Read the mind-shattering realization by thyroid patients about what T4-only did to their hearts!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 9.54.22 PMWhen my mother was in her 60’s, she had to have a heart procedure. It was scary. And at the time, I found it all very odd. There is no reported history in any of my ancestors of heart problems! Where did this anomaly come from?

It was only years later than I knew: her 30 odd years of T4-only use, which in her case was Synthroid. Not only did being on T4-only cause a daily need to nap, she was also totally dependent on antidepressants (which in turn made her emotionally flat) and she always had a weight problem. And, it caused high cholesterol and heart issues!

Today, patients realize that connection between their T4-use and heart-related problems. Here is what thyroid patient Carla sent me as one of many examples of a relationship between heart problems and being either hypothyroid or on a poor treatment with T4:

I had been on Synthroid for 12 1/2 years when I began to see certain problems coming along and getting worse. For one, my heartrate seemed to be rising. There were even times I literally felt like it was going to jump out of chest. Then there were chest pains. I just knew I was going to be one of those female heart attack statistics. I went to my family doctor, an Endocrinologist and a cardiologist. Hated driving in traffic to get to the cardiologist. But I got a fancy diagnosis of Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) and worried myself to death. Beta blockers were on the menu.

Fast forward, I found Stop the Thyroid Madness and then the FTPO forums, and convinced my doctor to start me on Natural Desiccated Thyroid and let me raise it to find the right amount for me. She was super worried about my heart in using NDT. I wasn’t because I had read how others had safely used it, and I followed my raises carefully. And I was right. My heartrate became normal! Normal!! I luckily didn’t have adrenal fatigue.

I think back about all those years on Synthroid and realized that I had been seeing other problems almost from the beginning! I had depression. I had low iron. Minerals low. And I had doctors who dismissed me. And of course, I was a TSH disaster. TSH was normal; I was not. Year after year. Then I progress into heart problems? The makers of T4-only should be ashamed.

And there are plenty of studies underscoring a connection between being hypothyroidism and heart issues:

  1. This abstract of the study underscores honestly that “restoration of normal thyroid function most often reverses the abnormal cardiovascular hemodynamics.” Cardiovascular involvement in General Medical Conditions: Thyroid Disease and the Heart
  2. This study outright admits that “Long-term levothyroxine treatment in young adults with congenital hypothyroidism is associated with impaired diastolic function and exercise capacity and increased intima-media thickness” Long-Term Cardiovascular Effects of Levothyroxine Therapy in Young Adults with Congenital Hypothyroidism from The Journal Clinical Endocrinolgy Metabolism,
  3. This study states that “subclinical hypothyroidism is associated with impaired left ventricular diastolic function at rest, systolic dysfunction on effort, and enhanced risk for atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.” Whoa. And continued hypothyroidism is what all-too-many thyroid patients report from being on T4-only Effects of Subclinical Thyroid Dysfunction on the Heart from Annals of Internal Medicine
  4. This one has always blown us away. It’s called Low-T3 Syndrome; A Strong Prognostic Predictor of Death in Patients With Heart Disease and underscores why the thyroid hormone T3 is so very important for one’s heart. Natural Desiccated Thyroid, just like a healthy thyroid, provides direct T3!

And there are many, many, many more studies showing the connection between heart problems and hypothyroidism. And eventually, we might see these studies catch up even better about the connection between T4-only and heart problems. The body is not meant to live for one of five thyroid hormones alone.


Do you have a success story to share about how having T3 in your treatment reversed your heart problems. Use the STTM Contact form to let Janie know you want to send YOUR story and we’ll include it here!


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49 Responses to “Read the mind-shattering realization by thyroid patients about what T4-only did to their hearts!”

  1. Bella

    Ive been taking synthoird for 3 yrs know i think i feel ok im 4 weeks pregnant. I wanted to know if.i understood correctly so synthoird is bad and should take what kind??? And i should ask doctor to check T3 and T4 ?? Also should i not take my synthoird on the morning when l get blooddrawn?? Also they see small nodule on my lung but cant biopsy yet since its to small doc removed my thyroid completely and taking synthoird 175 once every morning?? What should i do???

