Patients and advocates from around the world are doing a bang-up job trying to spread the word about desiccated thyroid and proper thyroid care. This page will continually have new global information added as I receive it. Use the Contact Me form to send me your info.

February 2009: Read Sheila Turner’s information that gives hope about getting Armour prescribed by Endocrinologists in the UK: (See other Feb. 2009 entries below)

February 2009: This month proved to be straight out of a horror movie for UK patients. The Royal College of Physicians announced that thyroxine is the ONLY treatment for hypothyroidism. You can read about it here:

Then, we find out that Sheila Turner, UK’s thyroid patient advocate for UK-TPA, had her Armour taken away. Read about it here.

Next comes Sheila Turner’s and Eric K. Pritchard’s brilliant response to the RCP:

January 2009: Lyn Mynott has announced that Thyroid UK has been awarded a grant from the Lottery’s “Awards for All” to help finish the log cabin they are building for their headquarters. And in their first annual report, they state that some patients are reporting some NHS doctors prescribing Armour. Congrats to Thyroid UK!

March 2008Thyroid Patient Advocacy-UK (TPA-UK) has written two brilliant responses to the British Thyroid Association, and to all NHS endocrinologists and Primary Care Trusts etc, about Armour and the use of desiccated thyroid. Both can be used to take to your doctor: Go here and here


***Here is a post from a gal in Ireland on how to get Armour in the UK:

I’m in N. Ireland and I get my armour prescribed by my GP on a named-patient basis, and it doesn’t cost me anything as i have the NHS exemption certificate According to the MHRA, a GP in the UK is allowed to prescribe any of the natural thyroids on a “named patient basis” on the NHS or privately. Your doctor can give you a normal green prescription (FP10) and write Armour Thyroid on it, (or any of the others). Then your local chemist can contact: Idis World Medicines, Millbank House, 171-185 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6AX. Tel: 020 8410 0700/ Fax: 020 8410 0800. Email: or for orders. Website: If your doctor or pharmacist needs information from them, they must set up an account first, but they are not obliged to purchase anything. You just need to persuade your doctor that you need Armour because the synthetic hormone does not suit you. Ask him for a trial, at least. (And remember that a trial should allow you to raise from the initial introductory dose up to 3 grain) This company imports Armour and adds a very small administration charge.


Click here for the August 7th, 2006 letter, written by thyroid patient advocate Sheila Turner, and sent to 36,000 General Practitioners in UK, plus every Endocrinologist and their Registrars, and Junior Hospital Doctors. Why? To curtail the continuous non-factual and misleading information about desiccated thyroid. Sheila has a thyroid advocacy site working to increase awareness for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment for this disease. See her link below.

Also, UK’s SheilaTurner’s website for downloadable & printable info to give to your doc



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