Dr. Mark Starr has made a comment strongly favoring desiccated thyroid

Dr. Mark StarrI have been driving all day, bringing my husband back home after serious hand surgery yesterday. And while I was away from the computer, I received the below via the Contact Me form of STTM, written by Mary Budinger for the Arizona Net News journal, September 16, 2009:

Dr. Mark Starr’s office team wanted to send over a portion of an article just written for an Arizona health magazine:

Desiccated thyroid from pigs is a bio-identical, complete hormone preparation, containing the entire spectrum of thyroid hormones including T4, T3, T2, and T1 that are in the human thyroid gland.

Current FDA approved thyroid medications include Synthroid, Unithroid, Levoxyl, and Levothyroxine (all only contain T4), and Cytomel (only T3). These hormones are synthetic and contain only a portion of the thyroid’s hormones.

Dr. Mark Starr of Phoenix, Arizona, said patients have called him, frantic that desiccated thyroid is unavailable. “It is so key to my practice, I have enough for my patients. So far, it appears that when supply catches up with demand in a few months, the shortage will be over.”

Dr. Starr is the author of “Hypothyroidism-Type 2.” He said synthetic thyroid acts energetically differently in the body. “All living things have a right spin, and synthetic medications have a left spin. The desiccated thyroid is better tolerated.”

Dr. Broda Barnes did a study that revealed a relative intolerance to a synthetic thyroid product containing T3 and T4 (Thyrolar). One-fifth of the patients who had done well on desiccated thyroid developed rapid heart beats and palpitations when switched to Thyrolar. Dr. Barnes also did a major research study on desiccated thyroid that involved thousands of patients over 30 years; it showed a 94 percent reduction in the number of expected heart attacks. This study is the subject of the 1976 book “Solved: The Riddle of Heart Attacks.”

Lipitor is the best selling drug in the world. But for the first half of the 20th century, desiccated thyroid was the standard treatment for high cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides are one of the myriad symptoms of hypothyroidism. Dr. Barnes’ book included a chapter entitled “The Demise of the Cholesterol Theory.” Desiccated thyroid normalized cholesterol and triglycerides in 95% of the patients Dr. Barnes treated. The 5% who had persistently elevated levels had no increased incidence of heart attacks. Desiccated thyroid therapy also resolved a long list of other hypothyroid symptoms such as fatigue, cold intolerance, joint and muscle pain, dry skin, inability to lose weight, headaches, and menstrual problems. One of the most important benefits that Dr. Barnes demonstrated in studies on both animals and his patients was that desiccated thyroid increases immunity and allows the body to fight off infections. As we come into swine flu season, this is particularly important.”

Dr. Starr, I love the way you put it: “All living things have a right spin, and synthetic medications have a left spin. The desiccated thyroid is better tolerated.” And that’s exactly why the website Stop the Thyroid Madness exists–patients all over the world have found out what a far better “right spin” treatment desiccated thyroid has been for them! So we present this information, hoping that more and more patients can learn from the paths walked before them, and take this right into their doctors offices.

And about Thyrolar, which is a combination of synthetic T4 and synthetic T3: we’re glad it exists. But…there have been numerous patients over the years who tried the combination of synthetic t3/ synthetic T4, and who then switched to desiccated thyroid. And they identically report on the NTH thyroid group that they got far better results from desiccated thyroid. That is powerful information.

And yes, Dr. Starr, we are looking forward for supply to catch up, because natural desiccated thyroid is a godsend.


Join the Thy­roid Patient Com­mu­nity Call on Talk Shoe this Friday. UPDATE: the President of Hook’s Apothecary, a compounding pharmacy that serves Illinois and Indiana, will be in the chat to talk about compounding desiccated thyroid.

Also check out the post below concerning possible hints that we are closer to seeing more desiccated thyroid on our shelves?

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  1. Lynetta Randall

    Hello I’m new to this site. Can someone please refer me to a good doctor in the Riverside, California area. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I’m currently on Levothyroxine . I am having a lot of ongoing issues that I’m trying to get to the bottom of( high cholesterol, high blood pressure, skin problems) to name a few. I am very interested in what I have been reading here. All referrals will be greatly appreciated.

