TWO NEW BOOKS: Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast & Updated Revision STTM book.

One of the most important steps we have to do, as hypothyroid patients no matter the cause, is to be INFORMED, which the Stop the Thyroid Madness books aka STTM books, provide you.  

We have to look at the experiences and wisdom of patients before us who GOT WELL, which STTM gives you!

And we have to be prepared to guide our doctors with the information in the Stop the Thyroid Madness books…or fire them. 

Why? Because 1) the medical profession simply doesn’t get it 2) their training is awful  3) they accept the dark-ages bad information they are fed without questioning.

Thyroid treatment should have NEVER been about…

  1. putting us on only one of five thyroid hormones like T4-only (backfires sooner or later with growing problems)
  2. the insane use of the TSH lab test and range for diagnosis or treatment (keeps us hypothyroid)
  3. falling anywhere in those ridiculous “normal” ranges (keeps us hypothyroid)
  4. “doing nothing” and “letting it run its course” for those with autoimmune Hashimoto’s (which increases inflammation and the risk of other autoimmune diseases)

And all the while we have had continuing problems, we are told…

2019 updated revision of the classic Stop the Thyroid Madness

You are normal
It’s not your thyroid
You need to eat less
You need to exercise more
You need to see a therapist
You need to be on an anti-depressant, or this med, or that med


1) The “updated revision” of the world-renowned STOP THE THYROID MADNESS BOOK (info below)

2) HASHIMOTO’S: TAMING THE BEAST (a companion book to the above updated revision) See below.

About the updated revision STOP THE THYROID MADNESS: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Thyroid Treatment, @2019

Same chapter titles. A continuation of former good info. Yet now, you have updates throughout the book. 

  1. This world-renowned “bible of patient experiences” which is now updated, continues to have the life-changing information that it always has had with the same chapter titles…no matter your cause of hypothyroidism…
  2. …but it now has numerous updates throughout where needed, and out-of-date information removed. 
  3. Both adrenals chapters 5 and 6 have been updated, and there’s now details about the use of Adrenal Cortex (ACE), while still having info about hydrocortisone (HC). Chapter 6 now mentions what information applies to either ACE or HC, or BOTH.
  4. The T4 chapter now mentions Tirosint, but continues to explain the problem of forcing the body to live for conversion alone. T4-only is T4-only.
  5. There are now light gray rectangular boxes throughout the book, meant to highlight certain important sentences. 
  6. Emphasis is now on serum iron. i.e. the former book would mention both iron/ferritin, but we now know that it’s far more about serum iron as far as what to make “optimal”. The emphasis about ferritin is more about its ability to reveal inflammation, but can reveal a methylation issue when low with good or high iron.
  7. There is updated information about
    1. different kinds of iron products
    2. better explanations in areas alongside those which were already good
    3. some new tidbits at the end of some chapters
    4. some updates to the list of thyroid meds, etc.
  8. Throughout the book are many more mentions about being “optimal”, not just “on” NDT or T4/T3. It’s also explained often what optimal means in those several places in the book.
  9. There are great additions to the list of supplements as well as certain foods. 
  10. The chapter on Natural Desiccated Thyroid now has a little photo of an antique bottle of NDT--that’s to show that having T3 in our treatment has been helping patients a long time and safely! This book also mentions the alternative treatment with synthetic T4/T3. Plus various updates throughout while keeping what was always IMPORTANT.
  11. And there is more.

