The outcome of this can affect YOU, as a thyroid patient, no matter WHERE you live!

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 10.22.58 AMWhat affects your neighbor can affect you.

This is why you need to be aware of, and show support for, what is going on in Scotland. Namely, three Scottish residents….Sandra Whyte, Marian Dyer and Lorraine Cleaver…have submitted a petition to the Scottish parliament as of last week in defense of better thyroid diagnosis and treatment.

ThyroidChange has provided a video about this hearing, and it’s moving. You’ll hear mention of the following:

  1. the conversion failure of T4-only treatment, leaving these women suffering with low energy, high cholesterol or blood pressure, weight gain, anxiety, fibromyalgia joint pain, suicidal tendencies or more
  2. issues related to poor cortisol levels
  3. problems with testing only the TSH and T4 lab tests
  4. stress put on marriages because of these failures
  5. how the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia seem to have risen only after the TSH came into being along with thyroxine treatment

A mind boggling and brilliant comment came from Lorraine about the National Health Service (NHS) listing of medicines, which she stated includes 82 for Diabetes, 47 for depression, 45 for acne, 16 for athletes foot, 3 for hiccups, 3 for dandruff….AND ONE FOR THYROID. “There’s something very wrong” says Lorraine, when T4 is the only medicine listed (in spite of the availability of natural desiccated thyroid, also called thyroid extract, or T3.)

When asked for evidence as to where the problem is with General Practitioners (GPs), it was mentioned there are no guidelines for the treatment and diagnosis of hypothyroidism, and everyone defers to the Royal College of Physicians guidelines, which is inadequate and does not provide for problems with T4-only or recommend T3 or thyroid extract (natural desiccated thyroid).

Sandra asks “Why are we keeping people ill?“. She mentions that patients are told it’s in their heads, have “lazyitis”, and antidepressants are prescribed everywhere. Lorraine sadly mentions being told by doctors that her problems are not thyroid related (when she knows they are, and so do millions of us).

Mention was made of a Swedish study showing that 70% of thyroxine-treated patients are not symptom-free, going against the idea that taking one little thyroxine pill is going to solve the problem.

Lorraine mentioned that even doctors, like a particular Endocrinologist she has seen, feel ham-strung themselves (by the pressures put on them from their fellow professionals to prescribe T4-only).

BRAVO TO THESE THREE LADIES FOR BRINGING THIS TO THEIR PARLIAMENT! And I can’t help but believe that if we see the right outcome in Scotland about this, it will play a role in spreading throughout the world. Have your own T4-only nightmare to share? You can send it to the Scottish parliament to back up what these ladies have already one, here:

And from Janie: we see many T4-only patients who do seem to convert well, yet still have issues related to a poor treatment. I was one. There are many others. Additionally, even those who convert well eventually find themselves with problems as they get older. T4-only treatment is not a pretty picture.

For further reading:

To see research which proves what we already know as thyroid patients, go here.

To see patient-recorded symptoms from being on T4-only, go here.

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27 Responses to “The outcome of this can affect YOU, as a thyroid patient, no matter WHERE you live!”

  1. Tomi

    I have been on Armour for two and a half months. I experienced my first ocular migraine, in my life, after being on it for two weeks. Two weeks after that I had another. Neither of these were accompanied by actual hadaches. I did visit my optomitrist and was told that I was experiencing ocular migraines. Three days ago I had another ocular migraine in the early morning followed by a very bad headache. Another followed a few hours later. The next evening another ocular miraine with a severe headache. My doctor has advised me to stop the Armour. I did today but am still feeling wonky….no ocular migraines or headaches though. I’m curious if anyone has experienced anything similar to this? Any ideas of a good alternative for me?

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Remember that Armour or other NDT brands are simply giving you back what a healthy thyroid gives you, and headaches don’t accompany healthy thyroid function. So to find the cause of the headaches, patients look at other issues that the NDT may be “uncovering” rather than causing. First, you may not be on enough, and thus you are now more hypo! See And then read this:

    • Jane blue

      I just started armour 7 days ago and I have also had awful migraines – even one ocular one today. I am definitely not on a too low dose. I was on 137 synthroid and now 90 armour, so it is even a slight increase. I have also had some shakiness and palpitations (possibly my adrenals acting up as I have low cortisol) I am considering stopping armour but everyone seems to love it so much I am hoping the headaches go away after the first few weeks? Anyone know?

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        This will help: But also know that Armour changed for the worse, report a lot of patients after it was bought out by another company. Not all patients have had bad effects, but a lot of have. So even if you change to another brand of NDT, you’re still doing to need to address what is causing the shakiness and palps…which is your iron and cortisol levels. The above link will help.

