Very sad news: Dr. Gordon P. Skinner of the UK has passed away!

skinner TPAStop the Thyroid Madness is saddened to report of the passing of Dr. Gordon P. Skinner of the UK on Tuesday, November 26th due to a stroke. Skinner was a champion of thyroid patients, plus a medical practitioner who was beloved for his willingness to look outside the box in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism.

Dr. Skinner was a man of high education and esteem. He “graduated in Medicine at the University of Glasgow in 1965 and following house jobs in Glasgow and Midlands of England specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and later in Virology and in 1976 became Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology at the University of Birmingham with Consultant status at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Dr Skinner’s research portfolio for which he was awarded the prestigious Doctorate of Science by the University of Birmingham can be found in his CV”.

Dr. Skinner was brilliant about the connection between ME/CFS and hypothyroidism. Years ago, he was one who saw the association between the condition of Myalgic Encephalopathy (which is also a term for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and hypothyroidism, in spite of so-called normal ranges. This was huge information and the same association was also seen by some thyroid patients around the turn of the century when they were moving over to natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) and doing so much better than they did on T4-only like Synthroid. Read about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome right on STTM.

Dr. Skinner was sadly challenged by the GMC. In June of 2005, Dr. Gordon Skinner, who was a private practitioner in the UK, was called before the General Medical Council to ascertain his “fitness to practice”. And why was he called before the board? Because of alleged “inappropriate clinical practice including maintaining medication for patients at dangerous levels and failures of communication with other medical practitioners.” I mentioned this in October 2006. i.e. Dr. Skinner dared to listen to thyroid patient symptoms over what is deemed “normal” labwork via the TSH. He also dared to use natural desiccated thyroid, aka porcine thyroid extract, to treat his patients until they saw the removal of symptoms. He began to receive restrictions in his ability to practice.

Dr. Skinner was now prohibited from seeing new patients unless they had been referred by a General Practitioner, and his decisions were to be reviewed by the GMC every six months for the next three years.

In 2007, I heard from Lyn Mynott, chair of Thyroid UK about Dr. Skinner being brought before the General Medical Council (GMC) because he dared to treat his patients with thyroid hormone when they have so-called “normal” blood lab test results. The GMC attempts to dictate what is “a good standard of practice and care” for patients and the “proper standards in medicine”. I spoke about this folly in the July 2007 blog post. His restrictions continued.

Dr. Skinner was appalled by the belief that a TSH up to 10 was normal. The Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of General Practitioners had implied by 2010 that patients should not received a diagnosis of hypothyroidism if their TSH was less than 10, and Skinner found it senseless. They had also stated that the thyroid extract called Armour was a bad medication (in spite of the fact that millions of us worldwide have had our lives change thanks to NDT).

Dr. Skinner was free to practice fully again in November 2011. i.e. his restrictions were lifted and his Fitness to Practice was restored. But in May 2012, he was forced to appear before the GMC once again, where conditions were imposed on him, including being supervised by a particular Endocrinologist

Dr. Skinner was the creator of the World Thyroid Register. This was created to “address the parlous situation of patients who are hypothyroid and have yet not been diagnosed and indeed patients who are being managed with an unacceptably low level of thyroid replacement.”

Dr. Skinner wrote the book “Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism” about the symptoms of hypothyroidism and issues with getting diagnosed.

Thyroid UK summed it up well: “He will be sadly missed by his family, friends and thousands of thyroid patients whom he has helped to regain their lives through his diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism. Many patients became firm friends with Dr Skinner, enjoying his quirky sense of humour and it is so sad that we will never be able to hear his lovely Scottish lilt again.”

SkinnerYou will be missed, Dr. Skinner, and remembered by Thyroid Patients worldwide with admiration! We send our condolences to your family and closest friends, as well as to all your patients who will miss you greatly. Rest in Peace!

**Photo on top from the TPA UK site; below from Thyroid UK



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41 Responses to “Very sad news: Dr. Gordon P. Skinner of the UK has passed away!”

