Touching message from a near-91 year old New Zealand resident who feels his government is keeping him sick…

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.38.26 AM(Though this post was originally written in 2012, it is still appropriate even today! Enjoy!)

I am impressed if ANYONE over 70 years old is active on their computers, especially because they didn’t grow up with one, nor did their own children. So when I get a message via Facebook from a near 91-year-old man in New Zealand who clearly knows his stuff, I am doubly impressed.

But this story is poignant, aggravating, and the very reason Stop the Thyroid Madness exists–to educate YOU in the face of medical and government leaders who are completely clueless! Do we have to wait for our current crop of government officials to be forced or voted out of office before we see this thyroid diagnosis and treatment travesty stop???

Dear Janie, I am 90 years and 10 months old, and have a TSH of 3.5 . My doctor, using the range of 0.4 to 4, declared me OK and not hypothyroid. This margin is used by the New Zealand Governments Ministry of Health (M.O.H). My letters to the M.O.H. of New Zealand to read the article written by the AACE in America of January 2003 (to bring down the margin to 0.3 to 3.04) were not taken into consideration.

I am a permanent resident in New Zealand. Because of my repeated requests, they even blocked my letters to them, and in the meantime, leaving me suffering. Have been suffering about 3 years with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. Found your articles on the Internet and bought your book Stop The Thyroid Madness.

My doctor gave me Synthroid and when it didn’t work, wanted to raise the dosage. Fortunately I was in possession of the book Overcoming Thyroid Disorders by David Brownstein M.D. and refused. Indeed, I share all the “Common Experiences We All Share” as written in your book . My doctor has even referred me to a Psychiatrist—unbelievable! Of course I told the Psychiatrist who works for the N.Z. Public Health Department straight away that I will have nothing to do with him. Just to do something, he wrote me a prescription for a drug used for people who are lunatic. Gave the prescription to the doctor to throw it in his rubbish bin!

Am now looking for a knowledgeable N.D. but have not succeeded yet . They are either not knowledgeable enough about thyroid disorders or too expensive for my pensioner income. Have obtained dessicated thyroid from a compounding pharmacist, but don’t dare to take it without guidance. In the meantime, I have to eat frequent small meals just to prevent awful anxiety attacks or to feel reasonably well ..and the doctor calls me euthyroid?

Well Janie, that is my story. Am so glad that you have written your book, thanks, and that I just today received it by mail order on the Internet. With my best regards – ****

P.S. Of course you can publicise my letter to you. Hope that it will help a bit in our struggle to get proper treatment and that people all over the world will know how indifferent governments can be.


Sheila Turner, a Thyroid Patient Advocate in the UK and creator of TPA-UK, has worked tirelessly to change the DARK AGE medical treatment protocols that UK thyroid patients have to endure. Here is a letter she wrote July 2012 to the President of the Royal College of Physicians in one of many attempts to change the inane poor practices:



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30 Responses to “Touching message from a near-91 year old New Zealand resident who feels his government is keeping him sick…”

  1. Jill

    Please can I have the name of the Christchurch doctor too? I’m hopeful my GP will prescribe NDT, he’s fairly accomodating, but just incase he won’t, l would like to have another option.
    TIA, Jill.

  2. Janine burns

    I too am a chch resident – could I please have the doctors details. I have been suffering for over 10 years and am desperate.

    • Jerry

      You might need to leave your details. If I get the details forwarded to me, I will pass it on to you.

  3. Victoria MacKisack

    Hi to Stacey – just discovered your post from last year. I’m a Christchurch resident and would really appreciate the name of your GP, thanks.

  4. Clare


    The evidence is mounting in writing now from the Royal College of Physicians , for Lawyers, Governments Doctors and others to see what is truly occurring in the UK

    The RCP’s failure to acknowledge world reference’s and scientific studies with regard to this fatal illness, (under active thyroid hormones) the internet will be the RCP’s eventual downfall.

    The world is watching very closely at the RCP’s shocking behaviour.

  5. Margaret


    Does anyone know of a brand, pharmacy or doctor where I could find desiccated thyroid hormone from lamb specifically?

    Thanks so much!

    (From Janie: guess you’ll have to slaughter your own, Margaret. lol)

  6. Laura H.

    This is maddening!! I have been at 3.5 TSH post thyroidectomy! I have NEVER experienced anything like it before! In a public setting like a mall, I felt extremely panicked and anxiety-stricken and had the get my friend to drive my car home. I literally couldn’t breathe. This is serious and will make you crazy if the levels aren’t right for you. (A TSH of 4 would probably put me in a mental institution) I have never had any mental or anxiety issues prior to this. My endocrinologist prefers TSH levels at or near 1. This works for me and is probably “normal” for most anyone; however, then any other symptoms need to be addressed.

