What do these people have in common: Adams, Bouc, Dach, Edwards, Heyman, Heiser, Luber, Lynch, Phan, Roberts, Saleeby, Stone, Trumbower and Yang?

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER FOR WHEN YOU ARE READING THIS: the fact that each doctor shown below had contributed information to this book does NOT mean someone is the right doctor for you!  Always, always do your own research. Ask others. What patients like at one time may be different today, and vice versa.

1-Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 5.22.27 PMWhat do these people have in common: Adams, Bouc, Dach, Edwards, Heyman, Heiser, Luber, Lynch, Phan, Roberts, Saleeby, Stone, Trumbower and Yang?

Answer: Each of them contributed to a chapter in the STTM II book. 

Stop the Thyroid Madness II: How thyroid experts are challenging ineffective treatments and improving the lives of patients

Each of them are medical practitioners who strive to….

  • create a patient-centered practice and personalized method of treatment based on the symphony between the thyroid and all other bodily systems
  • understand that treatment of thyroid disease is more than the use of a single synthetic medication and a pituitary hormone lab result.
  • have the courage to question the basic assumptions held by the traditional medical community as to what constitutes good thyroid treatment
  • listen and learn from their patients.

Why else did I choose these particular practitioners for the book?

First and foremost, it was based on patient reports (at the time. We make not promises if you are reading this later). The majority of these professionals were reported by thyroid patients to be the better cream of the crop in the medical field.

How is this book different than the revised STTM book?

The revised STTM will forever stand out as a compilation of highly important and life-changing experiences and wisdom of thyroid patients worldwide.

The new STTM II book brings the minds and ideas of medical professionals into the mix, not only giving you more details that only a trained professional can give, but the book can also be seen as a practitioner-to-practitioner book, as well. THIS is a book that will end the refrain among certain doctors “Who is Janie Bowthorpe and where is her medical degree?” (i.e. as if only someone with a medical degree can know something important medically!).

THIS is the book that you can give your doctor since it’s written by his very colleagues!

THIS is the book that will play a dynamic role in changing the worldwide medical mindset about the proper treatment of thyroid disease.

What did they write about?

CHAPTER 1 The Integrative and Functional Medicine Approach to Thyroid Diseases by James Yang, MD, MPH and Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA

CHAPTER 2 Stress, Adrenals, Your Thyroid, and You by Laura R Stone MD, Andrew Heyman, MD MHSA and Carla Heiser MS RD LD

CHAPTER 3 Thyroid Replacement Therapy: Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) by Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, MD

CHAPTER 4 The Unreliable TSH Lab Test by Jeffrey Dach MD

CHAPTER 5 When Normal Ain’t Normal by Geoffrey T. Bouc MD

CHAPTER 6 Nutrition and Hypothyroidism by William D. Trumbower, MD

CHAPTER 7 Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD

CHAPTER 8 Why Are Doctors Like That? by Nguyen D. Phan MD

CHAPTER 9 Gluten Intolerance and Thyroid Disease by Paula Luber, MD

CHAPTER 10 Thyroid Toxicity by Philip L. Roberts, MD

CHAPTER 11 Moving Forward with Reverse T3: the Causes and Health Implications by Paige Adams, FNP, B-C

CHAPTER 12 Methylation, MTHFR and Thyroid Dysfunction by Benjamin Lynch, ND

CHAPTER 13 Hypocortisolism: An Evidence-Based Review by Lena Edwards, MD, FAARM, FICT; Andrew H. Heyman, MD MHSA; Sahar Swidan, PharmD

Who wrote the Foreword?

Dr. David Brownstein, MD.

Where can I order the book?

Here:  https://laughinggrapepublishing.com/stop-thyroid-madness-ii-book/

Or you can order a set(s) of both the revised STTM book and the STTM II book here: https://laughinggrapepublishing.com/stop-thyroid-madness-books-revised-and-ii/ ALSO NOTE that by snail mail, you can order an amount of each book. There’s an Order Form to print out on the above page.

Want to read more about each author?

Go to the following page and click on their photo: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/stop-thyroid-madness-ii

Important notes: All the information on this website is copyrighted. STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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9 Responses to “What do these people have in common: Adams, Bouc, Dach, Edwards, Heyman, Heiser, Luber, Lynch, Phan, Roberts, Saleeby, Stone, Trumbower and Yang?”