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Bella. The problem is that Synthroid is simply one of five thyroid hormones. It’s a storage hormone and forces you to live for conversion alone, which fails the majority sooner or later. I would strongly recommend you order the revised STTM book, also called STTM I. It is written in an easy to understand style and will explain it all to you. Because WE have to become informed to get well when doctors aren’t getting this and still prescribing Synthroid.

      • Carley

        It’s so sad but true….you can’t count on doctors at all. I’ve learned all too well unfortunately. My beautiful Mother was on synthroid for many years. She eventually developed heart problems. After almost 10 years I lost her in March of 2020. I was somewhat aware about a connection with thyroid and heart (I was told once by a doctor that the thyroid can mimick heart issues) but didn’t know the connection between synthetic and heart problems. I was young when her thyroid was removed I tried so hard when it came to the heart problems (and still wish I had done more) I wish I knew all this about the thyroid and synthroid medication a long time ago. Thank you for posting about this.

  2. Te

    I have accidentally found this blog and I have to say Im very thankful. I have read everything on this blog only to be more educated as to my own issues with Hypothyroid, Candida and swollen glands in my throat, terrible sweats. I will be checking in after my doctor appointment this week. I need help i can’t live like this.

  3. Sheryl

    I spent 23 years on a variety of “Synthroid” type drugs. I have had so many surgeries that you would never believe me if I told you, but that being said, I am now facing a second open heart surgery on Monday. This is 2 in 2 1/2 years. Heart palps that feel like my heart will jump out of my chest. Thyroid has caused or contributed to so many of my problems. Had thyroid removed in 1993 because we could not keep the nodules drained so I could breath. Now my “endo” is telling me that the 8+ docs I have seen since were all wrong and now I have Graves not Hashi. I still have not figured out what she knows that no one else knows. We argue all the time about NDT, She tells me I will feel so much better when we get back to Synthroid. She also told me that this web site was all about “fairy tales”. I told her that the “fairy tales” made more sense than she. She will not even consider the saliva cortosol test and only ordered one blood draw, It was a “little” high, but no more tests from her. She actually told me to go see the dermatologist about the swelling in my feet and legs. I am fed up with her but have very few alternatives in my area. I am always looking for new docs, my cardiologist (I’ve had him for 10 years) tells me that he wished he could treat me for the thyroid issues, but he can’t. He is well versed in STTM.

  4. Suzanne

    Can being switched off armore to cynthroid cause acute drenal (kidney) failure? My girlfriend just went into the hospital a few days ago with this and it seems to corilate with going to a endocrinologist who told her armore was useless and put her on the generic of cynthroid. She developmented a uti and within a week was in the hospital.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hard for any of us to say. UTI’s have many causes. But what informed patients do know is that her Endo is full of bull about desiccated thyroid.

  5. Symoane West

    I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in 2005 after spending a year trying to convince doctors that something was wrong with me. Eventually my Rheumatologist found the problem during one of my appointments. By that time my heart was out of control and had to be put on heart meds. I had to have my thyroid removed (April 2005) because it was so bad that I could not be treated with radiation treatment. Spent years on a roller coaster while on Synthroid sometimes my levels would go off the charts and the doctor would say she didn’t know how i was still standing. Fast forward I began doing my own research and found that there were other meds out there for thyroid issues that no doctor had ever mentioned. I finally convinced her to put me on Armour which did help me to feel better. My problem is that I think my body gets used to the meds and I go back into that slump feeling tired and in pain all the time. I don’t sleep well 4-5 hours a night. I eat properly workout but I can’t get the weight off. I have yet to find a doctor to help with recommendations on what i should stay away from and what I should eat more of. Most of the sites I have found are for people who still have their thyroid. These sites while very informative don’t help me. I don’t have a thyroid to kick-start. What do I do, where do I turn, my body is slowly shutting down and I really need help. I am 42 and a mother of 3 I need to be here for them. Change of diet, workout plan, something, anything I just need help managing this, Just to make this more interesting I also have both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and in April of this year had to have total hip replacement due to bone degeneration. If there is someone out there that can help please do.

