The shackling and gagging of Dr. Sarah Myhill of the UK

(4-30: Paula has informed me that you can download Dr. Myhill’s complete website to your computer via this zip file: – Windows Live )

Today, it has been announced by the GMC (General Medical Council) of the UK that Dr. Sarah Myhill is now straitjacketed. She is forbidden to prescribe medications, is bound by other medical practice restrictions (see the details on the Support Dr. Myhill Facebook page), and most egregiously, has been ordered to remove parts of her website (thanks to Lethal Lee for pointing this out), some of which you will not see two weeks after I have posted this.

Why remove parts of her website? Because by daring to educate the public, especially if that education goes against “standard medical practice”, it seems to be deemed “harmful”. In other words, you as a patient are not allowed to discover, or are too “vulnerable to get it, that there just might be a TOTALLY different story to the medical practice you are subjected to.

For example, here is part of a page on Dr. Myhill’s website which is completely correct, informative, and wise, and I want to see her words stay sharp and viewable, especially for thyroid patients. It fits our experience. The page is titled “Test results and what they mean”. If you want to be informed, read all the below.

Only too often people come to me with tests results which have not been properly interpreted. The reasons why this happens are as follows:

  • Test results are flagged up and considered to be abnormal if they are outside the reference range, but one’s individual normal range is not the same as the population reference range. This is a particular problem in the interpretation of thyroid tests.
  • Reference ranges for tests change. Reference ranges are based on random bloods from the population. The trouble is anyone following a Western lifestyle is not evolutionarily correct and many not normal! So labs change their reference ranges to adjust for this. So, for example, the normal range of a gamma GT used to be up to 36, it is now up to 70. This enzyme is induced by alcohol and prescription drugs and because so many people drink alcohol it is considered normal to run a high gamma GT! The lab I use has a normal reference range for thyroid hormone T4 of 12-22pmol/l but some labs give ranges of 5.6-17pmol/l!
  • Tests are often incomplete. So someone with a thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) within reference range will be told they have no thyroid problem, when in fact one also needs a free T4 and a free T3 together with a clinical history to assess if there is a thyroid problem.
  • Drug companies influence normal ranges. The normal range for cholesterol has come down steadily since statins have been such big money earners for Big Pharma.
  • Incorrect breakdown of test results. Many people are prescribed statins on the basis of a single cholesterol level. This is faulty for many reas ons – firstly one needs a breakdown of good (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol to get the ratio. If the ratio is not favourable then this is likely to be a symptom of arterial disease. Cholesterol lowering drugs are often irrelevant. See Cholesterol – the common causes of raised levels
  • Results close to the limits of normal may be abnormal for that person. For example, a high normal bilirubin may mean Gilbert’s syndrome – this means someone is a poor detoxifier. A high mean corpuscular volume (MCV) could point to hypothyroidism, B12 or folic acid deficiency.
  • Normal tests do not mean no pathology. A normal ECG at rest does not mean there is no heart disease, yet many people are told this is the case.
  • Tests may ask the wrong question. So many people come to me with severe fatigue syndromes having been told nothing is wrong because all the tests are normal! But ask the right question and do Mitochondrial Function Profile and you find gross abnormalities with respect to energy supply at the cellular level.
  • Tests for poisonings are particularly misleading. For years doctors have promoted levels of cholinesterase as a good test for organophosphate poisoning. It is a rotten test and misses the majority of cases! Much better would be Fat biopsy for pesticides or Volatile Organic Compounds

GOOD FOR YOU, Dr. Sarah Myhill!

I and many other thyroid patients, struggling to fight the inane thyroid treatment protocols, have a strong feeling that though this progressive doctor may be restricted as a physician, we’re going to hear a lot more good information from the courageous and wise Sarah Myhill.

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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21 Responses to “The shackling and gagging of Dr. Sarah Myhill of the UK”

  1. Ronald Meijerink

    Hi to all you people, so rightfully speaking up for the good. I am Dutch, my wife is English and she is diagnosed ME. History lesson no. 1. We both ruled the world once. Why ?? because of pragmatism. Let us get back to that. Dr. Myhill’s case will not be victorious over the battle against establishment through us, the small people, the ” help me please ” ones. What the revolution needs is good leadership. Dr. Myhill and the patients – both – should see competent ” generals ” creating an offensive assault plan. In other words: where are the medical and professional fellow doctors who acknowledge and want to support Sarah’s case. What are their names, where are they ??. Gandhi was helped – eventually – by overwhelming masses. We are not in that position. Put together chemists, biologists and medical professional friends of Sarah in a conference. No patients should be present. Let then ” leak out ” the closing statement and grow support. With names, their titles publicised, as generals coming out of a staff meeting. Who will set this up ?

  2. DJ

    You can read everything that is (or was) on her website from this link!*/http:/

    Everything that WAS posted and taken off at a later date is still there….on the above website!

    It seems that the ‘entire’ url isn’t clickable, so copy/paste the entire url to get there.

    DJ (North Central Texas)

  3. tess

    oh, Peace — don’t forget, iodine is extremely dangerous, too! 😉

  4. peace

    I’ve been quite astonished by the degree of ignorance (and spite) expressed on Jonas’ thread at Dr Goldacre’s BS website. According to the experts there mercury is safe, the TSH test is the gold standard for thyroid diagnosis, studies only said there was squalene in gulf war vaccines because said studies were “technically deficient”, the dog ate their homework.

    Yet Dr Myhill should be struck off because vitamins and condoms endanger patients’ lives.

    Bless Dr Myhill and others like her.