  2. debra johnson

    I ordered Thyroid S from canada and then found out it was from thialand. I researched the ingredients and found out that there is ALOT of aluminum in it!! So I stopped taking it. I am struggling with finding a medical doctor who goes by the temperature tests and not the blood tests. It has been horrible taking these blood tests, they give me a dose of armour thyroid and the next blood test they change it and back and forth it goes. VERY discouraging!!! They lowered my dose a half a grain and now I’m getting colds and respitory problems and feel run down all the time. We also have flouride in the city water here. Does anyone know of a really good thyroid doctor in the northwest?? I have given up trying to find one where I live here in alaska. They are nonexistant.

  3. Janet Pettit

    I would like to add some beliefs and information about other diseases which are associated or caused by hypothyroidism.
    I moved my family to Atlanta so that I could take a course offered there. We lived in western N.C. with excellent well water with very little minerals (good and bad). However, I moved the family temporarily to Atlanta which is fluoridated.

    After 2 years my 11 year old son, Jeff, complained of sore knees. When we returned to N.C. I took Jeff to the doctor and he diagnosed Osgood/Schlatters disease. It usually hits young boys during their growth spurts when the leg bones are growing particularly fast.

    I decided that this disease must be nutritionally related and researched it in The Complete Book Of Vitamins. I read about vit. A which is necessary for the osteoclast/osteoblast process that occurs particularly when bones are growing. The vit. is necessary to help remove old bone cells (osteoclasts) and allow for the growth of new cells (osteoblasts).
    If you have low thyroid, the body can’t change beta carotene into vit. A and the result is a deficiency of A that interferes with growth. The only really good source of vit. A is lever which most people don’t each because of the toxins stored in liver. Most of us are vit. A deficient small bumps on the upper arms or thighs are symptomatic of low vit. A , also styes and eye problems.

    I didn’t know the relationship with vit A deficiency and low thyroid so I approached it from the A deficiency side and put him on 100,000 units of A with 1,000 units of dry vit. E to prevent the toxicity of A (it’s only toxic when oxidized and E prevents this).

    I cured his Osgood/Schlatters in 3 days when the doctor told me that it was incurable but that it would go away when he finished growing (many years hence!!

    I now understand better about this disease. Fluoride (from the fluoridated water in Atlanta causes hypothyroidism because it can replace iodine in the thyroxin molecule with fluorine atoms making the thyroxin unusable. It explains why doctors don’t recognize this form of low thyroid because the patient can have plenty of thyroxin but it does’t contain any iodine. This doesn’t show up on the blood tests. This is similar to adult onset diabetes which also can be caused by fluorides. Initially, this type of diabetes can have plenty of insulin in the blood but fluorides have an affinity for hydrogen (HF is a very nasty acid also formed when F combines with the chlorine in the stomach to eat holes in it!) and hydrogen bonding holds protein molecules together like a glue. (All hormones and enzymes are proteins) Fluoride gloms onto the H bonding atoms between the amino acid molecules that make up all proteins and breaks the protein (or hormone) so it also becomes unusable. I believe this process is the primary reason we are experiencing such an epidemic of low thyroid. I wrote to Dr.
    Starr and told him about this. If you will look on page 199 of Dr. Starr’s newer editions of his book he included my suggestion in a small box on that page explaining the relationship between fluorides and low thyroid. I think it needs to be emphasized that people with low thyroid need to avoid fluorides which is very difficult since all sodas, most beers, wines and all produce contain residue of the fluoridated pesticide, cryolite, which contains over 50% fluoride and about 25% aluminum. Grapes and raisins are particularly high in fluorides. This combination found in cryolite has been shown in a rat study to cause the very lesions that appear in the brains of Alzheimers patients. Heavy metals can’t normally enter the brain due to the blood brain barrier of brain arteries. Fluoride damages this protective process allowing lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, etc. access to brain cells. It’s not just Flint, MI children suffering from lead poisoning!
    All canned and frozen foods are also processed with fluoridated water. DNA is also a protein and breakages can cause cancer which is 5% higher in fluoridated U.S. counties. It can cause birth defects: Down Syndrome is 30% higher in fluoridated areas of Britain, 15% higher in the U.S. Osteosarcoma, a major and often fatal cancer in children, is 3 to 8 times higher in fluoridated counties (NJ Health Dept. study).