  6. Kathie Anderson

    How do I find a doctor in my area, Macomb, MI 48042 that deals with Natural Thyroid meds? Are they covered by insurance? I’ve been on Synthroid for 37 yrs 100 mg now. I feel like crap. No energy, can’t lose weight, hair falling out, ankles swollen, can’t sleep, dark circles under my eyes, don’t want to socialize like I use to with my lifelong friends (who still put up with me) The Long and Pathetic List of symptoms is me over and over. HELP! I just went to a Endro specialist and she skipped over my blood tests and just gave me the same Synthroid dosages I’ve had for years. Charged BC/BS $250 for the visit and left me with the co-pay! Same old, same old. Said to come back in 6 months. I’m depressed and want to feel NORMAL……whatever that is!! Thanks for any help.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Kathie, we are all so very sorry that you’ve been held hostage to Synthroid that long. I, Janie, was held hostage for 20 miserable years. You will have to do your homework to find a MUCH better doctor. Calling pharmacies and asking who prescribes Natural Desiccated Thyroid has always worked for me. So hang on—MUCH better days are coming. Learn how to use NDT because you may have to teach even a better doc:

      • Kathie Anderson

        Thanks for the reply Janie. I know of 2 compounding pharmacies in my area and I’m going to go there in person and ask them for a doctor that prescribes Natural Desiccated Thyroid. Not even going to chance calling and getting a assistant who might blow me off. I’ll be looking up those websites you listed too. Thank you. Wow….wouldn’t it be nice to feel perky and alive.

    • Norma

      I know what you mean, I have been on Synthroid for 20plus years, I’m showing all the symptoms as most others,TSH is normal. I have a very sweet dr that is listening but is medically trained. I’m going to buy her a STTM book and see if things change. She is saying I have Fibro, but I refuse to accept this as I feel this is the box they put you in hoping you will just accept this and be in pain all the time

  7. Maggie

    I feel to blessed to be on this site. I was 20 years old when I have my first child and started experiencing debilitating fatigue and hair loss. For 21 years I have been ona quest to save myself. I don’t know how I have survived living. I would cross my fingers each day and hope that I would have enough energy to make it through the day. I spent most of my life sleeping or lifeless on a couch. I have been to doctor after doctor and finally was put on antidepressants because all my other test came back negative (anemia, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, thyroid was in “normal” range) I feel so sad for my oldest daughter because all I did while she was growing up was put her in front of a tv and fed her mac and cheese because I had no energy to do anything else with her. I drank heavily as well to help me cope with the anxiety and pain that I always had in my neck and shoulders. Finally, this year 2014, I went to a hormone doctor because my mood swings where getting out of hand and I was yelling at my kids like a crazy woman. I never even knew she would also check my thyroid levels……she wanted to give my thyroid a little nudge as it was within range but on the low end. What do you know!? Like nothing my energy was restored! AFTER 21 YEARS of dragging myself around! I could not believe it. I made myself sad thinking about how different my life would have been had I discovered this 21 years ago. At least I get to live the second half of my life! So we stared at 15mg which was good except my hair was still falling out. She increased my dose to 30 mg after 4 months and I could not handle it. I began to experience rapid heart rate, insomnia and extreme anxiety. The good thing was that I began to have regular bowel movements and my hair stopped falling out. After 17 days of not sleeping well and almost beginning to have panic attacks I decided to go back to 15mg. I feel better now but now my hair is falling out again and I am back to eating prunes. I guess lilfe can’t be perfect but at least I don’t have to sleep in my car during lunch just to get me thru the rest of the day. Thank you for all the great information !!!!!!!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Maggie, we’re glad you found STTM. 🙂 The reason 30 mg of NDT caused you problems is that you are here: You need to learn it, do the labs, learn how to read those labs and treat what they will show, which is either or both an iron or cortisol issues. Because 15 mg is not going to keep you feeling good for long, we’ve seen in each other. It’s seriously underdosing you.

  8. bo jangles

    Sythetic T4 has a few percent of the D-thyroxine(The lefthand version of thyroxine), which was earlier found to be very deadly on its own..I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  9. Jess Cannon

