Depression? High blood pressure? Weight gain? Need a nap? On a T4-only med like Synthroid? TEN RESULTS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

(This page was updated in 2015. Enjoy!)

STTM Thyroid Awareness MonthJanuary is THYROID AWARENESS MONTH, but no matter what month you are in, it pays to be an informed patient!

A healthy thyroid, or the right treatment, will create the following TEN RESULTS:


1) Bodily warmth

Because the active thyroid hormone T3 stimulates your metabolism is the right way, patients find themselves getting close to or at 98.6 F/ 37 C in the afternoons, plus warmer hands and feet.

2) Better mood

The right thyroid hormones increase neurotransmitter responsiveness in your brain (like serotonin), meaning it’s your natural anti-depressive…and depression is kicked to the wind.

3) The ability to concentrate

Just as they are anti-depressive, thyroid hormones promote better thought processing in your brain.

4) A healthy heart and blood pressure

Thyroid hormones play a strong role in the health of your cardiovascular system

5) Softer skin and better hair

The right thyroid hormones keep you moister, so you don’t have problems with dry hands, dry hair, eyebrow loss, hair thinning….etc.

6) Better weight maintenance

Your metabolism stays at a point where it’s easier to maintain your goal weight with healthy eating habits and exercise.

7) The ability to avoid naps

The right metabolism from the right thyroid hormones (after a good night’s sleep) keeps you awake and feeling fabulous even in the afternoons.

8) Healthy cholesterol

Thyroid hormones appear to have both an indirect and direct relationship to healthy cholesterol levels.

9) Easier and more regular bowel movements

Because of the extra moisture that the right amount of thyroid hormones give you, bowel movements are better, and constipation and hard stools belong to someone else.

10) A stronger immune system

Thyroid hormones play a direct role in the strength of your body’s ability to withstand infections and disease, or at the least, fight them quicker and more stronger if you do get sick.

So my friends, if anything above seems off to you, there are important things you need to do:

  1. Find a doctor who will do the Free T3 and Free T4, NOT just the TSH. Just using the TSH lab test has kept many folks UNdiagnosed, or UNDERtreated.
  2. Learn how to read those lab results here. Lab results have NOTHING do with just “falling in the range”.
  3. Look into natural desiccated thyroid (NDT). It gives you all FIVE thyroid hormones, not just one left to depend upon like T4-only (aka Synthroid, Tirosent, Levothyroxine, Eltroxine, etc).
  4. Find out about all problems associated with being left undiagnosed due to the TSH and undertreated due to T4-only meds, such as non-optimal levels of iron, high or low cortisol, low B12, depression and mental health issues, low Vitamin D and other problems. Any of these can also contribute to problems with the above ten results.
  5. Order the revised STTM book. This is a compilation of successful patient experience and wisdom to help you achieve the above ten results. Learn from patients! Right now, it’s in ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH AND SWEDISH.

**The above graphic was lovingly created by thyroid patient Marivia Gonzalez of Panama.


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31 Responses to “Depression? High blood pressure? Weight gain? Need a nap? On a T4-only med like Synthroid? TEN RESULTS YOU NEED TO KNOW!”

  1. Eneida

    Hi, I’m taking WP Thyroid, similar to Armour, and am afraid that I may gain weight on it. Has anyone been on Armour long term and what has been your experience with respect to weight gain or loss?
    Thank you much, Eneida

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    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Enedia, NDT doesn’t cause weight gain. In fact, if you work to find your optimal dose, you have a better chance of losing weight since NDT raises your metabolism.

