Warning!! STTM is about bat-guano crazy conspiracy theorists…and more Thyroid Tidbits!


It’s a back-handed compliment. i.e. Acella‘s brand of Natural Desiccated Thyroid has been in great demand! But…success can equal problems, because they weren’t keeping up…or that’s how we understand it. So when you go back to get a refill, the pharmacist may try to put you another brand if they are already out. So hang tight. Acella states that they will be back into better production by the end of April.


Progressive doctors have been having a love-affair with compounded medications for several years. And for some medications, as well as for patients who are sensitive or allergic to certain fillers, it makes complete sense! (Compounded means that the pharmacist “combines, mixes, or alters ingredients in response to a prescription to create a medication tailored to the medical needs of an individual patient”).

But…most thyroid patients are discovering that they really do NOT need compounded NDT and that is especially true for “slow release” compounded NDT. First, compounded NDT is far more expensive than the prescription brands. Second, the T4 in desiccated thyroid is your “natural slow release” of T3 throughout your day. So it makes financial sense to go with the prescription brands if you have no sensitivities or problems with fillers. And even if you go with compounded….you don’t need slow-release!


In case you didn’t notice, there’s a new look to STTM. Part of it is because we needed STTM to be far more user-friendly on your cell phones. I think you’ll like what you see. You’ll also find links at the TOP of each page instead of to the left.

There are also new pages from the last several weeks: one on parathyroid issues, especially hyperparathyroidism (i.e. if you have high calcium levels, you need to read this page); another is an issues related to hypo landing page showing you several conditions which can outright be related to your hypothyroidism and you may not even realize it (like fibromyalgia); another about problems that can occur if you overeat high oxalate foods (as happened to ME!); how hypothyroid patients can have low stomach acid and its consequences (like acid reflux and poor absorption issues)….and you can always keep up with What’s New on STTM.


If you haven’t heard about it, you probably will. Because lots of thyroid patients are finding themselves with a defect in a particular gene called the MTHFR, which is the acronym for “methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase” gene (methyl-ene-tetra-hydro-folate-re-duc-tase). This gene is supposed to make the MTHFR enzyme. But if there’s a defect, the enzyme doesn’t work right and you can be left with a multitude of health issues (or see them in your ancestors) including heart disease (and high homocysteine levels), breast cancer, other cancers, addictions, miscarriages, chemical sensitivities, IBS, strokes and so much more. Those with this defect can also find themselves with high levels of mercury, or iron, or other toxins. Go here to read what it’s all about.


Since it’s pretty obvious to me that I have insulin resistance (i.e. it takes twice as much insulin to do the job, which means more fat storage), I was pretty excited when I learned about Berberine. It’s a natural alkaloid salt found in a variety of different plants and it’s stated to make your insulin more effective, thus your blood sugar levels can come down. I notice that some folks are using it in place of Metformin, as well, and reporting better glucose levels. It’s supposedly been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

***But there’s another interesting possibility about Berberine: studies have shown it to be effective in reducing thyroid cancer cells, here. Talk to your doctor about it before assuming you can use it for cancer in lieu of other treatments, please.


Bet ya didn’t know that STTM is bat-guano crazy, did ya?? lol. This misinformed comment was found as a comment of a random blog post, and tells me that some still don’t get that this isn’t about conspiracy or theory. This is about patients worldwide who have either found that T4-only meds weren’t doing the job in their own degree and kind, or….patients were getting bit in the behind years later thanks to the inadequacy of thyroxine. Even worse, doctor who have been diagnosing or treating by the TSH pituitary hormone were leaving patients sick!

So what you have on STTM is more than ten years of GOOD patient experiences, the good and the bad. LEARN from it, and expect to take it into your doctor’s office to help them catch up with us!


