Short and Sweet – Listen to latest interview of Janie Bowthorpe

JANIE in front of books July 2014Hello to all my fellow thyroid patient friends!

I, Janie, have taken a break from the STTM blog after the release of the fabulous Stop the Thyroid Madness II book. And it’s time to return!!

Here’s the short and sweet reason I’m writing this blog…

Listen to Kirstin Costello of Wellness Talk Radio interview me!! I think we both did a great job!

And once you do, spread the word by sharing the link below. Send this to your family and friends. Post it on Facebook. Let’s help reach all our fellow thyroid patients who need to learn from over a decade of thyroid patient experiences and wisdom in the treatment of hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue/insufficiency issues, low iron and so much more.

Go here:

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P.S. Have you read the new Stop the Thyroid Madness II book? You should.

No, this new book does not “replace” the original revised and very detailed STTM book. The latter will always have brilliant details of patient experiences and wisdom found nowhere else.

But the new STTM II book is giving you the following:

1) an excellent companion to the first book.

2) information that only certain medical practitioners can give you.

3) a strong message to all doctors since it’s written by their very colleagues.

In other words, if other practitioners continue to bash Natural Desiccated Thyroid or T3 or refer to it as “poison”, think the TSH is a great diagnostic tool to diagnose or dose by, don’t believe in low cortisol, and more…they will have to be bashing their own colleagues’ wisdom as contained on these pages.

The authors of the new STTM II book include Paige Adams FNP, Geoffrey T. Bouc MD (owner of website I want my T3!), Jeffrey Dach MD (, Lena D. Edwards MD, Andrew H. Heyman MD (in Virginia), Carla Heiser RDN, Paula H. Luber MD, Benjamin D. Lynch MD (aka Ben Lynch of the MTHFR website), William D. Trumbower MD, Philip L. Roberts MD, Yusuf (JP) Saleeby MD, Laura R. Stone MD, Nguyen D. Phan MD, and James C. Yang, MD.

If you haven’t yet seen or read this wonderful new book yet, go here:

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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46 Responses to “Short and Sweet – Listen to latest interview of Janie Bowthorpe”

  1. Janie s

    i got lab results of tsh 9.31 and low levels of t3 – .94 and t4 – .93 . I need to go back to doc to discuss. Want to go as educated as possible. Have anxiety, fatigue. Hate medicines and the side effects related to them. Some of the stories of weight gain and increased anxiety and joint pain are really scarey. Need some advice on where to start and what to ask. Help! I am 46 and eat well and exercise.

  2. Debbie Stevens

    Janie, I just found out today that I have narcolepsy, and that it is an auto immune disorder. I don’t have enough hypocretin in my brain to regulate my sleep. I think hypocretin is related to secretin, which is in the gut. I am 60 years old and had a subtotal thyroidectomy at age 24 for hyperthyroidism. The surgeon said it was auto immune. Now I’ve been on Armour thyroid 60 mg for many years for hypothyroidism. Can you tell me anything about thyroid disease being related in any way to narcolepsy? I’ve seen on line where sometimes low dose naltrexone helps with thyroid and with narcolepsy issues! Also, do you know anything about RAI treatment for Graves disease causing brain tumors, like a meningioma? My 33 year old daughter had that done about 7 years ago. Today she has surgery to remove the meningioma. Please pray for her recovery. Her recent TSH was 8, starting on Naturethroid instead of Synthroid . Vitamin D was also low, so getting that too. I had a breakdown in the sleep doctor’s office today. Sobbing, saying “I don’t want to do this anymore, I just want to be normal!” I have tried so many things, but I have your books now! Thank you so much for spreading your knowledge and wisdom!

  3. Kris

    Hi Janie, do you think it’s possible for someone without a thyroid to replace NDT with Thyrogold if the dosages can be matched? I’ve been self medicating for years and Thyro-gold might come out cheaper for me. I can’t deal with these stupid doctors anymore.

  4. Mary

    Janie – Your thoughts on those of us over 60 years old taking Armour. Is it okay, if we are in otherwise good health? So many opinions out there….Thanks, Mary

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Mary. The best thing about Stop the Thyroid Madness is that it’s about experiences, which is far better than all those myriad of opinions out there. And as far as those over age 60, it appears we soar just as much as those under 60 because we use NDT. 🙂

  5. hello,iam chandana,

    i have a question..i was looking for thyroid alternative medications..iam 36, recently i went to my physician for regular check up..i had hypothyroid symptoms ,my TSH iS 3.730 and my free t4 is 1.07..i gained almost 25 pounds in just 5 months… my physician is said it is not reach yet… will wait and watch…these symptoms are killing me ..iam getting frustrated…iam looking for an alternative medicine ….please suggest me the alternative medicine…
    thank u..

