Here’s a neat story by Mahgan who while on Synthroid had weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, and pain…then moved over to Natural Desiccated Thyroid and has done so much better. You can also see her before and after photo.

Almost 5 years ago, after getting some prenatal blood work done, I was told that my thyroid didn’t seem to be working at all, but that it wasn’t that big of a deal since I was pregnant and since the thyroid has nothing to do with pregnancy. I had never had health issues before (well, I never really went to the doctor anyway) and I had no clue what a thyroid was or what it did, so I jut assumed the doctor knew what he was talking about.

Fast forward 2 1/2 years, still untreated and feeling like death more days than not, my friend convinced me to see a doctor.

At that time, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. That doctor basically told me that taking Synthroid would cure all my issues, and that it was the best option. I asked about a NDT but was chastised for even suggesting, gasp, a more natural option. I agreed to try Synthroid and was on it for about 1.5 years. Everything got so much worse. I gained more weight (despite being at the gym 5-6 days per week and eating salads for nearly every meal), was zombie tired, and was suffering crazy pain throughout my body. Did I mention the brain fog? Holy cow! That was THE WORST!

Thankfully, again with the advice of my friend, I found a doctor who was willing to prescribe a different thyroid replacement. This doctor also recommended that I try a modified version of the AIP diet (Autoimmune Protocol) and explained that the thyroid basically effects every cell in the body so until it was working correctly, the rest of me would not. Apparently, this thyroid gland was kind of a big deal. Anyways…

Y’all, it has been one year since then and I have lost 60 lbs!!

Sixty stinkin’ pounds!

Not only are the symptoms from the hashis starting to subside (not always, but most days) but my PCOS has basically all but gone into remission. Woop woop!!

Praising God for my friend who kept pushing me to get answers and who introduced me to this site!

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