    I can’t begin to tell you how down and dejected I feel. Why won’t Dr’s listen to me? I arrive at this site in pain, overweight with little to no energy, amazed I function at all sometimes.. Hypothyroid on levoxyll only. And that comes from a specialist in Newton Ma, that I pay out of pocket to see. Who recently told me “I wouldn’t blame you if you fired me.”. I begged him for help, crying that I’m always sore and stiff and in pain. That’s what I’m dealing with here. Boston, a medical mecca and I have no idea who to see because so many of them think the same way. I am happy to be my own advocate, but I ask you, now what?
    My PAST symptoms I have suffered: pcos, kidney stones, lyme, high insulin (no sugar issues)
    My current symptoms, foggy brain a.d.d, poor digestion (stool), memory issues, incontinence leaky and stress with frequent urination, cold feeling, sleep apnea low energy, SORE muscles (after mere walking) post nasal drip, excessive hair loss (daily clumps) teeth chattering, grinding, heartburn and salt cravings.
    I just went to new primary care who suggested that I may not have hypothyroid at all, but fibromyalgia. This has served to confuse me greatly, the comparison overlap. But it also make me hopeful to have some jumping off point for repair.
    I am 6’3″ tall. I have been gluten free for a yr, which initially provided some relief. Managed to finally lose about 23 lbs. I’ve been at a stand still with worsening symptoms over six months. I do not smoke, use drugs or consume caffeine or soda and I eat healthful foods.
    I am sure that testing is needed, but I cannot get a primary care to subscribe to such things as adrenal fatigue or leaky gut. Hell, the endocrine specialist even told me the very same. How did the medical community become like robots in the vortex of yes maam no maam here’s your prescription…?
    I hope any of you on this page, in this community can offer some advice. I am a young 47 and was always active, I’m no slacker. I just can’t help but to feel that I just need that right formula that works for me. The right combo to free me from this prison I’m in.
    thanks for reading my comment, I hope you are all feeling well

  10. Lola

    I am on T4 medication only. I have severe pulmonary edema. Should I be on T3 only or T4 and T3?

  11. Pat8808

    Thank you! Where can i find some research showing armour is safe while pregnant

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      It’s not about research, Pat. It’s about common sense and the experience of lots of women before you. But it’s ultimately up to you to decide.

  12. Pat8808

    Hi, I am currently on thyroid medication and trying to have a baby, i want to switch to armour thyroid medication but multiple dr’s have told me its not safe to take armour while pregnant. Are their any studies that support armour not being safe?? Are their studies that support armour being safe while pregnant?? I m so confused can someone help me? It makes me nervous when three dr’s tell me not to take armour while pregnant… I do not want to do anything that could harm a baby.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Pat, numerous patients agree that what you’ve heard is just one more ridiculous comment made by doctors. It’s like saying a healthy thyroid is dangerous for your baby, since NDT like Armour is simply giving you exactly what a healthy thyroid gives!

  13. Jennie Walters-West

    Janie, I have Hashimotos. I have had this weird pulsating feeling from my abdomen all the way to my head. Since it never stops (Makes my head tired, so tired in all ways, concentration, kind of dizzyish etc) I truely believe it has to do with my pulse or blood circulation. My heart has been checked (echo ultrasound, treadmill stress test, halter monitor, 2 times in 2 years)
    They have found NO heart related. I had it before they diagnosed me with thyroid disease and still have it. My head/chest never are at peace like the way it was prior. I lay down and I feel like something is pounding and moving me from my abdomen to my head. I feel pulsating in my outer ears and my fingers.
    I KNOW this is NOT NOT NOT normal. I have been to 17 doctors had MRIS and 1 MRA. I NOW believe this has to do with thyroid however my cortisol is Low normal range (5). My acth is low but normal.
    Does this sound Familiar to anyone??????? When I lay down my head/abdomen is NEVER at peace. In order to sleep I have to think and think about other things. I have NOT been without this for 2.5 years now.
    CAn ANYONE give me any input what they think it is? I just want some relief and what to feel the stillness and calmness I felt 2 years ago. Thank you so much.
    I have been to so many IDIOT DOCTORS. I have lost faith in Doctors. I have been to 3 Endocronolosgists and they dont hear or listen.

  14. Lisa Stanford

    Dear Julie, I read your history and cried….with relief. Four years ago, following an inexplicable (!) bout of adrenal exhaustion, I was diagnosed with left ventricular filling abnormalities due to incomplete cardiac muscle relaxation…..with the dyspnoea on exertion and many of the frightening symptoms you have experienced. Last September my thyroid tests finally showed me to be hypothyroid but not with Hashimoto’s disease. After battling along on Synthetic T4 only medication, I have found a doctor who listened to my history and prescribed NDT and adrenal support therapy (and dietary advice to help my poor battered body heal itself!) Your story inspires me, knowing that I could well recover my health completely…..and that all the puzzle pieces are fitting together now! It does make me wonder how long my poor thyroid had been suffering? Apparently long before lab tests revealed any abnormality. Good luck with your continued recovery!