  1. Kim Diedrich

    Excuse me I meant high RT3 19.5 and low iron panel and zinc levels. I am at my wits end.

  2. Kim Diedrich

    Is cytomel the only hope for those of us with high cholesterol who do not convert? I dislike synthetic anything.

  3. S weir

    Just read about Dr Skinner saddened he was a great medic and a lot of doctors could do with learning from him what were they afraid of and I’m sure he would be smiling at me for saying rest now your work here is done, thank you 💔

  4. Martin

    It’s sad that Dr Skinner has gone I know especially as he can’t have been that old but he did take £90 per 30 min session from me pretending that my CFS was just hypothyroidism. My CFS cleared up on its own after having it for 15 years and I don’t suffer any longer. I am not on thyroid tablets however. I don’t believe that CFS is undiagnosed hypothyroidism at all. It didn’t work anyway even when I tried taking thyroxine. My TSH was only just over 2 at the most. Dr Skinner didn’t even believe in TSH tests! I have to differ and say he was a very good condoctor and made a cushy living taking £90 (£180 per hour then) from desperate patients. Nobody knows what CFS/ME is or why people have fatigue and mental incognizance. As I knew Dr Skinner, I fee sorry for the man that he’s gone but he knew what he was doing, and that’s why he got into trouble with the GMC.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Hi Martin. We’re not saying that “CFS is hypothyroid”. We’re saying that a lot of hypo patients get the diagnosis of CFS, when in reality, it was their hypothyroid state causing the extreme fatigue and other issues associated. We know the latter because it all went away when they got on the right thyroid medication (which is NOT thyroxine, by the way) and in an optimal amount. But we’re glad you are doing better!!

      • Martin

        Sorry but what is the right thyroid medication then if it is NOT thyroxine? Is it T3? That made me sweat but did not clear up my fatigue at the time. I am not doing better, I AM better and I don’t take any meds. Thanks

      • Martin

        Who prescribes thyroxine now in place of Dr SKinner? And why has his colleagues not held the meeting with the royal society of endocrinologists then about treating with normal thyroid biochemistry?

    • Fran Cox

      Martin-Dr. Skinner could have gone the money route in other medical paths he took. I was a test subject for a vaccine that he could have structured the research differently and made millions. But he did not. Also~he could of easily open a practice in the US and made much more than the measly amounts you mention.

      • Martin

        Fran-I see. But how can a virus in epidemic form, affect hundreds of people’s thyroids at the same time? BTW this covid19 is giving some people Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome from what I have heard. Was the only trial of thyroxine with normal biochemistry 100MCG only? That produced no benefit they said I think. You need to do better than that Fran to convince this die hard recovered CFSer.

  5. Freda Gilchrist

    So very very shocked and saddened to have just heard of Dr Skinner’s passing..what a loss for us all.. Gordon you saved my life 11 years ago when I first became I’ll with “chronic fatigue”and “depression” glad and privileged to have known you..may God bless and keep you and may you be fittingly honoured some day for your outstanding work..Freda Gilchrist Northern Ireland xxx

  6. Scott Saks

    I traveled from California to England to see Dr. Skinner in 1997 for help with a difficult case of herpes. He was the first one to see that I might have a thyroid problem on top of it and prescribed armor thyroid. It helped for sure with my chronic fatigue. He was a brilliant researcher, and doctor. He gave me a strain of the experimental vaccine he was working on which eliminated almost every symptom for years. Then there was a weakening. He had a doctor from Hungary that he knew who had a little tiny bit left of a successful strain he worked on left. He sent it to me, and I had a doctor administer it too me. Well here I am again needing his help, figuring I better get on a plane and go see Dr. Skinner as no one else could help, and I come across this news. I am deeply saddened that this man, who helped me and so many others, was suppressed due to his brilliance, by Big Pharma. This is my opinion. He was trying to raise the funds to do the research to complete his work on the herpes vaccine – and was unable to do it. Then hit by the GMC. It is just so unfair that a brilliant, caring man was so beat up because he dared to cure or work relentlessly to find a cure. Wherever you are now Dr. Skinner go in peace knowing you helped so many so greatly. Keep on fighting for the truth!