        • Jane blue

          Thanks for that I actually read and printed that entire post out this morning to show my doctor. But the problem is that the page doesn’t say how to treat the adrenal fatigue. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been doing acupuncture, stress management, tons of supplements and more. But still low cortisol. I am so confused to if I stay on Armour a bit longer (wait it out as my doctor said) or just go back to Synthroid. I know I need to heal my adrenals but so many people seem to think that t4 only meds can hurt adrenals to begin with. So confused! Today I just took a half dose of Armour.

          The other ongoing symptom I have been having for a few years is intense dizziness upon waking and sometimes throughout day.

          In such a bad phase right now, I really appreciate help and advice!

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            It’s hard to explain on a computer screen, but we do know we end up having to gives ourselves back the cortisol we need in order to get out of our hypothyroid state–the latter which only continues to stress our adrenals if we don’t get out of it. Start here:….then study Chapter 6 in the revised STTM book. Also, the last chapter in the STTM II books gives all the proposed reasons that we get low cortisol in the first place, all from the brilliant mind of a particular doctor.

  2. Clare


    On the 29th August 2013 I travelled 145 miles to see the wonderful TOP DOC Skinner. The next day I had an appointment with a GP at my past Surgery 30 August 2013 , I was asked if Dr Skinner had any restrictions on his GMC registration , I replied yes and the reasons why — The GP’s reply was “Yes indeed you are right he does a restriction on his GMC registration fitness to practice ” My reply was , why did you ask me if you already knew the answer ? Its my belief this underhanded GP was going to report Doctor Skinner to the GMC if Id said I was not aware of this , since I have learnt Dr Skinner must inform patients he treats that he has a restriction to Practice, which of course Dr Skinner does — This behaviour by Doctors is appalling and beyond belief , Doctors are supposed to be “Honest and Open” , clearly this GP is less than truthful

  3. Clare


    The evidence is mounting in writing now from the Royal College of Physicians , for Lawyers, Governments Doctors and others to see what is truly occurring in the UK

    The RCP’s failure to acknowledge world reference’s and scientific studies with regard to this fatal illness, (under active thyroid hormones) the internet will be the RCP’s eventual downfall.

    The world is watching very closely at the RCP’s shocking behaviour.

  4. tara

    Armour thyroid is wonderful! I cant live without it.. synthroid did not help me at all. I had my thyroid and parathyroid removed and it is the only med that helps me !

  5. AM


    I’ve had a terrible time aswell, still am. I’ve been ill since I turned 30 and I have a very low tsh and t4. Doctors called me depressed, axious etc really knocked my confidence.

    I had a shock and then started with spasms in my face that make me look like I have facial pulsy, which get better when I eat salty food.

    Doctors just said tsh is normal . I’ve finally got a gp who has disagreed and found my t4 is also very low but just within range by 2 and my tsh is 0.43and I could have pituitary problem…..

    I’ve paid hundreds homeopathy, vitamins,I’ve had to cut out gluten, yeast…I felt like giving up ..then I got a loan and saw Dr.peatfield and he confirmed my adrenal low cortisol and hypothyroid..and it gave me some confidence back…some one who actually listened and didn’t treat me like I was crazy!!…

    I wouldn’t bother with the nhs but I do need help if its pituitary..for a scan and I can’t afford to keep paying for treatment private but I will have to if they don’t help me.

    But I won’t give up, hopefully the nhs will prove me wrong. Its ruined my 30’s..if I’d of been well I would probably have husband and kids now…

    It’s disgusting we get left like it coz of the tsh range….:(

    Its great what you are doing.

  6. mary maclean

    I have hyopothyroidism and the lack of NHS knowledge of this condition and the devastation it can wreak is criminal. I have spent the last decade(and more) with a life like a half shut knife.The personal and professional harm in every aspect of your life hypothyroidism can cause is difficult to quantify. I am in my forties and feel like I am in my nineties. Exhausted, overweight in pain, depressed and feeling hopeless, I drag myself through each day waiting for something to improve.I was put on thyroxin and antidepressants. I am now on dessicated thyroid but because my body is so destroyed I believe I have adrenal failure and cannot utilise the T3. I am now (once again) having to pay privately for a consultation and further medication. I do hope this raises awareness of how pervasive hypothyroidism is and the havoc it can unleash on all aspects of sufferers health and wellbeing – and their families. I have, with the help of other sufferers, had to try and understand what is going on myself – because of the lack of knowledge and the prevalence of GPs dismissing symptoms as age related or hypochondria. Ever since my diagnosis I have been unwell and I now don’t even bother with the NHS.