A “companion book” to the 
updated revision Stop the Thyroid Madness above

  1. “Taming the Beast”, a companion book to the updated STTM book shown below, has purposely been put together as concise, yet comprehensive. That means it purposely gets to the point about key information related to Hashimoto’s, while avoiding chattiness or long pages of stories to help those of you with brain fog and concentration problems. 🙂
  2. Some of the information you may have read before, while some is very unique to this wonderful book! 
  3. FOUR chapters fully pertaining to reported patient experiences and wisdom which can help change your life and reveal that you are NOT alone as a Hashi’s patient!
    1. Why and how Hashimoto’s patients go years without help or awareness of what is going on
    2. Patient-reported foods which were and are problematic for some and all the symptoms
    3. 43 most frustrating aspects of having Hashi’s as expressed by patients (especially about doctors)
    4. 95 short testimonies on what patients are using or doing to successfully lower their antibodies!
  4. Like research? You will see a total of 241 footnotes throughout this book that will send you to research articles, or just good information for further reading. Additionally, one chapter simply summarizes 46 research articles pertaining to Hashi’s in one (or two) sentences. And as intended, YOU can choose what you want to further read…or not.
  5. You will be made aware of, or reminded about, a variety of environmental triggers that can either birth autoimmune Hashi’s in the first place, or make one’s current antibodies worse. (Chapter 4)
  6. There is a chapter totally focused on Hashimoto’s inflammation--what it can do to you, inflammation labs, what to do about inflammation, supplements and foods to consider to counter inflammation, and short summaries of three ways to eat to counter inflammation. (Plus of course, good footnotes, and added URL’s in the body if needed)
  7. Two excellent and informative chapters on different gut health problems to explore, or be reacquainted with, including symptoms, types under each category, ways to treat, and more.
  8. Other examples of patient experiences inserted throughout many chapters
  9. Different lists of patient-reported symptoms within different chapters to help identify your issues, for example:
    • a chapter with symptoms from the autoimmune attack
    • another chapter highlighting symptoms of adrenal problems
    • more about hypothyroid symptoms that appear while on T4-only or being underdosed due to a doctor’s reliance on the lousy TSH lab test,
    • inflammation symptom list…etc.
  10. Each chapter has a lighthearted small drawing, pertaining to the subject, to send a friendly message about a serious topic, all drawn by Janie A. Bowthorpe, who is an artist.
  11. There is a blank “NOTES” page at the end of each chapter where you can put page numbers to remember, or additional information you have gleaned in this book or others! That way, you don’t have to flip through all the pages to find what was important to you.

AND SO MUCH MORE!! This book encourages you to underline, highlight, dog-ear, paper clip, and use the NOTES page at the end of each chapter. This is YOUR book.

Laughing Grape Publishing (LGP) now has a brand new, high-end ordering system for the Stop the Thyroid Madness books!! 


Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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74 Responses to “TWO NEW BOOKS: Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast & Updated Revision STTM book.”

  1. Irina says:

    Hello Janie, I finally received your book and can’t thank you enough for all this life saving information! I needed most of all the info about how to take cortisol supplements correct way.
    But i was surprised when i read that women should start taking ACE 3, 2,1,1 . Is it 7 capsules a day?? Am I reading it right? And then, if my DATs are not even/equal, I suppose to increase it to 10 capsules a day?? Isn’t it too much??
    On the bottle it says to take 1 to 3 capsules a day! How come you suggest to take such a higher dose??
    How much cortisol is in a capsule of ACE by Thorne ? Do you know?

    • Are you working with a doctor who knows about all this? You need to.

      The info is what patients reported worked with ACE as a starting dose, then what raise worked if DATS showed a raise was needed. ACE use is based on what a saliva test showed and only having moderately low cortisol. A lot of what we learned were from patients who were in contact with doctors

      The 1-3 tablets on the bottle is probably about occasional support in the face of stress.

      • Irina says:

        Thank you, Janie! Now i understand it better.
        I don’t have a doctor knowing anything about it and willing to listen to me. I’m still in a search of one. So I’m doing it all by myself, based on saliva test from end of June. Which shows 3 lows, morning was optimal. But you say bed time is supposed to be low, at the bottom of the range. I have almost all symptoms of adrenal dysfunction. I’ve been taking ACE since end of August 3 capsules a day, seeing improvement of symptoms. But the most bothering one, chronic lower back pain, is still there. I’m starting doing DATS only now after getting the book.

      • Irina says:

        I’m sorry to bother you again, Janie, but ACE issue keeps puzzling me.
        I’ve emailed the manufacturer of Adrenal Cortex, Thorne Research, with a question about how much cortisol is in 1 capsule of their product. This is the answer I’ve got from them:
        “The adrenal cortex is dried and defatted, thus removing the cortisol, since it is found in the fatty portions and this the dried and defatted.
        However, it would be negligible and would need to be listed on the label.
        I hope that this helps.
        Heather DeLuca, ND”

        So, there is NO or hardly any cortisol in it?? Negligible amount?? Am I reading it right?
        If so, then what IS in it?? You wrote in your book (and website) that Adrenal Cortex by Thorne does not contain adrenaline, only cortisol. They say there is no or hardly any cortisol in it. Then what DOES it contain?? Is it just a placebo?? Am I wasting my money on it?
        No wonder people with low cortisol have to take SO MUCH more than it says on the bottle :-)) Which makes it too expensive :-(( Maybe I better switch to prescription HC…

        • They have said that for years. Our experiences say otherwise. Yes, it’s weaker than HC, but the results people get from it when their saliva cortisol results are not that bad does tell us there’s cortisol in it.