  2. Claire

    Thank you Janie. I will read the book as you suggest. If anything should come to.mind please feel free to let me know. Many thanks and kind regards

  3. Claire

    I’m at my wit’s end.
    Crazy tingling in hands and feet.
    Recent blood results: TSH 3.89
    T4 Free .56L
    T3 Free 3.17
    T4 Total : 4.75 L
    I take 60 plus 30 mg of Armour and Cytomel 5mcg once daily.
    Also, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after being on Lipitor for high cholesterol. Armour thyroid and Cytomel raise blood sugar.
    Please help. Most grateful for your assistance.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Claire, tinging in hands and feet could be a symptom of inadequate levels of B12, we’ve found. See this page on where we’re learned our results need to fall: Also, you’ll want to explore about whether you are on enough NDT. 1 1/2 grains is usually far too low in most of us, we’ve noted. You also didn’t give ranges, so it’s hard to comment, but your TSH screams hypothyroid still. Study this page: No, Armour and Cytomel do not raise blood sugar. Study the pages given and work with your doctor with this better information.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Claire, tinging in hands and feet could be a symptom of inadequate levels of B12, we’ve found. See this page on where we’re learned our results need to fall: Also, you’ll want to explore about whether you are on enough NDT. 1 1/2 grains is usually far too low in most of us, we’ve noted. You also didn’t give ranges for the free’s, so it’s hard to comment, but your TSH screams hypothyroid still. Study this page: No, Armour and Cytomel do not raise blood sugar. Study the pages given and work with your doctor with this better information.

      • Claire

        Thank you Janie for your kind reply. It’s been years of having to put up with my dr’s resistance to adjusting my dose.

        Free T4 .56 L
        Free T 3 3.17
        Total T4. 4.75
        With these levels what do you think is a more suitable dose of Armour and Cytomel ?

        I’ve read that Armour and Cytomel are best taken a half hour after breakfast and dinner in a split dose of half each. Also that the meds need to be chewed before swallowing. (Dr. Mercola)

        I’ve also read that Armour and Cytomel raise blood sugar levels and when I have checked an hour after taking the meds( before breakfast) my blood sugar is up.

        About B-12 when the tingling is high I take a dropperdul of sublingual B12 before bed. One dose a day is all that’s recommended.

        Calcium-MagnesiumZinc with D3 has also helped but I’ve just started taking a multi vitamin so I’ve stopped the Cal-Mag-Zinc with D3 so as not to exceed daily limits.
        Your advice please.

  4. Fafa

    I have been suffering from thyroid problem since 2002, I was a perfectly healthy 20 years old, smart, full of passion for life and energy. Since then I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, ADHD, sublinical hyperthyroidism which subsequent to I-131 treatment went into hypothyroidism. From 2002 to 2005 I was on NO thyroid treatment because my doctor at the time had advised me, if don’t have symptoms to leave it alone. In 2005 I had to move across country for studies and wanted to be safe since was gonna be alone and was going to new state. So I decided to take the I-131 which was given to me by one of the best doctors in the university hospital. HUGE MISTAKE! As you can guess that took me to the other end of the spectrum and into hypothyroidism. I was in honor rolls and was simply smart before took the I-131. From 2005 the next 4 years I had to do to to finish my next level of college degree were the worst 4 years of my life. I was not on honor roll, heck I barely hung in there and passed. I started reading and understood these are all connected.
    Long story short, I have been taking synthroid for 9 years (dose always changing). and started nature throid about a year ago. Doctors don’t help and main source of diagnosis is the blood work. I am so tired all the time, and forgetful and way less passionate than I was before 2002 for life in general. Currently I am taking 3.0 grains of Nature throid, 200 mg of synthroid and lab results aside from TSH little low 0.1, everything is normal. I did convince my doctor last year to write me salivary cortisol testing, and when results came he said they were normal, just that they were high normal and right at the border line. If I could make one wish it would be to feel healthy and the way I felt physically before year 2002. I don’t have medical insurance, my job doesn’t offer it. I am looking for a top notch, understudying, compassionate endocrinologist in New york area or DC or Vermont who can help me with my thyroid, and to see if doing so can help the depression, adhd, and etc, I have a feeling the right treatment and right doctor can put me back to how I felt before my thyroid madness started and everything it followed. Thank you

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Fafa, sorry to read what you are going through.

