TWO NEW BOOKS: Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast & Updated Revision STTM book.

One of the most important steps we have to do, as hypothyroid patients no matter the cause, is to be INFORMED, which the Stop the Thyroid Madness books provide you.  

We have to look at the experiences and wisdom of patients before us who GOT WELL, which STTM gives you!

And we have to be prepared to guide our doctors with the information in the Stop the Thyroid Madness books…or fire them. 

Why? Because 1) the medical profession simply doesn’t get it 2) their training is awful  3) they accept the dark-ages bad information they are fed without questioning.

Thyroid treatment should have NEVER been about…

  1. putting us on only one of five thyroid hormones like T4-only (backfires sooner or later with growing problems)
  2. the insane use of the TSH lab test and range for diagnosis or treatment (keeps us hypothyroid)
  3. falling anywhere in those ridiculous “normal” ranges (keeps us hypothyroid)
  4. “doing nothing” and “letting it run its course” for those with autoimmune Hashimoto’s (which increases inflammation and the risk of other autoimmune diseases)

And all the while we have had continuing problems, we are told…

You are normal
It’s not your thyroid
You need to eat less
You need to exercise more
You need to see a therapist
You need to be on an anti-depressant, or this med, or that med


1) The “updated revision” of the world-renowned STOP THE THYROID MADNESS BOOK (info below)

2) HASHIMOTO’S: TAMING THE BEAST (a companion book to the above updated revision) See below.

About the updated revision STOP THE THYROID MADNESS: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Thyroid Treatment, @2019

SAME CHAPTERS! A continuation of former good info. But lots of updated info throughout!

  1. This world-renowned “bible of patient experiences” which is now updated, continues to have the life-changing information that it always has had with the same chapter titles…no matter your cause of hypothyroidism…
  2. …but it now has numerous updates throughout where needed, and out-of-date information removed. 
  3. Both adrenals chapters 5 and 6 have been updated, and there’s now details about the use of Adrenal Cortex (ACE), while still having info about hydrocortisone (HC). Chapter 6 now mentions what information applies to either ACE or HC, or BOTH.
  4. The T4 chapter now mentions Tirosint, but continues to explain the problem of forcing the body to live for conversion alone. T4-only is T4-only.
  5. There are now light gray rectangular boxes throughout the book, meant to highlight certain important sentences. 
  6. Emphasis is now on serum iron. i.e. the former book would mention both iron/ferritin, but we now know that it’s far more about serum iron as far as what to make “optimal”. The emphasis about ferritin is more about its ability to reveal inflammation, but can reveal a methylation issue when low with good or high iron.
  7. There is updated information about
    1. different kinds of iron products
    2. better explanations in areas alongside those which were already good
    3. some new tidbits at the end of some chapters
    4. some updates to the list of thyroid meds, etc.
  8. Throughout the book are many more mentions about being “optimal”, not just “on” NDT or T4/T3. It’s also explained often what optimal means in those several places in the book.
  9. There are great additions to the list of supplements as well as certain foods. 
  10. The chapter on Natural Desiccated Thyroid now has a little photo of an antique bottle of NDT--that’s to show that having T3 in our treatment has been helping patients a long time and safely! This book also mentions the alternative treatment with synthetic T4/T3. Plus various updates throughout while keeping what was always IMPORTANT.

A “companion book” to the 
updated revision Stop the Thyroid Madness above

  1. “Taming the Beast”, a companion book to the updated STTM book shown below, has purposely been put together as concise, yet comprehensive. That means it purposely gets to the point about key information related to Hashimoto’s, while avoiding chattiness or long pages of stories to help those of you with brain fog and concentration problems. 🙂
  2. Some of the information you may have read before, while some is very unique to this wonderful book! 
  3. FOUR chapters fully pertaining to reported patient experiences and wisdom which can help change your life and reveal that you are NOT alone as a Hashi’s patient!
    1. Why and how Hashimoto’s patients go years without help or awareness of what is going on
    2. Patient-reported foods which were and are problematic for some and all the symptoms
    3. 43 most frustrating aspects of having Hashi’s as expressed by patients (especially about doctors)
    4. 95 short testimonies on what patients are using or doing to successfully lower their antibodies!
  4. Like research? You will see a total of 241 footnotes throughout this book that will send you to research articles, or just good information for further reading. Additionally, one chapter simply summarizes 46 research articles pertaining to Hashi’s in one (or two) sentences. And as intended, YOU can choose what you want to further read…or not.
  5. You will be made aware of, or reminded about, a variety of environmental triggers that can either birth autoimmune Hashi’s in the first place, or make one’s current antibodies worse. (Chapter 4)
  6. There is a chapter totally focused on Hashimoto’s inflammation--what it can do to you, inflammation labs, what to do about inflammation, supplements and foods to consider to counter inflammation, and short summaries of three ways to eat to counter inflammation. (Plus of course, good footnotes, and added URL’s in the body if needed)
  7. Two excellent and informative chapters on different gut health problems to explore, or be reacquainted with, including symptoms, types under each category, ways to treat, and more.
  8. Other examples of patient experiences inserted throughout many chapters
  9. Different lists of patient-reported symptoms within different chapters to help identify your issues, for example:
    • a chapter with symptoms from the autoimmune attack
    • another chapter highlighting symptoms of adrenal problems
    • more about hypothyroid symptoms that appear while on T4-only or being underdosed due to a doctor’s reliance on the lousy TSH lab test,
    • inflammation symptom list…etc.
  10. Each chapter has a lighthearted small drawing, pertaining to the subject, to send a friendly message about a serious topic, all drawn by Janie A. Bowthorpe, who is an artist.
  11. There is a blank “NOTES” page at the end of each chapter where you can put page numbers to remember, or additional information you have gleaned in this book or others! That way, you don’t have to flip through all the pages to find what was important to you.

