Oh Jolly. Guess What the Endocrine Society Has Spouted This Time?

“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” ~Saul Bellow

STTM ignorance graphicAnd here we go again.

On April 1st, 2016 (which is April Fools Day–how appropriate), out comes an article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism which presents the latest updated position statement of the Endocrine Society, titled Compounded Bioidentical Hormones in Endocrinology Practice: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement.

In other words, their last position statement on certain compounded medications came out in 2006, and this one trumps that one. And the implication is towards “increased regulatory oversight of all bioidentical hormones.”

Sounds innocuous enough, right? Certainly they are trying to be protective of us, right?

First, in case you don’t know much about the Endocrine Society, it’s existence began a century ago and is today the oldest “largest global membership organization representing professionals from the intriguing field of endocrinology.” Members come from 110 countries representing approximately 28,000 members, with 40 percent of them located outside the United States. They include scientists, physicians, educators, nurses and students. And you’d think that a society with such a vast array of members from 110 countries might have some innate wisdom, right?


The first gist of the article is first about compounded sex hormones…and here’s my summary of their position:

  1. There is no other rationale for compounding your sex hormones other than having an allergy or intolerance.
  2. Compounded hormones are risky.
  3. Compounded hormones are dangerous.
  4. Compounding Pharmacists, who are licensed professionals, are thus dangerous if their product is dangerous.
  5. Reported successful patient experiences (and their improved lab results) with compounded sex hormones has no validity; only “randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials” have validity.
  6. Because there are no FDA-approved testosterone preparations for women, it should be completely avoided…so I guess the opposite logic applies?? i.e. that one should embrace FDA-approved medications like statins or the antibiotic Cipro with all their numerous side effects in all-too-many??
  7. Synthetic estrogen and synthetic progesterone is the way to go.
  8. Big Pharma products are the way to go.
  9. Give all your money back to Big Pharma

If you have a subscription to Medscape, here’s a good summary of what the Endocrine Society stated about compounded sex hormones, including DHEA, but I think my summary above says it all.

But here’s where it really gets nauseating for informed thyroid patients

Says the same Endocrine Society, as outlined in the Medscape article above (instead of my interpretation):

  • Levothyroxine (LT4) is bioidentical and a highly effective and safe therapy and is the treatment of choice for hypothyroidism. The complex tissue-specific deiodinase system converts T4 to T3 and supplies the proper amount of T3 to each of the body’s tissues according to its requirements.
  • Clinicians should evaluate patients with persistent symptoms (despite adequate LT4 therapy) for other causes of their symptoms and encourage patients to engage in healthy lifestyle measures.
  • Some of these patients may benefit from combination LT4/LT3 therapy, desiccated thyroid hormone, or compounded thyroid hormone, as long as symptoms and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) (free T4) are monitored carefully.

Oh really??

To the contrary, millions of thyroid patients from the past 50+ years have noted and/or reported on the following while on T4-only:

  1. Unresolved or accumulating problems like depression, adrenal stress, anxiety, easy weight gain, difficulty losing weight, easy fatigue, poor stamina, easy sickness/slow recovery, joint pain, painful feet, hair loss, dry skin, rising cholesterol, rising blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, other mental health issues, and hundreds more as reported here.
  2. A poor conversion of T4 to T3 due to a myriad of real biological and normal life events which can negatively affect that deiodinase conversion of T4 to T3, such as aging, the normal stress of life circumstances, inflammation, low iron, and just plain bad genetics, to name a few. The body is not meant to live for conversion alone!
  3. Lousy outcomes from being held hostage to the dubious “normal TSH lab range” are rampant. The TSH is a pituitary hormone and can never discern if all our tissues and organs are getting enough thyroid hormone from conversion alone.