        • And yes, if our saliva results are super low, we have found it necessary to use the strength of HC.

          • Irina says:

            Thank you very much, Janie! You always explain everything. It’s weird though what they state. It’s very confusing for buyers. But thank Lord, we have you, Janie, and your lifesaving website to clear all the uncertainties :-))

  2. Irina says:

    I’ve ordered STTM book on, as I’m in Canada. But it says that it ships within 1 or 2 MONTHS!!! My order has been placed a week ago and still has NOT been shipped. I wonder why it takes so ridiculously long on Canadian Amazon. Today I ordered it from Laughing Grape Publishing meaning to cancel Canadian Amazon order. BUT even after i ordered it doesn’t say in the email notification HOW LONG will it take to arrive, no estimated delivery date. I wonder if Janie can tell me at least approximate time of delivery to Canada.

    • It doesn’t take as long as Amazon, for sure–3 weeks or less is common but depends on Canada’s customs. Amazon punishes publishing companies like LGP, since LGP uses established Ingram to print the books and not Amazon’s printer. Thus, all of you get the shaft.

  3. Melanie Schrand says:

    Hello Janie, If I wanted to try straight t3 dosing for now to get my RT3 lowered quicker, what would be the dosage to move over to? Right now I am on 20mcg of cytomel 2 x day and 1.5 grains of NDT in late afternoon. Feeling a little better but still weak. I have only been on this dose for 1 week. Looking forward to your response.

  4. Hadassah says:

    Hello Janie ,
    I purchased both of your new books . I want to Thank You So Much for all the *Great* Information’s that you provide . I was Especially very intrigued with the *Liver /Gallbladder issues and how to heal them and help them work well for us . With our Liver /Gallbladder working sufficiently it helps our adrenals and thyroid meds to work *Optimally*. I can’t Thank You Enough for addressing this Very Crucial information that Not many Dr’s know much about .

    • Sorry that this wasn’t approved sooner. The notifications I’ve been getting show nothing, so I’ve had to figure out to go in manually to see these.

      And you are very welcome!!

  5. Christina says:

    Are there plans to make these new books available as ebooks (kindle or otherwise)? I’d like to read them but I’m trying not to accumulate more items & books & prefer to read it digitally too. Thanks!

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        HI Janie, I just wanted to reach out to you as I have put in 2 coaching calls and I have not heard back from you yet. It has been more than 3 business days. Did I do something wrong? I need the call as my i received my new labs. Please advise.

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello Janie, was just wondering if most people get off their adrenal supplement with licorice and rhodiola before they do the saliva testing. I called the company and they said they do not recommend getting off adrenal supp before the test. I think I recall on here that most people try to stop adrenal supplement 1 week before in order to do the saliva testing but some cannot. I might be in that group as I noticed when i stopped it, I feel very weak. I might need more time for the t3 to kick in. What is your thought on this?

        • Sorry that this wasn’t approved sooner. The notifications I’ve been getting show nothing, so I’ve had to figure out to go in manually to see these. We do try to be off those kind of supplements for at least week before doing saliva…if we can.

  6. Thank you for your response. I asked Amazon why they didn’t have your new updated book. And NOW they do. Suddenly, Amazon has it in stock. I just ordered it. Please let your followers know. I can’t wait to get your books. I sure hope I can learn and comprehend it all. I better. I clearly need to learn for myself since I can’t find a doctor who will care for me like I need. Your site has become a very important tool for me. Thank you.

  7. I am in Thyroid hell right now. Until I can get some real help, I am looking at your books. Do I need both ‘Stop the Thyroid Madness’ and ‘Stop the Thyroid Madness ll’? I am also looking at Taming the Beast. I don’t need to be book overloaded, I need what will help me the most to understand what I need. Small rural Wisconsin clinics don’t have much help for me and if I go to an Endocrinologist they will immediately take me off of Natural Desiccated Thyroid meds. I was taking Nature-Throid and then their reformulation sent me into a very real tailspin. I am finally on NP Thyroid but not to the full strength I need because I can’t split pills. I asked for oral iodine and was told that is not necessary. I am trying to get into a Naturopath my sister is having great luck with, but until I get in, I am still struggling really bad. I am hoping 1 of your books will help guide me. If you say all then I will have to get all 3, I just hope not to over spend since the Naturopath will be all out of pocket plus 5 hour round trips to get there and back. Ugh. HELP!!!!