  15. Jim DeVille

    My 81 year old mother has been on L-thyroxine for many years if not decades, because they said her T-4 (I think) was a little low. Well, she’s been suffering from severe depression and anxiety, so bad and coupled with benzo/pain pill abuse as a way to mask what she was feeling. Spent the last year in and out of various treatment facilities, all to no avail, still craving pills. Finally electro-convulsive treatments did the trick and she’s nearly back to normal, BUT now has started taking .5 mg Ativan once/day in order to cope with anxiety/bad feelings. My healer recommended the natural thyroid med or glandular version, if she really needs anything for her thyroid. She lives in La. and not much help there. Also taking remeron and seraquil at night, plus some BP meds (although trying to wean off, just may keep diuretic for now, BP seems to go too low after meds). She gets her anxiety or bad feelings shortly after taking the thyroid med in the morning. The whole family is at their wits end, especially since the electro-shock doctor got her back on Ativan after knowing her history with drug abuse. Any comments are welcome. I’m ready for some ECT myself after going through this for so long. Thanks.

  16. Jean Fleisner

    Thank you Janie, I am looking into the web sites now.

  17. Jean Fleisner

    I am trying to digest all the information I have read on this site so I can intelligently talk to my doctor today about my newly diagnosed Hashimoto disease. Fortunetly the diagnosis has come before any symptoms have occurred. I feel fine and would like to take control of the treatment from the beginning. and value any suggestions from others diagnosed with this disease. My first Dr. appointment to discuss Hashimotos is in an hour so I am going to get ready now but will look at this web site for responses later today. My TSH is within normal range and the Dr. wants to wait 6 months to repeat the lab. Is anyone aware of the supplement actalin?

  18. Marian May

    I see Julie lives in the Dallas area, can she (or anyone!) recommend a doctor in Dallas that understands these issues? I’ve had a horrible year with thyroid issues. Went to a “specialist” in California and it has bee a health disaster. One year after going there, My numbers were totally upside down. I could barely get out of bed, gained 30 lbs and developed myxodema. Working with new dr here and numbers are better, but still not even close to being back to normal.

  19. Rita Losee


    I am so grateful to you for the work you are doing!!!!

    Having no connection with Erfa and having decided after being crashed into adrenal fatigue by Forest Pharmaceutical’s 2009 changes, I use a compounded thyroid and feel safe from
    corporate decision-making, I feel somewhat removed from the current issue.

    That said, we are all vulnerable to Pahrmacontrol of our medical care and prescription practices, therefore I must say, a huge and heartfelt, thank you! Medical Monoploy is a dangerous game that patients will NEVER win.

    Most Sincerely, and Gratefully, Rita

  20. Aubryn

    Obama decided I didn’t need my awesome insurance after all. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I am offended that I now have no health ins and therefore no healthcare. Please do not exhaust me with suggestions about obamacare subsidies, sliding scale, free clinics etc. I am a former nurse, biller/coder and very familiar with all of the above. Do not meant to sound like a jerk but so sick I just need to be pithy and not deal with extraneous stuff. I am a severe asthmatic with hypothyroidism. Does anyone know how to have a brief conversation with Janie? I see in the blog that someone did. I just have a few questions.

  21. Sally

    Michelle, you just provided an ahh moment for me! I was switched to T3 20 mcg/ T4 25mcg. My doctor told me flat out that it was NOT synthroid. Well he wasn’t entirely wrong, it is levothyroxine-same thing! Confirmed just now by the compound pharmacist.
    My reason for this response is that I just had a terrible episode of dermatitis and could not figure out why. Thought it might have been poison ivy at first and then realized it clearly was not. Apple cider vinegar and epsom salt baths (alternating) cleared it after about 5 days.
    Taking D-Ribose/Ashwaganda to heal my palpitating etc heart and feeling ok after crashing on NDT.
    But the chronic constipation and weight gain on this combo continues.
    He will not see me for three months despite feeling this way. SO frustrating.
    My mother in law, whom I wrote about above now has a TSH of 39 and feels horrible.
    She was on Cipro for a UTI which I believe negates the effect of synthroid anyhow (if there is any!)
    I begged them to draw a T3 along with antibodies and RT3, Vit D etc.
    They only comment on the TSH and of course… increased her Synthroid leaving her failing T3 of 1.5 to stand unattended in the wind.
    Thank goodness for this forum to talk and share.