So all of you who are esteemed members of the Endocrine Society, we as informed thyroid patients who live in our own bodies and have our own intelligence and wisdom, challenge you to consider the following questions:

  1. Can you really call T4-only “effective and safe” in light of the myriad of continued hypothyroid symptoms that patients have noted or reported for 50+ years while on Synthroid, levothyroxine, Tirosent or any other brand of T4-only…sooner or later?
  2. In light of the fact that T4-only results in numerous organic and tissue problems like depression, a low metabolism, joint pain, high blood pressure, rising cholesterol and so much more…does it really meet the body tissues requirements?
  3. If T4-only meets all the body’s tissue requirements, why does nature cause a healthy thyroid to give not just T4, but also direct T3 and calcitonin?
  4. If all those continued and persistent hypothyroid symptoms on Levothyroxine are due to “other causes” or “unhealthy lifestyle choices”, why in the world do these same individuals see them all go away when they get on Natural Desiccated Thyroid and find their optimal dose (which has nothing to do with the TSH)??
  5. Why is it that when patients are held hostage to the dubious TSH range, they continue to have clear and/or rising hypothyroid symptoms?


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Check out this video by Hugh Melnick MD about the superiority of NDT over synthetic T4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muorjvQ4DUE

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  1. Lusin paul

    International Conference on Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorder” is bringing the International academics, practitioners, researchers and experts together to Berlin, Germany during May 22-23, 2019. https://www.meetingsint.com/conferences/endocrinology

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Too bad academics, practitioners, researchers and so-called experts don’t get it that someone like myself could enlighten the lot of you…having listened to and compiled the wisdom of patients over 16 years now. WE KNOW SO MUCH that you guys do not.

  2. Lusin Paul

    The “International Conference on Endocrinology & Metabolic Disorder” is bringing the International academics, practitioners, researchers and experts together to Berlin, Germany during May 22-23, 2019.

  3. Emily Summer

    Have been unable to find an Endo that will prescribe NDT so, in desperation I went online and got some from Thailand. 1000 pills for 100 dollars. That was two years ago and I have not looked back. All my symptoms disappeared.

  4. Jean

    Hi Janie. I couldn’t find your blog, but here goes. I hope you will get this message. Do you know if anyone is having problems on Naturethroid? I am taking several pills per day and I am only suppose to be taking one. My throat is swollen inside, not the neck. Also I can’t get enough water. Very dry. Hair, skin, joints hurt, eyes dry. These are my usual low thyroid symptoms. My medication isn’t working. I will be contacting my Endocrinologist on Monday, however, I was just wondering if anybody else is experiencing what I am. Thank you

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Jean. This is the blog. 🙂 There are many different strengths of the pills, so not sure what “several” pills equal to. But two things: if you have Hashi’s, small doses will make the antibodies worse at first, patients have reported. That’s why Hashi’s patients say they need to raise faster than others without Hashi’s, and the closer they get to their optimal dose, the more the antibodies eventually start a fall. See https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/hashimotos

      Or second, you might want to read #2 on this page because it may be your problem and is worth exploring with your doctor: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/ndt-doesnt-work-for-me