      Understand that you have to stop believing in the word “normal” when it comes to lab results. Most of the ranges, besides the word “normal” attached to them, are ridiculous. Lab results have to do with “where they fall”, not just the fact that they fall in the erroneous “normal range”. Compare your lab results with what patients have learned here:

      Second, since you are on SO much T4, you need to do an RT3 and Free T3 and see where your ratio is:

      Third, do you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish or tired?? Then your saliva results were NOT normal. Compare them to the first link above.

      Fourth, get all four iron labs tests, and learn where they need to fall..which again has NOTHING to do with falling in the normal range:

      Finally, not only are the vast majority of Endo’s the absolute worst doctors you can go to for good thyroid care, there are no perfect doctors out there. Yes, some doctors are better than others, but YOU have to become better informed and expect to guide them in some areas! That is what STTM will help you do.

    • Lois T.

      Natural family Health in Salisbury, VT, can help.

  5. Eaamon

    you need to add number 11. sodium intake. after 12 years synthroid, changed to levothyroxine sodium and then to the much less expensive version of it. I had done fairly on synthroid but had many symptoms and doctor says no other alternative med was available. once levothyroxine was introduced gained another 10 lbs on top of the 10 of synthroid. then introduced on the lessor generic of both almost lost all my hair, enough to make Elvis jealous…80% of it. quit cold turkey as many more symptoms came back. like why am I on T4 only. I really dug into research on line again. I am disgusted with what the government is doing being run by big business!
    the quiting cold turkey, wow it was like I was poisoned by a chemical I finally determined to be the sodium. I could taste it for 30+ days until it is just about clear now. with what I think was a lack of iodine I started back with that since I found it in a Edgar Cayce reading. I got to thinking how many may have changed over to sea salt in place of my old table salt that use to be i-odized. I noticed changes immediately. now I am search out info on NDT as it may be a while before my thyroid ever may get back to some kind of normal again.
    does sodium lead to heart issues? I think so. but did not notice it on your list of tests for people using synthetic T4…..maybe it should be.
    thanks for your site Janie!

  6. connie

    I just love this STTM website. I cannot tell you how much it has helped. Even though I am still having some crisis. I am learning!! I recently went to my Gyn and was told I was going into menopause because of my age and having no cycle since March 2013. (it was now August 2013) My hormones were tested and It showed I was starting to decline in estrogen. I was told I would not be given any estrogen or hormone replacement until my other hormones dropped too. Well, I explained to the doctor I was so very very tired, I was gaining weight like it was glued to me and I felt awful. She told me estrogen decline can do this..really? If I had to wait for my other hormones to drop before she gave me something, I would drop to. I’ve been hypothyroid for years, on synthroid .125 for years. We all knew that. Well, it was also that time of year for my checkup and I had to find a family doctor. I found one pretty fast and thought I wouldn’t get much from visiting because this group was not Osteopath, holistic, functional, environmental, etc. But I needed to get some blood labs done and from what I had learned from this website, I was going for the jugular with this practice. I explained to the new doctor how tired I was. I told her I was previously diagnosed low iron but no one made a deal out of anemia, but I would like all 4 iron test done, I also told her my Vitamin D has been checked in the past and it NEVER seems to rise. I then told her my throat is sore, she checked it, no infection noted, talked about my thyroid and ordered an ultrasound. (I’ve had that before with detected nodules that were not previously a dr’s concern) So here is what happened. My labs came back low ferritin at 14. My total iron came back at 51. TIBC was 423, with % of saturation at 12 which the lab flagged Low. My b12 was 322 measured in pg/ml with 1100 being top range. My Vitamin D3 at 27. The lab flagged that low also. Now I had some answers. The doctor didn’t do the TSH but did do the T3 total, T3 uptake T4 Total and Free T4. They were all within range. My thyroid scan came back with 2 large nodules, one on the right, one on the left. measuring approx. 2cm each. Ouch. So…my Gyn wanted me to have my ovary removed, since it was causing pain. (cyst) I went to the health food store and bought some Floradix iron & herbs, yeast and gluten free. I take it with my Vit. C cap even though Floradix has C. The man I know at the health food store says they sell out fast on these bottles of Floradix. My cycle started 3 days after taking iron, and it was normal. 5 days. That boggled my mind. My breast tenderness decreased afterwards. My skin started to clear up, my color got better, the fatigue is lifting and the mood is a little brighter. but since taking the iron, my chest started breaking out of which I never had before, I don’t understand that. I could never tolerate Armour in the past and I think I understand why with the RT3, adrenals, low iron, etc. However, when I occassionally take renew life liver cleanse, my face glows, my energy is good and I seem to loose a pound or two very easily. (there is something to that) I am going to have the nodules biopsied within a week. Im not afraid of that.