First there was English, then came Swedish, then came German….and later, you’ll see Spanish! I’ll announce it when it’s out. I also plan on updating a few parts of the current revised STTM English book by Fall–just some corrections here or there. For example, the current one states that the percent saturation should be 25 – 45% for women, but we know that most women, when optimal, fall somewhere around 35% and definitely not 25%. So I’ll correct that, because somehow, it didn’t get in Addendum C of the current revised edition! Get your book here…and consider two or three, because your shipping rate is much better. Give the extras to a friend or loved one.

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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17 Responses to “Warning!! STTM is about bat-guano crazy conspiracy theorists…and more Thyroid Tidbits!”

  1. Ann

    I had to go work for a Integrative Urologist Surgeon to get Armour 14 years ago it was such Taboo , laughing…..

  2. Adrienne

    Still having trouble getting NP Thyroid. My pharmacist says it is STILL on backorder! Has anyone heard from Acella? I emailed three months ago (Aug.) and received a nice email saying that my pharmacist should be able to order NP Thyroid but my pharmacist says otherwise. 🙁 I can’t describe my frustration, I am among those that feel unwell on Armour and Naturethroid both. My sweet daughter is in the same boat, her frees both took a dive after switching to Naturethroid. 🙁

    • Janie

      Hi Adrienne. It’s started to appear in pharmacies here or there. I would call around to different ones and see if they can get it.

  3. carpe

    Hello all! A week ago I have ordered Acella and got an answer that manufacturer is out with no release date. I don’t know what should I do now! Does anyone already did hear about this catastrophe?

    • Sheila

      I was told today by my pharmacist that acella is no longer manufacturing NP Thyroid. This is terrible news, I just started feeling well after 10 years.

      • Janie

        Sheila, I can’t tell you how MANY times over the past decade I’ve heard pharmacists make that comment about different brands…and it’s usually very false!

        • Tweetser

          My CVS pharmacy just filled my NPT scrip with Armour (which I am allergic to) and said that Acella is not manufacturing NPT anymore. The CVS pharmacist said basically ‘tough luck’. Have been taking NPT for over a year with success after going through a half-dozen other thyroid meds that made me very sick – bad side-effects! Acella does not respond to email or voicemail. Anyone know the real story about NPT availability?

  4. Florence

    I received The Costco Connection magazine in the mail for April 2013. There is an article on underactive Thyroid that refers to the TSH as the “gold standard” and states if someone continues to have symptoms on T4 medication when the TSH is within the desired range then the amount of medication isn’t the problem. Please contact The Costco Connection magazine and let them know why the information the author received from an Endocrinologist at the Diabetes Center at Mercy Medical Center (Baltimore) is incorrect.

    Call 1-800-955-2292

  5. lexi

    You have been my main source of information. Having Hashi’s, I learned about Erfa and Acella from you after they change Armour’s formulation

  6. Malcolm Maclean

    Hold it! Not a “conspiracy” when drug companies, are fined $Billions by the US Department of Justice for mis-selling drugs and for bribery? When drug-sponsored research is falsified (Check out DOJ website), When invalid tests (e.g. TSH) result in mis-diagnosis of hypothyroidism, “Cholesterol” (Hypothyroid-related) becomes a new disease and Hey Presto, there’s Lipitor (First $Billion selling drug) to correct that cholesterol. I must check my Websters Dictionary to see whether “Marketing” has the same meaning as “Conspiracy”!

  7. Susan

    A naturopath/nurse practitioner was the first person to diagnose my glaring hypothyroidism, but she was problematic. She was frightened of prescribing any more than one grain and then she wanted me to try compounded medication. It cost a fortune and I watched my basal temperature drop each day. I quickly returned to NDT and have been taking three grains daily. An interesting note: The compounding pharmacist told me of another practitioner who insisted on compounded medication and his patient was taking an enormous dosage. She, too, probably needed to be taking NDT, not compounded.

  8. Laurie

    Crazy for my sanity and my NDT!

  9. Silvia

    It took them long enough to find out!

  10. Wendy Kuh

    I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  11. Kir

    I am a proud, card carrying conspiracy theorist and a certified woo-woo!

  12. Patricia Dunlop

    I am proud to be among the crazies who help people get well.



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