT since last december. Before I used Thyrax.
    With natural Thyreoïdum my TSH is 0.34, T3 is 4.3 and T4 is 12.
    I feel fine but I\’m asking if the TSH is not too low? My endocrinolgue understand not much of NDT and thinks that if I use less my T4 become to low, so I\’m asking it here. I\’m from the Netherlands and hope you can understand/read my English

  9. Jean Friedlander

    Obviously they do not have a thyroid condition, otherwise, they would not say what they are saying. I think this is absolutely terrible that they can judge something without the experience. Out of line.

  10. Joan miller

    I have just recently been started on thyroid meds too. Same scenario as you have described being non-treated by one doc due to normal TSH. Now on synthroid & armour. Feeling less depressed but still tired. They have not checked cortisol. I have been following Dr. Axe recently and wonder if we should not be curing the leaky gut syndrome. Why are so many many people afflicted with this??
    ALSO please tell where I can get bovine or non-porcine…is it as good?
    Muslims are not supposed to consume PORK. Thank you for everything you do.

  11. VLK

    I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a total thyroidectomy and put on T4 medication by my endocrinologist in Melbourne Australia. I went from bad to worse and I was forced to do my own research as so many of us have had to. My labs were normal but I certainly wasn’t , my hair was limp and falling out amongst many other symptoms. My body wasn’t converting the t4 and my RT3 was huge, I then tried t4 with additional t3 and that didn’t help much. After that went on desiccated thyroid and so much better. I wouldn’t take thyroxine if you paid me. I can’t believe that endocrinologists no so little. I still see the endo every so often but what got me when my other doctor who prescribes NDT ran some bloods and in particular a reverse t3 and myy endo stated that he wouldn’t even know how to interpret that. They all need to go back and study, listen to their patients and if the majority of people tell you that thyroxine makes them feel really bad why don’t they listen. Listen up TGA how long is it before you take note that we are not a one size fits all society and neither are our thyroids. I eventually sacked my endo as comments such as “well your weight is the same now as to when you first came to see me” really annoyed me when I am 28 kilos more than I used to be. I only see the endocrine surgeon these days( not the endocrinologist )as well as my integrative GP and I tell him what works for me and I have told him quite bluntly that I will continue to use NDT regardless of his opinion,. As far as I am concerned that they are working for me and if they won’t listen I will go elsewhere. I have learned over the past 7 years not to believe everything doctors tell you, we once all believed that what they told you was gospel only to learn that it is far from the truth. I do praise the doctors who do their research, think outside the square and not put everyone in the same little narrow box.

    • Bea

      Hi VLK
      I m in desperate to find a Dr here in Melbourne to treat my Hypothyroid let alone test my RT3 pls reference me your Drs so I could go see them thank you so much.

      • monsie pickles ms

        I sent an email to all the endocrinologists in Melbourne, one by one looking for one specializing in Addison’s disease I also suffer from as well as being hypothyroid. You can send an email to each one of them asking for the Rt3 tests. If one of the doctors of more write to you, you can choose which one to go if there is more then one.

    • monsie pickles ms

      Hello VLK
      I agree with everything you say. The problem is that in spite of changing doctors, one does not change ‘policies’; they all seem to work the same way; some more polite than others, but they know very little. They all look at the TSH results… and that is wrong.

  12. monsie pickles ms

    Yes, I am thinking to ask my GP tomorrow for a complete iron test. In the past, following your books always, I had my iron tested, and I was low yes. I took an iron supplement for sometime and never had another test as I have been moving from one estate to another seeking for help from an endocrinologist. I do not seem to have had low cortisol/adrenal symptoms. My symptoms (a myriad) are from the thyroid including a goiter with many nodules.
    My mother suffered from pernicious anemia. She was not as lucky as me, she was bipolar as well. I am not depressed. Apart from that I know now she was hypothyroid.
    I had 3 pneumonias 2011/2015 2 of them living in a subtropical zone which seems to be a sign of Addison’s disease. I had together with my third pneumonia, an Addison’s crisis; I had to be rushed to hospital. Luckily I was living in the same street where the Hospital was. Since 2015, I touch wood, I have not had another pneumonia in spite of being older, almost 80 years old now.
    I know I may have neglected my iron… but it is not easy to deal with everything, moving house, estate, Gps …