    • lorraine cleaver

      Mary I was so sad reading your comments and it is exactly how I felt last year. Please get in touch with us on our facebook page listed above and we will try to give you some help. (lorraine, one of the petitioners)

  7. Lisa Coleman

    One other thing does anyone know how many people with Hypothyroidism also have had heart attacks?

  8. Lisa Coleman

    Thank you for this, some of the things covered in the video really helped me understand more about my condition, I particularly was intrigued about the suggestion of children living in stressful situations as I child I lived in stressful situation I wonder if this could have affected my hypothyroidism as an adult.

    Keep up the good work, I have sent this link to my GP in the hope he might read it.

  9. Dennis Hinrichsen

    try to leave a comment, but you may have to register to be credible.

    see also:

  10. karen

    GMOS cause insects stomachs to explode , thats why so much more celiac and autoimmune diseases, lots of links and information onGMOFREEUSA and GMOFREEUSAFACEBOOK sorry don’t know how to send a link, is very important to not eat GMOS and to preferably eat organic only or as much as possible, including making sure dairy meat chicken eggs come from non gmo fed chickens cows etc and grass fed not corn fed meat

  11. Dennis Hinrichsen

    mention of avoiding GMO products is recommended.
    It may be the modifications, but more likely the residues of RoundUp on our food supply and in the meat we consume.
    Humans are the apex predator and will have the greatest concentration in Glyphosate/POEA in our systems. In 1990, the USDA authorized a four-fold increase in the allowed residues.

    I have yet to find evidence that the levels of this herbicide within the foods have been tested. There are numerous NIH findings since the 90s that indicate RoundUp is an endocrine disruptor. One study indicated sterility within three generations of lab mice…that would be about five years! Population control come to mind. If so, death and sterility would advance the ZPG agenda. Check out for their ten commandments.

  12. Grover Syck

    The current diagnosis by TSH only and the treatment with T4 only is barbaric.

  13. Robert

    What a joy to watch Sandra and Lorraine present their case for a just treatment for low Thyroid hormone function.
    For 15 years after a thyroid op I was fat sick and nearly dead. A diagnosis by signs and symptoms was overturned by blood tests within the ranges…GRRRRR
    Don’t worry about low cortisol low dhea low testosterone
    and ft3 on the bottom of the range. Your Books Janie, and many others gave me the knowledge to secure treatment and prove what was the problem all along. Not lazyitis, not mental…….. low Thyroid hormone function. What a hit people take with this condition, mental, emotional, physical and financial. Anyway we have not got problems…
    we have got challenges. Thanks Janie and everyone who would help another.

  14. Brandon

    just so you know the email failed

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    DNS Error: Domain name not found

    From Janie: Put a period between scottish and parliament.

  15. Brandon

    thanks… I’ll ask my doctor to check on that. Also, I sent a slightly modified version of my statement to the email address provided. hope it helps 🙂

  16. Brandon

    I have been unable to take Armour because it causes me to have migraines (although I’m not sure exactly why). I take a compounded natural desiccated thyroid of T3/T4 at a 1:10 ratio. Everyone is different but ratio seems to work well for me.

    With that said, taking synthetic T4 was a NIGHTMARE for me. I was fine on it at first but after a few months of taking it, my cholesterol numbers started to climb along with my blood pressure. I also had a continuous uncomfortable tightness and burning sensation in my neck. Not only that but my mental focus decreased, my physical energy level was non-existent and my overall ability to function was about zero. After struggling with it for about 2 years, I got my doctor to switch me to synthetic T3 only. It was an improvement but my overall ability to function was still low.

    I finally found a doctor who prescribed Armour (which gave me migraines) and then compounded thyroid. That’s when I started feeling better. I was taking a T3/T4 combo at a 1:4 ratio. After about 3 months of taking that ratio, I started to get very tired at the end of the day so I increased my dose – that helped for a while but the same symptoms came back along with a swollen thyroid. So what I did was reduce the T3 and increase the T4. So far, this new ratio of 1:10 has worked extremely well for me.

    I forgot to previously mention that I tried the same ratio while on synthetic T3/T4 and I DID NOT get relief or improvement in my symptoms. This tells me that desiccated thyroid is inherently better than synthetic.

    (From Janie: sounds like the T3 in Armour revealed that you have either a cortisol or iron problem that needs discovery and treatment).

  17. Dennis Hinrichsen

    Presiding Officer, First Minister, Members of the Scottish Parliament:

    My name is Denis Hinrichsen, and I suffer from hypothyroidism.
    I am 59, an American Veteran of the Viet Nam Era, and have endured symptoms of hypothyroidism for decades.
    In 1992, my Total T4 was sub-clinically low, cholesterol and triglycerides alarmingly high, depressed, isolated, and easily fatigued.
    In 2002, I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, Bipolar/Major Depression, and PTSD.

