Oh..oh..oh..do you think the Endrocrine Society is going to understand FACTS???


The Endocrine Society’s 89th Annual Meeting is going to occur in Toronto, Canada, June 2-5th this year. And one of the scheduled presentations is titled: Thyroid Hormone Therapy: Why Some Patients Are Unhappy.

Now based on that title, you can be an optimist and decide that yes…a presentation is going to be given that will give a clue why MILLIONS of us are unhappy, unhealthy and reeking of hypothyroid symptoms with a “normal” TSH….and have been for FIVE DECADES!! It’s enough to get your hopes flying.

But below is what was said by the speaker:

Today, pure synthetic T4 is the medication that the vast majority of hypothyroid patients use. Most physicians now consider desiccated thyroid and the combinations of synthetic T4 and T3 to be obsolete. Since they contain both T4 and T3, and T3 is absorbed and used by the body more quickly than T4, their T3 content can cause some patients to develop temporary symptoms of hyperthyroidism (palpitations, nervousness) after a tablet is taken. Also, desiccated thyroid, derived from slaughterhouse animals, may have variable potency from batch to batch, depending on the animals’ diet, the season of the year, and the species of animal used to make the tablets.

Huh?? That “obsolete” desiccated thyroid is turning lives around 180 degrees! And those “temporary symptoms of hyperthyroidism” are caused by low cortisol in some, not by a problem in the tablet. And finally, funny that those of us on dessicated thyroid aren’t noticing any issues of variability.

So, unless I hear differently, I can only presume that in early June, these Endocrinologists will only continue to be prescribing medications that do NOT work (e.g. Synthroid), and making ink spots on a piece of paper (called the TSH lab and range) far, far more important than obvious hypothyroid symptoms in their patients. i.e. they will continue the treatment which has only served to keep ALL of us SICK.

Cuiusvis hominis est errare; nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare

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15 Responses to “Oh..oh..oh..do you think the Endrocrine Society is going to understand FACTS???”

  1. Mattie

    The Gynecologist said a Fibroid Tumor growing fast was a sign of cancer. The Gynecologist said the “Fibroid Tumor” was too large to remove the tumor at 6cm and that he wouldn’t know if it was cancer until my female organs were removed and a biopsy was done on my removed female organs. I was in hyperthyroid storm and didn’t know it. I was tested for over two years and the endocrinologists kept saying my levels were not in hyperthyroid. I believed them and now after living through the most terrifying iatrongenic nightmare on earth am trying to help other women be spared.

    Women deserve better than being legally lied to by the Gynecological Medical Industry in America and you can help end this epidemic legal atrocity. One in three women by the age of 60 in the U.S.A, 22 million women alive today, did not become de-sexed by being told the medical truth. The women are being lied to medically and the numbers of de-sexed women prove it.
    Sex Organ Amputation i.e. (Hysterectomy) and (Oophorectomy) i.e. Castration, are the most terrifying and medically damaging attack of the female anatomy, brain, nervous system, endocrine system and sexuality. But the Gynecological Industry continues legally to physically and sexually maim tens of millions of women by medical deceit for profit legally in America. It is legal for gynecologist doctors recommending hysterectomy/castration to not disclose the medical information necessary for a woman to make an informed decision. Get the accurate medical information concerning Hysterectomy/Castration at, HERS Foundation. Watch the free “female anatomy” video and the functions of the female organs medical information on the HERS web site and read the blog. Sign the petition to end un-consented un-warranted female sex organ amputation and female castration in America by legal deceit for profit.

  2. Jim

    I hope it OK for me to say this here: Synthroid works great for me. (from Janie: And I hope it’s OK for me to say this here: I bet you do have symptoms due to a T4-only treatment, even if manageable compared to others. So when you decide down the line that you’d like even those to go away, the information is here for you, and so are a growing body of doctors who’ll help you switch. 🙂 Until then…best wishes!

  3. Glo

    I also have had total thyroidectomy due to papillary cancer 5 years ago. That’s not the problem. The problem is my meds won’t work now(Levoxyl) and nervous system suddenly went haywire after a dental visit and adrenaline injection. Endo lowered them 4 times and now I’m hypo. Feel rotten. Fired him. New endo is testing me for pheo and other adrenal/pituitary but I don’t know results. At any rate, he is going to up my meds because he says not good for thyroid cancer patient to be hypo. I hope he gives me T3. I have been messed up for the past 3 months and never felt this bad, not even after surgery. I am now taking a tranquilizer which I’ve never ever had to do before. When will this madness end? I hope I get lucky with my meds like you finally did. Thank you.

  4. Emma Lee

    Oh my goodness, where have you people been all my life?

    My case is classic, November 2003, total thyroidectomy, When I asked about after affects of surgery I was told, “You’ll be a little tired at first and you may gain a little weight.” Three weeks later, 32 pounds heavier and totally exhausted, I began an 18 month battle with my doctor.

    Did I mention I lost my voice. I am a professional singer and a public speaking/Forensics coach. Try that while having a two-note range and little to no volume.

    It came to either suicide or finding a new doctor. Finally through Mary Shoman’s site I found a natural physician who took me off the synthroid and put me on armour. The loss of voice? Acid reflux caused by synthroid. I know synthroid works for some people, but oh my gosh, it didn’t work for me.

    I hear your anger and frustration. After switching to armour (I take 120 first thing in the morning and 90/120 in early evening) I finally lost 20 pounds.

    However, two months ago I started on South Beach. I work at a company with a fitness room so I treadmill daily for at least a half hour. In the past 8 weeks I have lost 16 pounds.

