100 things to do with your bottle of Synthroid…

Well, I just can’t let this go by the wayside, says I with a cheesy grin.

When I did the lighthearted post, two posts below his one, about a woman who got filthy rich thanks to her old stock with Abbott Labs (the makers of Synthroid), it got a humorous and creative comment from “Elizabeth”:

I have found a couple of uses for a bottle of Synthroid:

A. Doorstop
B. Prop for DSL modem (so it won’t overheat)

However, I do not recommend it to be taken internally. Ever.

hahahaha. You get a blue ribbon for that gem, Mz. Elizabeth. And I think Elizabeth’s creatively-funny reply deserves expansion and a party of fun-lovin’ contributors. So now it’s your turn, fine reader of the STTM blog, to list your own innovative and hilarious ideas for that bottle of a T4-only medication. Just use the Comment below this post and let ‘er rip.


Below this post you’ll see information on the current failure of McCain’s cockeyed anti-supplement bill, which if it had passed, would have negatively affected every single thyroid patient out there who is trying to undo the damage done by T4 meds and/or the inane TSH lab test. So though we all won right now with this failure, you betcha we’re going to have to keep our eyes and ears open for the money-grubbing Big Pharma to influence someone else about supplements.

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25 Responses to “100 things to do with your bottle of Synthroid…”

  1. Jamie

    I am on armour and still tired. Day 3 of going gluten free. It’s a adjustment but very do-able.

  2. Ale

    I love synthroid, it has make wonders in my life. Returned my energy, body, and happiness back. I am one of the many many people that is happy with synthroid. Just for those new to synthroid, don’t get panicked. Usually most people on synthroid critique are here because they don’t feel good, the rest of the population who do well, which is much more than the ones discussing synthroid are very very happy and on with their lives.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Ale, there are people who do better than others on Synthroid, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for anyone to be on. There are a large body of people who, the longer they stay on, they more problems they end up having. That’s not true with Natural Desiccated Thyroid.

    • Kate C

      Hi Ale! I am glad you are doing well on synthroid! The reason most of us do not feel well on synthroid is because it only provides T4. My body does not convert T4 to the life giving T3…therefore synthroid/levo is a death sentence for me! Armour and other dessicated thyroid medication provides T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin …that which our thyroids would make if they were not broken!

  3. Emily

    Okay, I am a total newbie, and I am confused! My fiance was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when he was 14 and has been taking Synthroid for the past 13 years. I’ve stumbled upon this link and am wondering: what is bad about Synthroid and what should he change to? Sorry for being so uninformed. But now I am worried about his health. Thanks for any information.

    (From Janie: get the revised STTM book here: http://www.laughinggrapepublishing.com) It will open your eyes and hopefully his, too!

  4. chantel

    KAte: I also do not handle Armour well. I am on Synthroid 112 and Cytomel 15mcg / BID. Maybe you would do better on T4 and T3 .. I know it is synthetic but don’t try to feel better because you see everyone else does.. There are those of us out there who do better on the other stuff. also,if you haven’t changed your diet, look into that 😉 I take my thyroid meds, don’t eat gluten, and avoid sugars when I can. I limit dairy and feel better than I have in a long time.

    (From Janie: Most problems with any desiccated thyroid are not due to the desiccated thyroid itself. They are usually due to either an unknown, or poorly treated, adrenal or iron problem, which the desiccated thyroid reveals. Thus, one can wrongly assume it doesn’t work. Sometimes, even if more rare, someone may have a reaction to a filler. That’s where you look into other brands of desiccated thyroid. Look into all it. Even if adding a very small amount of synthetic T3 to T4 is better than being on T4 alone, desiccated thyroid has consistently given even better results than the two synthetics according to numerous patient reports over the past ten years.)