    For more information on the need to remove fluorides from our environment, see: http://www.fluoridealert.org

  4. Chereen

    Hi Dr. Starr former patient;

    I too am a Hashimoto patient. Dr. Starr put you on synthetic hormones, like he said, because you will not tolerate the Armour because the pig thyroid messes with the antibodies from your gut and can cause more problems then cure. I am on compounded T3, T4 as well for the same reason. I’m currently taking steps to heal my gut thus heal Hashimotos. You must get to the root of the problem. All autoimmune diseases are caused by leaky gut and you can heal that.
    Blessings to you as you do your search for wellness.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Chereen, MANY Hashi’s patients report that they do far better on NDT than the two synthetics. They feel it’s because NDT improves the immune system dysfunction far better than the synthetics. Granted, some do see a rise in antibodies when they first get on NDT…but as they keep raising, they see those antibodies go down, which also points to an immune issue, not just a gut issue.

      • Chereen

        The gut is 90% of our immune system and a LEAKY gut why we get ALL kinds of autoimmune diseases even cancer. I was on Armour for about 18 years and things didn’t get better. Then I found I tested positive for Hashi. I’m starting from the ground up with a naturapath and I do feel better. She is stabilizing my thyroid FIRST while I’m healing from leaky gut. It is tricky though because I have other hormonal issues as well. Detoxing the liver has helped a lot and eating clean. I do not eat grains or dairy while I’m trying to heal my gut. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid not a thyroid disease. If the NDT works for some that is great.

        • Janie Bowthorpe

          Chereen, patients don’t disagree with you about the importance of the gut, nor do they disagree that Hashi’s is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid. We agree! We are just relaying to you that there are many patients who have reported that their use of NDT was enough to lower their antibodies i.e. not everyone with Hashi’s has reported that they had to “heal their gut” to be well again. Remember that STTM is about patient experiences, not just “opinion”. So it impressed us that some needed gut health strategies as you may, while others didn’t seem to need that to feel well again. P.S. it’s really a matter of opinion how much of the gut is about our immune system. Some say 70%, some say 80%, as well. lol.

  5. Mary

    I have been seeing an endo for approx. 2 1/2 years now because of nodules on my thyroid. She is now treating me for diabetes. Before moving to Tennessee in 2006, my Texas docs had me on armour thyroid for “low thyroid” as they called it. However, Tennessee endo said I don’t need it, and that my “numbers are within range.” However, I don’t feel well at all. Can anyone recommend a good physician for me in and/or around Chattanooga, TN area? Thank you so very, very much!

  6. Belinda

    I was on synthroid quite a few years ago and actually got pregnant with my 3rd child after starting it.however a few years down the road it seemed like I began to get puffy and have less energy and “Slow” and I was gaining weight.
    I stopped taking it and of course my Tsh was ok and so the Dr did not restart it.I felt ok initially but several years after now I am having the same symptoms again.My joints are more sore now.
    I had a subtotal thyroidectomy and only have the rt lobe remaining.The surgon said that I did not need to have my tsh rechecked and I was surprised.My surgery was due to a nodule on my left lobe causing dysphagia.2 months after surgery I had bonchitis and saw a family practice MD and had my tsh rechecked there and it was 4.4 which is within the lab values norm.still did not feel good.
    Went to see Dr.Sult in St.Cloud,Mn and he said that my tsh was too high—so was put on armour Thyroid 30 mg daily.it helped me but then I felt at times that I was too buzzed from it—so I was instructed to stop it and recheck the tsh levals.
    Long story short,I think that I do better with only 15 mg of Armour and I have started and stopped it becuz I thought that it was causing me to have headaches—which could have been my sinus problem.I am trying to feel good again and Ive felt so aweful sometimes that I feel like I dont have the energy to do my job or enjoy life at all.
    What Im doing now is taking childrens chewable vitamins and also painting a small section of iodine tincture on my skin about every other day.The vits have vit b’s in them and I can tolerate them better than adult vits with all the other junk in them.I also am experimenting with taking the armour 15 mg daily.My joints have been terribly sore and have been unable to sleep much at all.
    I will say that the mainstream MDs out there are not very informed about thyroid issues.If a lab value comes back normal they file it in your chart—end of story.The MD’s need to be taught to look at the pt and notjust the lab value!!! I know this cuz I’m an RN.
    The best you can do out there with any of your health care is to advocate for yourself!!!!! And don’t give up!!!
    Doctors are there to be your advisors;they serve you and they are there mostly to make recommendations to you—most MD’s forget this!!!!