  13. monsie pickles ms

    It seems that the dosage of T3/T4 hormone replacement varies enormously… my partner also feels much better since he’s only on 97.5 mcg. His concentration has improved, he’s the person I met 25 years ago with no panic attacks, anger, or anxiety, almost immediately he was on 97.5 mcg/day
    Since I went from 192.5 mcg/day to 130 mcg/day I feel better, much better. The horrible ringing of the ears is gone for one thing… On the 16th May the Ft3 was now high enough, and my Free T4 was not quite in the middle of the range after taking 192.5 mcg for some time; I was not feeling well at all. I have my adrenals supported. I have adrenal insufficiency and doctors disagree on whether I have Addison’s disease or not. I have been on HC since April 2015. I started tapering off on the 24th June very slowly under the endocrinologist’s control. In spite of which I feel better altogether.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      No, the T3 and T4 in NDT doesn’t vary that much, Monsie. It just sounds like you two were seriously overdosed. But that doesn’t take away that NDT is NOT based on weight. That would be a big mistake for the vast majority. Just be prepared, because though you feel much better after being overdosed, that doesn’t mean that 2 grains is optimal for you. Based on our observations for 15 years now, it’s rare for the majority to be optimal on 2 grains. Time will tell with you, though, as some on two grains don’t notice that they are underdosed until many weeks into it. And by the way, it sounds like you may have been pooling on the higher dose, meaning you may not have your adrenal supported correctly, or have low iron. If you have trouble getting fully off HC as you go down verrry slowly, that’s your sign that you weren’t treating it correctly all this time…just in case. If you were treating it right, you’ll succeed in that slow wean.

  14. Erika

    Hi Janie,
    It’s me Erika again. So since our last discussion I was having a hard time finding a doctor in NY that would let me try desiccated thyroid. Thank God in your list of good doctors I found this fertility doctor. Dr melnick who you actually interviewed in your blog. When I saw him on May 1st I felt like I had hope where I could come off synthroid. He definitely said I was hypo. My iron is really bad it was like a 11 when I saw him the first time. My b12 was also low. He started me on np thyroid 2 grains right away 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I started seeing some improvement. Then I started to feel hypo again he then increased me 2 1/2 grains. Now my issue has been severe dry eyes went from 20/20 vision to blurry vision and sinus are also dry. everytime i got an increase. I felt like It wanted to start working which they do but they don’t make good tears or enough . So when I saw him again he told me to take selenium 200 and iodine 12.5mg which was low as well. Then he changed Me to nature thyroid 2 grains in the morning and 1 grain at night. With the b12 shot and the new increase I felt like I was getting better but then I keep having some type of reaction in my neck I feel like these attacks of severe dryness comes and no matter how much water I drink it dosent help. Please help. I started noticing when I have caffeine it’s like the smell in my sinus get strong and actually starts to work for that moment. I’m think cortisol or aldesterone could be off. Because I’m up to 3 grains and I keep having the same reaction.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Erika. You’re going to need to teach him that we can’t raise NDT like that in the presence of low iron or a cortisol issues. Raising causes either pooling of the T3 or rising RT3…which in turn makes us more hypo, as is happening to you. Also can raise adrenaline. Most people have to stay on 1 1/2 grains OR LESS, then try adding in a little T3 if they aren’t pooling…while correcting the iron or cortisol. Teach him. https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/iron-and-cortisol

      • Erika

        Hi janie,

        So your saying I should check my rt3. I need to increase my iron levels. Now for cortisol I’ve never been tested so I’m going to have to speak to him about that. Also I should decrease back down to 1.5 grains. Until I get the iron sorted out. And cortisol checked.
        I just want to have a good understanding because I see him on the 11th of July. What keeps driving me nuts is my vision gets blurry at times and my right lower eye lid gets so puffy. I’m so tired of this. I just want to feel like me again.

    • monsie pickles ms


      Hello, I am taking NATURE-THROID. I have been taking too much. My partner Laurie also was taking too much and that is very bad and gives lots of symptoms….
      I just found a very good doctor in Melbourne (Australia). I live in Australia and she gave me the answer: ‘Taper off’. Both, my partner and myself feel so much better for it… We were having Nature-Throid, 6 1/2 grain tablets. Each one, had 32.5 mcg. Then she gave me a list with the minimum and maximum to take depending on one’s weight. I enclose that list for you to read. I think it is a very good guide… and hope it helps you.
      MINIMUM: 72.5 kilos X 1.2 = 87 mcg/day My weight is 76.4 kilos
      MAXIMUN: 72.5 kilos X 1.8 = 130 mcg/day
      MINIMUM: 64.5 kilos X1.2= 78.6 mcg/day My partner’s weight is 65 kilos
      MAXIMUM:64.5 kilos x 1.8= 126 mcg/day
      I am due for a blood test before I see the new endocrinologist (female) on the 17 July. I tapered off to 130 mcg/day on the 24June.
      I hope this guideline helps you
      monsie pickles

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        No Monsie, the right amount of Naturethroid or any other brand has nothing to do with weight. I am 56 kilos and my optimal amount is 3 1/2 grains, for example, with a grain of Naturethroid being 65 mg. Others at 56 kilos might be slightly less than me; some might be more than me. “Optimal” amount is about where your free T3 and free T4 fall. Optimal free T3 is towards the top part of the range with a free T4 around midrange.