    Thank you Janie at STTM, without you and your work, I would be another helpless statistic, a victim of ignorance. I still have alot of reading to do, but what a difference in the direction I am taking. I go slow, let my body adapt. I would love to try the Armour again once Im more balanced. Two previous dr’s had taken me off of it because I got the jeebies (nervousness & shakes) they told me its not for everyone. But at least I understand why that happened.

    • Karen Gardner

      Connie, how is your thyroid doing now? I did fine on Armour for 12 years until being diagnosed with diabetes I was put on many meds Jamuvia,onglyza, metformin and Actos from the beginning. I got it under control by diet. Take some cinnamon. The meds affected my Armour absorption. It is too strong kn the am so I only take 30 mg and then take 30 mg around 2 pm and then another 30 in the evening. I am so worn out from dealing with this. It s 91 degrees today and the heat really affects me. I was so low ln vit D brought that up with D3 and now taking. Hema. Plex for Iron. Also taking b complex snd Alive vitamin. Mornings after taking Armour are rough with anxiety probably from high cortisol. Vit C helps lower cortisol so I ve bern taking. Feel calmer im afternoon and evening. Tums helps calm down am armour. Armour works the best for me allergic to synthroid. Thyroid out in 2000. Karen Gardner.

  7. Joyce Parks

    I am new to this site. I am on 1 grain of AT which I started mid January of 2013.

    My Q is how does one know when the dosage might need to be upped?

    I feel great, skin not dry & (I live where there is no humidity plus extreme cold temps), am sleeping better feeling fully rested & alert, my cholesterol has dropped significantly & hope it will continue to reach good range. I won’t know that until I take another test.

    I take my BP every am before getting out of bed & the readings for the most part are very acceptable. However, recently I notice now & then they are higher. Is this a symptom to needing a higher dosage? I notice once I’m up & about & retake my BP (for my own curiosity), it is higher but nothing like in the past. It seems once my feet hit the floor it will be elevated. It’s also always high at the doctors office too but I always take my daily journal with me for my file.

    Might this be part of the “feed back loop” beginning for staying on too low a dose for too long? I do fall off the wagon on daily exercise but do make an attempt at it. I know stress plays apart as well & there has been a fair amount of that lately plus not exercising every day probably adds to it.

    Overall, from the BP readings varying I feel great for 66 yrs. Any insight would be good to read.

    Next to get the book…


  8. Amy

    I had a total thyroidectomy in 2006. Since that time I have been miserable. I have gained 70 lbs and the more I try to lose it the more I gain. My hair is thin, my skin so dry I can not even wear makeup as it looks dry and flaky, I am tired all the time but cannot sleep unless I take ambien. I am cold most of the time that I need a space heater going in my room. My feelings of depression sluggishness and difficulty concentrating are so bad that I ended up losing my job. I feel so awful all the time that suicide was looking like my best option. I have spent the last 14 months talking with a therapist and on anti depressants that made me gain another 15 lbs. Did it help, no. My doctor says my levels are fine. I take 200mcg of levothyroxin. I do have extremely low level of vitamin D. I say that is because I stay indoors all the time, don’t care to hang out with friends or my kids when they visit. I walk on the treadmill for 30-60 minutes a day and stomach crunches daily. My weight does not change and I feel even more depressed. I am so sick of feeling like this.