    I am working on healing adrenals and getting off this stuff.
    Your self weaning is an inspiration!
    Thank you,


  22. Michelle

    So glad to hear you have jumped off the roller coaster of psychotropic drug madness.. I was diagnosed in 2010 with a Hypothyroid problem and was put on T3 and synthroid.I didn’t feel right and decided to research the side affects and was blown away by what I read about the long term affects, I began to get worse and developed Dermatitis and all of these symptoms that made me question why my body was reacting so much, was it the Thyroid or the pills? I did a crazy thing after researching natural methods to boost up my Thyroid, I took back my health and began to wean myself very carefully off the drugs … I took natural Thyroid tissue and other natural remedies while coming off of it and believe I saved myself from what you are describing with your heart..I also once on the Synthroid etc. began to have irregular heart beats and my instincts just said the drugs would be more of a problem when I could truly get my health back naturally without all of the man made damage. I learned a lot about nutrition and it’s role in my health, and how to supplement properly to build up my body instead of taking over with a substitute that would make me dependent which should have never been the goal.. I now have normal levels of T4, while monitoring my Thyroid levels I only supplement when I need to. My doctor is so frustrated with me but she does not focus on the results, only what I have used to get me there.she refuses to look beyond Pharmaceutical brands and insists on using fear to get me on synthroid.I continue to take the natural method and allow her to see I am fine and watch my levels remain steady, hopefully she will do the same for herself as she too has Hypothyroidism.. Being in touch with our bodies and building up our bodies to be healthy is the route I chose to take, I am completely drug free! Thank- you for your article.

  23. sally

    Thank you so much!

  24. JennyAnyCat

    My deepest commiserations on such a very difficult situation — and it will be difficult as she is in a nursing home now to intervene. However I do have some thoughts — as you know the TSH test is a very inaccurate tool to measure thyroid needs (so say the STTM and others) — could you when visiting your mother in law take her temperature — and if it is possible do this at different times of day? This is a very good way of indicating both thyroid need and adrenal need. I have experienced a lot of what your poor mother in law has suffered — though not all at once or I would have been in the same situation! The section here on adrenal issues points out that if the body temperature rises and falls a lot during the day that (in combination with other symptoms) can indicate adrenal fatigue or even adrenal exhaustion — and that can be helped greatly with diet and with adrenal extract — or cortisol if you want but that has to be prescribed by a doctor I think. The thyroid cannot function properly if the person involved has adrenal exhaustion — that I can confirm!

    I can’t advise you on T3 as it didn’t help me — but I found Natural Thyroid Extract (NTE) to be of immense value — also Iodine (Lugol’s iodine — it is the name of a recipe not a brand) is vital to the proper functioning of every cell in our bodies, especially the thyroid and other organs such as the gonads and the brain). After the age of 50 or so women in particular seem to need more thyroid help — and I have also found out recently how our digestive systems fail us around the same time and have just started taking small doses of malic acid (derived from apples) in water to help with digestion and have been able to cut my consumption of NTE tablets down to one third of the previous dose and they suit me better!

    If your mother in law suffers from heart/circulation problems D-Ribose can help immensely too but go cautiously as it could increase diarrhea — I had a mini-stroke a few weeks ago and thought my face would permanently stay drooping down on one side — but a week on d-ribose has cured it, amazingly enough — and it has got my high bp down and stopped the horrible tachycardia with A Fib — but introduce it slowly if you choose to go that route after research because of the possibility of diarrhea at first.

    Malic acid solution is also recommended along with Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) as a solution (I just make up one solution of each and combine them on the skin) to rub on exhausted limbs (recommended particularly for Fibromyalgia patients) to get oxygen and magnesium to vitally needed muscles that the impaired system is temporarily unable to do — a warning — do not put Epsom Salts anywhere near your mother in law’s abdomen as our ancestors used to take it to stop being constipated — legs arms and chest followed by a little coconut oil or cream helps me immensely!