  6. Paige

    Janie, you are an inspiration. Thank you for all that you do for us!!!

    I have been hypo and had Hashi’s for the past 8 years, all while taking the birth control pill. Neither the 50 mcg of Synthroid or birth control pill ever helped any of my symptoms, despite what the docs and lab tests said… January 2014, Endo recommended going off BC pill, which I followed suit. It was 6 months later, early June 2014, I asked to be switched to Armour because I was sick of feeling like this. He granted my request, however totally messed up on the dosage conversions and essentially doubled my original dose. For the past 6 months, I have been through hell and back trying to research and learn everything I possibly can so I can fix these additional symptoms. I developed severe food sensitivities, incontinence during menstruation, insane acne, hot flashes, extreme exhaustion, shortness of breath, dry/brittle hair and skin, haywire emotions, and the list goes on and on. Every 4-6 weeks since then, I’ve been gradually decreasing my Armour dosage followed by doing bloodwork testing. So, late June 2014 my TSH was 0.04. My Endo still thinks I’m taking Armour 60 and told me to check back in 6 mos, which is totally unacceptable. After doing this on my own the last 6 months, currently my TSH is 1.05, Free T3 is 4.0, Free T4 is 1.0, Ferritin is 68, Antibodies are good, Total Cholesterol is a little low 107 (125-200), HDL/LDL/Trig all optimal. Optimal blood pressure. I also tested for rT3 and the result is 9….. the lab didn’t even give me a ref range. ??? It’s quite clear I have adrenal fatigue as well. However, my concern is this: As of my last blood test results, I was taking Armour 30 mg, 6 days/wk and Armour 45 mg, 1 day/wk. I’m getting puzzled by how low my dose is getting. My next ideal decrease would be 30 mg, 6 days/wk and 15 mg, 1 day/wk. Is this too low?? Is there another underlying problem here? Could it be a possibility that I could end up weaning myself off of Armour all together? I’m doing this all by myself, except for my chiro/naturopath who orders my bloodwork for me but can’t comment on dosing, so I’m open to any advice if you have any to give. Another sidenote: I am also entirely gluten free, dairy free, soy free, etc and eat an extremely clean diet. Thanks for all that you do!!!!

  7. Maria

    Is the efficacy of the NDT which you get without a prescription the same as the ones which require a doctors prescription? If so which company would you recommend?
    My interest is cause I live out of the USA though I usually order my supplements from States and have them sent to me by my daughter. I have no way of getting a doctor from America to prescribe for me.

  8. Maura


  9. Maria

    Thanks which particular brand of NDT would u suggest for a first time user with half thyroid surgery? I was looking at thyro gold. Not sure where to buy Armour thyroid online. Though have read they might have changed the specs.
    Thanks for taking time to answer our questions and sharing your knowledge.

  10. Maria

    What dosage is 5 grains?

  11. Nicole

    Hi and thank you for all your work! I’ve been trying to improve my metabolism for 6 months now with diet aka books and blog such as ‘eat for heat’.
    Some things have improved but some are not. Digestion is up but I am still easily exhausted from exercise – Im a physical therapist and Pilates teacher – very active but a severe root canal infection nearly 2 years ago now is what started this. I can’t work now.
    Main symptoms – weight gain -I weigh just over 200 pounds! (From about 150) (even worse since I dropped low carb for eat for heat), arm pain and tingling, shoulders particularly – and the soles of my feet when I get up in the morning – I feel like I have rheumatoid arthritis! Horrendously cracked feet, plaque++ despite great dental hygiene.
    Anyway I’m hoping there’s a forum I can join, I haven’t tried any treatment yet aside from iv vit c and some supplements etc to help with the infection. I have followed WAPF for many years too so am up with diet & lifestyle factors. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some bacterial component somehow but can’t see how to solve all of this riddle. My mother has had goitre and other metabolic problems too. Look forward to moving forward with some stories here.