  5. Hadassah

    Hi Janie , I’m a patient of Dr Hugh Melnick . And as such I must say . Dr Melnick where have you been for the past twenty three years ? I suffered with Synthroid first after my T.T. I kept complaining that I get palpitations that I thought my heart would jump out . I had my ups and downs . My life was NOT the same . Only to be told your TSH is fine so they lowered me and again it would happen over and over again . It became a way of life until I could take it NO MORE . I went on line and read that patients that had T.T. as myself where dosing with T3 as well with T4 . I never heard of it . Because my Drs never mentioned it . After going through unbelievable palpitations muscle cramping that landed me last summer in the E.R. and only to be given muscle relaxer and to be told I have sports injury . I even went for pain management and they all new that I had T. T. and I was on SYNTHROID . Never testing me . I finally went to a Dr . that I had to beg for T3 I knew nothing about . Gave me 5mcg and never told me how to take it . I went on line and Janie was very nice and told me patients start dosing at least 3x a day for starters and I will have to raise eventually . Janie was happy for me that a least I have T3 with the T4 . Well I was not very happy with T3 it initially gave me a jolt and when it wore off I was like a drug addict who needed the next fix fast or else I would start to palpitate . I was so disillusioned did not know whom to turn to . I heard about Dr Melnick I made an appointment and expecting the same old same old . What else is new . But let me tell you . I was made to fill out a questionnaire for starters . And all the questions pertained to me .And I had to score 0-4 how I felt after each question . Was this going to be different ? When I saw Dr Melnick and he spoke to me and explained and questioned more and UNDERSTOOD what I was going through . I just wanted to cry . Where has Dr Melnick been all these years for me . He was so patient and showed me that he is on NDT as well . Well Dr . Melnick put me on 1grain of NDT I saw in 2 days the difference . It was a much smoother delivery of T3 . I did not feel the jolt or that I need my next fix . I’m returning this week to the GOOD DOCTOR after three weeks I feel like life was pumped back into me . I feel like I might need a little raise but that will be a choice of the GOOD DOCTOR and myself . I feel like Dr Melnick and I partnered in my well being together . HE LISTENS AND HEARS YOU . Dr . MELNICK , I am so VERY grateful you came into my life and in to my family whom you treat as well . Looking forward for many many healthy years of treating my family and me . With great appreciation (VERY WELL EARNED) your VERY GREATFUL PATIENT FOR EVER . THANK YOU ……….

  6. Evy

    They seem so self conscious and sure about all what they do ! May be they are perfect, progressing and efficient about diabet, but concerning hypo-thyroid deseases, the international medical thyroid community should be more listening what patients say. Most of us are not recovering at all with T4 medication only ! When will they listen to us ??? After ten years of loosing energy, hope and any taste in life, I went to desiccated thyroid hormone, and it seems like a miracle : I got back my energy, I got back my optimistic way of seeing thinks like I had before. And thanks to T4 only, I got two surgeries to get rid of an atrial flutter and a very important atrial fibrilation, which have been diagnosed as a consequence of T4 only medication… by the heart surgeon, of course, not by the endocrino…..

  7. Patricia

    I know from personal experience that Synthroid and its generics do not work for me and the side effects are horrendous. Consequently I find the scare tactics used by certain endocrinologist groups to be disgusting. It’s all about money of course. Sadly it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a doctor who will think outside the box supplied by Big Pharma and write a prescription that actually helps.

    Last week I had a consultation at a bioidentical hormone clinic both for the female hormones and for my thyroid. It was crazy expensive and not covered by insurance (but my high deductible health plan doesn’t cover much anyway), but I was determined to stay off Synthroid and I wanted to give the female hormones a try. The practitioner gave me a prescription for Nature Throid and then told me to let her know if I still had symptoms because they don’t just look at the labs, they also consider symptoms and will adjust the medication accordingly. Wow! It’s so rare to hear that. My last endo lowered my Armour Thyroid because he didn’t like my lab results even though I was feeling fine. Of course within weeks I was having problems. (He has since left his practice or I might still be under his care.)

    I totally emphasize with those who have decided to self-monitor and order their NDT from overseas. It’s a continual, expensive battle to find a decent doctor and get good care. And all we want is to feel normal.

  8. Janie Bowthorpe

    Here’s a video sent to me by Hugh Melnick, MD which he would love other practitioners to view! Same for patients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muorjvQ4DUE

  9. Artemis

    I have a number of “hates” (issues I despise with a passion and all my being) but none like the damned American medical INDUSTRY which is something I loathe and hate with a vengeful passion … for many reasons.

    We MUST retain our rights to treat and medicate our bodies as WE wish – not the murderers and legalized crooks of BIG PHARMA and their partners in crime, the medical profession in the good Ole USofA,,,,who couldn’t diagnose a runny nose if their lives depended on it.