    • You can split the pills with a pill cutter from Amazon or your pharmacy.

      Yes, the books will help you a lot if you are willing to dig in. So many people nowadays don’t want to do the work of reading and studying, so they stay sick. You may be different.

      The Hashi’s book has excellent info to inform you. It has mention of different research, too. It also has a great deal of patient experiences and on how to they got well. That is very worth to read.

      The updated revision STTM book has totally detailed information on treatment of hypothyroidism, why T4 has been a disaster, about iron, B12, two chapters on adrenals, and so much more. The updated revision is now VERY up to date. Definitely worth it.

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello again Janie, Is it ok to start on the PS before i do the saliva labs or no? I still feel very hyper and trying to wean off hydrocortisone at 5mg for 7 days and so forth. This morning I woke up feeling more weak and shakier than usual. Is that from lowering the hydrocortisone? Would it be worth a try to start the iodine protocol as i have been on the supporting nutrients already? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Also, does it matter if you use celtic salt or the himalayan pink salt for the adrenals?

        • Hi. I’ve only got a sec. Remember how starting on hydrocortisone got you into trouble since you hadn’t done saliva? The same goes with starting PS when you haven’t done saliva. Do saliva testing. Weaning off cortisol has to be very slow. As many problems as you have, I’d only do a very low dose of iodine. Any salt.

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hi Janie, I just now saw your response. Thank you, but I also have new labs. I have put in 2 requests for coaching calls and have not heard anything back. Did I do something wrong? It has been more than 3 business days. Please advise as how to proceed with another coaching call.

          • I am so sorry. It’s been a full week. I’ll head to the coaching call requests tonite or tomorrow and get you scheduled.

    • NDT POWDER says:

      I have just located the NDT powder at a local compounding pharmacy, which I have not been able to get for almost a year. I originally had it compounded by women’s international pharmacy in one drop of olive oil and took that for 5 years with great success. Since moving to a synthetic NDT which was compounded I have not been able to regulate my levels no matter what dose I take. I have tried NP and Wp, both of which I experienced side effects, rashes, itchiness, nervousness. I don’t do well with some of the ingredients that are used in the manufactured NDT. My TSH has increased from 8.75 to 69.8 as of one week ago. Lots and lots of back pain, heartburn, nauseousness. I am so hoping this batch will put me back on the path to good health. Is anyone else experiencing problems changing from the NDT powder to manufactured NDT? I am hypothyroid and have hashimoto’s I was diagnosed in 1998. I have taken armor, before it was reformulated years ago, could not take it once it was reformulated. Regular synthroid which never converted to t3 in my body and then went to compounded NDT.

  8. Faith Gibson says:

    will any of the books be made available in Kindle version (please!)?

  9. Jag says:

    hey when will the STTM I new one be available on amazon?

    • No idea. Ask Amazon and see if they give a good reason.

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello Janie, thank you so much! I asked the doctor to try a cortisol pill namely Hydrocortisone from a compounding pharmacy and I feel so much better. I would say I am 50% better. I am not a fan of steroids but I read this amount is physiological and not pharmaceutical so that is good. He gave me 5 mg 4 times per day along with 5mg of dhea. I felt really good for a few days and the dizzy and off balance and weakness is better but I am still not out of the woods. He said it can take 90 days to really kick in, is that true? Then I have to wean off. My question is since I still don’t feel 100%, is it ok to take an adrenal cortex from Thorne or the Adrenal rebuilder from Dr. James Wilson while on hydrocortisone? The doctor said he would wean me off after 90 days. I also take Adrenal L-BP(low blood pressure) from Restorative Formulations which has licorice and adaptogens in it. Is that also ok to take while on hydrocortisone? The doctor does not really know as I have had to research everything myself. Also, I think I might have a conversion issue because I am still having a hard time losing weight but I was on Lexapro and that could be the culprit or the hydrocortisone. I just weaned myself off Lexapro so no longer taking. I thought I read somewhere that adaptogens might lower cortisol too much but it is supposed to balance cortisol. So, I am not sure what to do, anxious to feel even stronger so want to know if I should take adrenal cortex or Dr. Wilson’s rebuilder and also Adrenal -LBP by Restorative Formulations. Thank you, thank you , thank you as I finally feel after 2 years, that i am starting to get my life back. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Please advise on the adrenal supps with the hydrocortisone. I also saw that you recommend 25mg of hydrocortisone instead of 20mg so I might try upping the dose to 25mg and split up into 4 times like you say on the adrenal page. Also, what is your view on t3 only if I have a conversion issue like the temperature method from Dr. James Wilson? I was thinking of asking the doctor about it because maybe I have to take 4 grains of the NP Thyroid because I am not converting well the t4 that is in the NP thyroid even though it also has t3. Should I try the temperature method or maybe add more t3? Or maybe leave it alone as it could just be the adrenal issue? Eagerly looking forward to your response. Melanie

