Washington spits in your face, anti-depressant problem, and the STTM book is now in German and Swedish!

The US Government is going to confiscate your meds sent from overseas!

Fall is in the US, but as you were enjoying your summer, it happened in a flash:  last July, President Obama signed into law the FDA Safety and Innovation Act (S. 3187). And that Act includes a section that might negatively affect your life as a thyroid patient if you are among those feel forced to get your life-saving natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) or related medications from overseas (because your doctor was too clueless to either prescribe NDT or give you enough thanks to the medical stupidity about the TSH lab test).

i.e. in Section 708, the US government now has the authority to destroy a package of personally imported drugs at their point of entry to the United States…even if you badly need them. And this potentially includes NDT like Erfa coming to us from safe, reputable Canadian online pharmacies by prescription! Or your T3-only from other places. Both the latter are unclear, but it’s a possibility.

And do you know why they state they are doing this?? For your “SAFETY”.  Janie’s eyes rolling here.  Can someone tell me how they know if a thyroid med from somewhere else is “unsafe” simply because it wasn’t made in the US?? Are US-made drugs SAFE??? Give me a break. Ask that of folks whose lives paid big prices because of side effects from our FDA-approved medications like Synthroid and many other NON-thyroid related drugs pushed upon us. It’s all a bunch of Big Pharma-influenced, greedy hooey, say thyroid patients.

Now as far as we know, this isn’t going to affect anything really soon. The US Secretary of Health and Human Services has up to two years to decide how to make the new law a reality. But it may happen far sooner than later in that time frame and I would count on it.

Says Lee Graczyk, RxRights Lead Organizer, “It’s critical for people to stand up and get organized to fight against this harmful regulation!”

Anti-depressant use and your adrenals: not a helpful connection for some

Sure, having depression is not fun and it’s understandable if you want to do something about it. My own mother had depression so bad thanks to her lifelong use of Synthroid that she used anti-depressants her entire adult life. This was long before we, as thyroid patients, discovered the strong connection between low T3 levels in the brain and depression (and a connection which all too many doctors miss!)

She also had an extremely “emotionally apathetic” personality, which I assumed was solely due to the electric shock treatment she had while in her early 40’s in an attempt to reverse the depression. But turns out her impassive and flat personality could have also been from the nasty side-effects of my mother’s long-term antidepressant use. i.e. while they made her “happy”, they also made her more dull, flat and detached. This has been reported by all-too-many patients

But now we are seeing the problems that anti-depressant use can cause for your adrenals. A study done in September 2011 titled Antidepressant use and salivary cortisol in depressive and anxiety disorders reveals that

  1. Tricyclics* flatten your cortisol awakening response
  2. SSRI users** had higher evening cortisol levels
  3. Most antidepressants are associated with distinct alterations of the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal feedback loop)

*A common form of Tricyclics is Elavil (Amitriptyline).  **Common examples of SSRI antidepressant (Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors or serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitor) include Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa, Paxil, Zoloft, etc) 

The alternation of your HPA axis is a common finding when you peruse several research studies. And it’s even more obvious when thyroid patients with adrenal fatigue start using the T3 Circadian Method. i.e. it can take longer to get the right response from the T3. ***Please note that this is simply providing information in the name of being informed patients, not a recommendation to get off your antidepressant!  Talk to your doctor.

(Speaking of mood issues, a study was done showing cherries help with mood. Who would’ve guessed. You can read about it here.)

The revised Stop the Thyroid Madness book is now in German and Swedish! 

You can read about the translations here and I included an autobiography of each translator!  Please do not comment asking if a particular language is coming. I’ll announce them when the day comes.  If you know someone in Germany or Sweden who could badly use the patient-to-patient information in this book, go here.

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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4 Responses to “Washington spits in your face, anti-depressant problem, and the STTM book is now in German and Swedish!”

  1. Lynn

    As an add-on to my above comment, I just went to the stop smart meters webpage and today there’s a 43 minute video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Phd titled “Smart Meters & EMR: Health Crisis of Our Time” which I believe may also be posted on YouTube if you can’t find it on that site. If you have time, please view this video. He is located in the Seattle area and runs the Klinghardt Academy. He says that the Communications industry now has a bigger lobby in Washington than the Pharmaceutical industry. He explains just how the smart meter is affecting your health and I’m beginning to wonder if my immune issues are really related to electromagnetic radiation – and even if you don’t feel it or aren’t sensitive to it you are still being affected. I think many people may think their hashi’s or lupus or lyme is getting worse but maybe it’s really the smart meter, the wireless technology that we are being exposed to 24 hours a day. He treats immune compromised patients and austistic children and he believes EMR severely affects them. Maybe your blood pressure suddenly went up, your heart is beating erratically, your ears are ringing? It may be because they are installing them in your neighborhood. Another video on the site is of a man whose pacemaker was set off 4 different times and he had to be hospitalized and almost died. They removed the meter and now he’s fine. Another webpage is emfsafetynetwork.org. California is allowing some opt outs but other states are offering none (even though the Federal government does not require you to have one-the utilities want you to have one). If you haven’t been told about this issue, please read up on it because they will be coming to your home to install these meters and you’ll be well informed if you get ahead of the issue and before the installer is at your utility box.