  5. Catherine Boyle

    The GMC are pure SKUM. I am so angry. And does that idiot who complained realise the damage he has done? It’s a shame they don’t take any notice when we complain about them! I live in the UK and am so sick of all these witch hunts on Drs who are trying to help us. The NHS are utterly rubbish when it comes to thyroid issues and I am so glad I found the STTM website. We will just have to keep fighting.

  6. james


    Having started a 200+ page vitriolic hate thread against Dr Myhill on the Bad Science forum by bragging of his complaint to the GMC about her, ‘Jonas’ is now whining there that his anonymity has been compromised.

    The information about himself was provided by ‘Jonas’, for all to see, in his posts on the forum. He is now blaming the GMC, Dr Myhill, the KGBg, little green men from Mars – anyone except the person living in the glass house who provided this information – himself.

  7. james

    Who’s pulling Jonas’s strings? He boasts on the Bad Science forum that he complained to the GMC about Dr Myhill. his information can or could be found about him solely from reading his old posts there.: 1) He has just returned to the UK from Australia. 2) His name is Stuart (‘Stu’) 3) Stuart is 28 & likes basements 4) Stuart is a junior health worker in a NHS hospital laboratory 5) Stuart is very knowledgeable about tests available at Kings College, London hospital 6) Stuart says that Dr Myhill’s website was first brought to his attention by his colleagues. Is Stuart/Jonas his senior colleagues puppet?

  8. ostbey

    It is clear that any doctor (or patient, for that matter) who thinks for him- or herself is unwanted and fought as heretics.

    It’s the new Great Inquisition. “Science” has become the new church, in which you must believe the dogma of the church, or you are of the devil.

    Put that in perspective with Great Britain’s recent history of surveillance and censorship, and it all makes sense.

    Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, George Orwell’s “1984” etc. seem to definitely be our future!

  9. Sara

    Hi. Great to download the site, but I agree with Lorie.
    If we let this die, it just empowers the medical cops who serve the forces of fatPharma. Yes, we will have this here if we don’t fight — including the bills currently in Congress.
    But it’s also important (as Amnesty International proved), that enough public opinion embarrassment, even coming from outside a country, can sometimes influence what officials do.
    Dr Myhill was working for all of us – let’s not desert her now. I agree with Lorie — what can we o to at least let the GMC know that public discussion and concern will continue.

  10. Janie

    Paula has informed me that you can download Dr. Myhill’s complete website to your computer via this zip file: – Windows Live

  11. Lorie

    I say we write complaints to the GMC ABOUT the GMC and write complaints to the prime minister, the Queen, the press and flood them with our testimonies of how we were undiagnosed with hypothyroidism because our TSH was normal, then when the range was lowered, we were “suddenly” hypothyroid, under treated with synthroid and still suffered with hypo symptoms, and only became properly treated when we found a doctor that followed exactly the protocol that Dr. Wiley recommended.

    I’ve already filed a complaint with the GMC about their “thyroid protocol” and their refusal to allow UK doctors to prescribe dessicated thyroid. I included my US address. I’m going to follow up with letters to the parliment.

    Maybe.. we YANKS can help the Brits start their own revolution… a medical revolution to dismantle the GMC.

  12. Zoe

    I really cannot believe this! totally disgusted that a decent Dr can have to go through this let alone get this terrible result simply because she CARES for people! rather just just caring about the title and money it can give her

  13. Lethal Lee

    Thanks Andrew,

    I got that software & downloaded the entire site only took 20mins.

    I also downloaded her CFS book (she has option of pdf or doc)

  14. Rose

    I’ve copied a lot of it into a Word document, but it’s awkward. And 76 pages without everything yet… But is there somewhere we can complain? Something we can do? Thanks, Rose ps – Thanks Andrew and David for grabbing the info.

  15. Andrew Poretz

    I just used a free program called WinHTTrack, which lets you copy an entire website (I use it to back up my own website) so that I now have all of this information before these scoundrels take down her site. David, you might do the same so if she contacts you too late, it’s still available. There’s also, which keeps copies of many versions of billions of pages long after they’re gone.

  16. David Jackson

    Get her in touch with me. I’ll host her web site in the United States, where they can’t touch her, and we’ll cook up an alias for her.

  17. Lethal Lee


    According to the GMC statement ONLY certain very specific pages (as detailed below) will be removed. These were the pages detailed by the complainant (Jonas). The bulk of the website can remain.

    “Within 14 days of today’s hearing you must ensure that in relation to your website, or any website relating to your medical practice or business, all pages, downloadable content, including documents, forum or discussion board content, or other references or online media relating to the following subjects must be removed:

    a. The medical management of cases relating to CARDIOLOGY, or cardiovascular disease including; chest pain due to ischaemic heart disease; acute coronary syndrome; heart failure; or pulmonary embolus;
    b. The treatment of ASTHMA;
    c. The treatment, testing, identification, diagnosis or management of BREAST CANCER;
    d. The use of HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVE medication;
    e. The pharmacological management of primary or secondary prevention of VASCULAR DISEASE;

    Lethal Lee

  18. Amy M

    Thumbs down all around for the GMC. They’ll be remembered in the same light as the physicians of the late 1800s who removed womens ovaries to cure hysteria.

  19. Venizia

    I fear it is just a matter of time that we will have to be dealing with this in the U.S. Is there anything we can do to help in the UK?

  20. anonym

    How can these people get away with this?
    God forbid people tell the truth!
    What will she do?
    I feel so terrible for her..she has been stripped of her livelihood and, I assume, passion.
    For trying to help people?
    I am disgusted.


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