    I went over the cliff in May 2009 following significant exposure to the herbicide Glyphosate/POEA, commonly known as Roundup.
    A kind Physician’s Assistant at the Spokane VAMC listened and helped me get a foothold on my failing health.
    It was my misfortune that he retired early 2010. August 2010 began my nightmare of Spokane VAMC attributing my symptoms to mental illness.
    I have yet to be afforded a treatment modality despite being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in December 2010.
    My Care Team mandated a journey through the hoops of Behavioral Health, with Wellbutrin recommended to stabilize me.
    And still no medication prescribed for any symptom, and requests for labs to monitor my progress of self-treatment dismissed.

    National Institutes of Health, Maryland University of Medicine, and Mayos provide research to support non-Synthroid treatment modalities.
    Anthony Weetman, Professor of Medicine at the University of Sheffield is spokesman for an international effort to suppress research.
    As a result, people like me, and your citizens petitioning you, suffer at the hand of medical ignorance despite medical lab findings.
    I have fully and timely disclosed the OTC/Herbal/Thyroid supplements I added to sustain any degree of well-being.
    Spokane VAMC Behavioral Health indicated that I would do better on a course of antipsychotics, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers.
    They exclaim “you’re killing yourself”…and I believe they wanted to help with their deadly cocktail:

    I teeter again at the edge of the cliff as President Obama seeks to eliminate my only source for thyroid medicine – importation without prescription.
    I no longer have access to VA Health Care. I am unemployed and in pain most days. Today I will try to walk 30 minutes with my wife.
    I have a supply of Cynoplus (T4/T3) and Cynomel (T3 only) that I use in combination that will last through May.
    My quality of life is despairing. I find it financially distressing to justify continued supplementation of anything.
    I have engaged my Senator and Congressman in an effort to prevent foreclosure of my home and to restore loss of health care.
    Even though I am a service-connected Veteran, Spokane VAMC has determined to offer no support.
    As a former ordained minister in the Assemblies of God, I have no intention of taking my life.
    As a Christian, I question my sanity in trying to preserve my life when so much more awaits me beyond death’s door.
    My only justification: to serve as an advocate and encouragement to others by publishing the research and understandings I have gleaned.
    In the face of medical negligence, I have determined to monitor my demise.

    You Sirs have an opportunity to set an international precedent that is both wise and backed by extensive research.
    It is ludicrous that the practicing medical community limits treatment of thyroid disorders to one drug – Synthroid.
    Please decide in support of Sandra Whyte, Marian Dyer and Lorraine Cleaver and relieve the suffering of untold millions.

    • Diane Gallagher

      Dear Sir
      I have just read your article and found it very moving. I have been taking thyroxine now 18 years (two months after my youngest son was born) just turned 18 yesterday and continue with a myriad of problems. I have battled with doctors and specialist’s for years and still up and down my thyroxine to no avail. I need a different medication combined T3 and T4 can you please advise. Thanking you in advance Diane Gallagher

      (From Janie: here are great patient groups which can help, Diane:

    • Jaz

      Dennis, your post resonates with me. After banging my head against the wall with my healthcare providers for decades, I am this ill in the first place as a direct result of that. Now that I cannot work, have cashed my retirement savings plan to live on, and will lose my home, I have the option of paying over $2000 for visits, labs and treatment for some real health care in a country where ‘healthcare is free’, and I know 3 people personally whom my government supports because they chose to abuse substances. Why?

  18. karen

    im so glad you mentioned that karen! thats exactly why i’ve only taken thyrogold[after i stupidly took synthroid for years and it didint help a t all and probably caused the adrenal fatigue have now.] and why i wont take armour or anything else like that because its from factory farmed pigs who eat GMO’S, thyrogold is from cows raised on organic pastures in new zealand .it works really well.except that i have adrenal fatigue still. im very careful to not eat any GMOS you even have to check your vit c s etc , perque is NON GMO

  19. karen

    I have been on Armour Thyroid for 3 years now and it has change my life. My concern (and my Dr’s) is what these pigs are eating. It is highly likely their feed contains GMO ingredients and will this have an effect on the people who use this drug? What is your take on this?

    (From Janie: it’s definitely a possibility, so perhaps the best option is to watch your intake of GMO ingredients in other foods the best you can rather than give up NDT. And I’ll hope that the makers of the NDT powder will pay attention to this possibility and care enough to feed the pigs differently.)


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