  2. Lynn

    Val is absolutely correct and she summed it up perfectly. I’ve been thinking about this lately after realizing they changed the Cynomel that I’m currently using. I have Cytomel from the doctor but have allergic reactions to it so when I run out of my Cynomel I was going to go back to dessicated but now will go Val’s route and get it compounded (more expensive). I’m also thinking about getting adrenal live cell therapy (very expensive) and wonder how it will help my thyroid. The government has allowed our food supply to be contaminated with GMO’s since the 1990’s (what’s a little sprinkling of Roundup in your food gonna hurt you?). Roundup kills insects by bursting their intestines (why do all thyroid patients seem to have gut issues?). It’s a slow way to make us all sick, especially if we are unaware. The FDA and Monsanto are in bed together – the FDA does NOT protect us. People are too busy in their daily lives to pay attention to what the government is doing to us until they themselves get sick. Now I’m trying to eat ONLY organic and look for labels that are NON-GMO. Again very expensive to do but my health is at stake. Any extra money goes only to what goes in my mouth and medications that will help not hurt. Government also slipped into Obamacare the billions needed to put Smart Meters on all our utilities (electric, gas, water). I would love to get off the grid but that’s very expensive to do. These smart meters emit EMFs and especially seem to affect people with autoimmune diseases. People with autoimmune diseases are the canary in the coal mine. Try to keep your analog meters, call your utility and demand to be put on the do not install or opt out list, go to stopsmartmeters.org to learn, read about creating a healthy home from the EMF onslaught at createhealthyhomes.com. All states are installing them and they are coming to you soon if not already. They are being installed around the world as part of Agenda 21. The government is not going to help us, we have no voice because lobbyists control everything. This country is going the way of the UK, Canada, healthcare wise and America as we know it will soon disappear. I’m so sad for the very young people who will be saddled with this debacle. Val is right, God help us.

    (From Janie: if you go the expensive route with compounded, make sure you ask them NOT to make it slow-release. Most reported patient experience has found it lousy, and dosing yourself to be more effective)

  3. val

    I had heard on conservative tv that the first 6 months of president obamas term big pharmaceutacal reps where in and out of his office constantly. And l thought hummmm. 8 months after he was in office my armour suddently changed. I got sick and I thought l wonder if those big pharmaceutical people had paid to have armour shut down so we would be forced back on synthroid. Naaa that seems so conspiratory. Then of course l switched to nature-throid and the same thing happened. Then Erfa and now this little move. I would venture to say it doesnt seem that crazy what l thought to begin with..synthroid paying off the white house to be number one. im guessing when we have obama care it will be practically the only one we can get. Govt recommended in fact. I take compounded at this time and l have heard the rumors of them shutting down compounding pharmacies. Why would the govt do this to its people? I just think its a pay off thing. Shut down all the competition. The govt is the new mafia…they need money they go fine a pharmaceutical company…if the state needs money it steals it from independent cities..l dont blame Forest for what has happened..the FDA has been going after them with a vengeance for the last 4 years…hummmm 4 years…weird…they have been fining the pants off them and guess who would be left standing…synthroid. Seems we may not see levothroid again and that was the only one l could take without getting sick. Thats another weird thought…the govt wanting its people to be sick….more than weird its down right frightening. I simply cant return to a life of synthroid again. God help us

  4. DeAnna

    Good thing this family loves cherries! I eat cherries at night and take Magnesium and Melatonin to keep my sleep normal. I am totally thyroidless since 1 y/o. I was fine on chewable Synthcrap until my teenage years – probably when my hormones hit. My internist then saw me pretty much every 6 months and put me on every anti-depressant available – SSRI’s, MOI’s. bipolar meds etc. I was diagnosed with SAD because he felt I was always showing symptoms in the winter times but my ongoing complaints were anxiety, insomnia and crying. I’ve been on all of them with all of the same nasty side effects. They never worked and I did the ultimate shameful trying to kill myself act at 19 y/o while I was in nursing school. I guess I was just tired of dealing with the expectation. I’m very type A and was top of my hs and nursing school but could not understand why I would become so depressed at my darkest hour or when I was alone. I recall waking up 3 days later in ICU and my mother having aged and grayed overnight. I felt horrible for doing that to my mom but at the same time, I couldn’t explain why a blonde beautiful cheerleader would not want to live.
    I prayed hard and I feel He really led me to to find Janie’s first book because I came across her blog right at that time. I cried at the first chapter so many years ago. Does that even make sense? But to me I finally found someone who actually understood what it felt like to feel awful even while your worthless TSH was “WNL”. I went on to become an RN which I think even made me more confused because we were only trained in conventional medicine. I’m now branching out to live the more organic life but it’s still a huge battle. My doctor just put me back on Synthcrap and I’m back to being miserable but we are having difficulty becoming pregnant and my internist feels I tried the whole NT and maybe the Synthcrap will help me – I’m not hopeful. I’m back on the adult ADD meds and just tired of dealing with it but for me, the compounded T3 was so expensive too – it’s not fair they make compounded meds so expensive. I am trying to obtain my T3 now from Europe and they verified they will mark the meds as cosmetic so hopefully it will work. I still pray one day we can speak together to get our feelings of actual patient evidence across and talk over pharmaceutical companies & I truly believe it will happen & just maybe we won’t be labeled as those crazy holistic nurses 🙂


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