      • Bea

        Hi Monsie,
        I m suffering undiagnosed hypothyroid and I could not find a good Dr even to test for RT3 pls tell me your Dr name and I ll go and see him thank you so much.

        • monsie pickles ms

          Hello Bea
          I am very sorry I did not see your comment in July. I am always rushing … hope you understand
          My doctor in Melbourne I thought she was good to start with, well, she was not good. Today, I am due to see another doctor in Melbourne as well. I hope she proves to be better…
          I have not been around for a while as my partner and myself do not feel too well.

  15. Gemma

    As an Australian with Hashimotos I have had the following comments from doctors, “it’s all in your head, your thyroid can’t cause all those symptoms”, “do yourself and your husband a favour, fill this script for xanax, it’s not your thyroid”, “I can’t give you NDT because it is too expensive for you and too hard to monitor. I’m doing the best for you, I don’t want to prescribe something you can’t afford” and from the first endo I saw, “just take one of these pills every day for the rest of your life and you’ll be fine”.
    Thank goodness I found a GP who agreed that at 38 it was not normal to have severe joint pain, digestive issues, mixing up words, fatigue, etc, etc. I am now on NDT and have my life back. Sure it’s more expensive than thyroxine but it actually works!!
    I’d love to educate the Australian Endocrine Association but I get the impression that it wouldn’t matter what one (or one thousand) patient say :/

  16. Emma

    As soon as a natural, cheap and very effective treatment takes hold the pharmaceutical industry will pull out the big guns to destroy it. Especially for a big cash cow like synthetic T4. Wasn\’t Synthroid the second best selling drug in America? Obviously they won\’t let that go.
    I use Thyrogold and it saved my life!

  17. Susan Siens

    What can we do as a group to fight this nonsense?

    In the U.S.A. I completely understand this “ignorance.” IT MAKES A LOT OF MONEY! Treating people with toxic drugs for symptoms caused by hypothyroidism is far more profitable than treating the hypothyroidism. But in countries with national health care schemes, why the ossified dedication to ineffectual treatment and cretinous statements that patients are experiencing a placebo effect from effective medicine? (I actually don’t think of NDT as medicine, but as a substitute for what my body will not produce in sufficient quantity.) Is it simply the poor education, emotional dysfunction (rampant among physicians and nurse practitioners in the U.S.), and what Lynne Farrow terms “consensus-based treatment” (rather than evidence-based treatment)? Why does the field of endocrinology seem to attract the worst sort of physicians?

    Once again, what can we do TOGETHER to oppose this shocking stupidity?

  18. Tammie Duvenhage

    This article perfectly illustrates the arrogant stupidity we as thyroid patients have to deal with from our doctors. These are supposed to be educated men and women. This very attitude and lack of knowledge and insight has caused me personal harm. I am so grateful to STTM for advocating the use of NDT. I am also grateful to the few medical practitioners who are not afraid to prescribe NDT and are not afraid to listen to their patients. My numbers were no where close to normal range and yet NDT has brought it into the optimal range. My brain is powerful, but not that powerful, there is no way it is due to placebo effect. It\’s a pity the persons who compiled this report didn\’t use the brains they were given.

  19. Michelle Thomas

    On Thyroxine my life was over. I was on the verge of having to leave work due to debilitating muscle and overall fatigue, horrendous brain fog. Would have had to give up the completion of my Masters degree. Without work I would have lost my home. Was struggling to find a reason to live, with this prospect. NDT and T3 has majorly improved my symptoms, and am able to continue work and life in general. Who has the darn right to force me to go back to that life on Thyroxine? The medical profession is bound to practice beneficence and non maleficence. Forcing Thyroxine on people that have conversion issues is intentionally causing harm. These doctors should not be able to practice. Conversion issues is just basic science, come on medical professionals, stop your tunnel vision and look clinically at the patient, take serious notice of their symptoms and get with the program…….

  20. Sue Denham

    How are we, as thyroid patients, ever going to get improved outcomes across the board when a report like this is published? Most doctors reading this will be too scared to prescribe NDT or even T3. And what a load of rubbish this report is! What is the Endorcrine Society afraid of? It’s like they’re terrified of us patients ever getting decent, even life-saving treatment! I just don’t get it. I’m so tired of having to fight for every little thing, even the labs take it upon themselves to decide if they’ll do the reverse T3 test even if my GP has ordered it – such arrogance as Janie says! God help us all.


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