Check out what Tracey emailed to me, having her thyroid removed, then put on Synthroid, and the huge changes that happened after she moved over to Natural Desiccated Thyroid.

Thanks for your Stop the Thyroid Madness site. I was lost and fading away to nothing. My life was so bad that I couldn’t even walk to the mailbox. I was depressed, too. I was on 300 mg of Synthroid for 2 years after having my thyroid totally removed with 43 lymph nodes in a left neck, and part of my neck muscle removed, all because of metastasized thyroid cancer.

I had freaked out one day and was a mess. I stopped my Synthroid after that happened, called my PCP, and started reading the STTM Facebook group site. I became known as the “get my friends and family off synthroid and onto NDT” because after I was finally switched to WP Thyroid, and was gradually increasing my dosage, I was feeling like a fog was being lifted away in front of my eyes!! I was making such progress.

I stayed educated and am now on 3.5 grains of WP Thyroid. Had my cortisol checked by ordering tests for myself and hubby through the STTM site’s Recommended Labwork page. I now take herbs to help with my crazy high-highs and feel better. I still have my days but wow thanks to your info, I am feeling like I will live to see 50 and so many more years.

Bless u again for all your info and all your site and what the STTM Facebook page does for people like myself. Please share my pic (see Tracey on the Before and After page on STTM) so others know there can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

P.S. I have done zero gym workouts, haven’t changed my diet with Atkins etc. I simply got on herbs that your site suggested and switched from 300 mg Synthroid to Natural Desiccated Thyroid at 3.5 grains, now with also 10mg of t3 daily too.

Thanks doll. Share this so others can see how NDT can help tons.

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