  10. malcolm

    They say that what California does today, the rest of the world follows. However, when it comes to imposing the will of the pharmocracy, the shape of things to come, is painted clearly in the UK:
    1. A single entity (“Boots Inc”) has a near monopoly of pharmaceutical outlet. Curiously, this near-monopoly has emerged without any political or popular protest.
    2. Pharmacies have been virtually banned from compounding. If a doctor is misguided enough to prescribe bespoke medication, the quoted astronomical price is likely to bear no relation to the actual cost, so bureaucracy descends upon the doctor, reminding them of the cost constraints which apply to the delivery of healthcare and they had better “Improve” the way they prescribe.
    So, watch out America for some changes coming to your neighbourhood shortly. Malcolm

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      You have just described a nightmare….

    • SunnySky

      I believe this, 100%
      I notice my Dr just sent two different reminder letters:
      1) mammogram 2) colonoscopy.
      Some may feel I’m silly not to do the tests, but….

  11. Lorraine McGregor

    Hi Janie:

    Is it possible to put the link to this blog on the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism website?
    Here is my story. When I first had the initial tipping point symptoms at peri-menopaus seven years ago, that something was very wrong, (super cold, even in summer, severe hayfever, dry skin and 15 pounds weight gain in a few weeks) I went to my naturopath. She said go to my doctor and get tested for hypothyroid. I got the results first and sent them to my naturopath who was floored at my antiTPO (570) and TSH (27.5) T4 Free (13.5), # Free (6.5) numbers. No word from my family doctor. Naturopath said “you need to get on Thyroid meds immediately. AND heal leaky gut. No gluten, no dairy.” Yikes. So I called my doctor who had yet to even look at my test results days later and she said I had to come see her. Once there, I told her I wanted to take Erfa Thyroid (we are in Canada so Armour is called Erfa here) and she said she had never heard of it. I had to go on Synthroid and shouldn’t be swayed by people who are not doctors. Without knowing how to combat this position, I dutifully went on Synthroid. Next tests 30 days later showed TSH at 6.0. So she was happy. But my TPO was still at 570. She just said that meant I had Hashimotos. Yet I was feeling anxious, afraid and deeply disturbed for the first time in my life. A part of me could tell this wasn’t me and it really was an illusion. I talked about it with my husband so I could keep telling the difference between what my body was going through (anxiety) and what my common sense told me was true about my state of mind (just fine except for the anxious physical feeling). Daily self-coaching and reassurance helped me but I did not want to continue on this drug. But how to find a solution to get what I really needed? That’s when I found your website. I followed the instructions on how to find a local doctor. I went to see him. He retested me and immediately put me on Erfa thyroid, bio identical estrogen and progesterone. I was then already gluten and dairy free. He encouraged me to do Vega testing to see what other foods reacted with my immune system. I did that and off came grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, pineapple, almonds and tuna. Weird list right? All H1R high histamine foods. Within a month I felt back to my normal self emotionally. Within a year I had lost 25 pounds, by not eating the food that irritated my immune system. Five years later, it’s like I don’t have Hashimotos anymore… My TPO is at 30, TSH at 1.3 and T4 and T3 free the same as before, so I know I still have it. But I’m not plagued by the symptoms. I never went back to my family doctor. I told an endocrinologist how I was managing to stay healthy… he said I probably didn’t need to do all that and focused on how much Vitamin D I take. Ah, way to dodge the issue that I was successful in how I was approaching my health! Today I take 200 mg selenium, digestive enzymes after each meal, 300 mg magnesium, 1000 mg calcium, 10,000 iu vitamin D, probiotics, 10 mg DHEA suppository every other day (godsend) and l-glutamine. Since I’m post-menopause, I don’t seem to need bio-identical estrogen and progesterone. The weight has stayed off… unless I stray to potato chips. But I’ll keep testing to make sure all is in balance. So I’m happy healthy and not degenerating into a shrivelled, tired, cold, old woman at 56. But boy did I have to push to be my own quarterback. I’m very glad I had the self-esteem, trained influencing skills and the research acumen to be able to do that for myself. Not everyone has. So how can we let doctors know? Thanks for being there Janie!!