        • Doctors don’t get HC use for this. The 20 mg is what they see Addison’s patients do well on. But we need more, possibly due to absorption issues. As explained, women start on 25 mg, then start doing their Daily Average Temps to find the right amount. This is where you need study Chapter 6 in the updated revison STTM book, plus more in Chapter 5.

          Absolutely NOT about 90 days. Where in the world is he getting that? People will feel better in just a few days. BUT 20 mg is suppressing more than replacing. And we get worse due to that.

          No, we don’t wean off until we have corrected all the issues that stressed our adrenals in the first place. That could take longer than 90 days for more serious issues like Lyme or Mold, etc. This page shows what needs to be treated if they are there:

          Adrenal rebuilder is not what is needed. Has too much “stuff” in it. Adrenal Cortex is if you can’t get your doctor to start you on 25 mg. But looks like you are saying you could get up to 25? But even still, you have to do your DATS to find the right amount. Most women end up needing 27 mg or 30 mgs when they finally get stable averages as revealed by DATS.

          Dr. Wilson’s T3 method has been awful for thyroid patients. His method is more for people how have high RT3 due to life stresses. That’s not us or the reason we have high RT3. Instead, you could be on T3-only as a treatment the regular way for hypo.

          How do you know you’re not converting the T4 in NDT? Most people really are converting well unless they are a strong DIO gene mutation.

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, I cannot thank you enough for all your help! Yes, I can start taking 25mg as I have plenty of pills, however i took 10mg this morning instead of 5mg that the doc recommended with 5mg of dhea and it made me real jittery which I did not like. I also took 2 capsules of Pantothine which they say is needed to help the adrenals. if the 10mg made me jittery, will that stop or should I go back down to the 5mg for now? Also, should I still take the adrenal cortex with the hydrocortisone or is it one or the other? I mentioned adrenal rebuilder because when I called the company they said they take out the hormones so your own body will start producing cortisol instead of putting the hormones back in which will stop your body from producing it’s own cortisol. But it sounds like you prefer the adrenal cortex. So, should I be taking that in addition to the hydrocortisone? What about using hydrocortisone and your adrenals not making it on its own? is that bad? Also, I have to take alpha lipoic acid for nerve damage in my feet. I thought I read somewhere that it can affect the t4 t3 conversion but I really need it as it has helped my feet tremendously. I take it a few hours away from the thyroid pill. Is that ok? Please advise if I should also take the adrenal cortex and about feeling jittery on 10mg. I will start taking my temp. Is digital ok or does it have to be a mercury thermomater? I still feel somewhat weak but much better that I was. How long will it take to get better on the hydrocortisone? I seem to feel weak in between the pills. I don’t know really know if I have a conversion problem or not as i was just guessing as I had to go to 4 grains of NP thyroid which seems like a lot for me as they said my thyroid was not that bad, but I am still having a hard time losing weight and trouble sleeping but I notice since i started the cortisol pill my sleep is better. All the doctors could not find anything and you are the only one that figured it out. I owe you my life and am so grateful to have found this website. The weakness is better but still there. How long before that gets to be 100%?

          • The jittery can be because raising the HC to 10 mg (which has proven to be a very safe and good dose in the morning for women) may be causing t3 to rush into your cells and making you slightly hyper. That will go away after a few days.

            It’s okay to take B5, but that’s not going to change what’s going on. Finding the right amount of HC, then treating everything which could be stressing your adrenals (hypothyroidism, for example), is what will change them over time.

            Using HC is important because you can’t get out of your hypothyroid state without the right amount of cortisol to help those thyroid hormones get to the cells. Hypothyroidism is the main reason our adrenals are stressed in the first place…for most of us. But other issues can add stress on top of the hypothyroidism.

            Can you get more HC? It would actually be better to use it for increases if doing your DATS reveal that 25 mg is not enough for your needs.

