Two doctors who are listening, and an interesting documentary

This post below was originally written in 2010, and the same holds true today–that if you can find a doctor who is positive about Stop the Thyroid Madness, you at least are a step ahead of most doctors.

BUT….be prepared that you will still have to guide most any doctor, which is why you need to learn from the books and website. Read! Study! Learn!! If a doctor can’t be guided, you’ve got a dud.

Just within the last few weeks, I’ve been informed by patients that their doctor has outright recommended the patient-to-patient Stop the Thyroid Madness website or book in their newsletter, and agreed with what patients have learned. That is huge!

This also underscores the difference YOU can make in your doctors office, even when you’re not sure you did. You wouldn’t have even seen these kind of newsletters two years ago, and it means we’ve come a long way, baby. Though many doctors still lag behind, the following two doctors deserve our praise for LISTENING:

1) Allan Lieberman, M.D. Dr. Lieberman is the Medical Director of The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine in North Charleston, South Carolina. He has practiced medicine for 51 years, specializing for the last 33 years in Environmental Medicine and Toxicology.

He wrote about and recommended the STTM book in his August 19th newsletter and after a patient had given him the STTM book. You can read what he wrote here.

2) David Edelberg, M. D. is board certified in Internal Medicine and founder of Whole Health Chicago in Illinois. He is nationally recognized as one of the pioneers of integrative medicine which combines conventional medicine with alternative therapies.

He wrote about STTM in his Sept. 14th newsletter, and it was written after a particular patient spoke “loud and clear” against a bias she felt he had, and strongly recommended STTM to him. You can read what he wrote here.


Go here:



I have been notified by a production company that they are working on a documentary about people who have reversed symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia such as memory loss and cognition problems through natural means.

But they are also interested in interviewing thyroid patients who have had severe memory and cognitive issues before their thyroid was corrected, and which went away afterwards. The key here is “severe”, then the use of natural desiccated thyroid.

i.e. If you are someone who had severe brain fog which went away with natural desiccated thyroid, you can contact them at or call either Patricia Tamowski at 914-582-3194 or Alan Scott Douglas at 914-482-8208. They will then email you full details of the documentary to see if they would like to participate. This would be a good place to mention your patient site Stop the Thyroid Madness.

UPDATE: I never found out if this documentary was completed. But, there is a book out you should read with breaking information to counter Alzheimers. It’s called The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline by Dale Bredesen–information which might apply to any form of dementia or memory loss….

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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8 Responses to “Two doctors who are listening, and an interesting documentary”

  1. Pamela Hammond

    I’m interested in finding this documentary. Has it completed? I have a neighbor I would like to try NDT but her doctor is resistant! How can I help her?

  2. Mary Anne

    Joann, I’ve been taking Synthroid for years and want to change to the ERFA. Would the dose be the same? Where would I send the prescription? Thank you!!

  3. joann love M.D.

    Sherri, get a script from your doctor for “Thyroid” with your dose and fax it to ERFA in Canada and after paying for it by credit card, (you can order up to 9 bottles) you will find this medication is very similar to the old Armour. The new Armour is pretty useless for most people. I bounced back when I changed to ERFA. I love it. I also use it sublingual in two divided doses 2/3 in the am on an empty stomach and I take a second dose a few hours later. So when I purchased the Thyroid from ERFA I bought 125 mgs and 60 mgs so I could take it that way. I also purchased 3 bottle of 30 mgs because I always live in fear that these medications will be prohibited from entering the USA. The meds do have to go thru customs and mine took 3 weeks to arrive, I will also purchase another order soon so I am a year or two ahead, since this is a medication which I rely and need to function. Recently people have told me I am glowing and I laugh and say, “I changed my medication.” By the way I am a physician and some of the things I notice, better sleep quality, more creativity, better organizational skills, better observational skills, a little weight loss, less forgetfulness, less short term memory loss, more strength during exersize. In other words I am back, jack. I was taking Nature-Thyroid for over a year and was frustrated that it did not break down in my mouth to a paste that could be absorbed thru the mucosal membrane, it always remained grainey. I want to absorb this mediation without it getting beat up by digestion, that is the secret, along with a super healthy diet and early to bed and early to rise. Joann Love MD

  4. Alana

    GREAT Janie! This is very encouraging! Things are going to change for the better for thyroid, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, mental illness sufferers and MORE in the near future – I just know it (and, in my opinion, you have played the biggest role in this – don’t doubt it).


  5. Sherri Eddowes-Plummer

    I am stationed overseas (in the UK) and while back in the states this summer, I went to my local Target to get my usual Armour prescription and they could not fill it completely like they usually do…can you tell me where I can get more Armour? Has finding enough Armour been a problem for others, too? Many, many thanks.

    (From Janie: Just call around to different pharmacies.)

  6. Lynn Norris

    Progress derailed today due to a classic response by my endo guy; raise by half a grain, then no further until standard labs IN SIX WEEKS. I have a physical scheduled with my GP before then and scheduled a meeting with him next week to see if he will order the correct labs and work with me on the program.

  7. Janet Wilson

    I qualify!!! …I emailed them. We’ll see what happens. …to be continued…


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