    (From Janie: patients have learned over and over that you canNOT go by the TSH. Many of us, when optimal on NDT, have a TSH way BELOW one with not one iota of hyper as they claim. You need to dose by the complete elimination of symptoms and the free’s, not the TSH.)

  7. Deirdre

    THIROYD-S from SRIPRASIT Pharma in THAILAND. 60mcg x 1,000 tablets – contact this company and shall be sent to you through the post – NO Prescription needed, and a v good product – 3 in my family have been taking for nearly 3 years. Make sure that your Adrenals are working as well as possible, as taking this Medication shall show up shortcomings in your ADrenal FUnctioning. ALWAYS best to attend to Adrenals first – BEFORE Thiroyd-S which is so cost effective too. GOOGLE Sriprasit Pharma Thailand – Best of Health!

  8. Stacey

    I am also in New Zealand and am delighted to say I have a GP who is not only conversant with thyroid issues, but also happy to prescribe Armour thyroid. In my own experiences with her, she has been more interested in how I am feeling rather than looking at numbers, but also allows ME to tell her where my results fit best for me. I am not sure where your letter writer was from, but this doctor is based in Christchurch, and I would be more than happy for my email address to be passed on to the author so I can share details with him.

    I truly hope that it gets sorted for you!

  9. Johann

    Good luck finding a doctor. Doctors leave me so frustrated in so many ways.

    I slept through an entire year of high school because my doctor kept insisting that thyroid problems were very rare, and I couldn’t possibly have hypothyroidism. He insisted that I had anemia, which I did, because it’s a symptom of hypothyroidism! Eventually, he sent me for the test just to get my mom to quit giving him a hard time.

    But I was lucky that I got that diagnosis. It’s enabled me to walk into doctor’s offices and say with authority, “I have hypothyroidism!”

    Of course, that hasn’t helped me to get treated properly. Almost every doctor I see keeps trying to persuade me not ton take that nasty old NDT, but to take the really nice synthetic stuff that doesn’t work.

    Don’t give up because a doctor is too stupid to diagnose an obvious problem. Most doctors I’ve met don’t bother to diagnose anything. They’ve discovered that if they tell you that there’s nothing wrong with you, you still have to pay them!

    Just keep looking. There are a few good doctors out there, even if they are difficult to find. Actually, I’ve found that the doctors who tend to understand wanting to take NDT (at least around here) are doctors in clinics for low income patients. A lot of those patients can’t afford Synthroid, and want NDT instead because it’s so much cheaper.

    Good luck!

  10. kkerr

    I wish this man would take the dessicated thyroid. Please have him start with 30 and slowly raise until he feels well! I feel for him about the expense of trained MD’s and NPs. Sheesh. Yes, we’re going broke but our health has to come first.

  11. Yvonne in Cyprus

    This is a reply to the 91-year-old gentleman in New Zealand and to Anna, who commented previously.

    Of course it’s best for thyroid patients to have the help of a good doctor, as Janie says. But, if they can’t find the help they need, they could consider joining a Yahoo! group. I know of two excellent groups. For US-based thyroid patients, Janie has a group called Natural Thyroid Hormones. For people living in the UK, Sheila Turner has a group called Thyroid Patient Advocacy (TPA).

    The UK TPA group might be easier for a New Zealander to follow, as the UK and NZ speak similar English. Members can write posts asking specific questions and receive help from the experienced advocates. They can learn how to determine their own dosing and keep it safe. I highly recommend both groups. To join, a Yahoo! email account is needed. That is easy to set up, if you don’t already have it.

    Best of luck to our friends in New Zealand.

    (From Janie: Just for clarification–NTH is actually an international group, even if I, in the US, created it ten years ago. Two of the NTH moderators are from Europe and one from Australia. There is also an NTH Europe group, and TPA-UK is also excellent. 🙂 They are all mentioned here:

  12. Anna

    I get desiccated thyroid pills in New Zealand from my Doctor. They are expensive and the Doctor doesn’t know much about them and can’t help with what dose to take. I have to do that from what I have read which I find difficult.
    But the Doctor was prepared to give me what I wanted although he laughed and told me not to believe everything I read.
    I feel so much better!

  13. Cindy

    This poor man does not deserve to feel this way. I wonder if they ever bothered to even find out the state of his thyroid tissue before telling him to deal with this debilitating condition. I just found a blood test from my GP in Spain, when I lived there two years ago. TSH 3.8. I was told I was in excellent health and come back in a year for another check, despite all my complaints of hypo symptoms. When will those new ranges make their way around the world?

  14. Cheryl Benkert

    Wow! This just goes to show what a powerful message STTM carries through the world!

    (From Janie: Cheryl, it’s just mind-boggling and I am SO happy and proud. It means something good came out of the awful suffering I went through all those years.)


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