            By the way, did you ever do the Aldosterone test? If it’s low, you won’t be able to find your optimal amount of HC with DATS. So females stop at 30 mg of HC and move over to treated low aldosterone. Read chapter 6 about it in the revised STTM book. In fact, you’ll get a lot of your questions answered by reading that chapter. Go do it. 🙂

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello again Janie, I also forgot to ask you if it is ok to take Adrenal LBP from restorative formulations which has Licorice and Ashgawanda and Rhodiola, etc. I read somewhere that a lady stopped taking adaptogens as they were lowering her cortisol too much. but I read they balance cortisol. Is it ok to take that along with Hydrocortisone and the adrenal cortex or should I stop the adaptogens?

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, My aldosterone was a little low when they checked it several months ago and I went on florinef to try but i started gaining a lot of weight and it hurt my stomach so I stopped it. The doctors said it was not my aldosterone and that it was not that low to be concerned with but I will have them check it on my next blood test. Gosh, I am hoping I don’t need that because the florinef had some funny side effects. Can you answer my question about taking adaptogens in Adrenal LBP by restorative formulations? Will that interact with the hydrocortisone by lowering the cortisol? And yes I can get more hydrocortisone as I have about 120 5mg tablets of compounded hydrocortisone so i can just increase and use those up and get more.

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello again Janie, Ok, thanks for letting me know about the adaptogens but what about adrenal cortex? I went to chapter 5 and 6 in STTM 11 but there is nothing about the adrenals in there? Is that the right book? What is the name of the revised book as I must have the wrong book? Does the taming the beast have everything that sttm11 has so I only need one book? What is the revised book you are talking about? Can you please advise on if I should take adrenal cortex with hydrocortisone?

          • Hi Melanie. The STTM I book, not II. STTM I is the one called Stop the Thyroid Madness: A Patient Revolution Against Decades of Inferior Treatment–that’s where most all your questions will be answered in chapter 6. Even some in chapter 5. .

            And there’s now an updated revision of it. This:

            The book Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast is for those with the autoimmune version of hypothyroidism. It’s a companion book to STTM I.

            Already answered the question about cortex with HC right before this. 🙂

        • Melanie Schrand says:

          Hi Janie, is it ok to take adrenal cortex while on hydrocortisone and what about adaptogens for adrenal. Is that ok with hydrocortisone?

          • Take HC with HC. Adaptogens aren’t going to help your situation. Being on cortisol helps your situation. 🙂 Now please go study Chapter 6. 🙂

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, Ok I will try just the cortisol for now but I have a question. Even though i started the cortisol, I do feel better but my dizzy and off balance seems to get worse when I take the pill and then it wears off. I am less weak and shaky, but the dizzy and off balance seems to have gotten worse. When I was just on the adaptogens plus 4 grains of NP thyroid, my dizzy and off balance was better but I was still very weak and shaky. I don’t know what to make of this as I am feeling better but was not expecting it to increase the dizzy and balance issues. I don’t want to get off but do you think adrenal cortex would be better for me than cortisol? I hate to get off unless the adrenal cortex would work better. I know it is an adrenal situation because the pill is making me somewhat better. Also, the pill makes me very itchy so I have had to increase my zinc uptake and borage oil to get the itching to stop. Please let me know your thoughts regarding this. I just bought the revised version wtih the girl with the 2 fists. Is that the one for the adrenals in chapter 5 and 6? I did not see your reply regarding adrenal cortex with hydrocortisone. Is that ok or just one or the other? I saw your reply about adaptogens.

  10. Aga says:

    I bought your book with you and many people on the cover. I believe I might have rt3 problem as my results just came at ft3 2.99 and rt3 at 0.35 (0.9-0.35). I’m not sure if I understand what you write about the ratio. My maths shows it at 88 or possible it should be 8. And what do you meanmean by bottom numbers? Is 0.35 ok as it is third number from the bottom?
    Sorry I’ve read it twice but I’m not good with numbers and not sure if I follow.
    The book is great

    • Hi. We actually stopped going by the ratio. We noticed that most people without an RT3 problem are in the bottom two numbers of any range, and sometimes the 3rd from the bottom. Some are even slightly below range.

      • Aga says:

        If the range is 0.09-0.35 what do you mean by bottom numbers?
        0.11? 0.22? 0.33? Is that what your book claims? I don’t follow. Sorry. It’s confusing for me

        • Hi. Yes, exactly as stated. So if the bottom is .09, most people are .09, .10, .11. If it’s slightly higher, it may be fine since that’s a broad range like most of them. Yes, this is now stated in the updated revised STTM book–the one with the lady on the front with fists.