  7. Phyl O'Reardon

    Was just explaining to my doctor here in Cyprus how Dr Skinner had saved my life so I decided to look him up to see how many more times the GMC had tried to curtail his wonderful work when I found out he had died last year. Tears have filled my eyes as I write. He was a wonderful much maligned man. I was a zombie before I met him and he turned my life around 14 years ago. RIP you wonderful man, we all loved you xxx

  8. Lorraine Copestake

    I was diagnosed wth Hypothyroidism thirteen years ago and put on a low dose of Thyroxine. My symptoms were only slightly better. I had seen a few consultants who would not alter the dose and didn’t know where to turn to, my GP was /is very supportive and listened to my anxieties, concerns, rumblings & crying. I then found out about the wonderful Dr Skinner. When I eventually met him I found him to be a warm, compassionate human being ( the type missing from the GMC). I saw him for a few years, was prescribed Armour which my GP gives me on prescription with Thyroxine, which has helped but did not alleviate all my problems. The section on the symptom sheet which had most symptoms covered a lot of neurological problems and Dr Skinner insisted I had other underlying health issues. Here I am ten years later, several hundreds of pounds (money not weight) lighter and diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. If it was not for the skill of Dr Skinner I do not know what my life would have become. It was he who made me fight for this diagnosis. He was not after my money……he advised me to stop seeing him as he could do no more for me. Now my daughter is going through a similar thing but she will not be able to see the great man for treatment. She did meet him with me and recently suggested we got in touch to see if he was still practicing, she will be very sad when I tell her he passed away. God Bless you Dr Skinner, you will always be a hero to me for standing up for us. I raise my glass to you x

  9. Nicole Slayton

    Does anyone know of another doctor in London who treats reverse T3 dominance now that Dr. Skinner sadly has passed before his time? Thank you.

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      FYI: reverse T3 issues are usually due to you having either a cortisol problem or inadequate iron. So patients tend to take low doses of NDT, or T3-only…then discover and correct those two issues. can help.

      • Kim Diedrich

        Thank you so much for that info. I FINALLY have insurance after 8 years of seeing doctors who would not give me testing for thyroid and who even if they did would not give me complete testing as you have on STTM. I have 19.5 RT3, and was given 5 mg cytomel just this year, but am afraid to take it because I have had an issue with 60 mg NP Thyroid in the past which has 9 mgs of T3 and despite many good things from it was too much for me, causing sleep issues huge collagen collapse that took a year to look better! It also caused my chronic fatigue to come back after 3 years and many other hypo symptoms to return. The bad part is the practitioner told me there would be no problem going off cold turkey afer 2 days. I had vertical ridges in my nails and drying of cuticles & fingertips. I feel like it is just a matter of time before something happens to me. I want to try the Cytomel but WISH there were an NDT version of T3 on its own and am told there is not. Is there? I also have since been diagnosed with Epstein Barr, an old infection. GREAT. 🙁 I need to schedule a conference with you but just need everyone to know that many people think their CFS is from hypo, it may be but also stems from the low immune system brought on by Epstein Barr, no one tells anyone this. It is like not being told you should have your cervix checked for hyperplasia before going on BHRT. Not a good idea. My endos are useless and actually lie to me so I am just so tired of all of this. I need to relax and just do medical stuff but have to find work, train myself, and continue it while trying to work with difficult doctors and I am alone. I feel like I will never get better and I get scared. My family is no support at all. Herpes is a varied and bad thing, people have no idea over 75% and up to 90% of the world population has Epstein Barr Virus dormant in their body. It can reactivate with stress and go into organs causing worse illness. It can give you hypo thyroid symptoms while you remain un-diagnosable for years, giving it time to spread & morph. The Lyme disease has many similar symptoms and you could be given a false positive for that. Most doctors know EBV is the culprit bringing on mono, but they never test for it even with a positive mono test, which is too bad since you could begin antivirals immediately in the forms of monolaurin and L-Lysine. I would never do Valtrex because of ruining the kidneys. I have it and am exhausted easily with any emotional upset or too much to do and I always have too much to do. I have low antibodies but a neurologist doctor of Chropractic says that anyone with antibodies over 0 has Hashimotos. I have read so much stuff I am read out.

