American Laboratories continues to work hard at production.

ALIOn the August 19th blog post, you can read about the only North American manufacturer of natural porcine desiccated thyroid called American Laboratories (ALI). ALI sells to distributors who in turn pack it up in smaller quantities which go to those who create desiccated thyroid products.

I just got off the phone again from Kenny Soe­joto, the Chief Ope­ra­ting Offi­cer at ALI. And the news couldn’t be better. ALI is working hard to catch up and is currently shipping to all their customers. Yes, they are still in a backorder situation due to demand being greater than supply in 2009, but work is in progress, shipments are being made to all, and they hope to see some major catching-up in two months or so.

And his most important comment? “If we had FDA issues, we wouldn’t be producing”. i.e. everything is going fine. 🙂

In the meantime, there seems to be two areas of success right now with getting your desiccated thyroid prescription filled: from Canadian pharmacies, and from Compounding pharmacies. Hang in there. We’ll get past this.

Join us next Friday for our next thyroid patient Community Call via Talk Shoe. See the blog post right below this for information. Below that is information about the Coalition for Natural Desiccated Thyroid, an independent group working alongside Mary Shomon’s efforts, as well.

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6 Responses to “American Laboratories continues to work hard at production.”

  1. Leigh Bennett

    While I prefer to be a moderate on hot topics (better for my blood pressure and peace of mind), this thyroid drug SNAFU has me furious! And American Labs’ remarkably cordial LIES have not assuaged my feelings. Thousands upon thousands of pigs are slaughtered each day in the US, it is impossible that there is any shortage of product for American Labs. For example, from an article in the New York Times, “A Medical Mystery Unfolds in Minnesota,” February 5, 2008:

    “Austin’s [Austin, Minnesota] biggest employer is Hormel Foods, maker of Spam, bacon and other processed meats (Austin even has a Spam museum). Quality Pork Processors, which backs onto the Hormel property, kills and butchers 19,000 hogs a day and sends most of them to Hormel. The complex, emitting clouds of steam and a distinctive scent, is easy to find from just about anywhere in town.”

  2. jay arlington condos

    My wife’s life has been restored…and therefore mine since she switched to Armour 3 months ago. She used to lose 2-6 hours a day which hit our household and our income hard. It was accompanied by much emotional duress as well. Her doctor would switch her from synthroid–so much for the hippocratic oath eh?

    ******Why is Armour being taken off the market? What is the money trail or the conspiracy? Who is to blame? Will the new meds really work as well.****** PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

    I’m so angry about Armour disappearing and we are very concerned about losing this progress.

    Now she gets up at 5:30am and works (homeschools) through the entire day till 11:30pm with a 1 hour nap every other day. It was an amazing 180 turn.


    (From Janie: Jay, there is no evidence that Armour has been removed from the market. What is being stated is that demand has been greater than supply. RLC is also stating that they will have more desiccated thyroid out by the end of October. Don’t panic yet. Here are options in the meantime:

  3. Dawna Wallis

    Lisa from American Laboratories, Inc., the manufacturer of natural porcine desiccated thyroid in Omaha, just called me in response to my email regarding availability of their product. She was very pleasant and helpful and told me that the increase in demand for natural thyroid products has increased greatly this year causing a temporary shortage of supply to manufacturers.

    She said they are still shipping and that patients might try their local compounding pharmacist if they are having trouble locating Armour, Naturethroid, or Westhroid.

    Apparently the word is finally getting around to many thyroid patients that a better result might be had from a medication containing a natural thyroid product.

  4. Dwayne

    Excellent News! Thanks for the update!

  5. Tina

    Quite relieved to learn that news, as I am over in the UK, and (have to) buy my supplies of natural thyroid from the US. I know that Canada has supplies, but as you know, British GPs have been brain-washed into believing that synthetic thyroid is *the* medication that will save our lives (yeah, right!) by the RCP, and getting a prescription (necessary in Canada) would be nigh on impossible!

    Thank you to you and everyone else who is fighting our cause over in the US, we really do appreciate it! 🙂

  6. kendra

    awesome news!


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