          • Aga says:

            Thank you! Lots of good information in your book. The journey to recovery seems long and complicated but so worth it.

      • Melanie Schrand says:

        Hello Janie, Thanks so much for figuring out my issue-cortisol!! I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me
        My doctor just put me on hydrocortisone and I feel like a new person after being sick for 2 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I have had iv therapy, lyme testing, mold testing, heavy metals testing which I am now on a chelation pill and you name it, I had it done. 2 years of being miserable and all the money we spent on doctors and not one of the 6 endocrinologists including the Mayo Clinic I went to suggested that I try a cortisol pill, not one. Unbelievable!! I have been so sick for 2 years, lost my pipeline of clientele, etc. I now have to start again but at least I am feeling so much better, thanks to you. I am not a fan of taking hydrocortisone but I read through your website and my new naturapath doctor said it was not dangerous. He has me on 5 mg 4 times daily along with dhea 5 mg 4 times daily as well. I also started taking something called TRU NIAGEN which has really helped my energy levels and has made me feel even better. I did want to ask you, can you take the adrenal cortex along with the hydrocortisone or no? If not, does the adrenal cortex work as well as the hydrocortisone? I was just wondering because I would prefer to take the natural stuff but maybe it would not work as well. Let me know. Also, I noticed when I read through your blogs regarding adrenals that you suggest 25 mg of hydrocortisone instead of 20 and then you take the larger amount in the am and reduce as the day wears on. Am I doing it the wrong way if the doc gave me 5mg 4 times daily? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I don’t know what I would have done if I did not have you and this website to get better. I am so grateful to you. You are in my prayers and many blessings to you and your family.

        • Hi. Adrenal Cortex mainly works for people with only moderately low cortisol. If saliva shows seriously low cortisol, HC is the way to go, because those with cortisol that low need to strength of HC. Yes, 20 mg HC is too low if saliva was pretty low. It will be suppressing more than replacing, thus patients eventually get worse. Instead, women start on 25 mg and then do DATs. It’s all in chapter 6 of the updated revision Stop the Thyroid Madness. If you don’t have it yet, it’s here: And you are very, very welcome and thank you for your kind words. 🙂 🙂

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie, I got the correct book so I have now started to read the book. When I did the cortisol saliva test almost 1.5 years ago my cortisol was 8.1 with a range of 3.7-9.5. Is that considered really low or just moderately low? The reason I ask is I started taking hydrocortisone-25mg per day and I am better but not 100%. Is this normal? How long does it take to feel quite normal again? Perhaps I should have just done the adrenal cortex if it was just moderately low. This started 2 years ago so I imagine my adrenals got worse since I was not treating them as well as being under dosed on NDT by the doctors. I am on 4 grains of NP thyroid. From what I understand, it would be useless now to do the cortisol saliva test again since I am on hydrocortisone now. Do you think i should try the t3 circadium method that is on your website? Is it possible that is the missing link in all this? I can’t imagine going up to 5 grains of NDT as I have plenty of energy, just still quite weak at times and still a little lightheaded and off balance but not nearly as bad as it was since i started the hydrocortisone. Also, I saw your response regarding adaptogens but not adrenal cortex. Is it ok to take adrenal cortex with hydrocortisone? I have been taking 50mg with the hydrocortisone that last few days. Is that ok or will it upset the apple cart? I also read in your book that you are a cat lover. Me too! My cat Felix is the best and he now has a cancerous tumor on his leg but he seems to feel fine. I give him mushroom tonics from to stop it from growing. He is 20 years old now and I am going to miss him if something happens, but so far so good! I look forward to your response.

          • Hi. I am in the middle of being extremely busy right now unfortunately. So before asking more questions, get chapter 6 totally read, the references to chapter 5 read, different parts highlighted, pages bookmarked, etc. Most all your questions are answered in those chapters.