  10. Janet Evans

    I wish the GMC could have woken up to what you were rightly doing in your lifetime…my thyroid antibodies have gone and am now off T3 and T4 is back to where NHS doctors were wrongly saying I should be. So glad

  11. Lara Homaidan

    I’ve only just learned of Dr Skinner’s passing – it’s such sad news.
    After GPs told me my illness was all in my head, Dr Skinner treated me and gave me my life back after a long time of being unable to function.
    We’ve lost a lovely man and a fantastic doctor, and I’m so sad that I didn’t get to go up to Birmingham to see him before then.

  12. valerie james

    I was about to go back to Dr Skinner I haven’t seen him for a couple of years, when I came across this obituary I am both shocked and heartbroken. It was an honour to have met him and been given the time. understanding and treatment from him, I will never forget this wonderful man RIP Gordon. Unfortunately they threw away the mould when they made you, humane to the last breath there was nothing pompous about you unlike other doctors and the GMC and NICE you had true knowledge and intelligence and followed it like a message from God. God Bless you and keep you. Condolenses to your family and close business associates. You will be truly truly missed.

  13. Annie Taylor

    Dr Gordon Skinner was the most wonderful man and doctor I have ever met. I absolutely adored him and he always made me laugh whenever I went to see him (2000-2011). I remember saying to him “I feel like I’m going mad” and he laughed “well ye know all hypothyroid patients are thought to be a wee bit mad!” – so much truth in that I just burst out laughing.

    I only found today of Gordon’s passing and to say I was really shocked and saddened put it mildly. I cried and cried. I love you Gordon and I’m just so sad.

    How Gordon never became bitter after the injustice and humiliation the GMC put him through during his final years I will never know, and suspect this hastened his death for a fit young healthy 71 year old. He avoided being sucked into working within systems, which crush independent thought, creativity and brilliance and had the courage to follow through with his convictions. I just cannot believe he has gone.

    RIP Gordon xx

  14. Karen Kimber-tipping

    I am truly heartbroken to discover that Dr Skinner has passed away. My reasons for feeling so sad will differ to most. On January 1st 1982 my 11 day old son died under very unusual circumstances. Having developed a sticky eye infection after birth my son went on to suffer widespread infection throughout his body and died from septicaemia. The tests from the post mortem revealed an extremely rare cause of death linked to a viral infection that should not have lead to his death had it been treated and tests showed equally that the viral infection was not passed to my son from me which made no sense at the time. Dr Skinners expertise opinion was given at the inquest. I was then a patient of Dr Skinners throughout my subsequent pregnancy and he ENSURED that all went well and my daughter was born healthy and strong. Some 20 years later I went to see Dr Skinner at his private practise as I had many questions to ask him about my son that had frustrated me for years. He recognised me instantly! i sat with him for 90 minutes and he remembered every detail of my sons tragic death. He sat patiently and answered every question I asked him. For the first time in 20 years my heart lifted…it all made sense…he made sense of it. I will never forget him, he was so kind and caring towards me and helped me so much with something only he could help me with. I feel so sad, he touched the very heart of me. My daughter is now 30 years old and I am so grateful to him that she survived under his care. RIP….you are missed greatly.

