Do you love being inspired??

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Here’s a most stunning and inspirational CHRISTMAS CARD video created by Thyroid Patient Julie! It warms your heart and gives you the most important part of the season: HOPE!!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season and may you Seize the Wisdom, Thyroid Warriors! CLICK BELOW:


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6 Responses to “Do you love being inspired??”

  1. judithbiehl

    Would t4 only medicine make blood sugar higher if you were diabetic.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Not sure we’ve heard of that happening. But T4-only is simply a poor way to treat hypothyroidism, as too many patients have reported over the years.

  2. jo anne

    I needed some inspiration and hope. Thanks.

  3. Brenda

    I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto auto-immune disorder, but the coolest thing just happened as I took the blessing to Watch your video the SUN came out and was shinning right over me and as I struggle through stress and pain daily the inspiring words were there this is not the end is the beginning to rediscover and heal our body. May God inspire you to contribute and help our thyroid world.

  4. my name is Lisa Odle

    I have hyperthyroidism its been 8 years dealing with this disease the doctor says they can’t treat mine because my tsh is too low they can brink it down but not up they treat my symptoms some of them not all just the worsed ones i wish u luck with yours i have give up on mine tired of doctors

  5. April

    Thanks for giving me hope! I have recently by diagnosed with Hashimotos and possibly polycyclic ovarian syndrome. My life has been turned up side down over the last 6-8 weeks.


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