  5. KAte

    ok, is something wrong with me? I have read all the sites, done all the research, and switched to armour…then back to synthroid. then back to arnmour, trying to love it…but i am back on synthroid. I WANT to love armour. I read amazing things about it. I expected it to change my life…but it didnt. is there something wrong with me?! I feel like i am the only one on the planet who didnt take armour and have a life change. 🙁 i want to feel better! I feel crappy on synthroid and HORRIBLE on all the doses of armour i was on 🙁

    (From Janie: 1) Armour was reformulated & many report it’s not as good as it used to be at all. https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/options-for-thyroid-treatment 2) You also may be here: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/mistakes-patients-make )

  6. Jessica Williams

    I’ve taken to spelling Synthroid as Sinthroid, The drug most Enda(life)crinologists prefer.
    As Wanda Sykes said, “we running around in pink tights for money to fund breast cancer research, and all the seventy year old “studs” are getting free Viagra and complimentary prostate exams.”
    It’s time for a change! And maybe if we treated our pigs well (never eat anything smarter than you are), they’d consent to partial thyroidectomies. If we were men, Armour Thyroid would be sold in every Rite-Aid in the country. Cheap.

  7. Elizabeth

    Thanks for making me a “famous writer”, Janie! As for my husband, he didn’t think my ideas were funny–“just practical” he said.

  8. Suzanne

    Last month I was “officially” diagnosed as subclinical hypothyroid. Thanks to Janie and the wealth of information on this web site, I have never used Synthroid. I’ve gone straight into using dessicated Mr. Piggie in microcrystalline cellulose, prepared at a nearby compounding pharmacy. Had I not researched my condition and available treatments in advance, the endocrinologist might have talked me into a Big Pharma “solution.”

  9. Alana

    Well I was on the new formulation of GSK Eltroxin at the time but same diff… pfft! When I innocently stumbled across my very first website on how these pills were causing adverse reactions not only for myself but for 1000’s of other people around the world, I flung my little bottle of pills across my living-room where they hit the wall with such force that the lid popped off and they got strewn across the room in quite a spectacular fashion, breaking apart all over the floor with their low quality crumbliness. The sad part is that I then had to salvage all the pills that I could in order to keep taking the darn things until I could find a decent doc who could get me off the stuff for good! I still have the bottle, sitting there aimlessly in my draw – the door stop idea sounds good to me – using it to test out the strength of my new aluminium can crunching machine sounds good too. Anything that puts the bottle through it’s own little version of a living hell suits me just fine 😛

  10. Elizabeth

    Exactly…..I was stuck with Synthroid for over 17 years–and now, they would have to pry my natural thyroid “Out of my cold, dead hand” to get it away from me!!

  11. Michele Lanfrank

    by the way… the desiccated thyroid grew back my hair, eye lashes and eyebrows and synthroid did not.

  12. Michele Lanfrank

    boy, do i have a story for you… 3 years later and a endo from mount sinai that took me off my natural thyroid meds causing more weight gain, hair loss, panic attacks, hives, depression, fatigue, aches, food allergies, and pinching all over my body etc swearing i didnt have low thyroid. same story different day. http://www.drdanacohen.com finally did the THR test to find that I had secondary hypo-thyroidism with a 22.+. your friends, family and doctors will tell you that you have anxiety, go on anti-depressants, you’re crazy, why aren’t you working, except the weight gain–youre aging. dont listen, dont stop – keep going until you’re satisfied. i didnt listen to anyone. now they’re all coming to me for help including my doctors to share the info with them. i am going back on desiccated thyroid again tomorrow… cant wait. 3 years of doubt and 6 months of hell thanks to the endocrinologist from mount sinai…. if anyone needs help or advice, please reach out to me. dr dana cohen really knows what she is doing and philip kinglsey in NYC for hair loss and or thinning! love, light, health and happiness to all going through this! if it wasn’t for stop the thyroid madness and also my nutritionist tom bilella who told me about this site, i dont know where i would be.

  13. Norma Edwards

    I found dessicated thyroid in 2001 and I’ve never looked back. I have read everything I could get my hands on. I’ve even had a little success training my GP; I was the first to ask for Armour; he now offers suffering women an alternative. He has studied it (to a degree) and when I see him, he tells me of women he has put on dessicated and how much better they feel.