    • Lorraine McGregor

      So I just went to their website in the hyperlink above and noticed that I could send the society a note through the Contact section. Here is what I sent them. Maybe others want to do the same thing. Don’t know how effective it would be:
      I think your endocrine researchers might want to pay attention to the experiences of actual patients who DO NOT thrive under the FDA protocols you state are supposed to help. This narrow focus on Synthroid over actual Thyroid medication that actually adds both T3 AND T4 seems to fly in the face of massive evidence that endocrinologists should also be examining as a null hypothesis to contrast your theories. That way you avoid a conflict of interest that makes it appear you are siding with big pharma as your top priority over examining actual results of real people who succeed in minimizing the horrendous symptoms of Hashimotos and have healthy lives as a result.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Good for you for being an example of how we have to be our own best advocate in this crazy, blind-sighted, money-driven medical world when it comes to healthcare.

      • Evy

        You are right Janie. I feel better in my mind speaking and explaining what happened to me, and learning what happens to many people, but I know that some people just stoped trying to recover, and nobody will know about them. But these suffering and people are giving the chemical laboratories and their servile following doctors the illusion that they are right and making a god job…

  12. Cathy Yearwood

    By the way, I am on Armour, which has been reduced. When my labs came in, my cholesteral was high, even my good cholesteral, which has always been really good. Also one test showed me pre diabetic and no one in my family has had these problems. I was also experiencing dizzinessand shortness of breath. Those are slightly better now and I’m trying to eat mostly fruits and vegetables to help loose weight and reduce cholesteral and blood sugar. Otherwise I was threatened with medication I don’t want to take. Yes, everyone thinks I was on vacation! Not!

  13. Cathy Yearwood

    I just came back from the U.S. after going to my first endo. Had been treated by a nurse practitioner previously. First, I’m 66, so she couldn’t understand why I was on hormones, bio-identical or not. She suggested weaning me off them, stating they were dangerous for me at my age. I was sent for a mammogram which showed a nodule, so on to a breast Dr. He thought it was a sebaceous cyst, so sent me for more shots to confirm. It did turn out to be a cyst, but he decided I needed a biopsy for something else he saw. I couldn’t see anything, but went along to verify and have a tag inserted in case anything should show up at any time. I hate wondering this, but I really wonder if I needed that biopsy, and, it is no fun experience! Now, I’ve received a couple of calls from the endo’s office wanting more information on all of this. Everytime I calm down, something stirs me back up. Oh, and after all this happened, I got scared and just threw all the hormones, except the bi-est/testosterone away. Didn’t wean myself, so now I’m back in menopause😖. Also waiting for a return call from endo after hearing the last voice mail from them. Thinking I will just stick with Dr’s on my little island here.

  14. Emily

    I never realized that levo could effect cholesterol. My cholesterol has been out of whack for years. Off the charts! I am 23 and I have to worry about heart attacks and clots constantly. I went off my meds almost a year ago now, and my cholesterol is finally coming down. Coincidence? I think not. Levothroxine made me feel miserable. Gave me freaky heart palpitations.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Darlene

      YES–Levo/synthroid increases cholesterol–uterine tumors, causes kidney failure ( I went stage 3 kidney failure in short time), high blood pressure, heart attacks etc…it is pure poison!!

  15. María

    Hello Janie,

    My name is Maria Luisa and I live in Spain (Europe).
    First, I would like to apologize for my bad English because of I only speak and write English a little.

    I bought your book “Stop the thyroid madness” in Spanish in January 2016 and I am amazed with the powerful information contained. Thank you very much for sharing and publishing important information for us.

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2009, and now I have been diagnosed with pericardial effusion. I am very worried because it is a danger to my life, and a possible surgical intervention gives me horror. I suspect behind that it is my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis because the doctor tells me that there is no infection or other known causes.

    I have never had any analisys of reverse T3, free T3 and total T3 (since 2009) until January 2016 when I asked my doctor (thanks to your book!).