  1. peggy

    I am in desperate need of advice. I am not really sure what is going on to the fullest extent. I was put on Armour thyroid in the late 80’s, after getting smarter about Synthroid that I had been taking for sometime. This also prompted me to seek out natural doctors for my care. I have moved a lot due to husbands job and have had to change doctors many times. In 2004 I had a lung biopsy, it was consistent with Histoplasmosis . Since then my immune system has been very compromised . But my thyroid has done well until they changed the ingredients in the Natural thyroid, I then went to compounding. It seemed to stabilize once again . In 2010 I had a stool culture, that revealed several bad bacteria and mycoplasma. For the last 4 years I have been up and down, (lots of downs) with my health. My liver became compromised this past year and had a stone stuck in the bile duct, which triggered a bad infection that took way too long to get under control. A new doc(DO) thought I had Lyme, started me on 1000 mg intramuscular shots of antibiotics(Rocephin) until the Lyme came back. It came back negative(surprising). But in 2 weeks the infection I had was under control. In June I started getting very fatigued, tremors problems speaking, muscle cramps, emotional swings. My TSH was 76.9, My thyroid medication never was changed and it was starting to normalize after sometime. During this time I also was having other symptoms that alerted my doc to put me on Hydrocortisone 15 mg . 10 mg in am and 5 in the afternoon. I could tell it helped but have asked the doc to recheck because I keep having fluid loss, and blood pressure dropping and when it gets real bad my husband and I can watch my vascular sytem in my legs and feet bulge. Helps if I elevate but to be honest I have lived in this recliner so long it may be from that. My cortisol was never checked before going on the hydrocortisone, and my recheck was done with blood. My electrolytes are off and I have to keep getting sodium fluids. I feel all of this is hormone imbalance. The digestive system is still not right as my bowels do not move without help.I have had acupuncture, colonics, Rife treatments and nutritional IV’S. There is a reason I keep cramping, and weeping, sleep disturbance also. I feel discomfort in my thyroid as well. My kidneys hurt too. I feel like I did back in the late 80’s when I had thyroiditis( minus the water retention, I also have some weird feelings in the heart area. I just feel like a total hormone imbalance. I am 56 with a complete hysterectomy and have compounded estrogen, progesterone. I had been on Low dose Naltrexone but it just seems something is being overlooked here. I also had problems with Hpylori which im told like everything else, the bloodwork looks good. I am desperate as I believe if I don’t get this figured out it is affecting my heart. I live in Northeren Indiana, my Dr is in Grand Rapids ,Mi. Can anyone offer any suggestions. I am considering ordering my thyroid out of Canada. Would appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you in advance! I also feel like I have a lot of inflammation , my veins hurt a lot constant headaches and definitely notice sugar imbalance if I don’t eat something every 3 to 4 hours, and joint problems which ive never experienced. This is the most scared ive ever been in my life and feel like im not bouncing back at all

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Peggy, sorry to read about your issues. A few things stand out:

      1) We have found it crucial to not guess but do a 24 hour adrenal saliva test and see exactly what is going on and when.

      2) If our saliva results are so bad that HC is in order, we don’t dose it twice a day nor do we take that little. Study Chap. 6 in the revised STTM book

      3) Same with finding out about Lyme–we do the right testing. IGeneX is the preferred lab testing facility. Fry also gives more info.

      4) For the gut, we use any quality probiotic and prebiotic, which we understand as crucial for good gut health.

  2. Jonee Earl

    Do you know of a good endo doc in Orange County California? I live in Laguna Beach.

  3. Monica C

    I just want to thank you tremendously for the STTM book – I have read it cover to cover and am seeing a new Dr on Thursday (taking your book with me too). I’m firmly convinced I have adrenal issues as I’ve got a months worth of temps as evidence. I pray to God that this new Dr is all I have read her to be and that she will help me get my thyroidless (from Hashimotos) body back to good health unlike the Endo who I fired over a month ago. I’m seriously considering ordering your newest book and dropping it off at her office for her to read – maybe since it’s authored by Doctors she will actually read it and get herself informed and realize that I’m not an overweight lunatic that’s just getting older (I’m only 46!) but that I’m actually an under dosed natural dessicated patient with adrenal issues.
    Again thank you so much for your truly fantastic and inspiring book!
    Monica C

  4. DeAnna

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Phan! My entire family and a ton of friends now see him and all love him. Life changing. His staff is awesome and super sweet as well. I remember the first time I saw him and I asked if I needed to give him a copy of the revised STTM book. He just smiled and said he already had one. He gets down to the root cause of the problem instead of covering it up with more prescriptions. He really cares about his patients and I’m excited to read his portion in your new book. xoxo

  5. Sandra

    Absolutely wonderful Janie, you are a pioneer and we are blessed to have you leading the way for us. I will be ordering the book just as soon as I can and thank you for all your hard work.

  6. Lynn

    Janie, what a great idea. Suzanne Somers’ books are written in a similar way, she interviews them and puts their answers in her books. So they can’t discount what’s in her books just because she’s a “celebrity”. All your future books should be written this way with new doctors each time. The thyroid community needs this information and I’m so glad you are providing it to us. Can’t wait to get the new book…ordered!!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      I explain this in the Introduction, but it really hit me late last year that it was time to turn a new corner, since I had accomplished so much of what I wanted to accomplish in this patient-to-patient movement. And the new corner to turn was clear—get doctors involved in the stop the thyroid madness movement! Patients have been reporting for years about doctors who “get it” better than others, so those are who I knew I needed to approach. And….I knew they could give us even more detail about things. I also knew that THIS BOOK couldn’t be pooh-poohed by their colleagues without the pooh-poohers looking mighty stupid. lol. This book will create even more change in the way thyroid patients are treated!


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