Who has the vision and courage of Dr. Lowe…and a message from Acella about delays

Each day, when I think about the passing of Dr. Lowe (which you can read about here), I reel in shock at this huge loss in our fight for better thyroid treatment and SANITY.

And now we have to ask: who will fill those shoes when it comes to the continuation of thyroidscience.org and the courageous message of Dr. Lowe?? Even the front page contains an important article titled “TSH is Not the Answer,” a report Dr. Carol Rowsemitt and Dr. Thomas Najarian: Their explanation and verification i.e. Dr. Lowe fought for what PATIENTS ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUE about the lousy TSH lab test!

And Lowe announced that he was next coming out with an article concerning ” false statements of fact online about T3-containing thyroid products including Armour Thyroid” by The British Thyroid Association and UK Royal College of Physicians. He continued: ” The scientific facts patently show the falsehood of the two organizations’ statements. Is this a failure of responsibility to study scientific issues before making public pronouncements on them? Or do the statements constitute science fraud?” Unless it was already written, we might never see this article. But we all know the truth.

The loss of Dr. Lowe propels me to ask: Who do YOU see as a medical professional who has the following qualities:

  • high intelligence
  • an interest in true science rather than blindly following research with outcomes based on who paid for certain studies
  • the courage to speak the truth, even if it goes against the grain of staid medical opinion
  • compassion for thyroid patients and the willingness to listen to their experiences

Who, as a medical professional, can patients give a vote of confidence to as someone who can continue the legacy of Dr. Lowe? Propose some names by commenting on this blog post below. (If you are reading this via the Email Notification, click on the title of this post, which will bring you directly to the blog post where you can leave a comment).


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Out of my own savings last Fall, I paid for three months in hiring a publicist for the message of Stop the Thyroid Madness…i.e. through the end of December. My goal is to reach far more who may not understand WHY they have problems thanks to the lousy TSH lab test or T4-only meds like Synthroid, Levothyroxine, etc. And she has done a fabulous job in getting interviews and articles out there–you can see what she has done on the donation page mentioned below.

After December, patients donations completely paid for January. Now we are working on February, and nearly half way there. But this will end sooner than later if more donations don’t come in. Go here to read about it and Pay It Forward.


UK thyroid and adrenal patient Paul Robinson made a VERY interesting discovery–that he could heal his adrenals with his unique use of T3. Yup, and he SUCCEEDED. And it’s quite exciting news for adrenal fatigue patients. Additionally, if you are on T3, his T3 titration process alone is vastly superior to most other recommendations in the use of T3, and means you can use less!!

Take the time to find out for yourself!! There’s a good summary of what he discovered in the new STTM Facebook Adrenals group (and please note this group is for PATIENTS ONLY, not medical professionals. And for approval to the group, you canNOT have a hidden info and friends. We have to be this way to keep out spammers, and to see that you are who you say you are). You can also order his book from this Recommended books page on STTM. To order the patient-to-patient STTM book, go here.


Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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23 Responses to “Who has the vision and courage of Dr. Lowe…and a message from Acella about delays”

  1. Cyndi

    It has been 3 years….who is filling Dr. John Lowe’s shoes?

  2. whisperingsage

    My personal favorite is Dr. Joseph Mercola. He has LOTS of research covering LOADS of issues and conditions. He converted to natural himself when dissatisfied with results his patients were getting. And here is his article on thyroid so you can get a feel for how educated he is; http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/01/02/many-symptoms-suggest-sluggish-thyroid.aspx

    I used his website for my reasearch papers in nursing school.

  3. Jenny

    I posted a comment on the other page on this site about Dr Lowe’s death, “Deep sorrow and Condolences” about his website and will post here as well. Tammy Lowe as far as I am concerned is the only other person who had been as deeply committed and involved in the work that Dr Lowe was doing for many years, and is alone able to complete the last book they were working on together at the time of his death.

    Dr Lowe’s site at thyroidscience.us was apparently absconded by extended family who took legal action to control his estate. Orders that you make on the old site get no response, no reply and will not be fulfilled. Tammy Lowe has moved the site to a new location naturalthyroidsolutions.com and can be reached at the new website or by email at tammy @ naturalthyroidsolutions.com She has been wonderful about explaining what has happened to the original site and his work and been a great help and support. Hopefully the new site will have a way to donate to her ongoing work and she will be able to complete and publish the last book that she and Dr Lowe were working on at the time he died.