  12. Marianne Russell

    Help – I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a year ago, had nodules so biopsy confirmed it, and am on levothyroxine 75 mcg. Cannot lose weight, very tired and BP is high and will not come down. Physicians tell me to lose weight, but cannot seemingly due to Hashimoto’s. TSH was 4.1 – “okay”. I have asked for more help controlling symptoms, and was told “these are the symptoms of Hashimoto’s and you need to learn to live with them.” Should I try gluten free? How do a find a practitioner that will prescript NDT?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Good grief. Those kind of idiotic statements by clueless doctors are exactly why STTM exists. And no, a TSH of 4.1 is horrid. Yes, it helps the majority of Hashi’s patients to go off gluten, but your equally big problem is being on the lousy levothyroxine. Hashi’s patients just like any thyroid patients report doing far better on NDT. NDT does seem to increase antibodies at first, but as its raised, patients report that rise stops and some even see antibodies go down. Also using selenium will help lower anti-TPO antibodies, as has iodine, and Low Dose Naltrexone. See

  13. claire hunter

    (hi there any feedback on my post dated 22nd November would be appreciated, think there’s someone else too called camy her post is dated 21st)

  14. sue

    Hi I just recently went for blood work and I got my results My tsh 2.020 and t4 is 1.15 ..I haven’t been feeling good lately..I thought I was or am going through menopause. I’m 48 been so tired moody aches n pains all over.. Loosing hair I have a problem with my thyroid? If so which one?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Sue, the best way for any of us to answer that is this: yes, we’ve seen lots of folks with raging hypothyroid systems even with a TSH around 2. That’s why this page exists: And we can’t comment on your T4, since we don’t know the range or if it’s a free T4. It’s a free T3 which is the most important, by the way. Yes, tiredness, moodiness, aches and pains and losing hair have been hypo symptoms for many. Bottom line: not sure, but what you are saying is suspicious for hypothyroid. Here are where patient groups are listed, by the way, under #2, if you want more feedback:

  15. claire

    Hi, i am on 75 levothyroxine 5mcg t3 and use 2ml hydrocortosine cream a day. I was bed/housebound for 13 weeks over a year ago following what felt like a sudden illness. Docs said i have chronic fatigue syndrome. I now take loads of supplements yet still get back to back viruses (not as serious) allergy symptoms, dry hair, gaining half a stone every 6 months, dry eyes, had severe light sensitivity headaches but now just get daily regular headaches and migraines, the muscle weakness is still there not as bad, poor stamina, post exertional malaise. Endo says i prob have dampening of the pituitary due to a virus and wants me to see a clinical psychologist. But in not mad! Cant exercise and cant find the energy to socialise. Been on thyroid meds fir a decade now. Any help/suggestions appreciated.

  16. Camy

    Hi Janie,
    I have been on 90 mcg of Armour Thyroid for an entire year, and just wondering if I continue this way, what can possibly happen?
    I did lose 20 pounds in the last six months, so it does feel like a definite change of when I was on Levoxyl, but just wondering what negative things are possible if I do not make any changes with dosage,etc?
    Thank you

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Camy. This was answered, but not seeing it. So I’ll do it again. The best way to answer is that thyroid patients reporting back over the past decade say they know they are on the right dose of NDT when they feel great again, have a mid-afternoon temp of 98.6, a free T3 towards the top of the range, and a good heartrate and blood pressure. If their dose isn’t the right one and is too low, patients have reported thyroid symptoms creeping up, and some start to have adrenal problems. Here’s where you can go to see patient groups (under #2) which can help with more feedback:

  17. Premila

    I had partial thyroidectomy 10 years ago.Since then I have been taking levo. 15- 25 mcg a day and was doing fine until recently.I am filling all time .I have boy pain, heavy head, sometimes dizzy, high heart rate… doc found mercury in my body .Could this be a reaction to mercury?Also I am unable to go to work as I feel sick , low energy, unable to use mental energy to do my work…my head starts swinging.I tried natural dessicated throyroid…I think I have reaction to it as that makes me feel sick.

  18. Josie

    Continuation from above….
    I should also mention that I have super high cholesterol. My worst symptom is chronic pain. My joints and muscles hurt all day – but really inflamed in bad weather. Other than that, I am healthy and happy.

  19. Josie

    Hello. I was diagnosed with Hashi’s. I am taking Synthroid 175 mcg daily and Liothyronine 5mg 2x/day. I am steadily gaining weight. I think I swing back and forth. Somedays I’m exhausted and nodding out. Other days I barely sleep. There is no logic or rhyme or reason. Last month I traveled out of state to get blood work done. My labs showed :
    TPO high 1130 (range 0-34)
    TSH low 0.309 (range 0.450-4.500)
    What is my next step? Where can I find a doctor that will listen to me, not my labs?