  7. Shara Khodaparast

    I need a refferal Of a good doctors in Dallas for thyroid . I am homebound and I have MS( i have been blined and paralized for over 12 years . Please respond here and let me know the name of a good doctor in Dallas.
    I do thank you for your consideration.

    (From Janie: try Dr. Stephanie Elmore in Irving or Dr. Bessie Owens in Mesquite. Removed your phone number as it’s not a good idea to post it)

  8. Sharon

    Correction to Latin:

    “Sinister” is the Latin word for “left”.

    “Dexter” is the Latin word for “right”.

  9. carolyn hunter

    Please add this below to my original comment so it may make more sense?…..

    With regard to a description of a right handed or left handed SPIN…a more scientificly accurate explanation is about the way light affects a substance …..and the way the substance affects light.

    In this case, one could use vitamin E as an example, in comparing the synthetic and the natural, and how light is “BENT” when shot or reflected through them..

    It is only reasonable to discern ….that if light reacts differently, between the natural, and the synthetic substance,…which is deemed by some…. to be exactly “the same”. That the human BODY COULD ALSO react differently , ……while using a natural substance ,versus the synthetic imitation of that substance.

  10. carolyn hunter

    re: left handed and right-handed…that is a dumb-ed down version of what reallyb happens when a ray of light is shown through the substance.

    natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol ) for instance, when a ray of light is shown through it, the LIGHT IS REFRACTED TO THE RIGHT.

    While…on the other hand, regarding The Synthetic
    Vitamin E, ( dl-alpha tocopherol ) When a ray of light is shown through it, the ray of light refracts to the LEFT.

    That’s why there’s a tiny letter “L” after the “d”

    The tiny “l” stands for lextra, …in latin, …which means “refracted to the left”.

  11. Elenor

    My assumption is that the good doctor is referring to ‘left and right spin’ not as some kind of “energetic medicine” but as a short-hand for left-handed and right-handed molecules. — it’s a description of the direction in which the molecules twist.

    From: http://www.the-scientist.com/blog/display/55510/ :
    “Amino acids come in left-handed and right-handed forms, which, like a pair of human hands, are mirror images that cannot be superimposed onto each other. Yet living organisms use only the left-handed version …”

    That would most likely align with his words to signal that natural thyroid is left-handed (left “spin”) and therefore usable by humans; and right “spin” is not (or not so much).

  12. Dr. Starr former patient

    This is VERY interesting to me especially since this same dr. just told me that since I have hashi’s I won’t be able to tolerate desiccated thyroid and he wanted me to start taking compounded SYNTHETIC T4/t3??? Buyer beware with Dr. Starr. He writes a great book, but doesn’t practice his own medicine.

    • Barbara

      I understand this is because in Hashimoto’s the antibodies are attacking the thyroid gland, so you don’t want to stimulate the antibodies more with the additional target of dessicated thyroid gland. I’m not sure where I read this. Starr’s book is about Type 2 hypothyroidism, not Type 1 Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

      • Janie Bowthorpe

        Barbara, there are many, many Hashi’s patients who soar on NDT. Check this out: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/hashimotos

        • Barbara

          I don’t have an opinion, but have been reading Dr. Jerry Tennant’s “Healing is Voltage: The Handbook”. Two excerpts:

          p. 294 “We are seeing an increase in the number of people with Hashimoto’s disease. Remember that it is characterized by having antibodies to the thyroid gland. These antibodies will attack desiccated thyroid such as Armour and Nature-Throid. There is controversy about whether this matters. Even though the antibodies attack the proteins in the desiccated thyroid pills, it appears they do not attack the actual hormones since the blood tests of patients on desiccated thryoid with antibodies are still altered as you change the dosage of hormone.”

          p. 302 “There is also a cross-reaction between gluten antibodies and anti-thyroid antibodies. We are seeing more and more people with both of these antibodies. When they are present, you may need to take a synthetic hormone that does not contain the proteins from the thyroid gland if you wish your hormone replacement to work. Thus a compounded T-4/T-3 may be the best choice although some continue to do well on desiccated thyroid.”