    Only yesterday I cured my own deeply distressed digestion by putting Lugol’s Iodine on my abdomen and overnight it is back to normal, but I do need a lot of iodine as it disappears from the skin within minutes — always put a barrier oil such as organic coconut oil on the skin first to prevent reactions — I advise doing a skin test first — try putting some iodine on a patch around an inch square and see how long it takes to be absorbed into the skin until it is no longer visible (I think it may take too much out of you to argue with doctors to get a urine test — this is quicker and will help for the time being, and you can save your energy for more vital things — and the Yahoo Iodine group often say many people manage without one).

    If Janie or a moderator from one of the blogs says different — do what they say they have so much experience! You could also join some of the Yahoo websites — the Iodine one is good and so are the NTE ones — but you don’t have to do all these things at once, each will help a bit — but do your research first and check up on the net to see if you think these things might help — we are all different after all — also you simply must check what medication your mother in law is on, and check on the web to make sure there won’t be any bad interactions.

    Best of luck Sally, and prayers going up for you and your family!


    • cb

      I desperately need your help..I am trying to help a family member that has suffered thyroid for years. She had breast cancer and back surgery in the meantime however she suffers lows and then highs..they say the tyroid levels are fine and she is anxious so prescribed zanax which only makes you relaxed and want to sleep meantime there is EVERY thyroid symptom know is happening to her. I was told to take her to a phycologist and that she is chemically impbalanced however my gut tells me there is more to this tyroid. She is so off now that she is seeking my lead and just wants to feel herself. hot and cold intolence ..fried hair…trouble concentrating…focusing..the last thing I want to do is give her more meds and not get to the bottom of the thryoid issue. Her endocronogist said “your family thinks it thryoid..your levels show you are fine” y ou are just anxious…take zanax for a month…please please advise me where I should take her?

      • jessica

        Have her get her vitamin D levels checked, lack of vitamin can cause depression and people who have thyroid problems also have vitamin D deficiency.

  25. sally

    Excellent article on T3 and Heart. SO glad to hear the author has found relief. What timing for me! My mother in law had been slowing down a lot this year. Come to find out her MD called her frantic a few months back b/c her “thyroid was way off “and he wanted to change her dose of what else but…synthroid.
    So when last week she crashed again (fever, aches and pains, loss of bladder control and mental status changes-confused) following simple dental procedure we knew something was really wrong. Third time this year.
    Long story short we took her to the emergency room and upon entry I asked them to please check her thyroid-beyond just the TSH. THey looked at me like I had two heads.
    Thanks to this book I have learned SOOOO much, (along with my own thyroid problems and a phone consultation with Janie that was invaluable) enough to request the labs. They said “we are just an ER but we’ll try”
    That was Thursday night.
    Saturday we visited her and she was confused, short of breath, wheezing, oxygen low at 91 and full of aches and pains, her feet were killing her. Sound familiar??
    I am nurse and I asked her nurse to please tell me what her labs were.
    Her TSH was 8.25.52
    Free T4 was 1.3 and her Free T3 was 1.5!
    FIrst they never restarted her synthroid when she got there and they were clueless to the low T3.
    Janie help! Am I way off???
    Needless to say I had to talk with every Resident and her MD and no one felt it was a problem.
    Later that day she went into AFIB!!
    Cardiology saw her and saw NO connection to thyroid.
    I could write more but bottom line, she entered a nursing home today.
    Two weeks ago, she was TIRED but driving and clear and had bladder control.
    She is wiped out and incontinent.
    I tracked down every doctor there. This is a good hospital right outside of NYC.
    The intern told me the best test for thyroid is the TSH. Trust me, I tried!
    SO frustrating, so now I am searching for a good ND in the area.
    My doctor is in NYC and is disappointing me immensely.


    • Judy

      I too have suffered the T4 only issues, heart issues sound like the same but not sure, hypertension, heart does not relax in between beats causing enlargement on that side.. Fibroid tumors , complete hysterectomy due to tumors, high cholesterol, even started getting sugar. I have a whole list of health issues due to 30 plus years of T4 only …some have gotten better, but still have heart issues. Someone should be sued !!! it’s just not right!!!


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