  20. LV

    Dear Janie
    Taking care of an elderly aunt 85yo who has been on Levothyroxine 75mg for many years “over 30yrs” due to an underactive thyroid.
    4 years ago she was misdiagnosed with heart trouble…& HBP, palpitations etc. However after the heart catheter test … the doctor stated she had a heart of a 50year old! She started to have many memory issues 2 years thereafter… And we proceeded in changing med to Nature-throid due to the bad effects of Levo (over a year and a 1/2 ago) we started on a low dose 16.5 for 6 weeks to make the transition gradual… Her blood pressure came down and memory function started to palpitations. We then transitioned to Westhroid Pure due to stomach cramps associated with NatureThroid …. Blood tests were gathered throughout this transition… and still came back abnormal. T3 started at 24,
    T4 at 2.1. TSH 150.00. Westhroid Pure was increased to 32.5g ….and followed with another abnormal test T3- 25 T4-2.6 TSH-139. The doctor then stated to double the WP dosage but do it gradually (*never happened). Also stated to see an endo specialist immediately to adjust medication.
    The endo specialist insisted on Armour or Levo due to the past test results.. 5 weeks in she was on 30MG of Armour tests still abnormal T4-0.7 TSH-50.00 No T3 result shown. Endo specialist suggested an increase in dosage to 60MG. A test is scheduled results yet TBD.
    Since the initial switch to Armour her behavior has become over anxious and her memory seems to be better however there is much confusion now… no more stomach pains… but goes more often than before. She is more confused 8 hours after taking her Armour med.
    I noticed in some posts Armour should be taken 2x due to normal T3 distribution… Should dosage be taken 2X instead of 1x per day?
    This may help with the lag 8 hours thereafter & the memory issues?
    Also there is very little mention of the side effects if any associated with titanium dioxide as it relates to brain function? Some sites say its very BAD others say it is inert and will pass through the stool?
    I think brain sensitivity in the elderly “Over70” would be much greater at risk with any unknown inert ingredients in thyroid meds.. not sure.. though… At this point she seemed to be more even mentally on the WP product… however her tests results were not normal (*we never waited to do a blood test to see what Westhroid pure would do at 2x the 32.5 dosage as the specialist refused it stating it was not strong enough). The specialist states that thyroid function has to be normal first.. then we can work on a neurologists diagnosis… Continue to follow doctors orders … Any advice on this would be appreciated I want only the best for her remaining years…. Thank You Janie – STTM

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Yes, we have found it works better to dose NDT twice a day, such as first thing in the morning, and then early afternoon, for example. And it certainly does sound like she is majorly underdosed.

  21. Sharon

    I switched from Amour to Thyro-gold last May. I was on 90 mg. or Armour, but when I started on Thyro-gold I took two pills of 150 mg. each. I have been losing lots of hair since July. I had labs done and my TSH is totally suppressed and my Free T3 direct is 7.8. I have high antibodies. My ferritin was also a little high at 216. Now, I switched to taking only 1 Thyro-gold as I am not sure what to do. Janie, is there anything that you would suggest for me?

  22. Gina

    I am 8 weeks pregnant I just found out that my thyroid is high again. I’ve been battling thyroid problems since 2001. I have both Graves Disease and Hoshimoto Disease. Please tell me theres not much to worry.

  23. Annabel

    Had a total thyroidectomy in august, I’ve been hypo with extreme fatigue and then hyper and in emergency with cardiac problems.. My levels peaked and now my TSH is at 2 which is supposed to be good on 150 mcg thyroxine.. A little stress in the work place and a job interview a week to the day I get news my holidays weren’t approved and I’ve been in tears all day.. What is wrong with me, feeling very depressed, can’t stop crying and loosing weight. 7 kg in 2 weeks, feeling slightly nauseas every day since.. Can’t seem to get this right.. Too many ups and downs? I don’t know, thinking my adrenals are suffering 🙁

  24. rachel

    Hello I am in dire need of help. If you can email me I’d greatly appreciate it. I am glad I found your site!! I was diagnosed with Graves disease at the age of 14. I was given radioactive iodine uptake shortly after. Then put on ptu then tapazole about 20 years later because my thyroid became underactive. So for about five yrs now I’ve been on synthroid and I have serious issues with my health. My doctors only check, my ths and t4. I am a nurse and I argue with them alot. My number one problem…I’m loosing weight!! Let me tell you that I’ve always been underweight even with hypothyroidism! ! And now I’m seeming to keep loosing weight!! I’m at 105 pounds I’m 35 and five foot six. Why am I loosing weight?!?! The last few times I had my bloodwork they said my tsh levels were high…4.2 and higher so they increase my synthroid! I refuse to take it now because I cannot afford to loose another pound!! What do I do?? Please help me!

  25. Mary

    I dont have a thyroid, out in 2007 have been on 150 of synthroid. Want to be on armour. Can I get it or an alternative?

    • JoAnn

      I am on sthyroid and want to try Armour were do I get it or how? and do I still take sthyroid ?


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