    I’m trying to calculate the free T3/RT3 ratio and total T3/RT3 ratio of my figures T3 analysis, but I can not because I have problems with the different units of measure and I’m going crazy with calculations.

    Please, Could you help me? These are my figures T3 analysis:

    Total T3: 112 ng/dl

    Free T3: 3.67 Pg/dl

    Reverse T3: 0.22 ng/ml

    (Free T4: 1.2 Ng/dl and TSH: 1.9 microU/ml)

    I would be very grateful if you could give me the correct ratio, because my calculations give very big mistakes.

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

    Mª Luisa

  16. Sara

    Too bad synthroid makes me sick and I can’t take synthetic hormones because of a previous dvt, yet bioidentical progesterone is safe for me

  17. Charisse Andrews

    The above is both scary and appalling, that so many physicians have come under the influence of pharmaceutical companies. I left the industry after seeing how the system worked, and not just in endocrinology . I am very fortunate to have a family physician who works with me on my Hashimoto’s, and Rx’d Armour. I read multiple times both the STTM II and Hashimoto’s books and referred to them in my discussion with my doctor. He still relies on labs but does respond to my input on symptoms. Overall, the above serves as a patronizing declaration….”little lady, just change your lifestyle, & let the doctor make all the decisions because we know what’s best”. And yet they really don’t.

  18. Evy

    Hi !Unbeleavable !!! I must tell you my reality and my own testimony. I’m living in France 🙂 Since 2003 I got so sick for years without getting any other diagnostic than : “you are tired, you are depressed, this must me psycho, your blood analysis and your TSH are all right….” And one day, after six years, a simple analyse could show that I had hashimoto syndrome. It took me four more years to try to recover with the T4, after three and a half one I got some T3… No way ! I was still feeling so tired, my hart became to suffer from Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial Flutter, so I got in touch with you, and got the information that there existed alternative teatments and that it was possible to get porc thyroïd Extract in Germany. I went to see a doctor there and got a prescription, I began exactly one month ago. Result : I got a radiofrequency ablation of the flutter on the first of april, recovered very well, and I’m going to have one other radiofrequency ablation of the fibrillation in one month. Concerning my energy : I feel so much better, I’m happy, even if the fibrillation is still here I live better, and you know what : the dosage has already been divided by two !!! I just thank you so much to exist and to give all your informations, thank you so much ! I even began to loose so weight 🙂

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Wonderful!! And know that many patients have reported that their atrial fibrillation went totally away once they raised NDT and found their optimal dose! Not saying that’s your cause, but it sure is interesting how many reported it now gone thanks to their optimal dose of NDT.

      • Evy

        It is quite sure that Levo gave me that flutter and fibrillation, because I had nothing of this kind before taking Levo in 2012, and got my first fibrillation problems in october 2013. Levo was doing nothing to my tiredness and lack of energy, so the dose was increased but for no improvement. I tried to explain that on a french site, and I am not the only one, but even the webmaster explains :”hart problems are coming only if Levo is overdosed ! But how do you know that you are overdosed if there is no improvement ??? i got sick with the french site ! They even don’t get that there are auto-censuring themselves because sd extract is no sold in France.

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          Oh my, the webmaster is not updated about patient experiences with T4-only!

          • Evy

            They are minimizing. We can say the consequences of T4 only, the consequences of all the problems caused by the chemical medicines. One girl or one group tried to make some kind of a petition some years ago in order to get back the possibility of porcine sd extract, but for a reason I don’t know, didn’t go until the webloading …. I tried to give a testimony of my case and explain my point of view, and the answer I got was that I was aggressive and not caring for many people who were happy with Levo or Levo+T3…. At one point, I guess that people feel so alone and misunderstood that they just don’t fight anymore….

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            The sad thing is that those who feel they are doing well seem to see more and more symptoms creep up the longer they stay on, and it then becomes miserable if they then find themselves with tanked cortisol levels!