    Hard to believe this journey is almost four years long, but there is hope…Unfortunately you have to fight. In this day and age, if you dont’ agree with your physician, find another one. Hang in there, things will get better.

  5. Linda

    Just curious…Do we know what Dr. Cooper said?
    I’m sure it was pathetic.

  6. Sheryl

    Here’s a good one for you – my mom is now 83 – 5 years ago she had a heart attack, but no surgery or anything, and she’s been fine since then – EXCEPT – her new doctor for the last 5 years – internal medicine – does blood work every 3 months for her and right away told her that her thyroid was low and she needed to take Synthroid. Mom is into herbal stuff and refuses to take drugs, so she said she would do it with herbs first. Next checkup and the next, nothing much had changed (I don’t remember what her TSH was, not that it really matters). Anyway, about the same time now, looking back, she started having a lot of problem with her knees aching like all get out. This has kept on and on – she has tried cortisone shots, rooster comb shots, etc., and nothing has changed. Should note that about 6 months after the heart attac, the doc convinced her to take Synthroid. Because of our huge interest in natural things as opposed to chemical concoctions, one day we went to see our chiropractor, who does computer electrodermal screening in his experimental lab, and I took along her herbal formulas AND the Synthroid. He tested her against the synthroid, and his red lights started flashing on the computer. The screening said that she was very, very allergic to synthroid! I was grumbling about wanting to change to Armour but my doc (now fired) wouldn’t change it, so he gave me the name of the gal who is now our new doc. She switched both of us to Armour, and although mom hasn’t completely gotten rid of the knee pain yet, she is much better! She will have another TSH done in a couple of weeks, and I suspect she will have a large increase in the Armour – she’s at 60mg right now.

    So – all those aches and pains – I would be so tickled for her if we finally get her to the level of Armour where it all goes away. What a day of rejoicing that will be! There is nothing wrong with her other than that – she could live to be 100 at the rate she’s going!

  7. Helena

    Thank you so much for all the information regarding this disease. I work for an Internist and I was diagnosed with low thyroid. My doctor started me on the .025mcg Synthroid. I asked and pleaded for Armour (after reading your info). He told me “No-it is not standardized and do not ask me again!” I then made an appointment with one of your website doctors and asked for Armour, she replied ” No problem “. I started the 30mcg of Armour today. I was an office manager for a Chiropractor for 19 years (was fired because I was diagnosed with Cancer)and I am used to the fight with the medical community. You just have to stay focused and demand what you want, because it is your body and your health! If that doesn’t work, seek out another doctor.
    I just want to thank you so much for all the information you have provided me, I am recently diagnosed with Hasimotos and this site was The Best!

  8. Cathy

    I recently started on Westhyroid (today is my fourth day) and I already feel better than I ever did in the 12 years I was hypothyroid.

    The best thing would be for the Endos to be hypothyroid themselves and to depend solely on their beloved Synthyroid.

  9. Dr. Kate

    Amen to Karen!

    The drug companies ARE trying to keep us sick! I am a chiropractor recently diagnosed with Hashi’s, and I am going to go into the endocrinologist’s with guns blazing….becuase I’m used to it! I have to fight the medical establishment every day, and to me, this is just another extension of the battle, albeit more personal.
    BTW…thank you for an informational website. Everything I have read is so true…my mother struggled with Hashi’s for years before she went to a holistic MD who said “low normal” T4 and T3 is actually abnormal (like, a tenth of a point above abnormal)! Hoping my fight is easier, and I have the bonus of being able to order pharmaceutical grade supplements MYSELF

  10. Astrid

    I switched from Synthroid to Armour and feel way better. For those of us having a conversion problem, Armour really is the best way to go. I am angry to have lost the years I did to Synthroid. However, I am also a scientist, and the problem (besides the pharma propaganda) truly is that there haven’t been the studies done to “prove” the efficacy of Armour. My guess is that the producers of Armour don’t want to spend the money (or can’t). However, if the scientific literature is not there, it will always be hard to convince scientific minded people otherwise. So, if people really want to do something about this issue and fight the Synthroid big pharma propaganda, then they should lobby for the funding and studies to be done proving the efficacy of Armour.

    My two cents.

  11. Karen

    If amour has a DIN (drug number) then each tablet is guaranteed to be a consistent dose.
    Remember they are not trying to get us well – they like to keep us sick – that way when we can’t function at peak levels we can be controlled and manipulated and there is NO MONEY IN BEING HEALTHY for the drugs companies.
    We have to look after ourselves

  12. bonnie

    Can’t we stage some type of revolution? Oh, that’s right – we’re too exhausted from inadequate synthetic T-4 only treatment to try to take part in any type of physical activity involved in a revolt. I think I’m beginning to see a conspiracy here on the part of the “T-4 Only Nazi’s”…

  13. Marge E

    My Aunt Effie took dessicated thyroid for decades – long before Synthroid and the TSH test ruined proper hypothyroid treatment. She was born in 1890, became a registered nurse and worked full time until she was 80. She lived independently until she was 95 and died at 97. She had 95 full, active, healthy years, at least partly thanks to dessicated thyroid. I’d like to know how many of these Synthroid-bought-and-paid-for endocrinologists have such inspiring hypothyroid treatment success stories as my Aunt Effie’s?

  14. april

    And also let me add…how come my sister-in-law, who’s 69, took dessicated thyroid for many, many years ,when she was younger, and has NEVER had one problem? Can this dr answer that?

  15. april

    sad…sad…sad…those endos will be in my prayers


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