  15. Helen Holmes

    I have just heard of Dr Skinner’s passing and am so sad. I went to see him in July 2003, desperate to have someone believe that I was not a hypochondriac. I walked out of Dr Skinner’s office on a cushion of air after many years of illness and fatigue. I had been told that nothing was wrong with me for many years and this wonderfully courageous man gave me back my life. I was lucky that my GP continued my treatment, but I worry now for those that come after, what will they do to have their lives given back to them. Shame on the medical profession to allow people to suffer, I thought the job of a doctor was to help save life. How many people will have to die of strokes and heart attacks before they believe listening to patients symptoms – not blood tests is the right thing to do. God bless Dr Skinner and may he rest in peace.

    • catrina quant

      Mrs Armed – Dr.Skinner’s sec took me off my thyroid med without DR.Skinner’s consent & kept blocking communication with him as I managed to contact him & he knew nothing about it & was willing to cont. prescribing no problem ! Anyway he died so it matters not but I am housebound again as a result, trying to build NDT up again but run out in 2 weeks or so-My Gp willing to prescribe synthetic T4 but not NDT due to NHS’no evidence’guidelines for that over T4 synthetic & won’t presc. over ref intervals NHS guidelines which I need but will supervise & do my bloods if I can get someone to presc. it – I’m in the process. Good for you & your treatment & yes we hope & I continue to pray many more will follow – someday God willing !I’ve seen people left undertreated under the NHS ref ranges & still have many symptoms, many meds & many more to control all the side-effects !I couldn’t put myself through that. Good for you if you are symptom-free.

  16. Sharon Nau

    I was a patient of the great Dr. Skinner and just heard of his passing, I am deeply saddened, and what a loss to the world, he was brilliant. His sense of humour was great and he cared so deeply about his patients. I saw him when he came to Glasgow, Scotland for many years. I will miss you so much you gave me hope and helped with my thyroid issues tremendously. Rest in peace you lovely man, with your lovely wife who you adored and missed so much.

  17. Sarah Horner

    I am so sad to hear of Dr Skinners passing. What a wonderful Dr and most of all, human being. He had a lovely sense of humour and i felt so peasceful and cared for at my appointments. Without Dr skinner, i wouldnt be where i am today. No more joint pain, no more choking fits, fatigue reduced. He gave me my life back. Thank you for what you did for everyones who had the priviledge to be under your care. Your family will be in my thoughts and I want them to know just how special he was to thousands of people around the country. Rest in peace, Dr skinner. You will be missed x

  18. Luisa

    It is a very sad news to hear. I was treated by doctor Skinner for many years after being diagnosed with CFS. He brought me back to life and helped me stay healthy for many years. He will be missed.

    • martin

      Luisa How did your CFS start? Can you give me a brief overview? Mine started suddenly after a viral infection had resolved.

  19. Anna

    Also just now read of Dr Skinner’s passing – I had the privilege of meeting him at one of the TPA gatherings and he was such a comic and a charmer – he will be sadly missed, especially by all those he has helped over the years. RIP

  20. Coralee Beaulieu

    I’ve just now read of Dr. Skinner’s passing and am very sad for his friends, family, patients and those of us, everywhere, who live with under-treated thyroid deficiencies. I am even saddened for the rest of the medical community as they may have come to see the flaws in their thinking if he had stayed among them longer. I know that I am forever indebted to him for his bravery and constant work for true healing of all of us who are thyroid-deficient. If I hadn’t read of his work and results with patients, I would still be believing that natural dessicatd thyroid is an inferior product. Without Dr. Skinner, I would also be thinking it was appropriate that our family doctor relies solely on the TSH test without even considering the clinical symptoms presenting in the real live person before him. Dr. Skinner opened my eyes to what was truly ruining my health but could not articulate on my own.

    Though it took me years to act on what I’d heard first about Dr. Skinner and his brave work, I have finally found a clinic in Edmonton, Alberta where natural dessicated thyroid is the only thyroid supplement prescribed! Because of Dr. Skinner, there are now others who understand and incorporate his findings into their practise. Way out at the margins of the ripple-effect that this great physician initiated, I am gaining in levels of properly active T3 that I cannot seem to convert from T4 on my own. I am reducing pain meds, spending more time outdoors and quicky returning to my very best self.

