What is going on with the Texas Medical Board?? Potentially worrisome.

This 2008 blog post was updated in 2015 here: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/2015/07/28/medical-boards-and-the-tsh-how-they-fail-thyroid-patients-worldwide/ Enjoy!!


I was informed today that a very popular and well-liked doctor in Texas, who treats many hypothyroid patients, was disciplined recently. And for what? Under the column titled NONTHERAPEUTIC PRESCRIBING, it states: The action was based on Dr. Launius’ prescribing Adipex, Adderal and Armour Thyroid to patients when such medications were not indicated. www.tmb.state.tx.us/news/press/2008/101608a.php

Adipex and Adderol are both central nervous system stimulants, and I can’t comment one way or the other. But the mention of Armour thyroid as “not indicated” is potentially worrisome, especially with similar disciplinary actions brought upon well-liked and wise doctors like Peatfield and Skinner of the UK, Derry of Canada, and Springer in the US–all who dared to make obvious symptoms more important than ink spots on a piece of paper.

Take Kymm, a 45 year old woman. She has manifested hypothyroid symptoms for 15 years since the birth of her daughter. Yet during those entire 15 years, her TSH lab result has been completely “normal”…i.e. hypothyroidism has never been “indicated” based on the typical and widespread gold standard of diagnosis: the TSH. But she has never, ever been normal with 15 years of easy weight gain, chronic depression, thinning hair, rising cholesterol, and other clear hypothyroid symptoms. And she has in fact started on Armour…and is soaring.

Kymm is not an oddity. Thyroid patients on internet groups report going years with a normal TSH, no diagnosis, yet clear symptoms which are ignored by their TSH-obsessed doctors. So their doctors may have avoided disciplinary action, but did they truly practise the art and science of healing??

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6 Responses to “What is going on with the Texas Medical Board?? Potentially worrisome.”

  1. lynn

    Im desperate to find a doctor in dallas texas any suggestions?

  2. cindy

    Right now I am looking for a docter in Texas. For years I have suffered from the hypo symptoms. Now, the endo I am going and will be firing says I should be on anti-depressants! For the moment, I am extremely frustrated that I cannot find a doctor that could help me get on armour thyroid. Believe me, Texas is one tough state to find help. Still looking…

  3. Cindy

    Dear Lena,

    I just tried to leave a super long-winded reply and, while editing, erased the entire thing… It was probably for the best anyway (just describing my symptoms – classic Hypo for over 30 yrs. – went to one doctor who said I was simply “depressed” and gave up). I’m so active that I cannot even keep up with myself at times. I am a full time professional, and also take care of my 13 beautiful horses ( daily clean all the stalls and the barn, feed, water, turn out and turn in, groom, ride, cut 10 acres – me not the hubby, clean (an 8000 sf house), cook dinner and spend time with my husband. Doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for that but I even workout 5 days a week. Since I was in my 30’s I’ve had an excellent diet, I rarely eat bread, pasta, sweets, you name it. It takes a lot of self control as my hubby eats everything. I can’t even have one piece of chocolate as it triggers my cravings so I just don’t… period. After a hysterectomy and formerly battling my weight, I gained over 35 # in the first year! The Dr. that told me I was simply “depressed” was simply wrong. I knew it but she made me feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself and prescribed Wellbutrin. Never took it, after doing some research (thank you Mr.Internet), I learned that it caused weight gain. How insensitive she was… Threw it away and waited another 5 yrs. At 50, I decided that I wasn’t going to suffer in silence, going to take control of the situation, and after much research and referrals found an excellent physician who listened to everything I told him in addition to reading the TSH, etc. He prescribed only 30 mg Armour Thyroid -from the start luckily.

    The nurse weighed me in after 2 1/2 months and could not believe that I had lost 33 lbs. When the doctor took my chart while outside the closed door, my husband and I both heard “this can’t be the right weight, did you make a mistake”? The nurse replied that she had not, it was correct. When he walked in I couldn’t stop smiling, and he was so pleased that I had succeeded and lost the weight. My husband, (who especially knows better than anyone what I do or do not do), also agreed explaining that I had been eating healthy, journaling, exercising… forever. No change in diet, just the Armour thyroid. I should also note, that while we were in the waiting room, another female came in who was overweight, her hair was halfway gone. I felt terrible for her. In the consultation room I happened to overhear the doctor speaking with her. She had been to another doctor who prescribed synthetics, been on them for years. Still gaining weight and with miserable hypo symptoms. Luckily she found him. I hope that her hair grows back -I’m sure she will count her lucky stars once she gets straightened out as well as I do:)

    If it were me (not advice…) and I was not happy with treatment with synthetics and started getting even more terrible side effects…I would find a doctor that prescribes Armour. Even if you have to go outside the state. I am very grateful to have THE MOST EXCELLENT DOCTOR ON THE PLANET (in my own humble opinion).

    Take care and good luck to all who suffer,


  4. Jada

    Lets go on strike. I’m sick of this.

  5. Lena

    I wish doctors would get their act together in Hypo and Hyper cases. Most pateints do their research on well recognized Thyroid sites and when they ask questions…we are dubbed “know it all’s” and doctors do not like this even if the Endo do not have a clue. I am fighting this now. I am in Texas. I see a group of Endo’s and they will not go out of the box. It is their way or the highway. I want to hit them. Armour? They wouldn’t think of giving me this. Ferritin Levels. Mine are so low it can barely be calculated yet they will not perscribe replacement.
    I asked why they never feel my neck like the doctor I had previously (retired) and I was told they did not have to as the ultrascan shows all. (Having problems swallowing) I have two large nodules on the right side of my thryoid plus a right sided parathyroid adenoma. I am so frustrated with these doctors and I was told they are one of the best. OMG! If they are the best can you imagine what the worst is like! No wonder we all feel like H&*%^&*!~!

  6. gina

    i love that the medical board mispelled “adderall” – it has two l’s, not one. no big deal, except they _are_ the medical board, and that _is_ one of the three medications they are censuring him for!!


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