  14. Elizabeth

    It makes a great paperweight, too!

  15. Kathy

    I leave the bottle in the cabinet as a reminder of how ugly life was while on Sin-thyroid. It helps me to really appreciate every day and live it to the fullest.

  16. Tina

    I was prescribed with Levothyroxine, and it comes in blister packs, not bottles. (Here in the UK you’re only allowed two months supply of drugs at a time, even if you have to take it for the rest of your life – yeah, go figure). I still have my last box from June 2009 (when I discovered Janie’s site and book), and I find the blister packs make lovely rattles. After all, that’s all they are good for!

    However, I’m not letting that poison near anyone’s baby – so they’re just going to stay in the box until my GP contacts me and asks why I’ve not requested a prescription since June last year. And then I am going to dump them on his desk, and tell him I’ve found a better alternative! 😀

  17. Darla

    I smashed my old Synthroid with a hammer and threw them in the trash. I would of set them on fire, but they aren’t even good for kindling.

  18. Paula

    Ooh – craft projects! Sounds good! Since I’m a quilter, I have to think along those lines. . . a quilt about Thyroid Madness sounds like inspiration to me!

  19. Lorie

    What to do with synthroid? Use it in craft projects. Better yet, mail it back to your ex-endo doc with a copy of Janie’s book!!

  20. Lorie


    Yes..even the thyroidless. In fact, a member of Janie’s yahoo group Natural Thyroid Hormone, Stephanie Buist wrote an essay on this site about what it is like to by thyroidless. https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/2009/12/29/the-agonies-of-being-thyroidless/ She also has a website: http://www.naturalthyroidchoices.com/. She takes dessicated thyroid AND iodine plus other companion nutrients. She’s also adopted a gluten free diet, which helps a lot of hashimotos patients since they tend to have problems with gluten.

    Come on over to Janie’s yahoo group and Stephanie’s Iodine group also on yahoo.

  21. Lisa Barnes Murray

    Dessicated, disseminated—Synthroid is sinfully over-rated! Now that that all the pills are eliminated GOSH I haven’t defecated, and THAT I have not appreciated! 🙂

  22. Shanon

    Oh My Gosh! You don’t even Know how excited I am to have found your web site! Jane we gotta talk! I have stumbled upon your site from my crazy obsessive research for my passion to the cause of getting this awareness of the thyroid madness out to the world. I babble about it constantly till everyone around me probably is just sick of it but I am on a mission. I am so thankful to have found more people on my side. My case is a little different but in my research I have found also too many people in my case too! I was Misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder for years and in turn, so was my mom. It turned out that I was right when I told the Dr. countless times it seemed like my thyroid, but what do I know? I tested “normal”. I not only had a bad thyroid but turned out it was papillary carcinoma, Thyroid cancer. I have found also in my research that lithium which I was prescribed for the bipolar I didn’t have can cause thyroid tumors and in a few causes those ended up turning into papillary carcinoma. I was just a hair dresser, a Dam good one I might add, but now, I am a thyroid cancer survivor on a mission to spread the word. Finding your web site is inspiration to go forward with vengeance. I’m all fired up at the test they give that is “normal” gets me all pissed off. I am building a site with all my info I have research and would love to (when I learn how) link all of your info to mine. I am writing a book called “the domino effect of a misdiagnosis”. I have heard of Armour, I take synthroid.
    I do feel way better but after reading your info I’m wondering if I could feel even better but do you or anyone know that if in my case with the cancer, can I take that? My Dr. said because of the cancer I am not a candidate to a generic but if that’s natural maybe it would be ok. My thyroid was removed. Any info helps Thank you!

    (From Janie: Hi Shanon. Yes, many folks who had cancer take desiccated thyroid without a problem and report feeling far better, besides gaining an improved immune system. I would recommend joining patient groups and talk to those patients themselves: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/talk-to-others Also use this page to understand the entire process: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/things-we-have-learned If you have the STTM book, it’s chapter 3 with even more detail)


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