    Dr. Skinner will be in my thoughts and prayers always. He literally saved my life. Thank you, dear sir, and may you be eternally blessed.

  21. Liz B

    Following a viral infection and subsequent and constant exhaustion and muscular-skeletal pain, I eventually lost a decade of my life to what was diagnosed after two years as ‘fibromyalgia’. My grandmother was bedridden in her 50s with what was then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and my mother (who died at 48) had fibrositis. I heard about Dr Skinner about 3 years ago but remained sceptical that he could help me.. However, with little to lose, I decided to make an appointment with him last year. What an amazing, inspiring, amusing person he was. He gave me a page of symptoms to tick if they applied. Many were not significant enough to warrant a trip to the doctor but it was as if someone had written my life on a page. I ended up ticking over 90% of them. Fast forward to 12th November, just wo weeks before Dr Skinner died. I had been on thyroxine for 4 months only but had got my life back after 10 years. He who says the thyroxine is a placebo and the beneficial effect is psychological is seriously deluded. Before I took it, I could not survive beyond mid morning if I forgot to take my NSAI : the pain told me I had forgotten. Now I can forget without even noticing and hope I will be able to dispense with taking them altogether fairly soon. Despite the obvious improvement in my condition, my GP remains unconvinced and will not prescribe thyroxine. I cannot believe I will not see Dr Skinner again. Who will replace him? In ten years, or hopefully less, I suspect that general practitioners will look back at his findings and praise his insight. In the meantime, his death leaves an enormous void. I – and all his other patients – are also going to have major problems in finding someone to prescribe our medication. God bless you, Dr Skinner. You gave light and hope to thousands of people.

    • CJL777

      How are you doing now? I was also with Dr Skinner and am now having trouble getting the Levothyroxine I need, have you managed to find someone willing to prescribe?

  22. Peggy Decker

    How very sad that those who have the courage to listen to their patients and think outside the box are persecuted by colleagues. Same thing happened to two physicians who discovered that h pylori causes ulcers. Every thyroid patient who was helped by Dr. Skinner owes a him a debt of gratitude. One day, perhaps the closed minded colleagues will learn the error of their ways. God bless you, Dr. Skinner. May you rest in peace , free from the ignorance and persecution you experienced here on earth.

  23. Sue

    RIP One of the good guys. Dr. Skinner turned my health around sixteen years ago and I am eternally grateful. Reunited with his adored wife. xx

  24. Jean

    RIP Dr Skinner, it’s only thanks to you that I have regained much of my health. Sleep well.

  25. Kathlyn

    Dr. Skinner was a man of conviction and compassion who was not afraid to stand up for what he believed. He was an example to us all. Who will take on his mantle?

  26. angel

    yes he took his eye away from his own health to help others. RIP.
    T3 and strokes-
    lack of T3 causes strokes.

  27. John V. Billings

    Dr. Skinner weathered the trials of a vanguard in treating low T3. Some day he will be honored in his quest to challenge the status quo, because it was the right thing to do.

  28. Linda Colback

    Dr Gordon Skinner was a man of great integrity; such a jovial, wonderful character who deserved a little peace into his later (widower) years, not being hounded by – in some cases – charlatans.

    Fortunately he never buckled under the ‘power’ of the GMC… so go for the break Gordon, you’ve earned it.

    In respect of hypothyroidism, more people will remember you than they will many doctors surgeries combined in each and every city within the UK.

    R.I.P. Grand Man of Medicine x

  29. Lynn

    How horrendous. I met him a few years back and he was such a great and inspiring man, I also met many of his patients; they absolutely adored him. This is so sad. RIP Dr Skinner. I also send my condolences to his daughters.

  30. Deirdre Ryan

    Dr Skinner: what a loss- such a depth of sadness felt at his passing, what a profound loss to the human race – this was a man who not only contributed so much in his fields, but held high standards, had much courage and principles, but he practiced them! and a was a humanitarian. He shall never be forgotten by so many.


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