    • Janie

      Amy, you need a much better doc and even with a better one, you need to demand what you want from any doc. Read the STTM book.

  9. Anastasia Kenner

    I had my thyroid removed in 2003, been on Synthroid for 8 & switched to levothryoxine in the last year. I decided to ask my doctor to prescribe Armour – he gave me .90 – knowing how senstive to meds my body is I only took half this morning & was slammed with not being able to breathe, stomach cramps, nausea, severe sweating, bowel cramps. It’s been 1 1/2 hours since I took it & I’m feeling better by drinking lots of water and a piece of toast as well as have a xanaz to reduce the high anxiety this reaction caused. I’m so bummed as I thought it would help – I continue to be a prisoner in this. Please help me to understand what happened to my body this morning & why I might not be able to take Armour – the only thing I can think of is that my body was flooded with a hormone it has not seen for many years & I am grateful I only took half. Thank you

    (From Janie: when NDT does that to you, it points to a cortisol problem, and/or low iron–both which need discovery via labs, and treatment. Read Chapter 5 in the revised STTM book, and the beginning of the Odds and Chapter about iron. In the meantime, go here: and

  10. Dayna Costello

    Hi. I am trying to download the book on my galaxy note 2 and cannot find it. Is this book downloadable.

    (Dayna, there is no download. The information is simply in the book form. Enjoy!)

  11. Tammy

    I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease 7 years ago – and treatment with medication was not working – so I was given radioactive iodine to completely kill my thyroid. I have new miserable ever since. I’ve tried three different medicines (including armour) and still have no relief. Every 6 months my dosage gets “tweaked” and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I have 35 pounds that I can not lose, my hair has thinned and is brittle, I’m exhausted – I feel dead inside and completely hopeless. What types of treatments are best for those of us with no functioning thyroid? How do foods and supplement help when all the thyroid hormone in our bodies is from a pill? I need relief and to get this weight of – and to get my life back.

    (From Janie: Natural desiccated thyroid has always proven to be the best treatment…if you use it correctly! Go here and order the revised STTM book here:

  12. Missy

    I’m taking anti seizure medication and have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I’m taking Synthroid and it doesn’t seem to be working. The hairloss is horrible, is there anything that can help with that? Doctor has made comment that the seizure medication attacks the thyroid. Was wondering if anyone has had the same medical problem and if so what they done to help with it. Thank YOU!

    (From Janie: T4-only treatment has resulted in hair loss and lot more problems even without patients taking the same anti-seizure med. Read Then follow the links to the Natural Thyroid Hormones page.)

  13. J

    I think I am somewhere between stage 4 and 5. I may have a serious increase in the estrogen department. I guess I don’t have to explain how bad I feel beyond that. I will have to get someone to help me, because this site overwhelms me at this point. I believe this started for me after my first child was born, over 8 years ago. I really have struggled, been told I am fine, been diagnosed with ADD and depression. I despise myself for being so lazy and unmotivated. I am beyond exhausted. My brain hurts, my body hurts, my soul is screaming at me and I am not sure how to even go about starting this process. My brain is that dysfunctional at this point.

  14. Melissa

    I seriously hate my life. I’ve been fighting hypo for 8 years now. I have a multi-modular goiter on top of it. My doc took me off my Synthroid after my 3rd baby because my levels were fluxing a lot. After 3 months post birth everything stayed normal. Now 2 1/2 years later, I think my thyroid is bottoming out. My hair is suddenly thinning, my scalp and belly itches, I am so damn tired ALL THE TIME, I freeze to the bone when everyone else is warm, I’m 30 lbs over weight, my joints ache a lot and I can’t remember the simplistic things in life. I wake up everyday with a buzz and sleepy feeling. I hate this!!!! I’m a professional singer for a signed band, 3 kids and an autoworker. I need all my energy, and I don’t have it! I just had my labs done 3 days ago and awaiting results. I can’t get relief at all. I am so miserable!!! I want to try the Armour this time instead of Synthroid, but worried my Endo won’t give it to me. My biggest fear is losing more hair. It’s coming out by the handfuls. I have to go on stage in front of fans. I need my hair!!! WTH?! WHY????