          • Janie Bowthorpe

            There are Hashi’s patients all over the world who have proven by their repeated experiences that the second quote is false…

  13. kendra

    I got both the Thyroid s and Efra, for which I did have to pay out the bum for, they doubled the prices! but I have 1000 Efra and they are the closest thing to the old Armour yet, they are totally dissolvable under the tongue and sweet. i am storing the rest in the freezer.

  14. Andrea

    This idea of left spin is interesting. Where did he get that information? Where would I look to find more information on this?

  15. Lisa

    Thanks Kathleen. I don’t know why the site asks for your SS# and birthdate (I didn’t give it)
    The bottle you described is what I thought I was getting. I will see what this new site sends.
    Thanks for the tip.

  16. Jay


    DO NOT waste that precious medication. From your post, it sounds like you did not even take the medication.

    You usually get a REPACKAGED bottle when you order Thyroid-S or Greater Pharma from Thailand. But most patients are getting excellent results. American pharmacies put pills into pharmacy bottles all the time.

    Please do not waste. There are many desparate patients that don’t have the internet skills to get the medication or have not yet realized the shortage and have been blindsided, please help them.

  17. Cat Dromont

    I have read the writings of Mark Starr, and I cried reading some of the chapters. My ancestors came from Austria and Graz, and it is quite possible that some were in those original autopsies. Both my mom and I are on Armour but uninformed “care-providers” do not know how to dose Armour and rely solely on TSH. Guess what? She is still sick and I cannot find anyone who wants to allow me to continue on Armour. So I am rationing my meds. My Grandmother saw Mark Starr at Northwestern University in Chicago when he was a resident. He wasn’t involved with Thyroid and hormones then. Love all you guys. Love Dr. Starr.

    Winter will not be easy.

    • GA Peach

      To Cat Dromont: I’ve been having similar problems with “uninformed providers”. I was diagnosed hypothyroid at age 21 (now 53); was diagnosed Synthroid for 30 years — my mother & many on her side diagnosed hypo also. Dr. Padowlsky, DDS in Atlanta, GA treated my daughter in 2016 with TMJ & during his initial assessment he said he thought she had physical characteristics of hypothyroid. I didn’t immediately say anything..just listened to his assessment. When he finished, I asked him why he thought my daughter had hypothyroid & he pointed to the curvature of her neck–slightly swollen glands. I then told him that I and many women in my family are/were hypo & he urged me to have her primary dr. check her. I have, but TSH bloodtests are negative. Dr. P showed me a book he had written by Dr. Mark Starr..I purchased & read it…I was flabbergasted to read what sounded exactly like my mom (now deceased) & me. I took the book to my PCP (internist) who said she was not going to read it–that she doesn’t specialize in endo. I strongly urged the PCP that I wanted to be chg,to Armour Thyroid..she obliged & said anything I need beyond that she’d had to refer me to Endo Dr. I forgot to mention that for 15 yrs I suffered with skin breakouts, painful joints, brain fog, weight gain (unable to lose even if starving self), bloating/gas, uncontrollable yeast infection, etc. I got a refer to an Endo Dr cause PCP couldn’t figure out these other symptoms (8 years of antibiotics, special mix shampoos, Dermatologist, Natures Cure Products, etc.)–can’t begin to describe how much $ I’ve Blown. Went to 1st visit of Endo & saw NP (not Endo Dr). Poured my heart out–she said it sounded like I had food intolerances-so she suggested elimination diet (do away with dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, sugar/artificial sweeteners, corn) for 21 days..while taking 120 mg of Armour & 21 day elimination diet, I lost 15 pounds w/o exercise. I felt so much better-skin problem, bloating/gas, painful joints, yeast infection, etc. ALL went away. I was walking about a little over a mile a day 3-4 days a week during my lunch break; was feeling so much better–but needed to lose so much more weight because morbidly obese for years like mom. My PCP, who told me she was blood testing my blood sugar for 15 yrs suddenly had no BS testing included in my med records to Endo Dr. Endo Dr. tested at 1st visit & wanted to immediately put me on diabetes med (1 pt. shy of being full-blown diabetic). I chose, instead, to do the elimination diet–next visit 3 mos. later BS was normal. All of these chgs. lasted from 3/2018-12/2018–had lost a good 30 pounds–felt much better. Then in 12/2018, Endo Dr’s NP chg my med from Armour 120mg to NP Thyroid 80 mg. Began having insomnia, weight gain, constipation, heat/cold intolerance, etc. Went back to Endo’s NP in 3/2019 – told of all my symptoms & TSH blood test she said she has noticed T4 has continually be climbing…., she reduced the NP Thyroid to 60 mg & added Tirosint 88 mg—1st day I believe that I could have hurt someone badly—hormones out of the top of my head!!! Everyone at my office bldg. went to their offices & closed their doors to avoid me for 8 hours til knock-off time!!! It finally leveled out, but still gaining weight—have gained back 22 lbs. since 12/2018, some bouts with constipation, depressive moments because I just don’t feel good–patience level not good at all, etc. I’m SO TIRED OF ALL THIS…my mom took Synthroid most of her life & still had diabetes, heart attack, strokes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, hypothyroid, Dementia, weight problems, knee/hip replacements, 19.5 lb. cyst removed from her gut, partial hysterectomy….I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE MY LATTER YEARS LIKE THIS!!! Please, Please someone HELP! Does anyone know a Naturopathic or other Professional in SW GA or even Northern FL, SE Alabama—I’d drive. I’m tired of so-called Professionals in the Medical Field who treat Us like $$$$$ Signs…..No better than our Politicians, if you ask Me!