    • SAM

      Hi Evy – I recently moved from the US to Romania and cannot find the porc thyroïd Extract in Romania. Did a doctor in France make your prescription and then you sent for the porc thyroïd Extract from Germany? Or did you have to get a German doctor to make the prescription and go to Germany to get the porc thyroïd Extract? If you sent for the porc thyroïd Extract in Germany could you give me the details so that I can give them to a doctor here in Romania to order it also? Thanks, SAM

    • Darlene

      after a car accident & miscarriage–i became “frozen”-eventually went to a doctor who diagnosed me hypothyroid–and i went to a chiropractor who said that happens alot after women get whiplash & leave it untreated.(yup–that was me) i was nearly paralyzed. with my whole body failing i was a mess by the time i went to the Dr. got levothyroxine–terrible–sent my heart all wacky-and gained huge huge weight. I had always been athletic & very strong via weight lifting–not fat. i refused any more levo & Dr gave me Synthroid–worse than hell! i had worse heart issues & it seemed i had no oxygen. (continued with chiro–he warned me i nearly severed my nerves high in neck–i saw xrays) finally got on my feet & got to a computer (i had lost baby, car, home, jobs after accident) and discovered Armour Thyroid–i was in heaven. life returned to near normal–until AT had issues in 2009 & now again in 2015 (search the internet) AT got bought out & changed formula of pills. this was good news to me because health was again going bad–while cost skyrocket in 2015 to present!!! and i called my DR -left message with staff that I want NDT. my Dr was about of town–but immediately some one acting all bossy wanted to know why i suddenly wanted to change to NDT? simple is said: my body–my decision and my wallet–my decision (AT of course was NOT covered by insurance). then someone called again to discuss–WOW I thought –they are like sharks–so next week when Dr returns—i can not wait to hear what the medical office will try to force my DR to do. (ACA –Obama care is awful!!) PS–the worst part about Levo & Synth. is that it is KNOW to cause uterine tumors–KNOWN!! (yup got that–nearly grew giant overnight–then another surgery to remove that.)

  19. Lorraine M

    This on 1st April would be a joke if it were not for the terrible consequences likely for all who become victims of the pharmaceutical industry who are controlling the medical profession by perpetrating the T4 lie. Levo and the like do not make you well, they destroy you inch by inch long-term. Your greed is taking our lives..

  20. Mary Renken

    Almost all the studies I have read focus on blood tests alone. Rarely the more subjective of
    ‘how does the patient FEEL’. Because they don’t know how to measure it.

  21. Tabitha

    As someone who deals with severe hormone issues due to my different diagnoses I don’t know what I would do without my compounded progesterone. I tried synthetic progesterone and it made my symptoms so much worse that I almost could not function!

    I don’t know why it surprises me that something like this was released and that they are actually serious. It’s appalling.

  22. Jamy

    Any chance it was a joke? This explains why Belleview Pharmacy went under.

    • April

      If you mean the pharmacy just outside St. Louis I think it is Bellevue. So how are patients supposed to get their refills?

      • Jamy

        They won’t. I am panhypo-pituitary. I have to have compounded testosterone and all other hormones. Now I will have to use male testosterone and inject and hope I keep the dose low enough.

        • SunnySky

          Yes! Be careful with the amount of T you inject.

          After insurance stopped covering compounded hormones and I could NOT afford buying outside the plan (after being laid off), I received a script for testosterone; I was instructed to inject a massive .25 amount. I shortly ended up with too much T, but didn’t know until early November 2015–a good six months after injecting .25 per week. My last monthly cycle was May 2015 and it still has not returned. Even though I’m now 54 years old, I was regular as clockwork until too much T. Also, my urine smell was very strong. It’s finally improving, but it’s been over five months now since I found out. Oh, I should have known something was up besides that…. hairs were growing where I didn’t want them, plus my upper back and back of neck was breaking out. I’m so stubborn and stupid. Be careful.

          Oh, and at first, my Dr instructed to inject via IM. I finally convinced him subcutaneous is very possible, so ended up doing that.


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