          • Melanie Schrand says:

            Hello Janie again, Sorry to bother you as I know you are busy. Just a few quick questions. I have read the chapters and I have noticed that they said if you only had low morning cortisol, that adrenal cortex might be enough. Unfortunately, my doctor already started me on hydrocortisone since about 3 weeks now. 1 1/2 years ago my morning cortisol was low and the rest of the time was high. I read that it is too late to do the saliva test once you started the HC. Is that correct? i am doing my dats and they are not more than .2F apart and I am on 25mg. Does that mean it is the right dose? I did the DATS for 5 days. Do I need to do longer? Should I switch to Adrenal cortex since i only had low morning cortisol? Is it hard to switch or stop the HC to go to AC? I just don’t want to start feeling real bad again. I was thinking that when i did the saliva test I had been on an adaptogen adrenal supplement and that might have skewed the results, I don’t know. It is possible my cortisol was even lower before and had gone lower since I was not treating it for 2 years. What should I do not since I cannot do the saliva test for real results? The HC does make me feel better, however, I still get very weak during the day and have to lay down. I am not tired and have plenty of energy, just weak. The dizzy and off balance is much better now. How long does it take to feel normal? Also, I have been getting terrible headaches every day. I have been on HC for 3 weeks and that seems to be when they started. Has anyone else had this issue?

          • Hi Melanie. Sadly, I’m just too swamped right now to answer all these questions here. I did see you scheduled a coaching call and that will work a whole lot better to talk live together.

  11. mon bamford says:

    Well, ordered what I * thought* was the “new revised” STTM from Laughing Grape on this site so I’d be SURE to receive the new edition quickly. But I RECEIVED the 2014 version instead! Be VERY careful when you order!

    • Hi Mon. I contacted the distributor, and you ordered the STTM II book. That means you clicked on it instead of the updated revision STTM I book with the girl on the front with the uplifted arms, and the cover also says in a blue circle “updated revision”. But there is good info in the STTM II book, too, from practitioners.

  12. JC Connor says:

    Should “3) Both adrenals chapters 5 and 6 have been updated, and there’s not details about the use of Adrenal Cortex (ACE), while still having info about hydrocortisone (HC).” say “there’s not details” or should it be something like “there are details about using Adrenal Cortex (ACE) in addition to info about hydrocortisone (HC).”?

  13. jana says:

    If I have Hashi’s do I need both books or is Taming the Beast comprehensive?

  14. Julie thomas says:

    How do you order these books

  15. Natalie Riehl says:

    Janie – I have been following STTM since 2009, and own the first two editions of the thyroid Bible, “Stop the Thyroid Madness.” They are excellent, informative books.

    I wish you would interview holistic, biological dentist, Thomas Lokansgard, DDS, of Nashville, TN, about the toxic dangers of amalgam-mercury fillings.

    “It [mercury] causes hypothyroidism. It knocks the iodine off the tyrosine ring for thyroid production. It does all kinds of nasty things. It couples with ATP. It’s an uncoupler. It gets in and messes up other enzyme systems,” he explained in an interview with Del Bigtree in Aug 2018.

    Amalgam “silver” fillings, in reality, contain 50% mercury, other heavy metals, and not much silver. Dr. Lokansgard would explain that it’s very important that when a patient replaces their amalgam fillings to go to a trained bio-dentist who uses a safe method of mercury extraction, including proper ventilation, and replaces the fillings with a safe, non-metal material.

    Mercury certainly explains “thyroid hormone resistance,” where a patient can take NDT, but does not feel much or all of the thyroid medication is actually getting into to cells.

    • Hi Natalie. Mercury can definitely be toxic and harmful, and is why when I had to have an infected root canal/tooth removed, I personally used a biologic dentist myself over a year ago because of having fillings in that tooth. I talk about this in the Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast new book.

      But the problem is that not everyone with mercury fillings has hypothyroidism, so that is a bit too black and white. It’s more about risk than “this equals that”. But we do know that having a methylation problem is more damning for people towards having high levels of metals like lead, aluminum and mercury. Even high cadmium. So all heavy metals need to be addressed, especially with MTHFR mutations or other methylation causes. And thyroid hormone resistance seems to be more about genetics.

  16. Alex says:

    Hello Janie, is there the updated revision of STTM book in German?

  17. Shirley DeWeese says:

    I am anxious to get Taming the Beast. I know you have done a great deal of work for our benefit, as usual.

  18. Charlotte Hatch says:


  19. Pat Davenport says:

    Can’t wait to get my new copy. I had 2 copies of your older versions that i gave away – one to my doctor and another to a friend. I kept meaning to buy another copy. Glad I waited.

  20. Christa Hibler says:

    Hello .. I just ordered ” Taming the Beast ” and have not received an confirmation in my Gmail account .. How will I know if the order went thru and when I will receive the book ..
    Thank you
    Christa Hibler

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