    (From Janie: It’s not your hypo you’ve been fighting for 8 years. It’s lousy doctors! I think you are in the UK, so join the TPA-UK group and they will help you find the help you need)

  15. Laura H.

    I am so glad I found this site!

    I am quite familiar with thyroid issues as I’ve been dealing with thyroid problems since early 2005, a year after I had my 2nd child. I knew nothing about the thyroid at the time but learned my mother had nodules (from which they thought was from radiation back in the day) and since they couldn’t determine her blood levels with no tests available, she was automatically put on Synthroid to “stop the growth”. To this day, she’s been on Synthroid for 40 something years and no problems; she’s healthy. Thyroid nodules/goiters are hereditary. So, when my enlarged thyroid was detected, I went to her well-respected prominent Atlanta endocrinologist to get checked out. He solely relied on the TSH level tests and all were absolutely normal. Yet, I pointed to the list on the wall of the hypothyroid symptoms and I had every one! Especially the fatigue! I’ve been healthy all of my life and felt nothing like this! I kept seeing him for almost 5 years, as we “watched” my goiter grow!! I could no longer wear turtlenecks and I definitely did not feel well, but I was on NOTHING for my symptoms. By the end of 2009, I saw a different endocrinologist in the Northern suburbs. She took one look at the thyroid by ultrasound and immediately said it needed to come out. In the meantime, I still didn’t have a diagnosis other than enlarged thyroid. I went to my cousin who is a ND Natural Doc. I should have continued to go to him from this point but I was so freaked out about surgery, I went to see if he could diagnose the problem. He ran the antibodies tests (mentioned on this site) that no endocrinologist ever mentioned! My results were over the top — in the 1000s – crazy high! He said you have Hashimoto’s. ok, so now I knew what it was. He didn’t recommend surgery unless the biopsy came back cancer. I had the biopsy that came back inconclusive (as they always seem to do!!) and when I visited the surgeon he said, this MUST come out — you don’t have a choice! I was scared to death! I decided to have a total thyroidectomy and start Synthroid right after surgery (a drug I had never taken before). I am drug sensitive and can’t take normal dosages of most medications. I started on 137mcg Synthroid after surgery and by day 3 I was climbing the walls!! It was way too much for me. This went on for several months – I had a hard time adjusting. Finally, I have maintained on just 100 mcg without thyroid for the past 3 years. The levels are just now slipping and I have increased dosages only twice a week but as far as symptoms….my symptoms today are much WORSE than my symptoms before surgery. My neck feels better, yes – but my fatigue has doubled and I am unable to do simple tasks. The only fix according to my endocrinologist is T3 in addition to Synthroid. She won’t prescribe this to me because I’m sensitive to meds and I’ve also been diagnosed in the past with tachycardia (racing heart) so she is concerned this won’t work for me. I am soooo tired of talking to doctors that think I’m just whining. I just want to feel healthy like I was before. I’m on no other medications. I regret that I ever let them take my thyroid out. It was a healthy organ (per the surgeon) that was enlarged with nodules. I should have listened to my ND cousin and tried natural herbs before going the route I did. I would recommend to anyone to see an ND first; they understand this function of the body much better than endocrinologists do. My experience with a few endocrinologist has been they are more concerned with diabetes patients than thyroid patients. Just my opinion! If anyone has further suggestions for my situation, I will sure listen!

