Again…Armour thyroid is not discontinued!

To update again if you’re feeling panicky–Armour thyroid, made by Forest Pharmaceuticals, is not discontinued, contrary to what your poorly-informed pharmacist or Synthroid-loving doctor tells you.

What is going on is this: about a year ago, something went wrong in the production of the higher grains, i.e. they didn’t work. Those who had been on Armour awhile and picked up their new prescriptions had their hypothyroid returning!

And when a Pharmaceutical makes a mistake, they have to jump through hoops with the FDA to correct their manufacturing problem, and it takes a lot of TIME to get back to producing their product.

What stopped being produced this year, as a result of the problem, were the 2, 3, 4 and 5 grain tablets (120 mg, 180 mg, 240 mg. and 300 mg). Everyone was now forced to use the smaller amounts, and the increase in demand put a great strain on quantity in your local pharmacies.

Forest now predicts that the larger sizes will return in “late 2008”. So we’ll see. One gal has reported that some of the larger sizes did return to her pharmacy this week, but I’ll need confirmation before saying it’s a fact.

What do you do in the meantime? Call pharmacies to see what they still have, and expect to drive farther to a pharmacy which still has them in stock. Because many still do. If you don’t find any close enough with Armour, you can get your doctor to write out a prescription for Naturethroid or Westhroid, both quality desiccated thyroid products and very available.

To keep up with the latest from Forest about Armour availability, just call 866-927-3260 for a recorded message (which will be a repeat of some of the information you have read right here.)

p.s. Think your doc is open-minded enough to read the STTM book?? You can have the publishing company send one directly to your doctor. Click on the SEND A BOOK TO YOUR DOCTOR.

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12 Responses to “Again…Armour thyroid is not discontinued!”

  1. Christie

    I have been taking Synthroid for the past 3 years and have hated it since day one. It caused heart palpitations among other things. For 3 years I have been searching for a doctor to prescribe something different, but they all told me there is nothing different. Just recently I finally found someone who was willing to prescribe Armour and I’m excited and hopeful that I’ll have a much better experience with this than with synthroid. I got my prescription filled yesterday and its called Thyroid NP. My pharmacist said it is a generic of Armour. Hopefully it works as well as I’ve heard Armour does!

  2. Rebecca

    Does anyone know what Thyroid NP / MFG Agella means? My latest Armour prescription was filled as this. I’ve never seen it before, and I feel even worse than I did on the New Armour and far worse than I did on compounded.

  3. cathy taylor

    I had my thyroid gland removed about 5 years ago I went through hell with the synthetics for a couple of years. Terrible bouts of atrial fibrillation and nightmarish panic attack type symptoms, until I was able to convince the MD to allow me to use Armour. Ive been stable on it ever since. That is until it was suddenly unavailable! This is a very serious problem for many people. I’m praying for a swift resolution.

  4. joanne

    I don’t know who makes the “thyroid” you have been prescribed but I have been on generic thyroid for years and it is made by Forrest also. When I went to refill my prescription 2 weeks ago it was on backorder and unavaillable just like the Armour. I am going crazy trying to get some. One pharmacy has 2grain so I am going to see if I can get them and cut them. Changing to levoxyl means I will be a basket case until they get the dose right and I never feel quite right on it.

  5. Jane

    I requested to be changed from Synthroid to Armour and when my physician called the Pharmacy they were told that Armour is not available but that the product available and is better than Armour is “Thyroid”. I asked the pharmacist “well who makes Thyroid and where is it derived? He replied to my answer only that it comes from the pigs thyroid gland. Knowing that a co-worker was switched from Armour to Thyroid, I said okay I will try it. Now I am trying to find some answers as to who is manufacturing “Thyroid”?

  6. Stockton Tony

    Update April 19, 2009… I have been taking Armour Thyroid for the last 3 years and had trouble getting the 120 mg size. Had to buy 60s and double them up at about double the price. Since then my endocrinologist has upped me to 150 and a call to (866)927 3260 (thanks to this site) confirmed today that the only strengths currently on backorder are 60mg and 90mg. Thanks to everyone!

  7. Angela

    Hi There, I am just starting NDT treatment and with the Armour shortages (my CVS didn’t even have much of the smaller doses) my doctor and I decided to try Nature-throid since it has hypo-allergenic fillers and since I had a severely horrible time with Synthroid…I refuse to ever take it again. So for all of you out there with trouble getting Armour, check out Nature-throid and Westhroid products (by RCL Labs) at: Most pharmacies can special order it and get it within 5 days.

  8. Marjie

    Thank you so much for posting the number for listening to the recorded message straight from Forrest Labs! I figure if anyone knows what’s going on it’s the manufacturer. I contacted my pharmacy and gave them the phone number to listen to the recording also.

  9. Dena

    Oh..and I put a link for your blog on my blog. More people need to see this site. I know a LOT of people who have thyroid/adrenal issues and their doctors are not helping them. I’m hoping they might actually take a look at this site.

  10. Dena

    Thank you for this post. I should have a copy of the book sent to my doctor!! She could really use it.

  11. Lynn Rowe

    Went to my doc yesterday and was told he KNOWS Armour will no longer be available in the near future. (I don’t know where he gets his info)…Anyway, he gave me another RX for Armour Thyroid to fill so I can stockpile while he weans me off. His plan is to research other homeopathic meds I can use. Just thought you’d want to hear that one. I told him I flat out refuse to take Synthroid or any of the synthetics.

    Keep the info coming please. I never know who to believe regarding this. Big pharmeceuticals are squeezing out so many people!!


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