    ALSO: to Tricia who suggests on Jan 16th that Dr Datis Kharrazian of the book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests are Normal” might be a candidate, I have this to say from personal experience: I personally found the recommendations I got from his office to be very expensive consultations, utterly destructive, dangerous for me, and if I hadnt decided to stop them when I did, potentially fatal. His unwillingness to be transparent and responsive to the things he was suggesting I do, as well as the fact that he overlooked key related issues in my particular program which had me at the start of congestive organ failure by the time I finally backed out, tells me that he is EVERYTHING that Dr John Lowe was publishing about the medical establishment which has ZERO accountability to patients and I would have been merely another unfortunate statistic if I hadnt been paying close attention to my own quickly deteriorating condition. His behavior has demonstrated to me that he has no ethical motivation to his work, and is not remotely interested in being of real help to the population who most need it: the thyroid patients that Dr Lowe and his wife Tammy have been fighting for all these years.

    • Cyndi

      Jenny, I have heard something similar from somewhere else. He has assistants or other doctors who learn from him who are also beyond the normal range of fee’s even for an “expert”. I completely agree with Jenny’s statement above. Many have gotten on the band wagon now with this information and using it for their own means for money and using the internet as a marketing tool. Some are more quiet and good. Isn’t word of mouth great? The proof is in the pudding isn’t it? There must be one of the others above that Dr. Lowe would have highly endorsed?
      Thank you for speaking up.

  4. Linda Knedler

    a thyroid expert who might carry the torch:
    Dr. David Brownstein
    “Overcoming Thyroid Disorders”

  5. Miriam

    I would just like to correct Peter S’s comments about Europe. We do have some excellent private doctors, such as Dr Hertoghe! Also there is a lot of variability across Europe in the treatment of thyroid disease. For example, a German doctor recently told one of our TPA members that in Germany they learn about the importance of T3, and prescribe it. Thyroid diagnosis and treatment seems to be worst in the UK at present.

  6. JLee

    Hi Janie can you make a news post about hypo symptoms getting much worse when initially starting desiccated? More tiredness, weight gain, memory problems while taking thyroid.

    From Janie: that’s due to the negative feedback loop from either starting on too low dose, or not raising fast enough. https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/natural-thyroid-101 )

  7. Elinor Tolan

    David M. Derry, MD, PhD has published in Thyroid Science. He’s a caring and brave professional who has risked a lot for the sake of his patients, as did Dr. Lowe. Dr. Lowe respected him very much.

  8. lynn

    Bummer! I am a patient but am NOT on Facebook, nor do I want to join. I would, however, love to read the Facebook Adrenals group summary and opinion of how to use T3 only. Maybe you can do a short summary on your blog or site for those of us who do not want to join Facebook?? I did get Paul Robinson’s book and am starting to read, am on HC and Erfa, and am going to lower and get off of HC (and Erfa) so that I can switch to Cytomel. I also got your revised STTM book. Too bad you have the group as “private” on Facebook. I am in the adrenals and T3 Yahoo groups and wish the discussion was there instead of on Facebook.

    (From Janie: Lynn, since you have the book, you’ll have great information anyway on how to do the T3 Circadian Protocol. 🙂 And the group is private because patients who explore some of their most private adrenal health situations wanted it that way.)

    • Sa Jervis

      Why are you keen to take T3 only?
      Taking NDT, you are getting ALL the thyroid hormones and more – calcitonin which helps to control calcium blood levels and supports bone health, as well as T1 and T2 which we know are also significant hormones and who knows what other goodies are in it too.
      T3 only is appropriate when you have high levels of rT3, with a view to clearing it otherwise there is no real benefit to taking T3 only. Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield; an expert and fellow sufferer; says having a little T4 can be beneficial; so long as you’re not making too much rT3 with it.
      I take both T3 and NDT. When taking NDT alone it appeared I was not converting the T4 but accumulating it; this gave me symptoms of both hyper whilst continuing with hypothyroid symptoms too, and I needed high doses of NDT to feel well; obviously I needed the T3 in NDT.
      I take the combination for the reasons highlighted above. I take a loading dose of NDT and T3 first thing when I wake in the morning and a second dose of T3 last thing before going to bed. That works for me. Some people like to take three or four doses throughout the day but I often forget those and two doses works for me. You have to find what works for you; it appears Paul Robinson found what works for him but that may not be so for you. Experiment yourself to find what suits you.
      Many have a problem with losing their weight gain and find it difficult unless taking some T3. I lost some of the weight gain, experienced due to non treated hypothyroidism, on NDT and have lost some more with the addition of T3 but more than that I have my life back.
      Thankfully I have never taken T4 only, but here in the UK many Drs fear using the treatment I get because many Drs have been chased by the GMC as a result; on trumped up charges may I add. My prescriptions are forever under threat, until Drs believe us patients and stop dancing a jig to the tune of Big Pharma.

  9. Lynne

    I have to also mention Dr Mark Starr from the Type 2 Hypothyroid books.

  10. Lynne

    I have much respect for Jacob Teitelbaum’s work. I always learn new things on his website and his humor and humanity shine through his work.

