Guess who I’m going to be talking with next week on Talkshoe??

If you read my recent blog post about it (click on link below or just scroll down on the STTM blog), or if you saw NBC’s Today Show, you’ll know that Dr. Kent Holtorf correctly diagnosed a clearly-hypothyroid woman, Nurse Practitioner Eola Force, by not going just by the TSH, and changed her life. He was criticized by an Endocrinologist as having “no real scientific basis”  for what he does in his practice, and it was equivalent to the “laying on of hands”.  (chuckle)

Well, it’s time to hear what Dr. Holtorf has to say!

Join us as I chat with him about this incident next WEDNESDAY, FEB. 17th at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, and 9 pm Eastern, right on your computer’s audio on STTM’s Talkshoe Call webpage (below). Call in to ask questions, too. MARK YOUR CALENDER! SET YOUR CELL PHONE ALARM! This is one introduction that I’m going to have fun with, don’t ya think??

***Note that we moved it to Wednesday nights. That should help with any dropped calls that were happening on busy Thursdays.

By the way, Dr. Holtorf recently launched his new website, called The Non-Profit National Academy of Hypothyroidism in an attempt to reach doctors about appropriate diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, which patients know does NOT include just the lousy TSH lab test. Will doctors, and especially Endocrinologists, ever figure out this clear and easy truth? Don’t we hope so.

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7 Responses to “Guess who I’m going to be talking with next week on Talkshoe??”

  1. Val

    What is going on why do these people call themselves Gps and endocronologists when they don’t know the first thing about this common condition. Why would a T4 and T3 test be invented if it was’nt to be used. Why is it like coming up against a brick wall when you even mention the word thyroid to a doctor why don’t they want to test even if they can’t understand. Why do they get paid £100.000 per an, if they know less about it than their patients. What planet did they get there degree from.

  2. Sandy

    So the critics are crying “no real scientific basis” because a doctor made a diagnosis not solely based on a blood test result. Gee whiz – isn’t that the whole point of a doctor – to interpret test results IN CONJUNCTION WITH a patient’s symptoms? Otherwise, why even go to a doctor? We could just go to the lab and straight to the pharmacy, eliminating the middleman doctor! Where is the real scientific basis that the TSH test is the be all and end all of diagnosing thyroid disorders? Are there any studies on this that are NOT funded by the companies who manufacture and/or profit from these tests?

  3. Elizabeth

    To Babs: I’ve had to deal with a lot of idiot doctors, but, good grief — the one you just mentioned takes the prize!!

  4. Babs

    Well, if “laying on hands” is what made her feel all better, I hope they lay hands on me at my appt. I have the SAME symptoms.

    I actually had one of the “top docs” here whack me on the knee and say, “I think you’re hyper.” (I’ve always had really, really good reflexes. All my life.) But, he determined me hyper and took me off meds by looking at my TSH and whacking my knee.


  5. Lisa Barnes Murray

    This is so exciting! I am looking forward to this call!

  6. Valerie

    YAY! Guess I will be staying up to call in for this one too! I have a lot of questions for this man that has the GUTS to stand up to the Endo groups with science to back him up! His original website is responsible for my starting T3 only treatment for my self and helping other people with reverse T3 issues so I certainly want to shake his proverbial hand!

  7. Lena

    I think it is very disingenuous of the critics of people like Dr Holtorf, this website, etc, to accuse them of being quacks or con-artists alongside shady practitioners of “alternative medicine” or snake-oil. For one thing, nearly everyone I know who is an advocate of using dessicated thyroid would dearly love for all sorts of proper clinical trials to be run comparing it to placebo, and synthetic hormones. We have an enormous amount of anecdotal and historical evidence, more than enough to support running such trials. Run and funded by independent laboratories, of course!


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