  18. Kathleen


    Sorry you had a bad experience getting Thyroid-S from Thailand. It sounds like they opened a bottle (they come 1,000 pills at 60 mg. each in a brown properly-labeled bottle) and sold you part of it.

    I was more fortunate and received my order from another company (MP) in Bangkok yesterday (took 5 days). The 1,000-pill bottle had its original label and was sealed in an original box which was shrink-wrapped. It was also dated for use by 2012. That was placed in a sturdy box tied with string, which I had to sign for. They track all shipments.

    I am very pleased and would recommend them. However, be sure and work with your credit card company since that took a couple of phone calls and emails back and forth with the company to process the order.

    I am thrilled to have this alternative to Naturethroid until they are up and running again.

  19. Linda

    I agree with Tina that there is a lot to be said for doctors that are also hypo and know exactly what we are going through. That describes my doctor, who has completely turned my life around for the better. I just talked to him yesterday about the shortage. And he is already using a compounding pharmacy that has let him know they have plenty of dessicated thyroid. So I’ll be getting that until NT or Armour is back on the shelves.

  20. Lisa

    I placed a test order for Thyroid-S at a site called 12buys.com. I wasn’t happy with the result and would NOT buy from them again. I recieved 2 bottles with typed labels NO manufactuers labels, NO safety seal and a piece of bubble wrap stuffed in them. I ordered a product called Thiroid and Thyroid extract from their site. But both bottles look the same and are labeled the same even though I placed two seperate orders and tablets look the same in both. A friend said they smelled like my Nature-throid (my sense of smell is gone) But I would be too afraid to take them. The order was sent from Thailand. The safest product I have recieved so far is from Canada from a site already listed on here.
    I will keep searching and let you know, if I find anything.
    But I am not panicing. Where there is a demand there will be a suppply eventually. Everyone wants to make a buck.
    Also, if you find a site in Canada whose prices have gone through the roof do not use them. The Gov’t regulates drug prices in Canada and it is illegal for them to over charge you.
    Good luck, remain calm.
    There is plenty of dessiccated thyroid out there.
    Thank you Canada.
    May the makers of Synthroid drown in their product for all the lies and misinformation they have told our doctors!

  21. Tina

    I love Dr Starr, and I have his book (as well as books written by Dr Barnes, Dr Durrant-Peatfield and yourself), and it was quite heart-warming to know that there *are* doctors who know (Dr Starr himself is hypothyroid) what hell we go through if we’re forced to take synthetic thyroid!!


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