  11. Cricket Truax

    Joanne Keller NP is my suggestion. She is passionate about spreading the word on thyroid treatment that works. She understands what thyroid patients go through, since she is one herself. Her office number is 352-385-2631. I know she has a busy practice outside Orlando, but she deserves consideration.

  12. debra

    As the days pass, I find myself no less shocked and dismayed over this….I feel like the lighthouse’s light has been snuffed out and I can’t imagine who else could possibly step in to relight it…..

    His reach is/was so immense and yet so personal. For the past almost three years he has been there to help guide my recovery and program……..I just cannot imagine who is out there who can absorb not just his caseload of private clients, but the research, the publications, the advocacy….Truly, he accomplished the work of ten.

    I have been rereading Teitelbaum’s book, From Fatigued to Fantastic. He is a powerful advocate, a solid researcher and appears to represent the perspective STTM presents. Anybody out there have any experience with him and his SHIN program?????????????

  13. Peter S.

    I honestly think that things like this get repeated time after time after time. If you look through human history, the government makes too many rules and regulations and it affects all of us… like the whole thyroid treatment thing is much worse in Europe where government controls every aspect of medicine and the doctor-patient relationship is non-existent. There is no such thing as “private” clinics or doctors in Europe, make no mistake about it, they are all under the government’s rule as what exact treatments they may give patients, how much of each drug, etc. If the government wasn’t involved in medicine at all, there would be so much relief of pain and disease. The clinics with the best success rates would rise to the top and patients would go there and it would be obvious in no time to everybody that the TSH is the stupidest test ever.

    I encourage everyone in the USA to vote for Ron Paul for the upcoming election and spread the word of freedom. We need government OUT of our business — not controlling every aspect of our lives, including our right to choose which medication and treatment for hypothyroidism and other diseases.

  14. Justine raphael

    Dr. Nikolas Hedberg

  15. Mary Estalote

    Perhaps Dr Richard Becker DO. from the show “Your Health” also Dr Don Cobert in FLA.

  16. sue jobson

    Ray peat.

  17. Susan Morse-Poynter

    I would like to nominate my chiropractor and friend, Dr. Jeanette McKee of Calimesa, California. She has followed Dr. Lowe’s work closely and has been an advocate for clinical as well as medical evidence for the treatment of thyroid issues. She is astoundingly intelligent and well read and knows about everything there is to know about thyroid. It is because of her that many of her patients are now on thyroid supplementation and are leading improved lives. Her e-mail is: drmckee1@msn.com if you wish to contact her.

  18. Tricia

    The two names I think of are Dr. Datis Kharrazian and Dr. Steven Hotze. (Dr. Theirry Hertoghe was the other one I was thinking…)

  19. Brenda Hulsey

    I believe the only thing that will ever change the way doctors treat their thyroid patients is: For all the good doctors like Dr. Lowe, to ban together with their scientific truth about The unreliable TSH, the true facts about dessicated thyroid verses synthroid,etc. They need to work together to try to appear before Congress & we as patients need to work together, petition our Congressmen & Senators unrelenting . We as one are ignored, but together we may be heard. HMO’s are controlling what their Doctors prescribe even the antibiotics they can use or not use, I received a letter from mine recently saying that Armour was not a preferred drug ( the only preferred one is synthetic)and that I would be paying for it out of pocket as of 1-1-12. Doctors,patients,desicated drug Mfg together . I do believe that more Doctors would be willing to treat us with desiccated thyroid & to use the correct test if they did not have the iron thumb of th HMO they work for controlling them.

  20. Sheila Turner

    I too received the following message from Dr Thierry Hertoghe this morning (and so did Janie, which has spurred this blog post):

    “Dear Friends,
    I am writing you about the e-journal “ thyroid science” of Dr John Lowe who just died recently. He did a lot of good work for thyroid therapy, including editing a journal that is essential not to let disappear. See http://www.thyroidscience.com
    Do you know of any doctor that could take over the editing and people who could provide some funding or help in editing the journal? I think it is an opportunity. As some of you know I cannot do for the moment much more as I am editing the Lifespan magazine, and organizing international congresses and leading two big organizations, which have my priority; possibly we could extend the journal to other hormone therapies.
    Please provide me and Tammy Lowe, Dr John Lowe’s wife, with feedback.

    I wrote back to tell him that I have contacted The National Academy of Hypothyroidism http://nahypothyroidism.org/ to see whether they would be interested in carrying on the e-journal ‘Thyroid Science’ and have asked them to contact him direct if they are. I hope they will take this on, as their web site and information is excellent and I think they have the ability to do this.

    It is going to be very difficult to find anybody big enough to fit Dr Lowe’s shoes. He was such a dedicated and devoted soul who spent all of his working days doing everything he could to help all those left suffering. He will be sorely missed.



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