  16. Cris

    OMG! I too have been out of work for 4 months and still working to get well. I still have ALL those symptoms. When does it end?! Been dealing with these symptoms and this craziness since September 2007. Switched from Levoxyl to Nature-throid about a year ago as the T4 only was horrible. Then September 2012, switched to USP compounded thyroid. This is the only records of lab work I have copies of that were done:
    November 2011; TSH: 1.56, T4: 1.33, T3: 2.8
    January 2012; Vitamin D : 22.1, Ferritin: 9, TIBC: 391, UIBC: 316, Iron Serum: 75, Iron Saturation: 19
    May 2012; TSH: 1.93, T4: 73, Cholesterol : 214, LDL: 123
    July 2012; TSH: 3.17, T4: .82, Iodine serum: 31.1, Reverse T3: 13.6, T3: 106, Ferritin: 23, Vit D3: 72.8, TIBC: 384, UIBC: 299, Iron Serum: 85, Iron Saturation: 22
    November 2012; TSH: 1.98, T4: .89, Ferritin: 20.
    All this time thinking NONE of this medication is working for me because I still don’t feel right and still having all these other crazy symptoms (numb/cold hands and feet, head to toe tingling sensations, dry eye, constipation, bloating, gas, brain fog, emotionally hyper sensitive, elevated cholesterol, dry/brittle skin, nails & hair etc. etc, etc). In December 2012, USP compounded thyroid gave me insomnia for a week so I thought something was “wrong with batch” and went back to Levoxyl.
    So, YES. Everything above seems off to me and I don’t know why and am extremely depressed. Is it because Ferritin is low? Do I need some Iodine supplementation? Should I stick with USP compounded thyroid? Do I add T3 Cytomel.

  17. Becky

    I have finally been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and told that it is an auto immune response to the ‘healthy’ foods I have eaten all my life: milk, gluten, soy and corn. I have known for years that something was wrong but neither the doctor nor I could figure it out. He had me tested twice and my numbers were ‘normal’. I have been out of work now for 11 months and still working to get well. If you feel you need help with your thyroid, see a functional endocrinologist. He/she will help you get your body back into balance. Hashimoto’s is the biggest thyroid issue around and not tested for by the standard medical field.

  18. Esther Trueman

    Can you put me in touch with a source of supply for Desiccated thyroid meds.
    We’re Canadians, retired in Mexico, so the chances of finding this substance is slim ti none.

    My spouse has had no results with the synthroid pills.
    Thanks for any response.
    Esther Trueman.

    From Janie: Google ThyroGold.

  19. Jerry

    It would be very nice if there was a tutorial on line or a online class a person could take to understand the lab values and ask the correct question when we see our providers. Currently we walk into a providers office and don’t understand the labs nor the interpretation of the labs or what should be done. It’s the blind leading the blind. I have a provider that told me “you do not have to do the T3, T4, TPO or T3 uptake, or t4 uptake, he was angry that I asked him to do. His comment was if your TSH is off we just add synthroid, “it’s that simple”. It’s not that simple but, I do not have to skill that I need to stand up and hold an intelligent conversation with him or anyone else. We need help (a class) to help all of us. Is there a class out there that does it?

    (From Janie: your tutorial and class is the STTM website, the STTM book, and the patient groups I have listed on the Talk to Others page. Lab information is here: Take heart: there was NO STTM when I went through what I did. You are LUCKY to have this information compiled. You just have to use it, and the book helps as there is more detail, and you can highlight/bookmark those areas you want to remember better)

  20. Traci Wallis

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s when my internist found nodules on my thryoid. I was biopsied and put on Synthroid by one of Atlanta’s best endocrinologist and within a year all of the nodules were gone. Does this treatment work for someone like me? I have lost about thirty five pounds, regrown hair and no longer have to have naps. I wake up ready to go in the mornings. I am also on cholesterol and blood pressure meds which I was on before being diagnosed. Please advise ASAP. I am scheduling an appointment with my doctor to discuss this new medication as an option. Thanks so much.

    (From Janie: what you have described is all too common: Synthroid doing good in some areas, but completely missing other problems, and continued high BP and cholesterol is an example. MANY patients have seen these go DOWN with the right use of NDT!! And it’s the “right use” you also have to learn i.e not by the TSH, using the free T3 etc. The book will help.)

    • Susan Altamirano

      Synthroid helped me for the first few years that I took it. However, over time it stopped helping me and I had even worse thyroid symptoms then I did at the beginning.


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