AND SO MUCH MORE!! This book encourages you to underline, highlight, dog-ear, paper clip, and use the NOTES page at the end of each chapter. This is YOUR book.

Laughing Grape Publishing (LGP) now has a brand new, high-end ordering system for the Stop the Thyroid Madness books!! 


AND GUESS WHAT? All orders will be getting a free Lab Values card, 4×8 inches, only for the month of June, 2019!! After June, they will be for sale if you want more. 

Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

19 Responses to “TWO NEW BOOKS: Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast & Updated Revision STTM book.”

  1. mon bamford

    Well, ordered what I * thought* was the “new revised” STTM from Laughing Grape on this site so I’d be SURE to receive the new edition quickly. But I RECEIVED the 2014 version instead! Be VERY careful when you order!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Mon. I contacted the distributor, and you ordered the STTM II book. That means you clicked on it instead of the updated revision STTM I book with the girl on the front with the uplifted arms, and the cover also says in a blue circle “updated revision”. But there is good info in the STTM II book, too, from practitioners.

  2. JC Connor

    Should “3) Both adrenals chapters 5 and 6 have been updated, and there’s not details about the use of Adrenal Cortex (ACE), while still having info about hydrocortisone (HC).” say “there’s not details” or should it be something like “there are details about using Adrenal Cortex (ACE) in addition to info about hydrocortisone (HC).”?

  3. jana

    If I have Hashi’s do I need both books or is Taming the Beast comprehensive?

  4. Julie thomas

    How do you order these books

  5. Natalie Riehl

    Janie – I have been following STTM since 2009, and own the first two editions of the thyroid Bible, “Stop the Thyroid Madness.” They are excellent, informative books.

    I wish you would interview holistic, biological dentist, Thomas Lokansgard, DDS, of Nashville, TN, about the toxic dangers of amalgam-mercury fillings.

    “It [mercury] causes hypothyroidism. It knocks the iodine off the tyrosine ring for thyroid production. It does all kinds of nasty things. It couples with ATP. It’s an uncoupler. It gets in and messes up other enzyme systems,” he explained in an interview with Del Bigtree in Aug 2018.

    Amalgam “silver” fillings, in reality, contain 50% mercury, other heavy metals, and not much silver. Dr. Lokansgard would explain that it’s very important that when a patient replaces their amalgam fillings to go to a trained bio-dentist who uses a safe method of mercury extraction, including proper ventilation, and replaces the fillings with a safe, non-metal material.

    Mercury certainly explains “thyroid hormone resistance,” where a patient can take NDT, but does not feel much or all of the thyroid medication is actually getting into to cells.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Natalie. Mercury can definitely be toxic and harmful, and is why when I had to have an infected root canal/tooth removed, I personally used a biologic dentist myself over a year ago because of having fillings in that tooth. I talk about this in the Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast new book.

      But the problem is that not everyone with mercury fillings has hypothyroidism, so that is a bit too black and white. It’s more about risk than “this equals that”. But we do know that having a methylation problem is more damning for people towards having high levels of metals like lead, aluminum and mercury. Even high cadmium. So all heavy metals need to be addressed, especially with MTHFR mutations or other methylation causes. And thyroid hormone resistance seems to be more about genetics.

  6. Alex

    Hello Janie, is there the updated revision of STTM book in German?

  7. Shirley DeWeese

    I am anxious to get Taming the Beast. I know you have done a great deal of work for our benefit, as usual.

  8. Charlotte Hatch


  9. Pat Davenport

    Can’t wait to get my new copy. I had 2 copies of your older versions that i gave away – one to my doctor and another to a friend. I kept meaning to buy another copy. Glad I waited.

  10. Christa Hibler

    Hello .. I just ordered ” Taming the Beast ” and have not received an confirmation in my Gmail account .. How will I know if the order went thru and when I will receive the book ..
    Thank you
    Christa Hibler


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