Followup to recent Wall Street Journal article–my video

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.56.40 PMIn yesterday’s blog post, I wrote about an article that appeared on the Wall Street Journal Online website on Monday, August 5th, 2013. I gave extra information that would have made this article far more timely and important.

And the more I thought about this, it simply bothered me to no end. Sure, we’ve heard a lot this bunk before, but it’s time for doctors to STOP THIS THYROID TREATMENT MADNESS in their clueless view of their T4-only treatment patients as well as the inane use of the TSH lab test, which is LOUSY and has harmed patients since its inception in the early 1970’s!!

VIDEO REBUTTAL TO CERTAIN INFORMATION STATED OR INTERVIEW QUOTES in recent Wall Street Journal article: Share this where you think it will be influential.

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  1. bj buttaccio

    I just keep gaining weight & being tired although I’m always moving & doing things. My Dr switched me to Armour 30 mg in lieu of my Levothroxine.
    My Dr said to kick start my metabolism to eat every few hours. Any thoughts?
    Its been a week only but I see I have more energy, have been really busy yet don’t have that heavy duty tiredness,(not that I cant lay down and nap). BUT my weight keeps creeping up. I’m so depressed about it.I eat fairly well and exercise almost daily. At 176 pounds it frightens me.My Dr told me to start eating

    • L

      When my doctor’s kept my Armour dosage too low, I did my own research and found Thyrogold which has helped me tremendously plus it contains forskolin which helps reduce the weight. Don’t give up. There’s a lot of resources on the STTM site. Good luck!

  2. H B

    I also need to comment about the Endocrinologist I saw right before I got real help. He only wanted to focus on the Fibromyalgia symptoms because he wanted to prescribe Fibro meds even giving me free samples, of course I didn’t take them. But if you look at all my symptoms it’s low thyroid. He acknowledged my thyroid was so low I needed a prescription, I went to him to get thyroid meds but he would promise next time we’ll talk about that. He said ” we’ll go through all the Fibro meds until we find one that works”, I hate to think about what shape my health would be in now! Yes even those symptoms are almost nonexistent. I truly believe he knew if he gave me Armour that first visit I wouldn’t need an appointment every month and both him and the drug companies wouldn’t get my money. That’s a crime ! To make me suffer and pay for it. Fibromyalgia is real but symptoms are so much worse with low thyroid. For me I feel like when I was young before all the horrible symptoms of low thyroid. It truly is difficult to sit in front of a doctor not listening. Don’t give up even over the counter bovine natural thyroid is better than the synthetic kind. Keep looking for a real doctor who looks at the facts – (Your symptoms, family history and your tests.)

  3. H B

    Yes ! I could not of said it better. I suffered for ten years being home bound with painful joints and muscles, very little energy. I went to many doctors only to have them ignore the long list of symptoms I brought or laugh that I thought I would ” be able to find answer for all those”. Really ? The answer was in a little pill called Armour. They even ignored that my iron had gone down so low finally when it reached 12 when it should be between 90-95 was I told to ” pick up a vitamin with some iron in it.” What ? I was almost dead ! By then I started reading Stop the Thyroid Madness ordered some tests found a natural doctor that understood exactly how well I would feel. That first appointment i had tears in my eyes and all the knowledge from your book But I was scared to death I was going to find another incompetent doctor ! Finally a doctor that had helped many patients get there life back with natural thyroid ! He helped me with the adrenals too. That was two years ago I hardly ever think about slapping all those doctors anymore only when I see someone in my shoes who has no idea how much better they would feel. So thank you Janie so much ! Thank you for all your spunk ! Without it I would not have gotten my life back ! Thank you !

  4. L

    Keep fighting the fight, Janie, you have helped countless people including myself and have enabled others to do the same. Without your website and insight, I would be completely and totally disabled. On behalf of myself and many others, thank you for all that you have done!


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